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It was a chilly Michigan evening but not too bad. Ella was walking home from a party at a friends house. She had been introduced to a really cute friend of a friend named Alex who ended up asking for her number. So exciting! She had been given a heads up he would be there so she was dressed for the occasion: a lovely black patterned strapless corset, revealing her shoulders which she always liked, and a mid length lovely burgundy skirt. A bit on the skimpy side but still tasteful. Unfortunately, she wished she had brought a jacket as she was now starting to shiver a bit in the crisp night air.

She turned the corner leading to her neighborhood when a car turns out of seemingly nowhere it high speed and comes screeching to a halt next to Ella. She is a bit shaken at first but calms down a bit when she sees Alex get out of the car.

“Hey Ella, thought I’d come and offer you a ride home!” He closed the car door and walked toward her. Her heart fluttered a bit, he was as cute in the moonlight as he was back at the party, if not more so. However, something didn’t feel right. The way he was smirking at her, the look in his eyes, it seemed… attractive and… dangerous.

Then Ella noticed a glint in Alex’s right hand. He was holding a knife. Fuck, how had she not noticed that before now?

Her eye’s instinctually widened and her heart rate increased. Alex noticed easily, as she was now staring directly at the hunting knife, which wasn’t really hidden to begin with.

“Heh, you just now noticed babe?” he says to Ella in a mocking voice.

Ella is speechless, fear beginning to creep into her mind. “I… I uh, I really should get home… it’s very cold out here.” she stuttered as she starts to back away. Alex lets her back off a few feet and she turns and starts walking very quickly down the sidewalk, shivering in the cold air. Then she hears him start to run toward her. Her mind enters panic mode immediately and she instinctually shouts “No please just leave me alone!” as she starts sprinting down the sidewalk.

She looks over her shoulder and sees he is gaining on her. Fuck. Half her brain is telling her to start screaming for help, but she can’t seem to find her voice anymore. In a random moment of desperation, she suddenly veers hard right into the woods. She barrels through a bunch of bushes and starts running like her life depended on it, fueled by the adrenaline pumping through her. She barely even realized how much time has passed when she thinks to look behind her. Nobody is there. She doesn’t know how long she has been running or where she is anymore, all she had been thinking about was getting away from Alex. Now she found herself alone in the woods in the middle of the night.

As the adrenaline started to wear off, she started shivering again. She was not dressed for this and had no idea where she was. She started whimpering to herself, a few tears streaming down her cheeks. Her mind raced over the events of the evening. “This must have all been some kind of practical joke” she told herself. “I was so dumb to just run off into the middle of nowhere without paying attention to where I was going!”. Not knowing what else to do, she collapses next to an old oak tree and starts crying.

And then in a moment, before she can even realize what is happening, she feels a hand grab her mouth and she is shoved violently against the tree, knocking her head hard against it. She feels a splitting pain but Ella doesn’t lose consciousness. She regains her footing and looks up to see Alex smiling down at her. She stares back with wild eyes, filled with fear and anticipation.

“Please Alex… what do you want? Please, I need to get home, I’m going to freeze out here. Please don’t hurt me, I just want to go home!” she weeps pathetically.

Alex says nothing, just continues staring at her with his creepy smile. Then, before she can react, he grabs her by the throat and pins her against the tree. Ella gurgles, wide eyed, tears streaming down her face, and then sees the glint of metal again in Alex’s other hand.

“Oh god, no please Alex…” she desperately tries to beg in broken breaths. But it matters not. A moment later, she sees him move the hand and suddenly feels the most excruciating pain she had ever felt deep in her stomach.


She looks down and sees the knife embedded deep into her stomach, red blood spilling out all over her burgundy skirt. She lets out a long tortured moan. Alex leans over and whispers into Ella’s ear: “Oh we are just getting started darling.” He then carefully twists the knife so Ella can feel the edge of the blade pressing against the inside of her abdominal muscles.

“Oh no, please, oh no no no…” he let her weep for a moment, and then suddenly rips the blade from her stomach, blood splattering out all over the forest floor. Ella’s corset bursts open and she can now see the true extent of her injury. A huge gash from her lower belly up, right through her belly button.

“AHHHHH!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “AHHHH OH GOD ALEX PLEASE HELP ME!!!”

Alex tries to pin both of Ella’s hands above her head with one of his hands, and goes to work with the knife in the other, inserting it into her opened belly. She can now start to see some pink tubes protrude through the terrible wound in her stomach. Alex, almost gracefully, starts to insert the knife between the tubing, and there was a terrible terrible pain coming from her stomach, like a stomach cramp but far worse. She was completely frozen and unable to move, watching in complete horror as he slowly carved her bowels from the membrane connecting them to her. They start to tumble out in loops, hanging out of her corset and collecting on her dress.

Ella’s screaming continues unabated, and she eventually gains some level of presence and starts trying to fight back. She kicks Alex in the crotch and he shouts out and keels over. She uses this moment to run as fast as she can, not thinking about anything except getting to safety… away from this monster.

After several moments she feels extremely ill and suddenly stops and vomits violently. Her guts, which are still hanging out in plain site, coil up sickeningly as she pukes, and she collapses onto her knees and begins crying with all her heart. She hesitantly reaches down and pokes her exposed bowel, and then falls back into tears again. After a moment, she remembers Alex, and looks around in terror expecting him to be right next to her. But he is nowhere to be seen. She looks down at her stomach again, tears still streaming down her eyes.

“Please god, just let me survive, I am not ready to die. Please…” she says to herself, and then she clinches her eyes shut and tries to pick up a clump of her gut off her lap. It hurts, but the pain isn’t nearly so bad as the fear and anticipation. She opens here eyes again… and looks back at the bloody loops hanging out of her. She picks up as much as she can in her hands, they feel soft and fleshy. She dry heaves a bit and starts trying to put them back inside her belly, very slowly and carefully. She gets them mostly in when she feels someone grab her by the hair and yank her head back. She see’s Alex looking down at her again with the same wicked smile.

“NO NO NO NO PLEASE NO.” she cries out but he says nothing in reply, instead immediately plunging his hand into her stomach and yanking everything back out again into her lap.

Ella is expressing some kinds of noises loudly, but they have become nearly incoherent. Something between screaming and crying and laughing, a chaotic meddle of emotion and conflict. She weakly and pathetically tries to push Alex’s hands away but barely has the will or energy to resist at this point, and he reaches inside her with both hands and slowly tugs out almost the entire length of her digestive tract, leaving it to pile up on her red stained skirt on her lap while she watches and weeps.

Then he stands up, and in a final act of dehumanization, pulls out his cock and slowly begins to rub it until he blows his load all over Ella’s face and breasts. She barely even pays attention, she just continues to stare in shock at the pile of guts in her lap and cry. His cum drips down her face and finally she looks back up and their eyes lock. Her's filled with emotion, tears, and questions. His dark and cruel and empty.

Finally, Alex zips up his pants, leans in real close and kisses Ella passionately on the lips.

“Pretty good first date, eh? See you again soon Ella.”

And as silently as he had appeared, he disappears in to the woods, winking at her before he vanishes entirely. Ella would never see him, or anyone else again.


I loved it. More please!


This was great!

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