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Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary is a collection of stories surrounding the mortician Mort Momento and looking through the many corpses that head his way, figuring out their means of death, carrying out their terms for a funeral, and having some fun along the way.

This first entry is more of a pilot story. I had written it a long while ago (like a couple of years now) and I'm just now deciding to publish it here. If you have any ideas for future entries, please suggest them in this format:

Name: (this would be a character from MLP. It might branch out to other series, but for now, it's MLP. If your suggestion is an OC, please link to their appearence)
Cause of Death: (how did they die and how were they found at the crime scene?)
Death Outfit: (how were they dressed when they were processed by CSI?)
Funeral Arrangements: (what, if anything, have they requested happen to them for their funeral?)

Without further to do, let's begin!

Bittersweet (Pinkie Pie, 2nd person)

9:13 PM. That was the time they called it according to the note attached to the body bag of one Pinkamena Diane Pie. You were just a hapless mortician that was assigned to analyzing the body. You look at some of the notes attached to it, like how she was aged at 23 by the time of her death and that she died of cardiac arrest. You unzip the bag and by God was she gorgeous. Her eyelids were naturally closed and her face gave off a natural, peaceful look.

Her hair was long, curly to the point of it being fluffy like cotton candy and in a bright hot pink color. You continue to unzip the bag. She wore a pink sweatshirt and black track pants. Her body was a bit on the chubby side, but not to the extent of her being morbidly obese. You notice that CSI team have prepped her body for examination with the bagged hands and the fact that one of her feet are missing a sock. You take the body out of the bag and carry her to the metal tray that you prepared for her. Rigor mortis seemed to have passed for her as you notice the way her body limped as you carried her.

You sneak a grab at her butt as you lay her down and judging from that feel alone, you figure out what’s the first thing to be taken off. You take off the other sock and put it to the side. You observed both feet as you lift up Diane’s legs and worked your way to the waist. Tugging the pants down, you managed to pull down both her pants and panties down. The last tug to take them off was hard, so you turn and struggled. Her corpse flopped to its side as you pull them down. You pulled her down too, as you noticed her soles inching close to your dick.

You pull down your pants slightly and let your penis touch her soft feet for a moment. After that, you pulled them back up and go observe her body. You look at her smooth ass as it lined up with pink sweatshirt. The curves of her butt looked adorable. You take a squeeze on one cheek before squeezing the other. You pull down your pants, lower the tray, and mount Diane. You align your dick within the part where the two cheeks met the legs and plopped it there. You felt the coldness of the corpse, but can also feel your penis surrounded by soft, silk-like skin. You rub your penis in between her legs for a while, a few times your dick edged to her vagina, until finally you cum over her butt. Nothing that a quick wipe from a kleenex wouldn’t fix.

The time for more sex had to wait. You’re assigned to study the corpse, not fuck it after all. You flop Pinkamena over and try not to gaze at her vagina for fear of your sex drive taking over again. You figured that getting the shirt off would be more difficult. Rather than struggle with pulling it off, you decided to just grab a pair of scissors and cut the sweatshirt off her. You started at the bottom and began cutting upward. Her gut was revealed and you gave it a quick rub of her soft belly before you finished cutting. You take the shirt off her and all you’re left now is her bra. It was one of those lace bras that showed a bit of the nipple via see through fabric. You look at how the nipples were erect. With one cut, you take off the bra, put it to the side, and now you have a nude body.

Now was the time to look at her vagina. The first thing you notice is her fluffy bush of pubic hair. Already her appearance is giving you a hard-on. You part her legs and look at her vagina. You go to the sink and wet a cloth. You go back to the body and dab a little bit of the cloth onto her pussy to make it a bit more wet and lubricant. You lift her legs, undo your pants, and began to screw her lifeless body. With each thrust, you notice her breasts and hair bounce, her arms juggling a bit to keep up. Seeing the motion made you sick and you stop. You turn her body around to see her adorable butt.

You continue your sex. You can see her face rub against the cold steel, cheeks pressed up to the point where her lips parted. You hold her from behind and grab her large, soft breasts as you bury your head into her hair. You begin to wonder what kind of person she was and why she had to die. It often helped you making a personality for her. Eventually, with one last thump, you came inside Diane Pie. You got out and her body slumped to the ground.

You take out a small hose and began to wash her body, taking extra care with the pussy as your cum drained out of her. Soon, her entire body was wet and her once beautiful hair was now long and wet. Her mouth was open and you decide to give her a tongue before you set your sheet over her corpse. You’ll begin the autopsy in the morning.

Fortunately, someone else did the autopsy for you so you don’t have to go through the gruesome details. Looking at the scar on her nude body and her skin even paler made your dick hard. You raise her legs, inserted your dick into her body, and clung onto her for dear life as you humped her body.

Her nipples poked your chest as the scars rubbed against you. You hold her tightly as you ride out your lust onto her body. You could feel the embalming fluid inside her as you kiss her on the lips. Her breasts wobble a bit, but not by much. You comb your fingers through her hair and kiss her on the forehead.

Eventually, you cum inside her body. This time, you don’t clean it, but rather grab a cotton ball and stuff it into her pussy. You decided to do something different and take Diane’s hand. You pressed her fingers onto the cotton and shove it in. You leave her like that and get out your phone to take some pictures of the corpse “masturbating”.

You decided to go all out on her, licking her nipples, feeling up her pubic hair, even opening up her eyelids to look at her gorgeous yet lifeless blue eyes. You decided to go one more time, though this time, you’re going in protected. Although her holes were covered, you made an exception to her ass.

You go gently, as if she was alive and looking right at you. You massage her breasts and feel up her belly. You rub her legs before touching her soft soles. You grab onto her hands, continuing to pretend you and her were lovers. Eventually, you came again and took your penis out of her anus.

You close her eyes and get her clothes. She had been given a simple white dress with shoes that show off her cute toes. There was also panties for her, but you decide to put just the dress and shoes on. You bunched up the dress to see her pussy one last time. Taking a picture, you finally put panties onto her and leave her.


Cause of Death: Poison in her tea (Murder Victim) in her home siting in a chair with her eyes half open with a broken tea cup next to her feet
Death Outfit: pink stylish & sexy robe with pink 3" (7.5cm) Heel Slippers with Fur on her feet
Funeral Arrangements: wants Twilight to use magic to keep her body from rotting away, be put in a stylish & sexy dress with matching platform pumps, put in a glass casket with flowers in it just like snow white and put in a walk in tomb after honoring & celebrating her life and morning her death.


I hope you will keep this story collection going


Dressed to Last (Rarity and Coco Pommel)


The photographer took pictures of the crime scene. That’s the official reason. The real reason was to store them in his private collection for later, as he had hit the jackpot:

Two famous fashion designers, young, female, and barely dressed. There was the hurdle that they were dead, but it didn’t exactly stop him from taking some snapshots. He would take three pictures at a time. Two of them would be going to the Canterlot Mortuary for analysis, the third would go into his private collection. As such, the third would always be a lewd angle or position.

One such example was taking a picture of Rarity, owner of the Carousel Boutique’s Ponyville branch. She was slumped over her table, eyes half open and pupils dull in color. She was dressed in a pink shower robe, though the laces and see-through fabric implied this was one of those sexy lingerie clothes that she wanted to produce.

The first picture was her body. The second was of a broken tea cup that was by her feet, dressed in what would appear to be stylish designer heel shoes. On the top of the shoes were tufts of fur. They looked almost like authentic pony fur. The third snapshot was done under the table, an upskirt of Rarity’s robe. The flash revealed that she wore nothing and the photographer got a good look at her vagina.

He rubbed himself a bit before moving to the next victim, Coco Pommel. She was dressed simpler: a sweatshirt that was pulled down, revealing her breasts, white socks, and a pair of purple panties. Were it not for the subtle signs of foam seeping out from the corner of her mouth and the way that her limbs lay flatly on the couch, one could mistake her for simply sleeping. Seemed whoever made the call sure did, as the clothes looked like they were tampered with.

The first picture was of the body on the couch. The second was of what was on the table next to the couch: a container of pills. There was an extra photo taken of the broken teacup, though this time there was also a cotton swab, taking in the contents of the tea. It was a strong conclusion that the two were poisoned. Didn’t seem like they did it themselves, though. Rarity looked surprised and whoever messed with Coco’s body made it so that she seemed like she was asleep.

After compiling some notes, it was time to take the third photo of Coco. This time, of her hand, which was dug into her panties. Curiosity got the better of him as he carefully pulled down the panties. That’s when he saw it. Her cute, little fingers, scrunched into her crotch. He took a fourth picture before pulling the hand away slowly. A strand of her juice seeped out and sticking onto her fingers. An idea came into the photographer’s head as he placed the hand back onto her crotch. He pulled the panties completely off, putting them away in his pocket.

He positioned her legs and stuck them into the crevasses of the couch, making them look like she’s spreading them and masturbating. He took multiple pictures before he just couldn’t take it. He pulled down his pants and inserted himself into Coco, his penis sliding into her vagina. He proceeded to hump her, causing the couch to squeak. He didn’t care, the entire hotel was emptied thanks to this incident. He continually pounded Coco’s lifeless body, kissing her fair-skinned cheek and groping her breasts. She looked so pretty. Shame she was dead. He held her hand and continued his love-making.

After a period of skin on skin action, the photographer pulled out and ejaculated all over Coco’s exposed breasts. He had the last of his cum drip from her mouth. One last photo later and he cleaned the cum off. He placed Coco’s hand in a zip bag and took off one of her socks. He went and did the same to Rarity, though he took the time to feel up her soft foot, neatly trimmed and painted with blue nail polish. He took a sniff from the shoe. He felt delighted from the aroma.

Finally, he got the two body bags ready, picking up the two corpses and lugging them into the bags, zipping them up. They were ready for transportation.

My name is Mort Momento. My job is to analyse the bodies that make their way into the Canterlot Mortuary. As per usual Canterlot law, anyone that has died, naturally or not, is passed through to the Canterlot Mortuary for processing, so as to eliminate any sign of foul play, as well as make funeral arrangements in the cases of sudden deaths.

As such, the Canterlot Mortuary is tied to the Canterlot Funeral Home. All the bodies that pass here usually get put into the home unless specifically requested otherwise in the deceased’s Last Will & Testament.

Such as the case with the two new bodies that had hit the morgue. Both of them were famous fashion designers and great models. There were a few nights I remembered jerking it to Coco Pommel when she posed for Playcolt or when someone leaked photos of some Rarity shower action.

Funeral arrangements for them were… different. As such, it would take a day or so before they would be put into effect, so my job is to process their bodies, which means stripping them down then putting them in an autopsy to get the full cause of death. The photographer, Flashing Climax, had sent notes that implied they died of poisoning and that Coco had been tampered with, even before he showed up.

The first person to check at, obviously, was Coco herself. I unzipped the bag and took the time to see Coco’s partially naked body. Her soft, kissable lips, her short, aqua colored hair, her tiny little fingers that could barely cover her breasts. I had an urge to have sex with her right then and there, but in the case where I had multiple bodies, I tend to just pick one and leave the other for Bloody Cutter, the autopsy expert.

I pulled Coco’s body out of the bag and got to work on toe-tagging her. After fitting it on her toe, I took off her other sock. I proceeded to take off her sweater next. It fitted losely onto her body, so I was able to pull it off. Her naked body laid there, sprawled out. But I decided not to go for her. Seemed Climax already beat me to the punch with her.

Instead I unzipped the bag to get Rarity next. She looked so beautiful in her robe, as though she was wanting to be examined by me. I took extra care of taking off her shoe, then placing her bare feet side by side. I saw her gorgeous soles and realized I had to at least let my dick touch them. I whipped it out and rubbed it against her soles. At first, it was a nice, smooth glide across her feet, but as soon as I felt how soft they were, I had to spread them, let them touch both sides.

Before I knew it, I was ravenously grinding my penis against her feet, her legs bobbing with each thrust. Once I realized what happened, a jet of sperm sprayed out of my penis and onto her robe. Shit, that’s gonna stain if I wasn’t able to clean it immediately. Fortunately, I did, but there was still some residue of toilet paper. Doesn’t exactly matter right now.

I saw in the middle of my love-making, I had disturbed her robe and now it had come apart, revealing her body to me. I slowly peeled the robe off of her like a banana and exposed her naked white body to me. I took a few squeezes at her breasts before running my fingers through her long, purple, curly hair. They were always curled up princess style, but I guess she had no time to properly do so when she expired.

She looked prettier like this, though. I decided, for my sex with her, it will be nice and long. She wanted to be treated like a lady, after all. I lowered the tray, lifted up her legs and placed myself into her body. I gave a little push in and a little pull out. Her body slowly jiggled to my thrusts, but I paced myself. Sadly, she wasn’t able to moan, and while I’d go faster, I decided to keep it slow.

I brushed her hair and smelled her perfume. It’s strong enough to overpower the stench of death, it seemed. Still, I felt her forehead. It was ice cold. I felt as though I dipped my dickinto an ice bath. But I continued regardless. She deserves this. I nuzzled her, nibbling on her neck. My hand squeezed her decently sized breast.

I respectfully closed her eyes and hugged her. I got to the last reaches of my climax. A woman like her deserves her cum inside. I ejaculated, her insides having a sticky white residue seeping out of her vagina as I pulled out. I took some dedication to wipe her up before putting away the robe.

I rolled her body and began to do the preliminary checks, all the while taking pictures of both her and Coco. As soon as I was done taking those pictures, I proceeded to pose the two bodies in compromising positions, the kind you’d find in a magazine. I gave them elegant poses on the table, propped up their limbs so that they didn’t seem limp, and finally took a good shot of both their face and vagina. I’d make a killing off this later on. I then put the toe tag on Rarity. Soon, I let them lie down on the metal table and covered their naked bodies with the cloth, their cute feet sticking out from under the cloth.

The autopsy revealed that they had indeed died of poisoning. Coco was killed prior to Rarity, presumably during her shower, in which she was posed as though she was sleeping. That’s one part of the mystery solved. The next was who killed them.

That question can be answered later. I led two people to the dead. Princess Twilight and her assistant Spike. As I revealed their corpses, I saw them both look mournfully at Rarity, Spike being the most affected as I saw him visibly cry while Twilight gripped his hand. I merely gave Spike a nod. While he doesn’t know what it means, it’s a nod that I give to all people who have that mournful look in their eyes. It merely means business first, then closure.

“Princess, I believe you have brought the dresses for them to wear?” I asked Twilight.

“Only for Rarity. Sassy Saddles is working on Coco’s dress.” I mentally took note of the name. Sassy Saddles. She ran Canterlot’s branch of the Boutique. I’ll give the note to the local private investigator for more details. As for right now, I took Twilight’s bag and opened it, revealing a sexy lingerie dress. It was a purple see-through babydoll with white garter, bra, panties, stockings, and gloves.

“Lovely choice. Now, she’s requested an embalming spell.” I nodded to her. She stepped over the two corpses, her horn glowing as the two bodies glowed a soft magenta light. Normally we’d put embalming fluid into the bodies. It keeps them from decaying somewhere between three days to a week, making it perfect for extended wakes. However, an embalming spell is much more efficient, keeping the bodies active for a significantly long amount of time. The problem was the controversy in using such a spell, as it was pretty much the human equivalent of getting your pet stuffed. Not to mention the potential to turn the bodies into sex dolls.

I placed the cloth over Coco and lifted her table to her designated drawer to wait for Sassy Saddles to come. After doing so, I turned to Rarity, her dress hanging by the desk.

“Princess, speak with Floral Adios over the transportation and casket arrangements. I’m sure she can arrange a nice price for you.” I said.

“Alright, come with me, Spike…” I held up a hand.

“I request Spike to stay with me. I may need help with the body.” I said. I knew full well that Twilight did not buy my lie for a second. However, she sighed and gave a smile.

“Well, alright.” She walked off as I turned to Spike.

“You loved her, don’t you?” I asked him. He nodded. With that, I took the stockings and garterbelt, slowly putting them over Rarity’s legs. I lifted her legs in just the right way that Spike would notice her crotch. He saw the neatly trimmed pubic hairs on her crotch. I could notice that he was getting stiff already. “I’ll… leave you to the rest?” I left the room, subtly turning on the cameras. As I got into the security room, I saw that Spike had already leaped on top of Rarity and pounded whatever life she had left out of her. Her legs sprawled up in the air as Spike continuously kissed her all over her chest and head, all while crying out her name. For a brief moment, it looked as though Rarity was alive and fully in a passionate act of love. I began to rub myself to his sex with her as he manipulated her body around and screwing her body in all positions. While it was nice to have sex with them personally, there was something magical about a person’s last moments with their lover. A last kiss goodbye, the breaking down of tears as they cry into the chest, that lingering glance before I cart the body off to be disposed of.

As Spike climaxed all over Rarity’s body, so had I just finished climaxing. I wiped my cum away as Spike sat there in a bit of a tizzy. I stopped the recording and made a mental note to make a copy to sell later. I went back to the room and fitted the bra and panties, followed by the gloves. I then fitted the babydoll over her body before putting a pair of platform pumps over her feet. I wheeled her body out as I approached Twilight and Floral Adios.

Twilight took Rarity’s body and placed her in a glass casket full of flowers. She’ll be put on display at the Canterlot Boutique where she’ll be publicly mourned. I gave her the key to the casket and told her to give it to whoever would own the Boutique next. That’s when I noticed she said it would be Sassy Saddles.

There’s that name again. Must investigate further.

Coco was received later on by Sassy Saddles. Her funeral arrangements were signed away in her contract. She’d be dressed and put on display. She was dressed in a babydoll much like Rarity, but had no panties or bra. She was posed in a slutty way, kneeling on the ground and spreading her legs to expose her ass, all while having a joyful expression on her face. Sassy explained that she is to be the first of a new line of interactable models that would be guaranteed to raise profits. I knew full well what she was doing.

And I now had a hint of who would have killed the two.


This is great! Don't see much necro in /lit. I'd like to see Mort get a shot at some rare meat like one of the three princesses other than Twilight [not that Twi shouldn't end up on the slab eventually too!). Maybe it'd be easier to write a scene like that for Chrysalis instead, while this series is still new.
How about she was executed by beheading after her attempted invasion, and Celestia wants both her head and body taxidermied and exhibited as an example to any would-be usurpers. As for clothes, I'd imagine she'd be stripped for the execution, but maybe she was still in a queenly dress. For her post-mortem outfit, if not nude, maybe something degrading like a whore's outfit.


Name:Diamond Tiara

Cause of Death: Strangulation by rope (Murder Victim) in night club booth sitting up with her head to the side

Death Outfit: Blue stylish jeans and white shirt with "I am a Princess" logo on the front (with clear evidence of post-mortem bladder release) and black Mary Jane shoes on her feet

Funeral Arrangements: Use same embalming spell used on Rarity (that is slowly getting more popular thanks in part to how beautiful and sexy Rarity and Coco Pommel look in death and Sassy Saddles PR campaign about the new line of intractable models in spite of the controversy surrounding Sassy's potential involvement in Rarity and Coco's death,the volunteer bodies needed for the model line to work and the spell itself) Dress in a light blue Princess outfit with matching color heels and put to rest in the family tomb



Just Desserts (Chrysalis)

So it has finally come down to this. Queen Chrysalis, stripped down to the nude and standing before the block. Didn’t take Celestia to be the executing kind, but after what she did to Princess Flurry Heart, I can’t exactly blame her. Celestia gave out a huge speech over how those who would attack the crown would no longer be tolerated with friendship and that Chrysalis will be the first example.

Celestia gave no chances for Chrysalis to speak her final words and instead had her head chopped off right then and there. Her body twitched as her head fell in the basket. While an entertaining show for those tortured by her, to me, it felt a little disgusting. The corpses that came through my morgue were barely mutilated and the ones that were took a bit of mending before they’re as good as new.

But this is a decapitation. While the movements were erotic, especially with the cameraman getting a good angle at Chrysalis’ ass, the feeling of her body being without a head felt… unnerving. Eventually she stopped and piss came out of her pussy. I’m surprised she didn’t shit herself too.

With the mandatory broadcast of Chrysalis’ execution done and over with, I turned my attention to the body of the queen herself. Her nude, headless body laid down on the slab. There were to be no processing. Just a quick embalming spell followed by a visit from some… paying customers. It was the only time Celestia approved of the Mortuary’s “last lovings” policy.

But this was not what I or Cadance had in mind when we founded the Canterlot Mortuary. People came over and gave me bits, each bit equaled one sexual act of their choice. Most gave out about five. As I observed the various ponies and Changelings have sex with the Queen’s corpse, many of them were rough with the body, biting her nipples, vigorously thumping her corpse, calling her a bitch, even punching her belly. The only reason they aren’t outright cutting up her body parts is because Celestia forbade it. She wants Chrysalis’ body to be modeled in the most lewd and embarrassing way possible and she wants it in pristine condition.

And yet, I felt erect. I even rubbed myself to some of them. The one I climaxed to was when King Thorax gave Chrysalis a very loving and affectionate screwing. His was the longest sexual act I have seen out of the bug and he used every part of her body to his advantage. He grabbed her hands during an intimate screwing, brushed his dick on her feet, spanked her a bit (which was the only aggressive act he did to her), and, when he finally climaxed, he spread her wings out as his wings spread out as well. He came inside her numerous times. When he left her corpse, her body had so much semen on her that it took forever to wash her.

I handed her over to Celestia. She had her head mounted on a pike outside her castle while her body would be kept in her bedchambers like a body pillow for her and a sex doll for the Royal Guard. Chrysalis left as quickly as she came into the morgue, and yet the footage of people’s sex with her will be perhaps the longest video I have in my collection.


Name: Princess Luna (barely 16yo)
Cause of Death: assassination, poisoned, found on bed in her bedroom.
Death Outfit: dark blue nightgown, no bra but with white panties.
Funeral Arrangements: no arrangements as she was too young to think about death. But im sure she wouldn't say no to losing her virginity before being put in the ground.
Her sister arranged for her body to be submerged in a crystal-like resin and put in a tomb under the castle.

Love the stories man! necrofuck them all!


Aw, I'm flattered you used my idea for a chapter. Though, I hope writing it didn't give you mixed feelings like Mort seemed to have. It was still hot! My favorite little touch was Celestia keeping the body as a love pillow. I also like how they have official legislation sanctioning necrophilia.
Here's another chapter suggestion that might be more in line with the subplot you had going. How about Fluttershy is found hanging by her neck in her home, wearing a bathrobe that has fallen open to expose her generous bust. It could be a suicide like it appears, or it could be that the possible mystery murderer wanted another fashion model. Who better than the girl that had a (canon, even) stint as a highly successful one?
I think Mort would relish a free pass at such an alluring yet reserved lady. He might even be her first! I was also trying to think of a mourner to come have a last round with her too, like Spike in a previous chapter. With Rarity gone, maybe Rainbow was her next closest friend.
Speaking of Rarity gone, maybe part of the crime scene would be pictures of the two of them together and headline papers about her death strewn about. Actual tokens of despair or careful plants by a killer?
Sorry about the long post. Feel free to use these ideas, change them, or do something entirely different. I'm just enjoying the series and want to help support it.


>I hope writing it didn't give you mixed feelings like Mort seemed to have.

Oh no, I didn't have mixed feelings, though decapitation is a kink that I do not have. I took a bit to mull over the idea before figuring out the story, but once I did, I managed to write it.

Diamond Tiara's story is in the works and after that I'll get to work on Luna's and Fluttershy's.


oh man you guys beat me to my next two gusts suggestions to the morgue. I wanted to put the idea down that alicorns can die But they don't stay dead but are like a phoenix but with their magic instead of fire that renews their life. It would take a week at lest to a month at most for the dead alicorn to come back and the other Princesses would cover up the alicorn's death in a way that NO one but Trusted friends and family will know the real Truth.

As for Fluttershy I wanted to see if you were ok with the suggestion that Discord makes a plan to change her to a vampire so not only his first and true friend be immortal, her connection to animals becomes deeper and magical powers that not only master vampires have but be a force to be reckon with. She would still be dead just undead and deal with that fact along with the fact she will need blood to keep in good health and she can make others like her just not as powerful. If you think any of this might work with Luna's and Fluttershy's up coming stories or any character that shows up next in this series feel free to use it just give me a shout out if you do.


> wanted to put the idea down that alicorns can die But they don't stay dead but are like a phoenix but with their magic instead of fire that renews their life. It would take a week at lest to a month at most for the dead alicorn to come back and the other Princesses would cover up the alicorn's death in a way that NO one but Trusted friends and family will know the real Truth.

That's a good idea.


You can make your idea with Celestia or Twilight etc... the stories dont have to be conected.


Yeah, that's what I'm also considering.


Bump for an update! :D


Bump for an update! :D


Like A Princess (Diamond Tiara)

It took Flashing Climax a good hour or two just to get the club emptied so he could investigate. When checking out large, populated places like this, the only evidence that is of his concern is the immediate area of the murder victim.

She was about 18 or so, with lucious purple and white hair. She had blue jeans, a white shirt that said “I’m a Princess”, and a pair of black Mary Janes. There was a puddle of urine where she sat, her eyes wide and head cocked to the side. On her neck was an old piece of rope that had been tightened around her neck. Her eyes were wide and her jaw partially dropped with her tongue hanging out a bit.

Flashing Climax leaned in and touched her tongue with his, all while feeling up her shirt, hand underneath the bra. He squeezed gently as he felt her erect nipples. He took her limp hand and placed it in his pants. Rubbing her cooling palm against his balls was enough to get him off. He pulled out her hand, now covered with his cum, He covered it with a plastic bag and stopped molesting her. Unlike other cases, he had to make this quick, as the club needed to get back into business pronto. He got the bag out and placed her in it, wheeling her out of it. All the while, he could hear the crying of a girl around the age of the stiff. He looked to see her. She had gray hair braided into ponytails and wore glasses. Possibly a friend mourning her passing?

He took the corpse into the car and drove off.

Another night of partying, another stiff. I did not hesitate to unzip the bag, as chances are the body would be that of a young partygoer throwing their life away to booze.

Sure enough, I saw the beautiful body of Diamond Tiara. She looked like a supermodel, the kind that no one would have the balls to date, lest she ripped them off. She looked rather scared in her final moments despite her body and outfit looking like she was on top of the world.

The first things to go were her shoes and socks. As I had thought, her feet were very smooth to the touch and the nail polish just looked tasty, like candy M&Ms. I gave them a little massage, the kind a princess like her deserved. I worked my way up to her pants and pulled them down. Her cotton white panties had a yellow stain on her crotch. I was told beforehand she had voided her bowels when she died, so I took extra care to take off her panties and wash her vagina after taking a swabs.

Next came her white shirt. I lifted it over her head, which in turn, messed with her eyes once the collar was pulled off. Now they looked like she was looking up, as though she had one massive orgasam before she went. After unclipping the bra and exposing her chest, I looked at her nude body.

Now it truly looked like she had an orgasm. I walked over to the security room and got the camera rolling. As I returned to Diamond Tiara, I stripped down and pressed up her cheeks, as though she was smiling. And then, I got on top of her and began to screw her.

I went moderately faster than the other people, not because of time but because I knew just from the tension that she wasn’t a virgin, and with how loose I fitted, it seemed like this isn’t even her dozenth rodeo. I played with her voluptuous breasts and imagined her panting to the beat, asking me to fuck her more.

She looked so beautiful. It’s no wonder she spends her time at clubs. She definitely gets a lot of heads turning. I felt her slender belly and stroked it, keeping with the pace of my penis. I pressed onto her nude body and moaned out: “Aaaah yeah!”, shooting out a huge load into her vagina. I took some care to clean her up and cover her body. Open and shut case here. She died via strangulation.

A day passed as several people identified the body. Of course, many people had one last go at her before her father came to go with the funeral arrangements. All of them were very erotic and recording them will provide many nights of masturbation fuel.

Embalming had become much easier after preparing Rarity and Coco’s bodies for their presentation and now everyone wants preserved bodies, either to show off their eternal beauty or for… continued loving. I didn’t care much, as it’s cheaper than buying embalming fluids every month.

With that, we had a new hire, Cinderella Fashionista, whose talent was entirely based around preparing corpses. She had a few turns with some male bodies, though I noticed from the way she looked at Diamond Tiara and did a cursory grope of her breasts that she definitely wasn’t straight.

She cast the spell and made Diamond Tiara almost doll like, even returning the shine in her eyes and color in her skin. The outfit that Filthy Rich had given us was a fancy princess outfit, almost like that of Princess Cadance’s. We put on long stockings over her feet, frilly lingerie, blue heels, and finally the blue princess outfit complete with a cheap plastic tiara. She would be put to rest in the family tomb for public viewing and, to my pleasure, payment for any sort of interaction with her. The more intense it got, the higher the price.

A week afterwards, I noticed Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara’s close friend who took her death the hardest, had visited the tomb and paid a constant fee of five dollars, the price of spending the night cuddling with her.

I pity her.


love the new entry to this ongoing tale. I have a question I wish to ask. Are you going to branch Mort out to other series now or stick with MLP for now? IF you are branching out can I start suggesting Kunoichis (female Ninjas) from the Naruto series?


>Are you going to branch Mort out to other series

I have been considering that, though the question is whether it'll stick to this thread or be a new thread.


hey I just bump into this site love what I see anyway I was wondering do you do zombie necro stories too or just post-mortem necro?


hey I just bump into this site love what I see anyway I was wondering do you do zombie necro stories too or just post-mortem necro?


sorry about the double post how do I delete it?


If you put in a password while writing it, mark the post, then enter the password and delete the post using the button in the bottom left corner. If not, then report the post and pray that it actually gets removed (it won't cuz the admins are dead)


Just post mortem necro.


OK do you know anyone who does zombie necro stories? I'm looking for some with females as the zombie getting fucked by the living person


Perhaps ask in Requests?


What if Scootaloo ends up accidently killing herself trying the "Jump off a cliff to learn to fly" trick?


How about a story with AB and SB based on this drawings?
AB - shot dead
SB - strangled with her own belt while unconscious from the shock of seeing her friend get shot.

Funeral Arrangements: examined and samples taken for DNA analyze to catch the killers.

I just love how they are stacked on top of each others so you can fuck one then switch quickly to have a blow job form another! :D


>How about a story with AB and SB based on this drawings?

I will say this. Part of this thread was inspired by the Chango necro arts and how a commenter on the Derpibooru images laid out a mortician report, so there will most definitely be a story that is based off one of those soon.


I see my commissions (all necro from Chango <3 ) and descriptions didynt go to waste. Thanks. :)


No problem.

Another part of the inspiration for this came in the form of a fanfic on called Graveyard Shift.

Might end up writing my own take of Derpy in the morgue.


That's also my commission. xD Haha


Goodnight Moon (Young Luna)

A Canterlot Guard was doing his morning duties, checking every room to make sure everything was prim and proper.

That’s when he checked out the young Princess Luna’s room. A couple of months ago, Celestia went on a small sabbatical and when she came back, she brought with her a teenage girl that she has taken to call her sister. Ever since, the guards have been told to keep a close eye on her.

Part of the guard’s task when it comes to checking out the room is to check on the sleeping Luna. There, he saw her beautiful body resting on the bed. Her dark blue, see through nightgown covering her body. While he could see her lack of a bra, as they weren’t developed enough to warrant one, he did notice her pure white panties outlining her cute thighs.

The guard noticed that Luna wasn’t snoring. He moved closer and looked closer… No rising or falling of her chest. Alarmed, the guard put two fingers to her neck…

No pulse.



Immediately the guard jerked his hand back. However, he restrained himself from screaming. He instead backed away into the door and silently closed it. A dark thought came across his head.

He had a crush on the young princess. Such a beautiful girl. She could only be seen in the castle, though, and thus she is a princess in the sense of standing there and looking pretty. That said, she enjoyed the guards’ company, especially since they were her only company. Usually, once he was done checking on Luna, he would take her feet and have them rub his cock. He didn’t want to do anything that’d risk waking her up, but now? He has no worry.

He got on top of her and put aside her panties to reveal her youthful maidenhood. He decided to get himself warmed up by having her cold soles touch his genitals. Despite being cold, he still loved the feeling of Luna’s feet, even looking at how pretty her toenails were, being painted in a navy color similar to the gown.

Once he was ready, he lifted her legs and parted them, inserting himself into her and piercing her hymen with one large plunge. Once he entered her, he began to grunt and pound like a savage animal rocking the poor girl’s world. She was so pretty and very nice to the guards when she was alive. Even now, he could imagine her sweet, infectious smile as he continued to make love to her.

He flopped her body around and hugged her body, his hands reaching into her gown and rubbing her nubs. He crossed her legs to make his bond to her even tighter. It felt as though with each pound, his penis was gonna be ripped off.

He managed to pull out though and, with a great moan, came all over Luna’s soles. He panted and sighed in relief, then managed to lay down…

Only to find Princess Celestia glaring at him.

I, of course, wasn’t around to examine her body. That story was over five hundred years ago, but it was one of the first public displays of necrophilia and definitely the first time that we’ve heard Celestia’s thoughts on the subject, as the execution of that poor guard showed.

Celestia has since apologized about it, especially after another Princess Luna, our Princess Luna, appeared. As it turned out, the Luna described in the story was from a parallel universe. Perhaps Celestia too felt lonely and needed company. We never truly knew what she did with her body afterwards or who killed her. The coroner at the time, no more than a simple butcher compared to the coroners of today, said that she had died of poisoning. There were some cultists who believed that Nightmare Moon resided in the body of the young girl and by killing her, they’d free her.

Of course, this was a load of horsecrap and Luna died, being nothing more than a footnote in history. You could still see the young maiden today, as she is embedded in a tough crystal-like resin, buried in a royal tomb made for Princesses when they die. While no pony would be able to touch her again, she still wore only her nightgown, so if you viewed her body in the right angles, you can catch glimpses of her breasts and vagina, or her feet if you’re into that.


Great new chapters! Glad to see this thread is still here. I hope it hasn't run out of steam while the site was down.
In Diamond Tiara's story, I liked how casually routine Climax and Mort's use of the bodies is, and how the magic preservation treatment became popular. I wonder if that'll inspire any mares to suicide (either themselves or pressuring a friend) to preserve their looks while they're in their prime. And poor Silver Spoon: at least she can still cuddle Diamond. Friendship is tragic!
For Young Luna's story, the shift in perspective was interesting. Seeing someone else get first crack at the cold ones opens up a lot of story possibilities. I wonder if any of the unicorns or alicorns at the castle ever temporarily remove the resin to use her corpse.
I'd love to make another chapter suggestion, but I don't want to hog the queue or anything if my Fluttershy idea is already in the works.


Hey Mort do you have a other site we can go to read your stories if gurochan goes down again?


Sadly no. I might set up a google folder to share the stories though.


You can use :)


Sadly no.


Why? The only thing you can't post is human lolis rape/snuff stories. Adults being raped and snuffed is fine same with any kind of ponies stories.


The reason is because I already have a Fimfiction account on there and... I kinda don't want to end up sullying my reputation by posting this.


I know who you are from the way you write anyway... Also you can make 2nd account like many ppl do. But its your call. But if gurochan go down again you may lose all of those stories.


you can try other sites besides


Well, I decided to make it on to see how that's gonna go.


Alright, posted on FimFiction. Same name as this one.


Oh, and I have a blog post where you can make requests there.


Soft and Wet (Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy)

Flashing Climax entered the apartment. Giving a brief skim of the area gave him the idea of a murder-suicide. The victim, Pinkie Pie, was in the bathroom. She was sprawled out, naked, and had rope around her neck. He turned to see her supposed murderer, Fluttershy. The only thing covering her naked body was her shower robe, and even then, it was parted to expose her crotch, belly, and cleavage.

He had seen these two beauties throughout his travels to Ponyville. In fact, it was Pinkie who made him feel welcome. He frowned, knowing that a good friend is no longer with him. However, his job came before his emotions. He looked around the area, taking photos of whatever clues would be needed to explain more of what happened. In fifteen minutes, he began to notice the little details.

Pinkie’s face was contorted. It looked like she struggled very hard. Flashing Climax knew that Fluttershy was a shy person and, outside of rare occasions, wouldn’t have the strength to overpower even Pinkie. Someone had to kill her. He then looked at Fluttershy again. Shocked eyes. There was strain on the rope that tied her noose. Adding to that, there was extra rope hanging off of the rafter where she hung from. Enough for someone to grab… and pull.

He cut the rope off Fluttershy’s neck as she fell down. The impact on the ground caused her robe to part, exposing her naked body to Flashing Climax. However, he didn’t care for the stunning beauty. Not yet, anyways. He looked more at the neck. The rope had made a huge dent into her delicate skin. This, along with a lack of an obvious suicide note, was enough to confirm that this was not a suicide.

This was another double homicide.

“Sweet Celestia…” Flashing Climax muttered. This was the second one this month after Rarity and Coco. Was it the same perp? Flashing Climax thought about it. He laid down next to Fluttershy’s corpse. He didn’t mind her cooling body and even cuddled close to her. If he recalled correctly, Fluttershy used to be a model. Rarity and Coco? Fashion designers.

There had been a theory bouncing around the Canterlot Mortuary that Sassy Saddles, the person who runs the Canterlot Boutique, had killed Rarity and Coco. Of course, there was no solid evidence and even if they did, they functioned more akin to a funeral home than an actual investigation unit. Their only option if this was the case would be to hand the evidence over to the Canterlot Royal Guard, though it’d be highly unlikely that they’d accept evidence from them, given how their boss, Celestia, hated the act of necrophilia and the only reason the Mortuary hadn’t been shut down on the spot is because of Cadance’s endorsement.

So for now, the only thing they can do is give these girls the closure they needed. Flashing Climax went over to Pinkie Pie and closed her eyes. He looked down at her crotch. The carpets match the drapes, to the point where He couldn’t see her vulva amidst her pubes from a bird’s eye view. However, her left leg hung off the bathtub with her other leg angled at forty-five degrees. Her legs were spread and thus, as Climax went down on his knees, he was able to see her vagina.

He had thought about having sex with Pinkie for some time, but not like this. After a moment of consideration, he pulled down his pants and entered Pinkie. As he began to thrust, Pinkie’s breasts flopped up and down. The bobbing motions made him queasy and thus, he turned her body over and saw her voluptuous butt.

He forced himself more onto Pinkie and pressed her face against the tile flooring. Her lips parted as he spanked her cute butt. He grabbed her large breasts and buried his face into her fluffy hair. He bit into it and tasted cotton candy as he continued to screw her corpse. He hugged her soft, chubby curves and kept a tight grip on her as his penis throbbed. With one tight squeeze on her body, he ejaculated inside her. Flashing Climax pulled out and came all over her ass. He wiped the cum off Pinkie and got out the body bag. As he placed her in it, he dragged it over to Fluttershy’s body and placed her in it as well. The two girls stayed in the bag as he zipped it up.

Double homicide. Two women. Both members of the Elements of Harmony. There was a huge uproar when news of their deaths broke out, though we were pretty much prepared for this event. Some of us were good friends with them, after all.

When Cadance opened up the Mortuary, there was the possibility that one of the Element holders would end up being on the steel table. In fact, there were meetings held over what to exactly do with their bodies. Of course, this was held between Princesses, so we weren’t involved in the discussion, but from what I heard from rumors, ideas were proposed about reviving the Elements. Of course, if that were the case, then the same should be applied to all those that died.

Then Rarity and Coco died and the end result was ensuring a preservation spell be put on them, though in their cases, their corpses would be used as models and not actually be prepared for future conflicts. With three of the six Element holders gone, something's got to give. But, as a mortician, I cannot concern myself with that. Instead, I am to process the bodies, find out how they died, and also give them the love they never got.

I unzipped the bag and pulled out the nude bodies of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. I laid them both side by side, both on seperate tables. The ladies looked very lovely, though Pinkie was pretty plump. Fluttershy, on the other hand, had such soft butter-colored fur, long pink hair, and her lifeless green eyes looked so adorable. Her body seemed slender, almost like a supermodel’s body.

It isn’t until I saw her feet that my penis began to grow erect. They looked so cute with their pink nail polish with green butterfly patterns on it. I felt her soles and worked my hands up to her crotch. Her cold skin sent shivers down my spine, though I continued until her thighs. I spread them out. Her body was absolutely stunning, even more than Rarity’s. I even liked how neatly combed her pubic hair was.

I stripped naked and went slowly all over Fluttershy, her feet bobbing in the air. I played with her moderately sized breasts. They weren’t as large as Pinkie’s, but for me, they felt perfect. I kissed her on the lips as I continued. Of course, the taste of death lingered, but it wasn’t something I was new to.

She just looked so lovely that I almost lost myself in the lust. I pulled out, my penis just ready to erupt. I took her feet and rubbed her soles all over my penis. After a few, slow rubs, I came all over Fluttershy’s body. I then took the robe off her and placed it away. I knew from the report that she died of a hanging, so I’ll focus on her later.

I went over to Pinkie Pie. Flashing Climax notified me on how she went into a struggle. I rolled her fat body over and noted the bruises on her sides and back. Whoever strangled her did so from the front, as she seemed to be pushed all over the bathtub and floor. Fluttershy was immediately eliminated from the list of possible suspects, so it left just a small list. My idea were Changelings, as an act of revenge over Chrysalis’ execution, though given how effective they are, all six of the holders would have died in the same night or roughly around that time. It had been a week since Rarity’s death, so unless they planned to break our spirits, I wouldn’t consider them. That and Thorax’s rule ensured that the Changelings wouldn’t be that much of a threat.

Discord? Nah, he loved Fluttershy and couldn’t bring himself to kill her. In fact, if Discord ever got word of this, I seriously bet he’d try something to fix it. Reviving the dead is unheard of, but there’s only three creatures I know who might be able to do it, and Discord’s one of them.

That’s when I realized it… She was strangled. The rope was still on Fluttershy’s neck. Assuming the murderer wasn’t smart to use gloves, I could probably be able to identify the killer. I took the rope off Fluttershy’s neck and had a UV ray over Pinkie’s neck. Sure enough, I saw fingerprints around her neck. Pure, undeniable proof. I assume the same is true for the rope.

With the analysis done, I looked at Pinkie’s round rump. More importantly, her meaty thighs. I still had enough energy left for one more job. I got up onto the table and hugged Pinkie’s fat, all while my penis sunk into her thighs. I grabbed her ass and kneaded the silky smooth skin. I grabbed onto Pinkie, my chest against her back. I kissed her neck as I humped her body. My feet rubbed against her soles. I could feel my penis rub against her vagina.

It took moments of screwing, but I came over her thighs. As I pulled out, there was a small pool of my semen on her thighs, some seeping to the bottom of the table and staining her vulva. I took out a hose and cleaned her thighs. I then went over to Fluttershy and washed her feet. I rubbed her soft soles and spreaded the water around her legs. I felt chills as I massaged her cold skin.

I soon finished cleaning the corpses and laid a cloth over them. I took the evidence and went to work scanning them.

Nabbed the perp. As soon as I saw her walk through the doors, I knew for sure that she was the one that did it.

“I’m here to retrieve the body of Fluttershy.” Sassy Saddles said as she stood by the office.

“No can do.” I just gave her a glare. I ID’d the fingerprints and I found that they matched Sassy’s. Everything lined up, but I knew that if I played my cards now, there’d be hell to pay. So instead, I silently sent the evidence to Cadance and Twilight. It took a while before I saw Rainbow Dash bust in and break a vase over Sassy’s head.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU GET, YOU BITCH!” Rainbow Dash shouted as blood seeped from the unconscious modeler’s head. She looked to me, tears ready to stream. “... Where are they?” She asked.

I led her into the morgue and unveiled the bodies. Rainbow Dash trembled and began to cry over Fluttershy’s cold, naked chest. I patted Rainbow Dash on the back as she gave me a somber look. We exchanged a nod before I walked away and entered the security room. I turned on the camera as Rainbow Dash got to work stripping down.

She started with Fluttershy, kissing her and inserting her cold, dead toes into her vagina. She grinded against her feet for a while, grabbing her tits and pulling her hair. It was the first time I saw Rainbow Dash having breasts. Small breasts, but breasts nonetheless. They jiggled in rhythm to Fluttershy’s. With a large gasp, her juices sprayed over Fluttershy’s foot. She pulled it out of her vagina and went over to Pinkie Pie.

She raised her legs and pressed her body onto hers. She humped her as though she had a penis as I saw the two vaginas mesh together. I rubbed myself as she panted in heated passion. Pinkie’s breasts were going wild as Rainbow kneaded them together and licked her nipples. She climaxed around the same time I did. I stopped the recording. This would be something I would go back to for months.

I went back to the morgue and cleaned up the fluids. Rainbow Dash brought out the paperwork signifying how Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie would like their funeral to go. Appropriately, they want to go out in the same way: be buried in the nude. Of course, the wording is different for them both.

Pinkie Pie wants her funeral to be a large party where everyone’s invited, her corpse being the main event. A toy for everyone to play with. She’d be given a shot that preserves her body for a month. As for Fluttershy, she wants to be more in touch with nature and wants to be buried at the Ponyville Park. As I began to make the arrangements for Pinkie’s funeral, Rainbow Dash approached me.

“If… If it’s possible… I want to take Fluttershy. Be with her for a while, hang with her at the park… Then I’ll bury her. She probably wouldn’t have wanted a big funeral like Pinkie.” Rainbow Dash said. From her blush, I knew exactly what she really means. I allowed her to take Fluttershy and give her as much time as she needs to fully say goodbye.

After the two corpses were dealt with, police came and arrested Sassy Saddles. An investigation would commence to see if she’s to blame for the deaths of Rarity and Coco. At least we wouldn’t have to worry about her for some time… If at all, considering who she murdered.


nice work. Will you do an add-on to the latest tale involving a mad and upset Discord, a "zombie" Fluttershy and/or Pinkie Pie and a complete resurrection of one or both ponies?


Might have to if I'm gonna end up killing them again without pulling some AU stuff.


Still hoping for the CMC story. :)


Is it too much to hope that Rainbow's wish to hang with Fluttershy at the park is literal?
Thanks again for using my idea! It was a great, sexy chapter. I'm also a little surprised they caught Sassy so quickly. I'm interested to see where the story goes.
Just had an idea related to my off-hand comment about Rainbow. Maybe something is subconsciously affecting the mane six to either be more likely to act on a normal fleeting suicidal impulse or affecting ponies around them to make any random homicidal thought about the Elements irresistible.


Above post was me


are you still writing or are you taking a break?


I am writing up another chapter.


Should Have Checked Her Pulse (EQG!Pinkie Pie)

The body was found in the morning after a jogger passed by her on the bench and noticed how she wasn’t responsive. The jogger lightly touched her plump legs, but still no response. Panicked, he first tried to call the police, but after a moment to think, he decided to just touch her just a bit more.

The woman’s chubby, pink body looked too cute not to at least feel. Erect nipples were outlined on her bra, as well as a cameltoe on her shorts. He squeezed her breasts, even sneaking a peak by pulling out her bra and looking down her chest. As he saw her nipples, he dug his hand into them and felt them up. He also felt up her crotch, tracing the outline of her cameltoe and rubbing his middle finger against the slit. He got on top of her and grinded his groin against hers. Her breasts bounced in rhythm as he groped at her belly. He even took the time to feel up her legs. With just a few thrusts, he jizzed in his pants. He didn’t want to go any further than that to avoid suspicion, so he called the cops and went on his merry way.

Police bagged the body and shipped off her body to the morgue. The mortician there unzipped the bag and pulled the chubby body out. He laid her down on the cold metallic table and jotted down the information he was given. The corpse was that of Pinkie Pie, cause of death to be determined. After that, he wrote a toe tag, took off Pinkie’s shoes and socks, and placed the tag on her toe.

He next took three plastic bags and began to cut through Pinkie’s clothes. With each snip, the shorts became looser and looser. With one final snap, her short lost their grip on Pinkie’s body, exposing her pink thong to the moritican as he scooted her chubby legs to grab her shorts. With two snips, he cut Pinkie’s underwear as well. As he took the panties away, he saw a bush of Pinkie’s pink pubic hair.

The mortician noticed that he was getting hard just by looking at her feet. He decided to take a break and rub her dick against her sweaty soles. As he used Pinkie’s feet to jerk off, he spread her legs just to get a full view of her pussy. He was about to climax… No. Not now. He needed to continue.

He took the scissors and cut off Pinkie’s sports bra. Her breasts jiggled out. He couldn’t resist a grab. As he touched her large breasts and even licked her nipples. That’s when he noticed something…

It had been about six hours since the body was discovered… Wouldn’t the body lose its warmth by now? Suddenly, the corpse’s eyes opened up.

“Huh? W-where am I?” The corpse then spoke.

“The hell!?” The mortician moved away as Pinkie sat up. Her eyes widened as she looked at her naked body on the metal slab.

“What’s going on!? W-were you fondling me?” The mortician shook. If she tells anyone, his job’s over…


Before Pinkie could say anything, the mortician squeezed Pinkie’s neck. Pinkie writhed as the mortician got on top of her. Her legs kicked at him, but he wouldn’t let up. His pants were already down and as he got closer to Pinkie, his dick entered her vagina. He began to have sex with her as he continued to choke her. Pinkie slowly lost the strength to fight back as her mind focused more on how she was getting turned on with this.

“Ungh! Yes!” The mortician exclaimed as Pinkie began to grit her teeth. Just a bit longer… He could feel Pinkie’s muscles twitch before she gave out one last gasp of air. Her limbs became limp save for the occasional spasms. A few spasms were felt in her vagina, which made the mortician ejaculate into her. As he pulled out, Pinkie continued to writhe. With one tight twist, the mortician popped her neck and ensured she wouldn’t get back up. Now all he can do is watch as the cutie jerk about until they too die, all while he recorded it as a momento. And after that, urine came out of her vagina and flushed out the cum.

Once that was done and over with, the mortician straightened out Pinkie’s body before the muscles began its rigor mortis. He closed her rolled up eyes and pushed her tongue back into her mouth. As far as everyone was concerned, Pinkie’s cause of death was a heart failure. He wrote that on Pinkie’s toe tag and covered her up.

Three days passed as Pinkie’s family came to claim her. They would move her back to their farm where they would bury her. They didn’t care about what she would wear and thus she was buried in the nude, though as they transported her corpse, one of Pinkie’s sisters didn’t seem to mind sneaking a grab at her plump ass or fingering her…

Not that she would have minded, dead or alive. But still, a tragedy could have been avoided if someone had checked her pulse.


Good one! How about some CmC now? ;)




Bumping this because some idiot spammed this off the list.

Considering a story about Somnambula


Is this still a thing ?


Buried in Cum (Somnambula)

It was a weird request from her, but Celestia managed to arrange it so that Somnambula, for seven days, would be placed in a death-like coma and be placed inside a tomb for people to pay their respects. Supposedly, the people of Somnambula were convinced she was dead and when it turned out that she wasn’t, Somnambula decided to “pretend” she’s dead so that they could hold a funeral for her.

Cinderella was called in to dress Somnambula’s comatose body. Already, Cinderella began to touch herself as she saw the naked beauty. As her dresser, she had first pickings. After placing on her headdress, Cinderella gave her a customary kiss on the forehead, followed by her hand brushing down her velvety fur before fingering her pussy. Though she felt dizzy just from touching a warm body, Cinderella tried to hold her desires back, at least until she finished preparations.

She had placed golden rings on Somnambula’s legs, arms, and tail. As she lifted up her feet, Cinderella kissed the ball of her foot and got a good glimpse of her snatch. She then began to paint her nails, taking extra care of her feet. Toenail polish was just one of her kinks. As she set the legs down, she got out the undergarments that Somnambula requested to be displayed in. Both her bra and panties were made from see through silk. A nice touch, Cinderella noted.

Next she applied her dress, also see through. As she applied the finishing touches, Cinderella stripped down, pounced on Somnambula’s body and grinded against her. Her soft fur mixed with her silk dress was just irresistible against Cinderella’s own naked body. While she enjoyed fondling a couple of the bodies at the morgue when she prepares them for the funeral, she never made love with any of them. She found cold bodies to be unenjoyable, but with Somnambula, she was merely sleeping and thus her body temperature was warm.

She kissed Somnambula on the lips and groped her breasts. She was careful not to disturb any of the clothing she had or even the nail polish. The most she would do is rub her naked body up against Somnambula. She couldn’t help herself but scream in ecstasy. The excitement got too much for her that she began to discharge on her nude legs. She cleaned up and gave Somnambula one last kiss on the lips before going.

Throughout the week, many travellers went over to pay their respects to Somnambula, as well as have sex with her. As per ancient Somnambulan traditions, the body of a female noble would have their nude body exposed and preserved for a few days as many people inseminate her so as to provide soldiers to guide her into the afterlife.

Though in Somnambula’s case, cumming inside her would risk her becoming pregnant and so it was agreed that internal cumshots would be a finable offense, just to be safe. It didn’t stop the visitors from cumming over her body though. As seven days passed, Somnambula’s well toned body, wings, tail, feet, hands, mouth, and even anus were covered and drenched in cum. She was effectively buried in it. Of course, after each day, someone would come and clean up for the next day, that way the smell doesn’t get too bothersome.

The last reported visitor to Somnambula said that he was doing the usual foreplay as per tradition, such as rubbing her feet over his penis and feeling up her ass, but just as he was about to penetrate Somnambula, he noticed her eyes open up. He freaked out and backed away, only for her to coyly lift a leg and tell him to keep going.


Please sir ,can we have this( >>13286) now ?


Wait no longer...

Sweet Bloom (Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle=

Based on Changotan's drawings

It had been a few hours since Scootaloo’s wake. Apple Bloom had just set down a glass of cider for both her and Sweetie Belle on the latter’s bed. The night was quiet, enough for them to gather their thoughts after seeing their long time friend eternally resting in her casket.

“I’m really gonna miss her…” Apple Bloom muttered. Sweetie Belle nodded. The two were staying at Canterlot Boutique, Sweetie Belle having inherited it after Sassy Saddles was arrested for the murder of her sister, as well as three other ponies. The two had been, in truth, scared. For the past few days, ponies had been dropping like flies. First it was Rarity and Coco, then Diamond Tiara, then Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, and just recently, Scootaloo. The scary part was that most of them were murders than just mere accidents like Diamond or Scootaloo’s deaths were.

“Apple Bloom… If… If one of us were to…” Apple Bloom put a finger to Sweetie Belle’s mouth.

“We won’t. Trust me… Now, let’s get our minds off this...” The two shared a glance. Apple Bloom felt up Sweetie Belle’s thigh and moved her hand to her crotch. Sweetie Belle took a moment to get into the mood, but when she did, her first place to touch was Apple Bloom’s exposed midriff. She rubbed her belly and moved it up to her bra. Sweetie Belle felt Apple Bloom’s cupped breasts.

“You sure have grown…” Sweetie Belle lustfully said.

“Not as much as you!” Apple Bloom’s hands went straight for Sweetie Belle’s large breasts and squeezed them. The two giggled before kissing each other…

And that’s when they heard a window being broken.

“Apple Bloom?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Hang on…” Apple Bloom got off the bed and snuck downstairs. As she got onto the stairwell, she saw three masked men pry the casket holding Rarity open. The three then showed off their hands. Two of them held their hands flat while another clumped his into a fist.

“Oh come on! That’s no fair!” One of the burglars said.

“Hey, it’s the rules. I get first dibs!” Apple Bloom saw the apparent winner of Rock, Paper, Scissors haul Rarity out of the casket and slowly began to disrobe her. She realized what was going on and ran down.

“Hey! Stop that!” Apple Bloom clocked the winner’s head and knocked him down.

“Oh shit!” One of the burglars held his hands up while another just reacted on reflex. Apple Bloom could see the man reach for something, but she was too late to move accordingly as he pulled out a gun and unloaded a bullet into her skull. Blood and bits of brain flew out of Apple Bloom’s head as she fell over backwards. She only had enough life in her body to futility move her legs and look at the wound before she expired, legs spread and eyes rolled up.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” The burglar shouted to the armed man.

“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to kill her!”

“Put the safety on next time, dumbass!” As the two argued, Sweetie Belle rushed downstairs, then shrieked upon seeing Apple Bloom’s corpse. She tried to run off, but her leg slipped on the step and she fell. Her head bashed against one of the steps as she fell unconscious. The third burglar woke up.

“The hell happened, Score?” He asked.

“Dumbbell here shot one of the ponies and the other just got knocked unconscious!” Score said.

“Damn it! This would have been a good run too!” The main burglar, Hoops, eyed the two bodies. “Silver lining: we don’t have to share. I still call dibs on the sexy one. You two can decide on those two.” The two remaining burglars got to Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. The one who went for Sweetie Belle took out a zip tie.

“What’s that for?” Dumbbell asked his associate.

“Insurance.” Score gently placed the zip tie over Sweetie Belle’s neck and, once he looped it, tightened it around her neck. Sweetie Belle’s eyes opened and she began to gag. Her legs thrashed about as Score just did nothing but watch her unintentionally flashing him her black lace panties. Sweetie Belle only had a few moments before she choked out, her tongue rolled out of her mouth.

Score undid his pants and whipped his dick out. The first area he would check was Sweetie Belle’s mouth. He placed his penis into her wet, warm mouth as her tongue served as a soft bed for it to grind back and forth.

“Damn! That feels good…” Score began to deep throat Sweetie Belle, his tip reaching the back of her throat. He undid Sweetie Belle’s shirt to see her bra, then lifted it up to expose her huge breasts, complete with very puffy areola. “Eat it!” He grabbed Sweetie Belle’s breasts and picked up the pace. He grunted and released his semen into her esophagus. Had the zip tie not done her in, the glob of cum would have killed her.

Meanwhile, Dumbbell opened up Apple Bloom’s shirt and tore her bra open to show her breasts. He took a look at her well-toned belly. Girl must have been working out. He undid the suspenders that held her short shorts and pulled them down along with her pink cotton panties. He noticed a trail of juice from her vagina.

“Hey, look at this horny slut!” Dumbbell looked at the huge forest that was her red pubic hair. He brushed his finger over her vagina to feel the moist juices that she excreted when she fondled Sweetie Belle. Score raised Sweetie Belle’s legs up and pulled her panties off.

While they were busy stripping the girls, Hoops had already stripped Rarity down to her bare skin. Her undergarments and babydoll were scattered by her casket as he carefully took off her pumps, just to adore her soft soles. He placed her on the ground, ass up, and inserted his penis right into her vagina. His peers also did the same thing and spread Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle’s legs before lancing their hymen with their shafts.

While Hoops scored himself with the most beautiful pony of the three, she paled in comparison to how warm Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle’s snatches were. Dumbbell lifted up Apple Bloom’s leg and kissed her foot, licking each of her little toes. Score groped Sweetie Belle’s plump ass and fingered her clit.

Alas, their blissful sex couldn’t last forever and one after another, they released their cum into their corpses. As they dropped the bodies off, the three converged and after a moment, Hoops’ jaw dropped.

“... We just committed murder. And we left our evidence all over the place… WE GOTTA BURN THE PLACE DOWN!” Hoops screamed just as he turned around and noticed the cops. Guns pointed right at Hoops and his band. “Oh fuck…”

There wasn’t any need for a complex crime scene investigation. As soon as ponies heard a gunshot, police were called and they nabbed a trio of Pegasi who murdered two girls along with molesting their corpses. Despite the trends surrounding having sex with the deceased at funerals and the morgue, necrophilia as a whole was still considered illegal by Celestia’s standards. Cadance fought to insert some leeways into the system so as to support her ideals on love.

One of those leeways was something called “paid consent”. Ironic how the Princess of Love had post-mortem prostitution as one of those leeways. The long story short of it was that a pony can, as per their last will and testament or through whoever their body is given to, help pay for their expenses by selling their body for communal use. Some of the more beautiful ponies in Canterlot signed on for this so as to provide their loved ones with extra cash long after they died.

Rarity, however, didn’t sign on for that, as the handler of her, Sassy Saddles, merely used her as a prop for Canterlot Boutique. It was Coco that had paid consent. Though from what I saw, even if Rarity did have paid consent, prices would be so expensive that the boys couldn’t possibly afford her. So they broke in and fucked her. Now, had it just ended with that, they would have just gotten jail time and a fine.

But they murdered two ponies tonight, and thus, they would be taken to Tartarus. As for the corpses, Rarity was already processed so she doesn’t need to go through the morgue again, though Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle needed to be taken in. Flashing Climax just took a few pictures of the crime scene. He rubbed himself as he saw Sweetie Belle’s body splayed out. In a way, she looked more like she passed out from having too much sex, though the zip tie around her neck confirmed otherwise. He picked up the two corpses and placed them in body bags.

Ever since Sassy Saddles was arrested, we obtained a new mortician: Rainbow Dash. It seems her time with Fluttershy had created a new fetish for her, as she became an on-call medical examiner. She had handled some of the corpses like Scootaloo and Derpy and created some erotic tapes to be sold to help pay for costs, so she was a shoe in.

When she was told she’d be handling Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, she was pretty excited. However, she wasn’t able to undress them the way she wanted. They were already naked as it was. Her job was to get the articles of clothing out of the way and document their bodies, to which she did. Though, it was what she did after that had me intrigued.

In her defense, we were short a trolly so Rainbow had to have Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle share, but the way she positioned them had me oddly aroused… Sweetie Belle was positioned on top of Apple Bloom, her tongue drooping down onto Apple Bloom’s vulva. Meanwhile Apple Bloom’s lips were pressed up against Sweetie Belle’s own vulva.

When I asked why she had them in a 69, she argued that they were good friends, so they wouldn’t mind it. It gave me some inspiration as I took photos of the girls. These would serve as good material for at least a week, maybe two. The last thing I noted was a small note on Rainbow Dash’s paper, in which she mentioned that Sweetie Belle’s breasts were like swollen marshmallows. Seems Dashie has a case of breast envy.

We stored them in the cold for a while as we made the arrangements. When we pulled them out, though, they were stuck in the 69 position and we had to pry their cold, nude bodies off of each other. We got Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom’s brother to help, though he asked if he’d have alone time with Apple Bloom in return.

I gave him the alone time, though of course recording the “bonding” he gave to his sister, strongly squeezing her breasts and plowing her with sheer force. I could almost hear her legs popping under his pressure. He kissed her lips and neighed loudly as he released his cum in her body. The material added about a week.

With that done, I had Cinderella prepare the corpses. The two, to save space, would share a casket. It was truly an experiment of contrast. Apple Bloom wore a pretty farmer girl outfit, complete with overalls and was barefoot whereas Sweetie Belle was dressed in a classical gown, though not as risque as her sister’s. Unlike most of the other bodies who had entered the morgue, these girls were traditional, wishing to be buried by the tree where they had their clubhouse so many years ago. I managed to convince the handlers of Scootaloo’s body to bury her there too instead of whatever sort of fucked up experiment they were gonna have with her.

I guess it was my gift to them for providing such lovely memories.


Wait,did i miss the story where Scootaloo died ?


nice job can't wait for more


Nah. I'm planning for that to be next.



Scootaloo do a try out for the Washouts
Since the Washouts have a laxist attitude about security like in the episode,Scootaloo end up killing herself breaking her neck doing a stunt with a skateboard
Rolling Thunder and Short Fuse pick her body to hide in the forest but notice that the kid is all grown up
Peel off her Washouts uniform and molest her sexy tomboy corpse,licking the sweat from her tits and stomach,fucking her virgin lesbian pussy and mouth
Dump the corpse in a dumpster bin
Cue additional mortician shenanigans in the morgue and her being burried like in the end of the Apple Bloom/Sweetie Belle story






I wonder if we get any new story here.


nice suggestion but I would have those two get seen dumping her body and get a vist from the cops


Have there been any artistic renditions of the original characters in this? Because I'd like to have a try.


no so go for it




Shitty sketches, but I'm making a few more, probably.
From left to right : Mort Momento, Flashing Climax, Cinderella Fashionista


File: 1571760907965.png (151.73 KB, 813x527, caterlot mortuary fanart.png)


File: 1571760950557.jpg (1001.81 KB, 2198x2208, canterlot mortuary fanart2.jpg)


Wrong thread,wrong board.Is this a bot ?


I'm honestly not sure if this is the right place to post those honestly even tho it's technically on topic


Can we also have fanart of some of them tending to the corpses (preferably Sweetie Belle)




I think fanart being here is not breaking any rules.

Also i commissioned something to add to my drawings commissions (that this stories are based on) hxxps:// Enjoy. :)




Washed Out [Scootaloo]

“Damn it, why do we have to do the dirty work?” Short Fuse held the limp legs of the newbie member Scootaloo, who unfortunately broke her neck during a stunt gone horribly wrong. It was a simple one too, just do a backflip. However, her neck hit against the end of a ramp and pop, neck snapped.

“Because Lightning Dust is too busy trying to figure out how to spin this without getting us in shit!” Rolling Thunder’s fingers dug into the spandex of Scootaloo’s arms. To avoid investigation, Lightning Dust insisted on burying Scootaloo somewhere in the woods. “Here!” They stopped about a hundred and fifty feet into the woods as Rolling Thunder dropped Scootaloo’s body. Short Fuse still held onto her legs as the body landed with a soft thump.

He hesitated as he saw the way her body just hung from the bottom up. Her rolled up eyes were a bit scary to look at, especially when he saw just how happy and free-spirited she was, but the rest of her body? There seemed to be something irresistible about it. Once his eyes narrowed to her crotch, it all became clear.

“Alright, help me dig a ditch. It’ll get faster if we…” Rolling Thunder turned around and saw Short Fuse prod Scootaloo’s crotch with his hand. “… The fuck are you doing?”

“No one’s gonna know we’re here.” Short Fuse laid Scootaloo on the ground and proceeded to tug Scootaloo’s uniform. “Besides, Lightning would want us to bring back the uniform.”

“Well, if you want the uniform…” Rolling Thunder rolled Scootaloo’s body onto her belly and unzipped the back of the uniform. She peeled off the uniform and revealed Scootaloo’s underwear: a sports bra and bike shorts. Short Fuse let Scootaloo fall as her body limply hit the ground. As he saw her tomboy body, he got on top of her and licked her abs. He felt up her bra to feel at her small breasts, while another hand fingered her vulva.

Afterwards, he pulled her shorts up a bit and suck his erect cock into her. Rolling Thunder couldn’t help but feel turned on by seeing Scootaloo be violated. She touched herself and grinded her vagina up against Scootaloo’s nose. Short Fuse and Rolling Thunder made out as they humped their groins on Scootaloo. Soon, they released their discharge all over Scootaloo’s body. With the pent up sexual frustration out of the way, the two proceeded to bury Scootaloo…


Unfortunately, they buried her too shallowly and it took one traumatized filly to discover Scootaloo’s corpse. It took no time to analyse her corpse. Broken neck, cum in her belly, discharge on her face. Needless to say, if the intent was to hide Scootaloo, they did a piss poor job at it.

There was something arousing about Scootaloo’s nude body splayed out on the slab, however. I decided to leave her like that for a bit while I checked to see if there were any visitors. There was.

A young adult by the name of Rumble. He claimed to be a close friend of Scootaloo. A lover, perhaps? Well, enough of a time for me to leave him alone with her and see if the sparks flew.

He seemed scared of the corpse. Could be the way her mouth was wide open or her eyes locked in a state of shock. But, like with some people, the moment they realized they were alone in a room with a naked corpse was the moment their eyes looked to below the head. It began with a cursory grope of her breast, followed closely by his fingers tracing down her softly formed abs before they stopped at her marehood. After a few fingers, he looked back to her head.

He pulled his pants down and allowed his erect cock to do the rest, leading it into Scootaloo’s mouth. After a few moments of rubbing his dick in her open jaw, he flipped her over. Scootaloo had a pretty firm butt, all things considered. Rumble seemed to agree too, as he felt up the buns. He had a go at her for a few moments before he ejaculated in her mouth.

He continued to do this for thirty minutes, making Scootaloo his doll as he explored her cute butt, even sticking his dick inside her anus. He had a pleasurable time with her, though cleaning her cum filled body was going to be a bit of a chore.


Once that was done, it was time to prepare Scootaloo for her funeral. No one was there to pay for it save for some shady businessmen. I assumed they simply want her for their own pleasure, but when the wake occured, I overheard some of them talk about a “rainbow factory” and how Scootaloo was going to be transferred there once the funeral’s said and done.

Sometimes I wonder if this is some sort of sick contest to out bizarre our business practices. First Sassy with the dolls and now this factory.

Regardless, they managed to let Scootaloo go out in something other than her birthday suit, though it was a simple dress with mary janes. I doubt they even gave her underwear. It did give the mourners a show though, including two of Scootaloo’s close friends.


I genuinely didnt expect you were going to write it anyway, thanks (Do you also plan to finish the Sticks CGI set you're making over 3DCG ?


Yeah, just gotta get back into that.


Quite a cool story! Did enjoy it twice already! xD
Did you see the new drawing by Chango with all the sexy student from Twilight School?


No, I don't think so.


I dont think that's Mort fetish from what i read so far


Yeah, I'm gonna have to say no to that.


File: 1577454415102.jpeg (136.59 KB, 1143x1024, large.jpeg)

I dont know if you still take suggestion (given you did >>15175) so i'm putting this for you consideration,just in case you still do that
Name:Lyra and Bon Bon
Based on that line from one episode where Bon Bon said she's a secret agent,my idea is having a spy from an Equestrian foreign nation (Saddle Arabia or other of your choice) send on a mission to kill Bon Bon for state reason (with Lyra being a collateral damage)
Cause of Death:The story can open on the two lesbian ponies enjoying a night of sex eating each other pussy as our killer spy (you can give him a generic name if you want like Agent X or something) jack off to his future victim.As Lyra go to fresh up in the bathroom,our spy divide his plan,he sneak to the bathroom to kill Lyra to both lure Bon Bon and to leave no witness.He strangle Lyra in the bathtub with a garrote wire(like in the image i posted) and wait for Bon Bon to check on her girlfriend upon which our spy snap her neck as her last vision is of her dead girlfriend).The spy then get his just reward,molesting the two sexy dead dykes corpse,he fuck them,he shove his dick in their mouth before leaving and letting the two corpses stacked on each other,their lips locked in a last kiss
You can decide wether or not the mortician have fun with them,if he does,my main idea is of straight guy fucking lesbian girl so maybe the mortician can make the two corpse kiss each other or being stacked in a 69 position like in the CMC story
Death Outfit:Both nude i guess,Bon Bon can wear a white nightgown if you want
Funeral Arrangements: Together in their wedding dresses


I still take requests, yes.


Any chances on something with Derpy or Rainbow Dash?

Maybe some accident that killed them + morgue necro? :D


Not Mort but i think you'll have more chance to get a request written (porvided he have time and the desire to do so) if you developed your idea more

He made this little form in the OP
Name: (this would be a character from MLP. It might branch out to other series, but for now, it's MLP. If your suggestion is an OC, please link to their appearence)
Cause of Death: (how did they die and how were they found at the crime scene?)
Death Outfit: (how were they dressed when they were processed by CSI?)
Funeral Arrangements: (what, if anything, have they requested happen to them for their funeral?)

IMO "some accident" is too vague (unless you want Mort to improvise something for you or decide for you,i dunno) You dont necessarly need to write a whole wall of text/guideline but try to develop your idea more than just "Name X or Name Y get snuffed"


Name: Derpy Hoofs and Rainbow Dash
Cause of Death: Accident(?). Collision at high attitude during flight.
Dash died from broken neck when impacting Derpy in the air.
Derpy got her back/spine broken on a rock when she hit ground -suffocated to death.
Death Outfit: Rainbow Dash tight spandex Flight suit with sport underwear under it.
Derpy - grey button-up shirt, jeans shorts. Pink cute bra and White panties with hearts on them.
Incident: Both flyers mush have collided in the air at high speed over the Evefree forest(Dash broken neck and bruise on Derpys forehead).
Bodies found after approximately one day. Singh of the scene being disturbed as both girls had they clothes in disarray and semen was found in and on them (probably someone found them as they were already dead and used them as no sights of struggle are present).
Funeral Arrangements: Dash - lack of any found in her documentation. Derpy - not written. By request of royal cort - bodies to be prepared for plastification to preserve them in as much natural looking condition as possible - both being transferred to XXX castle and into private rooms of Txxxxxxx Sxxxxxx.


Name: Nightmare Moon(herm version, has horse genitalia for some reason)
Cause of Death: Execution via beheading
Death Outfit: Naked, her head being mounted on her now perma erect horsecock
Funeral Arrangements: None, but her body and head were preserved and essentially given away for public sex relief. Thus certain spells were cast on them. The body should be still warm and is reacting to certain stimuli such as penetrating someone with the penis or getting penetrated by one as if it was still alive. Nightmare Moon's headless corpse and its severed head is also under a special anti-thieving spell that makes it return back to its original spot after 12-24 hours after the body removal or so.



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