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By Natasha Kendrick

Part 1

Natasha: Justin, your latest Album “Team Necro” has attracted a lot of comment about your recent lifestyle choices, not all of it complementary. Tell us about where you are right now, and what's lead you here.
Justin: Well, for the last few years I've really been giving everything to my fans. The music, the tours, the events, everything. It means that I'm just starved of me-time, I just don't want to spend what little time I have pleasing someone else. Plus my social media strategist has always been very against me having a girlfriend, because the fans hate it.
N: And so that's why you've moved to following a nec-romatic lifestyle?
J: if you mean that's why I fuck dead girls now then yeah (laughs) honestly though I just feel it makes sense. I find the necro-girls much more giving, they're not selfish or out for what they can get. Plus with all the #metoo and sexual assault stuff right now it really makes me immune to any accusation of mistreating women.
N: You don't feel that soliciting your fans to have themselves snuffed and delivered to you is itself disrespectful or misogynistic?
J: How could it be? No one is being pressured, or forced to do anything they don't want to. I just let it be known to my fans that if they choose to have themselves decapitated and then express delivered to me, then I'll have sex with them – assuming I find them attractive that is.
N: So are those two of your former fans on the bed there?
J: I assume so, I have a few rules you see; I don't like people trying to use me to get famous, so fans aren't allowed to send any kind of message or video – I won't look at any of that stuff, they must be a c-cup or smaller, weigh no more than 8 stone, 5'2” maximum height. That kind of stuff. I think it's much more pure if a girl is only doing this to please me. It's really beautiful, and I thank every girl who becomes one of my Neckos. This album is like a love song to them
N: And the twenty or so dead girls you were stood on for the cover, were they all your Neckos?
J: Mostly, they go off pretty fast so those Nekos were all from that week and we also snuffed a few models to add in for the shoot. You can tell the models ‘cause they're all taller. I don't like that at all so after the shoot we just tossed them in the dumpster.


A bit short really. :|


It's not a style of writing I've done before, and wasn't sure if it would be worth anyone's time to read it. I think I'll see about continuing it though

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