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Garrus' Big Score

The bar was alive with music and sound as Garrus drank his third skyllian ale. He was between missions, and having the time of his life bragging about his work to all comers.

"It's true!" Garrus asserted. "I've programmed in an automatic de-cunting subroutine into my omniblade. Works on any humanoid female; you just punch up between her thighs and it cores right through through her. Takes her filet right out, every time. I even calibrated it to cut through any armor on the market."

"Bull-shit." Came a response from down the bar. It was a human. A female human. A marine judging by her armor. A hulking blonde with her hair trimmed short, she cut an intimidating figure fully kitted out in her gear. "There's no way you managed something like that. Even if you did manage to program an automatic cunt corer, there's no way you manged to get that dinky little Sirta Chameleon omni-tool on your arm to cut through Alliance military-grade armor."

"Hah! Not only did I do it, but it works! I've been using it as a finishing move and I've been eating a whole lot of pussy steak because of it."

The marine scoffed. "You're lying through your goddamn mandibles. I bet there's no way that that dinky little tool of yours can cut through my armor!"

Garrus looked the woman over. "Is that a bet?"

"You're damn right that's a bet, and when you fail? My squad gets to use you as target practice. Johnson's shots have been veering left, and I haven't gotten to shoot a Turian in years!"

"And what do I get if I win?" Garrus asked feigning nervousness.

"You're not gonna win, but if you do somehow manage to back your bullshit and manage to cut through this armor and core out my cunt you can keep it." The alliance marine was confident. The Turian in front of her was blowing hot air. There way no way that he could get a Sirta Chameleon to do what he was bragging his could do.

"Then it's a bet," Garrus agreed. "Just gimme a minute to check my calibrations." Garrus replies.

"Take all the time you need, bulls-eye," the marine laughed, confident in her armor. "At the end of the day I'll still be here and you'll be target practice!"

Garrus began fiddling with his omnitool. He didn't need to, but it never hurt to double check. He could see the marine's eyes light up as he passed the 30 second mark tinkering with his omnitool. She was sure of her victory.

The Turian closed his omnitool interface and turned to face the marine.

"Give up already lizard? I knew you were-"

Garrus bent forward and swung a massive uppercut into the crotch of the marine's armor before she could finish her sentence.

"full of- Ungh!" The marine grunted from the impact, her armor mitigating the blow but not dispersing it completely.

Garrus' omniblade deployed, shaped not like a sword but like a cylinder, and centered directly on the marine's shielded cunt.

"Shit..." the marine finished as she felt the blade plunge into the edges of her cunt.

Time slowed. Garrus' omni-decunter was a burning inferno slowly traveling up her loins. It had carved through her armor like a knife through warm butter, and now it was working on her.

The marine was in shock. She lost. That pissant little Turian was telling the truth! He really had managed to rig his Chameleon omnitool to cut out cunts! Oh... fuck! He won the bet! She was... he wat taking her pussy! She could feel the ionized blade of the program biting into her thighs, slicing through her body as Garrus claimed his prize.

It was coring her, like an apple! The heat blazing through her body like nothing she'd ever felt before! Fuck! This was! This was so hot!

The marine wanted to touch herself, but she didn't have time! Before she could even react Garrus twisted his wrist and pulled his omniblade free, taking her entire cunt with it in one long barely seared cylinder. Another flick of her wrist and the Marine's cunt dropped into Garrus' own armor-covered hand.

"So I guess I win?" Garrus asked with a grin, flicking off the circle of armor covering the marine's flushed pussy lips and taking a big bite out of one before pushing the marine onto the table and reaching into the opening he made to grab the rest of his prizes.

The marine watched enthralled as Garrus rooted around inside of her, gasping in half-mixes pleasure and pain as the Turian gripped her womb and tore it out of her with a brutal yank, leaving her laying helpless and sexless on the table to bleed out.

"Holy shit!" One of the now freshly decunted marine's male squadmates exclaimed. "That was amazing! How the hell did you do that?"

Garrus grinned, happy to have his skills appreciated. "It's pretty simple really," he explained with false modesty. "After you get the shape for the Omniblade programmed in, the rest of it is just a matter of proper calibration. I can show you," Garrus joked, "but I'd need another girl to use for the demonstration. This one's all used up." Garrus smirked, gesturing at the decunted marine rapidly bleeding out on the table next to him before taking another bite out of her cunt.

The marines were staring at him with a heady mixture of shock, awe, and in the case of some of the female marines, visible arousal. He could see a tall Asian woman rubbing her thighs together, and a redhead who had to stop her hand every second or so before it drifted down towards her own armor covered crotch. The girls were wide eyed, and with the way their gazes kept darting toward the Omnitool on his left hand, Garrus was pretty sure he knew what was holding their attention.

As the marines turned to talk amongst themselves, the Turian remembered just what he'd been doing before he was interrupted. Carefully, he opened his left hand to look at the womb, he'd retrieved feom the loser of his bet. He already had a snack, so he didn't exactly have much use for the rest of the marine's reproductive system; at least, not right now anyway. Luckily, this wasn't the first time Garrus had run into this problem since he had finished programming his omnitool, and this time he came prepared. With a click Garrus activated a mag-lock pouch on his belt and dropped the succulent treat in. The medigel inside would keep the ovaries and womb fresh for days, not that it would be there that long. It would be nice to have the ovaries for a snack later, once he finished drinking.

Garrus turned back to the squad of marines. It looked like they were done discussing.

"You serious about that demonstration?" One of the male marines asked.

"Sure," Garrus agreed easily, "as long as you provide the girl." It seemed an easy enough agreement to keep. They were already down one female squadmate, they probably wouldn't be willing to lose another, and if they were? Well, it wasn't any skin off Garrus' mandibles to show them how his new toy worked. He's be happy to show it off as many times as they liked!

"Jen here's volunteered," the spokesman for the marines explained pushing forward a petite brunette with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, "provided we get to keep her cunt and womb after you remove 'em."

The girl was clearly nervous, but she wasn't visibly objecting... "Why not?" Garrus agreed. "Just bend her over the table and gather around. I can't exactly offer a replay if you miss it," he laughed.

Jen was shivering as one of her teammates bent her over the table so that her back was flush against its surface, her face visible to those standing over her.

"Pull her legs apart?" Garrus suggested. "I can do this with them closed, but it's a lot messier," he joked.

Two of Jen's fellow marines, the spokesman, and the Asian girl, pulled her legs open, leaving the crotch of Jen's armor exposed and her legs splayed widely enough to offer an amazing view.

"So, normally I have this thing programmed to trigger when my fist hits armor, but I'm gonna trigger it early so you guys all can get a better look," Garrus explained as a shimmering almost foot-long orange cylinder of energy sprang from his fist.

"This is a pretty normal omniblade," Garrus started gesturing with the coruscating ring of energy towards the armored cunt of the nervous girl in front of him. She was squirming anxiously, staring at the orange ring as her squadmates held her down, her eyes wide with fear and the slightest tinge of excitement.

"Getting it into this shape is a matter of replacing the emitters, and it's made to cut through armor, making sure it can do it in one go just requires precise calibration, so that you can go from this," Garrus gestured lazily with his modified omniblade, "... to this!" Garrus exclaimed as he pushed his high energy decunting tool into his victim's crotch.

The girl was breathing heavily, jer eyes wide, her pupils dilated, but she was in shock, not in pain, not yet.

Garrus was pretty familiar with the specs of Alliance military armor from his travels on the Normandy. He knew exactly how strong it was, and more importantly, exactly how thick. With a twist of his wrist he pulled his blade out of the marine's crotch taking a perfectly circular plug of her armor with it, amd harming nothing about the adorable bald pussy that he'd revealed in the plug's wake.

A flick of a button and the blade flickered, dropping the armored plug that used to protect his victim's crotch on the table. "You can pass that around if you like," Garrus offered, ever the consummate showman. "I figured you'd like it better if you could see what was going on when I did it this time."

That produced a cacophony of agreement from the squad, and a nervous squeal from the girl bent over the table.

"If you can cut through the armor, cutting out a girl's cunt is pretty easy," Garrus explained, pressing the edge of his scintillating cylindrical blade against the edge of his victim's cunt. "You just aim... and push!" Garrus exclaimed, demonstrating.

The girl on the table gave off a keening moan as Garrus' blade began to cut out her cunt, heating up her cunt in a way that nothing had ever done before. The orange walls of energy encircling her sex were sending waves of pain and pleasure up and down her nerves and the woman wondered whether that was something Garrus had plugged in intentionally. She could feel the pleasure building higher and higher as his blade sank deeper inside her, it was tearing an orgasm from her even as it tore her cunt away.

"The really tricky part is getting the blade to close up the top and not burn the girl's cunt when you pull it free. I tied it to a kinetic trigger, so I can just twist..." Garrus explained, twisting his wrist like he had with the first marine. The marine shuddered, cumming against her will as Garrus' motion sent a burning sheet of pain across her cervix, cutting off her womb and rendering her once vital cut into nothing more than a long half-cooked tube of meat. "And pull!" Garrus finished, yanking his prize free of his newest victim, leaving her shuddering on the table in a mixture of pain and post-orgasmic shock, unable to come to terms with the gaping wreck that Garrus had made of her cunt.

"You wanted this, right?" He asked, clicking a button with his thumb and dropping the girl's lightly-electrically fried cunt onto her armored belly and watching it bounce as her flushed lower lips cane to rest pointed up towards the girl's shocked and horrified face.

"And if that's not enough for you?" Garrus said reaching into the gaping hole he'd just created and grabbing yet another prize, "With a little bit more work, you can always just reach in and take her womb as well!" Garrus stated, yanking his stated prize free.

The marine had never felt so empty. She could feel the warm air of the bar filling the gaping entrance to her vacant belly. She could hear the wet meaty thwack as Garrus tossed her now useless womb next to her cored-out cunt.

"Holy shit!" The spokesman for their squad announced staring at the woman's bared and brutalized privates. "Can I get the specs for that? Your drinks are on me for the rest of the night if I can!"

Garrus laughed. "Sure thing! Here, let me beam them to you."

Their friend lay decunted and gasping on the table, the marine Garrus had bet with had slumped, lifelessly onto the floor; with Garrus' pronouncement the female members of the squad swallowed nervously, their own cunts heating up with excitement at the peril they'd incurred. They looked nervously at their male squadmates. They'd need to guard themselves, because whether it was their cunts or their enemies', it seemed like pussy steak was going to be regularly joining their squad's menu.



Garrus is always calibrating, heh.

Good story.


Any chance of a follow-up with more of the ME universe girls? Yeoman Kelly, Femshep, Liara, Ashley, etc?


Very hot.

Have you ever considered doing any Mass Effect pieces with a male victim, or is that not really your thing?


Fuck yes.

That's a really hot concept and an amazing execution!

Having the marine gals boldly present themselves to have it used on them was brilliant.

I think he should use it on a few more marine gals to demonstrate it though. Oh yeah, definitely more demonstrations.

That and it should totally work on guys - if that's your thing. Maybe test on a few Futa volunteers?

Or... have something where the armory division inventors try new armor upgrades to see what can stop it and challenge each other to a live-fire demonstration/contest where they let someone take a swing at them while they have their armor mod in place?



lol. I like the very causal manor everyone has in regards to snuffing their friends. :P



There are more ME stories planned. Mostly because I'm now trading with someone who of the various series I know, pretty much only knows ME.

100% not my thing. I only wrote this with Garrus in it because it was a trade. I generally don't write males at all. They aren't sexy. At least not to me.

Heh. I actually see your stories on DGF a lot. I cross posted this there too in my Liara Offers thread.

I'm not really a fan of Futa? I don't begrudge other people liking it, but it isn't my thing for the same reasons I don't like writing men, so don't expect it to show up in my stuff.

Thanks. Yeah that sort of casual attitude comes more from the length of the piece than from any intentional attempt at it, but it is sorta fun isn't it?


Please write some more, then I will draw a scene for you, this is smoking hot material right here.


a glorious new addition to your story roster TVB. love the casual snuff, and just leaveing the decunted bodies to bleed out. and both girls being (semi) willing. very hot. loving to see more and more of your work whenever you are able to make it!

makes me wish i could afford comissioning you for a work or co-lab


I'm quite liking these stories as well. Perhaps if you did more, you could add younger or pregnant victims?


I have something planned. Don't Worry.

Glad you enjoy my work! I don't do commissions. Money doesn't motivate me effectively to write, I do trades and collaborations. Those don't actually take money to do, just free time and a will to write.

I've done younger victims before, and will again, though probably not in Mass Effect. Haven't done pregnant victims before, and probably won't do it in the future. The closest I've come to that is girls stuffed with food or objects so they look pregnant.


Really liked this, decunting is one of my favourite themes and with it's casual consent & almost incidental snuff this is a great example of it.


I like this so much I need to draw it, /art/res/14876.html#21317


Cool illustration. Thanks!


Wow this is very hot! I'd love more de-cunting stories. Would be even cool if they survived their cunt being cut out. The constant empty feeling between her legs...


If that's what you want? Try the Mass effect stories of Ms. Masterson
I proofread and edit them and they have lots of decunting.


Hmm says there's 5 stories there, but I can't access them?


Click on filters in the top left corner and check everything - they're filtered off by default because they're guro



Got it, guro was blocked for for some reason.


another awesome story visitor, i don't even normally like this theme but you made it hooooot ^_^

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