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Mqio’te Massacre - PART 1
(Genital Mutilation, Snuff, Guro, Cannibalism, FFff 16/13/10/7)

The world of Final Fantasy 14 is owned by Squre Enix. I own no rights to the places and races mentioned in the story. This is entirely a work of fiction and fantasy, with absolutely no basis in reality. I do not condone any of the actions or viewpoints presented in this story. Please treat all women with the respect they deserve, they are our mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, friends and peers.

In the land of Eorzea live many races of people. The high technologically advanced Garlean Empire, the magic and technology allied nations of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah, and finally - at the bottom rung - the beastmen tribes. Beastmen was a very broad categorization of species ranging from spry prankster pixies, to fuzzy mischievous moogles, to the war-like tribes of the Amalj’aa lizard folk and Xali bird men, and many other types.

Although bestmen outnumber both the allied nations and the empires, their sole reliance magic in its purest form left them at a disadvantage from the more technologically savvy nations. The clear divide has led to numerous conflicts and underlying resentment. But technology seems to always win. Well, almost always.

In the far reaches of Southern Thanalan some tribes of both allied nations people, and bestmen tribe lived in a more even grounded state of being. The bestmen being a bit more technologically advanced than most, and the nations people being a little bit more tribal - both meeting somewhere in the middle. It is a constant balance of tribal life, and technologically advanced warfare.

A particular tribe of Almalj’aa lizard folk held a very interesting custom. They, for an annual ritual, fed on the most peculiar of cuisine. For within five yalms (miles) of them were five tribe of Miqo’te - or cat people, which are usually an allied nations people. But these feline people never moved north to join their brethren in Ul’dah or Little Ala Mihgo. These people live further south, past the desert.

The Miqo’te are a special type of people whose tribes consist almost entirely of females, with only a lead male for breeding and his princes who usually spread out to make more tribes elsewhere. The females hunt, trade, socialize, and make up almost the entirety of the Miqo’te culture. Miqo’te are almost completely human like in appearance except for cat ears and a tail.

With such an abundance of Miqo’te females around - the Almalj’aa became their only real natural predator. Thus, for the annual celebration of the god of Fire - Ifrit - the Almalj’aa have a great feast of the best food source available - Miqo’te. But not just any part of the Miqo’te, this tribe Almalj’aa have developed a delicate taste for the reproductive organs of the female Miqo’te. They call this ritual the Ovarious and once a year raid one of the five Miqo’te tribes to feast.

The tribe of Miqo’te that has been targeted this year is the Ravanna Tribe. The Almalj’aa have already snuck up on the tribe under the cover of night. At their lead is the new young king of the tribe - Scalar. His large size enabled him to take over the Almalj’aa by overpowering and killing his father. He was twice as large as any of his peers, and respect quickly flooded to him as he took his place at the head of the tribe. This was his first true order as king - to have the best feast available.
At his side his two most trusted friends and warriors Viren and Kasaal followed him closely in the tall grass that encircled the Miqo’te tribe village. Scalar held up a scaled fist to order all those behind him to stop. The reptile man was barely visible crouched in the tall grass, his large size requiring him to squat lower than others. Viren and Kasaal approached.

“Is everyone ready?” Scalar asked with a hiss.

“Yes, all fifteen warriors are awaiting your signal.” Viren whispered.

“Excellent. Kasaal, take five warriors and take up the right flank, Viren, take another five and circle around to cut their exit. Let out a cry when you are in position and myself and Kasaal will advance.” Scalar said.

“Very good my lord. A quick question before we go?” Viren asked. Scalar nodded in acknowledgement.

“Can we eat them immediately?” Viren asked, his snake-like tongue lapping over his sharp teeth and scaly teeth.

“I have chosen the most populated of the Miqo’te tribes. There is more than enough for us all. Disable them, then you may do with them as you wish - rape them, eat them, both, I care not. I ask for every one you take for yourself, you take two back as intact as possible.” Scalar said.

“Age? Do we leave some for later?” Kasaal asked reaching down to her nether regions.

“My dearest Kasaal, I know you love the young ones. I would not dare deny you or any others the right to such a delicate gourmet. There is no restriction.” Scalar said as Kasaal slid her fingers inside her wet snatch which let loose a small stream of female fluid from the thought of having her way with the catgirls.

“Viren, go before your betrothed climaxes herself into a coma.” Scalar chuckled ushering off his friend.

Only a few minutes passed before a cry was heard in the distance. It was Viren signaling that the Miqo’te’s escape route had been cut off. Scalar quickly rose and roared out into the night, behind him four warriors cried out and to his right he heard Kassal roar in response.

Immediately the night lit with flames as spears lit with fire flew from the grass, thrown by each warrior, into the village from three different directions. The cries of female Miqo’te rose and a bell started ringing. Soon the female figures of slender, beautiful women clad in their underwear, appeared. Their cat ears and tails the only part of them that looked truly feline, the rest of them were nubile fit young human female bodies. They all had excellent figures from being hunters, from the youngest to the oldest, which was at a maximum of twenty one. Their luscious breasts bounced as they ran, most trying to dawn armor. Yet before they could do so the Almalj’aa were already running into their village with magical bows, swords and spears brandished.

Scalar quickly entered the nearest hut-building, where a family of four females were trying to grab their weapons while still in different states of undress. The two older Miqo’te looking around the ages of thirteen and sixteen, while the two younger looked around seven and ten. They all screamed out as Scalar’s blade lashed out and cut deep into the side of one of the sixteen year old’s. She screamed out as her bra went flying exposing her beautiful C breasts which Scalar promptly grabbed.

The young catgirl scream as Scalar’s claws ripped into her beautiful left breast and he slammed her into the ground with a satisfying ‘thump’ that left dust flying in the air. Her long dark hair flowing out like a curtain. The younger thirteen year old sister with dark hair in pigtails screamed as she picked up her spear. She was topless with her smaller B sized breasts and she lunged at Scalar who quickly dodge, bringing his large elbow down on the spear, breaking it in two. The catgirl yelped as she found herself without a working weapon and Scalar quickly closed the gap.

He grabbed her throat with quick movement and as the young girl reached up to grab his arm, his other hand clenched into a fist and he rammed it through her loin cloth and into her crotch. The catgirl squealed as she felt her vulva take the full impact.

The two youngest catgirls froze in fear, the perfect response that Scalar wanted. He roared at them and they scampered into the corner, one of young girls wet herself and cried as she held her crotch in shame.

“R’sanna!” the older sister with the ripped breast on the ground cried out. Scalar saw the fear and concern in the catgirl’s eyes for her younger sister. This was the best part. With a single motion Scalar grabbed his sword, looked at the catgirl whom was in his grip, and jammed the blade between her legs. An ear piercing scream filled the hut as the blade ripped through the catgirl’s vaginal canal, and into her womb. He then ripped off her loincloth to show her older sister the full blade protruding from the imapled vagina. A stream of blood and urine erupted from between her legs onto the ground.

“R’SANNA! NO!” the older catgirl cried out. Smiling, Scalar let go of the Miqo’te in his grip, who fell to the ground and immediately crumpled, grabbing her crotch as the blade was slowly retracted by Scalar causing even more damage to her mutilated reproductive organs.

Scalar turned his attention to the older sister with the ripped breast who had started to wet herself with fear. The urine made the taste even better, he couldn’t wait any longer to try some of this cuisine. “NO! NO! PLEASE NO!” the kitty cried as Scalar pounced on her. He held her to the ground by her bloody chest with one hand, the other grabbed a leg and spread it wide, exposing the young hairless pussy of the girl. His tongue lashed out across her defenseless slit, making the girl cry out. Urged on by her squeals his tounge hardened and dove into her vagina. Scalar was surprised to meet resistance as his tongue hit her virginity. He smiled, virgin blood tasted the best.

He let go of her chest and grabbed her other ankle. Standing up, he lifted the girl by her legs, his tongue still penetrating her, and spread eagled her. Her cries rose in pitch as he slowly pushed his tongue into her pussy. Her beautiful love canal convulsed around his tongue as he felt her pure hymen rip and blood filled her vaginal passage. He quickly sucked down on her bleeding pussy as she screamed out in pain. “It hurts! It hurts! Ahhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out tears streaming from her eyes.

The taste of her blood drove Scalar into a lust and he bit into the girl's crotch. Blood gushed out and the catgirl shrieked as she thrashed violently about, feeling her pussy ripped into. He bit down into her vagina and viciously tore her perfect pussy apart. He gouged down again into her bloody crotch feeling his teeth rip into her womb. The soft organ ruptured against his teeth and he felt the warm vecera of her organ splatter inside of his mouth as he tore her uterus from her shaking body, ovaries and all. He chewed down feeling the uterus crush and the ovaries pop with delicious fluid, blood and urine.

Swallowing it down he threw down the girl who went completely limp, her sister still screaming in pain and horror. Not wasting any time he lunged at the two younger catgirls.

“Nooo! MOMMY! MOM-” one girl cried out before her screams were cut off as Scalar drove his finger claw into her child pussy. The ten year old’s pussy was instantly pierced and the little girl gave a shrill scream as her private place was ripped open. Blood splattered everywhere as Scalar pistoned his finger in and out of the little catgirl, deeper into her cervix, deeper into her womb, and deeper perforating her womb and into her body. The girl had stopped screaming and the only yelling was her younger seven year old sister who was huddled in a puddle of her own urine. The ten year old catgirl went limp on his finger. Satisfied, Scarlar slowly removed his finger the little girl’s body gently following it for a moment before her poor vagina slid off of his finger with the sound of slippery blood and organs. A pool of blood slowly pouring from between the little girl’s legs onto the hut’s floor.

The young seven year old girl was speechless and simply shivering. Without any words Scalar picked up the shivering kitten, and released his cod piece revealing a massive eight inch cock which was fully erect from this activity.

“Mama…” was all the little kitty could manage before Scalar ripped off her damp loin cloth and positioned her over his pulsing cock. The girl cried out as she felt it start into her. Scalar smiled devilishly as his cock, centimeter by centimeter, entered the little kitten - expanding her soft girl vagina. The screams became higher and shriller as the girl’s opening quickly reached its limit, as it was so small and had never been touched in such a way. With a sudden jerk Scalar grabbed the kitten by her sides and rammed his cock into her. The moment of her love canal instantly rupturing around his member was pure bliss as blood flooded in, and her uterus instantly crushed. He pistoned into and out of the little kitty a few times before he knew she was done. The little girl went completely silent as he felt his member enter the rest of her body and the blood became a torrent from between her legs. He gave her one more piston before ejaculating into her spent body making it spasm and threw her to the ground. Semen, blood and entrails spilling forth from her destroyed genitals. Such a young beautiful little girl, ended so violently.

“R’lina… R’kali… you monster… YOU MONSTER.” the still living thirteen year old screamed. Scalar only turned and picked her up by her waist, admiring her bleeding vagina. Without even a word of sympathy, or acknowledgement, he bit down into her cute little B cup right breast and tore it off, leaving the Miqo’te screaming in agonizing pain as he chewed on her soft gland. He took his time chewing, feeling the fat dissolve in his mouth, and swallowing before he tore of her other breast, feeling the young girl go into shock from all the sudden blood loss.

Tossing her to the ground as well Scalar admired his work then paused. He remember his words to his friends “I ask for every one you take for yourself, you take two back as intact as possible.” He looked at the four bodies upon the ground.

“Fuck.” he muttered. Well, he rationalized, that just means I have to go capture eight more.

He grabbed his spear, which lit with magical ice, and exited the tent. The screams of Miqo’te filled the night as he was not the only Almalj’aa to be so brutal. Outside, the Miqo’te massacre continues…



Damnit, of course, on my fourth read-through, after I posted, I see a few small grammatical errors here and there. That's the problem with writing this stuff - its hard to proof read because its so damn distracting to read in the first place!

If anyone wants another upload with the small changes, just chime in. Otherwise, I'll get started on Part 2 :)


and yes, that above was me. For realz.


very nice stuff. i would hope for a sequil showing what Kasaal finds... hopefully even younger prey for her.


Yes indeed! I had meant Kasaal to be part 3, but no reason not to make her viewpoint part 2 instead. Glad you enjoyed part 1, please look forward to more soon!

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