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(Femdom, sph, spanking, wrestle, goldenshower)

Cassie stood naked in front of 2 closed door, his laughing sisters to one side behind him and his mom mom on his other side behind him, at moments spanking his behind as she lectured him. It was cold.
"Cassie you got yourself into this mess. It's your own fault people are clamoring for justice! Don't whimper because your bottom is sitting on your misbehavior!"

The only others in the hall with them was the arena crew- about a dozen cute fit young seniors with a gorgeous 23 year old blonde lady in charge- but on the other side of the doors, swhich suddenly swung open, was his entire school and various others from his personal life, and many he didn't know. The ride there was humiliating, being spanked as he was grabbed and tossed, then stripped in front of schoolmates, includong crushes who mocked his frigid little penis. This was hyper dimensional.
"Waahhaaahhh I'mm sorrryyy!" Indeed he was. He made some remarks about girls losing to men and a woman's worth.
Now he was naked being marched and spanked by his mom, his 2 sisters closest in age, one younger one older, strolled eagerly just behind, on either side, with a burning spotlight centered on him. He saw on the giant televisions his well funded school could afford, and his already burning red face swlled with a realization that this truly would be forever recorded in divine detail, when he saw his pathetic prick and ass were each being zoned in on. Subtitles made sure to poke fun at him and inform all the audience present exactly who he was.

The 4 entered the ring, and he stopped getting spanked, while a pair of young ladies, one slender with big boobs and just the perfect mix of feminine, mature and young. About 23 herself, she held a microphone, while her cuter friend behind her, younger in spirit, held a boxy camera.

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