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When I woke up in my new body, first thing I noticed was how much smaller it was than my last one. I spent a minute getting used to it, moving my limbs around and touching myself in various places while the machine applied make-up on my face.

When it was done, I got up and looked in the mirror - I was a small, young, blonde, curvy, sexy girl with a very slutty make-up with a lot of green in it. Weird, I was pretty sure that He preferred brunettes.

In the next room, I was expecting to put on clothes, but they never were brought in. I decided that He probably wanted me naked and rushed out and down the hallway, to our playroom.

When I entered, the first thing that struck me was the smell. It smelled like a slaughterhouse with air sanitizers desperately trying to mask the smell with lavender and… some other smells I didn’t recognize. The floor of the room was one big, leather-covered bed. He was too busy trying to fit His cock inside of my corpses’ intestines to notice me.

I silently approached Him and gently put my hand on my corpses’ gut, pushing it over His cock like a condom. He noticed me and smiled, moving forward for a kiss. His face was covered in blood and there was a piece of flesh hanging from His chin. I licked it off and we shared it in a kiss, chewing in turns and spitting back into each other’s mouths, as I jerked His cock with inside of my corpse’s gut. Eventually I swallowed the meat and kissed Him hard again.

“I like your new body” He said.

“I’m glad you like it, baby! I like how big my butt is. I think I could learn to twerk it for your next visit if you want me to.”

“Oh, I’m going to kill this one too sweetie, sorry. But I’ll ask for your next one to have a nice round butt too.” He stood up, pulling His cock out of my hand and gut and putting it in front of my face. “Now clean it up, it’s going in your pussy soon.”

As soon as I wrapped my lips around it, He started walking back, forcing me to crawl after Him, over my corpse and through a small pool of blood. He stopped once He reached a pile of leather belts lying in the corner. When He turned around and bent over to pick them up, I didn’t waste time and buried my face between His asscheeks, breathing in His smell and penetrating His ass with my tongue, trying to get as deep inside as I could. Eventually He stood straight and ordered me to stand up too. He put one broad belt with a ring around my neck and two more around my ankles. I felt my juices running down my thighs as He connected a chain hanging from the ceiling to a ring on my choker. He then lifted my leg, sucking on my toes almost all the way, until He could connect another chain to it. I was left standing on one leg, my dripping pussy exposed, when He remembered something and quickly walked out of my view.

I couldn’t help but start touching myself when I bent my leg a little and felt the belt around my neck pull and choke me. I penetrated my pussy and ass with two fingers, masturbating vigorously. This body’s brain was wired to release dopamine whenever I felt pain so I kept bending my leg, until He returned and lifted me by my hair.

“Hot yet” He said, as He showed me an automatic sawblade. I felt my pussy and ass clench at the sight and begged Him to hurry up. I couldn’t wait for Him to cut parts of me away. He jerked my other leg as He connected the remaining chain, leaving me hanging by my neck and my spread legs over my head, providing Him full access to my genitals. As I felt lack of air burn my lungs and throat, He penetrated my pussy and thrusted in, swinging me back. We soon synchronized as He found the right rhythm. I smiled and drooled as my vision blurred. I tried to moan in pleasure but It came out as bubbling hiss. The feeling of me sliding on His cock with each swing and Him pushing me away with his hips, only to inevitably slide on His cock again was majestic. I rubbed my clit with one hand and pulled myself up on the chain a little to whisper “thank you” as He grabbed my hand and yanked it towards Him, pressing the sawblade against my shoulder.
“You’re welcome, doll” He said, as He activated it and I felt the teeth rip through my skin and flesh in seconds. It took a few moments, but when I felt my arm being yanked away, as the final strips of skin were cut by the saw, and saw Him swing back and hit my face with it, I came the hardest in my life. My pussy and my brain burned as my vision blacked out and I felt waves of pleasure rush through my body. I shook even more violently, breaking the rhythm of our love and peed all over Him and His cock. The last thing I felt was my other arm being cut away and I died with the next orgasm building up again. My body kept swinging as He fucked my bleeding corpse.

When I woke up in my new body, it felt familiarly big again. After the machine was done with me, I looked in the mirror and recognized my natural body. I smiled, as the barely noticeable feeling of my last orgasm surfaced in my mind and sent shivers down my spine. I felt myself getting wet again and rushed into the next room to get dressed. This time He wanted me to wear a very sexy official suit with see-through blouse and a skirt that covered my ass just enough to look like an actual suit skirt. He even gave me underwear.

When I entered the room, He was fucking my hanging corpse with my stiffening arms. My corpse’s holes were bleeding and His dick was dripping cum and blood. I smiled broadly, as I knew this was going to be a good kind of a long day.


This concept is pretty hot. I like the detail where the make-up is applied to the reincarnations automatically.

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