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Kasaal’s squad laid in wait for the signal to start the assault on the Miqo’te tribe.

“Everyone.” Kasaal hissed out and her five warriors closed on her. “when we start, fan out and find me the nursery. I have a shop coin for the one who finds it.” The response was as anticipated with mutters of excitement and agreement surrounded her. The shop coin allowed for anyone to purchase one item from their tribe’s shop, regardless of size or value. Only the tribe’s head warriors were allowed to distribute them, and they were a highly valued prize among the upcoming elite.

The cry from Veril went off, and the cry from Scalar filled the night. Kasaal quickly rose and let loose a bellowing response call. Simultaneously her warriors stood with fire spears ablaze and let a volley loose into the Miqo’te tribe’s village, two other volleys coming from Scalar and Veril’s direction scattered deadly fire across the target buildings as well.

Without any more encouragement, all six of the lizard folk tore through the tall grass at a blinding speed and spread out. The cries of the female Miqo’te filled the night as the lizard folk collided with their warriors and civilians.

Kasaal, leapt into the air in front of a building as she saw movement at the doorway. Her timing was pinpoint as a Miqo’te, couldn’t of been more than fifteen years old, emerged from the doorway with long beautiful blonde hair, lusciously full D breasts, and a petite figure. She was checking left and right to see if the area was clear, but Kasaal was already on top of her.

The young Miqo’te cried out as Kasaal’s feet landed on her collarbone, and Kasaal felt a familiar crunch as her weight broken into the girl’s skeleton. The body collapsed under her weight and Kasaal found herself sitting on the Miqo’te’s soft breasts as she hit the ground, but time was not on her side. Without loosing a moment, Kasaal shifted her weight off of the Mqio’te, grabbing the girl by the arm, and she lifted her up effortlessly towards the doorway.

Two younger girls with bows were already taking aim at Kasaal, and fired two arrows. The volley, instead of hitting Kasaal pierced into their friend’s breast and stomach. Kasaal’s meat shield screamed out and the two girls almost dropped their bows in horror. With a smile, Kasaal put her weight into her forward movement, and flung her injured protector into the building amid screams of panic. Five screams of panic? No, six.

This is how you initiate a fight. Kasaal thought to herself as she threw her spear into the doorway impaling all three Miqo’te in a perfectly angled shot. The spear impaled itself through the injured girl’s back, through one of their stomach, out through the third’s nether region, and into the wooden wall behind them. All three of them scream in bloody horror as they became a skewered Miqo’te-bob.

Three down, three to go!

Kasaal noted that all three girls had been in certain levels of armor dress. As she entered building her guess was confirmed, as the walls were lined with armor, shields, spears, swords, and a plethora of exotic weapons. This was the armory, and Kasaal licked her lips seeing some of the more unique toys such as saws, spiked maces, and hunting traps.

Oops! No time to window shop! Kasaal mentally prodded herself to concentrate as a young thirteen year old looking Miqo’te rushed at her, with brass knuckles in hand. The girls was fast and like a feather on her feet and in her punches. Swift strokes of impactful power flew through the air, striking Kasaal in the chest. Kasaal winced as the blows threatened to into her body cavity giving her muscles alarming reason to tense and absorb the concussive strikes. Her scaley skin held fast though, it’d take more than blunt trauma to impede her. The girl was using the greased lighting Monk technique and her young age showed her lack of experience as all her attacks were textbook accurate. Good for tests, bad for battle. The next series of attacks were exactly the progression Kasaal expected. With little effort she dodged the first stroke, grabbed the girl’s arm and flipped her to the ground.

She was a beautiful young girl with perfect small lips, dark hair in a ponytail, and deep brown eyes, wide in fear and filled with adrenaline. Her body was the perfect build for a monk fighting style, well toned legs and upper arms, a small dexterous frame, and B sized breasts that allowed her to move a little more quickly than her more endowed peers. Speaking of her breasts, Kasaal’s curiosity peaked and she reached down and ripped the girl’s cloth tunic off the expose the girl’s beautiful teenage breasts. They had small nipples but a perfect shape to the, perky and toned enough to keep themselves held up, without too much weight to hold them down.

Kasaal couldn’t help herself and she licked across the girl’s young nipples. The girl screamed buckled, but a quick punch to the stomach punished her resistive efforts. A quick follow up kick to the girl’s vagina sent a scream through the building, and Kasaal looked in awe as the blow traveled from the girl’s crotch, and up to her perky breasts which bounced just ever so slightly. It was subtle but only such a toned body could produce such a beautiful sight. Kasaal wanted more, and kicked the girl again and again between her legs into, no doubt, what was her virgin cunt. Mesmerized by the girl’s twitching breasts Kasaal almost forgot there were two more warriors to worry about.

A spear flew through the air, but a funny thing about spears is that they’re a little heavy. The amount of effort needed to launch such a weapon through the air with any precision and power requires the user to exert quite a bit of bodily force, which in turn, more than likely elicits an audio queue of effort from the attacker. It was a sound that Kasaal had heard thousands of times and before the spear had even left the warrior’s hand Kasaal had a good fix on the attack’s trajectory and was already on the move.

Her body slipped to a thin stance as she moved towards the spear flying at her. She narrowly avoided the spear and had judged its trajectory with fighting accuracy as she reached out, grabbed the spear mid-flight, and used the momentum to spin herself. She lowered her center of gravity, as she slid across the floor, and almost in an uppercut motion sent the tip of the spear up between her attacker’s spread legs. She felt the spear rip into the girl’s vagina, travel through her precious love canal, through the pitiful resistance of the cervix, power through the upper wall of the collapsing uterus, plow through her bladder and intestines, and enter the chest cavity. Did it hit her heart?

The girl’s wide eyes and shivering body was a slow motion examination of the body under catastrophic trauma. The destruction of so many organs within a second, the instant expelling of a majority of the body’s fluids from between the girl’s legs onto the floor, the brain trying its hardest to compensate for the almost vacuum of oxygen through blood flow as everything went into panic mode or into a non-functioning state. The girl ceased all signs of normal operation and simply collapsed into a pool of her own vecera, momentarily held up by the extruding spear handle.

An ear piercing scream echoed as the last girl fell to her knees seeing her comrades horribly disabled or killed. The looked like the very first girl’s sister? Also long blonde hair, and well built heavy frame with large breasts. The Miqo’te just hugged her self and shivered in fear on the floor. A coward. Kasaal hissed a profanity as she walked quickly to the girl, who had hurt her ears with that annoying scream. It wasn’t a scream of horror, ferocity, anguish, pain or even help. It was a scream of ‘oh woe is me’ and Kasaal hated that sound.

She grabbed the girl by the hair and growled. “You fear for your demise as you watched your friends die. You are scum!” Kasaal yelled and threw the girl to the floor, spreading the girl’s legs she viciously stomped on the girl’s pussy. The girl cried out in pain.

“R’asha! R’illa! HELP ME! AHHHHH! OW! STOP!” the girl cried out but Kasaal, stomped again, and again feeling the girl’s vagina and uterus crush. She reached down ripped the girl’s loincloth off to see blood splattering out of the hairless vagina and a dark mark appear from her boot’s stomping. It just made her madder to see the girl withering in pain, and Kasaal reached down with her claws and ripped into the girl’s poor helpless crotch. The screams increased as slowly she grabbed the vaginal canal and slowly ripped the reproductive organ from the girl’s body. She watched with hungry eyes as she made sure the Miqo’te could feel to slow torture of having something removed from within her.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! KILL ME! KILL ME! KILL ME!” the girl screamed out over and over. Kasaal shook her head.

“You die slowly, among the bodies of your friends.” she hissed and dropped the girl’s vagina, uterus and ovaries on her own chest and slowly walked away as the girl bled out from her crotch, crying and screaming.

A lizardfolk appeared at the doorway.
“Kasaal! Lima found the nursery.”

A smile returned to Kasaal’s lips.

To be continued...


Okay, I really liked writing Kasaal. Sorry this wasn't the nursery scene, but that's coming up quickly! Promise!


Gah! What the hell is wrong with me?
/flips through notes

The thirs guy's name is Viren, not Veril. I'll fix that, and the correction will be there when I re-release these as one compiled story.


Is there a reason you didn't add this to the first part?


Lovely work! Are you the same PusKiller that is on Pixiv? I quite enjoy your artwork there as well. Would you entertain the idea of doing RPs?


Organization's sake? No. I don't really have a good reason. Would it be better if I did that to reduce clutter?



Yup! Thats me! I'm much more of an opportunistic creator now (aka: when I have some free time) so my content output is much lower, but I still enjoy doing it.

Unfortunately, with the rare commodity of free time I have, I don't think I could fairly commit to an RP. So I'd like to decline, but thank you for the offer!


Butterfingered that reference number. Previous response was for:



cant wait to see the nursery scene

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