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She was beautiful, sleeping on the table as I slid her clothes away and tossed them to fire. She wouldn't need them. I noticed she momentarily opened her eyes so I quickly taped her arms together, starting just above her elbows, all the way to her fingers, which I taped together before I taped thick winter mittens and then socks over her hands and feet. Next were her legs, and I grabbed a second fresh roll because I used so much on her arms, and likewise, I cacooned her from above her knees to her mitten smothered feet, which were soft and small.
Like a rainbow silver and pale white, the petite 18 year baby sitter was under 5 feet from sole to scalp, and very thin, with not even A cups but amazingly, a perfectly curvy ass that normally stuck out in a manner that mortified her, currently smooshed on the table beneath her.

I saw her open eyes as I taped her mourh shut. She stared at me blankly.

Steven's too old to have a babysitter. His parents got him one anyway, despite his brother, my friend, insisting he and I could. Truly I didn't want to be his babysitter, I wanted him not to have one.
Steven was his with his brother. His babysitter was in my basement.

I pretty muched wrecked all the tech that could endanger me and made it look like some SJWs did it, was quite fun. Then I waited in Steven's house while he was at the park with his brother, who really didn't kbow my plan. Dragging her nextdoor and tossing her in an open window on the ground was easy. It was dark isolated.
But now she was waking up.

She blinked.
She looked around and her face showed simultaneously more fear and realization as she calculated her situation, before snapping her head steady to stare at me, wide eyed and almost unblinking.
I taped over her eyes. Her screams were muffled but I added so much more tape anyway.

She wasn't tense. She couldn't be. She couldn't move yet at all, she was simply awake and aware. She could feel pain. Just not move. He didn't have any painkillers for her. Poor girl. I didn't want her to be in pain. Well I enjoyed it physically but if it wasn't needed to make the world a better place, I wouldn't. If I could make it easier for her, I would.

I lifted her feet into the air and had a field day spanking her she sprayed piss everywhere and I didn't slow down at all, even once she wasn't paralyzed. Her butt was just perfect. She wiggled off the table and I held her legs down, but she was facing away from the table and this thrusted her vagina forward and covered her ass, so I started spanking her pussy and thighs. She put her hands on the ground and tried wiggling off, but that just circled her tush and presented it for a good spanking. I tossed her back on the table and started slaping her belly. She was going to be dead in a week, why not bruise her.

I started slapping her. Her head looking up from in front of my belly. Her face grew purple. It was already red from terror and shame.
I held her still as I pointed to ny basement kitchen. I slapped each of her nipples in turns and asked,
"When I am done hurting you, what part of you should I eat first?"

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