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This story is about Eva La Fey, she is a 23 year old young adult, this story will tell her how she became like this.

Eva is 6 years old half asian and half caucasian girl with a lot of behavior problems like hitting and picking on other kids and not behaving to social rules, wearing only black panties and a black short yukata with flowers on it because she cant pay better clothes, she is a orphan and lives in a orphanage in the east asian mega city, That city is build up from hongkong to beijing to seoul to tokyo. The mega city is so big that they even closed the sea between the cities to build more houses. Eva her orphanage is in the kabukicho district. The streets are flooded with prositutes, street kids, sex offenders, gang members, mafia. Kabukicho is famous for the redlight district, soap massages, hostess bars, geisha schools and houses, love hotels, cosplay cafes and a lot more, now a days is prostitution legal in the city so there are also a lot of brothels and stripclubs available a long with many internet cafes and sexshops. Eva is supposed to be taken care of by the orphanage but they only provide a sleeping place for the kids and some breakfast, the kids can walk in and out whenever they want between 00:00 AM and 8 AM, after 8 AM they are thrown out on the streets and cant come back before 00:00 AM. So like many Eva started doing jobs for the older girls and women that worked the district. getting supplies from the store like lube, condoms, food, drinks, smokes and medicine. She also did a lot of other things like reading and writing for some of the girls that couldnt do that, they never learned because they were to poor for school. A lot of the more educated girls like the geisha knew that Eva was a very smart girl so 1 of them told a man about Eva, he told her that she should send Eva over to him. The next day when Eva came to her she told her about the man and Eva went to him right away. She arrived at the destination, it was build like those old japanese houses with paper walls and tatami mats as a floor, only they used modern materials now. She ringed the bell and a man about 50 years old opened the door. "Hello little girl, you must be Eva, I am Mister Dimitrov"

Eva smiled to the man, "It's a pleasure to meet you sir" She said while taking a bow.

Dimitrov let her come inside and made some tea for both of them, they sit down at the table in his living room "Ok Eva, i heard a lot of good things about you, that you are a very smart girl, i want to train you in a lot of skills that i learned over the years, mainly tradecraft. I have worked in the military and as a special agent for a intelligence/special operations agency, i know that you dont understand that all yet but im going to make you a specialist in everything i know and the girls you work for now are going to teach you their skills aswell, i will also enroll you into a academy that will teach you all about every side of science, engineering, medical and technology".

Eva listens to him and she can only smile and grin "Oh yes mister i would love love love that, i dont want to stay in that skinking orphanage till im 18".

Eva is now 12 years old. She has been training a lot and is already very far with her academic training at the academy, she has a very athletic build, and learend all about tradecraft like, she can get inside buildings, property and vehicles no matter how well they are protected, She has learned all about computers and electronics, She knows all about the human body, how to train assets and recruits that she finds, how to forge identity papers and money, also how to make money easily. She has been training in a slaughterhouse and with a butcher, torturing someone, She has also mastered the skills of reading people and manipulating them, for which she mostly uses her developing girly assets. She arrives at her mentors house and clims through the window on the 2nd floor "Hello sir, i saw you left a message for me at the love hotel around the corner of the orphanage"

He grins "Yes i did. Your training with me is finished and for that i want to give you a few gifts" He hands her a medium sized Maguro bocho "This is a medium sized knife used for cutting tuna but if you wear this while walking on the streets it will be more acceptable than a katana, this will be your main weapon. He also hands her a sashimi knife that she can always wear so she can defend herself. She also receives all kinds of torturing devices for when she has to get info from someone that wont talk. "Ok Eva, from now on you are finished with my training, i learned you everything i know and now you will be training with the girls and women that will learn you everything about erotic, sex, intimacy, seduction and love, You will also train with some of the men, they will teach you all about the business side of things and a few will also teach you how to do shibari" He gives Eva a hug and kisses her on the head "You will become very great, good bye"

She gives him a kiss on the cheek "Goodbye sensei" And they both bow for eachother and he gives her a paper with all the names and adresses of the people that will continue to teach her. She puts the large blade behind her obi so that she wears it on her lower back and she straps the sashimi knife to her upper leg so that it gets covered by her short yukata that reaches to her knees. She then goes back to kabukicho and heads over to the first girl, she is a 16 year old girl that works in a onsen, she sits in the hot spring with a costumer or costumers, she gives them soapy massages and provides sexual services. Eva gets inside and walks over to the counter "Hello, i am looking for Sakura"

They tell her that Sakura is at hot spring 8, when Eva arrives at the door its open and Sakura sits there "Hello there Sakura, i am Eva"

Sakura turns around "Hey Eva, i have been expecting you, he already told me so much about you. i will learn you everything about Massages, relaxing and sex in a hot spring, Have you already been masturbating sweetie?"

Eva grins to her "Oh yes i do it atleast once a day, but i often times do it 4 times a day" She says giggling after.

Sakura smiles "Ok thats great, she than opens her legs and Eva notices that she doesnt wear any panties her pussy is nice and shave, just her special onsen Short yukata. Sakura then speaks again "Lets get you into 1 of these" She gets on her knees infront of eva and unties her obi, She takes the large blade and the knife away and puts it to the side, she than takes Eva's yukata off, kissing her neck "I hope you dont mind it?"

Eva is already blushing and shakes her head "i never did something like this, i only have been fingered and kissed by boys and i jerked them off and sucked their dicks" Sakura continues and takes Eva's sports bra and panties off revealing her shaven pussy. "Oh wow you look freaking hot." She starts to grab her ass and gives her a few kisses. She than gets over to her boobs and starts to suck and lick on them making Eva moan. She slides her hand between Eva's legs and slides a finger inside her starting to finger her, she starts to suck on her clit and Eva squirts all over her hand a few moments later "A... A... AAAAGGHHHH!" Eva screams while squirting. Sakura takes her finger out and licks her arm and hand clean "Oh my so tasty, the costumers will love you, just watch what i do and you will be fine" She than walks over to the closet and hands Eva a white short yukata that she puts on "Im ready Sakura".

About 2 hours later a costumer walks inside, he is about 40 years old and doesnt look that bad, he is wearing a business suit so he is probably looking for some relaxation after a work day. Both the girls sit at the table in the middle of the room drinking some tea and playing on their phones "Hello there mister" They both say

"H..Hey, o wow im lucky today, 2 girls for the price of 1"

The girls laugh "Oh yes mister, you are very lucky. How about we slip in the hot spring right away?" The man nods and Eva slips in the bath with her yukata on, Sakura undresses the man, getting very close with her face to his junk but not touching it, she also gets in the onsen with her yukata on and the man gets in naked. Both girls sit on 1 side each and the man puts his arms around them and slips his hand down their yukata's fondling with Eva's almost B cup boobies and Sakura's D cup boobs. Sakura puts her leg over his leg and turns a little and leans into him starting to kiss his leg while using her hand to rub his chest, Eva quickly follows and does the same. The man is moaning now and his dick gets very hard, they can feel it against their legs. Sakura starts to move her hand from his chest to his dick and starts to stroke him "Sir how about we massage you with a lot of soap and we give you a nice relief? It will only cost you 25."

The guy smiles "Yes please" and stands up with his hard dick and lays down on the massage mattres. The girls take off their Yukata and soap eachothers body, they then start to rub their soapy bodies all over him, after doing that for a few minutes, Sakura throws water over him rinsing his body with warm water and grabs his hard cock "You can have the honor Eva"

Eva than wraps her lips around his hard cock without hesitation and starts to bop her head up and down, she has sucked off a few guys before but nothing more. He keeps moaning and Sakura is rubbing herself now till she is wet, she than tells Eva to stop. Sakura than slides her pussy over his hard member and starts to fuck him until he loudly moans and blows his load deep inside her, Sakura takes the dick out of her pussy and lays down "Come here sweetie and clean me up"

Eva grins with a naughty smile and dives on her shaven little pussy and sucks and licks all the cum out before giving her some of it in a french kiss. They than swallow it and giggle. The man dresses and leaves after paying 100 bucks. Sakura gives eva 50 "Here you deserved it, go home now and come back tommorow"

Eva is shocked by the earnings and gives Sakura a kiss "Thank you so much, i will definetly be back tommorow" She waves her goodbye and leaves after slipping back in her own Yukata and underwear and grabbing her items.

I would love to hear from you all if you like the story.

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