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First time doing this. Did not put a lot of effort in it, just kept rambling (made it mainly for myself with no intention of sharing), but maybe someone will enjoy it. Might continue it sometime.

"Ooh, this place looks fun!" said Maja excitedly. She was walking through a busy street with her best friend Moa. Maja was a tiny 14 year old girl with shoulder length red hair and a petite build. Her skin, most of which was showing since she was only wearing a slightly transparent thong leotard, was very pale and smooth. Moa, on the other hand, was incredibly tall, nearly two meters. She was two years older than Maja, had long, bright blonde hair, and was very slender. She wore a short red dress that gave glimpses of her hairless pussy whenever she took a step or a gust of wind hit her, but she showed no sign of noticing when it happened.

"It's a butcher's shop." said Moa in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah, so?"

"People go in there to get killed for meat."

"I know, what's your point?"

"Ugh, do you want to die?" said Moa in an exasperated voice.

"We can just go in and have a look, you know." said Maja, equally exasperated.

"Fine, but don't do anything stupid."

"Yeah, yeah, let's just go inside."

They went inside the shop and were greeted with the smell of freshly cut meat. At the counter were a large variety of meat cuts, tits, cunts, cocks, limbs, every part was for sale. At a wall inside the shop stood five naked girls and five naked boys who all looked to be around the two girls' ages, which was the best time to harvest people. The girls had their elbows tied together behind their backs to make their breasts stand out more. The boys hands were tied behind their backs as well, but they were allowed more slack. All of them had their feet tied to either ends of long metal bars to keep their legs spread, and around their necks were shackles attached to the wall behind them. Most of them did not look frightened, but instead looked rather excited, as was very obvious when one saw their wet cunts and erect cocks.

"They must be volunteers," said Moa, "except that poor boy over there." She pointed at a boy at the rightmost end of the wall. He looked terrified, and it was obvious he had been crying. Maja felt bad for the boy and went to talk to him.

"Hi," she said and the boy looked up at her, "what's your name?"

"Erik," he said, his voice was very shaky, "what's yours?"

"Maja, and this is Moa." she replied. The boy was a redhead, just lika Maja, and had the same pale skin. He looked like he was the same age as her and she found him very cute. "You didn't volunteer, did you?"

He shook his head, "no, my mother just lost her job and had to sell me to pay the rent."

"That's awful," said Moa, indignant, "I fucking hate this society." Moa had some very strong political views. She didn't mind cannibalism, but she hated people being forced into selling their kids to survive. Society could easily provide for those people, so why the hell didn't it?

"Yeah, it's shit all right," agreed Maja, "hey, are you a virgin, Erik?" she asked. He blushed and didn't reply. "You don't need to be embarrassed, we are both virgins."

"I am." he said, visibly relaxing at Maja's admission.

"It's a shame you have to die without getting fucked, I'm gonna ask the butcher if we can solve that for you before you're sold."

Maja went to the counter. Behind was a large-breasted black-haired girl wearing only a leather apron with a name tag reading "Evelina". She looked to be around 20 or so, and was apparently the owner of the shop.

"Oi, is it okay to fuck the meat kids?" asked Maja.

"No, not really." said Evelina. She apparently noticed Maja glancing over at Erik. "Are you talking about that Erik boy?"

"Yeah, I'd feel bad if he didn't get to have sex before dying," said Maja, "I thought I'd be able to do something for the poor boy."

"Poor thing's been crying ever since his mother left him here this morning," said Evelina, "I didn't want to take him, this is supposed to be a volunteer meat only shop, but his mother was on her knees, begging. Apparently she has three more kids to feed. It's fucking shameful that his mum had to sell him."

This seemed a little hypocritical to Maja, "You should let him go." she said.

"Yeah, I wasn't actually planning on selling him. I think his mum didn't want him to return after she'd forced him into this, so I figured I'd put him up there for show."

"Oh, now I really want to do something nice for him," said Maja, she was tearing up from the story, "hey, if you were going to let him go anyway, could you pretend that we bought him, and then we could go fuck him in the back room or something?"

"Oh what the hell, sure, you can use the killing room. It's almost closing time and I don't think I'll need it any more today."

"Awesome! Thank you so much!" squaled Maja.


They walked over to Erik and Moa.

"Well, your time's up, this girl bought you for a party." said Evelina in an emotionless voice and released his neck from the wall. Moa glanced at Maja, who obviously didn't have the money for a whole human. Maja winked subtly to her, and she didn't ask. Erik just wept quietly at the news.

"I'm sorry about this," said Maja, "but my parents wanted me to bring back a whole person, and I didn't want to leave you for some sadistic bastards who would get a kick out of torturing someone against their will. We'll have Evelina here do you, and she'll make it quick and painless."

"I will." confirmed Evelina as she released his feet. If he tried to run they could easily catch him, and he seemed aware of that fact.

"Thank you." said Erik quietly.

Evelina went ahead of the two girls through a door in the back with Erik, her bare ass swaying slightly as they went.

"So, will you explain?" said Moa in a curious voice.

"She was gonna let him go anyway, she didn't wanna sell him, just felt bad for his mum. Figured it was better if she took him in than someone who doesn't care about consent."

"So you got him for free? You gonna have him slaughtered?"

"Nah, just let him believe we will and do something nice for him."

"Damn, you're both nice and horrible, you know that?" laughed Moa.

"You know it," said Maja with a grin, "besides, he's really cute and I wanna try having sex, so it's a win-win, right?"

"Right. Let's not keep him waiting then!"

They went into the back room to find Erik restrained on his back on a bench. He was blindfolded and his head was fastened under a guillotine blade.

"It's secure, it won't fall down unless I enter the code to unlock it," whispered Evelina, "have fun!" She left them alone in the room. There was a stainless steel table in the middle of the room with various knives and cleavers, a giant meat grinder was in the back, and around the walls were spits and other cooking and killing devices. Volunteers apparently had a lot to choose from. Evelina had left a jar of human grease open on the table.

Maja walked quietly to the table and took off her sparse cloting, Moa followed her lead. She put two fingers into the grease jar and smeared it around her anus. She had always wanted her first fuck to be in the ass; it seemed so delightfully slutty to her. She pushed her fingers inside her ass to lubricate herself thoroughly and went over to Erik. He was breathing very quickly and sweating. His cock, which was unusually large, stood straight up; his quickened pulse must have caused it.

Maja carefully straddled the narrow bench that he was tied to without touching him, held her ass open, and lowered herself. When her anus touched the tip of Erik's cock he jerked in surprise, but he could not move much.

"What's going on?" he asked frantically.

"Shh, just enjoy," said Maja, "you won't die a virgin." He winced at the word "die". Maja undid his blindfold, she wanted him to see her. He looked straight up at the guillotine blade and seemed to panic.

"Look at me, ignore that thing." said Maja. Moa went to his head and sat down next to him. She gave him a soft kiss and he seemed to both stiffen and relax somehow.

"Okay," he said, "I'll try."

"Good boy." said Maja and smiled gently. She rested more of her weight on his cock and slowly engulfed it in her butt. She hadn't had sex with a boy before, but she had used plenty of toys in both her cunt and pussy so it did not hurt. His cock was larger than her toys, however, and she felt quite stretched as she lowered herself onto him. She was moaning softly at the pleasant filling sensation, and was soon all the way down.

"There we go," she purred, "nice, isn't it?"

"Yeah," he said, "it's so warm."

"Have a look at where we're connected." she said. She leaned backward slightly to give him a better view.

"Wait, it's in your ass?" he said, surprised. Moa and Maja laughed at his reaction.

"Yeah, I always wanted to be able to say my first experience was anal," said Maja and grinned, "but don't worry, we'll get you some pussy too." Moa stood over his face and spread her cunt to give him a glimpse of what was to come.

"Thank you for doing this," he said, his eyes were full of tears again, "I feel a lot better with you here."

"It's our pleasure." said Moa and began stroking her cunt slowly.

Maja just smiled at him and began rising on his cock. It felt amazing, she was more full than she'd ever been. Just before the tip would have popped out of her, she slammed herself down hard. Both she and Erik gasped loutdly at this and she continued in the same fashion for a while, rising slowly and dropping down hard. Moa lowered herself towards his face until her pussy was right on top of his lips. He began eating her out while she leaned forward to embrace Maja and kiss her passionately. They hadn't kissed before, so this took Maja by surprise, but she didn't protest and returned the kiss and embrace and began fucking Erik in a more steady rhythm.

Maja could feel herself approaching orgasm. She had never come from just playing with her ass before, but the combination of making out with her best friend and the impressive size of Erik's cock seemed to do the trick. Soon she was moaning very loudly and began to feel the cock inside her twitching, he was close too. The twitching grew more intense and Erik suddenly froze. Maja felt an incredibly hot liquid bursting into her bowels. This pushed her over the edge and she screamed into Moa's mouth. Moa screamed back, she seemed to be cumming as well. They all convulsed violently as the pleasure coursed through their bodies. Maja felt her bladder lose control and she pissed all over Erik's belly as she continued screaming out her pleasure.

"Holy shit," panted Maja as their orgasms subsided, "fucking hell."

"Yes." said Moa and removed her cunt from Erik's face which was now completely covered in her slime.

"That felt sooo good," said Erik, "way better than wanking." He seemed to realise what he said slightly too late and blushed deeply. Moa and Maja both laughed.

"You're so damn cute, I could just eat you up right now!" said Maja, "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean it like that." she hastily added as his expression changed to dread.

"And you don't need to be embarrassed, you know, both me and Maja masturbate all the time too." said Moa and smiled gently at him. "I think he's suffered enough now, Maja, let's tell him."

"Tell me what?" said Erik in a very confused voice.

"You're not gonna die today." said Maja.

"Huh?" he said, not seeming to understand.

"The butcher wasn't gonna sell you or kill you, she just put you up there for show. Said your mum probably wouldn't want to face you again after she left you to die here." said Maja.

"You're not joking, are you?" he said, not quite ready to relax yet.

"Nope." said Moa.

"It's true," said Evelina. They all turned and saw that she'd just entered the room, "these nice girls wanted to play around a little before telling you, probably thought it'd make for an interesting experience."

"It sure did," said Erik, sounding incredulous, "you two are fucking insane, but that's all right." They all laughed.

"Well, kids, you'll have to get him off that guillotine now, I need to use it." said Evelina.

"Ooh, can we watch?" said Maja as Moa moved to untie him.

"I'll ask the girl who's getting killed, but I certainly don't mind," said Evelina, "and you may want to get off of him." She nodded at Maja who had forgotten that she had a big cock upp her bum.

"Oh, right!" she said and quickly got up. A torrent of semen flowed out onto Erik's cock as it came out of her.

Evelina went out of the room and quickly came back inside with a smiling girl. She looked to be about 15 years old and looked middle-eastern; her hair was jet black and her skin was slightly brown. Her figure was very average, but still very pretty.

"Hiya, she said you wanted to watch me die," said the girl, "I'm Aida."

They all introduced themselves as the girl lay down on the bench.

"So, you're a volunteer?" asked Maja unecessarily.

"Yeah," said Aida, "I'm so excited!"

"Why did you volunteer?" asked Moa curiously.

"Oh, it's a fantasy of mine, to have my head cut off while I cum. I've come here a couple of times before as a volunteer and someone finally bought me. I can't wait!" said Aida. She was visibly excited; her nipples were standing straight out and a stream of juice had streamed down her leg.

"I let every unsold kid go at the end of the day, can't keep 'em around all night," said Evelina, "but they're welcome to try again as many times as they want. Do you still want to make yourself cum, Aida? We have several people here who I am sure would love to assist you, after all." She looked around at the others.

"I'm up for it." said Erik, his cock standing erect again, glistening with pussy juice and sperm.

"I can see that," said Maja, "I'll help too."

"Me too." said Moa.

"I'd love that!" said Aida, "It'll be even better with a cock inside me!"

"Well, get on with it," said Evelina, pretending to be in a rush and smiling, "I ain't got all day."

Erik got on his knees between Aida's spread legs. She was not restrained, presumably because she was such a willing victim and had not chosen to be tied up. He entered her and she gasped as he did. Maja lowered her face to where they were connected and kissed her clit, causing her to gasp again. Moa attacked her tits: one nipple in her mouth and the other between her fingers. Erik fucked the arabic girl vigorously while the other girls pleasured her eagerly, and Aida gasped and moaned in delight every time Erik buried himself inside her. In the corner of her eye Maja could see Evelina, who had removed her apron and was completely naked. She was shoving a fist in and out of her cunt. Maja made a mental note to try doing that later.

Their lovemaking did not last long. As soon as Erik began ejaculating inside the girl she started spasming in orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" she shouted, "Do it now!"

Evelina used the hand that was not buried inside her cunt to pull a lever next to the guillotine, and the blade began falling. Maja got up just before Moa pulled the lever, she wanted to see the head come off. She continued pleasuring the girl's clit with her hand, though. Aida had a look of absolute bliss on her face, her eyes were following the blade's path towards her neck, and she was screaming her lungs out. It came down with a loud "thud" and Aida's head separated from her body, cutting off her scream abruptly. Her body convulsed violently and a fountain of blood spurted from her neck, splashing onto everyone. Her spasming caused her to flop off of Erik's still spurting cock and her bladder began emptying itself. Without thinking Maja put her mouth at the dying girl's cunt and swallowed the piss as it came out, as well as the cum that Erik had managed to inject inside it.

The stream ended quickly and Maja looked up. Evelina was holding Aida's head by the hair, it was still alive and looking around! Maja ran to it and began kissing the girl passionately. Aida returned the kiss with surprising vigour, but as she became weaker her tongue slowed down until it came to a stop. Aida was dead, but her face showed only bliss.

"I think you made her really happy." said Evelina as she closed the dead girl's eyes.

"I hope so." said Moa.

"You girls are angels, you know that?" said Erik, "you did so much for both me and Aida, I can never thank you enough."

"We didn't save you, you should thank Evelina." said Maja.

"No need," said Evelina, "I would never kill someone who didn't want it."

"I thought cannibalism was always terrible, but I can see now that it can be a beautiful thing." said Erik thoughtfully.

"Yep, as long as you make an effort it certainly can be." said Evelina, "I have to take her meat out to the customers. They wanted to cut her up themselves, but I never let anyone do the killing unless the volunteer specifically asks for it. Don't want anyone to suffer, unless they want to."

She left with Aida's body and head on a trolley.

"What are you gonna do now, Erik?" asked Moa.

"I dunno. I'm alive, but I have nowhere to go," he said, "I can't go back to my family, I'd rather sleep on the street to be honest."

"No need for that," said Evelina, who had just returned from dealing with the customers, "you can stay at my place as long as you like, it's just upstairs from here."

"Really?" said Erik, surprised by the generous offer.

"You seem like a nice boy, I'd love to have you," she said and ruffled his hair, "you can help out around the shop when you're not at school. I bet you could make a lot of volunteers' experience more enjoyable."

"Thank you so much!" he said and broke down crying. All three girls embraced him, not caring about the splatter of blood all over them.

"And you girls can come by and help any time too," added Evelina, "I can't pay you yet, but if business gets good I will."

"We'd love to!" said Maja. Moa nodded.


Cuuuuute! I enjoyed this story a lot! ^_^ Big plus for a girl wanting to lose anal virginity first!


Very good consensual story, ripe for a part 2...


I'll probably continue it fairly soon. Suggestions are welcome, by the way. :)


I kind of like this story. If you do continue, a painful way to go would be interesting


How about no-death meat, where people just sell parts of themselves, like limbs, penises, and breasts?


Very nice work.
felt a bit strange (as you are the same author as this one
but it was fun to read
It would have been a big waste if you did not share that work.


I didn't write that one, don't know what gave you that idea. O_o

I like the selling parts angle, I might do something with that.


Really enjoyed. Seeing happy, consensual, light-hearted fun is nice.


Epic, I would reread this many times in future.


Suggestion: someone volunteers not because they truly want to, but because they're depressed, only for the four workers and the other volunteers help them through it.


That's really cheesy, but at the same time it sounds incredibly appealing. I'll definitely do something with that, thank you!


Oh dear, I did another one, this time with the selling parts angle.

"Moa, I just realised, you didn't get to fuck Erik the other day!" said Maja with a gasp. She and Moa were walking along a gravel road on the way home from school. They lived in a tiny village, Evelina's butcher shop was a half-hour bus ride away. "You're still a virgin!"

"How the hell do you know?" said Moa in mock outrage, "For all you know, I might have gone and gotten myself gangbanged between then and now!"

"Have you?" asked Maja after she was done laughing at the ridiculous outburst.

"Nope," replied Moa, "do I look like some kinda slut?"

"You most certainly do." said Maja. Moa was wearing a semi-transparent t-shirt with the word "SLUT" printed on it. She wore nothing on her lower body.

"Oh right," said Moa, "I guess I do. Wanna go and see if he's busy then?"

"That's a wonderful idea," said Maja, "let's go!"


They stepped off the bus in town and made their way to Evelina's shop. There were no people chained to the wall this time, but there was no lack of meat cuts at the counter and a decent amount of customers were inside. Evelina was behind the counter talking to a teenaged girl who had pulled up her top to reveal a pair of huge tits. Maja and Moa went up to the counter to see what was up.

"I could certainly help you with your problem," said Evelina, "but the scarring will be atrocious, and I can't guarantee that you'll be all right afterwards. I'm not an expert in preserving life, after all."

Huge tits girl laughed, "I'm willing to take the risk," she said, "and you pay me for doing it, a doctor would make me pay. Having you do it seems much more fun."

"Oh, hi girls!" said Evelina, beaming at the girls, "You here to see Erik?"

"Yeah, is he in?" asked Maja.

"He's in the back, cleaning up. You can go there, but wash your hands first." said Evelina.

"Righto!" said Maja cheerfully. The pair went through the door to the killing room. Erik was mopping the floor inside completely naked. As soon as he saw them enter he dropped his mop and ran up to hug them.

"Oh shit, sorry about that!" he said as he released them. He had been splattered with blood and had smeared it all over the girls' clothes. "I keep forgetting to wash it off."

"I kinda like this look." said Moa, looking at Maja. The smaller girl was wearing a simple white sun dress that was no longer completely white. Maja laughed and smacked Moa's ass, causing the tall girl to jump.

"We didn't plan on staying dressed anyway." said Maja and swiftly pulled off her dress. She wore nothing underneath. "Do you have a bucket or something that we can soak them in?"

Erik produced a clean stainless bucket from the back of the room and filled it with cold water, and the girls tossed their clothes into it.

"So, what brings you two here?" asked Erik while picking up his mop again.

"Well, when we came here last time we both wanted to lose our v-card," said Maja, "but it seems we forgot to deal with Moa's."

Erik blushed deeply. Maja looked at his crotch and saw his cock twitch and begin to rise. She was surprised at its size, it seemed significantly larger than before; it was probably close to twenty centimeters long and definitely wider than her wrist.

"Damn, were you really that big before?" she asked and pointed at the now erect cock.

"Ah, right," said Erik and looked down at his erection, "Evelina had her doctor friend give me some injection that made it bigger. She said it would appeal to her clients." He looked a little confused, as if he didn't quite get it.

"It looks very handsome!" said Moa and grabbed it.

Maja's eyes went wide; the cock seemed to grow even thicker! It stopped growing when it was about the width of her palm.

"Holy shit!" yelped Moa and let go. Maja could feel her pussy pulsating at the sight.

"Is it that bad?" said Erik sounding concerned.

"N-no, it's very nice, I was just surprised." said Moa and grabbed it again. She knelt down in front of it and had a closer look, Maja joined her. It was magnificent. The foreskin just about covered the base of the huge head and a large drop of precum was coming out of the opening. Moa leaned in and licked up the drop, causing Erik to shudder. "Yummy!" she said and licked her lips. The door opened behind them and Evelina came inside with the girl the huge titted girl.

"Don't distract him too much, girls, he does have some work to do!" laughed Evelina at the sight of them kneeling in front of his giant pole.

"But it's sooo pretty!" giggled Maja and stood up.

"It sure is." said thunder tits. Maja noticed that she seemed to be in some discomfort, and her posture was pretty bad.

"Girls, Erik, this is Linda," said Evelina, "she just sold me her tits!"

"You're not killing her?" asked Moa.

"Nope, not this time." replied Evelina.

"Why do you want your tits off? They're really beautiful, you know." asked Maja.

"They're nice looking, sure, but they weigh a ton." answered Linda while cupping her breasts. They really were enormous. "My back is always in pain and my bad posture kinda ruins the look anyway."

"Oh, that's too bad," said Maja and absent-mindedly stroked her own flat chest, "can I touch them before you get rid of them?"

"Sure," said Linda with a pleasant smile, "might as well enjoy them a last time, you can all join in if you like."

Evelina went to prepare some tools while the three kids walked up to Linda, who had just sat down on a chair after removing the rest of her clothes. She had a lovely figure, not skinny, certainly, but neither was she fat. If she put on tight pants she would probably have a bit of a muffin top, but the slight amount of extra fat gave her a pleasant and soft look. Her pussy was hairless and she had a gold ring through the hood of her clit.

Maja grabbed one of her tits in her hands. It was surprisingly hard, not at all like Moa's very soft ones, as if the skin was straining to hold the contents inside. Maja liked how they looked, though she preferred small ones, but the feel of them wasn't that nice.

"I know, they don't feel very nice," said Linda sadly, "looking nice is about all they're good for."

"It's too bad, really." said Moa after feeling them up.

"It'll be much nicer to be rid of them," said Linda, "gonna be much easier to get clothes that fit, too."

"All right, the guillotine is set up, I just need to heat up the blade so you don't bleed out." said Evelina, "The scars really will be horrible, so think about it some more while the blade heats up. You can back out anytime."

"Don't care about the scars," said Linda, "having a healthy back is more important than looking good."

"That's very true." said Evelina thoughtfully. "Hey, now that these kids are here, want them to help make the experience more memorable? It will hurt like hell, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind making it nicer for you."

Evelina looked at Erik's giant cock, "I certainly wouldn't mind having that inside me," she said and pointed at it with a grin, "would you like to shove that lovely thing in here while I have my tits sliced off?"

"Do it!" said Maja and slapped his back, "I bet it'll be great."

"Just make sure to leave some for me," said Moa, "I'm not leaving here a virgin again!"

"All right," said Erik bashfully, "I'll do my best."

The guillotine blade was now glowing a dull red and Evelina said it was ready for action. She had attached a device with two large, round holes in them in the guillotine to hold Linda's tits in place. Evelina guided the huge orbs into position; it was high enough for Linda to stand almost straight while locked in.

"I'll let you trigger it yourself," said Evelina and handed Linda a remote control, "the blade it hot enough for the wounds to close immediately, just be sure to back off after it hits so you don't burn anything else."

"Got it!" said Linda as Evelina went back out into the shop. She sounded both nervous and eager. "Oi, girls, put him in me!"

"Yes ma'am!" giggled Maja and took hold of Erik's cock. She pulled him along towards Linda's wiggling ass and positioned him right behind her. "Where do you want him?"

"I don't care for anal, put him in my cunt." said Linda.

"Your opinion is incorrect, but I will do as you say." said Maja, causing Moa to laugh loudly. She caressed Linda's soaked pussy lips with the head of Erik's cock, making it slick with the juices. "Go!" she yelled. Erik immediately pushed forward hard in surprise at the outburst causing Linda to yelp at the violent invasion.

"Fuck," grunted Linda, "it feels like someone's fisting me!"

"Sorry," said Erik in a worried voice, "I'll pull out."

"Why? I love getting fisted!" said Linda, "Fuck my brains out!"

Erik began moving eagerly, each thrust causing Linda to yelp. Maja looked back at Moa. The tall girl was sitting at a steel table with her legs spread and rubbing her clit. She went over to her and leaned in to have a closer look. The smell of her friend's arousal was intoxicating and seemed to pull her in even closer until, without thinking about it, she stuck out her tongue and licked the beautiful pussy from the bottom to the top, taking in as much juice as she could. Moa shuddered from the sensation. Maja pulled her tongue back into her mouth to get a proper taste, it was delicious! She dove back in and began eating her friend with a passion, licking all around the lips and clit and thrusting her tongue inside her intermittently.

The room was filled with moans and gasps and the smell of blood was mixing with the smell of the four teens' lovemaking. Moa's moans seemed to grow louder and she began to shudder. Maja stopped licking her.

"Don't stop, I'm so close!" whined Moa.

"I know," said Maja and sat next to her on the table, "he'll finish you off after he's done with boob monster." she pointed at Erik as she spoke.

"I have a name, you know!" said Linda between gasps. The whole guillotine seemed to shudder from their hard fucking and Maja almost thought the blade might fall down accidentally, but she knew it was secure.

"That looks so nice." said Moa and began moving her hand to her crotch, but Maja grabbed it before she could reach.

"Bad Moa," said the short girl, "if you want to masturbate, do it to me instead."

Moa pouted, but reached down to Maja's pussy and began gently caressing it.

"Oh that's nice." sighed Maja. She wouldn't come from such a gentle caress, but it felt very pleasant.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" gasped Linda. She was holding the remote control very hard and her face was dripping with sweat. "Almost there, fuck me harder!"

Erik complied and began thrusting even more violently. Maja was impressed by his stamina, she would put that to good use later.

Linda's yelps grew progressively louder until she suddenly stiffened and screamed out loud. She hit the button on the remote as she came and the blade came rushing down. It went through her giant tits without any resistance and made a loud "thud", and a sizzling sound could be heard from the burning flesh where Linda's tits once sat. Linda's scream became absolutely deafening when the blade hit her. She didn't immediately pull back from the blade, but Erik quickly grabbed her hair and jerked her backwards.

The now titless girl spasmed violently from the combined pain and pleasure and fell onto the floor. She continued convulsing and screaming and the three others knelt down beside her, making sure she didn't hit her head on something. Her screams turned into sobs after several minutes. Moa sat down and held Linda's head in her lap, stroking her hair.

Maja looked at Linda's chest and winced; where her tits had sat just minutes before were two large, round areas of burned flesh. It looked very bad and would certainly need some sort of medical attention.

"Th-thank y-y-you," sobbed Linda and looked at Erik, "th-th-that was g-great."

The boy blushed. His cock was still fully erect, it seemed he did not come from their fucking. 'Excellent' thought Maja, there would be plenty for Moa to enjoy.

"Let's get her upstairs," said Erik, "we can let her rest in my bed."

"I d-don't think I c-c-can stand." gasped Linda.

"No problem." said Moa. She stood up and pulled Linda up with her and easily lifted the wounded girl up into her arms. Her parents were farmers and she had the typical build of someone growing up on a farm: quite skinny but somehow amazingly strong despite her appearance. Erik led the way upstairs to his room and they put Linda down on his bed. She immediately passed out and the trio went back down to the killing room.

"I think Moa needs some attention now." said Maja. Moa was squirming where she stood, apparently her arousal had not subsided.

"Yes..." said the tall girl vaguely.

"What?" said Erik. Maja found his cluelessness adorable and giggled.

"She needs that," she pointed at his still erect cock, "in there." she pointed at Moa's dripping cunt.

"No!" yelled Moa, "I need him in here!" she bent over and spread her ass cheeks. "I want my first time to be anal, like yours."

"Are you sure? He's a lot bigger than when he did me."

"Well, I'm a lot bigger than you!" said Moa and stuck her tongue out. That was putting it mildly. Maja was very small, only about 140 centimeters, while Moa was nearly two meters tall.

Maja grabbed a jar or human grease from a shelf and got a large blob out of it. She smeared it onto Moa's anus and pushed as much as she could inside. She then got another blob of grease and smeared it all over Erik's huge cock, wanking it gently to lubricate him thoroughly.

"Go for it!" she said and smacked his ass. Moa was bent over the steel table, still holding her ass open for Erik. He positioned his cock at her entrance and pushed. Moa was panting and sweating, but tried to relax, and soon enough the head of Erik's cock had pushed inside her. Maja had put two fingers from each of her still greasy hands inside her own asshole and was idly fucking herself while watching her best friend being deflowered with great interest. Erik kept pushing slowly, and before long he was all the way inside Moa, who was now whimpering softly.

"Are you all right?" asked Erik.

"Y-yeah," stammered Moa, "just stay still for a while, you're so damn big."

Maja stood in front of Moa and leaned in to kiss her gently, which seemed to make her relax a little. They made out for a while like that, Maja fingering her ass the whole time, until Moa broke the kiss.

"You can start moving." she said, and Erik slowly pulled out. Just before he popped out of her he reversed and went inside again. Moa seemed slightly uncomfortable, but appeared to enjoy the gentle fucking as well. She grabbed Maja's hips and pulled her closer until the short girl's dripping cunt was right in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out and began licking her friend. Maja gasped, Moa's tongue was incredibly soft and warm, and the gentle licking felt amazing.

Erik progressively increased the pace of his thrusts until Moa's face was slamming into Maja's slimy cunt, and Maja tried to match his pace with the fingers in her own ass. The room was filled with their moans as they passionately made love to each other. Erik's face showed that his orgasms was approaching fast, and Maja could feel her own getting closer.

Moa came first, she pulled Maja's cunt into her face very hard and screamed into it as she began convulsing. This put both Maja and Erik over the edge as well, and they both moaned out loud as they came. Maja lost control of her bladder mid-orgasm and pissed right into Moa's mouth, and the tall girl swallowed as much as she could.

Their orgasms subsided after what seemed like an eternity, and Erik collapsed onto the floor, panting. Maja went to have a look at Moa's ass. It was gaping wide open, and a huge stream of sperm was flowing out of it and down her cunt. Maja leaned in and licked all the way from Moa's clit to her anus. The sperm was just as delicious as Moa's own juices and Maja tried to get as much out of her friend's ass into her mouth as she could.

"So yummy," she said when she finished, "and there was so much of it too!"

"Apparently the cock enhancement I got increases semen production enormously." said Erik from down on the floor.

"You kids are amazing," said Evelina. She had just entered the room and was idly rubbing her cunt at the sight of them, "I'm gonna have to join in next time!"

"That'd be awesome!" said Maja and beamed at her. She couldn't wait for the next time, finding Evelina's shop was the best thing that ever happened to her!


Help them through the depression, the butchering or both? ;)


Very nice, though I wish we knew how Linda ended up doing.


Oh shit, forgot about her. If it wasn't obvious, these stories are just me rambling with no more plan than, as in the last one, what if someone sold a bit of themselves? That's literally the entire plan I had for it initially, and the rest is just me shitting with my keyboard. I'll get back to Linda somehow next time. 8)


Oh look, I shat out another one! Not much happening in this one. I based depressed boy loosely on myself like ten years ago, and got distracted from the porn bits. Also, plenty of pee. I'll make the next one more ridiculous.

It was quite late, and Evelina suggested that Maja and Moa stay for the night. They eagerly accepted and followed Erik upstairs to his room. Linda had been sleeping in his bed but woke up when they entered the room.

"Oh! I completely forgot that we left you here." said Erik, slightly startled by Linda's presence.

"How are you feeling?" asked Moa and sat on the bed next to her.

"Chest hurts like a bitch," she said groggily, "but other than that, I feel kinda shitty."

Maja giggled at her joke, "Think you can stand? It's late, your family's probably wondering where you are."

"You don't need to leave on my account, by the way," said Evelina from the doorway, "take your time."

Linda grunted and sat up in the bed. She turned and put her feet on the floor and shakily got up. She staggered backwards into the bed immediately after getting up.

"Shit, I'm too used to having those counterweights in front, my balance is fucked." said Linda with a slight chuckle.

Moa helped Linda steady herself on her next attempt, and she quickly got used to her new physique.

"This feels amazing!" said Linda, "I feel so light!"

"You should probably get a doctor to have a look at you," said Evelina, "like I said, preserving life is not what I usually do."

"I will, thank you." said Linda and shook Evelina's hand.

"I'm gonna go make some dinner, give your parents a call and stay and eat with us." said Evelina and handed Linda a phone before leaving the room. Linda called her parents to tell them she would be late.

"I gotta piss, where's the loo?" asked Linda.

"Right here." said Maja and pointed at her own mouth. She loved drinking Aida's piss when she got beheaded, and wanted more.

"Seriously?" asked Linda incredulously.

"Yep, piss in my mouth," said Maja, and in a pleading voice she added "please?".

"Get your mouth on my cunt then," laughed Linda, "I can't hold it much longer."

Maja knelt down and shoved her face in Linda's crotch. They were all still naked, giving Maja easy access to both her own and Linda's cunt. She shoved a couple of fingers into her own pussy and put her lips over Linda's urethra. Linda immediately relaxed her bladder and a very powerful stream of piss flooded Maja's mouth. She desperately swallowed to avoid spilling any on Erik's floor. While she was drinking the delicious fluid she felt something poking at her anus. It felt greasy, and began pushing at her rear entrance. It was Erik's cock, he was going to fuck her ass while she drank another girl's piss! She relaxed her ass as much as she could and Erik's giant rod slowly pushed inside her. It hurt quite a bit, but it felt so incredibly sexy.

Erik's cock buried itself to the hilt about the same time as Linda finished pissing, and he began pumping slowly in and out of her. She grunted every time he pushed deep inside her and the initial pain soon subsided. She felt incredibly full, and it was wonderful.

"I gotta piss too," said Moa's voice, "move over."

Linda moved aside and Moa's beautiful cunt appeared at Maja's face. Erik's thrusting pushed Maja's face into the pussy in front of her, and she attached her lips at the urethra again. She was rewarded with a much gentler stream of piss than the one she got from Linda, so she was able to really savour it this time. It was even more delicious than Linda's and she drank eagerly as Erik's delightful cock kept going in and out of her stretched asshole. The end of Moa's pee stream coincided with a twitch in Erik's cock followed by an eruption of heat in Maja's bowels. The feeling of Erik's hot sperm flooding her insides sent shockwaves through her body, and she came spectacularly, just barely managing not to piss on Erik's floor. She screamed out her pleasure and collapsed onto the floor, making the cock slip out of her. She felt a flood of goo flowing out of her anus and onto her slimy cunt.

"Yum yum," panted Maja, "you gotta tell me before you waste that on the toilet next time, Moa."

Moa laughed and helped Maja pull herself to her feet, a flood of cum flowed down the tiny girls legs.


The four teenagers, Linda told them she was 17, sat at the dinner table as Evelina brought out the food.

"Wait, are those mine?" asked Linda as she saw the dish. It consisted of two very large roasted tits with boiled potatoes on the side.

"Yep, very nice and fresh!" said Evelina cheerfully.

Maja felt her pussy growing wet again, and she had just had a wash! The idea of someone being served their own tits was almost too hot to her, and they looked pretty damn delicious as well.

"Damn, they look way nicer like that!" said Linda and took a picture of the meal with her phone, "I gotta show my friends later."

"Want me to fill your glass, Maja?" asked Erik.

"Oh, sure." she replied. He had just filled his own glass with water so she assumed she'd do the same for her. He surprised her by bringing the glass under the table and opening his trousers. He maneuvered his long flaccid penis into the glass and pissed into it, filling it all the way to the brim. Evelina gave him a questioning look.

"I think she prefers this." he said with a shrug and a smile as he saw Evelina looking at him.

"I do, thanks a lot!" said Maja and took a sip.

"Righto, I think Linda should get both the nipples, since she provided us with this feast." said Evelina and cut off the nipples of the roasted tits and put them on Linda's plate. Linda popped one into her mouth, chewed it, and swallowed.

"Delicious!" she exclaimed and quickly ate the other one. They divided up the tit meat between them and ate it, it was the best meat Maja had ever eaten. They couldn't finish all of the meat, the tits were pretty damn huge after all. Evelina was just about to put the leftovers in some containers to put in the fridge when the doorbell rang, and she went to answer it.

The door was at the front of the shop, so the kids couldn't hear what was going on, but after a few minutes Evelina came back with a boy who looked to be about the same age as Linda following behind her. He looked miserable; his long blonde hair was a mess and it looked like he hadn't slept for days. She kept walking with the boy in tow and led him into the bathroom and left him there.

"Sorry," she said, "he showed up at the door asking me to butcher him. But you saw how he looked, right? I don't think he's quite right in the head at the moment, and I won't kill anyone who's unwell. I told him to go get cleaned up first."

"Is he homeless or something?" asked Moa.

"Dunno, didn't tell me much yet," replied Evelina, "I think he's depressed. His clothes looked too clean for a homeless guy I think. I think he just wants to die, not for pleasure but to end his suffering, and I won't help with that."

"What are you gonna do with him then?" asked Erik, "I mean, if he's depressed, I'm not sure we could do much for him, really."

"I know," sighed Evelina, "but I can't just ignore him, it's not in my nature."

The boy came out of the bathroom. He had showered and looked much better. He had straight blonde hair that reached his waist and looked like he had a very kind face beneath the layers of misery. He stood in the doorway to the kitchen and stared down at his feet.

"Can we do it now?" he asked, clearly referring to his desire to die.

"Sit down," said Evelina and pulled a chair out, "let's talk."

He seemed annoyed, no doubt many people had said this exact thing to him before, but he did as she said.

"I'm sure a lot of people have tried to talk you out of stuff before, so you decided to go to a butcher who wouldn't care and just get it over with. Unfortunately I'm not like most butchers. I won't kill someone who's not in their right mind, and you certainly don't look like you are. If you can convince me that you are, I might help you out. So, what's up?"

"If you're not gonna help me I might as well leave." said the boy and started to stand up, but Evelina pushed him back into the chair, "Don't touch me!" he yelled.

"I know you think I don't care and just want to help you to make myself feel good, and I won't claim that you're wrong because that's most certainly part of it. But hear me out, will you?"

He grunted and stared down at the table. The other kids tried making small talk among themselves to make him less uncomfortable.

"I think people keep asking you what's wrong, but you have no idea what the answer is, only that something's off and you can't do anything about it. I think You don't want to talk to anybody about your problems, because it doesn't help at all, but you have no idea what could help and you assume nothing will make thing better. And you're absolutely right about talking not being particularly helpful, because your mind doesn't work like that."

The boy had put his face in his hands and was trembling slightly as Evelina continued.

"I was in the same situation a couple of years back, and many others are. Some just need someone to talk to, but that's not always useful, but that's probably the only thing anyone's ever tried with you. I think what you really need are new routines. If you're unhappy at school, try finding a job instead. Even if it's shit, it'll be different from what you have now."

"I wouldn't even know how to begin," said the boy quietly through his hands, "you make it sound simple but it's not."

"I know," said Evelina and put her hands on the boy's shoulders, "but I can help you. There's a person very dear to me who helped me when I was in your situation. She's an old lady with a butcher shop much like mine, it's a bit of a trip to get there, but I could introduce you. I know she could use some help in her shop."

The boy was sobbing now, it seemed like Evelina knew exactly what was up with the boy. She hugged him and held him until he was done crying.

"I won't talk any more at you know," said Evelina, "have some food instead." She cut a large piece of tit meat for him and he slowly ate it.

"That was amazing." whispered Maja to Evelina. Evelina just shrugged at the comment.

"What's your name?" Erik asked the boy.

"Kalle." said the boy quietly. Everyone else introduced themselves.

"You got anywhere to sleep tonight?" asked Evelina.

"Yeah, I can go home, it won't be a problem." he replied. There was relief in his voice, this was probably the first time someone had really understood him.

"Good good, it'd be a bit crowded if you wanted to stay the night." said Evelina and smiled gently at him to show that it wouldn't be a problem if he did.

"I should get going," said Kalle as he finished eating, "thanks for everything, the food was delicious by the way."

"You should thank Linda for that." said Evelina and nodded towards Linda, who lifted her shirt to reveal her titless chest. Kalle spluttered out the water he was sipping at the sight.

"Wow, that looks awesome!" he said, he actually sounded excited.

"You can have a closer look if you want." said Linda, and Kalle approached.

"You like body mods?" asked Moa.

"I find them fascinating," said Kalle, "I don't want any myself though."

"It's kinda sexy, isn't it?" said Maja. She had looked at his crotch where an obvious tent was rising.

"Yeah." he said dreamily while examining the burned flesh.

"You wanna fuck me?" asked Linda in a casual tone. The boy blushed deeply and didn't respond.

"I'll take that as a yes," giggled Linda, "but I'm still really sore from having my tits off, you'll have to make do with someone else."

"You kids have been fucking like bunnies all damn day," said Evelina, "I really need some now myself."

She took off all her clothes in seconds and sat on the table near Kalle with her legs spread. She was extremely sexy. Her tits were average sized and her hairless pussy was very puffy and soft looking, and very obviously wet.

"Get in here, I need some relief." she said and spread her lips with her fingers. When he didn't comply right away Maja got up and pulled his trousers down. His cock was standing straight up. Maja pushed him towards Evelina, who took hold of his cock and guided it inside herself. Their fucking was very functional. They were not in love, but both needed to let off some steam, and that's what they did. They both came quickly and Evelina gave him a peck on the forehead when they were done. Maja quickly shoved her face into Evelina's cunt as he pulled out, she wanted the sperm in her mouth. She got there before any spilled and savoured it all. She couldn't decide which was the best, piss or cum, but then again, there was no reason to pick just one!

"I'll walk you home," said Evelina after they'd gotten dressed again, "and tell your parents what we discussed, okay?"

"Thank you," he said with huge relief in his voice, "and thank you too, Linda, your breast was delicious."

Linda smiled at him in response.

"I'll be back in a bit," said Evelina, "behave yourselves!"

"Not a chance!" said Erik, and the girls giggled.


Love this so far! Very good, I think Maja should give up her pussy, have her an anal only piss drinking slut.... And would love to see more fisting of evelinas pussy maybe some urethra stretching from her and moa - better flow for Maja to drink the piss..


I mean Maja give up her pussy as in have it removed completely and and they eat it...


Really not into the piss, but otherwise really nice and sweet, not the thing you usually find on this site.

Some ideas:
A large group composed of sets of siblings(part of a club for siblings that want to be slaughtered together?) come to volunteer, having heard of the humane treatment and thus deciding it's a good place for their butchering.

In the future, when they've been helping out at the shop for a while, it's been a busy day for customers, and a slow day for volunteers. Maja, Moa, Erik and maybe Linda decide to join as volunteers on display, out of support of the shop and Evelina and because having been around the shop so long, they're okay and aroused by it, though they wouldn't volunteer normally. They do end up surviving through the experience, and they discuss what it was like(in the middle of sex, obviously), and while they enjoyed it, and wouldn't mind doing it again, it's not something they seek out.

Perhaps combine the two, with them being saved by the arrival of the large number of siblings coming to volunteer.


I want someone to end up a total quad amputee somehow. Maybe they sacrifice their limbs for a charity dinner?


What a strangely pleasant, wholesome story you've given us. I eagerly await future updates.


Another one, because I have shit work ethic and keep procrastinating by writing horriffic smut instead. This one is way nastier than the previous ones, and a bit cheesy at times. There's a lot more piss too, because that's plenty of fun. I'm sure it fulfills some suggestions.

Maja woke up before Moa and Erik. She and Moa slept on matresses on Erik's floor and he slept in his own bed, Linda had gone home the night before. She went to the bathroom to take a piss, holding her hand in the stream and licking it off. She was becoming a bit of an addict, it seemed. She left the bathroom and went into the kitchen where Evelina was eating breakfast naked. She rarely bothered with clothes, they'd just become messy while she worked, so she just used her leather apron and nothing else when she was in the shop.

"Good morning," said Evelina, "sleep well?"

"Didn't sleep much." replied Maja with a grin.

"I can't imagine why," said Evelina and chuckled, "hungry?"

"Yeah." said Maja.

"There's still a lot left of Linda's tits, you can microwave a piece." said Evelina and nodded towards the fridge. Maja opened it, there was a lot of meat in it, but mostly the cheaper bits. Evelina probably preferred to sell the nice parts like tits and cunts. She got herself a piece of tit roast, heated it up, and sat at the table.

"Got any plans for today?" asked Evelina.

"Nah," said Maja, it was saturday so she didn't need to go to school, "I thought I might hang around here, it that's fine with you."

"Sure, love to have you around," said Evelina, "got a few people coming in for slaughter today, you can help me out."

"Sounds fun! Are they kids?" asked Maja.

"Some of them are your age, some are around mine," replied Evelina, "they're going to be served at a big party, I think it's a wedding or something, and they want to be killed in several different ways. Gonna be busy today."

"Sounds hot," said Maja, rubbing her thighs together, "think they'll want to fuck before they die?"

"You'll have to ask them," said Evelina, "they'll be here in about an hour. Could you go wake Erik for me? Gonna need his help today."

"Sure." said Maja and went to Erik's room. Erik and Moa were still asleep, but Erik's blanket had partly fallen off of him, uncovering his flaccid cock. Maja decided to do the obvious thing and tiptoed to his bed. She very carefully lifted his cock and took it in his mouth. She wouldn't be able to do it when it was erect, and it was very rarely flaccid. It still had the taste of semen and pussy on it, and Maja cleaned it very thoroughly with her tongue. It grew slowly until it was too big for her mouth, so she resorted to wanking it with both her hands and licking and kissing the head. It erupted suddenly, and Maja quickly covered the opening with her mouth and drank the delicious fluid. He wasn't joking about the increased semen production earlier, he could probably fill a decent sized glass in one go! He was moaning and jerking as he spurted, apparently waking up from the orgasm.

"Good morning to you too." he said groggily after he finished filling her mouth. She didn't respond, her mouth was completely full and she had an interesting idea. She leaned down over Moa and poked her to wake her.

"What?" said Moa irritably, she was not much of a morning person. Maja put her lips to Moa's, parted them with her tongue, and let the sperm in her mouth flow into her friend's mouth. Moa seemed confused at first, but quickly realised what was happening and began swallowing. When all the cum was consumed they made out for a little while, and Maja could feel her cunt begin to drip. No time to deal with it now, though, they had to get to the shop.

"Good morning," said Maja, "Evelina needs help in the shop, Erik, and she says we can join too. A bunch of people are coming to die today, I bet it'll be fun!"

"Better hurry to get some breakfast then." said Erik and went to the kitchen.

"I'm kinda full already," said Moa and licked her lips, "thanks for that, it was yummy."

"Yeah, we should totally make some sort of milking machine for him." said Maja, and they both giggled.


"All right, kids," said Evelina, the customers were due to arrive any minute, "I will handle the killing unless one of them specifically asks for one of you to do it, with the full knowledge that you are unskilled and might make it very unpleasant for them. Maybe someone wants that, though, you never know. Still, if anyone asks you to kill them, you have to tell me so I can supervise. Other than that, you can do whatever you like as long as they consent. If I hear of any raping, you're out of here and you're not coming back, I will not have any of that shit happening in my shop, understood?"

All three nodded, they had discussed sex a lot last night and none of them found rape appealing anyway, so it wouldn't be an issue. Maja had no doubt that Evelina was serious, consent was obviously important to her.

"They should arrive about now. Stay naked, you'll probably get covered in blood anyway." said Evelina, who was wearing her bloodstained leather apron, and sat down behind the counter. In just over a minute a group of seven people came in through the door. Two of them looked to be about Evelina's age of 22, and the rest about fourteen of fifteen. One of the 22 year olds and two of the younger ones were boys, the rest were girls.

Evelina stood up behind the counter and said "Welcome!" with a smile.

"Thank you for letting us come on a saturday." said the older girl.

"It's my pleasure." said Evelina and walked around the counter to shade the customers' hands. She introduced her helpers too.

"These kids will be assisting me today. They will not do any killing unless you specifically ask for them to do it, but be aware that they are completely inexperienced and it might be messy and painful. They will also fulfill sexual requests for you to make the experience more enjoyable. You can back out at any time right up until we kill you. If any one of you are here against your will, tell me and I'll help you get to safety, I will not let the others take you if that is the case." After a second she added: "I'm not suspecting you of anything, I just want you all to know that anything that happens here is consensual, and I will not kill anyone who does not ask for it themselves."

"You hear that kids?" said the older boy, "If you don't want this, you can back out."

All of the kids shook their heads and giggled.

"I can't wait," said one of the boys, "this is gonna be soo cool!"

"Yeah," said a girl, "I've been looking forward to this for months!"

Their eagerness caused Maja's already dripping pussy to heat up, and she began idly rubbing her clit.

"Hey," said another girl in a worried voice, "I'm not getting killed, remember?"

"Ah right," said the older girl, "Klara here volunteered to be the party's fucktoy-"

"Yeah!" interrupted the girl called Klara, "I want my arms and legs cut off so anyone can do whatever they want to me!" She was jumping up and down, clearly very eager to be dismembered.

"No problem," said Evelina, "just make sure to get to a doctor later if you want to survive after the party, you might get some bad infections otherwise."

"I'll make sure she does." said the older girl, she would be the one responsible for getting Klara home after they were done.

"Let's get started then!" said Evelina, "Everyone get naked, unless you want to ruin your clothes."

The group disrobed. They were all hairless below the neck, and very obviously very aroused; several of them began caressing themselves immediately. They all went back into the killing room, the customers immediately began looking around at the various killing devices with great interest.

"I want this one!" exclaimed one of the young boys and pointed at something that resembled a miniature guillotine.

"That's for cutting off smaller things, not for killing." said Evelina.

"Yeah, I wanna have my penis cut off while someone sucks it!" said the boy eagerly. Maja almost came from the idea, she would insist to be the one with his cock in her mouth.

"We'll have to kill you too, how do you want to die?" asked Evelina.

"I wanna bleed out from the cock wound." said the boy while slowly stroking his cock.

"I'm sure we can arrange that, I'll have to give you an anticoagulant first, or you might stop bleeding before you die." said Evelina. "Do you want to go first then?"

"Please." said the boy, who was now squirming with anticipation.

Evelina produced a syringe and injected the anticoagulant into the boy's arm, he seemed to enjoy the shot. She then had him stand in the middle of the room while she brought the mini guillotine. Its height was adjustable so he could keep standing. She guided his cock and balls into the device and locked them in place.

"I'll give you the trigger, it won't make a difference if you push it yourself, you can decide when to do the chopping." said Evelina and handed him a small remote.

"Can I do the sucking?" said Maja while rubbing her slick thighs together. The boy nodded eagerly and she got on her knees in front of him. His cock was normal sized, so she could get it in her mouth unlike Erik's giant one. She took it into her mouth and began sucking. He came almost immediately into her mouth, he must really have been on edge, and she swallowed the tasty treat.

"I'll have it off at the next one." panted the boy, indicating that Maja should keep blowing him, which she was all too willing to do. This time took longer, she had ample time to savour his rock hard cock. It twitched occasionally; Maja thought he was about to cum and almost came herself each time. At last, after some minutes, he gasped and erupted into her again. She locked her eyes to the base of the cock that was attached in the guillotine and heard a click. The spring loaded blade smashed down in a fraction of a second and the boy let out a piercing scream as his cock was severed from his body. Both him and Maja fell backwards, his severed cock not leaving her mouth. She quickly took the cock out of her mouth and immediately shoved it into her cunt before the blood keeping it hard flowed out, and immediately came hard. She twitched on the floor in pleasure, while watching the boy twitching in combined pain and pleasure with blood gushing from his groin.

"How was is?" asked the other young boy who had his still-attached cock in his hand.

"Sssssoo g-g-g-g-g-good." gasped the boy who was still spasming around on the floor. His panting grew more and more shallow over the coming several minutes and everyone in the room were pleasuring themselves at the sight of him, Evelina was using her whole fist again.

"Soo gooood..." whimpered the dying boy with his last breath and went completely still.

"Fuck, that was hot!" panted Maja, "Almost makes me want to die too!"

"Don't do that," said Moa, "I'd be lonely without you."

"I said almost." said Maja and gave Moa a reassuring hug.

"By the way," said Moa, "you just popped your cunt-cherry with a severed cock."

"Nah, doesn't count any more than a dildo would, I think." said Maja. She still held the severed cock, which had gone limp. "I wish I could eat it, but I'm guessing they'll want it for their party."

"That's right," said the older girl, "all genitals go to the couple getting married."

"Too bad." said Maja and gave the cock a final kiss before handing it to Evelina, who put it in a tray.

"Who's next?" asked Evelina.

"We are," said the other young boy. He was holding the hand of one of the girls, "we want to be beheaded together while making love."

It turned out they were siblings, and had been lovers ever since they realised what genitals could be used for, trying out every kind of sex they could imagine. They now wanted a sexual experience to beat all the rest, even if it could only be done once.

"How do you want your heads cut off?" asked Evelina.

"By axe," said the girl, "if you can cut through both of us at once with it."

"That won't be a problem," said Evelina, "I'm quite confident with my axe swing."

"Great!" exclaimed the girl.

"Are you sure about this?" asked the boy.

"Yes," answered the girl, "I love you more than anything, and I want to express that in the ultimate way, by dying with you."

"I feel the same," said the boy, "I would like nothing more than to get slaughtered together with you."

His cock was standing straight up and twitching as if to confirm what he just said. They embraced and kissed deeply. Maja was both touched and aroused. If this day went on like this she feared that she wouldn't be able to resist getting killed herself, but she knew that she would prefer to stay alive; there was too much she wanted to experience, particularly in the area of sex.

"That's beautiful," said Evelina with a tear forming in her eye, apparently she was a bit soft despite her profession, "I'll definitely kill you both with one hit, I promise you that."

The girl lay down on a wooden bench that Evelina directed them, and her brother and lover got on top of her. She had her feet wide apart on the floor to allow him easy access to her dripping pussy. He gently inserted himself into her and they both sighed in pleasure. Their lovemaking was gentle and passionate, and it was evident that they both knew exactly what the other wanted, as if they could read each others' minds. There was no urgency in their act, only love.

They had instructed Evelina to kill them when they reached orgasm, and Maja had no doubt that they would be able to cum simultaneously after observing them for a while. They both stiffened, and then shuddered, as they reached their climax, and Evelina brought the axe down as they kissed. Her swing was perfect, and effortlessly went through both their necks. Their heads went into a basket with a pillow in its bottom. Evelina lifted their heads up by the hair and brought them together for a final kiss before they died. A pool of urine formed under their twitching bodies as they shared their last kiss, and in a short while the life left their eyes. Evelina put them back into the basket and wiped tears from her eyes.

"God damn it," said Evelina, "that was so beautiful."

Moa helped move the bodies to where the first killed boy's body was, to form a meat pile.

"Do me next!" said another little girl.

"How do you want to go?" asked Evelina.

"Saw me in half." she said and pointed to a table saw in a corner.

"Are you sure? I never actually intended to use that for butchering, I just used it for building some shit. It's gonna be an absolutely horrible way to go." said Evelina.

"I want to suffer as much as possible," said the girl, who had begun masturbating furiously, "I love pain."

Maja looked closer at the girl, and noticed that she had quite a lot of small scars all over her body that looked like they'd been inflicted with a knife.

"Oh, I want to be mutilated a bit before you split me though." said the girl as if suddenly remembering it.

"How?" asked Evelina.

"Like cutting off my clit and cunt lips, crushing my limbs," she said dreamily, "and anything else you can think of, as long as it hurts. And I want them to do it," she pointed at Moa, Maja, and Erik, "if they're as unskilled as you claim, it'll probably be even more horrible if they do the dirty work."

"Are you up for some torturing?" Evelina asked her helpers. Maja wasn't normally very sadistic, but she was willing to give it a go. The other two agreed.

"Can you fuck my ass before we begin?" the girl asked Erik. Erik reached for a jar of grease. "No, do it dry, it'll tear me and the blood will lubricate you." the girl was actually drooling at this point, she looked absolutely deranged. Erik looked apprehensive, but his huge cock did not; it was fully erect and twitching. The girl lay down on the floor and spread her ass cheeks. Erik violently pushed his cock against her anus causing the girl to scream in pain as he slipped inside. When he pulled out again his cock was red with her blood, making the next thrust smoother. He decided to give her even more and brutally shoved a fist into her cunt without warning, she screamed again but did not bleed from this, since her pussy was drooling profusely. Erik kept pumping, only paying attention to his own pleasure which seemed to be what the girl wanted, to be dehumanised and used as a toy. He suddenly pulled his fist and blood covered cock out and erupted all over her face. His load was gigantic as usual, and it looked like at least twenty men had ejaculated on her. Her face was covered in tears and sperm, and a small stream of blood trickled out of her anus.

"Thank you," sobbed the girl, "that was so hot."

Erik looked a little worried. He was a very sweet boy and wouldn't hurt anyone normally, clearly this act had taken some effort for him. The girl reached for his cock and began licking her blood off it until it was completely cleaned. Evelina had been setting up some stuff while they went at it. She had attached some shackles to the saw table that would hold the girl's shoulders and hips in place, leaving her arms and legs free to wiggle about but not allowing her to move.

"All right, we can get started," said Evelina to the girl, "if, at any time, the suffering becomes too much, say 'pancakes' and I'll cut your head off to end it. If you want it to end but not be killed, say 'pudding', though I can certainly not guarantee that you'll live after what you've asked us to do."

"Got it." whimpered the girl, clearly still in a lot of pain.

"If you want to back out, say so now." said Evelina.

"No, I want to suffer." said the girl.

"Right. We'll begin by cutting off your clit and cunt lips, then we will smash your hands and feet with a sledgehammer, followed by burning your hair. After that we will cut your limbs off at the shoulders and hips and burn the wounds with a gas torch. Finally, we will saw you in half from the pussy to your head, hopefully you're still alive at this point, but we'll do it either way."

The girl was panting, she looked quite delirious.

"Do you understand me?" asked Evelina.

"Yes," breathed the girl, "please do it, destroy me."

Moa grabbed the girl's hair and roughly dragged her to the table, and slammed her down onto it. Maja and Erik locked her in place. Evelina handed Maja a small knife to mutilate the girl's cunt with, but Maja didn't take it. Instead she bent down and licked the girl's cunt, but when she reached the clit she bit down onto it. The girl screamed out loud as Maja's teeth closed on her clit. Maja bit harder and felt the skin breaking, she kept increasing the pressure and sawing her teeth back and forth, making the girl scream even louder, until the clit broke off. The girl stopped screaming and simply gasped and sobbed. Maja spat out the little piece of flesh into her hand and shoved it into the girl's mouth.

"Eat it." she commanded and the girl chewed it a little before swallowing. Evelina then took the knife from Evelina, who retreated to stand close to the girl's head with the axe ready in case the girl wanted it to end. Maja brought the knife down to the girl's cunt and began sawing through the lips. The girl screamed, but not as loudly as when her clit was bitten off, while Maja quickly removed her labia and tossed them onto the meat pile. She grabbed the gas torch and burned the wounds closed so she wouldn't bleed too much, causing the girl to faint from the pain.

Moa got up onto the table and positioned her pussy over the girl's sperm covered face, and pissed on it. The girl was startled awake as the stream hit her and struggled to breathe through the deluge. When Moa finished pissing she got off the table and took hold of the sledgehammer.

"Say goodbye to your feet." said Moa and brought the hammer down with incredible force onto the girl's left foot. It completely flattened the spot it hit, and the girl let out an ear piercing scream followed by hysterical sobbing. Maja slammed the hammer down several times more until the foot was completely unrecognisable, resembling minced meat more than anything. She repeated the process on the other foot and the hands with similar response, and when she finished the girl was only sobbing and trembling.

Erik snuck up to the girl's head with the gas torch in hand, and set fire to her hair. It resulted in a huge flame that burned her hair to ash in seconds while the girl screamed.

Maja realised they'd forgotten about the girl's small tits. She grabbed hold of a pair of scissors and brought them to the girl's nipples. The scissors were dull and it took some effort to get them through the nipples, causing the girl even more pain. When the nipples were off Maja put them in the girl's mouth like she'd done with her clit, and made the girl eat them. Erik burned the wounds after she finished.

Her limbs were next. Moa, Maja, Erik, and Evelina each grabbed a saw and brought them to the girl's limbs. Evelina gave a signal, and they all began sawing simultaneously. The girl seemed to not have the energy to scream anymore and simply sobbed and whimpered as they dismembered her. As soon as the limbs were off Erik quickly went around and burned the wounds to keep her from bleeding out.

Evelina readied the saw, she didn't want the kids getting hurt on it, and Maja passed the time by cutting little doodles into the girl's skin.

"You ready, meat?" asked Evelina. The girl was a complete mess, bald, burned, and cut all over, and covered in blood, piss, and cum.

"Thirsty." gasped the girl. Maja knelt over her face and gave her a drink. The girl eagerly drank the piss, although most of it ended up all over her face. "D-d-d-do it," gasped the girl as she finished drinking, "and th-th-thank y-you."

Evelina started up the saw which was surprisingly silent. Moa grabbed the girl's shoulders and pushed her towards the blade. The girl lifted her head to look down at the saw and began hyperventilating at the sight. The blade hit her mutilated cunt and the girl screamed louder than ever. Moa kept pushing and the girl kept screaming as the blade made its way through her ruined body. When the blade reached the bottom of her ribcage her screams had turned to gurgling whimpers. The blade soon reached the girl's heart. Her eyes went wide, and she died in extreme agony, just as she had wished. Moa kept pushing until the girl was split all the way through her head. They tossed the girl's various bits into the huge meat grinder, she was too destroyed to be used for cuts, but it made no difference when she was ground up.

The four workers were almost completely covered in blood after finishing with the girl.

"Fucking hell, that was intense," said Maja. She was just coming down from the adrenaline rush caused by the violence she had participated in. Her skin was tingly all over and she was trembling slightly. She had enjoyed destroying the girl, but constantly had to keep reminding herself that the girl had literally asked for it. In the end she concluded that horriffic torture and mutilation was, just like sex, perfectly fine as long as everyone consented to the act.

"Thank god I don't have to clean this up by myself," chuckled Evelina. The room was an absolutely spectacular mess; blood, piss, and cum had splattered all over the walls and floor, and chunks of flesh and bone were spread about as well. "Oh well, we'll worry about that later. You next?" she said to the older boy. Only he, the older girl, and Klara were left, and he was the last one who was here to die.

"Yeah, I wanna drown." he said.

"All right," said Evelina, "easy. How do you want it? Completely submerged? Head shoved in a bucket?"

"I was planning to do it submerged completely before," said the boy, "but seeing you people in action gave me another idea. I want to drown in a bucket of piss."

Maja's cunt gushed, Evelina seemed to notice.

"I think someone likes that idea." chuckled Evelina and casually shoved a couple of fingers into Maja's drooling pussy, eliciting a moan and a shudder from the little girl. "You wanna get fucked before you die? Or during the process, perhaps?"

"Yeah," said the boy, "Moa, you're the prettiest girl I have ever seen, would you make love to me as I die?"

Moa blushed, "how do you want me?" she asked.

"I want to be on my back, with you on top." he said.

"How will we drown you then?" asked Moa.

"We'll use this." said Evelina and held out a clear acrylic box with a round hole in one side. The side with the hole could be opened to allow someone's neck to be secured in it and the top of the box was open. It would allow the boy to lie on his back with his head inside. "I played around making guillotine attachments and made this thing. Haven't used it yet, but it should be perfect for this. Just let me make sure it won't leak."

Evelina checked the box for leaks, it was perfect, and then put it on the floor for the boy to put his head in. She closed the box over his neck and filled all gaps between it and the hole with some sort of putty to make sure it wouldn't leak there either. When she was satisfied that the box was secure she went and fetched several bottles of orange juice and made everyone present drink as much as they could handle to make sure they would be able to piss as much as possible.

Moa leaned down and kissed the boy softly before getting on her knees over his erect cock.

"Which hole do you want?" she asked.

"Pussy." he said dreamily.

"You'll be my first, then." said Moa. The boy looked touched that such a beauty would give him her virginity. Moa didn't bother telling him that she was, in fact, not a virgin. It was true enough that her cunt was, and he seemed happy about the fact. He would be dead very soon anyway, and would never know the truth.. Unless he backed out, of course. She took hold of his cock and guided it to her slimy entrance, and lowered herself slowly with a low moan coming out of both of them. She showed no sign of discomfort; Maja knew Moa very much liked to fuck herself with various objects.

As Moa began gently fucking the boy Maja saw the last of the younger girls begin squirming and walk up to his head. She squatted over the box and relaxed her bladder all over the boy's face. He did not drink any, he just let it flow over his face and down to the bottom of the box. The others soon followed her lead and did their part in bringing about his impending death. Moa also stepped off his cock briefly to do her part, with Maja taking the cock in her mouth as Moa pissed; it had the delicious taste of Moa's juices. The piss reached just past his ears when they'd all finished and Evelina brought more juice. More piss followed, Maja had the pleasure of providing the last amount that finally brought the piss high enough to cut off the boy's breathing. He held his breath and seemed to focus on the pleasure in his cock.

Moa sped up her movement in an attempt to let him have a final orgasm before dying. She was successful; the boy twitched and brought his hand to her hips to push himself as far inside her as possible as he ejaculated. As he injected her with his seed, he gasped under the piss in the box causing piss to flow into his lungs. He inhaled more and more piss until finally, as his orgasm subsided, death claimed him. He looked very peaceful under the yellow fluid.

Evelina siphoned out the piss from the box into a big jug before Moa took his corpse out and tossed it on the growing pile. Erik took the piss jug and casually walked next to Maja. Without warning, he tipped it over her head, soaking her completely. She was startled at first, but quickly realised what was happening and began rubbing it all over herself. The piss washed most of the blood off her body and she looked almost clean when the jug was empty, even though she most certainly was not.

"And finally," said Evelina, "it's your turn, Klara."

"Yeah." said the girl, who had begun masturbating.

"Do you want to get yourself off a last time?" asked Maja. Klara would never be able to masturbate again, after all.

"Yes," said Klara, "do you have any toys around?"

"Nope, but you can use one of the spits I suppose," said Evelina, "just don't use the sharp end."

Klara sat down on the floor and Evelina gave a hollow aluminium spit to her. It was very light, making it at least somewhat feasible to use as a dildo. The girl promptly shoved it deep inside her wet cunt, pulled it out, and used her juices as lubricant to push it into her ass. She pushed it in incredibly far, only stopping when her body did not allow it to go further. She furiously rubbed her clit with one hand and fucked her cunt with four fingers from the other hand. She quickly brought herself to a spectacular screaming climax that made her squirt all over the spit lodged in her ass. Exhausted, she allowed Evelina to pull the spit out of her. Moa easily lifted Klara up onto a steel table.

"We'll use the mini guillotine again for this," said Evelina, "is that all right with you?"

"Sounds good." said Klara, who had begun recovering from her violent orgasm.

"Do we need to restrain you?" asked Evelina.

"I don't think so," said Klara, "let's try it like this first. Take my arms first, or I'll just try fucking myself again."

"All right," said Evelina, "I'll do my best to stop the bleeding, but please make sure you get to a doctor as soon as possible so they can treat your wounds properly."

"I will get her to one as soon as we leave." said the other remaining girl.

"Good. Let's get started then!" said Evelina and inserted Klara's left arm into the guillotine. She brought the tool all the way up to her shoulder to sever as much as possible. "Ready?"

"Do it!" whimpered Klara and Evelina immediately complied. The blade smashed down and easily severed the arm. Klara screamed in pain and the others had to hold her still while Evelina used her hand to tear out the remaining arm bone out of its socket. She used some sort of gel that stopped the bleeding from the wound, but it would not be reliable for more than a couple of hours, hence her insistence that Klara was taken to a hospital right away.

They repeated the process with the Klara's other arm and both legs, pulling the bones out of their socket on each limb. The girl was a sobbing mess after the mutilation. Moa picked her up ant pulled her into a hug and stroked her head until she stopped crying.

"You all right?" asked Moa when the sobs stopped.

"Obviously not, my limbs are gone!" said Klara in a brave attempt at humour. Moa smiled gently at her. Maja was extremely aroused by the though of being a limbless, helpless, sex doll. She was sure that, if she were ever to have herself mutilated somehow, this was the way to go, to forever be dehumanised and used by anyone without the ability to protest. A flood of juices flowed down her inner thighs. She needed relief, immediately.

"Erik," she said huskily, "put that thing in here now." she sat on a table and spread her cunt with her fingers, it was time to lose her other virginity. Erik complied right away and thrust inside her without any effort. He fucked her hard and fast, and neither of them lasted more than a minute before cumming hard together. Maja felt the flood of cum flowing into her cunt and filling her completely, some of it trickling out past Erik's huge cock. Evelina graciously handed her a mug so she could catch it all when Erik pulled out, and she happily drank it all.

"Well," said Evelina, "I'm gonna cut up the meat, you kids can go and rest while I work, you can help me clean up later. You get Klara to the hospital, and I'll deliver the meat to you when I'm done with it." she said to the last intact girl.

"Will do," said the girl, "thank you for this, I couldn't imagine a better way for those kids to die."

"Oh, you're too kind," said Evelina bashfully, "come back again if you ever decide to get slaughtered yourself, and tell your friends!"

"I most certainly will," said the girl and picked up Klara, who was now very light, "see you!"

She left with Klara in her arms. Maja, Moa, and Erik went upstairs to get cleaned up and take a nap, they were all exhausted.


Oh yes!! Very good, loved it! Still think Maja needs her cunt removed ;)
Cannot wait to read more!


Fucking amazing amputation scene with Klara! Imagining a girl getting disassembled one limb at a time always gets me excited as hell. Shame we couldn’t get a scene of a limbless quad amputee being used for sex though... (hint hint)


Loved all of it! Very... cute. Thank you!



By all means, keep procrastinating!


Your style is very good and I'm like nasty stuff.


I think about a mom a two sons. Moa and Maja are persuading them to die. The mom is looking with interest. She confesses that she loved to do this things to the young boys when she was a school girl. And many boys just ended up like this. At the end she even helps to girls to set her sons in 69 and cut their heads and cocks when the served cocks are stuffed in mouths.


Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. Maja will not get her cunt removed, at least not unless I decide to kill her off in some horrible way, but I don't think that will happen. I'm not sure if I'll mutilate the main characters at all, but who knows, I'm doing this with very little thought and planning after all. I'm just a monkey with a keyboard.

About quad amputees: note that Klara was the only one in that group who actually got a name (hint hint). :)

I will not have them persuading someone to die, that would contradict the whole volunteer and consent thing IMO.


Making a sales pitch would probably be okay, so long as they also list the alternates and cons. As is helping someone work through conflicted feelings.


Everything in your story is soo good that cant even think what to criticize LOL

Just when reading about all torture of that masochist girl, It started to look as if it is not meat processing anymore as all mead hot ruined LOL

Maybe they should rename their meat shop into suicide assistance service?


any chance to get you to do something with a matronly mother and her (younger than moa and maja) daughters?

(personaly i am super turned off by seeing males reciveing the torture and snuff, so the sugestion a few above mine with the sons is in the right wheelhouse by wrong gender, lol)

would love to see something with a thicc adult woman who's desperate to die for whatever reason (probably a hardup masochist) but she brings in her under eight daughter(s) to have them taken out with her, so they arent left on the street (and the daughter(s) are willing and eager to go with their mommy too, of course)


I don't really care for the parent-child slaughter thing. Even if the kids are very enthusiastic about dying with their parent it seems to me that they would almost certainly have been persuaded by the parent into it somehow. Rather like people being religious because that was how they were brought up, not because they themselves decided to be (in most cases, anyway). It just seems like a sort of moral grey area to me, can't be sure if it really is the kids' decision to die, or if the parent planted the idea in them.

Now, if it were the kids who dragged the parent into it, it'd be different I think, so that would be a far more likely scenario.

I have similar feelings about the sales pitch thing. I want whoever comes into the shop to get killed to do so entirely because they themselves decided to do it, whereas a sales pitch is designed to sort of create an artificial need into someone. Nobody NEEDS a really fancy watch if their cheap little Casio watch still works, but they could still be sold one if the salesperson manipulates them into thinking a ridiculously expensive Rolex watch would be better, even if it happens to be functionally identical to the cheap one. I find that pretty shady, so I think the only persuasion that should occur in the shop is the kind that Evelina did with the depressed boy. That way only people who really want to die get killed, and anyone who is not absolutely certain or wants it for the wrong reasons will be talked out of it, rather than the other way around. Think of it as some sort of anti-consumerism cannibalism, or something. (I'm really subtle about my political views, right? 8) )

Thanks for the suggestions though, they're always appreciated!


What about sales pitching for why they should come to this particular shop, instead of another one?


That is a very good point, I did not consider that. I'm not sure it would make for a particularly compelling story subject, but maybe I could figure something out. Like a public demonstration or something I suppose. Thank you for pointing it out! :)


This is the really interesting idea but if you are thinking about how to do it, there is no need to direct competition but it can be someone who comes in to see if this shop is really that good as they were told.

It could be something similar to that masochist girl torture but maybe a slightly different reaction where she complains instead of simply enjoying that and wants to try something different instead.
Something like tsundere masochist who does not admit her feelings directly.


i can totaly see where you are coming from on the coercion thing and relating it to religious manipulation....

that said, your idea to have it be the daughter(s) talking their mother into the snuffing would actualy kinda be hotter to me.... maybe a spoiled brat kind of girl who's used to getting her way making a scene and crying begging for it to get snuffed herself, or cajoling her mother into getting butcherd for her pleasure and the giving and loving mother folding under the pressure and accepting... "come ooooooon let me get snuffed!" or even "but you proooomised you'd die for me..." sort of thing.


Oh, public demonstrations gives me an idea of a Butcher contest. Or maybe a career day at Maja's and Moa's school, where the students either volunteer or help out?

Also, maybe one day Evelina is too busy, so the trio are the ones that accept the volunteers in and gets them ready. Maybe have an orgy before opening, and then another one with the survivors at the end of the day?


Mmm yes I can see why you don't want to butcher the main characters, how about a girl comes in wanting her sex removed? As a present for her boyfriend?
Also would be nice to have a girl and her boyfriend come in and she wants to be cut in half by guillotine just above her hips while having sex. But her bf has a hugely long cock like Eric and the blade cuts her body and his cock in half as he's cumming inside her?


Hey, look, another one! No gore this time, just plenty of kinky fucking. Also a bunch more ridiculous piss fun with Klara. I will get to more suggestions later, thanks for all your ideas!

A couple of weeks had passed since Maja and Moa helped with the killing of the large group for the party. Maja had been spending as much time at Evelina's shop as she could; Moa joined her occasionally, but her schedule was a lot more busy since she was in secondary education, unlike Maja who was 14 and still in middle school.

It was now saturday and Maja had gone to spend time with Evelina and Erik in the shop. It wasn't open on weekends, so they were just hanging out and playing some video games together in Evelina's bedroom. Just as Evelina was about to beat them spectacularly, the doorbell rang and Evelina got up to open in; Erik and Maja took the opportunity to smash her face in in the game while she couldn't resist. Evelina came back upstairs after a minute with someone following her.

"Look who came to visit." said Evelina. The one following her was Linda, the girl who had her giant tits cut off in the shop.

"Hello." said Linda. Maja got up and hugged the girl, who was now just as flat-chested as her. She noticed that Linda was wearing a large backback, and the contents of it seemed to be moving a little. She circled around Linda and saw a head poking out of the backpack. It was Klara, the girl she help dismember for a party.

"I didn't know you knew each other," said Maja, "also, hello to you both!"

"We met in the hospital while having our wounds treated," said Klara, "she helped me get around and we liked each other's company, so we kinda stuck together and we're kind of a couple now. Not exclusive, of course."

"That's nice," said Evelina, "how are your wounds by the way?"

"I'll show you." said Linda and put her backpack down. She opened it fully and exposed the fully naked Klara inside. There were no scars at her hips and shoulders at all, it looked like she was born limbless.

"How is that even possible?" asked Evelina in disbelief while feeling the limbless girl's shoulders.

"The nurse who took care of our wounds at the hospital suggested that we sign up to an experimental treatment at the university hospital nearby," said Evelina, "that's where we met. It was a trial run for using stem cells from butchered people to grow new organs in living people, and clearly it was pretty damn successful."

"I can see that," said Evelina, "get your top off, I want to see your chest."

"Aye aye!" said Linda and gave a mock salute. She pulled of her top to reveal her chest. When she left after having her tits off her chest was burned almost black by the guillotine blade. Now there was no sign of injuru whatsoever. She was not completely flat, just a very slight swelling that was just enough to show that the chest belonged to a girl, and the tiny breasts were topped by perfect pink nipples.

"You're still bigger than me!" giggled Maja and went up for a feel. They were very soft, despite being almost flat, and the skin was absolutely flawless. Linda shivered when Maja felt her nipples, showing that the nerves had been regrown as well.

"They let me choose whatever size I wanted," said Linda, "I went to the smallest one that was not completely flat."

"You didn't want normal sized ones?" asked Erik who was now taking his turn fondling Linda.

"No," said Linda, "it felt so fucking good to not have any tits that I just couldn't imagine going back to anything bigger than this. Just look at my posture, my back feels fucking amazing without those balloons!"

She did look a lot better than before; her posture was perfect and there was no sign of discomfort or strain on her.

"Wait," said Maja, "if they could regrow tits on you this perfectly, couldn't they make new limbs for Klara?"

Klara giggled and blushed where she lay on the floor. "They could have, easily," said Klara, "but I asked them not to."

"Why?" asked Maja. The idea of being a helpless sex toy like Klara certainly appealed to her, but not being able to do anything by herself at all seemed a bit much. Although, if she got fucked frequently enough she might be all right with it.

"You wouldn't ask that if you experienced what I did at that party," said Klara, "I got fucked so much I thought it might actually kill me. I even passed out from lack of oxygen a few times while they fucked my throat, and my ass and cunt were never empty for more than a few seconds. Even when there were no men fucking me there was always some girl coming up to fuck me with a double ended dildo or fist me. By the end of it I was completely covered in cum, my ass and cunt were oozing cum and a bit of blood too, they really did a number on me. They finished by showering me in piss, and I really mean shower. There were close to a hundred people present, I thought I might drown. It was fucking awesome, all of it. Right after the party I was taken off to the university hospital and met Linda."

Maja's cunt was oozing into her thong after Klara finished her story, and Klara herself was flushed and getting obviously wet as well.

"Fuck," said Maja, "I might have to get dismembered too!"

"You won't be able to help me kill people then," said Evelina, "though I could keep you around as a cock sleeve for the customers."

"Appealing as that sounds, I think I'll keep my limbs for now." said Maja. The cocksleeve idea did sound fun, but she really enjoyed slaughtering people with Erik and Evelina, and somethimes Moa. Maybe she'd consider mutilation another time.

"I'm fucking horny now, by the way." said Klara. She was writhing on the floor, apparently she still reflexively tried to satisfy her own urges.

"What cruel torture it must have been, to forever be reliant on others to take care of your arousal, never being able to sate your lust on your own again." said Erik. Everyone looked at him.

"That was unusually poetic." said Maja.

"I like poetry." said Erik in a slightly defiant tone.

"Cool," said Maja, "do you write---"

"Oi, I said I was fucking horny!" yelled Klara, interrupting the tangent, "Someone put something in me!"

"I rather fancy some fucking myself, actually," said Evelina, "I just bought some new stuff we could try out." She opened a drawer and pulled out an extremely thick double ended dildo. It was even thicker than Erik's monstrously enhanced cock! Maja remembered seeing Evelina fist herself a couple of times, she obviously liked to be stuffed properly.

"Oh god, that is beautiful." said Klara as she saw the dildo.

"Isn't it just?" said Evelina and smeared the dildo with copious amount of grease from the last week's kills. "You up for some anal stretching?"

"Yes, destroy my asshole!" said Klara and wiggled about a little.

"First it goes in mine," said Evelina and bent over a table, "help me out, Maja."

Maja took hold of the giant dildo and was again struck by its size. It was ridiculously huge, thicker than her shoulder and about half a metre long. She was very tempted to shove it into her own ass, but she could probably not take it yet. Oh well, she'd just have to practice more with Erik's cock first. She positioned the dildo at Evelina's anus, put her palm on the other end, and pushed hard. Evelina was breathing heavily as it pushed against her asshole, and gasped when it popped her tight back door open. Maja pushed it halfway inside, and Evelina carefully stood up. There was a very prominent bulge on her belly from the invasive toy. She Got on the bed on her back.

"Get her up here," she said to Linda, "and help me force this thing inside her."

Linda lifted the flushed limbless girl onto the bed, aiming her anus at the other end of the dildo, and pushed her towards it by the shoulders. Evelina Braced herself with her hands against the wall behind her as Linda pushed. Klara was used to brutal fucking, obviously, but nothing of this size it seemed. She moaned in discomfort at the force exerted on her asshole, and screamed when it went inside.

"Let... let me get used to this a bit." panted Klara when the dildo was all the way inside. Her cunt was touching Evelina's and she had an even more prominent bulge on her belly than the older girl. She was panting, her small breasts heaving with the effort. "It's so big, so big." she gasped.

"Hey Erik," whispered Maja in Erik's ear, "I think she talks to much. You should see if her mouth is big enough for your cock!"

"It certainly is big," whispered Erik and nodded, "I'll give it a go."

He quietly took of his shirt and a skirt he had borrowed from Evelina. Unlike Evelina he usually wore clothes at home, but trousers tended to be really uncomfortable with his huge cock, so he liked to borrow skirts from Evelina. She didn't mind, she hardly ever wore anything other than her apron anyway. Maja took the opportunity to undress as well. She was wearing a simple, long, loose-fitting dark green dress and a thong that rose so low that her clitoral hood peeked out above it. She normally wore no underwear, but she also liked the feeling of a thong between her cheeks, and the low-rise ones felt even naughtier than nothing at all.

Erik's cock had somehow managed to remain flaccid while Evelina and Klara impaled themselves, it usually took quite some time to grow due to its size. Klara's eyes were closed so she didn't notice Erik walking up to the bed. She was breathing heavily with her mouth wide open. Erik took advantage of this and dipped his cock inside. Klara's eyes shot open when she noticed. Erik didn't force his cock into her throat, he just kept the head in her mouth for now, allowing the girl to lick the head. He sighed in pleasure and his cock began to grow. It was clear that Klara was straining to keep her mouth around the giant pole, and it soon became too large for her to easily keep her teeth off it.

"Check the drawer," said Evelina to Erik, "I bought something for this kind of situation."

Erik pulled some strange device from the drawer and Evelina explained how to use it. It was a device for forcing someone's mouth open. He put it into Klara's mouth and opened it further than she could on her own. It did not stick out of her mouth much at all, so he could easily put his cock past it. He knelt on the bed at Klara's head and tilted her head towards his cock and entered her mouth. He pulled her slightly towards him, making the huge dildo pull out of her and Evelina a little, making Evelina moan. He began moving Klara's very light body back and forth, making his cock and the dildo take turns at thrusting into her and simultaneously fucking Evelina with the dildo.

"That looks so hot," said Linda who had also gotten naked, "we should join in somehow."

"I agree," said Maja who was fingering her own cunt and ass, "I think we need to make Evelina shut up too."

Linda nodded and climbed on the bed to straddle Evelina's face, muffling her moans and yelps and starting to produce her own. Maja put her face between the dildo fucking girls' and began making out with Klara's cunt. She took one of her hands and violently shoved her entire fist into Evelina's cunt while eating Klara, and used her other hand to finger her own ass. Both Evelina and Klara began cumming at the same time, Klara losing bladder control slightly and squirting a little piss into Maja's eagerly swallowing mouth. They seemed to reach a continuous orgasm after the first one, and both girl twitched madly making it difficult for Maja to keep her mouth on Klara's cunt, but she persevered and was rewarded with more delicious pee straight from the source.

Erik stopped thrusting Klara's body and stiffened. He ejaculated copiously as always, but Klara was unable to swallow with her mouth forced open, so the cum just pooled inside it, some of it spilling out. Linda also came, very violently, and Maja just managed to pull away before Linda collapsed onto her head. Maja had an idea and ran off to the kitchen. She came back with two stainless steel straws.

"Here," she said and handed one of the straws to Linda, "that's for us!" she pointed to the pool of semen in Klara's mouth. They both put their straws into Klara's mouth and began to drink, both of them moaning in pleasure from the amazing taste. They left a fair amount for Klara and removed the device holding her mouth open to allow her to drink it.

"That's so yummy," said Klara and licked her lips, "I wish I could have as much as I got at the party though."

"Don't be greedy." said Linda and kissed her.

"How's your ass?" asked Evelina as she slowly moved off the giant dildo.

"Big." said Klara, causing the others to laugh.

"As long as nothing broke it should be back to normal in a few hours," said Evelina, "I see no blood so you should be fine. It was good though, wasn't it?"

"Amazing." sighed Klara as the dildo popped out of her. He asshole closed a little, but both hers and Evelina's could be peered into quite deeply.

"Right, Erik, you need to fuck my ass a lot more," said Maja and grabbed his half-flaccid cock, "I want to be able to use that thing too."

"That sounds fun," said Erik and slapped her ass, "your bum is just lovely to fuck."

"Guys, I could use a shower or something." said Klara. She was drenched in sweat, pussy juice, and a fair bit of cum.

"Which colour?" asked Maja and rubbed her belly right at where her bladder was.

"Do I have to choose?" said Klara and grinned.

"You really are greedy, love." said Linda and kissed her again, this time the kiss went on longer and included a lot of tongue.

"Let's use that thing!" said Erik. He pointed at a plastic tub in the corner of the room with a small amount of dirty clothes in it, just the few clothes Evelina had worn the last few weeks.

"That's my laundry basket... thing!" protested Evelina.

"You're always naked anyway, slut." said Maja and pushed her back down on the bed. Erik emptied the tub on the floor.

"I'll wash your clothes with mine later," he said, "don't worry about it."

Linda picked up Klara and put her on her back in the tub on the floor, she fit inside it perfectly.

"We're not pissing all over my room," said Evelina, "let's go to the the killing room, it's easier to clean up."

Evelina and Linda carried the tub with Klara inside downstairs to the killing room. The room hadn't been cleaned since the day before and there was a heavy smell of blood in the air. They put the tub on the floor and Maja immediately straddled it over Klara's face. She couldn't hold it in a second longer and let loose all over Klara's face. Klara did not drink, preferring to let it wash over her. The piss level rose very quickly in the small tub since there was very little room around Klara and after Erik and Evelina had had their turns pissing it almost went above her face. Klara had pissed inside too, but that obviously didn't change the level.

"My turn, you'll have to hold your breath now." said Linda and gave her lover a quick kiss before straddling the tub. It seemed like she hadn't pissed for days, the piss covered Klara's face almost immediately and rose far enough that the girl wouldn't be able to raise her face above it on her own. She was completely helpless and if nobody helped her she would certainly drown. Maja could see the girl's cunt twitching under the yellow liquid. She still held the straw that she had used for Erik's sperm earlier. She put the straw into Klara's mouth to let her breathe through, and they all left her there to go play some more video games. Evelina put up a webcam right above the tub so they could make sure the girl didn't die in there, and she also broadcast the webcam feed online so the whole world could watch Klara as she lay there, completely at peace with the world, under their piss.


Awesome! This is turning into my new favourite story! Can't wait to see what's next! Keep up the great monkey keyboard action!


I'm a long time lurker and an old author, and at the very least you have a solid grammar, writing structure and self control. Focus more and you can write much more, much better.



Thank you for the feedback, but focusing on this more would be very detrimental to my other endeavours, so I will probably continue with the keyboard monkey method. :)

I'm beginning to run out of ideas for killing. I'm partial to decapitation myself, but I don't want to be too repetitive, so suggestions specifically related to slaughter methods would be appreciated. I'll try and do some of the ones already here next time I think.

Now, here's another pile of garbage!

Linda left the shop with Klara inside her backpack. They had left Klara in the piss tub for four hours and when they went to get her out of it her skin was quite wrinkled from the soaking. She had enjoyed the experience immensely and asked them to leave her even longer next time. They washed her off in the shower and dried her off, but a faint smell of piss remained on her even after that, as if it had permeated her skin somehow. Maja got a text message from Linda three days later saying that she could still smell it slightly, which made her wonder if the smell would stay permanently if they soaked her longer. Evelina had promised that she would make all of her customers piss in a large container before she killed them. It would serve the dual purpose of making cleaning up easier and collecting a lot of piss for Klara and Maja to enjoy.

The following monday Maja was heading for Evelina's shop with Moa again after school. Her pussy was wet in anticipation of the piss, and her tiny thong was completely soaked through with her juices. Other than the white thong, which had turned totally transparent from the moisture, she was only wearing a pair of suspenders that attached to the thong and covered her nipples. The thong was the same extremely low rising model she had worn the other day, so her clit hood peeked out a little. She had also purchased a butt plug that was about the same width as Erik's cock which she wore under the thong. She was planning to wear it as much as possible to get her ass more used to the large penetration and allow her to insert even larger objects.

Moa was dressed in a plain white t-shirt through which her nipples could be easily seen, and a light blue skirt that reached her ankles. When she had stood up from her seat in the bus and walked off in front of Maja a suspicious dark stain was visible on the back of the skirt. Maja was not surprised; Moa had made it very clear that she had missed Erik's giant cock, and intended to fuck him as soon as they arrived. Maja would have to wait her turn, but maybe there were some volunteers whom she could fuck to death.

Chained to the wall inside Evelina's shop were eight boys and eight girls, filling every spot available for volunteers. They all chatted happily about how they wanted to die, and all of them were obviously aroused.

"Hello," said Evelina as they entered, "Erik's not available today, he just went back to school and has some catching up to do, so he'll be in his room studying. If he asks for help you can help him out, but no distracting him with your various orifices!"

"Fuck," said Moa and squirmed slightly, "I really needed his magnificent cock today."

"You could always fuck some volunteers," said Evelina, "but you'll have to wait until someone buys them. None of them have cocks as large as Erik's, but you could take two at the same time instead I guess."

"How about you, you wanna fuck me?" said Moa impatiently.

"No can do, I'm too busy today," said Evelina, "good thing you came actually, since Erik's busy I could really use some help."

"I'll help as long as I get to fuck someone." said Moa. Maja laughed.

"Oi, Evelina," said Maja, "why do you chain the volunteers to the wall anyway? It's not like they'll escape or anything, and you'll let them go if they change their minds anyway."

"I actually didn't chain them up at first," said Evelina, "but every single volunteer that came in asked to be restrained to make the experience more authentic and to keep from masturbating until the big moment. I always offer to let them be unchained, but nobody has asked for that yet."

"I see." said Maja.

"Why can't we fuck them before they're bought?" asked Moa, who had now stuck her hand into her skirt.

"Have some patient, you little slut." said Evelina with slight annoyance, "Well, huge slut I guess, what the fuck did your parents feed you anyway? You can't fuck them before they're bought because people are more willing to buy them if they look as good as possible. If they're dripping cum and look all disheveled people don't find them as appealing."

"Picky bastards." muttered Moa and kept masturbating.

"You're in luck, though." said Evelina, "Most people don't want to buy a whole person, and I'm running a little low on cuts. If anyone wants some part that I'm out of I'll kill one of them for that and you can have your way with them before, if they want to of course, no raping."

"Oi Maja," said Moa, "you wanna fuck while we wait?"

"Nah," said Maja with a grin, "I like watching you squirm."

"Bitch." said Moa and sat down on a chair behind the counter and hiked her skirt up for better access to her soaked cunt.

"Love you too." said Maja.

A customer entered. It was a tiny old lady who steadied herself on a cane. She had a very pleasant smile on her face.

"Hello," said Evelina, "how can I help you?"

"My granddaughter is turning 18 tomorrow," said the old lady, "I thought I'd cook something nice for her party. I need a boy and a girl."

"Gonna be a really fancy party, eh?" said Evelina and showed her the wall of volunteers. The lady sat down on a chair near the wall, the trip to the shop seemed to have tired her.

"Yes," said the lady, "she's inviting a lot of friends and she asked me to make the food, she loves my cooking. She specifically asked me to come here for the meat, she doesn't like when people are butchered against their will."

"She's a good girl." said Evelina.

"Oh yes," said the lady, "such a kind girl."

"So, like any of today's volunteers?" asked Evelina. All the volunteers tried to show off their assets as much as possible; the girls thrust their chests forward and the boys tried to wiggle their cocks with varying degrees of success.

"Oh, they all look very good," said the lady, "but I think I like that girl on the far left the most." She pointed at a cute black girl with an athletic body who beamed at the lady.

"She's lovely, isn't she?" said Evelina and removed the girl's restraints, "you can go ahead and feel her up if you want."

The girl walked up to the lady who reached out and felt her smallish breasts.

"Do you really want this?" asked the lady, "My granddaughter specifically asked for someone who was really eager to be slaughtered."

"Oh yes," said the girl, "more than anything." She had absent-mindedly begun rubbing her clit.

"Well, you're in luck then," said the lady and patted the girl on the head, "you look absolutely delicious."

"Thank you!" said the girl and beamed again.

"Now, I just need a boy," said the lady and turned to look at Moa, who was standing next to Evelina with Maja now, "which one would you pick?"

"Oh, I think you should ask Evelina, she's the expert." said Moa nervously.

"No, no, you look like you've been inspecting them very thoroughly." said the lady. Moa was still fondling herself and the lady had apparently noticed the hungry looks she had been giving the boys on the wall. Moa blushed and looked the boys over once again.

"I think I would pick him." said Moa and pointed at an asian looking boy. Her reason for choosing was obvious, his cock was far bigger than the other boys'.

"What makes him the best?" asked the lady with a knowing smile.

"Honestly," said Moa and blushed even more, "it's his penis."

"I thought so," said the lady with a chuckle, "I was your age once too, I know how you feel. It's just as well anyway, the cock is my granddaughter's favourite piece. I'm sure she won't mind if you give him a proper fuck before he dies."

Maja was surprised at the old lady's profanity, she had the typical view of old people as prude people who hated swearing. This was not the case, of course. As the lady had said herself: they were also young once.

"Thank you," said Moa, "I really need it."

"I can tell," said the lady, "I'm in no hurry, so you take your time and enjoy that handsome boy."

"Do you want to fuck me?" Moa asked the boy.

"I'm actually gay." said the boy.

"God damn it!" said Moa and buried her face in her hands. The old lady burst out laughing.

"And I'm a bottom." said the boy and started laughing as well. Moa just spat out a long series of curse words.

"How do you two want to die then?" asked Evelina.

"Spit up the ass," said the boy, "I could go for a blowjob while you do me, but I don't really fancy fucking a girl."

"I like blowjobs," said the girl, "can I do it?"

"Sure." said the boy.

"How should I kill you?" Evelina said to the girl.

"I want to have my throat cut." said the girl.

"Oh, that's a really nice one for me," said Evelina, "makes my work very easy. Got any requests before you die?"

"I would really like to be fucked by three boys and die as I cum," said the girl, "but that's gonna be tricky, won't it?"

"Well, I won't let the volunteers fuck you, unless they decide not to be killed today," said Evelina, none of the volunteers seemed interested, "but we could do it with strap-ons if that's fine with you."

"We can do that," said Evelina, "if you want the real thing in your mouth we can do it while you blow him."

"That sounds great," said the girl, "but won't it be tricky to kill us both at the same time?"

"No need," said Evelina, "he will likely survive the spitting for a couple of minutes, you can blow him while he's impaled and give him a nice send off."

"Goody!" said the girl happily.

"Do you want to watch?" Evelina asked the old lady.

"Oh I'd rather just rest out here if I can," said the lady, "I can talk to these lovely kids while I wait."

"No problem," said Evelina, "Maja, could you bring her some tea before we begin?"

"Righto!" said Maja and filled a cup from a kettle behind the counter to give the lady.

"Thank you, dear," said the lady, "and thank you both for volunteering."

"Thank you for buying us," said the black girl, "this is gonna be great!"


They tied the boy to a bench in the killing room with his head tilted upwards to let the spit emerge. Everyone had undressed and Maja was admiring the girl's body. She was quite muscular, but likely not as strong as Moa. The boy was skinny and soft looking. Evelina had fetched two very big strap-ons from upstairs. Only one of them had another end that went into the cunt of the wearer, Maja grabbed that one before Moa had the chance and laughed at the tall girl who just swore again.

"Moa, you get down on the floor," said Maja and Evelina lay down on the floor so the black girl could sit on her strap-on and still reach the boy's cock with her face. The girl held her wet cunt open with her hand and sank down onto it with a sigh. Maja had greased her strap-on thoroughly and positioned it at the girl's back door and thrust. It went easily, apparently the girl was used to ass fucking, and Maja could feel the other end moving slightly in her own cunt.

"Get his cock in your mouth so I can begin." said Evelina and the girl obeyed, taking the boy's cock deep into her throat right away. Maja and Moa began thrusting simultaneously, eliciting sdquishy noises from the girl's openings.

"Ready?" Evelina said to the boy.

"Do it!" he panted, he was clearly quite nervous.

Evelina had rigged up the spit on a device with a long crank that would let her impale the boy with a steady pace. The spit was greased very well and easily went past the boy's sphincter. He began moaning from the combined pleasure of the blowjob and anal penetration, but the pleasure soon turned to discomfort as the spit went deeper. The boy screamed when the spit finally pierced the wall of his bowels. He would now have a surge of adrenaline going and Evelina took the opportunity to speed up the process, the adrenaline would let him withstand more pain and keep him from passing out.

"Th-thank you." stuttered the boy just before the spit went far enough to stop him from speaking forever. It very soon emerged from his mouth covered in blood. It was constructed to allow him to breathe through it, but the internal bleeding would kill him in just a few minutes. Maja and Moa sped up their thrusting into the black girl who put some more effort into blowing the boy to let him have a final orgasm before he died. Evelina grabbed a small but very sharp knife and got in position behind the girl, ready to slice her neck open.

The girl's moans grew louder every second, and the boy soon ejaculated into her throat. This pushed her over the edge and she began convulsing in pleasure. Evelina reacted quickly and sliced the girl deeply from ear to ear causing her blood to spray all over Moa below her. Maja grabbed the girl's hair and pulled her head back, causing the cock to pop out of her mouth. She had the cock in her throat when Evelina cut her, and the head was missing when it came out; Evelina had cut through it as well. The sight of the mutilated cock and violent spray of blood pushed Maja over the edge as well, and she screamed out her pleasure.

Her orgasm died down, and looked down. The boy and girl were both dead, and Moa was covered in the girl's blood.

"That was really nice," said Maja, "right, Moa?"

"I still haven't come." she said irritably.

"Oi, Evelina, what's for dinner?" said Erik's voice. He had just come downstairs and looked exhausted, "Oh, hello, girls."

Before Evelina had the chance to respond Moa had pushed the dead girl off herself and risen to her feet. She ran to Erik, picked him up, and ran up the stairs.

"Stop her, Evelina, she's distracting him!" said Maja between bursts of laughter.

"He deserves a break, go and join them while I take care of this mess." said Evelina and slapped Maja on her ass.

Maja ran upstairs, still wearing the dildo, and found them on Erik's bed. Erik was on his back on the bed and Maja was in the process of taking his cock inside her cunt. Erik had a shocked expression on his face, as if he'd just been assaulted by some sort of sex hurricane, which was really not far from the truth. Blood was dripping from Moa's body onto Erik and his bed and she was panting heavily. Maja sneaked up behind her and thrust her strap-on into her anus without warning.

"Fuck!" yelled Moa and sunk down the rest of the way onto Erik's cock. She came immediately and violently, spraying Erik with her piss and screaming like a banshee. She then passed out on top of Erik.

"That was interesting," said Erik, "what's up with her?"

"She was just horny," said Maja and pushed Moa's limp body off of him, "and so am I!"

She took out her buttplug and impaled herself on his cock, she had a much easier time getting all of it inside her ass than last time and immediately began bouncing up and down on it. She came as Erik flooded her insides with his cum, and passed out on top of him.


Ok, slaughter methods.....
How about a girl and her friend come in, one wishes to be gutted yet kept alive so she can be taken home to be cooked on a bbq. So non essential organs and limbs removed.
Another way, girl wants to be strangled to death then cut into chops.
Another comes in to donate organs?
Few random brain farts there.



It's me who was asking for mom and sons snuff. I'm not turned off by snuffing female, but, unlike my straight nature, I have obsession for torturing boys.

I think it will be good to make a moms helping the girls to snuff their kids. Boy and girls in all combinations. We can roast them together in an oven or on fire. Hang the boys by their penises and girls by their little breasts. To set them in an sexy orgy position and turn to a sweet statues. To use a press or a pump.


Electrocution could be used to kill, someone could decide he or she wants to die by slowly being ground up for burgermeat.
The skull could be opened and then the brain slowly being scooped out until the lights go off.
One girl could ask to be skinned alive and left to bleed out.
Then there is the possibility that someone volunteers to be meat for a wedding or birthday or anniversary. But has only a short time and needs to put on as much weight as possible over a short time. He or she could ask if Evelina places her in a forcefeeder. Till she reaches the requiered weight. Evelina says no and the girls take her as their science project. fullfilling the volunteers wish of beeing constantly forcefed and humiliated by them. (In geese forcefeeding produces extra large livers and those are considered delicacies in some parts of the world) He or she could die on a ruptured stomach in the end. Then Evelina guts and cleans her out and sends the meat to the party.


I know you don't want to be repetitive, but you don't need to have a new method every time. There is some character growth here, something most stories on this site don't have. I am pretty fond of decapitation as well, and it makes a lot of sense for a butcher. If you like certain methods, use those, write for yourself and people enjoying it will follow.

Although I do like garroting tied to a post, the slow one where they crank it. :)


Have some die from explosions?


I agree with >>13100 on the idea that there is no need to invent new methods all the time you can just change the context of the event. or character attitude towards what is happening to them.

One fun idea for snuffing is a human firecracker.
let say this is a birthday party. Boy and girl get on the stage with they bellies stuffed with explosives and big roman candles stuck in the butts.
they ignite candles and sing happy birthday while they are burning and just when they end this song, candles finish burning for a moment and they both smile, wink their eyes and explode splattering guts and pieces of colored paper on all party guests.

Another idea is girl butchering herself like maybe selling her limbs whose she cut herself. As a bonus, she cuts them to feed a stray dog which lives in the neighborhood. Maybe she could start with something like finger and end with losing entire legs.
Evelina gets a bit upset for one of meat-girls being ruined like that and losing sale value. but this can be solved by donating her to the animal shelter where she is deliciously eaten alive.


couple of good interesting death meathod sugestions:

Drowning (especialy in that piss vat) would be a good way for someone to go... maybe one of the main girls chooses that... or the limbless cutie goes too far (accedent? or deliberatly)

nothing says butcher shop like ground meat... why not have a human sized grinder to make a cute little girl into sausage? feet first so she feels it (and could give someone a blowjob on the way down) or head first so she goes quick.... (and could have her pussy fucked as she's fed into the machine)

the simplicity of a slit throat could be expanded on.... move the cut to the wrists like a suicide, the meatgirl will slowly bleed out but still be able to do light work and help around the shop as she slowly dies from bloodloss... or, of course, get her brains fucked out while she slowly drains

thinking of brain fucking.... theres a good snuff meathod right there. dick into the skull, either through an ear... through an eye... or drill a purpose built hole with a boreing drill, then insert a cock, or probeing hands or fingers to stir the cowgirl or sowgirl's brain to mush


Maybe the local hospital's 3D printer breaks down during an emergency, so somebody goes around gathering up organ donors from all the local butcher shops to provide spare kidneys and whatnot until it's repaired? That way the "main cast" could get eviscerated but still survive, since they'd be given a free reconstruction after the printer was working again, as compensation for pitching in during the crisis.




salvation bump because people are fuckers


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