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Like with my other thread, this will be random stories that are too short for me to upload to my ASSTR site—less than 1,000 words; usually around 500. This one will be for young women, 18-30. The other differences is that, while most of my stories will just be random murders, there will be other types of deaths; suicides, executions, and even accidental.

To start us off, I'll import my recent Killer and Victims story from RP.

Peter Sullivan worked as the receptionist for Golden Crowns Hotel for a week. It was a fancy, expensive, hotel located in Manhattan where CEOs, celebrities, and other well-off people stayed. According to official documents, and co-workers, however, he was known as Jake Dent. He wore a wig, to disguise his blond hair with brown. He also wore a mask and pair of gloves that, without extremely close inspection, were realistic enough to pass off as his own face and hands. He made sure that the rest of his skin was covered to hide the slight difference in skin texture. All of this was for his real job as an assassin.

His target was a twenty-six year old secretary from the United Kingdom, known Emma Walters. According to his client, she threatened to expose some of the illegal business practices that his company is involved in, and she needed to be silenced before she could go to the authorities. He learned through research that Emma always used this particular hotel whenever she visited New York, and discovered that she planned to vacation in Manhattan this month. So Peter forged some documents and got a job at the hotel.

Emma arrived at the hotel late in the evening. Peter recognized her immediately from the description and photographs given to him by his client. She had short brown hair, although her eyes were maroon rather than blue; he figured that she had to be wearing colored contacts. She wore an maroon kimono, which was open at the neck to display her bra straps and her rather prominent cleavage. She approached the desk, and I assigned her a room.

Five hours later, Emma was passed out on the bed; she only wore a pair of black panties, with her giant breasts on full display. Her kimono and bra were laid out over a chair.

The door opened slowly, and Peter Sullivan crept in. He pulled a M&P22 out of his pants pocket, then attached a suppressor. He closed the door and softly walked over to Emma with the gun raised. She slowly opened her eyes just as he reached the bed.

“Stay asleep. It will be easier for you,” he whispered.

“Sure. That’ll be fine.” Emma yawned and closed her eyes, after slightly adjusting her position on the pillow.

Before she could awake any further, Peter aimed the gun at her chest and fired ten rounds between her massive breasts. Emma’s eyes shot open as the first bullet pierced her ribs. Her body jerked as each round tore through her heart and lungs. Emma gave several wheezy coughs, sending droplets of blood from her throat, and a crimson stream flowed from the sides of her mouth. Then her body went limp, her head lolled back against the pillow and seemed to stare into space with her now-vacant eyes. A sloshing sound caught Peter’s attention; Emma’s panties were soaked and a torrent of piss spilled out into the blanket, creating a dark spot that was rapidly growing beneath her.

Peter placed the gun back into his pocket and left the premises. When her body was discovered hours later, Peter had already burned everything related to his disguise and left New York to collect his payment.

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