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"Come on! I really need this. I still have to pay her back!" Anna complained. Annoyed, Andrew was unsympathetic.

"You still have to pay me back, too. I'm not lending you more money so you can prop up your little, failing Ponzi scheme of a personal budget."

"I haven't even been able to buy lunch this week. You've always helped me out before."

"Yeah, well, at some point you need to help yourself. I can't hold you together for the rest of your life."

"There has to be something I can give you in exchange for $20," the small, dark-blonde-haired girl protested. Anna was well-developed for her age - her somewhat revealing outfit of short shorts and a strapless tank top making her body shape clear to anyone who looked. Her hair was wavy and a bit more than shoulder length. Both she and Andrew were 16 years old, and on their way out of school for the end of the day. They had known each other for several years, but had something of an antagonistic relationship. They shared classes and lived close, and so often helped each other out, but spent much of their time teasing one another. She prodded him for being a nerd, and he would retaliate by calling out her slutty nature.

"Well... you know the big biology assignment we have coming up?" Andrew asked.


"Mine is on the female reproductive system."

"You don't say," Anna interjected dryly.

"I do. Anyway, I was going to make a plastic model of one for a visual aid, but a real one would definitely get me an A. Your cunt filet is worth at least $100 - so you let me have it and I'll call it even with you and give you the $20 you want."

"I don't know..."

She looked to the ground and rubbed her cunt absently through the legs of her jean shorts, wistfully.

"But I don't have any other option. Are you sure you don't want by boobs? Or maybe an arm?"

"I mean, I wouldn't turn them down, but you're underage. Your meat can only be used for educational or charitable purposes, and I don't want to land in jail. The reproductive system also happens to be the specific thing I need."

"Fiiine. Do you have a knife?"

"Not one that's suitable. The home-ec classroom has some though, and some amputation salve we can use."

"Alright then," she sighed, "Let's get this over with."

She put a hand down the front of her pants as they walked across the campus, wanting to get as much pleasure out of her pussy as she could while it was still hers. She became lost in her mind as they walked and was interrupted from her trance by Andrew's hand waving in front of her face.

"Here we are."

The home-ec room was deserted, after hours as it was, but students were free to use school facilities as long as they didn't cause any damage.

He went up to the supply cupboards and chose the supplies he'd need - a filleting knife, some medi-salve, and a roll of gauze - before returning to her. They went up to the front of the classroom where the area between the front row of desks and the teacher's desk was a slightly recessed tile floor with drains for just such things as they intended to do - or other messy demonstrations.

"You'll need to be standing for this, and have your pants off."

"Yeah, I know, thanks," Anna replied wih snark in her voice, unbuttoning her waistband and unzipping. The shorts didn't really hide much of her pussy from view anyway, what with their super-short legs and her distaste for panties, so she wasn't embarrassed. Though, as she lowered her pants and stepped out of them, it was very apparent how turned-on she had made herself.

"Do you want some help getting off?" Andrew asked, gesturing to her moist slit as he knelt down in front of her.

"No, no. I want to get off while you cut it out." The girl stood, legs apart, vulva exposed over the clean-surface.

"Suit yourself," he said, brandishing the knife.

Without warning, he shoved it in between her left leg and her vulva. Anna yelped, recoiling onto her toes as the knife slid into her, a trickle of blood starting to eminate from the wound.

"You good?"

"Fuck!" she took a breath, then, "Yeah, go ahead. Shit that hurts."

"It's gonna hurt more."

"I know," she responded, pressing her fingers into her soon to be separated cunt.

He began to push he knife back toward her anus, slicing through the flesh in her crotch.

"You better not cut out my asshole," she hissed through gritted teeth.

"Don't worry, I'm only taking what we agreed on."

He guided the knife around the base of her pussy, separating her perineum. There was quite a bit of blood coming from the wound now, and it hurt like hell, but the pain just turned her on. It was a nice pain. She still had two fingers inside her cunt, rubbing, even as he brought the knife up the other side, and she could feel the flesh begin to shift as her vulva was halfway off her body.

Anna clenched and came hard as Andrew sliced up and around the top of her vulva, leaving a wide gap in her lower abdomen. She shuddered in ecstasy and pain, still in the throes of orgasm as he completed his circular cut. Her vulva, or at least the external portion of it was free.

"Move your hand," he said, replacing Anna's with his inside her vagina when she complied. He pulled the vulva - her vulva out from her a short ways, before opening the can of salve to apply to the bloody wound.

Through the burning pain between her legs, she could still feel the arousing touch of his fingers inside her - though maybe 'inside' wasn't altogether the right word at this point.

"Whoa! I can still feel you in me! Even with it pulled away. The nerves in my vagina must run inside."

"Really?" Andrew asked, pulling it out further and applying the salve wherever he could reach inside her body. He could now see the outside of her vagina and cervix stretching between the separated meat and he hole in her body. Her bladder was also part of the meat. He sliced it away, allowing it to spill its contents before coming to hang under her by the ureters. She'd need to get a clamp to replace the sphincter that used to hold it closed, unless she wanted peretually moist pants after this.

"You know... what you offered earlier?" Anna asked, pain and desperation clear in her voice.


"Would you... get me off before you pull it all out?"

"Of course," Andrew responded happily, bringing his mouth up to the cunt filet in his hands. He licked the blood off of her, before parting her now limp lips with his tongue. She moaned in pleasure as he massaged inside her slit, but soon complained.

"I can't feel my labia. Can't you go any deeper?"

"Can I use my dick?"

"What the fuck do I care?"

"As you wish." He dropped the cunt, and Anna felt its meat hanging down, between her legs, brushing the erogenous zones there. It felt amazing, and she instinctively reached town to rub her pussy, but of course, her hand only found the large new hole in her crotch. She looked down at herself for the first time since he'd started cutting and was amazed by what she saw. From midway down her pubic mound, there was just a big, bloody gap. Below hung a deflated balloon shape which must have been her bladder beside a huge chunk of fat, blood, and meat that had been the interior side of her vulva. She couldn't see far enough down to see her vagina, but she could feel the cool air on it as it hung, stretched, and free in the air, suspending the filet below her. The amputation gel had done a pretty good job of sealing the edges of the wounds, but there was still blood everywhere, and stray bits of fat and tissue hung raggedly from the hole in her. She brushed some of these off, where they fell to the puddle of blood on the floor.

Meanwhile, Andrew had unzipped his pants and was in the process of stepping out of them. The bulge in his underwear was plenty noticeable, and the head of his cock had stretched up, poking out above their waistband. When he pulled them off, she was surprised by the size of the member - and somewhat regretful that she'd only discovered this endowment at the last chance she'd have to sheath it with her pussy. Even as she watched, it swelled - surely it was 10 inches long! - until the head was nearly as wide as her slender wrist.

He smiled at her, noticing her hungry gaze.

"And here I thought you said you would never want to my 'gross little chode,'" he chuckled, reveling in her embarrassment after all the times she'd teased him over the years.

"Right... I maaay have done a little judging of books by their cover."

He responded only with a face full of smugness.

"Lean back on the desk behind you."

Anna complied, stepping back - her filet brushing her legs as she did - and braced her hands on the front-row desk, thrusting out her crotch to him. He reached below and lifted her cunt up, higher than before. Her cervix tugged, and she could feel her vagina pressing on the edge of the hole in her flesh. Andrew slipped the meat over his member slowly, taking care not to pull too hard and sever the precious few nerves that were still futility clinging to function. She felt her vagina filling, stretching to accommodate him. Ordinarily, she wouldn't be able to take his full length, but with her cervix stretched out and weakened, his tip popped into it without too much effort, filling her like she'd never felt before and reaching all the way to the base of her womb. By this point, she'd lost track of the line between pain and pleasure, and was revelling in the novel sensations presented to her.

"Fuck! That feels amazing! I wish sex was always like this."

"Too bad you only get to do it once, eh?" he grunted.

"Yeah, thanks a lot for that. Well? Give me your best then! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

He grasped her vagina in his hands and began shifting it up and down on his shaft, her cervix grasping tightly around its end in a most wonderful way. Anna was biting her lip, her body nearly convulsing in pleasure. Soon, it was too much for him. Having enough of the fiddly sliding of her cunt along his member, he simply slammed it down, her lips against his groin, his tip fully in her uterus, which was pulling at its mountings. He grabbed her waist, lifing her up to rest on his chest and began fucking her in ernest, her entire reproductive system moving with his cock grinding against her other organs, pressing into her gut, then pulling, coming nearly free. Anna was now holding tighly to him, squeezing with each thrust. He had one hand behind her neck and he other gasping her ass, a finger in her anus.

Reaching the point of no return, he laid her on the desk, still fucking her, and pulled back as he came. The ligaments and tissues holding her uterus and ovaries in place rent, the new pain of flesh reaching its limit and tortured nerves finally snapping free sent Anna over the edge with him. She screamed, cumming one last time as all her womanhood exited from between her legs.

She lay, panting, on the desk for a short while, everything below her navel felt like it was in flames, she was disheveled, and her shirt had fallen down during their sex, revealing her perfect left c-cup, her right nipple just holding the seem of the shirt up. When she lifted herself up, she saw her sex organs in all their glory, still bloody and held aloft on Andrew's cock. She could see the outline of its head through her former uterus, her lost ovaries now hanging forlorn at its sides, trailing bloody tissue. Her cervix and vagina were skin-tight around his shaft, and the bloody chunk of flesh and fat that had been her vulva was pressed against his balls. As she watched, he caressed the meat, gingerly sliding it off of himself so as not to damage it. When it was free, he laid it beside her on the table.

"What do you think? Is it everything you thought it would be?" he asked her.

Anna reached out and touched it, feeling the textures and probing it. It felt much like it had inside her, soft, warm, wet. The uterus was actually kind of soft. It would make a nice material for underwear she thought.

"It's so strange to see it all just laid out," she replied finally.

"That was the best orgasm of my life, though. Thank you for that... Not so much for ensuring I won't have any more."

"Well, you agreed to the deal. Open your legs and I'll get you cleaned up, then you can take your money and be on your way."

She did, to a feeling of pain as her wounds stretched, and he reached in, first wiping the wounds inside her with peroxide - tearing out bits of unneeded, torn tissue, then applying healing salve. It was strange, having him, almost up to his elbows at times, inside her and not feeling he pussy stretching to accommodate him, but as he worked, her pain cooled and numbed, to a pleasant feeling of cleanliness, like that that alcohol leaves behind.

"When you're done with your project, can I have it back?" Anna asked as he worked.

"Sure I guess. I was just gonna toss it - except the cunt. I want to keep that for myself."

"Oh, how selfish and dirty of you. But no, that's okay, I just want the uterus and vaginal canal."

"I don't see why not. It'll be on display until the school year's over, but I can preserve it in something tame so that it doesn't get rubbery."

"That'd be great," she replied, already thinking of the string bra she was going to make from her uterus.

Andrew finished packing the hole in her legs with gauze before long. She'd need to have artificial skin installed, but not until the wound had healed fully. Until then, her interior would be open to the air.

He handed her her shorts and a $20 bill and went to grab a squeegee to clean their mess. "I can handle the cleanup on my own, you can go on home if you want."

"Okay," she said, standing and pulling her shorts on, tucking her hanging, empty bladder into them. Without its appropriate blood supply, it would need to be replaced too, but for now, with a paperclip over the cut-down urethra, it would do well enough. The shorts were as woefully inadequate now as before, and didn't really do much to cover her new hole. She was glad it was warm outside.

"See ya tomorrow," she waved to him. He nodded and replied in kind and she walked away without another word, leaving everything that had made her a woman in the room.


A week later, Anna's wounds were nearly healed. She missed her pussy, but had discovered she could get plenty of enjoyment out of her asshole too. She'd also grown accustomed to having a nice, private pocket where she could store her things - it'd be even better when she had some skin in it and maybe a zipper to keep it closed. She might even be able to replace her purse without the worry of certain items getting lost inside her guts.

As she walked by the school's display case, she spotted Andrew's project poster. Beside it, preserved in a glass jar and held up with wire for all to see, were her innards. The excess flesh around the pussy had been trimmed off and everything had been cleaned. He'd done an amazing job, she was even a bit proud of it - it was mostly her work, after all - he hadn't built it over the last 16 years. She snapped a photo for her Instagram and went on to her next class.


lovely little story.

somewhat disapointing that it wasent a casual snuff, just a casual dismemberment. but still super hot.

would love to see more of your work in future, perhaps in the same or a similar setting, maybe younger girls?


Great story! There isn't enough consensual stuff on here. only criticism I can think of is that they didn't do any more creative sex.

Is there any chance of a followup where the girl sells off more of herself?


That was good I like consensual stuff and I fact I like that it did not end with snuff. maybe there could be even more focus on what happened later.;)
It also remotely reminded me 3d series I made.


Thanks for the feedback, guys!

>>13106 I stuck with nonlethal for this one since doing snuff would kind of ruin this particular premise. I do have a couple of other stories on here with snuff and implied snuff. And I pretty much just write when I have an idea I like, so you'll probably see more - although I don't much care for loli stuff, so much younger subjects are unlikely.

>>31113 I could see maybe doing something more with Anna. Her financial skills aren't her best attribute, after all. ;)

>>13117 Your praise means a lot, Onix. If I end up doing more with this one, I could put more of the aftermath in. I hadn't thought of your series while writing this one, but a chainsaw dismemberment is a nice idea...


This was a great story! Itemization is incredibly hot. I really enjoyed that it was consensual and not snuff. It was really great to see Anna admiring her parts in the display case after. I certainly hope for more. Good work, good ser!


>>13118 I can't wait for more


Loved it! Complete cunt removal is one of my favourite things, especially if they survive! And finally someone writes about cunt removal and includes the bladder. Always overlooked seeing as it's connected.


Great story, I like the concept and descriptions very well done. It's still fiction, but with the regeneration of human tissues by gene therapy progress , you can write a non-consensual story, knowing that it will end well, unlike snuff stories. (Of course, the victim will not know it before)We can imaginer many scenarios, with removal of external or / and internal sexual organs, the entire female reproductive system, not to mention the breasts...Why not with female celebrities ?
There are good illustrations in Gurochan, Gore & Death, thread :Pussy cut off / Vagina removal
Thanks again and more please....


Excellent story, consensual non-snuff like this seems uncommon, and i'd love to see more "aftermath" details, maybe of her enjoying a new life as a butt-slut, or guys trying to get some pleasure out of her hole?

Alternatively, Anna selling progressively more and more of her body (boobs, ass, mouth) to fund various trivial things would be fun to see too.


Excellent story! Here is a story idea in the hopes of getting your inspiration up for a sequel.

Months later, Anna is at her best friends place for a sleepover where it is revealed that she's dating Andrew. They have a normal relationship except he likes to tease her about owning her cunt. Somehow a cat knocks over a cup spilling liquid all over Anna and she's forced to removed her shirt, revealing the bra she made from her womb with maybe the fallopian tubes and ovaries acting as the tie. Her friend is completely enamored of the new bra and shyly asks for one of her own. Anna reluctantly complies and using the knowledge she's learning from Andrew (since he's a smart nerd and she can't quite get through life anymore being slutty without a cunt) she harvest's her friends womb. But since Anna's doing all the work, she asks for her friend's cunt as payment, thinking she'd like to make it into a purse. Everyone survives and are happy with their new accessories. Weeks later, another friend spots Anna's new purse and wants one just like it. And in conclusion, Anna begins to dream of becoming the first ever girl leather fashion designer.


Considering all those things like regeneration technology and other technical stuff I think it may be better to avoid mentioning anything of that in the story in advance since it kinda takes away some of the fun as if devalues everything a lot. If something of that must happen just do it when necessary.

If there will be a sequel, I think the reason to do this again to another girl should be not the money but the fact that another girl is nymphomaniac who just can't stop masturbating and this is distracting her too much from studies. She always keeps running vibrator inside and her pussy is stretched a lot already to be almost useless. Getting rid of her cunt seems to be the perfect solution to this problem.



Ooh I like that idea!


Is that fanfic of Andrew from The Official's podcast. lol Nice story though.

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