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The title of this thread was based on the thread in /3D/. This thread will be stories involving the deaths of little girls twelve and under that are too short to put on my site.

I'll start by posting a longer version of a story I posted in Ultra Short Stories.

"If you want candy, you have to be good," the young brunette said to her kids before she walked into the store.

I peered around the corner of the building. A little girl, most likely seven, with short blonde hair, sat in the front passenger seat twirling a strand of hair with her index finger. In the back, twin boys, no younger than ten, were play fighting. I could see that was two other cars in the parking lot, but they were both empty. So, I decided to act.

I stuffed my hands deep in my pockets, and made sure a candy bar was sticking halfway out of my left pocket, before I emerged from the corner. I walked casually up to the car, and as I approached the car, the kids stopped what they were doing and looked directly at me.

"Hey, little girl, do you want a surprise?" I asked.

The girl and her brothers looked up at me, with a frightened expression on her face. Then I nudged the candy bar in my pocket, and the little girl looked at it for a second, then a smile appeared on her face.

"Sure," she replied.

"Alrighty then, close your eyes," I told her.

She closed her eyes, with the smile grown wider on her face. Her brothers still looked at me with watchful eyes, but I ignored them.

I drew a Glock 17 from my other pocket and placed it against the center of her forehead. The little girl opened her eyes as she felt the cold barrel against her skin, but she did not have time to register the threat. I pulled the trigger and her head went back, with a red dot in the center. The hollow point bullet tore a golf ball-sized hole in the back of her head, and sprayed brain tissue, blood, and bone fragments all over the car.

I returned the gun to my pocket and ran as the two boys in the back screamed and yelled at the top of their lungs. I waited behind my corner for several seconds, until their mother came out of the store. After she let out a frantic, blood-curdling scream, I ran off to hide out before the cops arrived.


nice i like u have any hanging or strangle ones. nice idea about the thread love it


nice i like u have any hanging or strangle ones. nice idea about the thread love it



Not sure about hangings or asphyxiation, yet. I may include one at some point, though most of these will be stabbings and shootings.


I love this little story. I'm looking forward to more.


Paulina, a Thai-American girl who was three days from her thirteenth birthday, took the hall pass from Mrs. Long and headed out the door.

"Don't take too long, Miss Suttikul," Mrs. Long yelled as the door closed behind Paulina.

Paulina walked down the hall, the hall pass dangling from her hand and a river of brown hair flowing down to her waist with her stride, and pushed open the door to the girl's restroom when she reached the end. She entered the bathroom, unaware of the middle-aged man, who's eyes followed her as she walked by, that emerged from a trashcan placed along the wall, several feet away from the restrooms.

The restroom door closed behind her and she walked over to one of the stalls. Paulina closed the stall door and locked it, unaware that she would never leave with her own mobility. As she unbuttoned her blue jeans and shoved them, along with the pink cotton panties underneath, to her ankles, she heard the bathroom door open followed by footsteps entering. The footsteps grew closer and stopped in front of the stalls. Paulina tensed up as she noticed that the footsteps were being made by a pair of size 15 boots—either this was a rather large woman, or a dude walked into the girl's bathroom.

"Uhm... Hello... Are you in the right bathro—"

A series of loud bangs filled the restroom in short bursts, while over a dozen holes appeared in the stall door in front of Paulina, and sent large splitting cracks through the cheap wood it was made from.

A deep grunt escaped Paulina's lips, along with a few thick droplets of blood, then her breathing became a laboured raspy sound, as a crushing agony erupted from her torso and consumed her; six punctures were torn through her blue-checkered button down shirt, and her body—four in her chest and two in her stomach. She tried to scream, but blood filled her wind pipe and esophagus, and flowed out of her mouth like from a faucet. She grabbed her torso and collapsed to the floor, and thrashed in the crimson puddle of her blood.

Her head stuck out under the stall door, and she could see the man who did this; he was a towering man in his thirties or forties, with messy blond hair and a stubby beard. In fear, Paulina watched the man set down an Uzi and draw a Desert Eagle. Her eyes clinched shut, never to open again, as he placed the gun against the side of her temple, just above her eyes.

There was another loud bang, and Paulina's forehead exploded into a paste of brain tissue and skull fragments. Paulina's bowels and bladder emptied onto the floor. The man who killed her grabbed his Uzi and left Paulina's corpse, still twitching, to make sure that she was not the only casualty.

In the confusion of the massacre, Paulina's body was discovered four days later, rotting in a puddle of her own filth and dried-up blood.


That was very well writtin. I like how u even included the part with the bowels being emptied.


Little Emily watched from the bush as his parents pulled out of the driveway, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was not in the back seat. They might realize their mistake and come back, so she needed to work fast. As soon as their vehicle was out of sight, Emily rushed into the house.

Emily opened and closed the door quietly, because her twelve-year-old sister, Suzie, was still there. Because she was older, Suzie was allowed to do things that she wasn't allowed to do because she was the oldest child. Emily planned to change that, so that she would be the oldest child.

She crept through the living room and into the hallway. The door to the first room, Suzie's room, was opened, and light poured from it. Emily walked up to it and peered in. Suzie was undressing, as usual when mom and dad left her by herself. She was facing away from the door, so Emily used the opportunity to walk past the door and to her parent's room.

After she went in, Emily crawled under the bed and pulled out a black safe.

Emily reached into her pants pocket and pulled out the key she stole from her dad. She unlocked the safe and opened it; a Model 629 Smith and Wesson, along with several .44 cartridges, sat in the bottom.

"Tomorrow, I can stay home and sit around naked."

Emily loaded the gun like she saw on a YouTube video and left her parent's room. She walked back down the hall and peered into her sister's room.

Suzie was sitting in her beanbag chair, completely nude, with her phone in her right hand and her left hand rubbing her pussy. She was too engrossed in whatever was on the phone, and didn't notice her little sister cross the threshold into her room. Emily aimed the gun at Suzie's crotch and pulled the trigger.

A fountain of blood erupted as the bullet tore through Suzie's hand and blasted her girlhood put through the bottom of her ass. Suzie started screaming and tossed the phone across the room. She doubled over and rolled off the beanbag, with torrents of blood gushing from her crotch.

Emily walked over to her sister, who looked up with tear-filled eyes.

"Why...?" Suzie grunted.

Emily shrugged. "So I could be the oldest."

She placed the gun against Suzie's forehead and pulled the trigger. Suzie's brown hair flew back majestically as the back of her head exploded into a flurry of blood and chunks of brain.

Emily threw the gun down and went to her own room. She stripped out of her clothes and sat in her bed, rubbing her pussy just as Suzie was doing, until she fell asleep. Hours later she was awoken by her mother's scream coming from the other room.


That is such a sexy story. I love it! Thanks for posting.


I would love to read more like this, though it'd be awesome if only her pussy was wounded at first and they made her suffer a bit~


Love the head destruction and poop hints, keep it up.


Great stories! Congrats!


Pleasure to know that I could inspire you to write these great stories.

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