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Hi all, I published this story on Literotica a couple days ago but I figured the Scat crowd here would like it as well

Prologue: Jake

The prologue introduces one of our main characters, and how he got to where he is in the beginning of chapter 1. If you're just here for the juicy parts you might want to skip this bit.

Jake enjoyed his life on Earth. Well, at least for the most part. Nothing less was expected of him. He lived in the utopia created by the United Federation of Planets, after all. Jake got a lot of free time which he spent hiking and playing adventure games in his town's holosuite. His desk job cataloging alien cultures was perfectly serviceable too. But he wasn't quite satisfied. Jake preferred to be in a monogamous relationship with a woman, and he tried it a few times but it never quite worked out for him.

You see, Earth had evolved to a point where people were basically free to have whatever type of relationship they wanted and do whatever they want, but even so, a couple of things where so out-there, that it was nearly impossible to bring up in a relationship without destroying it. Jake had one of those things. He'd discovered during puberty that the only way he could truly enjoy sex was if piss and poop got involved. He wasn't ashamed of this, but this kink was just completely unacceptable in the clean and pure society of the Federation. He even went to talk about it with a Federation counselor. She just suggested he'd forget about the fetish and go and enjoy his life without ever indulging. But this part of his sexuality was just so important to him that he found he couldn't have a satisfying relationship without it.

One day, close to his 25th birthday, he suddenly got an idea. He looked around to see if he was alone in his working room, activated his console and put in a query: "Computer, list all known sapient species that involve their own bodily waste in their courting rituals."

After some processing time, the computer showed a list of about a dozen species. Looking through it, most of them weren't very compatible. A species breathing sulfide gas and peeing concentrated sulfuric acid? No thanks. A species whose body structure was made of some sort of stretchable diamond? Sounds rough. He found one single species that was described as mostly humanoid. Not too much was known about them, but their atmosphere and food requirements were almost exactly the same as that of humans, so that was good news.

The computer showed that they were first discovered in the 26th century by a vessel exploring the far corners of the Delta quadrant. They were only encountered in an independent deep space trading station. The computer had no information on the location of their home planet. The species was named the Kbraxi.

Jake thought it over for a couple days and then decided he had nothing to lose. He went to his manager and told her he was bored of his desk job. He said he enjoyed learning all kinds of facts about alien cultures but wanted to be closer to the action. And he said he wanted to learn about the cultures on the far side of the Delta quadrant.

Jake's manager looked surprised when she heard that last bit. She tried to convince him to start out closer to home, just to see if moving away from the comforts of home wouldn't be too stressful for him. She actually suggested doing an internship at the Vulcan science academy, if you can believe that! In any case, Jake was adamant that he wanted to go to the Delta quadrant, and at the end his manager shrugged and said: "Well I can't stop you if you really want to go, it's a free galaxy after all. Just be careful, okay? And try to send messages - we like to hear how you're doing."

And with that it was settled. In the next two months, Jake settled his earthly affairs, emptied out his apartment, said goodbye to a lot of people, and then took a shuttle to a Starfleet deep space explorer vessel that was waiting in space dock over Earth. With the technology Starfleet had gotten from the remains of the destroyed Borg, they actually managed to build a couple of ships that could make their way across the Delta quadrant in only 11 months time. This vessel was going out to explore the very far part of the galaxy, the area Voyager had beelined through centuries ago. The ship's first mission was to get to Ocampa to bring a Federation ambassador there. But that was not quite the right direction for Jake. The space station where the Kbraxi were first encountered was in a part of space where Starfleet vessels hardly ever came.

So, instead, he arranged to be dropped off at a friendly waypoint station after about 10 months into the trip. Once he was there and the Starfleet explorer ship had jumped back to Transwarp, it took him a couple days to get used to the fact that he was the only human - heck, the only Federation citizen, in hundreds of lightyears.

The species running the waypoint station were friendly though, if a bit unusual. Jake asked around about the Kbraxi, and found one person who had heard of them. A Merchant. The universal translator implanted in Jake's ear had some trouble with his language but managed to work it out in the end. "Dun worry," said the merchant, "Kbraxi owe me one. I message send, you wait."

A couple days later, the merchant called him: "Jake! Now come! Message got, is arranged!" The translator couldn't make much of the merchant's attempt to explain what had been arranged, but he made clear that Jake had to go to a place about 10 light years from the space station where the Kbraxi were first seen by the Federation explorers. The merchant even offered to drop him off - for a price. Jake had brought a small stash of Latinum exactly for this kind of thing, and after paying, the merchant quickly got his space barge in order and brought Jake to the right coordinates.

On board of the barge, the merchant gave Jake a report on the Kbraxi. The translator still couldn't make much sense of the merchant's language, but he put together bits and pieces about their culture. The Kbraxi seemed quite secretive. For some reason, outsiders had only ever seen female Kbraxi. Something like that was common in single-sexed species but scientists figured out from a Kbraxi DNA sample that they must have at least two sexes to reproduce.

There was also a mention of a diplomatic incident long ago, where some diplomat had been flirting with a Kbraxi in a pub, and when he went in for a kiss, she smiled at him and started urinating on him. The diplomat ran away in disgust and before anyone could react, the Kbraxi walked away with tears on her face and was never seen again. Jake read this part of the report several times, trying to make sure he got the translation right.

The ship slowed down as it approached the given coordinates. There was a class-M moon orbiting a gas giant there. The merchant, who was piloting the barge, told Jake: "You beam down. I not allowed. Is goodbye."

Quite nervously, Jake thanked the merchant and stepped onto the transporter pad. He saw the merchant press a couple buttons, and a few seconds later the sound of the transporter filled his ears.


Chapter 1: Liana

This chapter contains piss, M/F.

As the blue light of the transporter beam faded, Jake found himself standing under a clear sky. He saw grassy fields around him, with the only different scenery being what looked like a small village on his left. The village looked like it was made of temporary buildings that can be constructed very quickly. A ways behind the village, Jake noticed a mountain range. At that moment he heard a voice behind him.

"Uh...hi? Fruzl wmpl Kbraxi bran."

Jake turned, wanting to say he didn't understand, but when he saw the young woman who was talking to him he was stunned into silence. With her long flowing dark hair, her blue eyes, the shape of her boobs visible under her stretch suit, and her perfect face, she looked at least as pretty as the most beautiful humans Jake knew of. The only indication of her not being human was the peculiar line of what looked like dark freckles going straight up from the tip of her nose, to her forehead, until they disappeared under her hair.

Jake managed to say: "Hi. Um..."

The woman replied: "Liana brzlpa."

Regaining his composure, Jake said: "Uh... please slow down, it looks like my translator is still calibrating."

The woman looked at him questioningly, and then said: "Sah? Brt wmpl understand me now?"

"Yes! Keep going, the translator is catching up. My name is Jake."

"Good, I just said 'Welcome to this Kbraxi colony'. My name is Liana."

"Nice to meet you... uh I'm not exactly sure what..." began Jake.

Liana interrupted him: "Your merchant friend said you come from far away, and you're interested in studying our culture. We allowed him to beam you down because he once saved a Kbraxi. But we don't normally trust strangers, so you will have to prove yourself. Come with me."

Jake grabbed his suitcase which had been beamed down next to him and followed Liana into the village. Liana told him they were on a colony world at the edge of Kbraxi space. No strangers were ever allowed to come close to the Kbraxi home world. She led Jake into one of the buildings, which seemed to be set up as a medical facility.

In there, an older lady wearing a white robe looked up at them, then sternly told Jake to lie down on a bed. A bit worried, Jake asked what was going on.

The doctor lady mumbled: "Just do as I say, stranger."

Liana explained in a much friendlier voice that all new visitors to a Kbraxi colony need to be scanned for diseases and for other potential problems, such as allergies to local food.

Jake, realizing he didn't have much of a choice if he wanted to gain the trust of these people, decided to lie down. Some sort of scanner device hovered over him for a couple minutes, and when it floated away, the doctor said: "Hm."

Then the doctor started talking to Liana so fast that the translator couldn't keep up. Liana looked at Jake and said: "She says you're clean. In fact, she's never heard of an alien whose anatomy and body chemistry is as close to Kbraxi males as yours. It should be perfectly fine for you to eat Kbraxi food."

Liana gestured for Jake to follow her, and took him to his personal quarters. Just a small bedroom with basic facilities.

Jake asked why this colony was here and what the Kbraxi were planning to do with him.

Liana explained that this place was settled only a decade ago, but to their surprise they found centuries-old Kbraxi artifacts buried in the ground, and in the mountain caves. This evidence that Kbraxi were here before, at a time when they weren't supposed to have interstellar travel yet, caused quite a stir among Kbraxi. Jake learned that the village was an archeology expedition, and Liana was one of the archaeologists. Jake had been assigned to be her assistant, because what better way to learn about a culture than through its history.

Jake soon got settled in the Kbraxi village. He'd spend his days working with Liana in her archeology lab, looking at things under the microscope, filing samples, and so on.

Most evenings there was a large communal dinner with about a hundred Kbraxi, possibly everyone in the village. More often than not this would be followed by a party where alcohol flowed freely. Somehow, the Kbraxi seemed to be immune to hangovers, but Jake certainly was not, so he quickly learned to be careful with Kbraxi drinks. At least their music was pleasant to listen to.

While the other Kbraxi accepted him at the table during the communal dinners and would have some small talk with him, they seemed quite reserved. Their conversations stayed so superficial that he never felt he learned anything about Kbraxi culture from talking with them. He did notice that many of the Kbraxi women in the village were very beautiful, especially the ones under 30 or so. The older ones somehow looked... changed. It was hard to put a finger on but something wasn't quite right. Another thing he noticed: he never saw any Kbraxi male. He seemed to be the only male in the entire village.

Even with all that beauty around him, in Jake's opinion no-one quite matched Liana's. And she seemed to be opening up to him a bit. About a week after he arrived, he decided to ask Liana about the lack of males in the village.

She said: "Most Kbraxi males spend the entire unjoined part of their lives on the home world, getting ready for the Joining. They don't care much about archeology or travel."

"Joining," Jake asked, "you mean like marriage?"

Liana flatly replied "I'll explain later" and no matter what Jake tried, she didn't seem to want to talk about that aspect of Kbraxi culture.

A couple weeks later, Liana told Jake that the next day would be a Kbraxi holiday. That meant no work, so that night, the usual party would be even bigger than normal, and she said she looked forward to showing him how a real Kbraxi party is done. Jake felt surprised at how quickly Liana and himself had become more than just lab partners. He considered her a good friend.

That evening, Jake decided to indulge himself. He'd actually try some of that Kbraxi whiskey. He let Liana pour him some more and at one point she took his hand and led him to the middle of the large dinner hall, where some of the other Kbraxi women were dancing to the music - which weren't the slow pleasant tunes he was used to, it kind of reminded him of 20th century Earth rock music. Liana and Jake spent some time dancing, but the Kbraxi alcohol got to his head quite fast and at little while later Liana brought him to a chair to sit down. His memory got a bit fuzzy after that but this is how Jake remembers the rest of that night:

At some point he wasn't just sitting on that chair anymore, he was sitting on Liana's lap, with a glass of some sort of Kbraxi cocktail in his hand. He was talking and Liana's beautiful eyes were just staring at him. And then he suddenly noticed that the Kbraxi drinks didn't just get to his head. They got to his bladder as well. As soon as he realized his bladder was full, it felt like the pressure increased - and fast. Suddenly he remembered what he'd read about the Kbraxi while on board of the merchant's barge. And with all of his inhibitions being taken away by the Kbraxi alcohol... he just let go.

It was barely a conscious decision at that point. His pee started coming out... very slowly at first, but forming quite the stream soon enough. Jake felt his pants get warm and wet, and he felt it spreading down. As the piss started flowing through the bottom of his pants, and onto Liana's lap, her eyes got big, and a second later Jake saw her getting this very horny look on this face, as if she wanted to devour him right then and there. He was still flooding his pants - and Liana's as well at that point. Liana grabbed the back of his head and started kissing him, immediately forcing her tongue into his mouth, exploring everywhere it could go. Jake felt his stream of piss slowing down, becoming a trickle, and then stopping altogether, at the same time as his dick started growing. A woman was kissing him because he had just pissed himself. His dreams were coming true!

Liana ended the kiss, grabbed Jake in her arms, and carried him back to his quarters. She almost ripped his clothes off him while he removed hers. The first thing she did when they both were naked was grab Jake's hard dick and lick the piss off it. It didn't take him long to realize how good she was at teasing him with her tongue.

A bit later she pushed him down onto his bed and mounted his cock. They started fucking and Liana said with lust in her eyes: "So you like Kbraxi sex, do you?" and at that point Jake suddenly felt a new wet warmth on his groin. Liana was pissing on him while they were fucking! The stream became very powerful, so much that he could feel Liana's warm piss blasting at the skin just above his dick. And that was enough. Jake came screaming, squirting his cum deep into her alien cunt, and that fantastic feeling made Liana come as well, pushing out the last bits of piss onto him with her orgasmic contractions.

After both of them got their breath back, Jake suddenly felt guilty. "I'm sorry... what did I do... I ruined my bed and our clothes," he said quietly.

Liana helped him off the bed, gave him a hug, and said comfortingly: "Don't worry about it. We're used to this kind of thing. Throw your clothes on the bed." Jake did so, and Liana added hers to the pile. She then opened a little panel on the wall and pressed a button. The bed flipped over, descended into the floor, taking the clothes with it, and a fresh bed appeared from a hatch that opened in the wall. "It's fully automatic," Liana explained, "We'll get our clothes back as good as new by dawn. Now come on..." Liana walked up to the bed and lied down on it. As she was getting to the bed, Jake actually got his first view of her naked back. He saw how the 'freckles' on her face continued down along her spine, in a straight line to her butt. On her back, they were round brown spots, each a couple centimeters wide.

Liana motioned Jake to come lie down next to her, so he did. They just stared at each other for a little while, then Liana said: "How did you know? We never talk about our ... sexual habits with strangers because they usually get disgusted by it and don't want anything more to do with us."

Jake replied: "I had read a report... but I wasn't actually completely sure until just now."

"So you took a huge risk? What if the report was wrong?"

"Liana, I had to... it was the only way I could truly tell you how I feel about you."

"Thank you, Jake. Let's just find out together where things go from here, okay? And please don't feel guilty about anything you did, it's all perfectly normal among our people," Liana said, as she embraced Jake.

When Jake hugged her in return, he touched the brown spots on Liana's back. To his surprise, they felt wet and sticky, and when he pulled his hand away, he saw there was some sort of sticky, clear liquid on his fingers. "What's this?" he asked.

Liana replied, chuckling a little: "Oh don't worry, that just means I like you". She kissed him again. Jake felt a feeling of calmness spread from where Liana's liquid had touched his fingers and soon fell asleep.

When he woke up in the morning he didn't have any kind of hangover. Liana confirmed that her 'wetness' as she called it can have that effect on males. It's the same bit of body chemistry that prevents her from ever getting a hangover.

In the next few weeks, life returned to normal. Sort of. Jake and Liana continued their archaeological work, but sometimes, in the middle of the day, Liana would come over to Jake's desk, sit on his lap and start pissing. They always ended up in either Jake or Liana's quarters after that, having wild sex.

Jake figured out what Liana truly liked, and since then, if he had a full bladder he'd go over to Liana, pull his dick out, and just start pissing on her like it was the most normal thing in the world.

And on that world, hundreds of light years from Earth, it was.

Jake and Liana started spending more nights together, sometimes not even starting off with piss. One night, when they were sleeping together, Liana woke up because she felt Jake moving around. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Jake replied: "I have to piss badly all of a sudden but I'm so comfortable in bed."

Liana looked thoughtful for a second, then said: "You know you can just piss the bed, right? We'll just press the replacement button."

Jake said: "Mmm, I know, but I don't want to get out to replace the bed."

Liana looked at him once more. "I know just the thing." She put her head under the sheets, grabbed his dick, said "Mmm, you go right ahead", and closed her mouth around it.

At first it was hard for Jake to piss in that weird position, but before long the pressure got too much and he started pissing in Liana's mouth. He could feel her gulping the piss down as fast as she could, trying to keep up with his stream.

When he was done pissing, she emerged from under the sheets with a smile, saying "Hmm, that was tasty." She got up to his face and started kissing him.

Jake could taste the remains of his salty piss in her mouth. "You want something else from where that came from?" he asked her after the kiss.

Liana put on her naughty look. "Always..."

"Get down then."

Liana got back to Jake's rock hard cock and started sucking it, doing her magic with her tongue, and massaging his balls with her hands. Before long, Jake delivered a big load of cum in Liana's mouth. Liana made sure to lick up anything that remained on his cock, showed Jake her mouth full of cum, and then swallowed it all without a second thought.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you, Liana?" Jake said after he'd calmed down a bit.

Liana replied teasingly: "No, how much do you love me?"

"Enough to want to be with you for the rest of my life."

"Really? Prove it to me."


"Well, I drank your piss, how about we start with you drinking mine?" Liana suggested in a serious tone, trying to hide her quickly returning horniness.

"Uh, do you have to go now?"

"I think so."

Without a word, Jake moved his face between her legs and put her mouth right over her pee hole. He knew that Liana's piss smelled a lot like human piss but he had no clue how it tasted.

Liana groaned for a moment, Jake felt her muscles move, and suddenly a strong stream of piss hit the back of his throat, making him cough a bit. Liana's piss tasted salty and bitter, just like his own piss (which he had tasted back on Earth once), but there was something else to it. Some sweetness that he couldn't place, but somehow the taste made him incredibly horny.

Jake felt there was nothing in the galaxy that could get him to pull away from her. He kept his mouth locked to her pee hole, started swallowing, and didn't stop until the last drop was gone. He then started licking Liana's cunt, trying to find one more drop of her sweet nectar, and kept going until he made her orgasm.

Jake licked up her cum which seemed to be similar to the stuff from the spots on her back, and which caused a feeling of bliss to spread from his mouth through his entire body.

Liana waited until Jake had come back down to earth (... well, the colony moon), and then said: "So you do really love me a lot. And I love you just as much ... want to take things a bit further?"

"Further, what do you mean?"

"Well... no Kbraxi has ever Joined with an alien... you'd be the first. It'd mean we're truly together for the rest of our lives. But I don't know if your human body can handle it."

Jake still couldn't believe his luck, meeting this beautiful, sexy and lovely alien. He replied: "I really want to stay together with you! I love you so much! Tell me more."

Liana looked very happy hearing that. She gave Jake a kiss. "I love you too, my piss-drinking human."

They chuckled at that. Afterwards, Liana said: "Well, before we can consider Joining, we need to take our sex to the next step. It's required to get your body ready for our Joining. I'll tell you about the rest later. Let's start tomorrow. It's late, time to sleep..."


Chapter 2: The next step

Contains scat, M/F.

The next day started like normal. The only unusual thing was that Liana put a lot of Brzbo beans on her breakfast plate. Jake had learned Brzbo beans are a popular Kbraxi food but they usually take it as a small side dish, not as a main breakfast like Liana was doing.

"What are you doing?" asked Jake, looking at the beans.

"You'll see... don't worry about it" replied Liana. She also wouldn't say anything about what the 'next step' of their sex would entail.

During work that day she stayed very professional, she didn't even lean in to give Jake a kiss and at one point she even went to the toilet - something that had become very unusual for either of them lately. Jake started wondering if he had done something wrong, but Liana told him everything was fine, she was just saving her energy for tonight.

After work, Liana took Jake straight to her quarters, and told him to undress. She took off her own clothes as well.

"I think I'm ready," Liana said, "I've been preparing for this all day. Sit down." She pointed at the bed, and Jake sat down on the edge of it. Liana sat down on his lap, with her back towards his face. Jake wasn't sure what was going on, he expected Liana would piss on him like she'd done so often.

Liana said: "This will be a bit unusual for you and I'm honestly not sure how you'll react. It's best if you just relax and let it happen. You don't need to do anything." Liana started pissing at that time, making his dick get hard like always, and pushing up against her vulva, so her piss started flowing around his member.

Jake saw the spots on Liana's back getting moist, as the stream of piss slowed down and the last of it spread into the mattress they were sitting on.

"Okay... here goes..." Liana said. She bent forward a little bit, she started grunting, and a moment later Jake started feeling... something different on his dick. Then the smell hit him.

Jake started saying: "Are you sh-", but then, suddenly, Liana's first turd came out entirely, quickly followed by a huge sudden load of very soft shit.

A lot of thoughts crossed Jake's mind at that point. His mind had been so occupied with the life full of piss sex he'd been leading for the last few months, that he had almost forgotten that the main reason he got away from Earth was that he wanted to find a place that could accept his scat fetish. And there he was, being shit on by the love of his life. His very first thought when the smell hit him was 'disgusting' but then his true, sexual instincts took over.

Jake tried to talk but got no further than "Oh wow you just sh- so nice and warm mmmmmmmmm" at which point Liana was done pooping and sat down on his lap fully, making sure that any clean bits of his dick and upper legs got covered in soft, warm shit too.

"Ahh, what a relief" was the first thing Liana said. She followed with: "Are you okay?"

But Jake just grabbed Liana and started grinding his shit-covered cock against her cunt. Liana moved a bit to let him enter her and with his brown dick deep inside her cunt, his nose full of the disgusting but fantastic smell of her shit, he came in seconds. And while he was riding his orgasm, Liana came as well.

"Oh god that was hot", Jake said.

"I... wow... I don't even know what to say", said Liana after catching her breath. "That was fantastic. You are fantastic."

After a couple minutes of them just sitting like that, enjoying the feeling of Liana's filth on their bodies, Liana carefully got up and lay down on the bed.

"Come", she said. "Our bed cleaner can easily deal with beds full of shit too."

Jake lied down next to Liana, her shit dripping from his body onto the white bed sheets. "I hope you're right", he said.

Liana started explaining: "For the Joining you need to be able to deal with my shit, as well as my piss. I wanted to find out today if you had it in you. I ate a lot of Brzbo beans this morning because of their laxative effect. Believe me, it was hard holding it in all day."

"Fuck, I'm glad you did that for me, that was the hottest thing ever!" Jake replied.

"Yeah, you liked that, didn't you, dirty boy? I think you're a natural."

"Do you mean...?"

"That we can Join? I think so. But let's not rush that, I want to explore this first. And your body still needs more training."

Jake and Liana didn't bother cleaning up yet. They had more sex that night and when Jake had to piss he just let it go in the bed and on Liana. Later on they went to take a sonic shower while the bed cleaned itself.

From that day forward, poop was involved in Liana and Jake's sexual adventures. Often, Liana would start by teasing Jake about how much of a dirty boy he was, she would then poop on his chest or on his crotch, and Jake would smear it all over himself and onto her body. He especially enjoyed covering her boobs in her own shit. It wasn't long until he started holding his shit for her as well.

Jake also tried the Brzbo beans. Their effect was great. Within an hour or so of eating them, they caused a warm, bubbly feeling in his belly, as if his body was preparing for a nice surprise. After that, the weight in his intestines would start growing fast, until he was constantly pinching his asshole shut in order to not get an accident. And when he was ready, in position with his ass over Liana's body, it was like his body knew it was okay to shit now. One time he tried to hold it while in that position and he found he just couldn't. The heavy load of shit just forced his asshole open and it came pouring out despite his attempts to hold it.

The first time Liana smelled Jake's shit, it made her gag a bit. She said that no Kbraxi has shit that smells quite that bad. But she quickly grew a liking to Jake's specific smell and loved to smear it all over her body and even on her face. There was nothing quite like the feeling of embracing each other, fucking each other, while they were both covered completely in a sticky layer of shit.


Chapter 3: Jake's training

Contains scat, shit eating, M/F

There was one thing Jake had some trouble with at first. Liana wanted him to lick her until she came, and drink her piss like he used to. But when her cunt was covered in brown, stinky shit, that can become quite the challenge. Not wanting to disappoint her, Jake tried it anyway, and at first it caused him to retch after every lick. But just like her piss, there was something with Liana's shit that made Jake hornier after each little taste, until he just didn't care anymore and kept licking Liana until no trace of shit remained on her cunt.

And that's when he felt ready to ask her something that had been on his mind for a while. After another session of hot dirty sex, Jake looked at her and asked: "Liana, dear, you once told me that I could prove my love for you by drinking your piss. I'd like to prove it better this time. Can I eat your shit?"

Liana looked back and said: "I thought you'd never ask. Of course, dirty boy. But there's one catch. You have to eat what you're given. No stopping halfway."

Jake readily agreed to those terms.

Liana told him she had to go out to a shack near the mountain caves to prepare for something, and she'd be back in two days to feed him her shit.

It was difficult being without her for two days, and Jake was relieved when he saw her walking into the village on the evening of the second day. As she stepped inside of their now shared quarters, Jake immediately hugged her.

"I've been holding my shit for the last two days," she whispered into his ear, "and I didn't eat any laxative beans either. You better be ready for what I have for you!"

Jake was more than ready for her shit and lied down. Liana got into position with her asshole over his face so that the shit would land directly into his mouth, and made sure that he had a direct view of the source of her lovely shit.

Liana started out with a big fart. The smelly gas caused Jake to nearly faint, but he knew he had to be alert for what was coming next.

Jake saw Liana's asshole open up slowly... open up a bit more... and then close again. A second later it opened again, and he saw something brown in there. It stayed like that for a moment, and then, with a massive grunt, Liana started pushing out her log. It was much harder than her regular soft loads. Jake instinctively opened his mouth wide, felt the log go in and push down on his tongue, before Liana closed her ass again and the log ended up sitting in Jake's mouth.

Jake did what he had been told to do: he started chewing Liana's hard shit. On one hand it was the worst thing he'd ever tasted - bitter, nasty, with all kinds of weird chunks in it - but on the other hand he loved every second of it, and he felt hornier than ever before. His mouth started producing a lot of saliva to dissolve the shit, but this caused the taste to get even stronger. After some more chewing, he had to fight his own body to bring some of the shit down to the back of his mouth, and he swallowed. His body immediately started gagging but Jake managed to keep it down. And swallow three more chunks of Liana's shit until his mouth was empty again. Every time he felt a chunk of shit slide down his esophagus he realized how dirty - and how great - it was what he was doing.

Liana was watching him between her legs, and when he was done swallowing the first log, she told Jake to open his mouth and get ready. Her second log was much longer and also quite a bit softer, and filled up Jake's entire mouth.

But Jake wasn't going to give up, he just kept chewing and swallowing until every last bit was down in his stomach.

A third, smaller bit of poop followed, and by then Liana's sticky juices were flowing from both her cunt and from the spots on her back. It flowed towards her asshole, where it covered the turd in juicy goodness as it was coming out. As soon as the juicy turd touched his tongue, the taste made Jake go crazy with desire. He raised his head so his lips were around her asshole, dug the last bits of shit out with his tongue and swallowed this last turd in one big gulp.

Jake immediately continued rimming Liana and then followed the trail of her horny juice to her cunt, where he also licked her with his still shit-covered tongue and swallowing her cunt juice which Liana seemed to have an endless supply of. As Liana got closer and closer to her own orgasm, she suddenly felt Jake moan against her vulva, and without even touching his dick, he suddenly sprayed cum high into the air. That was the limit for Liana, who also came, moaning loudly. She then let her body relax and drop onto Jake's face, who found himself stuck between her legs, gasping for air.

When she rolled off to give him some air Liana told Jake: "Fuck, you keep surprising me. I didn't expect you to be able to keep your promise to swallow it all, but wow, you did. How did it feel?"

"That was so fucking hot! Your shit tasted great... I had no idea it could even taste this good. And my stomach... it feels all full and bloated with my shit. It makes me feel proud and so happy I've finally done it!" Jake said, still shivering from excitement. Then he suddenly burped and started gagging immediately afterward. Liana chuckled when Jake muttered "Damn, that was vile".

The next couple days, Jake actually felt quite ill, as if he had gotten one of Earth's old stomach bugs. He stayed in their quarters while Liana took care of him.

Liana told him it's quite normal to feel a bit out of it after your first meal of shit, because it takes the stomach some time to get used of it. Jake actually felt too sick to have sex, so he spent most time in his bed, pissing and shitting onto his white sheets whenever he got an urge. He really appreciated the automatic bed cleaning tech during those days.

To his relief the sickness passed after a few days, and when Liana got home and asked how he felt, Jake said he was hungry. Then he smiled and added: "... for your shit."

Liana brightened up when she heard that and said: "That's the spirit! If you keep this up you'll be ready for Joining in no time! In fact, I think I can still your hunger right now..."

Liana pulled down her pants, stepped onto his bed, and without much ceremony put her butt right where it belonged, on top of Jake's face. This time, Liana had eaten Brzbo beans for breakfast again and it didn't take any effort for her to start pooping. After a soft five-centimeter log slid out smoothly, her shit suddenly sped up, and Jake had to cover her asshole with his mouth to prevent it from spilling onto his pillow.

Liana's shit was a familiar taste by now, and this soft load barely needed any chewing. It surprised Jake how easily he could get it down. When his mouth was empty, he tried licking the remnants of Liana's shit off his teeth, and found an undigested Brzbo bean peel there. While his mind loved the idea of getting to eat Liana's recycled food, his body disagreed and started gagging for the first time since Jake started eating this load. Jake managed to get himself under control and swallowed the last bits of shit from his teeth, including the peel that survived Liana's digestive tract whole.

After that he started licking her stinky asshole clean, and Liana took that as a sign that he was ready for more. Suddenly she let out a loud, wet fart, covering Jake's nose in brown droplets, followed by some soft, almost liquid shit coming out and slowly flowing down his tongue. Liana pushed one more time, and her hole opened up to let out the last bit of somewhat thicker shit that was still hiding in there. Jake licked it up, swallowed it quickly and moaned to let Liana know how good it tasted.

Jake didn't get sick this time and him eating Liana's shit became a regular part of their sexual repertoire. It seemed to get easier and easier for Jake's stomach to handle Liana's shit, but the fantastic feeling of eating it, causing a heavy, full feeling in his stomach, never diminished for him.

A few months later, by the time Jake had eaten Liana's shit many times already, she suddenly fell ill. Liana said there was some sort of flu-like virus on this world that would hit the colony at the same time every year. Their doctor had not found a cure for it yet. To Jake's surprise, Liana said that she was secretly hoping she'd get it this year.

It didn't take Jake long to find out why. When Liana was sick in bed and Jake asked her what he could do to comfort her, she said quietly: "Lick my asshole, dirty boy..." Liana was on her side, clutching her stomach in pain, so Jake asked her if she was sure. Liana replied: "Yes! Now!"

Jake got around to her back, pulled her butt cheeks open with his hands, put his face between them, and started licking Liana's asshole.

Liana suddenly moaned "Ohhhhh" and released the most noxious fart ever into Jake's face, making Jake, who was used to a lot by then, actually pull back.

"Get back! Lick it!" Liana groaned. Not wanting to disappoint her, Jake got back to her asshole and started licking her again.

In a soft pained voice, Liana said: "Ohh this isn't good... ahhhhhh, fucking hell". The last bit was clearly her moaning in pain, but before Jake could react, her asshole shot open and suddenly filled his mouth with very liquid diarrhea.

His first thought was, 'this isn't so bad'. But then the full spectrum of her sick shit's taste and smell hit him. It was the most disgusting thing he had ever experienced. There was none of Liana's usual taste that made him so horny, this was just pure, sick shit.

But Liana had trained Jake well and he knew what was expected of him. Fighting against his body who wanted to get away from the filth as fast as possible, he brought the liquid shit down, down into his esophagus and into his stomach. It felt like it took hours, although in reality it was probably only a couple of minutes. When Jake's mouth was empty, he could finally breathe properly again and managed to say "Fuck..."

Liana turned over to face him and Jake saw she looked like she was in less pain now. Liana looked at Jake and said: "I love you so much... but please let me rest now".

The next day, Jake was surprised to see Liana up and fully clothed. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

Liana replied she was feeling much better and thanked Jake for his help with her shit the previous day. She explained that she considered this a kind of final exam, and that Jake was now fully ready for the Joining, if he still wished to be with her for the rest of their lives. Jake went over to kiss Liana and told her "Of course... you know how much I love you! Can you finally tell me what this Joining entails?"


Chapter 4: The Decision

Contains a bit of scat, M/F

Liana had brought Jake to a quiet place near the mountains, out of town. She had said that explaining the Joining to an alien was not easy, and she wanted to be in a place away from the others for that.

"Have you heard of anglerfish?" Liana asked, after they found a place to sit down.


"I have studied the data files you brought, there is a species called anglerfish on your home world."

Jake thought for a second and said: "Ah yes, I think I learned about them in a biology lesson years ago."

"Your data files describe the 'unusual' way anglerfish reproduce," Liana continued, saying 'unusual' in a way as if she disagreed with it. "Anglerfish males are much smaller than females, they actually attach to females like parasites and then they can reproduce. Anglerfish are an interesting species, because the Kbraxi reproduce in a somewhat similar way."

This wasn't anything like Jake had expected. He replied: "Wait, but don't parasitic anglerfish males dissolve until nothing but their sperm-producing organs remain? So they basically become brain-dead?"

Liana said: "Don't worry, love! I said 'somewhat similar'. Kbraxi aren't your brainless anglerfish. If we Join, we will become one physical body. But your consciousness will certainly live on - just much closer to me than you could possibly imagine, even knowing what you know now."

Jake looked doubtful. He wanted to stay with her for the rest of his life - but losing his body? Was that worth it? And how did he know Liana was telling the truth about him living on. He looked at her and said: "... I need some time to think about this."

Liana nodded. "I understand. It's okay."

Jake got up and started walking. He had a difficult decision to make. How could he know what the right choice was? At least he now understood why Liana didn't want to tell him about Joining before. To a Federation citizen, it would sound horrible to lose your freedom like that. He wasn't ready to hear about it. But now... he'd been away from the Federation for so long. And he loved Liana more than anyone he'd met before. He did want to stay with her... and if Joining was the only way to make that happen, maybe he had to do it. Besides, there must be a reason she trained him to eat her shit. Hi figured that whatever would happen during this 'Joining', he'd probably enjoy it a lot.

Jake also knew that while Liana had kept certain things about her species secret from him, she'd never actually lie to him. He had no reason to think she'd lie about this. She loved him as much as he loved her, Jake was sure of that.

And with that sorted out, he walked back to the place where Liana was sitting and told her he wanted to Join with her.

Of course Liana was happy to hear that, and to celebrate, they fucked right then and there, under the mountains and the clear sky.

They didn't have a good way to clean up out there, so Liana thoughtfully offered Jake only her piss and he happily drank it.

Compared to the horny, heavy, bitter taste of her shit, her piss tasted light and pure. It reminded Jake of how he first expressed his love for Liana.

On the way back to the village, Liana told Jake about the traditional way Kbraxi males announced they wished to Join with a female. It made Jake quite nervous, but he promised her he would do it.

In the village, Liana said: "I need to go see the doctor, I need to arrange some things for our Joining." And with that, she walked off to the medical building.

By the time she returned, it was getting dark and the Kbraxi village party was starting. Liana set the music system to a dancing track, and before long, she, Jake, and quite a few other Kbraxi were dancing away.

During a particularly danceworthy track, Liana whispered in Jake's ear: "Ready?"

Jake nodded nervously.

At the end of the track, Liana muted the music system with a voice command, and asked for everyone's attention. She put a chair in the middle of the dance floor and sat down on it.

Jake came over, sat down on Liana's lap, and closed his eyes. Now for the hardest part, he thought. Jake grunted a bit, and started pushing. His asshole slowly opened up, and he started pushing out a log of his own, right into the seat of his pants.

Liana put her legs apart a bit, giving him a bit more space. Jake was acutely aware of all the Kbraxi around him staring at him and Liana. But, with the extra space she created he managed to push out some more, and suddenly a load of soft shit flooded his pants.

Jake opened his eyes, and looked at the crowd who had gathered around them. He saw that the Kbraxi women closest to him were starting to notice the smell of his shit.

They started talking to one another: "He isn't?" "No, he can't be" "Really?"

At that point, he got off Liana's lap, got down on one knee, facing her (and giving the Kbraxi behind him a perfect view of the bulge in his pants), and said out loud: "Dear Liana, may I Join you?".

Before Liana could answer, the other Kbraxi started talking loudly: "This is unheard of!" "He is an alien!" "They couldn't Join even if she wanted to!".

At that point, the doctor appeared from the back of the crowd, and went to stand next to Liana and Jake. "PLEASE STOP! LISTEN!" she shouted. The doctor was highly respected in the village, so everyone did stop talking.

"Listen to me," she continued, "I have examined the stranger, and to my considerable surprise, he seems to be fully compatible with Kbraxi anatomy. He could as well BE a Kbraxi male, nobody would notice the difference. I don't see any reason they couldn't Join. Now, Liana, do you accept?"

Liana, with tears of happiness in her eyes, said: "Yes... yes I want nothing more."

At that moment, the Kbraxi villagers looked at each other and seemed to come to the conclusion that it must be fine. They all congratulated Jake and Liana. One very drunk lady even slapped Jake on the ass (flattening his shit against his butt cheeks) as she congratulated him.

As Jake came to understand later, apparently the doctor's explanation made them consider him one of them, perhaps from a long lost branch of the species or something.

In any case, as the party was winding down, Liana and Jake quietly went to their quarters, where Liana took off Jake's clothes, grabbed the shit in his pants to cover his dick, and fucked him until they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Jake asked Liana "What happens now?"

Liana replied that they'd have to go to the Kbraxi home world. She'd asked the doctor to arrange transport and it would be there to pick them up by the end of the day.

Jake said: "I thought no strangers were allowed on your home world?"

Liana explained that he was one of them now, a true Kbraxi. Besides, Kbraxi Prime was the only place with the proper facilities for a good Joining.

The transfer to Kbraxi prime was short and uneventful, but Liana did explain the next steps of the process to Jake. There first would be a small ceremony, and then the true Joining would happen. After that moment there was no way back, but it would take several more months for their bodies to become fully Joined.

On Kbraxi Prime, Jake and Liana were brought to a large building, that on one hand looked like a warm, inviting place, but on the other hand also had a little bit of a hospital vibe. This was the Joining Center, Liana explained, and here they would be spending quite some time.

The ceremony turned out to be similar to an Earth wedding ceremony. Someone wearing formal-looking clothes asked both Liana and Jake to confirm several times that they truly wanted to Join. Liana's family was there too. When meeting them, Jake couldn't help thinking of his own family back on Earth. It was a bit sad that they couldn't be there. Well, they wouldn't have understood or be able to accept what he was about to do, anyway.

After the formalities were over, Jake, Liana, and her family went to a large table where they got served a huge dinner. Liana told Jake to eat as much as he could - this would be their last meal before the Joining and he'd need the energy. Liana filled her plate with Brzbo beans, while Jake enjoyed the wide diversity of Kbraxi food and ate a bit of everything.

As dinner was winding down, Liana and Jake, who was starting to get a stomach ache, were led down a corridor and into a room. The room was small, but cozy. The walls were covered in warm, brownish red tapestries, but the most defining feature was the large bed.

Once they were alone in the room, Liana said: "Are you ready to do this?"

Jake nervously chuckled and said: "More than ever, I think. What do I do?"

Liana instructed Jake to strip naked while she did the same. They got on the bed and started kissing. "Don't worry. You won't have to do much, just leave it to me and relax. Now, get up!"

Jake stood up, clutching his bloated stomach. Liana also got up and stood next to the bed, bended down towards the bed, sticking her sexy butt out. "Jake, I need you to fuck me like this!"

That didn't need saying twice - Jake approached her from the back and mounted her, doggy style. As Jake started fucking Liana, he saw the spots down her back getting wetter than he'd ever seen before. It made him very horny and he kept pumping away, with Liana moaning loudly after every thrust. As he came in her, he noticed that her spots were now positively dripping her horny liquid.

"Jake... mmm.... Jake... kiss... my back" Liana managed to say. Jake put his mouth on a large brown spot in Liana's neck. The touch made her spray some of her fluid right into his mouth, which in turn made him feel very calm and sleepy. Jake dozed off within seconds, still with his mouth in her neck and his dick in her cunt.


Chapter 5: The Joining

Contains Piss, Scat, Shit eating, Body merging/absorption, M/F

When Jake woke up, everything was different. The first thing he noticed was that he couldn't move his arms and legs much. In fact, his legs were connected to the back of Liana's legs down their full length. And his arms and hands were connected to Liana's sides, where he had been holding her. Jake couldn't really see this himself, but the skin between them was completely continuous and smooth, you wouldn't be able to see where one body ended and the other started.

When Jake opened his eyes, all he could see in front of him was skin. He could see bits of the room they were in to either side of him, but that was about it. He also noticed was that his mouth was feeling strange. The weird thing was that it was somehow connected to Liana's back. Jake tried to feel around with his tongue, but as far as he could tell there was no opening, his mouth was completely sealed to her skin, forcing him to breathe though his nose. In fact, his chest and stomach were also connected to Liana's back, while his dick was still sitting in her vagina. Jake couldn't move far enough to do anything about it.

Jake's attempts to move around woke up Liana, who said "Hi love, you ok?"

Jake actually still felt very relaxed, whether that was from the hormones in Liana's fluid or from the fact that he knew what he was getting himself into, he was mostly fine with the situation. But with his mouth stuck to Liana's back, he had no good way to talk, and instead said "Mmmmm" in a confirmatory voice.

His stomach didn't hurt anymore, but he suddenly did feel his bladder was very full. He couldn't get his dick out of Liana and he had no way to communicate his predicament so he tried to held it for a little while but he knew it couldn't last for long. At some point he just let go inside her, which made Liana perk up and go "Ooooooh", sounding like she was enjoying it. "Don't worry, dear, just let go... it's all fine." Before long the piss started forcing its way back out of her, down his dick and onto Jake's balls, after which it flowed into the bed Jake now realized they were lying on.

After he was done, Liana said: "Mmm, that made me realize I have to go as well." Jake heard a hissing sound as Liana started pissing but strangely enough didn't feel the wetness anywhere. Next, Liana started grunting "Ohhhhh... damn those beans need to come out.... nggggh" and Jake felt something shift where he was touching Liana's lower back, but didn't smell or feel any of her shit. "Ngggh... oh fuck that feels good," Liana continued.

It took her a moment to catch her breath, but then Liana said "Wow... woah that felt strange... but real good."

Jake voiced a "Huh?" because he was confused as to what had happened, but Liana just chuckled and said: "You'll find out soon enough."

Jake quickly felt himself doze off again, and the next thing he remembered was suddenly waking up about half an hour later, because he felt Liana's skin in his mouth twitch, and then it started slowly pulsing. But what really woke him up was the fact that that patch of skin suddenly opened up like a sphincter and delivered a load of piss in his mouth. Jake coughed and swallowed to prevent it from flowing up his nose and felt his dick hardening inside Liana, because after all, piss still made him very horny.

Just as he was done swallowing the piss, the sphincter started pulsing with some more force and he felt the shit Liana had pushed out 30 minutes ago being pushed into his mouth. It literally couldn't go anywhere, the seal of their skins was complete, and very strong. All Jake could do was keep up and swallow as fast as it entered his mouth. It was the unmistakable soft, bitter shit caused by the beans and Jake swallowed it all as he'd been trained to do. He started slowly realizing what had happened: the Joining apparently had created a new intestine from Liana's asshole to his mouth. Somehow, her bladder connected to it as well. That meant that from now on, all of Liana's piss and shit would have to go through his mouth, through his body. Liana's piss would be his only drink and Liana's shit would be his only food.

Jake realized he loved the idea and he'd subconsciously started trusting his dick again.

Liana naughtily said: "Mmmm... I can feel you enjoyed that. Now you know what I trained you for so long. Ahh... ohhhh..."

As they were fucking, Jake realized his stomach hadn't been sitting still either. Knowing he couldn't move anyway, he started emptying his own colon. Because they were lying on their sides on the bed, his shit just slid down his butt cheek and formed a pile on the bed sheet. Both of them certainly smelled this load of shit.

It immediately made Liana even hornier. She started fucking Jake harder, causing him to shift position a bit so that his pile got mushed between the side of his butt and the bed. That feeling made Jake orgasm deep inside Liana, and she came soon after as well.

Jake and Liana stayed in that position for a while. Not that they could do much else. Jake couldn't go anywhere, and with his full weight attached to her, Liana had trouble moving as well. But as Jake's shit started to cool down and the smell filled up the entire room, Liana reached out and pressed a button on the wall next to the bed.

A couple minutes later, Jake heard the door opening and someone come in. They used some contraption that was hanging over the bed to carefully lift the combined form of Jake and Liana up. At some point, the Kbraxi got into Jake's limited field of vision, and he noticed it was a male. A young man, by the looks of it. In fact, the first Kbraxi male he'd ever seen. He did have spots on his forehead just like the females, but they seemed much smaller and less obvious. The male would easily be able to convince people he's a human.

In any case, Jake watched the Kbraxi carefully scoop the remaining shit from the bed into a plastic box, then the male washed Jake's butt, and pressed a button which replaced the bed with a clean one, just like in their old apartment in the colony village. Then the Kbraxi lowered them back onto the bed and released them from the contraption. He walked out, holding the box with Jake's shit in his hands.

When he was gone, Liana explained to Jake that this was one of the ways Kbraxi males prepared for the Joining. They worked as attendants in the Joining Center, getting to see how two people slowly become one, and as a reward for their work - or as part of their training, depending on how you think about it - they were encouraged to take Joined couples' shit, jack off with it, taste it, and so on. The idea was that they got to experience a large variety of different smells and tastes, so that they would be ready for whatever their eventual Joining partner would have to offer. Liana suspected that the males were especially interested in Jake's poop, because his human digestive system was the only one on the planet.

This was Jake and Liana's life for a while. They spend many hours sleeping. An attendant would bring in a huge meal for Liana three times a day, together with a big bottle of water. Jake was surprised by Liana's big appetite and thirst, but figured she was now eating and drinking for two. Of course, drinking and eating that much made Liana's bladder and colon very active. And Jake could feel exactly when Liana was pooping, which would excite him every single time because he knew what it meant for him - his own tasty meal was on its way.

Jake's stomach had gotten really good at getting the nutrients out of Liana's piss and shit, but there was still plenty of waste left after it passed though him, so another regular part of their days was Jake wetting and messing the bed, and an eager male Kbraxi coming to get his shit and clean them up.

Of course Jake and Liana fucked a lot too. They had nothing better to do, and with his dick stuck in her cunt, the slightest hint of horniness spiraled into another hot session for them both.

Soon, Jake and Liana started noticing subtle changes to their bodies, beyond the initial Joining. Tiny changes at first, but they became impossible to ignore after a few days. One of the first things Liana noticed was that she lost control over the sphincters in her bladder and anus. Whenever she felt she had to pee, it just immediately started flowing without her control. It went in a similar way with her poop. She'd feel some pressure, and all of a sudden it'd start shifting into their new Joined intestine.

It still felt great to her, like shitting always had done, she just couldn't control it any more. Not long after, her sphincter muscles actually started being broken down by her body. She didn't really notice this, but she remembered that any unnecessary part of their bodies would be broken down and recycled during the metamorphosis.

For Jake, the changes were larger, but happened slowly enough that he didn't notice them at first. One of the first things that happened was that his limbs got absorbed by Liana's body. He didn't really mind as he couldn't move them anyway, and they were just getting in the way. Afterwards, his shoulders and upper legs just subtly ended in Liana's skin, so that if someone had seen them from far away, he'd look like nothing but a huge bulge on Liana's back.

Around the same time, his face started changing. His nose and eyes started getting attached to Liana's skin as well. Jake panicked for a moment when he woke up one day and noticed he couldn't breathe any more, but then he realized he wasn't suffocating. Apparently their bodies were intertwined enough that she could now share her oxygen with him.

Shortly after, he was in for another surprise. Apparently his nose had joined up with their Joined intestine in such a way that the gases she produced bubbled up into his nose directly. The smell, not diluted by air, was overwhelming. Jake hadn't quite realized how important smell was for tasting things, but Liana's shit suddenly seemed to taste much richer than before.

His mouth seemed to change as well. Jake noticed his teeth shrinking before disappearing altogether. Something changed in his throat, making it much easier for him to just accept the shit and let it slide down into his stomach directly. His tongue didn't change, and the taste of shit stayed as strong as ever. He loved keeping it in his mouth and chewing it, even without teeth, just so he could experience the full taste.

When his eyes attached to Liana's skin, Jake of course turned blind, which scared him a bit. While his eyes were already being broken down by the metamorphosis, Liana told him that he'd be able to see again before long. Jake knew that no matter what he'd be in a good hands, and his eyes hadn't been much use lately anyway, so he relaxed and waited for his next meal.

In the next few weeks, Jake's body changed further by the hour. To the attendants, it looked like the bulge on Liana's back was shrinking and moving downwards. Most features that made Jake recognizable as a person faded. His ears, his hair, the shape of his back, it all became a generic bulge, that ended in a perfectly healthy ass and dick, which was still stuck in Liana.

From Jake's perspective though, a lot more interesting stuff was happening. When his ears disappeared, he lost his sense of hearing, but that didn't last for long. Shortly after, he heard... or felt... a far-away whisper. When he concentrated on it he noticed it was Liana's voice. He tried calling out to her and the voice was stronger. Then, all of a sudden, it was like an overwhelming feeling of love, horniness, and some other emotions he couldn't quite place, were pushed into his brain from the outside. At that point the voice became much louder and he could actually understand it.

"Hey, dirty boy" Liana said.

"What's going on?" Jake asked.

"We're in the final phase of the Joining. The mental connections are being made."

"So... you're not actually talking to me?"

"No... I'm *thinking* to you," Liana thought to Jake. Almost as if it was planned, at that point the connection between their Joined intestine and what was left of Jake's mouth started pulsing, and pushed a soft load of shit into his mouth.

It made Jake horny like usual, and Liana thought out loud: "Wow! I can feel your emotions now. I knew you liked my shit but I had no idea it made you THIS horny." She could also feel his dick getting hard inside her. Jake started fucking her and it was the best sex they had ever experienced till that moment, because they could sense each other's reactions to each thrust and adapt so it was perfect for both of them. Jake learned from Liana that this was only the start of the final phase... things would only get better from here.

As Jake's brain started moving from the part of the bulge that used to be his head, into Liana's body and closer to her brain, their connection got stronger. Jake got his eyesight back, and his sense of hearing, but this time through Liana's eyes and ears. He also started tasting and smelling the food Liana ate, experiencing his first non-shit meal in a long while.

Strangely enough, he didn't lose the sense of smell and taste in his own mouth. Every drip of piss and every bit of shit that passed through it, he tasted. And of course, all the piss and shit Liana made had to go through his mouth, there was no other way.

The sharing of senses worked the other way around too. Liana tasted her own shit in Jake's mouth as well. When that sense first 'switched on', it made her gag a bit. It had been a while since she last played with shit, and she couldn't even remember the last time she tasted any. But she could feel how much Jake enjoyed the taste, and quickly joined him in his enjoyment.

Liana and Jake also started sharing a sense of touch. By the time he could literally feel every single nerve in her cunt firing when they were making love, their sex was more intense than Jake could ever have imagined. It wasn't just him experiencing her emotions anymore. He could experience the way she felt his cum shooting deep into her vagina. And he could feel how much she loved every moment of it. Those days, Jake experienced his first female multiple orgasm. Liana also got a number of new experiences. She loved the feeling of his cum boiling up from deep inside his balls, feel it pulse through the tight opening in his shaft and shoot inside her tight cunt.

The remains of Jake's body started getting smaller and smaller, until one day, the outside transformation was done. Liana looked like a normal woman again from the outside, the only directly observable difference was what Jake had noticed in the older women in the colony village - their faces looked ever so slightly more masculine. What remained of Jake's body now existed smugly inside Liana's butt.

The Joining intestine had shrunk, and his mouth was now directly connected to her large intestine, and to a tube from her bladder. Other than that, his stomach and own intestine had turned into a single digestive sac that got the nutrients out of Liana's piss and shit and then connected directly to his asshole - which was located exactly where Liana's used to be. The rest of his body was his dick - which hadn't shrunk at all - and his balls, which were located such that they tended to rub against Liana's clit a lot.

The final change to their bodies was that they got the ability to withdraw Jake's dick into the side walls of Liana's vagina. This made it easier for his piss to escape, and it was also necessary if they ever wanted to have children. The Kbraxi female reproductive cycle only started after the Joining.

As far as Jake was concerned, he was glad that despite all the physical changes, the remains of his mouth still tasted every bit of shit that passed through it. Liana assured him that those taste buds would stay active for the rest of their life.

And as their physical changes were concluding, so were their mental ones. Jake's brain moved closer and closer to Liana's, eventually migrating through her neck and joining with her own brain. Liana and Jake noticed a gradual change in their thoughts. More and more often, they were both thinking the exact same thing. It didn't feel like any thought was forced, it just felt they were naturally becoming more and more alike.



Liana loved the person she had become.

The part of her that used to be unjoined Liana finally understood the struggles Jake went through in his youth. She finally was able to remember.

The part of her that used to be Jake finally understood the full Kbraxi culture, why poop is so important to them, and what Joining truly means.

Liana knew that in retrospect, neither of her unjoined selves would've had any regrets. Well, maybe Jake would've considered it unfair that they kept Liana's name, but it was just Kbraxi custom to keep the female's name. In their fresh, newly Joined mind, both of them were equally represented in her fresh.

The one thing that surprised the new Liana the most was her feeling of completeness. She was so happy to be one, to be a whole being now. It was like Jake and Liana's individual love for each other had multiplied, and formed an incredible strong level of self-love.

Thinking about this, Liana suddenly found some pressure in her large intestine, followed by the very familiar taste of her own shit. A couple seconds later, she enjoyed the nice full feeling of her male digestive sac. Liana knew that she'd never get tired of this particular sensation. She noticed herself getting horny, let her dick out into her cunt and started fucking herself the way only a Joined Kbraxi can.

Later, while Liana walked out of the Joining Center as a new woman, she was pondering what to do next. Most newly Joined people went on a long vacation to have the time to get used to their new mind. With the full knowledge and memories of both the Kbraxi and the Federation combined, Liana decided to go on a tour through Federation space.

She was thinking of becoming the first Kbraxi ambassador to Earth. Jake had suspected that there were many more humans hiding their sexual interest in poop and she really wanted to help them meet the Kbraxi. She would have to deal with a somewhat difficult explanation to the Federation officials about where Jake had 'gone', but with her inside knowledge of the Federation - and more importantly, with both his memories and his personality now part of her, she was certain she would work something out.

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