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This is the moment I‘ve been waiting for. For the last hours I tortured and mutilated her but I always paid attention to not hurt her in a way that would hinder her mobility. I didn’t do this for her, I did this for myself. Never did I go easy on her. For me she’s just a tool and all the torture and mutilation I did was just for preparing the tool for it’s primary task.
For this task it is important for her to really hate me. Maybe hate is too nice. I aim for her wanting to kill me in the most horrible way possible. This has been my fantasy for years now. Even tried to hurt myself before but it’s simply not the same. It has to be someone else who’s hurting me. Over the internet I searched for women who would do that to me but I had no luck.
So I decided that I would have to help myself and search for a beautiful woman with a strong will. The strong will was important because I didn’t want to break her. I found her in a sex club that I visit on a regular basis. She’s a bit dominant and likes to whip so I decided that she should be the one. Since we both knew each other very well from the club it wasn’t hard for me to invite her to my house for a beer or two.
When we arrived at my house I didn’t hesitate. I slapped her in her face really hard so that she got numb and carried her into my cellar where she could scream as loud as she could without anyone hearing.
The next two hours were really hard for her. I whipped her until her skin broke and pissed into her open wounds. This burning sensation made her scream and swear. She promised that I would have to pay for this. She would have her chance for that even if she didn’t knew this at this time.
But her hate wasn’t big enough yet. Never would she kill me for this. So I had to continue. From the club I knew that she never did anal because she hated it. So I got a big dildo and began to insert it into her ass until she bled. Then I pushed it even further until it fully disappeared in her colon. Because of the flat ending of the dildo she couldn’t push it out again. I wanted to feel the dildo in her ass and rammed my whole fist in her cunt so that her cunt teared apart.
But all these wounds would heal. This is a problem because she would only kill me if there is no more hope in her to live a normal life. All I had done until now was just for preparing her. I didn’t really enjoy it. It just had to be done. What I had in mind now was different. For the first time since we arrived my cock got hard as a rock.
I strapped her tight on her back onto my table and prepared my saw and put my massive iron into the fire. Slowly I lifted her left tit and began to saw upwards. The loudness of her screams hurt my ears and I was afraid that they could get damaged. But then I remembered that if everything went well these were the last few hours that I would need them anyway. I laughed when I thought about it. As soon as I separated her tit from her body I used the hot iron to burn out the wound so that she wouldn’t bleed out. Then I did the same to her right tit.
Call me crazy or maybe even perverted but suddenly I had an awesome idea. I put on her bra and inserted both her tits into it. Her warm blood flew over my breast and stomach and I loved it. Having real tits felt kind of strange but in a good way.
But my guest didn’t care at all. First I thought she was simply impolite but then I thought that maybe she was getting a bit weak from blood loss and pain. She couldn’t do her task when she was too weak so I decided to go easy on her from now on. The last hour we spent with cutting and burning her skin on various places. It was important for me that she would never want anyone to see her naked again. Because only without hope she would work as I intended. The final step was to put her hair on fire. It burnt for minutes and the smell was horrible. But it was worth it because when I stepped back she looked like a monster.

As I said in the beginning, now this is the moment I‘ve been waiting for. In expectation for the next hours I’m starting to get aroused like never before. With shaking hands I lock the steel door and show her how I swallow the key (which is kind of painful but sometimes you have to make sacrifices).
I’m starting to explain her the rules. That there is only one door with a normal lock which key I swallowed and an additional time lock that opens in 12 hours. She will be free from now on so I unlock her but she doesn’t dare to move. With much care I help her to get up from the table and lay down where she has been for the last hours. With the still warm foot and wrist locks I start to fixate myself on the table. The last wrist lock has to be closed by her. With this wrist lock my life will be completely in her hand. I’ll have to bear whatever she has in her mind. She doesn’t seem to trust me which hurts a little bit. But when I reminded her that we might switch places again if she doesn’t close that lock she quickly gave in.
Now it is decided. Lying fixated on my back with a woman who I hope wants to torture and kill me and my dick pointing hard and proud to the ceiling. This is my dream, this is how I want my life to end.
Her fear is stronger than her wish for revenge so she starts to search for an exit or a possibility to get help. She’s walking funny. Maybe because there is still a giant dildo in her ass. I’m laughing out loud. She’s even leaving blood trails wherever she walks. She looks like a woman with an enormous
period. I start to laugh even louder.
The fear vanishes and is replaced with rage and hate. With her pure fists she continuously hits on my face. Doesn’t seem to be here first fight because she knows where to hit. Pretty fast I’m losing a teeth and blood fills my mouth. She nevertheless continuous, breaks my nose and hits my left eye so that I can barely see anything on it.
Nevertheless I’m still hard. Or am I hard because of all of this? She doesn’t seem to care about the why and simply wants to end it and walks to the end of the table. Because of the foot locks my legs are separated and I have no way to protect my dick and my balls. Also the table is pretty short so that my ass sits at the end of the table.
I know what will come and how much it will hurt. But I want it and I need it. With my lifted head I can see her leaning back and lifting her right foot in preparation. The last thing I remember is her sadistic smiling. Then the kick comes and hits me on my balls. The pain is so intense that I can barely breath. Someone is screaming very loud and I realize that this time it is me. Before the pain gets any weaker she kicks again. And again, and again.
From all the pain I’m starting to fade away and don’t realize for some time what happens. When I fade back I hear her making fun of my soft dick and how I wouldn’t like it now. But she was wrong. On a strange level I nevertheless loved the pain and loved the feeling of being tortured. But I decide to not let her know that.
She starts to massage my balls. Or to be more specific that what has been my balls. As she tells me there are no more balls to feel. But my ball bag is getting blue while it is filling with blood. It seems she destroyed everything in there. How wonderful. We where both surprised that my dick got hard nevertheless.
With resignation in her voice she tells me that she doesn’t care about me anymore. She just wants the key and will just wait until the 12 hours are over. In my mind I’m seeing her cutting my stomach open with the scalpel next to her and putting her hands in my bowels to find the key. I’m near to coming from the thought alone.
Instead she gets the enema bag and fills it with water. She plans to give me enemas until the key drops out. That’s not stupid at all but not what I intended. An enema is pretty nice and relaxing but with all the pain in my balls I just want to continue her hurting me. I want her to cut me open, throw my bowels around and let me die in horrible pain.
But okay, she’s the boss. Without any warning she sticks the ending of the enema bag into my ass and opens the valve. I feel the water flowing in my colon. Of course I could press everything out but she put the scalpel onto to my hard dick and threatens to “beautify” it.
If she thinks that this would be a threat for me she still hasn’t understood what’s this all about. Maybe I can use this for a little joke. I play along and enjoy the feeling of my full bowels. At some point it starts to hurt and I can’t any more water in my colon so that she removes the hose. Now we have to wait a little bit until my shit gets mixed with the water. For this she even massages my stomach to fasten things up.
After a few minutes I suggest that she adds a bit more water into my colon because her massage has spread the water in my bowels. She lays the scalpel aside and tries to force the end of the hose in my ass. But I press it together. She gets down to her knees to better see where she has to put the hose. And this is the moment I waited for. With all force that I can achieve I shit all of my bowel content out directly into her surprised face. She’s even so surprised that she falls backward and gets even more shit on her bruised body. I bet she’ll get many infections allover her body.
I shat allover her body and she is going to dismember my dick. Let’s call that a win-win. With disgust she spits out everything she must have gotten in her mouth. “Bullseye”, I shout to her and begin to lough.
She is not impressed. Instead she is furious and starts to cut me wildly on my breast and my stomach with the scalpel. The cuts aren’t deep but they hurt nevertheless. They’re wonderful.
She doesn’t even care that she is full with my shit, she just wants to hurt me. After many many cuts she lays on top of me and rubs her shitty body over my open wounds. For her it seems to be a kind of revenge. For me it is really hot. She only realizes it when I lift my body a bit to enter my now hard dick into her hurt cunt.
Her face changes from sadistic to surprised. But only for seconds. Then she begins to smile. With amusement in her voice she tells me that she will now do what she should have done at the beginning. Slowly she strokes my dick and tells me that this will be the last time that I could enjoy this feeling. She fastens up until I’m near coming and uses a string to bind my dick around the base to reduce the blood loss. With the scalpel she them starts to cut the little string of skin that connects the head of the dick with the dick itself.
It’s horrible to know that I will lose my dick and I know that the pain will be intense. Then there’s the first cut into the flesh and I can’t hold it anymore. At the same time that the pain hits my brain I start to come and spray all my bloody sperm onto her hands and even into her face. This was the best orgasm of my life.
The fun continuous. With even more anger she cuts deeper and dismembers the head of my dick. The pain lets me scream again. She now looks a bit satisfied. With her left hand she kneads my ballbag while her right hand puts the head of my dick into my screaming mouth.
Absolutely surprised I begin to gag but she uses both hands to cover my mouth. I shall swallow it, she tells me. I try to but it’s really hard. After my second try I start to vomit a bit but with my closed mouth it has nowhere to go. So I swallow it down again. After several tries I achieve to swallow the head of my dick down.
“You might swallow it all again when I cut your stomach open to get the key”, she threatens me. In three additional cuts she removes the rest of my dick and let’s me swallow every piece except for one. This last piece ends in her own mouth and I can see her swallowing it.
She’s really hardcore. Maybe I’m getting more than I asked for when I selected her. Even without my dick I’m kind of aroused from the dismemberment but I’m horrified from eating my dick. But it’s kind of hot that she ate a piece of my dick even if she only did it to horrify me.
It seems that she doesn’t want me to die on blood loss so she also uses the hot iron to close my dick wound. My throat starts to hurt from all my screaming.
After dismembering my dick you can see that she is pretty tired. It must be late at night and I guess it can be pretty tiring to get your tits cut off and run around all evening with a dildo in your ass. Looking on her legs and the floor even the blood loss might have something to do with it.
With motivating and even provoking words I try her to continue with her work. As much as I love my torture and the pain I’m not interested in lying naked and dickless fixated on a table all-night. I want her to cut me open and let me die.
Instead she just presses a gagball into my mouth. She has to use force and so I lose an additional teeth. I’m definitely not able to remove the ballgag myself. Without even cleaning she lays shit and blood covered on my couch and falls into sleep soon.
I’m lying awake all night. Normally I would masturbate before sleep but I guess I’ll never do that again. I didn’t plan to live this long either. My stomach makes strange noises while it tries to digest my dick. The hours go by…

After an obviously uneasy night she finally awakes. She seems to have cramps. Maybe she simply need to take a shit. Kind of hard when a dildo blocks your ass. I would laugh but I really need to piss. The burnt remains from my dick don’t have an opening for this. What would I give to have died yesterday. Pain while pissing is not as enjoyable as pain from getting killed or dismembered. Also my ball bag seems to blast. Probably all my piss, blood and sperm mixed together there and can’t wait to get out.
“Only 20 minutes until the 12 hours are over and the time lock will open. Time to get busy”, she explains to me and takes the scalpel. She continuous to explain that she wants me to live at least long enough to see her getting out. After that she will burn down the whole building including me. If I like pain and want to die I can have that.
I’m excited again and my hands are trembling. In a few moments I will finally get cut open and I get to feel someones hands in my bowels. I really wish my dick back, I would be so hard right now.
Without further word she cuts open the skin on my stomach. She seems to have practice because she doesn’t seem to hurt any organs and seems to know exactly where to cut.
Realizing my surprise she tells me that she is a nurse. And this is why she knows how she can make me survive as long as she wants.
The pain is intense but in comparison to getting your dick cut off it’s not worth mentioning. Finally I feel her hands in my body. Shifting my organs to get to my stomach and to my colon. I can’t see it but I guess the little remaining bit of my dick is hard again. As soon as she cuts my colon open to get the key I should die on blood loss. I want to die with her hands in me. How can horror be so wonderful?
But not every horror is wonderful. As she explains to me the key never entered my colon. It’s still in my stomach because it’s too hard and too big. So there is a really easy way to get the key… to make me vomit.
Again with force she removes my ball gag and breaks one of my teeth. I’m getting used to it. As it seems it’s easy to make someone vomit if you have your hand in his bowels. Whatever she does, probably simply pressing my stomach, a big wave of sickness forces me to vomit. It comes so surprising that I don’t have time to turn my head. The resulting fountain of vomit falls therefore back onto my face. There are parts in it and I’m afraid that these are half digested parts of my dick. Which makes me vomit again. She also continues to torture my stomach and I continue to vomit but the key remains in my stomach.
Without stomach content I could not vomit anymore. Because I wanted her to cut me open I denied to drink. Instead she filled the enema bag again and shoved the shit stained hose through my throat. All my choking didn’t help. She filled the water directly into my stomach.
We repeated this several times. Sometimes I felt the key in my throat but I didn’t gag it out. But irregardless of the time we spent she never did me the favor to cut my stomach open. At some point I simply couldn’t avoid to spit out the key. The 12 hours must have been over for at least 20 minutes.
Between all her stomach and colon cramps you could see her relief. Finally she could get out of here. The nightmare is over and she can’t wait to burn me alive together with my house. With her bruised body and without her tits she will never live a normal life but at least she survived.
All tortures, all wounds are forgotten for the moment. Finally she can get fresh air, see the sky again and can leave everything that happened behind her.
She puts the key into the door lock and it indeed unlocks. But the door remains closed. She tries to push and pull with all her strength but the door doesn’t move a bit. A nervous look at the clock. The 12 hours are definitely over.
She walks to me and expects an explanation. I tell her the truth. There has never been a time lock. There is indeed a second lock but it can only be opened from the outside. From the moment the door was closed our fate was sealed. I’m excited to see if she will break down or flip out. Maybe she will be start a rage attack and kill me finally. I indeed see rage in her face but there’s also cool calculation. Hm, I might be doomed.
Without saying a word she steps at the end of the table and looks at my ball bag that seems to be only moments away from bursting. Without a warning she kicks with all force into my ball bag. Instantly the wounds of my dick burst open and a mix of my piss, blood and sperm spills over her body. She doesn’t care. Again and again she kicks into my ballbag until only blood drops out of the remains of my dick.
The pain is incredible. Some of the mixture even sprays into my still open bowels. That can’t be healthy. Why can’t she let me die? After the third kick I start to fade out from the pain.
When I come back I see her squatting on the floor while trying to press the dildo out of her. Because of the shape it’s not possible for her. If she doesn’t remove the dildo in time her colon will tear and she will die. It’s funny. She knows she will die but nevertheless she tries to extend her remaining time.
There is only one way to get the dildo out: cutting the muscle ring in her anus. That would make her incontinent but who cares now? There’s shit, piss and vomit everywhere. She has to be careful where to walk so that she doesn’t slip. From what I see she didn’t even care to clean herself from when she kicked me in my ballbag. There’s some of my sperm in her face. The last sperm I’ll ever have produced.
Finally she gives in and grabs the scalpel. When our eyes meet she remembers who she has to thank for her pain. She steps on the table and squats over my still open bowels. Slowly she begins to cut her anus. Despite her pain she doesn’t scream. With great force the dildo shoots out of her ass and hits my stomach which makes me vomit myself again. Without a stop the full content of her ass flows out into my bowels. It’s very warm and heavy and you can also see some of her blood dripping from her ass. Most of her shit is liquid but there also some solid pieces in it.
Without hesitating she grabs one of the solid pieces with her hand and forces it into my mouth. With her hands pressed on my mouth she forces me to swallow it. This is definitely not part of my fantasy.
After swallowing she dismounts the table and begins to sew me up. With all her shit in my bowels. I see myself dying from bacteria and mushrooms in my body. Not sexy at all.
The rest of the day we spend in silence. We have enough water to drink but nothing to eat. She even gives me some of the water. Simply doesn’t want to let me die. But I can’t hold my piss. Because everything in my hurting crotch is destroyed my piss simply drips to the floor all the time. She also doesn’t care. She simply stands up and lets it flow. I should have built a drainage in this room. But I didn’t and so the floor fills with our piss.
From time to time she spends time with me and starts to torture me again. All my front teeth are gone by now. She also cuts my nipples away.
On the third day without anything to eat she starts up my deep fryer and knots a tight string around my arm so that it goes numb. Then she unlocks my wrist lock and forces my hand into the deep fryer. I barely feel the pain but I like the horror feeling that I get. After a few minutes it starts to smell delicious. I know it’s my own flesh but I didn’t eat for three days now.
The sound the deep fryer vanishes. Obviously she removed my hand. But I don’t feel anything in my hand anymore. She takes a chair and sits aside from the table. Careful, then faster with an incredible hunger she starts to tear the flesh from my deep fried fingers. She even continues to my raw arm. After her first hunger is gone she uses the scalpel to separate my arm from my elbow. While she eats the raw meat of my arm she looks into my eyes.
She seems to see that I’m fascinated with this. For several minutes she looks into my eyes. I’m not entirely sure but I think I see some kind of madness in her. After several further minutes she kneels onto the floor and puts her hand into the deep fryer. Shocked I wonder why she does it and why she doesn’t even scream. After a few minutes she puts her hand out of the fryer and holds her hand in front of my face.
She must gone mad. But her hand smells to delicious so I use my remaining teeth to get as much flesh of her fingers as possible. After a minute she also starts to tear her flesh from her hand and even her arm. Suddenly she jumps away from me and starts to look at her hand and then at me. She’s simply watching me for several minutes without moving. Suddenly she uses her remaining hand to lift the deep fryer and to empty it over my breast, stomach and lap.
The pain doesn’t stop anymore and I scream until my voice fails. Without caring she gets a canister of industrial alcohol and a lighter and steps on to the table. Like when making love she squats over my lap and sits upright. A few moments later she achieved to open the canister and starts to pour the content over her head and over my body.
I know that I finally will die. It will be painful and it is not the death I intended. But I’m glad that everything will be over. With the lighter in her hand she looks into my eyes for several minutes. Then she ignites the lighter and I feel how an incredible painful heat goes over my body and into my mouth and lungs. Then I fade away...

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