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Ms. Masterson ( and I worked together on this as a bit of a collaboration. I came up with the idea, brainstormed with her, she wrote the initial parts with me editing and polishing it up. She ended up writing most of it (and I did a Mass Effect story at the same time which she came up with the concept for and polished), and I think it came out really well.

I've actually finished a sequel to it and realized that she hadn't posted this anywhere. And since she told me I could post it up if I wanted to, here it is. If people like it I'll post my (smaller) sequel.


Sam paced, back and forth, back and forth. It didn't help the butterflies, but at least it kept her from focusing too much on what was going to happen.

She could hear as a meaty thunk echoed from beyond the curtain, another cheer rising from beyond as yet another of her classmates was snuffed for the benefit of the school, and she was next on the auction block.

'Oh god, I hope I manage not to cum until they spit me!'

"Aaaand, our next lot is a perky young woman from our school's volleyball team, let's hear it for Samantha!"

That was her cue. Sam gulped and struggled with her butterflies one last time, plastering a perky smile on her face as she stepped out in front of the crowd.

The room beyond was strange to her eyes. It was normally used as the highschool's gym and stage, with chairs being brought in when there was a play, or an assembly. Now, instead of the neat rows of chairs she was used to, or the extended rows of bleachers, several round tables had been brought in, and at least a hundred people must have been sitting around them in total. She knew from her mom that tickets to the auction were fairly cheap at 20 bucks a person, so the people gathered in front of the stage were mostly teachers, parents, a few friends, and, of course, some of her fellow schoolgirls. Cleis High School had an extensive sports program, as befitted an all-girls high school. Have to keep the meat toned, after all, and having them compete amped up school spirit.

Out of the corner of her eye, Samantha could see two burly men coming to carry the remains the girl who'd been auctioned off before her back to the cafeteria for preparation. Emily Cooper, Sam remembered, seeing her distinctive blue hair poking out from a basket in front of the guillotine where she met her end. Her neatly head locked in the most seductive expression Sam had ever seen her wear.

Emily was the president of Cleis High School's anime club. Samantha remembered her mentioning that she was auctioning her meat off to pay for box sets of all of the latest anime for the club to enjoy together. Her head, Sam thought she remembered, was going to be mounted like a big game hunting trophy, a memento of the night for the winning bidder.

Emily's body was splayed shamelessly on the bench in front of the guillotine; completely naked save for a pair of bright red tennis shoes that somehow only seemed to emphasize her nudity rather than diminish it. She was resting on her back, her tits pointing off to the sides, her pale white legs spread to reveal an absolutely dripping snatch. Sam stared at the tableau for a second before the men the school had recruited to help carried her off, one of them swinging her headless naked body over his shoulder as the other picked up the basket and pushed the school's well-used guillotine off to the side of the stage.

Emily's time was done. She'd been snuffed and now it was Sam's turn to sell herself to the people in front of her.

Sam gulped as she spotted her mother and sisters in the crowd, her youngest sister cheering fit to scream her lungs out as Sam took center stage, and the microphone.

"So, tell the crowd, Sam, what are you putting up for auction?" Principal Madelyn Krantz smiled happily down at the girl.

Sam took a deep breath, to steady herself as she gave a cheery smile over the crowd, "H-Hi! My name is Sam, and I'm on the volleyball team."

She stepped to one side as she started to get into her speech, "As you know, the Cleis High Volleyball Team made it to the finals this year!" She beamed with pride as cheering rose from the crowd.

"But, um, it's also a-a really long way to Capitol City." She gave a sad look, drooping a bit, "It's going to be -expensive- to send all our girls there, so...."

Sam perked up again, "So, I volunteered to take part in the auction! All the money I raise will go towards paying for the trip to Capitol City, stuff like renting the van, and getting the team rooms for their stay at the tournament! Maybe even paying for a victory meal if I manage to raise enough!"

More cheers as Sam flashed her mom a happy grin, "Of course, that means I won't get to go to the finals with them, since I'll be dinner for the lucky auction winner instead," Sam explained, her pussy dripping with enough arousal that it managed to leak into her words, "but the rest of the team will! That's alright by me, though, I've always wanted to cook, more than I've wanted to play!"

Laughter bubbled up from various points, and Sam gave a cheeky grin, adopting a sexy pose, "I've fantasized about being spitted for the past several years, and now I get to live my fantasy! Well, for a short time," Sam laughed a bit nervously.

"Just thinking about all of you; strangers, friends, family, all of you watching me when whoever wins this auction fires up that machine behind me and shoves that bit thick spit into my little pussy... God! The thought of being spitted and cooked in front of room full of people for your entertainment, of being eaten by whoever bids high enough to win me," She waved to her mom, and her little sisters waved enthusiastically back, "It's getting me soooo -wet-!" Her wink earned a few catcalls and laughter from the crowd.

"I've been training for volleyball for the past three years, I'm fit, athletic, and my meat is tone and lean! Girlmeat has everything a body needs to keep going, and healthy girls like me are the healthiest kind of meat you can get!" She grinned happily as her Mom nodded encouragement.

Sam smirked, then tugged up and ripped her t-shirt off, getting a few surprised cries from the crowd as she revealed her bare body underneath. Sam had decided not to wear a bra for the auction, so her pert breasts bounced slightly as she unveiled them, her puffy nipples visibly jutting out from their peaks. "As you can see," Sam cupped one of her handful-sized breasts with her free hand and pinched the nipple, twisting it back and forth nervously, "I'm already getting turned on by the thought of being spitted for you!"

Sam was certainly a sight for sore eyes. A light dusting of freckles covered the top of her chest, just barely reaching her petite breasts. Her puffy nipples visibly drew the gazes of everyone in the room, and her bouncy personality kept it on her as she continued to speak.

Sam smiled happily as she basked in the attention. "You know, I still remember my first time tasting girlmeat? It was almost a year ago. Last summer actually. I had just won a beach volleyball tournament, and the grand prize was my pick of any of the cheerleaders I wanted! I picked a girl named Kimberly. She was really perky, super-happy that I picked her. Having her, knowing that I had won her? It was such a rush!"

Sam beamed. "I got to finger and even lick her a bit before they spitted her for me. I still remember the way her roasted pussy tasted, meaty with just a hint of sweetness and salt from the ocean spray. It was incredible! I hope I taste just as good as she did!" Sam smiled perkily, giving her tits an extra heft with both hands for emphasis. "That's why I volunteered for this auction! I want to give whoever wins me the same experience I had. Biting into Kimberly was amazing! I thought about trading places with her every single night for a month straight, and I've been wanting it ever since!"

"I know some of you might worry about where your meat has been. Well, rest assured that I've never had a boy inside me, though I have loved my toys! I-I suppose my sisters get to have them now?"

Sam paused. "So who wants my roasted pussy on their plate?" she asked hopefully, to immediate cheers from the crowd, drawing a deep blush from Sam. "This whole thing is making me so incredibly -wet- that I'll practically baste myself! In fact... who wants to see just how wet this auction is making me?"

More catcalls sounded and impressed cries of encouragement drove Sam to unbutton her shorts and tug down her panties, revealing the soft, smooth skin of her pussy. It was mostly flat, a gap between her legs with just a hint of inner lips protruding to mark her treasured spot.

She had been getting used to having to trim her pubes, but for this, Sam had decided to go with a bald-smooth waxing, despite how much it hurt. After all, no one wanted to risk a hair in their prized filet, even if it did belong to the fillet's owner. Despite the pain, it was worth it, without the neatly trimmed landing strip of fur she was used to, her freckles stood out starkly against her pale skin. "I'm practically drooooooling just waiting to be spitted!" She admitted, trailing a finger between her lower lips and showing the crowd just how moist and slippery it had become.

More laughter sounded as she handed the microphone back to the principal and scampered up onto the raised platform at the side of the stage, where one of the tech-girls had just finished setting up the spitting machine, having cleared away Emily's guillotine while she was talking.

"That was Samantha, the volunteer from the volleyball team!" The principal proclaimed. "She's asked that the bidding start at $100, who will give me a hundred for the honor of spitting this adorable girl?!"

Sam beamed as a hand shot up, and the auction began in earnest. At first, she tried to keep track of who was bidding how much for her, but then the attendant drew her to the machine. She gulped, biting her lip as she stared at the contraption of gleaming steel and soft, black rubber. Her eyes were drawn to the long, gleaming spit behind the seat, a spit that would very soon be plunged through her young, tender flesh. It was -huge-, when she got to see it this close! Two inches across at least! None of her toys were anywhere -near- that big, and she was going to have that gleaming, beautiful monster rammed entirely through her!

Sam stepped into the machine with a needy whine, laying down on her belly where the attendant indicated. The soft cushion supported her from breasts to hips as the woman gently started strapping her down. She slid her wrists through the indicated openings, and gave a startled, pleased gasp as the machine clamped tightly around them with inflated rubber gaskets. Sam looked up and smiled happily to the crowd, then gave a wanton moan that drew laughter and more bids as the attendant guided her feet through similar clamps and locked her legs in place.

She was prepped. She couldn't move, her torso was locked down, all she could do was lift her head and squirm ever so slightly. She looked up and beamed to the crowd, and was astonished to see that she already had a bid of five hundred sixty up for the honor of spitting her! Sam gaped at the board showing the current bid and gasped as a voice called out six hundred.

Six hundred?! For the privilege of pulling the large lever to her right that would start the machine and spit her?! Ohhh, they had thrown in making her cum first, no wonder! Not that she needed much, her cute teenage pussy was dribbling her lust down her thighs, it wouldn't take much more than a few licks at her pearl to make her cum at this rate!

Her eyes bulged as she saw her mother's hand raise, a bid for six hundred fifty being placed. Oh god, to get eaten out by -her own mom- before being spitted by her?! The thought -almost- made Sam cum right then and there!

God, she wanted it. She could just picture it, her own mother pulling the lever, holding her cunt open for the spit, just like Sam wanted. Mom was hot, sleek and athletic like she was, but also curvy and with a killer rack that Sam soooo wanted to suck on. Damn, but she was weeet, she could almost -hear- the drips of her arousal falling to the padding beneath her exposed pussy! God, what if Mom wanted a taste before? The thought stole Sam's breath away, and her hips rocked in need. The thought of her hot, stacked mom eating out her cute teen pussy, before shoving that monster shaft through her and letting her roast! It was incredible! She wondered if her mom would share her with her sisters if she won?

Then another bid went up, seven hundred. Sam stared at the board, speechless, not that she could be heard over the murmurs of the crowd, until she spotted the woman who had put in so much for her. Her English teacher, Ms. Rosalyn Henderssen. Over six feet tall and sexy as hell, Sam had had a schoolgirl crush on the buxom woman since the start of the school year, and -she- was offering -how much- for her meat?!

Fucking hell, she'd've eaten out Ms Rosa every day after class for less than that! Or in front of class! Oohh, god, she was soo wet, she could see Ms. Rosa in the crowd, giving her a smug look, and a naughty wink. D-Damn, she should have talked to her earlier, seen if maybe the gorgeous woman would have wanted a little girlmeat on her plate a long time ago....

"One Thousand! Do I hear twelve hundred?"

Sam's heart stopped. H-HOW MUCH?!? She looked to the board, and yes, a full four figures had been offered for her meat! The murmur of the crowd had gotten respectful, though Rosa's pout was saddening. Sam followed her teacher's eyes to look at....

Tiffany? The elegant, sleek, always-stylish Tiffany? The prettiest girl in school? The one who's dark-coffee skin Sam had always wanted to see more of? The girl who's rejection had had Sam in tears her first day at high school? THAT Tiffany was offering a full thousand for her?!

The girl that stepped up onto the stage after the final call and her meat was sold was tall for her age, and wore an elegant party dress in shimmering white that perfectly offset her dark-chocolate skin. her dark eyes glittered as she stepped elegantly over to where Sam was strapped down ready for the spit, a delicate brown hand stroking and patting her rump. Sam moaned eagerly and the crowd gave a chorus of laughter.

"I've always wanted you, you know." Tiffany's soft voice was gentle, pitched only for Sam's ears. "Ever since I first met you, I've wanted you. Wanted to know what you tasted like, what you had under that cute skirt. Now, I get to have my wish. I hope you enjoy it, Sam."

Sam's shocked gasp turned into a wanton moan as Tiffany leaned down to taste her pussy. God, she was going to cum and Tiff had only barely licked her clit! Oh no, god please no, don't let her stop! But Tiff was already pulling away, her fingers gently kneading Sam's slit, "Mmmm! You really are turned on by this aren't you?" Tiffany asked, not even waiting for a response before continuing, barely even pausing to lick Sam's copious juices from her full and pouty lips. "You taste wonderful, by the way. Very juicy. You're going to be worth every penny I bid for you once you're roasted."

Sam's hips bucked as much as they could in their restraints as Tiffany's fingers teased the entrance to her cunt. She couldn't believe this was happening! Tiffany! Her first crush! And she'd bought -her-! Sam was nearly robbed of ration thought as the lovely brown girl played with her soon-to-be-food.

"This adorable little pussy of yours will be gracing my plate tonight, Sam," Tiffany assured her, her fingers lightly stroking the petals of Sam's dripping sex. "If your sex tastes even half as good cooked as you do raw, I'm in for a treat."

Sam gave a moan of lust, shuddering in delight as Tiffany went on, "I do hope your cute freckles will show up once your meat is roasted to a perfect golden-brown. I can barely wait to dig into those cute little lips of yours. Can't you just picture me tearing them apart bite by succulent bite? Your lovely lips drenching my tongue in your taste as I destroy them?" Tiffany's fingers traced a light circle around Sam's clit as their owner's attention shifted. "I really like your cute pearl, as well. Hmmm, I wonder if it will taste good too?" Sam shuddered, her pussy-walls clenching needily around the fingers slipped inside her as Tiffany leaned in to give her clit a soft little suckle.

"Mmmmmm, I can taste just how wet you are, you horny little meatslut. Your prime filet is just dripping with that tasty juice of yours..." Sam couldn't respond, her breath stolen away by gasping moans. "I hope you'll be sure to remember to season your pussy well with it once I finish spitting you, I'm looking forward to the tender meal those cute little lips of yours are promising me, and I hope you don't intend to disappoint me..."

Sam gave a mewl as her pussy was vacated, but only for a moment before Tiffany's fingers slid back into her. Sam almost squeaked as Tiffany practically slammed her fingers inside her as far as they could go, the adorable reaction quickly turning into a full-throated moan of lust as Tiffany finger-fucked her meal in earnest.

"It really is such an adorable little pussy. If I had known you had this sweet little thing tucked away beneath that skirt of yours, I never would have rejected you that first day of school. In fact, I would have bugged mom to buy you earlier! I'm sure she could have convinced your mom to sell you to us. Especially if she invited her over when we served you up." Sam gasped as the dark-skinned girl twisted her fingers inside Sam's gushing pussy, "of course, I have no intention of sharing you now... I have plans for you, Sam."

Sam moaned as Tiffany played her like a violin. "I'll be having your thighs for lunch tomorrow. Your breasts... well, you're either a late bloomer or you were never going to get big ones in the first place, so they'll wind up in my dog's dish, a special treat as it's her birthday." Sam shuddered in lust at the thought, or was that how Tiff's fingers were teasing her clit?

Sam's bliss was short-lived, her whine of protest making Tiffany chuckle as the dusky-skinned schoolgirl pulled her fingers free and sucked them dry with an audible pop. Sam knew that everyone in the room was watching her, but somehow Tiffany made her feel like they were completely and intimately alone, "I bet you're wondering how I bid so much for that quivering little cunt of yours, right? Well, my Mom's spotting me the money. Of course, she wanted something in return..."

"Wh-What?" Sam was barely conscious of Tiffany's words, far -more- conscious of the fingers digging once more into her tight, teen pussy.

"My mom's wanted to cook me for the holidays for a while now. She's constantly looking up new recipes, and leaving them around the house where I can find them. She crosses out the titles and replaces them with stuff like 'suckling roast daughter,' and 'Tiffany stew.' She's been dropping hints for a couple years now..." Tiffany explained, clearly turned on by the memory. "Of course, she'd never cook me without my consent, and even though it's super hot finding a new recipe my mom modified with me in mind lying around the kitchen, or in front of the couch, there hasn't been anything I wanted enough to let her have me. That is... until you put yourself up for sale," Tiffany explained, causing Sam to gasp as Tiffany hooked the tips of her fingers into the bound girl's g-spot in emphasis. Sam tried to twist her head to see Tiffany, just to see if her new owner was serious, but Tiffany was out of sight, and Sam's head could move that much anyway, strapped into the spitting machine as she was.

"That's why this year? I'm on the menu. I'm pretty sure my family will be dining on oven-roasted Tiffany for Thanksgiving. That was the last recipe my mom left out for me. It had a picture of a headless girl, roasted to perfection, her limbs capped with those little paper things you see on turkeys? Because of your tasty-looking sex, my Mom is going to gut me to make room for her home-made stuffing, then she's going to fist it into my cunt and womb, filling me up until I'm overflowing with it. Handful by handful, until finally? My mom will take some cooking twine and sew my pussy closed so that none of the stuffing can leak out."

The coffee-skinned girl paused, seemingly savoring the thought. "Mmmm... I just hope I wind up as succulent as you're about to be."

Tiffany pulled her fingers free of her soon-to-be-meal's slit one last time and wiped them dry on Sam's tomboyish red hair.

Suddenly, Sam's sex began to feel less fulfilled. "N-no, please, I'm so close!" She moaned as Tiff's fingers slipped out of her. She could see Tiffany again now, smiling down at her and licking the remnants of Sam's flavor off her fingers a little.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you cook, Sam. Thank you for doing this for me." Tiffany smiled as her other hand reached out and grasped the lever that would snuff her. "You know, Thanksgiving is a bit away... If you're as good as I think you'll taste, I might try and get my mom to buy one of your sisters to cook with me. There was a lovely recipe for a pair of young girls she left out last Christmas. Their heads were bound between each other's thighs before being pushed into the oven. That would be a fun way to be roasted, don't you think?"

Sam moaned at the thought of one of her younger sisters bound between her thighs, the pair of them licking each other to completion as they slowly transformed from girl into meat. God! That would have been so hot! The idea alone almost made up for the lack of Tiffany's fingers between her thighs.

Before Sam could respond, Tiffany pulled the lever. Sam gasped in delight.

She was going to be spitted now!

The machine wasn't swift, but it wasn't laggard either. Within seconds, Sam felt the cold, hard tip of the spit pressing against her dripping teenage twat. She gave a squeal of delight, making the crowd laugh happily in anticipation of yet another girl being snuffed before their eyes.

Tiffany leaned down to spread her sexlips for her last lover, the smell of Sam's heavy musk lingering in her dark nose. Tiffany's long brown fingers pulled on Sam's pussy, spreading it enough for Sam to emit a short squeak as the cool air of the stage touched her till now protected inner passage. Tiffany grinned a bit in response to the adorable reaction from the Tomboy that would soon be gracing her plate.

The spit plunged in, not too fast, but not too slow either, making Sam whimper as her tiny sex was forced wider and wider by the cold, hard intruder.

"Ohhhhgod..." she breathed as the spit finished spreading her and began gliding smoothly in and in and -in-.

"I bet it feels good, doesn't it?" Tiffany stroked her bare rump as the spit pressed its hard tip against her cervix.

Sam's reply was cut off with a choked cry as the spit pressed harder and harder against her innermost entrance, until with a sickening flare of pain, it pierced through her last line of defense and into her trembling, teenage womb. "Gyyaaaaah!!"

"Ohh, that sounds painful." Tiffany smiled as she pressed the lever forward a bit more, increasing the speed of the spit as it was slowly rammed through her soon-to-be-dinner. Her soft, brown fingers caressing and stroking the tightly-stretched lips, occasionally brushing against the slowly moving shaft of the spit.

"Unnnhhh...." Sam groaned, shuddering. Her insides felt so -bad-! The spit was ramming itself into her womb and any moment now it would break wide open! She could feel the point pressing against the back of her womb, not sharp enough to tear through with ease, but not blunt enough to be safe either. Her pussy clenched, struggling in vain to keep the intruder from gliding any deeper, and only serving to excite the spitted girl more!

"Here it comes, Sam..." Tiffany sounded almost as aroused as Sam was as she slid the lever forward another notch.

Sam's scream brought a roar of approval from the crowd as her cute teen pussy was rammed even harder and she -felt- her womb burst open. Her face was locked in a mixture of pain and rapture as the spit slid into her body, passing out of the exit it tore in her womb and shoving her guts around. The sensation was sickening, but nothing like the sudden and incredible flare of pain as the pointed tip touched her stomach.

Tiffany had pulled the lever back, slowing the machine back down to its starting pressure. Sam twisted her head just enough to stare up at her dusky-skinned executioner, gasping and panting in pain and arousal. "I want you to savor this, Sam. Your womb is busted, you'll never have children, but you might survive if I stopped now." Tiffany observed with a hunger in her eye. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Nuh, nuh, no...." Sam's moan was a choked whimper as she shuddered in lust and pain. This was everything she ever wanted. She couldn't stop now, not before the finished cooking her. She -needed- to be snuffed!

"Good girlmeat," Tiffany replied, pleased with her response.

Sam had only time for a quick cry before the lever was thrust forward again, and her stomach was pierced by the inexorable force of the spit.

Her shuddering body was being impaled, she could feel the greasy, nauseating sensation of her guts being forced out of alignment by the presence of the spit. She could feel the horrible cramping pain as her stomach spasmed around the metallic intruder. She could feel the incredible girth of the phallic shaft as it stretched her young, tender pussy to the breaking point. But more than all of that, she utterly adored the way she gagged and gasped, feeling the spit slowly forcing its way up her esophagus. She was being spitted! For real! Her fantasy was finally coming true, and Sam was determined to savor it!

Sam had to tilt her head back a bit as the shaft passed behind her modest tits, sobbing and moaning from the mingled pleasure and pain; but soon even that was cut off in a gagging, choked cry as the spit glided up through her neck. She opened her mouth as she tasted blood on the back of her tongue; unable even to sob, barely able to breathe as the spike of the spit slowly passed into view, streaked with blood, her blood, as it slowly came to a stop less than a hands-breadth from her lips. Sam could focus on it only by going cross-eyed, and despite the incredible pain in her guts and belly, her pussy clamped around the shaft and she shuddered in orgasm.

"That's good meat, season your pussy up for me...." Tiffany shivered in delight at the sight of the spitted girl cumming from her treatment; panting, her dusky fingers rubbing her hip through her dress. She was glad she had decided not to wear panties this evening, it was going to be soooo good to finger herself as she ate Sam's cooked pussy.

Sam was spitted. Actually spitted! She could see the spit protruding from her mouth, taste it with her tongue, feel it stretching her throat! Sam was in agony, what with her punctured womb and stomach, but she was also in ecstasy Her pussy convulsively clenched over and over around the thick intruder reaming her from end to end, utterly unable to help the orgasms that tore through her teenage frame. She wasn't even aware of being unstrapped, too lost with pleasure to notice as her arms were bound behind her back. It was only when her ankles were clamped to the shaft that her eyes widened and she managed to force out a whimper around the spit.

"There there, meat, you'll soon be on the fire, don't worry. We won't leave you like this too long." Tiffany smiled as Sam was hoisted off the spitting machine by two burly women, smirking as the teen spit roast shuddered at the pressure on her insides.

Sam couldn't believe it. The pressure, the jostling motion, everything about her predicament turned her so on, it broke off the switch. She came twice before they managed to get her backstage, and again before she got outside to the cooking area. The track and field area had been turned into a makeshift barbecue, and the smell was delicious.

Sam didn't have the best view, but she spotted several girls in the process of being cooked. Emily, or at least her carcass, was over at the carving station, already half-carved. Her breasts and her prime fillet were already on the nearby grill, being slathered with butter and cooking to perfection. The girl always did love a good slice of grilled girlmeat, and now she got to provide her own.

Sakura was over to one side, and gave Sam a happy wave, which the spitted girl couldn't return. The girl was tightly bound head hand and foot to the vertical struts of the small cage she was in. It was barely tall enough for her to stand in, and her wrists and ankles were bound to the vertical struts with basting twine. The very top of the cage ended in a thick collar which was clamped tightly around the Asian girl's throat. The cage was currently dangling from a chain attached to a hoist, but currently no one was attending her. A carrot tuft was visible between her thighs, no doubt rammed into her sopping cunt, and a tomato was stuffed into her mouth. The girl gave Sam a wink and a little wave as she squirmed in bliss while she waited. There were only so many attendants working the girls back here, so some of them had to wait their turns. The over-sized cooking drum stood next to Sakura, currently empty, but several vats of cooking oil stood nearby. No doubt the girl was going to fry fairly soon, and the way she squirmed and rocked her hips indicated that she was very enthusiastic about the prospect.

Sam was turned away from that sight as she was angled towards the firepit, which was set up over a 55-gallon drum that had been sliced in half, half-filled with charcoal, and set on fire. She whimpered quietly as she was slowly maneuvered into position, gasping as heat washed over her body.

Across from her, she saw Leslie, the blond swimming team captain, smiling as a nurse helped her up the short staircase. The industrial grinder was already roaring as the girl turned and sat down at the edge of the chute. Sam caught a glimpse of Leslie's crotch and her eyes widened as she saw that the plumpest pussy in school was already gone, carved out by what looks like a very sharp knife. Leslie's belly was sunken in, giving her a starved, emaciated look, and it was quite clear that her guts had been removed at some point, leaving her with very little in terms of support.

Leslie gave the nurse a happy smile before pushing off and raising her hands above her head. The roar of the grinder deepened as the girl gave a short scream, before a bloody geyser fountained up and her scream cut off with sickening finality. The port under the grinder was already filling a large bucket with freshly-ground girlmeat, no doubt for burger patties. Beside it, on a flat-topped searing stove, a familiar set of sexlips were already browning under a glaze. If Sam remembered Leslie correctly, her prime fillet had already been basted with a glaze made from her own ovaries. The girl always did have a quirky sense of the ironic.

Sam whimpered softly as the spit began to turn, rotating her slowly over and over. It made her dizzy, or maybe that was the pain in her belly and crotch, and she whimpered softly as she shut her eyes. By the time she opened them again, Tiffany was standing in front of her, watching with a wide, satisfied smile, "Such a delicious roast. I'm going to be so glad when I get a taste of that delicious fillet. Do try to make sure you properly season it for me."

Sam whimpered, feeling her breath becoming short and shallow. Too much heat. She was cooking, oh god she was cooking.. Her pussy clenched tightly around the thick intruder, and she couldn't even whimper as she slowly turned over and over. Her legs tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed, trying to force her impaled torso up and down on the spit, if only to achieve a little scratch to her delicious itch.

A brush slathered glaze over her and she whimpered, feeling the thick, sticky sauce being lavishly applied, her eyes shutting as she was slowly but thoroughly coated with the tingly, succulent sauce. Her nipples, tight and hot and hard, were carefully brushed with the sauce, making her whimper softly. Her sexlips were smeared with more of it, and something slid into her ass to pour more of the thick, sticky stuff inside her. She couldn't sob, her body was too hot, sweat was beading up on her exposed skin, at least until she was slathered with yet more sauce.

It was exquisite, and a delightfully devious method of death. She shuddered in bliss as another orgasm ripped through her dying body. Her lungs were filling with her own spit, she couldn't swallow. She choked every once in a while around the thick spit gagging her throat. She couldn't even close her eyes anymore, and everything had a greyish haze.

She heard, rather than saw, Sakura's end, heard the winch power up, heard the girl gasp, then scream as she was lowered into the boiling-hot cooking-oil. Sam wondered which of them would die first, boiling was a faster way to die than roasting.

She couldn't see anymore, couldn't think really. she could hardly breathe, and every lungful of air seared her flesh. She couldn't even cough. Tiffany was there, she could feel a gentle hand teasing her sex, but that was about all. "Such good meat. I'm happy for you, Sam. I'm going to enjoy eating you."

She tried to smile, she really did, but her muscles were seizing up, and she couldn't even writhe anymore. 'I hope I taste great.'


Tiffany left once Sam stopped moving, life leaving her body with a beatific smile around the spit as she transitioned completely from girl to girlmeat. She wasn't done cooking yet of course, but the show that Tiffany had paid for was over. Sam was snuffed, and soon she would be nothing but dinner, once she finished roasting and the cooks carved her to the specifications that Tiffany had left them.

In the meantime, there were still girls being auctioned off in the gym, and that meant there were more shows to watch, even if she couldn't bid personally on any of them.

The walk back to her family's table took far too long for Tiffany's comfort. She could feel her own arousal dripping down her thighs with every new step as the sight of Sam desperately fucking herself on the spit to her very dying breath played over and over again in her mind's eye.

God, it was hot! Just getting to spit Sam had been worth every penny her mom had lent her, and if being snuffed was anything like as erotic as Sam had made it look? Tiffany had no regrets over what she'd promised in return.

The redecorated gym was in the middle of what had to be the final auction of the night when she returned. She recognized the face of the hispanic girl on stage as she made her way back to her family's table. She was a mousy little introvert from the year below her who was just finishing her speech about selling herself to raise money to buy new equipment for the science labs. Tiffany very much doubted that was the real reason that the light-skinned brown girl had decided to auction herself off; the science labs got all new equipment at the beginning of the year. Probably last year's auction come to think of it.

The girl on stage's name was Cassie, if she recalled correctly. Cute, but in a nerdy sort of way. Glasses, a pageboy haircut, and fairly baggy clothes had concealed what Tiffany now saw was an incredibly hot body from the world. Her sandy thighs were trim and lithe, her waist trim and her ass petite, but her breasts were firm and perky, her nipples bouncing teasingly as she walked across the stage.

Tiffany reached her seat as the bidding started, Cassie was almost innocently fingering herself as she watched wide eyed as the price of her death, and her meat, increased.

"Well? Did you have a good time snuffing that little girl you had a crush on?" Tiffany's mother asked her as she sat down. Both her mom and her little sister Sally looked at her expectantly.

"Yeah, she was... snuffing her was amazing," Tiffany admitted, still aroused by how sensual the act itself really was.

"I'm sure snuffing you will be even better," her mom replied happily, and Tiffany let it go for tonight, though she realized that just because she'd agreed to let her mom serve her for Thanksgiving, that didn't mean her mom would be letting the subject drop any time soon. Still, Tiffany got what she wanted, so her mom should get to enjoy her end of their bargain too, right?

"Come on, sis! We want details!" Sally demanded.

"Well..." Tiffany began, her fingers reaching surreptitiously beneath the table to play with her sex. She wasn't the only one doing it, but it wouldn't be polite to flaunt it. "Getting up on stage like that? Getting to finger and lick and then finally spit her? That was definitely the best part," Tiffany gushed. "You know she didn't stop fucking the spit until she died? She kept rocking back and forth on that massive thing, the thing I put inside her until her life finally gave out. It was amazing... Fuck, I'm really looking forward to eating that tight little sex of hers..."

The auction ended at the same time as Tiffany's recap, and the winning bidder, Ms. Rosalyn Henderssen, stepped up on stage to do the honors. She quickly bound Cassie's wrists in a rubber lined spreader-bar whose center clamped around the bookworm's neck, and locked the bar into a hook dangling from the ceiling, leaving Cassie completely exposed and helpless to her whims.

A single crank of the winch pulled Cassie off the ground, her slender little legs kicking fruitlessly in the air.

As the final auction item of the evening, Cassie had elected for a buyer's choice method of snuffing, or maybe it was the other way around and her choice of method had lead to her place in the show? Tiffany wasn't sure. Either way, the mousy girl's eyes widened as Ms. Rosa retrieved her favored implement.

The device looked like a hand cranked generator, and fundamentally it was, save for a few additions that had been added to spice it up. Four sets of wires trailed off of the machine, three ending in alligator clamps, the last one ending in a large solid metal dildo which was heavily ribbed, presumably to keep it in place inside its victim.

With an almost practiced ease Ms. Rosa attached a clamp to each of Cassie's prominent nipples, tearing a sexy little yelp from her throat with each one. The third clamp bit home on Cassie's clit, once Ms. Rosa had teased it out of hiding. That one pulled a squeaky panting from the already wriggling girl as she swung lightly in the air.

Of course, Ms. Rosa wasn't done quite yet. The leggy teacher lifted up the last remaining part of the generator, the dildo, and gently teased the entrance to Cassie's sex with it, slowly lubricating it as she rubbed it between the mousy girl's lower lips.

Tiffany groaned as she watched Ms. Rosa play her former student like a fiddle, stroking her sex lips with the fingers of her free hand, gently caressing her clit, all while she slowly drove the shining metal dildo deeper and deeper into the helpless girl's well-teased slit.

Inch by inch the dildo disappeared inside Cassie, accompanied by the bookworm's sexy groans and the delighted cheers of the crowd as the mousy girl bucked and panted while Ms. Rosa carefully fucked her with the instrument of her impending demise.

Watching that dildo slowly vanish into Cassie's snatch was hypnotic, and the silvery color of the dildo drew the eye as it sank past her caramel colored lower lips. Watching as Ms. Rosa forced the toy inside her purchase, Tiffany couldn't help but be reminded of another silvery phallic object that she herself had used to snuff her own dinner earlier that night.

Soon enough the dildo was buried firmly in Cassie's sex to the point where her own sex lips were folded over the base, the ridges keeping it from slipping out no matter how hard she writhed during the coming climax.

"Are you ready, Cassie?" Tiffany heard Ms. Rosa ask.

"Yes, Ms. Rosa," was the prompt and eager response from the suspended girl.

"You don't sound ready to me, Cassie. Beg me to snuff you, give me a reason I should let you fry. I only eat naughty little schoolgirls, Cassie. Convince me you belong on my plate."

Tiffany watched as Cassie blushed, her newly reddened cheeks bringing delectable contrast to her hispanic features.

"I've been a bad girl, Ms. Rosa! I play with myself in class when you're not looking. I can't keep my mind on the lesson because I'm too busy imagining what you would taste like if I licked you in front of the class until you came in my mouth. Sometimes, I come to class without my panties, hoping that you'll notice and make me come to the front of the class, I fantasize about you making me bend over and spanking my naughty little cunt until I cum... in front of everyone. I'm a slutty little virgin snufftoy Ms. Rosa! Please! Please break me! I want to fry for you! I want you to watch every moment as I twitch and swing! I want you to think of me when you come tonight, playing with yourself after eating my naughty little cunt. Please Ms. Rosa, please snuff me!"

"Well, well, well," Ms. Rosa tutted. You certainly are a naughty little quim, aren't you? I think we can fulfill your last request, don't you?" Ms. Rosa finished, directing her final question to the crowd. A raucous cheer was their response.

Grinning slyly, Ms. Rosa made her way to the generator and grabbed hold of the crank.

Cassie started cumming almost immediately. Sparks leaping to her nipples and her clit as her teacher cranked the machine. Cassie's hips bucked and jerked as her muscles seized from the current, clear juices flowing from her sex as Cassie rode the lightning. There was nothing to ground her, no escape as the current slowly built up inside her body, her pleasure increasing to heights she'd never even thought possible as she neared her final fate.

Cassie's hair began to frizz out as the current got to it, her eyes rolling back into her head, her hips bucking wildly as her nipples started to sear from the heat. Steam was wafting from her pussy as the dildo inside her flashed her arousal from a liquid to a gas. It took almost three minutes for Ms. Rosa to finish cranking the generator, and because the current kept her kicking, it was impossible to tell when Cassie had been snuffed. The room was filled with raucous catcalls as Ms. Rosa sauntered off the stage, the two burly women from earlier retrieving Cassie's body wearing thickly insulated gloves. The chatter in the makeshift fining room grew louder. With the auction ended, it was now time to eat.

Trays were brought in one after another, most of them filled with a combination of mashed potatoes, assorted vegetables, and girlmeat sausages made from Leslie. The swimteam captain had been the first item of the night, only auctioning off her prime filet and volunteering the rest of her body as the meat for the dinners of the people who had bought a ticket but failed to place a winning bid for a more interesting meal like she had.

Tiffany's mother looked up, and a succulent smell wafted over the table. Tiffany smiled happily, looking over her shoulder as the two servers set two large platters on folding trays and began serving up the dishes. An elegant white plate was set before her, a large platter set in the middle, a larger plate in front of her mother, and a smaller one in front of her sister Sally.

Sally got a nice thick slice of still-steaming meat. Taken from Sam's rump the once whitish meat had turned a lovely golden brown and was served piping hot and rubbed down thoroughly with herbs. Tiffany's mother got the two twin domes of Sam's breast-meat. They were sweet and savory, topped with Sam's once puffy and now crispy young nipples. Both dishes looked absolutely scrumptious.

In front of Tiffany was the stretched-wide sex of the girl she had snuffed. It had been removed whole with a device specially designed for the sole purpose of decunting young girls like her, and included a round section of meat surrounding Sam's delectable-looking delectables, topped with the now slightly crispy skin of her pubic mound. Her womb had been removed with the rest of her sex, still attached, and fully inflated from Sam's earlier roasting. Sam's ovaries rested to the side, lightly glazed and incredibly tempting. The smell was just as mouth-watering as the sight, delicious in the extreme as Tiffany reached for her knife to sever Sam's cervix from her cunt and open the punctured womb.

"U-Uhmm, e-excuse me...."

Tiffany looked over and saw a shy, redheaded white girl nearby. She bore a familiar resemblance, and Tiffany smiled, "You must be Maggie, Sam's sister, right?"

Maggie nodded and gave an adorable smile, "Um, I w-wanted to know, w-would it be ok, if I took some of my s-sister back to my table..? I- Mom wants some to remember her..."

"Well, now..." Tiffany's mother gave her a soft smile, "What do you think, Tiff? Should we let them have some of their daughter's meat?"

"Well, I think that's probably fair, Mother." Tiffany set her fork down and lightly rested the knife across Sam's vagina, making her sister blush adorably, her freckles vanishing beneath her own embarassment, "But I would prefer some compensation in return. I paid a great deal to snuff your sister." The girl probably will never know -how- much Tiffany paid for this privilege, but the reminder, even inadvertantly, was making Tiffany's pussy tingle with excitement.

"O-Ohh...." Maggie looked down, embarassed at asking for the prize that Tiffany had paid for. "um, ssso what do you want, then?"

The brown-skinned girl gave the redhead a long, slow look. She was younger than Sam, but only by a year or so. She'd be delicious, "Your pussy-bacon." It didn't seem right to snuff her in return for a few slices of her sister, but that didn't mean that she couldn't have a taste of the adorable girl.

Maggie's eyes popped open, "W-What?!"

"You heard her, If you want some of your sister, you're going to have to give us some of your vulva-bacon for it." Tiffany's mother chimed in, giving her daughter an approving smile.

"Uhh... That's probably not really a good choice...." The girl blushed hard, clearly coming to a decision. The girl lifted her skirt a little, showing off her cute pink panties. "I'm n-not really big or anything..." Maggie tugged her panties down a bit to show off a frankly mouth-watering pussy. It was utterly smooth, hairless and perfect, but she was right, her lower lips were a little on the small side, barely peeking out from where they were nestled between her thighs. They weren't immature precisely, but they were hardly the thick and meaty folds that even Tiffany sported.

"Well, in that case, we'll take your caviar as well as your your vulval bacon." Tiffany's mom gave a satisfied smile, "To season your meat with."

The girl's eyes were confused this time as she gave Tiffany a bewildered look.

"Your ovaries." Tiffany clarified. "We'll take your pussy-bacon as well as your ovaries, and in exchange you get a few thigh-cuts for your table, alright?" Tiffany gave a gentle, encouraging smile to the younger girl.

"My... ovaries?" Sam's sister wondered. "But... how would you get them?" she asked, shivering a little, and Tiffany couldn't tell if it was due to excitement, or nerves.

"Mmhmmmm. We would have to make small cuts, right... here and here." Tiffany's mother reached over to lightly press the girl's lower belly in two spots, right above where Tiffany knew her ovaries hid. "Then, we'd gently tug them out, and with a couple snips, you'd be harvested. We could tuck your fallopian tubes back in, or just snip them too, if you want. It'd be quick and easy, though afterwards you'd never have kids of your own."

"Eeep!" The girl blushed hard, but glanced shyly over at her table, where Tiffany could see two more girls, both younger than she was, eagerly waving for her attention, "U-Ummm, could I talk to my Mom about it?"

"Of course dear. Take your time, we'll probably be eating your sister for quite some time, but if you take too long, all the best cuts will be gone." To highlight her words, Tiffany's mother sliced off a bit of Sam's breast and popped the seared breast-meat in her mouth with obvious and vocal relish.

"O-Ohhh, uhh, I'll be right back, then!" The girl dashed away, blushing furiously and urgently spoke to her mother.

Sally leaned over to ask her sister, "Do you think she'll agree to it?"

Tiffany smirked, "If they want any of Sam, they will."

She watched as Maggie reached her mother, a few tables away and shyly talked to her. Tiff gave a smile and a wave as the mother looked sharply over at them, then turned to focus her attention back on her deliciously-prepared meal.

The vulval lips carved off easily, Sam had tenderized herself quite well with her dying orgasms. Tiffany lifted one of the fat lips and gave a soft moan as she gently bit into it.

Delicious. Sweet, savory and a hint of salt. Sam's pussy was done to perfection. She hoped that her own cunt tasted this good when Mom got done cooking her.

The family ate in silence for a while, and Tiffany savored each and every bite of Sam's vagina, saving her destroyed womb and cervix for later. The tingle in her own snatch as she finished the destruction of Sam's was delightful, a wonderfully wicked way to celebrate the unrequited crush she had had on the gorgeously athletic schoolgirl.

Her fingers slipped down to her unprotected cunt to caress her own sexlips, even as she slowly savored the last few bites of Sam's... This experience really was worth everything she'd paid for it.

She blinked a bit as she realized that her Mom was getting up. Oh, the girl was back, blushing fit to burst into flames, but Mother was smiling happily down at her, "Alright, then. Let's go to the back and get you harvested. I'll make sure to send some thigh-slices to your table once we get back, ok?"

"Uhh, ok..." Maggie blushed so prettily. Tiff was really looking forward to sampling her bacon. She gave the girl an encouraging smile which only made Maggie blush harder.

Tiffany watched her mother walk off with the girl, then smirked at her sister, "Dibs on the bigger slice."

"Awww!" But Sally smirked back at her.

Tiff let her attention return to her meal, thoughtfully chewing on the last of Sam's incredible pussy and eyeing her cervix and womb with avarice. The shriveled spheres of Sam's ovaries were off to one side, smeared with sauce and left to glaze, they were her treat as dessert. Tiffany slid her knife in through the broken hole where the spit had passed from Sam's womb to her gut, and began to carefully cut open her once-small womb.

She made a production out of it, savoring each bite as she carefully cut them free of the nicely-firm flesh. Eventually, only the cervix remained, the tight, round ring of muscle that represented the entrance to Sam's destroyed womb, a barrier Tiffany had helped the teenage girl pierce.

Her mother returned just then, and Tiffany looked up, "How did it go?"

"Wonderfully!" her mother gave her a happy smile, "It's always good to see a girl interested in the how and why of her own harvesting." She dropped Sally a wink that made her sister blush.

"Ohh? And how did she take it?" Tiffany asked, intrigued.

"She was very precocious, asking all sorts of questions, from how much it would hurt, to what exactly was going on, once the pain-blockers kicked in." Her mother sat and began consuming her interrupted meal, poking Sam's nipples with her fork for emphasis. "We took her caviar first, a few quick cuts, and she was harvested. They put her ovaries in a mortar and pestle once we fished them out."

"And what about her bacon, Mom?" Sally smirked a bit at Tiff.

"That was delicious. They used a -very- sharp pair of scissors to do it, holding her lips wide and pulling her lips out as far as the could before snipping as close as they could to the base of her pussy. It's sort of a shame you missed it, it really is a delight watching a girl as the blades close on her lips, severing them from the rest of her." Her mother gave a smile of delight, "She only flinched a little, and that not until after the bandages were put on. She even wanted to know how we were going to prepare her bacon, and asked to watch. The girl was absolutely enthralled watching them grind her eggs into a glaze when I left..." Tiffany's mother trailed off with a slight grin.

"Wow, it sounds like she's interested in getting the full harvesting done!" Tiffany smiled eagerly.

"Nah, not yet at least. Ahh," Her mother smiled up at a server, who approached with a small plate. On it were two thick lips of pussy-bacon, each bigger than Tiffany would have thought possible given her earlier glance at their source, and at the server's side, a very red and squirmy Maggie came over.

"Here you are, ladies, one set of vulval bacon, seared in fresh-harvested caviar." The server set the platter down and Tiffany instantly snagged the larger of the two strips, her sister poking her tongue out at her as she took the other. The server smiled at them as she retreated towards the kitchens.

"That's very nice of you, Maggie. Here, let me separate out a few thigh-slices for you." Tiffany's mother slid three slices of thigh-meat onto the vacated plate that had so recently held the bounty of Maggie's own privates, and handed them over to the trembling girl.

"Mmmmm, your bacon is -yummmy-!" Sally murmured around a mouthful, making the girl blush HARD.

"Uhhh, th-thanks.. Uhh, s-see you later, maybe?" She retreated so fast that Tiffany laughed, and bit into her own slice of pussy-bacon.

"I wonder if the rest of her pussy tastes just as nice?" Sally wondered curiously after the girl had retreated back to her table.

Sally was right, Maggie tasted almost as delicious as Sam had....


"There you are, Maggie, did you get us some of your sister?"

Maggie blushed hard and nodded, setting the plate on the table. Her remaining two sisters each took a slice, the greedy-guts, and Mom smiled and let her have the last one.

"So how did you like it?"

Maggie blinked at her mother, "Uhh, I haven't tried S-Sam yet?"

Her mother shook her head, "I meant being harvested, Maggie."

The girl blushed hard, squirming a little, "O-Once the pain-things were in, it didn't feel b-bad... W-weird, mostly."

"But good?" Her mother nibbled a little at her girlmeat sausage, one of the many, many free ones.

"K-Kinda, maybe?" Maggie blushed a little, squirming as sitting made a very dull ache spread through her newly trimmed crotch.

"Mmmm, well, think it over and let me know. If you liked it enough, I might consent to letting you put yourself on the menu for Christmas dinner."

Maggie's eyes went wide and she looked from her mom to her two sisters, who were eyeing her with wide-eyed delight.

"We'd get girlmeat for Christmas?! Oh, please, Maggie, please say yes!"

Maggie's blush went almost nuclear, "I-I'll think about it..."

The End


This was one great story! I loved all the descriptions and I loved how your characters didn't rush insanely to their doom but gave up their meat semi-reluctantly, but willingly for a greater cause. It made them more sympathetic and believable to me. Also, *insert bad joke on crazy girl and mad cow disease.*

Amazing story and I definitely hope to see your sequel!


I went to a boring school. All we did was sell candy bars and magazine subscriptions.


excellent story. Please post your sequel.


That's one of your best stories


Very nice. Please post the sequel. :)


This was without a doubt one of your sexiest stories. I'd love to see the sequel though I hope it's more focused on Maggie's exploits but a follow up on Tiffany's promise would be delicious as well.


GLORIOUS work TVB. your stories are alaways the best, and all the hotter when the meatcunts are not just willing but eager to have the worst things done to them.

and little maggie... simply the best. would love to see a followup showing tiff getting her just deserts though.


Yeah, even in the stories set in Dolcett worlds, girls just deciding "I'm gonna be snuffed today!" or "Eh, why not?" bother me a bit.

Well, Tiffany's school is much more ambitious in their fund raising efforts, and as a result, much better funded.

Sure. I'll do that now.

I blame Ms. Masterson. It was a very fun collaboration and she brought a level of fun to it I didn't fully prepare for. Honestly Most of the credit is due to her.

Sure. I'll do that now.

Mabbie's exploits are planned, yeah. But that's going to be written in teh same style as a collaboration between Ms. Masterson and I. This is more something I wrote off the cuff and then waited a week to look over and polish the ending.

Well, that will be coming, but not this time. This time... Tiffany has a Snack.


Tiffany has a Snack

Tiffany smiled, thoroughly satisfied as the last waves of her climax overtook her. It had been a full week since she'd eaten Sam at the auction and given what she'd promised her mom in return for the loan to buy Sam that night, Tiffany figured it was time to start getting her affairs in order; which brought her to this afternoon.

The brown-skinned girl looked town between her legs at the mousy light-skinned brunette resting between them. Penny's lips were wet with the aftermath of Tiffany's arousal, her nectar splattered across her lightly-freckled face like honey on a bear's muzzle. Penny had been a wonderful sub; diligent, and delightful, she even helped Tiffany out with her homework! But... Tiffany didn't need a sub anymore, and since her mother was putting her on the menu by year's end she didn't exactly need help on her homework either.

Penny's eyes glistened expectantly as she looked up at her mistress. Tiffany had told her that today was going to be special when she invited the shy white girl over to her house earlier that day, and so far every time Tiffany had promised her sub something special she'd delivered. Dildo play, bondage, wax play, fisting, each a fun new twist on their relationship delivered with a whispered promise and a light nibble on Penny's earlobe. Her heart was racing to hear what Tiffany had in store for her today.

“You know Penny, when you asked to be my sub, you told me you'd do anything for the position, is that still true?” Tiffany asked.

Penny nodded, something in Tiffany's tone sending her pulse pounding in her ears. “Of course,” Penny agreed immediately.

Tiffany reached down and twirled some of her sub's silky smooth locks around a finger. “Are you sure you really mean anything?” Tiffany asked.

Penny began to nod but Tiffany cut her off.

“Because last week I made a very substantial purchase, and I've recently used it all up,” Tiffany explained.

Penny swallowed nervously. She knew exactly what it was Tiffany had bought last week; Samantha, from the volleyball team. Her mistress had even let her have a bite of some of her leftovers.

“So are you sure you really mean you'll do anything I ask you to, Penny?” Tiffany asked.

A stone sunk into Penny's stomach. She knew what her mistress was asking her now. She wanted to snuff her, just like she had Samantha! Was she... Penny's mind planked as the thought really sunk in. Tiffany was her mistress, but did she really want to go through with that?

“Yes,” the word escaped Penny's mouth before she finished thinking.

“Yes, what?” Tiffany asked arching a single eyebrow as she gazed down at her.

“Yes Mistress, I'll do anything you ask me to,” Penny clarified.

That's wonderful!” Tiffany beamed, “Because all that work you just did has left me incredibly hungry, and there's really nothing good to eat left in the fridge,” Tiffany explained.
The brown-skinned domme patted Penny's head, lightly stoking her hear with affection. It really was a shame to snuff Penny, she was incredibly smart and probably had a very bright future ahead of her; but, Penny was just so incredibly submissive, if Tiffany didn't snuff her now, someone inevitably would sometime down the road, and if Tiffany was going to be dinner by the end of the year anyway, it didn't make any sense to waste opportunities like Penny in the time she had left.

Penny rocked back as Tiffany pushed her away from her dripping Nubian slit and used the room to stand up, making her way towards the kitchen. Penny followed her mistress, despite already knowing the substance of Tiffany's plans for her.

“Hop up on the counter,” Tiffany ordered. “On the cutting board. If we make a mess my mom will be pretty angry at me when she comes home,” her mistress explained.

Penny obeyed, scrambling up onto the marble counter top and plopping her bare butt down on the thick wooden chopping block.

When she turned around, Tiffany had already shimmied out of the rest of her clothes and exchanged them for a plain white apron that said “Lick the Chef”.

“Like it?” Tiffany asked, “It's my mom's.”

Penny wouldn't have guessed. It fit Tiffany exactly as an apron should. Tiffany's mom was a bit taller than her daughter, on her it would only have reached just above her... Oh!

“You're picturing it aren't you?” Tiffany teased. “Maybe I should save her some of your leftovers?”

“No!” Penny squeaked, immediately covering her mouth at her insolence. “I mean, I... I don't want to be leftovers, Mistress,” Penny explained. “I... I want you to throw me out when you're done with me.”

Tiffany tilted her head, curious. “Really?”

Penny nodded. “I... It's a fantasy of mine. Not a big one, or I would have told you, but... I want to be used and discarded, so... please? Throw me away?”

Tiffany clearly didn't understand the appeal, but it was Penny's last request, after a fashion, so she agreed. “If that's really what you want,” she said, picking out a filleting knife, “then sure. Seems like a waste though, I'm sure you'd make for some delicious leftovers.”

“It is,” Penny agreed. “What are... what are you planning to have for dinner, Mistress?” Penny asked nervously. She could see the way her darker skinned lover was eyeing the treasure between her thighs.

“I'm sort of in the mood for pan-fried Penny fillet, seasoned with my own recipe for secret Penny egg sauce.”

“What's the recipe?” Penny asked, shivering.

“If I told you that, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?” Tiffany joked with a grin.

“I guess not,” Penny admitted, blushing.

“I suppose I could tell you though...” Tiffany admitted stroking Penny's freckled cheek. “Once I carve out this delicious piece of meat,” she explained, lowering her hand to stroke the petals of Penny's gorgeously bare sex, “I'm going to open up you ovaries and squeeze them out all over your cunt till it's thoroughly coated,” Tiffany finished, enjoying the shiver her lesson provoked in her naughty little sub. “Are you ready to become meat?” she asked almost impishly.

Penny shuddered as her mistress drew her nearer to the edge of an orgasm just with her words alone. “Yes, Mistress,” she breathed, spreading her legs as best she could and laying back on the counter to give the Nubian girl a better angle.

Tiffany didn't waste the opportunity. Her blade sank into the join between Penny's pussy and upper thigh almost effortlessly, slicing through the muscles connecting her treasure to the rest of her with almost childish ease. Tiffany grinned, staring as she began to draw the knife into the almost-circle she'd need to pull her prize free of its former owner. Her pulse pounded in her ears. This was incredible! Feeling Penny squirm beneath her blade, her pale cunt visibly yearning for something to fuck as she carved it out of her, the two of them connected by a single fatal knife... It was like nothing Tiffany had ever experienced. Even with Sam there'd been a sort of barrier between them, the machine and the fire had done all the work for her in snuffing that gorgeous little minx. That wasn't the case here.

Her knife slowly and steadily completed the circle, drawing a tantalizing mixture of painful moans and pleasured squeaks from the mousy girl in front of her. Tiffany let them wash over her, not letting them effect her. This wasn't about Penny's pleasure, it was about hers. Penny was just meat now.

“Ah!” Penny struggled not to squirm as the knife bit into her; her mistress methodically carving out the treasure between her thighs. A part of her couldn't believe she was doing this, she had a long life ahead of her, she wasn't sick, she had the grades to get into college, to get a good job, to live happily for decades! And yet... when Tiffany asked for this, even knowing how painful it would be, how fatal it would be... Penny couldn't bring herself to resist. She could only submit to her ebony-skinned mistress' whims.

“There we go!” Tiffany smiled as she finished carving, pulling her prize out slightly as she withdrew the blade from her sub. “I have to admit I'm looking forward to taking that tasty looking filet from you, Penny. Are you looking forward to it to?”

Penny gasped as the heat of arousal started fading from a pussy she could no longer feel. 'I need to finish this,' she thought to herself, desperately hoping that she might regain the pleasure Tiffany had just cleaved free from her if they pressed on. “Yes, Mistress!” Penny gasped. “Please! Tear my useless submissive cunt out of me!”

Tiffany wasn't going to get a better invitation than that. She reached into the seams of her cut, Penny flinching back in pain as she dug the tips of her fingers into the exposed muscle between the sub's cunt and her upper thighs, and then, with a slow and almost practiced motion, she pulled her prize free.

Penny stared in rapt wonder as her mistress tore her sex from her body, first her pussy, then her cervix, her womb sliding out almost uncomfortably as it dragged along behind, until, with a final tug, her entire reproductive system from her clit to her ovaries rested in Tiffany's hands.

“It's beautiful isn't it?” Tiffany asked turning her prize so that Penny could see it. “Do you want to kiss your dirty little cunt goodbye?” the darker skinned girl asked on a whim.

Penny nodded, leaning in to touch her lips to the pursed and perky petals of her former sex.

It was warm. Soft and warm with just a hint of salty sweat. Her tongue, well-conditioned by her mistress in what to do when faced with another girl's sex, lapped between the creases of her lips and swirled around her stolen clit. It was strange, not getting a response from the still warm slit, but the smile forming on her mistress' face when she saw what Penny was doing more than made up for that lack.

“That's enough of that,” Tiffany chided her happily. “This is my snack, not yours. Maybe I'll give you a bite again later,” Tiffany offered, “If you're good.”

'If I survive,' Penny realized. She could already feel her life flowing out of her through the gaping hole between her thighs where her Mistress' meal once sat.

Tiffany placed her soon-to-be dinner on a plate next to the stove, and began her preparations; greasing the pan with butter, turning on the heat, carving Penny's meaty sex free from her womb. “The recipe doesn't call for womb,” Tiffany explained as she sliced off Penny's ovaries one after the other, “So there's no need to keep it around,” she finished, dropping the abused organ in the trash and sending an illicit thrill up Penny's spine.

Penny watched, rapt as Tiffany dropped her stolen sex into the sizzling pan, picking up her one of her ovaries once she was done and cutting a small slit in it. She stared, enthralled as Tiffany squeezed her tiny prize, crushing Penny's eggs into a delicious yolk that dripped out of the organ and onto the as yet uncooked lips of her sex, crowning them in creamy sauce. Penny couldn't help but shiver as she gaped at the sight of her own eggs smeared across her sex, drinking in each detail as Tiffany repeated the process with her second, and final ovary.

Penny's sex was beginning to cook in earnest now, sizzling merrily in the pan. The decadent aroma it was giving off was so thick that Tiffany could almost taste it. Both girls watched as Penny's lips parted, the special dressing that Tiffany had prepared from her ovaries dripping down into the center of her slit.

“Doesn't it look absolutely scrumptious?” Tiffany asked when she caught Penny looking.

“Yeah,” Penny admitted blushing at being caught staring, even though it was only at her own sex.

The beautiful cut of meat glistened in the light and Penny could tell that it had started to cook. Her once pale skin was turning a vivid red, with bits of brown waiting at the edges as it fried in the butter. Even though she could feel her life leaking out of her from the gaping gash between her legs, Penny couldn't manage to tear her gaze away. She watched as her pussy fried in the thickly buttered pan, watching it shift from red to an almost golden brown, filling the entire kitchen with a wonderful scent; announcing to the world that she was meat, truly meat, and more than that, she was almost done cooking. After a few timeless minutes, Penny's cunt looked good enough to eat; perfectly seasoned in her own juices and topped with Tiffany's secret Penny egg sauce. Despite not being particularly hungry, Penny's own mouth watered at the sight.

Tiffany turned off the heat and scooped her prize onto a plate with the spatula and put the plate on the scooping block between Penny's spread thighs, spinning it around so that it even faced the right direction.

“It's much nicer like this, isn't it?” Tiffany asked. “It was certainly fun before I fried it, but this is what it was meant for.”

Penny nodded, swallowing heavily. “Can I... Can I have a bite?” she asked, bringing a teasing grin to Tiffany's pouty lips.

“Of course you can,” she agreed, carving into the filet and cutting off a thick and meaty slice, dripping with flavor and Penny's own juices.

Tiffany stabbed it with her fork and brought it to Penny's only remaining set of lips.

Penny opened her mouth and accepted her mistress' final gift to her, allowing the meat past her own lips and perfect teeth to rest atop her tongue.

“MmmmmmmMM!” Penny moaned as she bit into her own meat. She was perfectly cooked. Tender and so succulent that she almost melted in her own mouth. Flavorful too. She tasted like sex, with her own sweat adding just a hint of salt. Penny groaned in ecstasy. She tasted incredible; and there was no doubt in her mind that if she still possessed her pussy, she'd be cumming right now just from the taste alone.

As if to prove her point, Tiffany's eyes bulged in euphoria as she took her first bite of Penny's perfectly seasoned sex.

“Holy shit! You taste amazing!” Tiffany exclaimed, her normally proper speech falling by the wayside in the face of her incredible experience. “Are you sure you want to be thrown out? If the rest of you is even half this delicious, I'd love to eat it,” Tiffany begged.

“I'm sure,” Penny stood firm. “I want you to remember me like this, the taste of my pussy on your lips,” she added, uncharacteristically boldly.

Tiffany nodded, biting into the succulent cut of meet she'd harvested from the girl in front of her, her teeth sinking easily into Penny's most tender cut. This would be the best way to remember her sub.

Tiffany looked down at her plate and wondered if she could spare another bite for Penny as a sort of last farewell. She frowned as she realized that there was only a bite or two left of the intelligent white girl's perfectly prepared cunt. She shook her head, no, she couldn't afford to spare any more, not if this was the only taste she'd be getting of her sub.

With obvious relish, Tiffany speared the last bite with her fork and bit down, savoring the subtle yet intense flavor of Penny's perfectly seasoned meat. She chewed, relishing the taste as it danced across her tongue and the swallowed almost mournfully, wanting more yet knowing there was none left to have.

“Did you enjoy it mistress?” Penny asked, panting as the hole between her thighs began to take its toll.

“You were fabulous, Penny,” Tiffany assured the lightly-freckled girl as she placed her plate in the sink. “But now that I'm finished eating, it's time to clean up.”

Penny watched, her heart quickening as her mistress bent over and opened the cupboard beneath the sink to grab a garbage bag, incidentally exposing her own tantalizingly brown cunt to Penny's gaze. Penny reached down to finger herself to the sight out of habit, the sight of Tiffany's soft petals, dewy with arousal still striking a heat in her like nothing else. She hissed as her fingers touched the edges of her wound, realizing what she'd done, what she'd let Tiffany do to her... Still she didn't regret it.

Tiffany straightened up an opened up the bag. Penny was fading fast and she wanted to get her out on the curbside before she croaked. She tenderly drew the plastic bag around Penny's slender legs and gently nudged her off the counter to fall into the bag. Tiffany was strong, but she stuggled a bit under the sudden weight as she strained to keep the bag from hitting the floor when Penny landed in it. She looked inside, and Penny looked back at her with longing. “Are you sure you want to be thrown out?” Tiffany asked one final time.

“More than anything,” Penny agreed, nodding.

Tiffany smiled. Thank you for the snack, Penny. You were delicious,” she paused, a sudden desire to tell her sub what had caused this moment seizing her. “I wasn't planning on snuffing you, you know,” Tiffany explained. “It's just, My mom is planning to use me for the main course over the holidays, and I couldn't stand the thought of someone else getting to sink their teeth into that juicy little cunt of yours instead of me.”

Penny smiled, her heart warmed by her mistress' possessiveness. While it might have been nice to live longer, she wasn't at all upset how this had turned out. With the last of her strength she lifted herself up and kissed Tiffany gently on the lips, whispering “Thank you” as she withdrew.

Tiffany tied up the bag with her former sub inside and carefully hauled it out to the curb. After that final tender moment, she couldn't bring herself to say anything else, not even goodbye.



a beautifull followup.

the wastefullness of throwing her out is actualy kindof a super fetish of mine... espeicaly how willing and eager she was to be trash when her "usefullness" was carved out and eaten.

purpose fufilled, the rest of her, including her life, is garbage. super sexy. cant wait to read more of whatever you put out next, your writing is the best TVB




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