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This was inspired by one of the Role-Playing threads and meant to be a reply there except :words: happened so it ended up here.

I was on patrol near my village, slightly tense because several of my sisters had gone missing over the previous three days, when I saw what looked like a young adventurer girl kneeling beside a tree, picking some herbs. "Hey, little girl, you shouldn't be out in the Amazon Forest. I'm pretty sure there's someone out here killing off my sisters, and I don't expect he'll spare you just because you're a townie."
The girl stood from where she was kneeling and turned around to face me with a sigh that was slightly deeper than I expected. Now I could see the masculine cast to their face, even though they were small and fairly scrawny-looking, and realized... "I am a guy, you know... ugh, anyway, I've been fighting Amazons, so maybe it's me that you're looking for?"
I licked my lips in anticipation, drawing my spear and shield. "Excellent! I'm looking forward to both avenging my sisters and taking a cute boy like you home as a prize! My name is Helena, warleader of the ███ Amazons, and I challenge you to a duel!"
The boy sighed again and rubbed his cute face before drawing a black longsword, holding it out before him pointed at my chest. "... If you insist. My name is ███, and I will win in the name of ████, goddess of war!"

Hearing that made things a little more difficult, since her followers often had supernatural powers as well, but it also made things more exciting. I leapt at him with my spear, aiming to judge his skill with a lightning-fast first strike that wouldn't be lethal even if he failed to avoid it, and wasn't surprised when he managed to parry it with his longsword and hack at my upper body with almost the same motion. I caught his blade on my shield and pushed forward mightily, throwing him off balance and following up with a kick to the torso that sent him sprawling to the ground prone with a grunt, but before I could continue with my spear, he had already leapt to his feet.

"Ahh... I wasn't expecting to be caught off guard like that. Helena, you said your name was? I guess I have to take this a bit seriously, then."
"Heh, I guess I won't hold back, then. I was hoping to keep you, but if that doesn't work out, maybe I'll just take you right here."
"Ugh, amazons. Well, you are pretty hot for one of them, even if muscles aren't really my thing."

I caught him staring at my groin with that last line, and felt a tiny bit embarassed. I guess he'd noticed how wet I was after our first exchange of blows, but now it was time to finish this. I leapt forward again, thrusting three times in a split second, but his youthful form seemed to melt away from my attacks, flickering into place behind me. I spun just quickly enough to block a powerful thrust aimed at my back with my shield, but had to stagger back a step, and was on the defensive as he followed up with a series of slashes, barely parrying most of them and suffering a shallow gash on my left leg for it. It stung, but it wasn't even going to slow me down, and after four swings he'd hopped away, giving me a second to recover.

"It's time to finish this, then, ███!"

The boy nodded as I prepared to lunge at him again, but before I did, I noticed a strange black 'glow' from his blade, as though it were absorbing the light around it. Charging into an attack from a magic sword, especially an unknown one, is foolish, so when a split second later the young boy shouted a war cry and leapt at me, I decided to block whatever his sword did and stab him on the counterattack. Right before it struck, I noticed that his sword had suddenly grown to being almost twice its proportions, and I reinforced my grip with my spear hand in order to take the impact... and was shocked when it didn't arrive, but a crushing pain in my chest did. Looking down, I saw that his sword had cut through my shield as though it was a leaf, and done the same to my left breast and... all of me, as I was fairly sure it was poking out of my back.

"See? It was time to finish, Helena."

Its magical ability spent, the black sword shrank back down inside of me, letting the boy pull it out easily. Blood poured from my breast and back, and even without the sword there it still felt like a massive pressure was crushing my chest, making it so I could hardly breathe. I staggered backwards and leaned up against a tree that could support me, wheezing. "A... ah..."

The boy, having already sheathed his sword, walked over to me. "You know, even if you thought I was a girl at first, I can't really stay that mad, Helena." His hand brushed across my right breast, then ran gently across my stomach. "At least once you realized, you wanted to treat me as a man rather than dressing me up in a school outfit or something. I mean, not that I want to be an Amazon's husband, but you've only got a few minutes left, so..." he trails off as his hand reaches my most feminine spot, now dripping with excitement. I try to reply, to tell him how much I want him, but it still feels like my chest is being crushed in a vise and I can't get any words out, so I just slide my legs apart to reveal the glistening pink warmth between them. He nods and unfastens his leggings, revealing a dick that's somewhat large considering his small size, but around normal in general, but then frowns and looks at me. "You're still not breathing right... well, it'd probably keep you alive for a bit longer, but if I start, you're just going to pass out from exertion pretty quickly. Here..."

He leans in and kisses me, our tongues intertwining. Now that I can compare it to the boy's somewhat fruity taste, I notice how coppery my own mouth is, and realize that it's probably full of blood. I think that's what he must have been talking about, but then he breaks off the kiss and strikes me hard in the stomach with one hand, sending blood rushing up my throat. "Gahahhhh!" Blood pours from my mouth and nose as I cough and cough, but the crushing pressure seems to fade, replaced by a normal throbbing agony from where I was skewered. "Th- thank you..." I notice that my vision is starting to get fuzzier, and realize that the boy was right about my not having much time.

"Don't thank me, you're bleeding faster now. Just... try to enjoy it." The boy moves his hips forward, sliding his length into me, a rod of pleasure filling my core and driving away the pain. I drape my left arm loosely around him and let gentle moans escape my lips, punctuated occasionally by coughs that spray droplets of blood onto my chest.

"Nn... mm... y-you're good at this..." I concentrate on the young boy's focused smile and the warmth of his dick, trying to push aside how dark and cold everything else seems. "C-clit... please..." He nods and pulls my arm off of his shoulders, pressing my hand to where the two of us are joined, and I stroke my button, pushing it down and against the shaft plunging in and out of me. "Nnf... aah..." I feel the heat of his cock radiating throughout my body, driving away the pain and replacing it with pleasure. "So good..."

"Ufff... you're a tough girl, Helena. You're going to make it." the boy grunts, speeding up his thrusts and rocking his hips slightly with each, sending waves of pleasure crashing through my body.

"A-ah... guh... y-yeah, I'm... I'm...!"
"Ugh... close your eyes and kiss me...?" The boy leans in and I do as he says, letting the pleasure radiating from my groin begin to overwhelm me. I moan into his mouth as my orgasm builds, and feel him reaching up and fondling my breasts again, even the one he ruined with his sword. This close to my climax, even the one near my fatal wound only feels good. His thrusts slow down for a moment and then become incredibly powerful, the first one pushing me to the edge, the second past the point of no return, and the third, accompanied by a rough squeeze of my ruined left breast, pushes me entirely over the edge, and I break off the kiss.

"Comiiin---ggghhhack!" I scream in an orgasm that's cut off as more blood shoots up my throat, splashing all over our chests. Something feels incredibly wrong, as the crushing pain has returned, along with what feels like an emptiness inside me, and my eyes flutter open to look. I see the boy smiling in post-orgasmic joy, and also a small knife stuck deep into the previous sword wound, and then realize that he finished me as I climaxed, puncturing my heart. I try to wrap myself around him to not let him pull away, since the vast emptiness inside me seems to be growing and leaving his cock as the only thing inside my body, but my muscles barely respond. I try to say something to thank him, but blood pours out of my mouth and nose in place of words, and I can't even gasp for breath. I try to lock eyes with him, but everything seems to be spinning and blurry. Only his hardness remains inside me, as I lose control of my muscles and begin twitching weakly - and then, as he pulls out, my last tie to life goes with him.


This is *extremely* good. You should do more in a similar style.

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