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Cracking open a cold one with the boys - Part One

Antonia pulled up on the drive and stepped out of her car, tugging the hem of her sun-dress back down her thick thighs as she did so. Walking up to the door she felt acutely conscious of how heavy with milk her enormous breasts felt, painfully bouncing from side to side with each along the path. She quickly checked her nipples had leaked any milk into her dress and satisfied hang the bell.

After a few moments a woman appeared to answer the door, greeting her with a warm smile. Antonia took in the delicate wrinkles around her eyes and realised with shock this might be the oldest woman she'd ever met, perhaps as old as 50!

“Hello, is it Antonia?”
“Yes, that's right. The agency said you need a child attendant for the afternoon?”
“Wonderful, yes, your right on time, please come in. You can put your bag on the side there.”

The woman introduced herself as Patrician, and lead her into a large and gorgeously outfitted kitchen. From the huge double-ovens, chrome appliances to the special climate controlled cabinets with premium cured thighs hung in them, Antonia could only marvel at the style and elegance displayed. It was slightly goggling to think of a family that ate so much breast meat they needed their own frap-maker.

“I got my papers today and have to report to the processing plant for harvesting immediately - I've actually started my menopause you know, so no point try forestall the inevitable any further. The boy’s Father has been away on business, won't be back till 5pm tonight, so we need someone to attend to their needs until then. Let me call them through to introduce you.”
Patricia pulled open the large friend doors, admitting both a blast of the summer heat and the sounds of boisterous play.

“Harvey! Oscar! Luke! Come to the kitchen boys!”
Within moments three boys came tearing across the large garden lawn, hurdling discarded toys and flower beds. They skittered to a halt on the patio, breathing hard.

“Boys, this is Antonia, she'll be attending to anything you need until your Father comes home. He will get back at 5pm, so she needs to last you until then. I'm reporting for processing, I've arranged for my cuts to be delivered tonight so remind your Father, I don't want him just ordering take-out.”

The boys choruses their agreement and she gave each of them a quick kiss goodbye before they ran off back into the sunshine, none of them looking back.

“Goodness Mrs Wexler, I don't think I've ever seen 3 boys in the same room together. Are they all yours?”
“Yes indeed my dear, the secret of my longevity. Daniel always hoped I'd provide him with another, but other than them it was all daughters”
“Ah I see, are there any girls around too today?”
“Well if this was 6 months ago there would be several dozen from Daniel's other wives and breeders, but the boys are reaching that age where they become easily bored – the house has been feeling rather empty to be honest.”

Antonia walked her employer out onto the front drive way.

“How old are they can I ask?”
“Harvey is 13, Oscar is 12 and Luke is 10. Well, I have to be going now if I want a chance of being dinner, if anything comes up there's a phone number for the neighbours on the cork board and a couple if meat girls in the pantry your free to try and distract them with if you like."

“Er, thank you Mrs Wexler, good luck at the plant.”

And with that Mrs Wexler was gone leaving Antonia to return to the house. In the kitchen the boys perched on stools at the breakfast counter, kicking their legs back and forth.

“Antonia, we're thirsty, can we have something to drink please?” It was the tallest boy -presumably Harvey - who had spoken, and she smiled at him, impressed by his good manners.

“Of course boys, what would you like; some juice, water?”
“Breast milk please.”
“Of course.” But as she reached for the fridge the middle one -Oscar- corrected her.

“We always have fresh squeezed. The Milker is over there.” Oscar pointed at a gleaming and complicated device set up on the island's granite counter-top.
Antonia felt a little flutter of her heart, we’re these charming boys trying to trick her into putting her beloved breasts into a tit-cutter or similar. Her suspicions were allayed as young Luke started loading chilled glasses and Ice cubes from the refrigerator into the device and asked his brothers if they wanted a flavoured syrup added. Antonia moved to the other side of the machine, and examined more closely the twin opening that were clearly meant to receive her breasts. Apparently the device sensed her presence, and with a mechanical whirr it raised the aperture to a comfortable height.

She hesitated.

“let me help you.” Offered Harvey brightly, and he and Luke slipped quickly behind her. Before she had time to object their hands were on the straps of her sundress, slipping them off her shoulders. It was all she could do to catch them and hold it to her waist before the brothers managed to strip her completely naked.

Small warm hands roamed across her swaying FF cup breasts, making her cheeks flush with heat. Gliding across her soft skin they began tugging and teasing on her nipples, quickly drawing forth the first squirts of milk into their waiting mouths. Reluctantly Antonia shuffled forwards and placed her fat puppies into the waiting machine whilst the children secure a belt around her waist to hold her in place. With a throbbing hum she felt the glass cups of the milker start to apply their tantalising suction to her nipples, and she sighed with relief as that uncomfortable swollenness began to subside. Between her legs she felt a new part of the machine slide into place and fasten itself against her pussy, she twisted to try an see what was happening, but was held to firmly in place.

With a quick and efficient sounding snip she felt her panties you slack around her hips and fall half way to the floor, clearing the way for a third cup with latch on to her pussy and begin to harvest the wetness she hadn't even realised was there. Oscar was still stood behind her and started to gently stroke her expansive backside, cooing reassuringly to her. Antonia pondered how rare it must be considering the gender demographics for one female to have the undivided attention of 3 males. Even if they were just boys, it must be very rare indeed! She surrendered to the pleasant sensations and settled into the device's embrace. After a few short minutes it was done and Luke distributed her bounty.

“Three breast-milkshakes: gross banana flavour for Harvey, Pussy flavour for Luke, and delicious Strawberry for me!”

They waited until they'd finished their drinks before letting her out.

End of part one.


Very good intro. I'm more than eager to read more. I hope that her breasts experience a lot of fun before the inevitable.


a fun little start. nothing better than some straight shota in a dolcett world.

cant wait to see more, and looking forward to the boys snuffing their new babysitter (and any other random beautifull babes that happen to wander by)


Part Two – Into the pool

Antonia squirmed on the sun lounger, and self consciously tried to tug the hem of her sun-dress further down her generous thighs. Was it coincidence that almost the first thing her three young charges required of her had caused her panties to be ruined, sliced apart by the pussy-juice harvesting attachment of the Milker? She doubted it, no more than it was coincidence the three boys were now sat on the lawn at the foot of her lounger, allegedly playing a game. They thought they were pretty smart wearing sunglasses in the bright sunlight, but even though she couldn't see their eyes, she could feel their probing gazes crawling over every inch of her soft golden legs, broad rounded buttocks and the puffy mound of her pussy that peeked from under her clothing.

She clamped her legs more tightly together, and brushed down the dress hem for the thousandth time.

“I'm hot.” Luke abruptly announced.
“Lets all get in the pool.”

In a flash the boys were up and running for an inflatable pool sheltered in the shade of some nearby trees. “Come join us Toni”

Antonia walked across the lawn “I don't have a costume with me boys, would it be okay if I sat with you on the side?”
“We want you in here, so we can play with you.” Oscar squirted a water pistol into his younger brother’s face with a demented cackle, then turned and asked her a question that had her heart jump into her mouth.

“Toni, do you have to do whatever we say?”

She hesitated for a moment, choosing her words carefully “I'm not here to do whatever you say, if you told me to chop your heads off I wouldn't do it. I'm hear to look after you until your Father returns, and I'd like for us to have lots of fun in the meanwhile.”
They took a moment to ponder that and while they did Antonia quickly slipped off her dress and slid naked into the water beside them – better to comply than give them reason to continue probing the limits of their power over her. The water was warm and pleasant and she twisted around in it, enjoying the sensation of weightlessly bobbing around. With a gentle waft of her hands she propelled herself to the side, lifting herself up on her elbows.

Harvey grabbed of one of her breasts and started vigorously squeezing it, his hand sinking deeply into her soft, plump flesh.

“Dad says he's saving so much money on food now, we'll be able to afford a real pool next year.”

Antonia suppressed the urge to ask him what he and his brothers had done with their sisters, it would only get them excited. Luke had a large toy submarine and was diving under the surface, beneath her, resurfacing between her legs. He held his hand in front of his mouth and mimicked a crackling radio voice.

“*crrrk* Command, we have located a cave, we are proceeding inside to investigate.”

He dipped his face half down into the water, so that only his eyes peeked out at her, studying her face, then started to press the nose of his submarine against her cunt. It was an electric sensation as the young boy roughly ground it into her clit, Antonia held his gaze for a moment , then threw her head back and breathed slowly and deeply, allowing her legs tot slowly drift more widely open. With a little tilt of her hips she guided him down and the tip of the plastic toy slid inside her.

This was the part she liked best, the whole reason she took the terrible risk of having juvenile boys take dominion over her body. Having them touch her, explore her, set her on fire like not even her father had ever managed. All week she would think about feeling the small, insistent hands roam over her would have her wet & weak-knee'd, yearning for the next opportunity to take the tiny nub like penis deeply into her mouth and feel like swell to a painful rigidity as she glided her hands across the soft skin of his straining buttocks.

With their mother gone she idly wondered if she add them to her regular bookings on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Mondays were David, who loved to maul her big tits. Tuesday was Andrew, who would spend almost every moment pounding her ass and loved to cum inside her. Friday was Tyrone, who always wanted to stretch her pussy out, dilating her cervix so he could fill her uterus with his toys or other household objects. Once they had even spent a whole afternoon squeezing his new born baby sister inside her, to the amusement of the whole family. It was no surprise now that Luke was able to work the plastic submarine into her easily, although the sharp little fins made her wince as they went inside.

Panting softly, she gazed at Harvey through heavy lids and beckoned him closer, reaching out to pull down his shorts once he was where she needed him. He stepped out of them and revealed an adorable little hard on, with a few whisky hairs around his small balls.

She sighed with pleasure.
“Let me get a taste of that Sweetie”

The hot, wriggling worm filled her mouth, and in almost a frenzy she worked it. Swirling with her tongue, alternating hard and soft sucking until with a grunt he grabbed fistfulls of her hair and started fucking her face with all his youthful vigour. It wasn't long before his thin, sweet seed burst into her mouth, which she gulped down with relish.

Oscar and Luke looked on with awe as Harvey climbed out the pool and managed only a few steps before collapsing onto the lawn. Antonia skilled and turned around onto her hands and knees, shoving her ass up into air. The toy submarine was still stuffed inside her, and a continuing stream of water was running straight over her clit as it slowly drained of liquid. Her pussy was far too stretched out to provide any pleasure to these beautiful little penises anyway, so she reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks wide open to reveal her winking hole.

“I wonder if you boys know what to do with this?”

It was quickly established that seniority would take precedence.


Ok, this is awesome so far!


loving every little bit of this... though i would love to have had more detail on that offhandedly mentioned unbirhting... hopefully the little newborn was suffocated inside her, and likely that tight cunt fucked by someone while she squirmed shoved up into toni's womb?

very much looking forward to seeing more of this story, and in what way they eventualy end her.


I clicked here to read some gay gore fic, wasn't disappointed though some tags would have been nice


Part 3: Patio
Gay, Rape, Scat

The best thing about sex with little boys is the incredible, frenzied energy they have.

Together she and Oscar had manoeuvred around so that she was kneeling on the edge of the sun lounger with her ass was raised high, while her arms and elbows were planted on the warm stone of the patio. This aligned her body almost vertically, with Oscar balancing atop her. His knees were clasped tightly around the outside of her thighs, whilst he stabilised himself with handfuls of her soft ass and used the leverage to piston his little cock in and out of her tight hole. Behind her Luke had his hand jammed inside her cunt and was twisting it around to explore her internal contours, and the ridges of her cervix.

The sensations were so extreme Antonia was barely managing to keep her balance, so that her head kept bashing into the patio with each thrust. For a moment she pictured these savage little boys smashing her skull open with tiny toy hammers whilst they fucked, and a powerful climax washed over her with a shudder.

Oscar paid no heed, and continued ploughing her enormous backside like he was digging the Hudson Tunnel.

Harvey had now sufficient recovered to rejoin them, sporting a beautiful little hard-on over about three and a half inches. Antonia licked her lips in anticipation, but instead he moved around behind her.

“Oscar you've had ages now, I want to go again.” Harvey sounded angry & impatient.

“This is my go takes as long as it takes. It's Luke after me anyway.”
Oscar panted in reply, without letting up the assault on her anus for even a moment. Antonia had already felt him blow three loads inside her, but didn't see any reason to interject her opinion into men's business.

“I'm not waiting all morning for an ass fuck while you two take forever!”

There was an abrupt yelp, and Luke's hand was suddenly pulled out her cunt with a sloppy queef. She could hear, but not see, a squabble happening behind her, and there was a meaty thwack as two bodies fell to the hot stone floor. Antonia strained her head around and could see the two boys struggling on the floor, their slick, sweaty bodies sliding against one another. The much larger and stronger Harvey quickly pinned his younger brother belly down on the ground, and used his left hand to press all his weight onto the small boys torso whilst his right hand pulled down Luke's shorts to reveal soft hairless bum of the 10 year old boy.

Antonia’s heart was racing. As quickly as she could without dislodging the boy currently sodomising her she started to crawl around to turn and face the two battling brothers. Luke's face was flushed and panicked as he tried to wriggle free of his brother. Harvey face leered down at his triumphantly as he took his shaft in hand and tried to line the head up on the boyish puckered asshole underneath him.

“Wait!” cried Antonia “Let me help you both”

Desperate to watch closely she waddled the few inches to them, took Luke's pink peach cheeks in hand and spread them open to reveal his boi pussy. She spat a big gob of saliva onto it, and worked it in, first with her finger, and then with her tongue. Luke gasped in shock at the vigorous violation and resumed his struggle to free himself, but was unable to break away from the stronger boy. Antonia savoured the musty taste of boy-anus until Harvey grabbed her hair pulled her away, then forced his small cock up into his brother's glistening fundament. Luke screamed in pain as his ring expanded around the new intruder, but was almost instantly silenced as Antonia jammed her fingers into his mouth and started trying to force her slender digits down his young throat. Her other hand she slid between the boy’s clenched thighs, and she smiled on finding the sweat soaked treasures. Harvey’s balls were slapping against her writs as she took the tiny penis and balls wholly into her hand and gave them a slow and painful squeeze.

Luke’s convulsing and choking was causing his anus to spasm, squeezing his older brother’s cock as it slammed into him. Harvey was grunting with pleasure as him drove in for a few final thrusts before releasing his load into the agonized boy. He pulled out and offer his cock to Antonia for clean up, who seized it greedily to devour the rich boy-juices. Harvey’s hyper-sensitive cock couldn't stand her powerful suction for long before it became sparingly painful, and he pushed her away to fell back onto the lawn. Heedless, Antonia fell on Luke's seeping rectum with relish, licking, sucking and slurping until every last trace of boy cum had been found. Hungry for more she plumbed deeper inside his with her fingers and located a small round stool of hard faeces deep within the young boy. Gently, she push her fingers further up his ass and managed to slowly tease it out until it dropped out Luke slack hole onto the ground. Sure enough if was coated with cum, and she delightedly popped it into her mouth to suck clean and then swallow.

Oscar now let himself slide off her, his proud little cock finally softening, his final climax having barely managed to distract her from the torment of Luke.
“Whew! Okay Luke, it's your turn.”

With glacial slowness, Luke managed to raise a weak little thumbs-up.


hoping this will get an update now that gurochan is back in action.

always looking forward to more hot straight shota dolcett style stuff.... young boys getting their way with voluptuous older women and eventualy finishing them off, cant wait to see more


Tags: M/f, torture, semi-con

*Glug, glug, glug*

The three boys perched on the breakfast bar stools and gulped down their drinks in silence. Certainly, Antonia pondered, they needed to replenish their fluid levels considering the amount of jizz they'd been pouring into her holes for the last three hours. Eventually though even their boyish endurance waned, and so back into the house to recover with food and drink. Hopefully some of them would be ready to give her another ploughing before their father got home and it was time for her to leave.

Antonia's huge tits jiggled inside her tube top as she tugged her hot-pants up and over her fat ass, her chubby belly instantly spilling over in a muffin-top.

"So boys, do you want watch some TV and cool down for a bit inside the house?"

To her surprise the three young lads slid or bounced off their seats, having apparently already replenished their energy levels.

"Let's play a game with Toni!" exclaimed Luke
"We could play Sizzlers!" yelled Harvey
"Nooses, totally Nooses!" shouted Luke
"Guys: Let's play Cunt War." offered Oscar, the two other boys were instantly wracked with convulsions of glee.

"Oh man your right, I totally forgot! We never get to play Cunt War!"

Antonia felt the pit of her stomach drop away, the name of that game did not sound promising.

"Uh...wouldn't you rather play Settlers of Catan?"

The three boys buzzed about her, hands grabbing at her ass and love-handles, tugging her into the living room. Oscar began a breathless explanation of the game at such a pace that it was impossible to make out almost anything he was saying, the only thing she did manage to catch was that it would be necessary for her to remove the shorts she had just gone to such trouble to put on. With a sign Antonia began yanking them back over her butt and down her thick thighs. Meanwhile Luke and Harvey dashed through to the pantry and re-emerged with two naked meat girls.

One of them was shaven bald, white, and had a bar-code tattoo on her ass. She had the wide hips, big tits and blank gaze that immediately marked her as a girl-farm stock.

The other was a very pretty, very young girl with olive skin and black hair cut into an attractive bob. She was flat chested, with narrow hips and a smooth cunt fillet that clearly didn't require the attention of a razor to keep it that way. Antonia judged her age to be about 13: she looked nervous, as well she might.

"Who's this, friend of yours?"
Harvey responded "uh-huh, it's my birthday next week and Dad bought her to be my special birthday meal. She used to be called Elanor, but now it's just Meat." he stepped forward and jammed his hand between the girl's legs, pinching her clit hard. "Isn't that right Meat?"

Meat squealed and tried to twist away, but Harvey was too strong for that and cruelly persisted. Antonia watched with idle curiosity, feeling a flush of heat in her sore, well pounded fillet. After a minute or two Luke and Oscar tired of only watching.

"C'mon man, lets play the fucking game" Oscar demanded impatiently. "You've picked Elanor, I mean Meat. I'll take Toni, Luke you can have the farm girl."

"No fair, how come I always have to have the farm-girl!"
"Because your little that's why, and you always go easy on the ones that start crying. Now go put your shoes on."

The three females were pushed around into a rough line and their legs opened into the widest possible stance. Abruptly Luke - who was now wearing a pair of heavy walking boots - dashed forward and delivered a kick straight into the farm-girl's cunt. There was a fleshy smack followed by a strangled whimper and the young woman toppled over clutching at her crotch to collapse on the floor. Without fuss she slowly got back up again and resumed her previous position, even spreading her legs wide to display her fillet. Antonia had only occasionally seen the mental conditioning of a farm-girl put to the test, and she had to admit it was quite impressive.

Harvey burst out laughing
"Dude, we have to explain the rules to the other two or it won't count! Okay sluts listen up, you're having a Cunt War and which ever one of you loses is uhhhhhh.... having her cunt cut out?"

He looked at his brothers for approval and received nods and thumbs up in response.

"So, we will be kicking you in the cunt, if you can't get up and back in position within 10 seconds, you lose. If you flinch to try and stop us kicking you, you lose. Luke gets to wear his boots because he's such a small fry. Does anyone have a question?"

Meat, looking uncertain, raised her hand a little. Lightning fast Harvey's foot whipped up to smash into her tiny, juvenile pussy which instantly dropped the girl to the floor with a shriek. The child gamely rushed up to her feet as he boys started a loud count.

1! 2! 3! 4!

Meat was back in position with her thighs open, her cunt slightly pinker than before.

"That makes it my turn then" said Oscar and he lined up on Antonia.

Antonia took a deep breath to prepare herself and placed her hands behind her head so she wouldn't be tempted to try and block the incoming blow. When it came it landed with incredible force on her already tender cunt, their was an incredible smack of flesh on flesh as the impact lifted her off the floor and despite her best attempt Antonia let out gurgling, choking gasp as she dropped to her knees.

"Oh yeah. Toni, Oscars been doing Juijitsu for the last 4 years" Harvey laughed.

1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

Antonia scrambled to her feat, gave her bruised cunt a rub and resumed her position with a few seconds to spare.

Luke backed up across the room, then ran up to the farm-girl and delivered a wildly swinging kick that slid up her inner thigh and connected solidly with her cunt. The farm-girl wobbled on her feet, but endured it in stoney silence.

Harvey's foot lashed upwards into Meat's little cunt and connected solidly with her pussy, the diminutive girl again dropped to the floor and then jumped back up again.

Hoping it would be better if she couldn't see it coming, Antonia screwed her eyes shut a moment before Oscar blasted his foot up into her prize-cut, delivering an other agonizing blow. A little better braced this time she wobbled on her feet for a couple of seconds, then slowly toppled over. she reached between her legs and found it wet with blood form a little cut that had been opened up on one of her labia. She hauled herself back to her feet and planted her feet down.

Before she even finished doing this Luke was launching his big walking boot into the farm-girls cunt again. The boys were getting into their rhythm now, and the pace of the blows speeded up, aided be the fact the two women and one girl were getting better at keeping their feet after each of the excruciating strikes.

Antonia could see there was no chance of beating the farm-girl - if anything Luke's heavy boots were hitting the thick, genetically engineered cunt even harder than Oscar's martial arts empowered kicks: Already the farm-girls cunt lips were hanging off and blood was pouring out of her ruptured cunt, but like a robot she just gamely stood there and took the abuse, pulling herself up off the floor with steady, measured movements whenever a particularly powerful kick took her off her feet.

Her only chance was to outlast the child, but Harvey almost seemed to be toying with her. If she wanted to keep her cunt she realised, she needed to think of something fast.

All three boys prick were stiff again, so taking a chance she suddenly shouted out "Lighting round!" the boys stopped in confusion.

"huh?" "what's a lighting round?"

Collecting herself, Antonia affected a nonchalant attitude "Oh, well whenever my friends play Cunt War we play with lightning rounds: So, erm, the cunts have to give you blow jobs and they have, er, 5 minutes to make you cum. And whoever isn't the first to make you come, like, all the others, they get rapid fire cunt kicks for the remainder of the 5 five minutes."

The boys clearly liked this ideal, and pushed the three down onto their knees. Luke grabbed the farm-girl by the back of the head and started to give her a face-fucking, which she passively accepted. Meat gamely started trying to suck on Harvey's cock, but was neither of them were any match for Antonia's blowjob skills. Gathering her ample tits up into a comfortable shelf for Oscar's balls, she slathered his small boy-cock with saliva and absolutely went to town on it like it was her last meal - and if she couldn't avoid losing the Cunt War it might very well be. Quickly she was rewarded with rich spurts of boy-jizz being launched down her throat again, and as Oscar fell backward onto the sofa she breathed in a huge sigh of relief.

Luke and Harvey pushed their fellatrixes back and, decided that having the on their hands and knees would be best for a burst of fast kicking they took position behind them. Seeing her opportunity Antonia took a gentle hold of Harvey hot, red and swollen cock.

"Why don't I help you with this, and you can let Oscar give Meat her fast kicks?"

Lust warred with cruelty in Harvey's eyes for a moment, but teenage hormones won out and he shoved Antonia to the floor to face-fuck her willing, hungry mouth. She could barely focus on sucking his tender little cock over the sound of Meat's delicate pussy being demolished by Oscar's machine-gun foot. By the time Harvey had finished raping her mouth and she'd wiped the thick boy sperm from her lips it was all over.

Sitting up, Meat was laid on the floor and clearly wasn't going to be getting up. Oscar had succeeded in kicking right through her young cunt and her guts were spilled out over the floor, though the girl was still twitching weakly, slowly thrashing her legs around on the tiles.

"Well I hope you like stew Harvey, because it looks like that's what your having for your birthday meal."

Antonia grabbed Meat's arms, and started to drag her back through into the pantry, fortunately there was a pan big enough for all her parts to be piled up in.

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