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I awoke tied to an operating table. My limbs were all spread out. There were metal bands holding my wrists and ankles in place, and a thick leather strap going between my belly button and my breasts. I was totally naked. "Where am I?" I said. Several doctors were standing around me, all of them women. None of them answered me. "Hello? What's going on?" One of them picked up a clipboard. "Are you Sasha Fiero, 19 years old, Greensburg University?" "Yes, let me go!" One of the doctors picked up a large handsaw. "What are you doing?" I said. Another doctor grabbed my right arm and held it down. The doctor with the saw put one hand on my breast and rested the saw right on the end of my shoulder. "Try to hold still, okay, darling?" she said. She started sawing into my flesh, bright red blood bleeding out. A hot burning pain shot from my shoulder to the rest of my body. All the air was forced out of my lungs, and I made a cry of pain. I tried to arch up my back, but the strap over my stomach made it impossible. I was immobilized. "We're through," said the doctor. Horrifyingly, one of the doctors undid the strap on my right arm, picked it up and tossed it into a bin like garbage. By now, the shock had worn off and I screamed out in pain. "Sealing wound," said a doctor, and she took a red-hot iron rod out of a rack. "No! Please!" I yelled, but she pressed it to my shoulder. It was pure agony. I started writhing around in pain, trying to escape my restraints, but it was no use. I was too weak. By now, they had walked to my other arm. "Please, I'll do anything," I wheezed. I could barely speak. But it was no use. Again, one of them held my arm down, and another one pushed down on my breast and began to saw. There was no more shock or adrenaline rush, just extreme pain on both shoulders. I wiggled my hips, hoping to slide out of the strap, but what would be the point? I'd surely just collapse without arms. The pain from the saw was almost unbearable, and in my screaming I was losing my voice. I began to see black, and I was praying that I would pass out and that the pain would go away. But before I could, the arm was off. One doctor threw it away, and the wound was heat sealed. 2 arms gone. I felt weak and my skin looked very pale.  I began to hyperventilate, from pain and from trauma. I had no more arms, I was a cripple. "She's lost a lot of blood. She needs a transfusion!" Said one of the doctors. Almost immediately, something sharp pierce deep into my belly button. I looked down, and a needle on the end of a long clear tube was stuck into an artery in my torso. Blood came through the tube and into me. I was able to slow down mt breathing. Most of the doctors were fussing around the room with papers and instruments, but one of them came over to me. "Sorry we had to choose such an odd method of transfusion, but you don't have arms. We call this the umbelical cord." She chuckled. She wasn't sorry. My pain was so bad that I could barely understand her, much less respond. I closed my eyes and breathed heavy. "Look, we're going to do your legs next," she said calmly. My eyes shot open. "Please, no, I'm begging you, just let me go." The doctor didn't react. "It's going to hurt considerably more, but we can't have you squirming around as we might hit something important, like your spine." Just like that, the doctor got up and walked away. By now, the colour had returned to my skin and the flow of blood from the umbelical cord had stopped. Someone pulled the needle out of my stomach and put a small bandage over the would. It hurt, but nowhere near as much as my shoulders did. The doctors moved over to my lower body and 2 of them held down my right leg. That would be the first one to go. I was expecting a bonesaw, but one of the doctors turned on a nearby circular saw. It was loud and spun fast. I was able to look down my body at what they were doing, and I noticed that they had already marked a point in my upper thigh from which to amputate. They brought the saw down to inches above my leg. Feeling the wind of the saw spinning above my leg was torturous. "God," I thought, "If you're listening, make this fast." They slowly brought the saw down and it tore into my leg. All the air was forced out of my lungs again as blood flew onto my body, the doctors, and around the room. I let out a murderous yell as I felt it cut right through the bone. 2 doctors came and held down my hips, struggling to keep me from moving. The pain was indescribable. I was genuinely blinded with it. Finally, they turned the saw off and removed my leg from the strap. I was almost too scared to look, but I peered down right as they were burning the socket to seal the bleeding. They had cut perfectly diagonal along my torso just millimeters from my pussy. The sight was so horrifying that I almost vomited, but I realized that there was no food in my stomach. I was snapped out of panicked thought and hellish pain when I heard the saw turn on again. They were going to saw off my last limb. They didn't toy with me that time, they just got right to sawing. I didn't have the energy to scream or squirm. I just had to lie there and absorb the pain. I had only been there fifteen minutes but suffering no longer had any meaning to me. It just was. I still of course was hurting more than I ever had or would, but I had accepted the fact that I was limbless. The pulled off the last leg and sealed the wound. Then, they undid the strap on my stomach. I was covered in blood and far too weak to move. They stuck the umbelical cord into me again, pumping more blood into me. My flesh regained colour but I still felt dead. I had no legs or arms. I was useless. Forever. They began to wrap bandages around my stubs. The same doctor came back to me and began wiping blood off of my boobs and neck. "Why did you do this to me?" I asked weakly. For the first time, someone responded to me. "I know it's hard for you to talk now, sweetie. That was rough. You're going to be a breeding slave for the rest of your life." There it was. My fate. "Men and even a few women will use you as a toy forever. You'll live off of a tube and spend about 40 percent of your life pregnant." I had hoped the worst was over, but it was just beginning. And yet, it was all over.


Fuck, this was really hot! This place could always use more quadruple amputation stories like yours! Great job, I enjoyed it very much.


I'm always happy to see an amputee story, though I personally prefer to focus more on the girl's struggles after her amputation(s). One suggestion: use line breaks. It makes it much easier to read, especially in gurochan's display format.

Thanks for the story!

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