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Hi there, Literature! Recently I wrote this snuff story for FurAffinity and Inkbunny, but something compelled me to share it here as well. This will mark my first ever post on gurochan, so hopefully things go well.

This story contains furry characters (Namely a Gengar, Eeevee, Cinccino, and Umbreon, all characters from the pokemon franchise), with a main focus on mind-breaking and sluttification. This story also contains snuff, urination on death, a bit of necrophilia, neck snapping, aspyxiation, a bit of cum inflation, and some ahegao.

Pokemon are owned by Game Freak and Nintendo.

Vee the Eevee and the Gengar named Master were named by me.

With tags out of the way, here you go. Enjoy!


The world of Pokemon is vast and ever-growing. Every day, a new pokemon is being discovered or documented. Every day new pokemon trainers leave their hometowns on a search to be the very best, like no one ever was.

But what they don't tell you is the darker side of the story.

Pokemon battles are usually a grand spectacle. Trainers and their Pokemon, and sometimes even those found in the wild calling out moves and screaming with the passion of battle, putting their all into the satisfaction of victory and the hopes of getting stronger. But what if I told you not all pokemon battles need to be fought the way you think they do? What if you could fight a Pokemon battle from miles away, from the comfort of your own home… or someone else’s?

Nothing lasts forever. Even pokemon who have been raised from eggs, by loving, caring trainers aren’t safe. Such was the case for Vee. She was a cute little Eevee, dressed in a neat little ribbon between the ears. She was named for her first word, an adorable little “Vee!” in acknowledgement of her trainer, who she thought she was. Her trainer was a cute little six-year-old girl in desperate want for a pet pokemon for companionship, a lonely girl with few friends and no pokemon. Her name was Miki.

Miki and Vee went everywhere together. They rolled around in the grass together, they took naps together, they grew up in their own little worlds while the other humans and their pokemon did serious things like… training or battles. Some of the kids at school would taunt Miki, calling her “free experience” or “de-vee-ted”, along with the typical ‘loser’ and stuff. Stupid stuff that she paid no mind to. She wouldn’t tell anyone about this, because she didn’t need to. Seeing her little pet’s smile was all she needed, those bruises from “accidental” Sandslash scratches meant nothing to her.

To her parents, though? Bullying was a severe problem, and no parent wants to see their child suffer. They decided to move out of the big city of Castelia, where you either grew up fast with your pokemon or you got picked on, and moved to the quieter city of Canalave in the Sinnoh region. It had an ocean breeze and was like, 5 minutes away from Jublife, the most modernized city in all of Sinnoh. Miki said she’d miss her “friends”, but the decision had already been made, and bags were packed.

Years passed in Sinnoh without a hitch. Miki learned that pokemon do this neat thing called “evolving” when you love them enough. Vee had matured into adulthood by then, a proud-looking big girl who was already capable of bringing home dead farfetch’d and Ducklett for the family to eat… Even if they had fresh food that was much better. That didn’t stop Miki from wanting to cook everything Vee brought home, much to the chagrin of her parents. But, childhood was filled with innocence, so they consented to it.

Vee was great and all looking like a fox, but one fateful day, on the news, there was a story about a burgular who snagged pokemon, and he had with him the prettiest little twin-tailed cat. Vee immediately ran up to the TV and pawed at it, chirping out cute little “Vee-vee! Vee!”s. It seemed to want that cat, and Miki knew why.

“That’s what you want to be when you grow up, isn’t it?”


Miki ran into the kitchen and grabbed her mother’s dress. “Mama, Mama! Come quick! We want to be this!” She shouted, dragging her mother and pointing to the television. Her mother was appalled.

“I am not raising you to be a criminal, young lady.” Her mother reprimanded.

“But- But, the kitty-” Miki tried to respond.

“The only ‘But’ I want to see is yours, marching up to your room. You’re watching too much bad television tonight, anyways.” Her mother continued, holding a dirty ladle. The ladle usually meant spankings, and that meant Miki’d better listen. She took Vee and punched the TV screen, which did much of nothing because it’s bolted into the wall, then grabbed Vee around the waist and headed straight up to bed while the confused fox reached back for the TV to look at the pretty Espeon some more. But then, feeling the salty tears streaming down her face, she realized her owner was more important and needed some serious cuddles.

It felt like making this human happy was this Eevee’s true calling in life… They fell asleep together wrapped around each other like they always did, blissfully unaware that tonight was the night everything changed. In the middle of the night, a shadow blacker than the midnight around them crept into the room. It snuck its way into Miki’s bed, and over her leg, causing the little girl to shudder. Its true target was the sleeping fox nestled up in its own fur, braced against the cold night.

Vee always had active dreams. Usually about being a world class fighter and wearing the champion’s badge on her fur somewhere. Sometimes she dreamed she could fly. Tonight she dreamed she was an espeon. She was winning a beauty pageant because Espeon was the most beautiful Pokemon any human had ever seen. The judges were circling her all around in a tight space, throwing flowers and candy at her, and never far away was Miki. In this dream, Miki then began to run up and cuddle the Eevee, but something was immediately off about it.

In this dream, Miki grabs Vee from behind, the normally warm embrace feeling bitter cold. Colder than an ice pokemon’s attack. Vee began to shiver, her teeth chattering, and slowly turned her head to see her fur becoming all black, running up her midsection and to her head. She tried to run from it, but the darkness overtook her whole body, and her ears changed, and there were these weird gray lines across her body. She didn’t feel pretty anymore.

Vee tried to run from whatever this was, but black shadow ropes pulled her to the floor, then forcefully spread her legs apart. Vee squealed out in protest, kicking her legs out in real life, trying to tell whatever this was that only Miki was allowed to touch her there, during baths! Suddenly, something warm slithered up her legs and against her slit, and she gasped, went stiff. There were these two eyes in the ground looking up at her, freezing her in place with a hypnotic glare. She was being attacked in her sleep and could do nothing about it!

Those two shadow eyes slowly closed, and the presence lapping at her pussy felt like a warm tongue, the only warmth in this blackness. It pressed its way inside her and she gasped again, seeing the breath come out of her lips and sink into the ground. In front of her, the shadows seemed to take form and heat up, glowing yellow and then red, in the shape of that thing boy Vees had between their legs. Only, this one was big enough to probably reach all the way through her!

Vee felt herself tilt forwards towards it, it was so warm to touch. She didn't want to be cold anymore, she could die. She just wanted to live now, forgetting about Miki, who had abandoned her here. She kissed the wet tip of the phallus presented before her, and the more she complied, the more she felt like something hot behind her was pressing up against her pussy. She started using what little movements she could to grind up against this thing, her tongue wrapping around the shaft in front of her.

She opened just widely enough for it to suddenly thrust up like a spear inside her mouth, and after a severe gagging and coughing fit, she just… accepted it. She bobbed her head back and forth, up and down, moaning softly as she tried to breathe around the growing bulge in her throat. Her front paws were freed, but she didn't fight it any more, she just grasped around the base of the shaft and pulled it up so more warmth could fit in her belly. A large bulge travelled up the shaft, and a hot, sticky liquid shot into her mouth so fast and so thick, it made her cheeks puff out, and she couldn't contain it all. She started swallowing as fast as she could, before her meal got cold.

Then… Vee started sucking harder. If just that little effort could provide her with a warm meal, what if she really tried hard? She began to glow a gentle blue at both ends, her paws sliding back and forth along the shaft, moaning and looking down at the eyes in the floor, quietly asking if she was pleasing her master. She was making loud smacks and slurps, focusing more on bobbing her head up and down to wrap that dick in her warm mouth than anything.

The eyes this member belonged to were staring blissfully back at her, quavering in their sockets, a sign that she was being a good little pet. She entirely forgot about the presence behind her, who suddenly pressed forward hard enough to lift Vee’s hind legs off the ground entirely. It hurt when he did this, and Vee squirmed a bit, lifting her mouth off the cock before her and absentmindedly rubbing it up and down with her paws to see exactly what's going on behind her… or rather, inside her.

However, something mesmerizing caught her eye instead. It was her. That same Eevee, but without the black skin or long ears. She was staring at a reflection of herself in the dream, the reflection staring right back, but with hearts for eyes. Vee felt like she was outside of her own body, until it started moving, surprisingly. Two more cocks presented themselves to this other Vee, and her paws rose up, stroking them off over her head. She began moaning loudly, her head turning back to deepthroat the huge member formerly rested just above her head, and when she went completely down on it, her chest stopped moving. She went limp, the only reason she was rocking back and forth was because these four cocks began harshly pounding her ass, pussy, and mouth.

As soon as the two cocks bracing up her paws moved, those fluffy pads dropped to her sides and began limply swinging back and forth like a doll being held upright at both ends. The real Vee began screaming at herself to stop, to breathe, to do something! Go back to Miki!

“V-vee…! Eevee!” she shouted. The clone of herself didn't respond, just made these wet squishing noises. Its cheeks were turning a bit of blue, as was its tongue, which had been forcibly pushed out of her mouth to fit the two cocks alternating their piston-like thrusts in and out of her throat. The real Vee was watching herself dying, calling out to make it stop… then her calls got weaker and weaker.

“Vee! Eevee- Ee-.... Vee….?” Her paws began to move on their own. She started stroking the cock in front of her again, and with every time her cool paw pushed upwards, a stream of that hot milky liquid coated her black fur. She shuddered a little, but liked it. She was beginning to like watching herself die. It made her crotch even warmer than it ever had been. Instead of waiting for the darkness behind her to fuck her, she started pushing her own lush hips back into that warm cock. More of the hot milk rushed into her womb. Was it… a reward? She pushed faster, lifted her hind legs up to try and grab whatever this was. She found purchase around the thighs of a round, purple pokemon.

A Gengar calling itself ‘Master’.

It seemed lost in bliss, and gave an evil cackle as it started humping the broken Eevee. The real Vee was too lost in her own thoughts, blankly staring at the show her mirror self was putting on for her. It felt so real, so good, so warm. Even her tail began to wag, wrapping itself around the Gengar and trying to pull it deeper against her cervix, the warmth heating up her belly just as it was in the mirror.

Something told Vee to touch her reflection. Her mind was becoming blank by now, her only thoughts being ‘when do I get another reward? I'm cold.’ and ‘I hope I am pleasing Master.’ But somewhere in that lust-addled mind, came a desire to touch this purplish sex doll being fucked from all ends. To… become like her. There was a sudden cold wind that blew over Vee’s paw, and it felt as if her soul got sucked out into the coldness for just a second, and then planted inside this mirror world.

Suddenly, Vee was placed in another body, and the first things she felt was the overwhelming warmth of being filled with four separate cocks, all of which pumped semen into her at regular intervals. Her belly was full and sloshing with so many rewards. She looked pregnant, probably was. She was staring into the furry crotch of the owner of these four dicks, likely all belonging to Master.

Then, the pain began. This mirror Vee hadn't been breathing at all for minutes. Instinct told her to breathe again, sending pins and needles running down all of her four limbs. She tried to, but she was only inhaling more cocks. Her efforts rewarded with her more semen, as Master was getting off on choking the life out of her. She reached up with her blue tongue and slapped it against the two cocks, her eyes tearing up. Anything for air… her legs kicked out and convulsed, all feeling in them gone. There were dark spots in her eyes, then flashing lights.

Her mind was starting to go blank, and she couldn't feel her struggles slowing to a placid stop. She saw another hot wave of rewards coursing through the bulges in her throat, once again over-filling her belly, and that cold sucking came to her again. The last thing she saw was her own corpse staring glassy-eyed at the cocks penetrating it, glowing white semen pouring from her holes and splashing out around those cocks. It was so arousing to her spirit. She didn't even want to go back if it meant she could watch herself being turned into a sex doll for Master for eternity.

That was just her mirror body. Her real body was stuck staring at her other self, being fucked in the asshole now by this Gengar controlling the fantasy. Master wasn't looking at her, too busy plowing this new cum-filled slave he'd made. Her head was lazily bumping into the cock in front of her face, a frozen stare and smile on her face. Suddenly, the body tenses up, Vee gets an electric shock through her soul. It seems her body and spirit are still connected, and she just had a mind-shattering orgasm. She brought her paws between her legs to try and control this pleasure, but another shock sent her soul screaming. It came in waves, and was the biggest orgasm any female Eevee had ever felt to date. By the time it was half over, she couldn't feel her legs any more. Or any part of her body. Just a small ocean of pleasure, all to herself, and all she had to do was submit. Kill that dumb Eevee and become his Umbreon.

There was a light moving left to right above the Eevee’s head. It scared Master, but Vee was too lost in insensate bliss to move anything but her eyes to look at it. She even forgot she was dreaming, this all felt too real. But that light was her waking up in a hospital. There was a funny pump in her throat, and she started absentmindedly sucking on the cold plastic before her brain functions returned to the fluffy fox. She looked around, and no-one was there, except a small shadow that retreated out under the hospital walls.

Vee made muffled cries and reached for it, but her movement alerted the doctors to her waking and several nurses in pink rushed into the room. They spoke in human tongues about how they were worried. That Vee would never wake up. That this is something no doctor had ever seen, save in myths. Vee looked at a calendar on the wall. She didn't know how to read human language, but she knew the month they were in began with an F. She reached for the calendar, whose month currently displayed an A, and the doctors all shut up and looked at her worriedly.

“It's okay. You've been asleep… for a long time. Two months. No-one believed you would wake up. Now we can contact your family and you can go home! You'll be fine…”

Vee looked at the doctors confused. Home? Where was… home? She only knew Master. But she couldn't move, so she was at the doctors’ mercy for now. She lay her head back down, her eyes getting heavier by the second. All this thinking… maybe if she went to sleep she could see him again. Maybe he would reward her with warmth for coming back. He was her home now.

Another week passed with no sign of her Gengar Master. Vee tried to sleep all hours of the day just to see him, but he never came around and the doctors needed to do their tests, so they'd keep waking her up until they got what they wanted.

The doctors suspected a pokemon’s interference, because this Eevee was in top physical condition outside of her dream state. They released her just as soon as her tests were done, and she walked herself out into the lobby of the hospital, even after being bedridden for two months. Even in the hallways, Vee made shrill little cries, There was a little girl and her mother waiting there, and Vee just walked right past them. They did seem to know who she was, though. The little girl wrapped her arms around Vee and called to her.

“Vee? Vee! It's me, Miki! I was so worried! W-why are you moving so much? Vee?”

Vee didn't know this girl. She wanted her Master. She missed his rewards. She was so empty without him. She kicked the girl in the face and scurried off, bumping into the automatic doors. She tried to leave quickly, but the girl began crying. Vee didn't know what to do, so she just left her there, going off to try and find where her true home was.

Vee spent a night in the forest cold and alone, wanting more than anything else to have her master fill her again. She started to pass the time curling up against a tree, looking left and right to see if anyone saw her. She moved her tail aside and closed her eyes, her paw rotating gently between her legs. She took that same fluffy tail and wrapped it around her own throat as tightly as she could, trying her best to recreate the breathlessness she felt.

Vee kept tightening until she started lifting her butt backwards just to get it tighter, so she made do with this for now, pawing herself between her thighs. She shivered and went faster, deeper, pushing her whole paw between her folds and digging gently at her soft inner walls. She gasped for air, loosening her tail strangle and then tightening it again, a small ringing in her ears signalling she was close to something.

With a strangled, wet gurgle and a loud cry, Vee came hard, her juices wetting the tree roots she was grinding her clit against. She became dizzy and fell over mid-orgasm, right at the feet of a fluffy female Cinccino that woke up from the noise. She absentmindedly questioned what the asphyxiated Eevee was doing making a mess in her forest, her ribbons wrapping around the tree and between Vee’s thighs to clean up the mess.

This unfamiliar touch flipped a switch in Vee. No one was allowed to touch her there except her Master. She immediately pounced the unaware chinchilla, who began squeaking in protest. Vee’s paws grew darker and darker, as the sun set around them. She straddled the cinccino’s chest, grabbing her ribbons and using them as a garrotte, a hungry look in her eyes. The chinchilla rolled in the dirt, making strangled pleas for help. Vee begins dirty-talking the girl she’s snuffing, moaning and grinding her slit against Cincinno’s thighs.

Here's a rough translation of their conversation:

“You are not the Master. I am… I will show you what pleasure he showed me. Then he will return and I will serve!” Vee said, with murderous intent.

“You… Aghk- Trainer…? Help…! Ha-aacklb…! Aaaa-” The ribbons tighten.

Vee ties them around the roots of the tree she was masturbating against and presses her hind paws to the back of the Cinccino’s head. The suffocating chinchilla begins thrashing around in her bondage, trying to pull the ribbons off with her front paws, but Vee would give her swift kicks to the back of the head every time she tried.

“You must serve Master… or no rewards! Serve Master, and be warm…” Vee commanded.

The Cinccino didn't see any other way out of this, wrapping a third ribbon around Vee’s leg and tapping it helplessly, repeatedly. Her face went from white to red, and then dark red… and then a blue. Her neck was bleeding, dripping onto the floor from the sheer cutting tightness. That didn't stop Vee from pushing her legs even further forwards, the ribbons cutting deep into this poor girl’s throat. The kicks turned into weak twitches. The Cinccino’s tongue forces its way through her teeth. Her paws become too weak from lack of circulation and fall limp at her sides, only rising from the ground in her death throes.

Eyes watch from the forests’ corners, but no one steps forward lest they be next. A pair of them in particular approach with no footsteps. Vee didn't even notice, too busy rubbing her clit to a second orgasm, until a pair of purple feet forcefully kick open the legs of the dying chinchilla and kneel between them, a large, meaty, physical cock at least 6 inches in length pressed up against its pussy. An impressive size for a pokemon just under 5 feet tall.

“Master…? Master! I give this to you. Reward Vee?” Vee began chirping in incoherent sentence fragments, seeming shy and flustered.

She stared at his cock as it plunged itself in the Cinccino, who made a gargle, a gasp, then a last drooling sigh, falling out of consciousness. Her head slumped forwards in the ropes, a line of drool and froth dripping down her chest and between her breasts.

“You're that tasty Eevee. Dinner for us?” The Gengar replied, lifting the Cinccino’s legs off the ground. She kicked at him involuntarily, her holes twitching around his invading cock.

He started pumping his hips in and out, back and forth. His cock stuck itself through the Cinccino because he was a ghost type, and he was effectively plowing her stomach. This made no noise except for a couple of wet squishing sounds as her intestines became a sex toy for this Gengar, her pussy and cervix widening around his length.

He reaches slowly forward and presses a glowing pink palm on her forehead, and instantly her struggles cease and she appears relaxed. Her eyes begin to glow, and her otherwise limp paws begin to flail between her legs in an effort to play with herself in her final moments. As long as she was unconscious, she could be mind-broken by this Dream Eater attack. Within seconds, the Cinccino’s back arches upwards, her eyes shoot open, and she sprays the Gengar with her own juices.

“Oh, Master. I've searched for you for so long. Please give me a reward! That warmth… I've needed it since I woke up!” Vee commanded, throwing her own head back. She kept pawing at her wet cunt, squirting her lust over top of the Cinccino’s head and tongue. She pushed forward with her legs again, and in that same moment, her Master grabbed the Cinccino’s head and pulled it so far forward, a small pop and then a loud crack could be heard. The dead chinchilla’s body shuddered, all the latent energy in it flowing into one last buck of her hips, before her head drooped down far enough for her protruding tongue to lick her own chest.

“Now, I will taste your dreams.” Master commanded.

Vee gasped, still coming down from her orgasmic high, but she immediately responded. This was her first impression meeting her Master, she couldn't screw it up. She sat upright and stood, walking atop the head of the dead girl and pressing down on her stomach as she did. A spray of clear liquid was forced out of her pussy, which turned to a gentle dribble between her legs soon enough.

Vee immediately bent her head over with submissive passion, spread the Cinccino’s slit, and started lapping up that salty death urine, wiggling her blackened tail and lifting it up to the sky. She offered herself to her master, able to taste him and his semen on this dead slut’s pussy. Her reward. Her treat. She'd lick for days if only to receive that taste, prolong her pleasure.

Master steps forward, pressing his dripping member to her slit, and pushes inside with great ease. Vee squeals and presses her face into the corpse’s pussy, her eyes rolling in her skull with pleasure. She grasped the corpse’s thighs as a brace, still licking and taking in that mixed musk while its eyes stared right back at her. Suddenly, she was pushed forward again by the warmth invading her, and then just before she could take a breath, she got pushed in again. Every thrust was shoving this little Eevee forwards, pressing warmth into both her pussy and her bowels. She made muffled moans, called her master’s name, and even reached a paw back to spread her ass cheeks just so he could get a good view of her hole.

Gengar was unsure what she was doing, so he reared back and cloaked his fist in shadows. He leaned forward with a battle cry, then launched a fierce Shadow Punch through her asshole, fisting Vee. She could feel his fist enter her, but not his arm stretching her out. She didn't dare look back, though, just kept spreading herself and begging for more.

“M-master… Warmth… I need it… breed Vee… I- I need… ah- aaa-ii… ha! Mmm!” Vee began, before Master had enough of her whining.

He shoved her face against the hung corpse’s cunt, pushed her muzzle so close to Cinccino’s asshole that she couldn't breathe in any air, just the fresh smell of a rather clean corpse. Vee didn't struggle at all. Master was here, and he would reward her if she didn't struggle. This Gengar stared at this Eevee he was in the middle of fucking with amazement, he didn't think she could have been broken so easily. He kept going until she began to slump downwards, making little snorts and snoring sounds as her body subconsciously fought for air. He fucked harder, wrapping his other arm around her throat and pushing her deeper, before his orgasm hit him.

In this blissfully unaware state, he became intangible and started phasing through Vee, his cum spraying across her insides. He began literally feeding her his cum before he realized he was throat fucking her the wrong way, his ghostly form standing in her lungs. She began to dribble semen out of her limply hung open lips, but through some quick thinking, Gengar closed them tight with both hands, then pulled Vee’s head up so she would swallow it.

The male Gengar known only as ‘Master’ stepped back and pressed his hands on Vee’s unconscious temples, and they began to glow. He entered her dream, prepared to eat it and leave her insensate, soulless body for dead in the forest, but what he saw inside her broken mind baffled him. Vee was inside grinding up against what she thought her master was, a giant purple intimidating form that cackled as it thrust its hips against hers in giant slams. She was choking out that Cinccino from earlier as she did this. Gengar walked over in front of her and grabbed the Cinccino’s from behind her, sitting down and placing her head in his lap while she made the same dying gurgles. Vee looked up at her master and smiled, her face blue as well.

“I… I'm a good Vee… May I please…- ah! Please have a tasty reward…?” She begged, her tail wagging at just the sight of him.

Vee began to glow brilliantly, the light of evolution. It hurt Gengar, but he decided he wanted to see this. Usually, pokemon evolution was rare unless conditioned through trainers or through age. But now… Master was her trainer. She saw him with the same adoration and respect she saw M-...Master…? No. No, before that. The glow begins to diminish in brightness. This panics the Gengar, who reaches down and grabs the choked out Cinccino’s head, and spears his intangible cock through her throat and into the glowing Vee’s mouth.

Immediately she recognizes the taste, and her evolutionary light returns. Yes. ‘before’ doesn't matter. Master is all that matters. Vee slowly sinks her head down until she's kissing the foaming, frothy mouth of her victim, and she begins making out with the corpse in her dream, their tongues dancing around that perfect, mind-breaking cock.

Master grabs his Vee, through the light, and holds her head down so he can hump her face for just a few more seconds, not realizing that by that time, thick, hot ropes of seed were being coaxed out into Vee’s mouth by the tightness of the closed throat that was currently giving out one last, dying sigh before its body relaxed under the two of them, combined with the adorable suckling the murderous Eevee was doing to try and please him.

What?! Your Vee is evolving!

Congratulations! Your Vee has evolved into Umbreon!

6 months later

Miki had built a small shrine in her room to honor the now missing and presumed dead Vee. Her first and only pokemon. She tried to go to the police, but there was nothing they could do. It wasn't stolen, just ‘released’. It seemed for the longest time like no-one would help. She even went into the forest alone at nights to find the missing pet, asking the wild pokemon for help. About two days after the Eevee went missing, she found large patches of its fur strapped to the corpse of a Cinccino in the forest.

Miki thought it was asleep until she got a closer look. But, nobody sleeps with their head touching their chest. She was too young to put the pieces together before she jumped back with shock. She did keep the fur, though. She knew Vee’s shedding when she saw it. Unfortunately, from then on, all the shed fur in the area was black. Miki just believed that Vee had been kidnapped by some black-furred pokemon and that was it.

But six months had passed, and Miki was going to go take her weekly trip into the forest to pay her respects. It was late at night, just after dinner. Her mother warned her not to stay out too late, lest the ghosts in the forest get her. It was a silly tale anyways. On her way, she bumped into a very tall, pretty lady in a lab coat walking alongside Professor Rowan. She fell over and then just ended up staring at the mysterious woman while on the ground.

“Ooh, excuse me! My name is Professor Juniper. I'm traveling all around the world to study Pokemon. And who might you be, little adventurer?” The tall woman asked.

“I-I'm Miki. My Vee ran away… so I go into that forest to try and find her!” Miki responded, trying to hide her sadness in front of the nice lady. She stood up and kept her head down, trying not to cry.

“Well, that's terrible! But a young girl like you shouldn't be heading out into those tall grasses without a Pokemon of your own. Tell you what. We’ll go looking for your Vee together.” The professor said, taking Miki by the hand. Professor Rowan seemed annoyed by yet another sidetrack to their research, but he let it go. He had a soft spot for children who loved their pokemon.

Minutes passed walking through the tall grass, and Miki showed the professor where she found the body of the Cinccino that night. It was long gone by now, taken as food by a Liepard a long time ago. But that black fur still remained, and there were some signs of a battle that remained. Juniper observed the black fur, then immediately began a call with Professor Rowan.

“Rowan? Yes, it’s me. I think we have a rare study on our hands. Yes. ...Natural evolution.” She said, a smirk on her face. She ended the call and bent down to look at Miki.

“I think I know where your Vee went. Here, take this and look around the forest. Push this button every minute or two. If you get in trouble, push this button and I’ll come running.”

Professor Juniper hands Miki a pokedex with the entry set to Umbreon and points to the cry imitation feature on the pokedex. Umbreon can see in the darkest of night, so if Vee was watching, she would know to hide. Miki nods and leaves off on her own, tapping the button. She went about 10 feet away before turning to the professor and looking between the screen and the lady.

“Miss Juniper? My Vee doesn’t look anything like this! She’s brown, and fluffy, and isn’t a dog…” Miki queried, her head tilted to the side. An ominous wind blew through the forest in response to the cries.

“Trust me. You wanna find her, don’t you?” Juniper replied. It wasn’t uncommon for Pokemon professors to send children off to do field work, and umbreon are not dangerous unless provoked. Usually. Miki continued, the promise of finding Vee too great to pass up. Minutes passed with nothing but that weird, intensifying ominous wind passing through and blowing her dress all over the place.

Then, a response. A quiet “Brie!” far off in the distance responding to the call. Miki played the umbreon cry again. It sounded just like that. The response came back louder this time, until Miki was face to face with a pair of steel blue eyes coming out of a brush.

“Vee…? Vee, is that you…?” Miki asked, her breath shaky. Her whole body was shaky. She bent down in front of the umbreon and reached slowly out to touch it. It didn’t move. She shone her light on the brush it was half-concealed in, the moonlight and the pokedex light coming together to give her fur a beautiful blue glow.

Just before Miki could touch her former pet, its shadow rose up from the ground, threatened by the light, and stood between Vee and Miki. Vee immediately lowered her head to the floor and twisted around onto her back, crawling backwards between its legs and opening her mouth to lick at its crotch as it took shape. This Gengar cackled and started raising and lowering its hips, thrusting its genitals into Vee’s throat just to mock this girl. Miki and Vee stared into each others’ eyes for seconds until this Gengar’s balls dropped over them. They began to glow, and then roll back into her head. Her entire body shuddered with pleasure, her legs falling over top of her breasts as she was forced to sleep by her Master.

Gengar began to stare at Miki now that Vee was unconscious. The girl stepped back, frightened by the glaring eyes that were glowing brighter than the pokedex in her hands. She tried to push the button and call for help, but the piece of plastic began swirling in her hands. Her eyes started to droop. Gengar was warping all over the place, one second his cock was sliding across Vee’s unconscious muzzle, the next it was squirting this milky white liquid over her belly, and the next it was between her legs slamming their hips together.

Miki dropped the dex and fell onto her bottom, wondering why. Why was it doing this to Vee? Why did she just let him? Didn't she love her owner? Her eyes blinked one last time and she fell asleep.

When Miki awoke, she was stood in a large black featureless void on all fours. She tried to stand on her two legs, but they weren't ‘her’ legs anymore. She was in the body of a furry brown fox. She was in Vee’s body. This new Umbreon was there too, pacified, looking as if she belonged where she was. She was moaning loudly, her hips slamming up against her Master’s repeatedly. The Gengar turns to Miki and speaks.

“Look. That's your old owner. I'm breeding you in front of your master. What do you think?” Master asked, turning her head slightly to face them and not the floor.

“Only… ah… ah- one… one Master… y-you… you're master… reward Vee…” The broken girl moans. She starts pushing her full hips back further, barking like the true feral dog she was. Anything for a treat.

“Vee?” Miki called. That cry fell on deaf ears.

“What should we do with your old Master, slut? Breed her until she's just as broken as you?” The Gengar questioned, a sick smile over his face that widened by the second.

“Only Vee… Only Vee for- ah! For fucking Master… Only Vee… pleasures Master…!” Vee responded. It seemed to catch the Gengar off guard. He grabbed Vee’s ears from behind and pulled her head up to look directly at Miki.

Vee was an absolute mess. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and she made gasping breaths if any at all. Her eyes were barely visible under her eyelids, and they shook and dilated with each thrust this Gengar calling itself Master gave to Vee. It was sliding some pink rod in and out of her from the dripping hole between her thighs. Every hit made Vee quiver and buckle, as if it was taking all her conscious energy just to stand there and have his cock ram into her sensitive cunt.

Because her answer aroused him so, he decided to reward her. He wrapped his arm around her throat, an act that made her shiver and squirt all over his crotch just by itself, and then with several harsh, loud slaps, he pushed their hips together and locked them there, that white creamy liquid dripping down out of her. Vee howled and moaned, collapsing to the ground and tensing up once, then relaxing, only to tense up again as another electric shock wave of pleasure wracked her brain.

Miki had, not of her own free will, moved closer. She was so mesmerized by this interaction that she couldn't look away, even if it disgusted her that her pet was being turned into whatever this… toy drooling on the ground was. She reached over to touch Vee, but in an instant the Umbreon’s tail whipped around, smacking Miki’s paw away, and her head moves to where her tailhole was, sucking clean her Master’s cock so that she may be used again to pleasure him. All was to pleasure him. That tail began wagging back and forth gleefully in preparation for another round of pounding.

“So, my Vee, what should we do with this human? We cannot keep her, isn't that right?” The Gengar spoke.

“How come I can understand you…? Aren't you a Pokemon?” Miki asked, frightened by the purple monster now towering over her. It turns to face her.

“This is a dream, little human. All sorts of things may occur in dreams. I can have a cock filled with treats for my little plaything, and she can spend her days and nights bent over ready to be filled and bred. Isn't that right, Vee?”

“Y-yesssh! Yush… Vee is Masshterssh…” She began, slurring her words as cum dribbled off her tongue.

Another blast shot into her face, and she pushed her entire body forwards so his next shot could coat the inside of her throat properly. Once she'd swallowed almost all of it, she pulled back to speak properly, even if she was drunk on her master’s semen.

“Vee wantsh.. want- ...Mastersshuh cawk… breeds Vee here… see?” Vee sat down and spread her legs to show Miki the dripping wet, used hole that her pussy had become. It was plastered with semen and smelled like it too. Miki stared for a second before Vee clamped her legs closed.

“Only Vee! You… Y-you human…? Like Vee?” She continued, looking dizzy, but somehow able to keep focus on Miki.

“Yes, Vee! Don't you remember? We used to do everything together… I love you! Come home, please…”

“Vee Ish home… homesh… Master’s cawk… here…” Vee seems scared, threatened.

She never had to have the burden of thinking this much. She wanted to be Master’s toy again. She nuzzled his balls from underneath, taking in their musk and pressing her nose into them. Her nose then slipped through, the Gengar becoming intangible. As if participating in a well coreographed dance, Vee immediately rose her head up and opened her maw wide, the tip of the cock sticking out of her maw.

The throbbing cock then became tangible again, and Vee wrapped her tongue around it, closing her maw to suck on it like a lollipop. It thrust into her cheeks from behind, that deliciously salty taste on the tip of her tongue and the tip of his cock. It was enough to make her shudder.

“I think you've seen enough, human. I own your Vee now. Well, my Vee. If you ever want to see her again, leave some food at the edge of the forest just before the sun sets… and no funny business! I own her, remember. I can do whateeever I like to my fucktoy’s body. All she cares about is that I breed her, isn't that right, Vee?”

The umbreon attached to his cock starts lapping at his balls from the inside, enjoying the feeling of getting her esophagus teabagged, the sucking pop it makes when he pulls forward only to get it lodged in her throat again. She tried to answer, but she was left too breathless to do so. She just bobbed her head back and forth, giving the disembodied penis a reverse blow job and occasionally opening her maw to show Miki the cock she couldn't have.

“If I say so… You could never… see your Vee… AGAIN!”

The Gengar cackled, reaching down and placing his hands on Vee’s cheeks. At his final word, he viciously twisted her neck until Vee’s head was upside down, and her body collapsed immediately, only held up by the cock she was still sucking. Her head realigned itself quickly, but the damage had been done. She slowly slid forward off that cock, her jaw starting to hang open as a cum shot sprayed out of it, most of it catching the roof of her slackened mouth, but some landing at Miki’s paw. She backed away with a terrified look on her face as Vee’s broken body slumped to the floor, shivering in one last dying orgasm. Her eyes were staring unblinking at Miki, her eyelids drooping over them somewhat as they fell back into place from gravity. Miki felt as if this was all real. But then… she got pulled back into her own body forcefully. She woke up with a start and crawled over to Vee’s sleeping body, cuddling her face until she slowly woke up.

Immediately upon waking, Vee backed away and pressed up against her Master. Miki looked at the Gengar, defeated once again. She was just as weak as when she was being bullied, but this time, she might lose that smile. That… broken smile.

“If I give you food… you'll keep her safe, mister Master…?” Miki asked. The Gengar cackled in response.

“And if I don't…?” Miki asked, even weaker. Almost a hushed whisper. The cackling stopped, and the Gengar wraps his arms around Vee’s neck. She doesn't resist or fight, she just seems to accept that at any moment she could be turned into nothing more than a fuckable corpse for this pokemon.

“I... I understand… I'll see you soon, Vee…!” Miki whimpered behind cheeks flush with tears, reaching out and petting her pet. Their pet. Vee stands there where she's happiest, allows Gengar to sink into her shadow again, and backs away slowly into the night.

Every day after that, a bowl of fish and chicken was left at a small shrine to Vee outside the forest, and every morning it would disappear. Sometimes Miki would catch Vee taking the food, and they would play together. Sometimes they would play until the moon left the sky, but Miki was a child who needed sleep. Sometimes, Gengar would intervene and force the two of them to sleep, only for Miki to wake up and realize playtime was now over.

They grew up together, just not in the way you'd expect. Miki’s mother tried to give her a new pet, but she only wanted Vee. Even if this broken one was the only one she'd ever get.


vees death was super hot


God, this is hot as hell! I wish there was more like this out there~

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