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The quiet, almost too-timid knock on my study door was just loud enough to be audible. As I looked away from my laptop, the blond mop of my daughter's head poked in. In theory I was working, in reality I had been lost in my thoughts for the last few minutes over a problem with young Alison.

"Daddy, we need you to do something"
"I'm a little busy at the moment Joanna"
"Pleaaase Daddy, this will literally take 5 minutes"

There was giggling coming from behind her, clearly the 4 friends over for her sleep over where lurking nearby. I gave a slightly exaggerated sign and got out of my chair, as I joined them in the corridor it was to my surprise I found them all in various stages of undress.

My daughter Joanna was still wearing the top of the soft flannel pyjamas she had changed into earlier, but had discarded the bottoms, revealing her cute little bubble-butt and smooth 13 year old cuntlet, decorated with only a tiny tuft of public hair at the top of her slit.

Emma, her best friend, who was petite for a 14 year old was wearing a long penguin nightie, but had pulled it up over her shoulders so now it hung down her back from her neck, like a cloak with Her long auburn hair hanging over it. Her cunt and tits were similarly under-developed; both had that smooth puffyness that promised a girlish softness.

Krista, her little black friend, had lost her clothes completely. I discretely eyed up her slender form and the super-pert breasts which stuck out from her chest so prominently. There was a flash of silver between her legs and I realised with annoyance she had one of our bone handled spoons inserted into her fillet.

Chloe is a very sensible girl, the kind who does well at college and ends up in a career with a lottery exclusion, so for a moment I took her to be fully clothed. Then I realised the crotch of her pyjamas had been cut out to expose her cunt also. Well developed for a 13 years old, her lips glisened with excitement and were framed by a soft carpet of light fur.

Alison was still wearing the sleek purple silk baby-doll I recognised from previous sleep overs. At 16 (she had been held back a year) she was much more developed than the other girls, her large breasts were resting outside her lingerie, and crotch panel undone to reveal the smoothness of her shaven cunt.

Under the pretext of helping the class new comer integrate I had required my daughter invite Alison to any sleep over, fucking her for the past 6 months had been a nice benefit for my good deed. I was less pleased when she told me earlier she was pregnant, who new what price her father would require if I wanted to buy her as a slave, and she was a singularly stupid girl in any case.

Swarming all around me the exited girls hustled me towards the main bathroom where a phone was fiddled with into some kind of video set up.

"Thank you to Emma G, Suzie, Carly, Beth T and Neave for nominating us for the 5M Challenge, we're nominating Jennifer, Britany, Khalesi, Samira and Emma H. Okay girls, let's do this!"

The girls all whooped with excitement, the room was crowded with the 6 of us in there and I realised the air was becoming heavy with pussy scent of the 5 horny teens.

I complained that I didn't know what the 5M Challenge was, and would they kindly explain.

"God Dad, don't you keep up with anything?" she turned back to the camera and addressed it directly "So, the 5M Challenge is to raise awareness that faulty meat grinders are, like, grinding up lots of women when they shouldn't be"
"Uh-huh, because they don't have a lid and women fall in them and stuff" agreed Prissy.
"So the Challenge is that for 5 minutes, one minute each, we will all tease you and beg you to cut up our, um...pussy" mass out break of giggling "and if we can get you to do it then we win, but if you can resist from doing it, then you will."
"At the end of July all the results will be tallied on the meatbook website, and we find out if Daddies or Daughters won" interjected Chloe.
"Right! Let's do this! Krissy, you go first. Daddy, you need to kneel down on this towel so you an see her right" A large chef's knife from the kitchen was pressed into my hand as I took my place on the indicated towel. Meanwhile Krissy stepped up onto the side of the bath tub and balanced with her legs widely separated

"Remember Daddy, you can only touch her with the knife, and if you break skin that's a point to us"

Krista reached down between her legs and spread open her dark cunt lips to reveal the moist pink inner folders. My mouth went dry as I stared at this fantastic juvenile fillet being wiggled around just a few inches from my face.

"Please Joanna's Dad, stick that big knife inside me. I want to feel you slice me up with it."
I glanced up to her face, Pretty little Krista was entranced with lust as she set about rubbing herself. Taking the knife I pressed the cool flat of the blade against her pubis, eliciting a long and sensual moan in response. The little girl thrust her hips out at me, wobbling slightly atop the bathtub, and frantically dug into her cunt spraying my face with droplets of girl-juice. Carefully I took the tip of the knife and slowly scratched around the edge of her fillet, just enough for her to feel it and avoiding drawing any blood. It was clearly enough to set her off into an orgasm and she grunted and moaned, squeezing on her little tut nubs as her friends counted down the last few seconds.

"3,2,1...done! Your out of their Kristy, Chloe your up next."

Momentarily I was re-aware of my surroundings, my daughter was capturing everything on the phone's camera, whilst around me the other three girls were all vigorously stroking their little cuntlets, thighs slick with creamy juices.

Krista and Chloe swapped places and I got my next good look at a fresh young teen cunt. The short soft brown curls did little to conceal her quivering pink lips, and I decided to test how far these little girls were prepared to go.

"Make love to me with your knife Mr Robertson. If you cut my clit off you can keep it, I want you to own my clit forever. Cut up my pussy, please, please slice it up with your big knife."

Chloe was slowly rolling her hips forward and back as she pinched and tugged on her clit. I placed the blade against her cunt lip and followed her backwards, then held it steady as she slid her pelvis forward, allowing her to saw the blade into her cunt. It bit deeply and she squealed, then pulled her hips back and drove forwards once more, sending the knife deep into her fillet. She paused trembling, but I drove onward slicing into her core as I worked the wickedly sharp knife into her.

In my eagerness I surged to my feet and place an arm around her to hold her steady as I stabbed directly into her cunt, mashing my lips against her in a passionate kiss as my arm postponed the knife back and forth inside her, reducing her prized fillet into a few tattered ribbons of flesh. Weakening rapidly, she wrapped her arms around me in an effort to remain standing for a few moments longer. I took the opportunity to shift my hold on the knife and started stabbing in perpendicular to her existing wounds, cutting free thick chunks of cunt meat which fell behind her into the bath tub, splattering messily.

“3..2..1” the countdown finished and I pushed Chloe backwards into the bathtub to bleedout. She had a weak little smile on her face which my daughter held the camera close up to capture, before turning it back to herself.

“That evens it up to 1 all, whooo-hoo! Alison, you’re next”

After quickly wiping off the blood with a towel, Alison stepped up onto the bathtub. She was a thick, juicy girl, eager to please in bed and I would almost miss her, but she'd barely managed to turn around and spread her cunt open before I'd jammed the blade hilt deep into her, right where her cunt met her soft thighs. She shrieked, and Krista and Emma rushed over to support her as I started to slice her cunt right out of her with steady sawing strokes of the knife. Our eyes were locked together as I reached a couple of fingers insider her and pulled her cunt free with a wet sucking sound. The meaty tub of her cunt came first, pulling with it the bulging sac of her uterus and flopping ovaries. I cut them clear and tossed the whole set into the sink, they would go in the fridge and would make a tremendous roast for tomorrow's family lunch.

For good measure I opened up Alison’s belly and pulled her guts out onto the expiring Chloe beneath her. I knew I only had a few seconds left and only had time to either cut her throat or cut her tits off. I had the first of those big meat tits off, and was working through the second when the girls around me started hollering that my time was up. I allowed Alison the fall bonelessly into the bathtub as my daughter spoke breathlessly into the camera.

“That was incredible, but Dad you can only touch girls with your knife, so I'm afraid you forfeit your point for that, making it 3-0 to the girls!” They whooped and jumped up and down with excitement “I'm going next, Emma you hold the camera!”

My daughter bounced up into position and grabbed her the delicate flaps of her tiny 13 year old cunt, pulling them wide open for me inspection.

“Cut my cunt up Daddy, show me you like me better than those other girls. Show me by pushing that big knife up into my little cunt. Do it Daddy, I need it so bad.”

She continued like that, fresh cunt juice was trickling in rivulets down her thighs, so intense was her excitement. I told her, in my sternest voice to hold very still, and started to carve into her left cunt lip with the tip of the blade.

“Stretch your cunt lips out tight for me” I instructed, Joanna quietly complied, straining to keep her hand steady.

On each of her cunt lips I slowly cut my initials. Then, since I still had a few seconds left, I drew the blade quickly down the centre of her clit, neatly splitting it in two right down to the root. Joanna let out a blood-curdling scream and toppled of the bathtub rim onto the tiled floor, clutching at her devastated cunt. Emma stepped over her to climb up onto the bathtub and took position, taking hold of to her inner cunt lips and pgiveulling them wide open to give me a view deep inside her pink glistening hole.

So far I had shown mercy, destroyed utterly, harvested and claimed possession. What was to be done with this offered morsel?

Remembering a practice used on certain of the sex slaves is countries I’d visited, I slide the blade deep inside her and started to score across the walls of her cunt. Reaching her outer lips, I slide it back into her and repeated the process with a centimetre or so gap. By working quickly I was able to put 5 or the long shallow cuts into each of her cunt walls, so that by the time I was done blood was pouring out of her cunt. She would survive however, and when her cunt healed the scars would produced textured ridges that would provide the most exquisite pleasure for any many using her. Something to look forward to for the next sleep over.

“Well girls you seem to have beaten me 5-0, I must say you did very well.”

Smiling through the tears Joanna and Emma cheered and hugged each other and Krista.

“But I want this all cleared up before your mother gets home at 11pm”
“But Daaaad!”


Great story!!


Consensual is always hot. Excellent story. Is there a part 2?


A part 2 or another story like this one would be wonderful...


Thanks for the feedback guys, I don't have a part 2 in mind, but when something else comes to mind I'll see about writing it up.


Fans can be so demanding...


Wonderfull story. Really like it.

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