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The Shortcut

Combat, snuff, humans vs. dragon.

On a sunny day of late spring over a mountain pass walked a couple of humans and a donkey, pulling an oblong cart. Both toned and confident, both equipped with a leather cuirass and a short sword. Despite the perfect weather and clear, if grassy path, woman just couldn't calm down.

-We shouldn't have trusted that map. If this way really was any good - there would be a road here!
-Well, there's no road, but there's a way. See? The map has been true so far.
-Then why there's no road here?
-Because people are cowards and like to stick to tradition instead of risking new paths.
-Someone made that map. Yet no one walks this way.
-Their bad. We'll make a better trade with this shortcut.
-What if dragons live here?
-You believe in dragons?
-Are you stupid!? They killed one near Therview few months ago!
-And you seen the remains? Must be just a tale to attract travellers.
-Remind me, why I married such a stubborn fool!
-Because I'm handsome, I'm capable, I make money, and I'm the only one who would take you out of your backwater village.

The woman rolled her eyes and growled. Then turned to the sudden sound of falling stones and up the nearby rock. From above the rock showed a green scaly head twice the size of human's with yellow slitted eyes and two paws with claws the size of human fist each. "Damn! You called it!" - spat the man and drew his sword. Dragon looked at him and backed a little. But then its gaze fell upon the donkey. Its eyes opened wider, and its muzzle opened slightly with a longing sigh. "Oh no, you don't!" - shouted the woman and darted to the back of the cart. Dragon quickly and somewhat awkwardly crawled over the rock down on the grassy path, its body the size of a little house. But before it could reach the donkey - the woman stood before it with a spear pointing at its head, and the man stood with his sword ready by her side. Breathing heavily, dragon waved its head, looking for a chance to attack. It bit into the spear head and moaned in surprisingly high tone as it cut into its palate. Before it could lift the spear, the man darted towards it, ready to swing. Dragon raised its paw for attack, but the man quickly slashed at it with his sword and rolled out of its way. Dragon let go off the spear and moaned in pain again, backing off. It suddenly turned back and started running, but then took off into the air, made a turn and swooped down on the donkey, its paws ready to grab the scared creature. But the man ran towards it with his sword raised above his head and managed to jab it into dragon's wing as it flew over. The blade cut clean through the thick membrane, and with a shriek dragon tilted, flew over the cart and tumbled on the ground. The couple ran to the other side of the cart and watched as it risen to his paws and tried to spread its wings. But the cut wing didn't rise anymore, broken in the fall.

For several long moments dragon just stared at its wing. Then it laid on the ground, raised its head to the sky and wailed. The head lowered down to the ground, looking at the two humans before it, still pointing their weapons at the dragon. Large tears rolled from the corners of its eyes.

-I yield. Come and end me. I promise to not hurt you.

Its voice rang loud, but clear and feminine. The couple looked at each other in disbelief. The man first got a grip of himself.

-You can speak? You're not a feral beast and you know our language?
-As you see.
-Then why did you attack us?!
-I am starving! - The dragon weeped. - For two weeks I ate nothing but occasional birds I could catch. Birds! With all their feathers and bones.
-If there's nothing to eat here, why do you live here?
-There was plenty of critters in the valley. Then humans came. Settled villages. Domesticated wild critters. We tried to protect our hunting grounds. But there's always so many of you. Kill one - seven come. We've been living here for ages! We don't know where else to go. Others tried to find new home. They flew away and never returned. My mother was the last to go. She promised to get food for me. But it's been two weeks since then. Please, end me.

The man hesitated. It was one thing to kill a beast that attacks you or your cattle, and it was entirely other thing to kill a submitting talking intelligent creature.

-Why do you want me to do that? You're not seriously wounded.
-My wing is broken! - Dragon raised her head again in a cry of despair. - With no one to tend to it - I'm as good as dead. I could barely keep myself alive before. Now I can't hunt. If you leave me like this - I'll slowly die of starvation! Please!

Man looked at his wife again, gulped and started slowly approaching the dragon. Dragon's eye followed him as he walked to her outstretched neck, but her body didn't move. She closed her eyes and sighed. He raised his sword above his head and brought it down. The blade only cut one third of the way through, stopped by the spine and thick scaly skin. Dragon jumped to her legs, knocking the man back, wailing and beating front legs on the ground. Blood flown as a thick stream from the wound, covering the sword fixed in it completely. With a great effort dragon forced herself to lay back to the ground, shaking and sobbing. Man looked at her in shock as he sat nearby.

-What are you waiting for?! She's in pain! - His wife shouted at him, giving voice for the first time since their battle ended.

Man shook off his stupor, ran to the dragon's neck and gripped his sword again, yanking it from the wound. Blood was all over it, and he had to wipe the handle before he could grip it again. Once again he brought it down on the dragon's neck and missed the wound, making another close by. This time dragon didn't jump, only tensed her neck and moaned out through her sobbing. She was already getting weaker from the blood loss. Woman ran to the dragon's neck and embraced it, sitting on the dragon's head and lifting the middle of her neck to make the wound open wider. Man struck again, this time cutting through the spine. Instantly, the weeping stopped. Dragon's body sprang into moving, knocking back the man again and making the woman fall from the neck. For several long moments they watched the body thrash around, splashing blood all over them and the ground. As it finally stopped moving, man came close again, took his sword and with the last blow severed the dragon's head completely.

He came in front of it to look at her face. His wife joined him. With her eyes closed, they could not make out the dragon's expression. She suffered - they thought. They gave her a painful, frightful death. And if they haven't took this way - would she eventually die even more horrible death of starvation? Who could tell now? What was done - was done.


Aaaaah! Silly me! Silly me! >_< Shouldn't have rushed and one-shot it. Forgot to add few things. Should have let it sit and brew for a day. Could have added more details. But here it is. Hope you still like it. I tried to make it tragic.


Zero comments. Was it that bad? >_>


Don't worry, that's normal! I was entertained. It was coherent and interesting. You don't get a lot of love unless you do really over the top fetish stuff.

I also bet people would talk a lot more if you practiced so much your writing was undeniably amazing, but I've never experienced that so I can't prove it!

Anyway, I liked it! You should write more!


The dragon submitting to the humans was very hot, that scene by itself was worth the price of admission.

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