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[Shout out to my awesome beta reader Eterya!]

My phone rang just as the linguini timer went off. 'Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum,' my beloved wife's ringtone. "Siri, answer." I was almost done with our 25th anniversary dinner, and Mira was probably on her way home with the show. "Hello beautiful."

"Darling, could you please put on some extra dinner tonight?" She asked in an apologetic tone. "I'm bringing home a girl I met asking for money outside the post office. She said the motel was going to kick her out. Sorry I didn't ask you first, but I just couldn't bear the thought of her not having a warm place to sleep tonight."

"But of course." How did Mira find someone so quickly? She'd only been gone about half an hour, 20 minutes of which were the drive from our house back to civilization. Did another shelter run out of money and have to close down? "When do you think you'll be home?"

"Half an hour if I follow the traffic laws, 20 minutes if I fudge it a bit."

"I'll see you in half an hour then. It's important to obey the traffic laws, and I wouldn't want you to get hurt." As I reached the ladle into the pot to taste the linguini, I burned my thumb on the side. "Fuck!" I hurried to the sink to run my thumb under cold water.

After making sure that the burn wouldn't become serious, I strained the linguini in the sink and returned them to the pot, then opened the top cabinets for a can of tomato sauce, some napkins, a bottle of chloroform, and a hand rag. The former two were for Mira and I, the latter two for our guest. Mira and I always enjoyed that little game of ours where I would knock her out, film myself stripping her naked and fucking her, then tie her to a chair with a vibrator on her pussy and force her to watch the film when she woke up. But the chloroform wasn't for her this time.

Half an hour later as I heard Mira's car pull in to the driveway I opened the door with my right hand, hiding the chloroformed rag behind it in my left. She got out of the car, the pale skin of her face and the cleavage shown by her tight green V-neck dress highlighted nicely by the moonlight.

The girl getting out of the passenger seat had to be somewhere around 20, 25, and was wearing a stained and torn blue jeans and an even more stained, but not as torn, blue t-shirt. Through her - slightly flimsy - shirt I could see that her tits were almost as big as Mira's D-Cups, and the girl's jeans hugged her ass quite nicely. Mira must have enjoyed that view on the drive back, having such a sexy thing in her front seat. I wondered if the girl was into women too, and had enjoyed looking at Mira just as much as Mira had looking at her. It would have been a shame if she didn't enjoy looking at Mira's breasts as much as I do, I would have hated for the last car ride she ever took to not have been a pleasant one for her as well.

Mira led the girl up the sidewalk, and the girl passed by her on the way to the door. "Come on in." I readied myself as she stepped into the house. Mira followed directly behind her, suddenly grabbing the girl's wrists in her hands, forcing them together as she pushed her to me. I quickly grabbed the back of the girl's head and held the rag over her mouth just as she was about to start screaming, her tits bouncing nicely in her shirt as she squirmed and struggled to free herself before quickly passing out. Now she was ours.

Mira planted a swift kiss on my lips. "Happy anniversary, love." I easily held the girl's light form as Mira closed the door, the helpless body nice and soft in my arms; I couldn't wait to use it. Carrying her through the living room and into the dining room, I set the girl down on the table, her head hanging limply to the side. I wanted to rub my hard cock over her soft face so bad, but Mira was still closing the living room curtains, and I wouldn't want to start without her when she'd been the one to pick this lovely centerpiece.

Mira came over as soon as she was done and I lifted the hem of her beautiful skirt from behind to let out her even more beautiful pussy. I rubbed her labia with one hand as I held her skirt up with the other, nuzzling her neck and rubbing my dick against her shapely ass. She took my hand off of her pussy to straddle the girl's face, holding and rubbing her head against herself, moaning as I moved my hand up to caress her breasts through her dress.

Mira took the sleeping girl's breasts in her hands, squeezing and rubbing them, then pulling up her shirt to expose the girl's chest. Her tits looked rather firm, but still soft enough to enjoy, and their pale skin appeared completely smooth. "You want to feel them?"

"I'd love to." I kissed Mira's cheek as she slid her hands between us, rubbing my dick as she unzipped my pants, pulled it out and stepped aside. I rubbed myself against the pretty girl's cheeks, then put my dick in her mouth to free up my hands. Merely holding her tits while she was unconscious was already enough to drive me crazy, and I knew that I would have even more fun with what we were going to do to them when she was awake for it.

Pulling the girl's jeans and panties down, Mira rubbed two of her fingers inside the girl's pussy, before pulling them out and forcing them into her ass. She placed her lips over the girl's pussy and pushed her tongue inside, trying to feel her own fingers through the girl's tissues. Mira loved when I did that to her, and we both loved doing it to our very special guests. Busying myself with these thoughts I came inside said guest's mouth just a moment later, taking a few seconds to wind down before asking Mira if she needed a hand. "Thanks, I'm good. Trade places?"

I walked around to kneel in front of the girl's pussy as Mira shifted to her face. I tested the girl's ass to see if I could get my fingers inside without wetting it with her juices first, and I could. Greedily sucking up the sweet taste of her pussy, I pressed my tongue against the impression that my fingers were creating inside of her. "Oh, I just came," Mira moaned just a little later and I got up, just to kneel down before Mira to lick her clean of her delicious juices, then continued to lick her, over and over, until she came again.

The girl stayed asleep the whole time that Mira and I enjoyed our linguini dinner. Every second that we weren't gazing into each other's eyes, we were pinching and rubbing the centerpiece and poking at her flesh with our forks. Or doing both at the same time. After dinner we did the dishes together, then took the girl into the basement for dessert; for most couples, dinner would've been the highlight of their anniversary, but Mira and I were just getting started.

The basement was made of all brick, and had a metal pole near the back, reaching all the way from the floor to the ceiling, there was a table with restraints, and cabinets against the wall. It had a powerful ventilation system that took the air from the back half of the room, cycled it to and from a cabin about a mile into the woods behind the house then sent it back fresh to the front; the air in the room remained breathable, but the openings didn't make it easy for any screaming to be heard.

I bent the girl over the table; no need for the restraints this time, by the time she woke up, she'd already be tied up on the pole. As Mira set up a video camera on a tripod I stripped naked and forced my cock into the girl's ass, smiling at the camera, Mira rubbing herself so fast as she watched. With our break for dinner after the first time I came inside the girl, I was able to cum inside her again just shortly after. After the second time I pulled out and rubbed the last few drops of cum out onto her lovely ass cheeks. All the while Mira stripped naked behind the camera, reminding me once more that holy fuck was she the sexiest woman in the world. She tied a strap-on around her gorgeous waist, and I stepped aside to let her have a turn with our guest's ass.

Mira thrust into the girl for a solid minute, then lifted her and sat down on the table with the girl on her lap, her ass still being destroyed by Mira's strap-on. Opening the girl's legs across her own, Mira smiled into the camera and slapped the girl's pussy as hard as she could, again and again. My cock throbbed so hard as I watched and imagined how deliciously the girl would be screaming if she were awake for this. How deliciously she will be screaming when we do it again once she is awake for this.

Mira helped herself to one last grope of the girl's naked tits before she woke up. I can squeeze a beautiful woman's tits whenever I like, but for Mira it's always a special occasion. She bit into the girl's neck as she pinched, slapped and twisted her breasts. Nothing hard enough to draw blood, but definitely enough to get Mira nice and wet. And to keep me hard watching.

Dropping the girl onto the table, Mira took off her strap-on, and I followed her with the camera as she carried the girl to the stripper pole in the back. Once she had the girl in place, I grabbed some rope for her feet, handcuffs for her wrists, and fire-resistant straps for her waist and chest, Mira holding the girl against the pole as I tied her up and cuffed her.

Before long, the girl was completely immobilized, standing straight up, her head duct-taped around her mouth to the pole and her hands behind her back. No way for her to cover that beautiful body of hers that was on display one final time.

I rubbed myself against the girl's right thigh, fondling her right breast and kissing her right cheek, as Mira mirrored my actions on her left until the girl finally started to wake up. Once she was fully aware, she tried to scream through the tape, her breasts shaking so alluringly under our hands as she tried again to escape. Before long she started crying and Mira and I licked the first few tears off her pretty face. So deliciously salty.

Mira put her hand over the girl's pussy, tracing circles with her fingers. "Oh I'm glad you're finally awake. Don't you feel beautiful? Such lovely skin, and such a lovely body. Are you pleased to know how much fun you've been for us?" In response the girl only shook harder against her restraints, but not hard enough to free herself, of course.

Mira slapped the girl's pussy as hard as she could. It had been fun when she was asleep, but it was even more fun hearing her yelp in pain this time. "Such a lovely voice. Has anybody ever said that to you before?" Mira slapped her like a dozen more times and I gave her just as many of my own. We each pinched one of her nipples and pulled as hard as we could, then spent a minute slapping her tits as hard as we could, making them bounce so seductively for us, like they were just begging to be slapped harder and harder to bounce faster and faster. Then another minute slapping her pretty face. Her pure skin was turning such lovely shades of red under our attention. She'd been just a blank canvas, but we were turning her into a beautiful work of art.

But now it was time to finish. I reached behind her to wrap my whole hand around one of her fingers, like I would if I were pleasuring myself, then kissed her on the cheek- Before bending her finger backwards until it gave way with a sharp crack. The pain taking a split second to set in, the girl screamed even louder than she'd screamed all night, jiggling her tits even faster as she fought and thrashed against her bindings once more. Just when it seemed she was about to wind down, Mira followed suit, snapping a finger of her other hand. Crack. Then me again. Crack. Then Mira again. Crack. Each finger made the girl scream louder and louder, lovelier and lovelier, and made her tits jiggle faster and faster.

Once we were done with all of her fingers, Mira and I stood back to enjoy the sight of our shaking and screaming handiwork for a few moments, before I went upstairs to retrieve the girl's clothes from the kitchen, brought everything back down and laid it over her feet. She looked me in the eyes, her gaze pleading me to let her go. To get her to a hospital. To not let her die.

I stood up and forced my cock inside her bruised pussy, fondling her breasts one last time and kissing her soft lips through the tape. I kept thrusting and thrusting into her until I came again, her ringing screams slowly softening into low sobs as her struggles weakened.

I stepped aside to make way for Mira, who rubbed her own tits against the girl's, kissing her as I had, and rubbing her thighs against the girl's, then covered her eyes with a hand so I could retrieve the matchbox and lighter fluid from the cabinet without spoiling the final surprise. I squirted lighter fluid all over the girl's clothes, the viscous droplets reminding me of all the times I'd cum tonight. Of all the times I was going to cum remembering this.

I set the lighter fluid on the table and opened the matchbox as Mira took her hands off the girl, letting her see the bottle and her wet clothes at her feet. Taking a few moments to make the connection, the girl's sobs caught in her throat as she finally realized, sheer terror reflected in her eyes. I handed Mira the matchbox as we imagined the melody of the girl's final song. "Would you do the honors?"

I turned on the fans as Mira lit a match right in front of the girl's face, before laughing and blowing it out. Then lit another match and blew it out again. Then a third match. Except this one she dropped into the soaking cloth kindling, flames jumping out of the girl's clothing and wrapping around her beautiful legs within seconds, finally drawing out that scream that she'd been too weak for mere moments ago.

We sat on the table to watch the fire together, taking in the wonderful fragrance of the girl's skin and flesh being turned into a smoky perfume. The girl's lovely legs soon started kicking for us as the segments of rope burned away; such a beautiful dance to go with such a beautiful song.

The girl sang and danced for us for a few more minutes as the flames traced up her thighs and her pussy and her breasts, giving her such a beautiful sparkling dress to cover her beautiful naked body with.

Wrapping my left arm over Mira's shoulder and placing my right on her breasts, I kissed Mira's cheek. "Happy anniversary, love."

With a warm smile she turned her head to return my kiss. "Happy anniversary."

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