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This is a work of fiction. Anything written here should never be attemped ik real life. I do not condone or support any harm towards any kind of beings.
Only and only if said harm or sexual practices depicted here stay inside fiction (and stay that way) we will be fine.
Also, this story may contain scat, vomit, watersports, humiliation, excessive cum and dismemberment. Be careful.

This story takes place in "Obey" universe, where females from age 3 until they die must obey any order from any male, be it pointless, sexual or more common things such waiting on some spot. Said females can be freed from their submissive and almost slave-ish position by a male, granting them permission to be free (once that is said, the female can give orders to other females and they must comply them. Also, freed females can disregard any order and retain that freed status forever).
Economy works the same way as the real world, albeit a bit more fucked up, since some abusive males order females to pay their bills, thus making females poorer.
Reproduction is still as usual, but with those orders in place, many kids are left in the streets on their own without a father or income.
Education works almost the same, with boys being required to complete high school to be competent on the world and girls being disregarded, however, if someone issues an order to a girl that she must attend school, they must do so under the school's policy and the father's policy. Inside the school, orders still apply.
If a female fails to complete an order, a punishment is issued. It may vary from simple and straightforward picking up trash and depositing them on trash bins to more severe, like public humiliation and amputation.

In this story we will follow Michelle Figueroa, a 12 year old girl with spanish roots, average body shape for a 12 year old and her (mis)adventures in this fucked up world. She likes to cosplay various anime characters and take pictures of herself to upload to Facenook. She has lived a somewhat normal life by her protective parents, only being issued simple orders such to take out the trash, clean the dishes, clean her bedroom... Until one day, she is issued an order by Lewis that would change her life for ever.


Chapter 1: The turning tide

"Come on mom! I have cleaned my bedroom TWICE this day" shouted Michelle through the living room.
"Michelle... I'm just asking you to pick up your laptop from your bed and put it on the desk. I do not want to punish you" said Michelle's mom, Patricia, who was a freed woman.
Needless to say, Michelle was starting to be a teenage, trying to be rebelious and making a storm for anything. She stormed out of the living room going upstairs, entering her bedroom and placing the laptop on the desk. Then she shouted "I'm done doing that! Do you want me to go outside and bring stupid things from the supermarket!?"
Unfortunately for her, that was enough for Patricia to stop cooking and go directly to Michelle's room.
"What did you just say, little lady?" asked patrica with anger in her tone.
"What you heard, old lady" answered Michelle, defiance was to be found in her voice.
"You know what Michelle? I will take that. Go get a stupid onion, a stupid carrot and a stupid potato. You will be eating broth today, not the T-bone I was cooking for each of us. After you return, you are grounded. That means no TV, no celphone and no going out with your friends. You can keep the laptop. You need it for your school" expressed Patricia.
"Wha-tev-er you want, m'lady" mouthed Michelle before shunning her mother aside and going down the stairs towards the door.

As she stepped out of her house she headed to the supermarket. She was fighting to hold back her tears. She hated being grounded, and almost hated her mom for grounding her and taking away her T-bone.
When she made it to the supermarket she saw a beggar girl asking for money, and just before Michelle entered the supermarket, she saw a man approaching the girl and starting to take his penis out. Michelle was accustomed to watching that kind of scenes, where women were ordered and almost forced to do things. She considered it normal and she knew she was fortunate enough to never have experienced that kind of thing.
After picking the vegetables she made her way to the checkout lane and paid for them. When she exited the supermarket, Michelle saw the girl was being vaginally penetrated by the same man who was giving the girl some coins.

Michelle arrived at her house, opened the door and headed towards the kitchen, where her mom was cooking the 2 T-bones and boiling the water for Michelle's broth.
"I-I'm here mom... Sorry for my attitude half an hour ago. Here are the things you asked me to get. It was 7.46 dollars."
Patricia, who was a bit more relaxed answered her daughter "Thanks Mich, though this won't de-ground you, you need time to reflex on what you did and why it is bad"
Michelle was expecting her mom to lift the grounding, but when Patricia said that, it ignited Michelle's brain again, ready to confeont her mom, but she knew if she did that, Patricia would make the grounding even worse, so Michelle only mouthed "No problem, I'll be upstairs".

She closed her door, picked her laptop and laid down on the bed. She started to cry silently. She couldn't believe she was grounded again for a stupid reason. After she calmed a bit she opened her laptop and connected to Facenook. She had 35 unread messages, 23 new notifications and 2 friend requests. She knew she had gained a lot of popularity from posting her cosplays and she loved being the center of attention. But now she was a bit sad and ignored all her notifications and instead sent a message to Dane, her cosplaying sidekick. Michelle would cosplay 2B from Nier Automata and Dane would cosplay A2, so they where like sisters.

The message read "i hate my mom. Shes like... Idk, i think shes mad at me or smt. What U think?"
Not even 30 seconds later, Dane replied the message, saying "u know, moms tend 2 b like the frenemy u will always have. Don't worry Mich, u will b alright"

With that, Michelle started a lenghty conversation with Dane, about cute boys, next cosplays, popular anime and videogames.
Time flyed by when Michelle heard her mom call her to eat, so Michelle closed the laptop and set it on the desk, then she almost ran down the stairs, she was a bit hungry.
By the time Michelle sat at the table, the door rang and Michelle, trying to lessen her grounding, went to answer it. It was Michelle's dad, James. They both hugged and sat at the table, with Patrica and James enjoying the T-bone and Michelle spooning her broth.

Hopefully for Michelle, it was friday, so she would be free the next day, or so she tought. Saturday morning her day came into her room, waking her up and saying "Mich, I have been talking with your mom, and she told me that little thing you did. That, added with the previous experiences we have had with you, we came to the concuasion that you need to be put into a corrective school. The thing is, that school operates weekends only and today is your first day. Get dressed with this uniform. I will wait you in the car".

"Great, now I have no breaks from that stupid school and I will need to get up early. Awesome" said Michelle silently when James exited her room.
The uniform was quite simple, it consisted in a white blouse, pleated above the knee skirt and thighighs. She was accustomed on wearing these since too many cosplays required them.

When Michelle was dressed she made her way into the car, taking the copilot seat and they went into the school. When they arrived Michelle saw with horror that the school had 5 meter high walls with barbed wire on top. This looked like a prison for her, but she had no choice, so she exited the car and walked towards the entrance.

Following a map she had, she walked through halls and corridors, delving deeper into the school and seeing the usual things like girls being gang raped, girls being used as human lockers and a girl that was limping. Just before Michelle entered her classroom, she heard a voice behind her "On your knees". She turned to face the person who said that and she was rewarded with a punch on her cheek. "I said on your knees, do you know what an order is?". Michelle, fearing he might do anything else complied and knelt infront of him. "I'm Lewis, looks like you're new around here. This is indeed a correction school, but some of us are here for the fun. You will obey me inside and outside the school. You're a woman, remember?". Michelle wanted to stand up and punch him until he died, but she knew she would be in deep trouble if she did, so she only mouthed "Yes".
"Awesome!. Now, follow me, I think you are going to skip that class"
"Bu-but this is my first class! I can't miss my first class" cried Michelle.
"Yes, you can and you will, follow me" and Lewis started walking down the corridor with Michelle behind him.

Lewis made sure no one was following them and opened a small locker. It was wide enough for a guy like Lewis to enter sideways and go down a small flight of stairs. Lewis was 16 year old from a rich family, he was very slender and tall with english roots.
Finally, Lewis finished going down the stairs, however, Michelle was unable to enter the locker at all, her breasts were not fitting at all. Lewis grew mad and went upstairs again, exiting the locker. "So you can't enter... Fine, let me help you" said Lewis with an evil grin on his face. He placed Michelle's back onto one of the locker walls and with his hand her compressed Michelle's breasts against her body, elicting a shout of pain from her but he did't stop untill all of her body was inside the locker. Michelle felt a lot of pressure building on her breasts and started moving as fast as she could downstairs. Lewis followed suit and closed the locker behind him.

When Michelle was done her breasts returned to their normal position and started to hurt again from blood coming back. When she recovered a bit she saw lots of equipment, but not normal equipment. It was like torture equipment. "You are wondering where I took all of this. Well, with help from friends we found this empty basement that only we know exists. We come here at night so we can have our little dungeon set up. All walls are sound-proof so the screams of the girls will not alert anyone. I feel a lot merciful today. I son't whip you, but you'll be riding that thing over there" said Lewis while pointing to a machine.

That machine had 7 rings on the air, two rings connected to the ankles, two connected at the thighs, one at the stomach and two at the wrists. The rings would make the person inside them to be suspended in midair with their bodies being bent at 27° at the waist so the butthol and vagine were exposed, then the arms of the wearer would be pulled back by the wrist rings.

"No way I'm riding that" exclamed Michelle while turning towards Lewis "We just met and you want to torture me right now?"
"Well, this is how it works, you are a woman, women obey men, so you obey me. I don't care at all if we just met or not, get stripped"
Michelle really wanted to kill this guy right here, no one would hear his screams of agony and no one would ever find him, so she took a chance.
Michelle started to walk towards the machine and Lewis followed her, then Michelle turned and punched him right into his nose, but he didn't faint as she had expected. Michelle recieved one punch to her forehead and another one to her left shoulder, fainting her


Chapter 2: Slowly accepting

Michelle was slowly coming back to her senses but she noticed she couldn't move at all. Also she couldn't see anything. She felt rings locking her in place and she was blindfolded. Michelle knew this wasn't going to be nice. Unfortunately for her, Lewis was watching her awakening, so he spoke "Well well, look who's awake. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but I will answer none because... You're a 12 year old and I'm a 16 year old so just cope with it. Don't worry about your parents, I called and told them that I was giving you some orders, so everything is nice!
First of all, I'm pretty sure you know what 'cum' is. This machine you're strapped to can pump 200 liters of semen into you along the span of 24 hours. And yes, you're gonna ride it for 24 hours straight. Because you won't have any food or water during that time, you need to learn how to start drinking semen. It hs lots of nutrients!. I just borrowed my dad's credit card to order 250 liters of horse cum so don't worry, you won't get pregnant.
Before we start I want you to drink something special I have been making just for you"

Lewis went to a dusty drawer and took out a cup full of rotting semen and he added aphrodisiacs into it along with a bit of yellow powder. Lewis mixed it all with a rusty nail he found on the floor and exclaimed "It is ready, miss Figueroa". As he said that, he pinched Michelle's right nipple to make her scream and force her to open her mouth. He held her mouth open while he poured the mix into her. She immediatly started gagging from the stench and taste it had, but she knew that if she didn't drink it, Lewis would make it worse for her.

Yellowish cum dribbled down Michelle's cheek and she started revolting her stomach to try to get that awful mix out of her.

Lewis stepped back and admired his work, explaining what he made Michelle drink "You know, I lied, that wasn't made for you, it was made for any girl that I chose to abduct here. As you can judge from the taste, that semen is at least 2 months old, I also added aphrodisiacs to it and I added a 'pain enhancer', which will make you feel everything worse. I will now flip a switch and the machine will come to life to start your torture"

With that, Lewis turned on the machine and 3 dildos positioned themselves in front of each Michelle's hole. The dildos had an opening at the center to allow cum to exit them and enter Michelle's body. When she felt the tip of the dildos on her body she squealed and trashed around, but she couldn't move at all. The mouth dildo stopped pushing its way into her mouth because she had it firmly shut. However, the ass and pussy dildo were still pushing and every second was more painful than the last one, until Michelle shrieked in pain and the mouth dildo entered how mouth. That pain, combined with the dryness of her holes were more than enough to make Michelle scream around the dildo in her mouth. Soon after, Michelle passed out from the pain she was experiencing.

"Why? Why is this happening? What did I do to deserve this?" were the words Michelle started to ask in her limbo-ish state. Was it because her parents never freed her? Was it because she made anything wrong? She could just wonder why Lewis was doing this to her body...

When Michelle recovered, she was on the floor of the basement covered in cum, with semen flowing freely from her vagina alogside blood and her butthole was in no better shape, with small turds on the cum. Her breathing was hard and she felt the cum drying in her throat. But she was alive, she was able to endure it.
Lewis was nowhere to be see and she had no idea what time it was. She wanted to find answers but right now she eanted and needed to rest from being 24 or more hours into that hellish machine...


Chapter 3: The endurance

Michelle's rest wasn't long and wasn't pleasurable either. Her swollen vagina and anus were bleeding profusely and her stomach looked like she was 7 months pregnant. She could taste the after-taste of the cum she was forced to swallow.

Just when she thought she could try to rest she heard the door of the locker opening and she knew Lewis was coming down. She closed her eyes to try to fool Lewis, however, he had other plans.
When Lewis was just besides her and trying to not step on the horse cum, he lifted his leg and stomped on Michelle's right breast, squashing it and elicting a scream of pain from the cum-coated girl.

"Wake up slut, you need to clean thi up!" said Lewis when Michelle stopped screaming.
"There is no way I'm cleaning what you made to me!" shouted Michelle with a pained voice. Suddenly she realized she was in deep trouble now, and she started to accept that she was a woman and as one, she needed to obey Lewis. Howerever, Lewis wasn't pleased with the response he got from Michelle, stomping again on her right tit. He kept stomping and stomping until Michelle pleaded him to stop. "You gonna clean this mess?" asked Lewis and Michelle was unable to answer, her eyes were closed and her hands were clutching her injured breast, so she just moved her head in a 'yes' motion and Lewis exited the basement.

When the pain subsided a bit, Michelle tried to stand but her legs were too weak to support her weight, so she crawled on all fours around the basement trying to find anything to mop all the cum and small turds that were on the floor. She couldn't find anything to do it besides her uniform so she picked up her blouse and started mopping the cum with it. Soon enough the blouse was drenched with cum and she moved onto her skirt. Again, the skirt was drenched and the stench was getting worse. She used her thighhighs, her bra and her panties, only to get them all covered in sticky and rotting cum and she was nowhere to being finished. Michelle wondered how Lewis wanted it to be clean, until it dawned on her. Lewis wanted Michelle to clean that all with her body, be it licking it or stuffing it inside her holes. Just the thought of doing it made Michelle sick but she had no choice so she extended her toungue and started licking the cum. When she was overwelmed by it, she started to stuff it into her vagina and then her asshole. She took almost 8 hours to do it, and her stamina was leaving her. She hadn't eaten anything but cum in almost 36 hours and she was feeling it, with every second being worse than the last one. Her head hurt, her stomach was rumbling and she was starting to feel nauseus. Michelle didn't know what time it was or what day it was, to her, this basement was all her life for what seemed months already.

Then finally Michelle was donde cleaning that from all the mess she had made and it was just in time, because Lewis was entering the basement.

"You know, I only want to make sure I didn't break any ribs when I kicked you, I will touch and you will tell me if you feel any pain... Also, you look gorgeous with that swollen belly of yours... Oh, and you finished cleaning! Good girl. Now, lean down on the floor so I can check you"
Michelle did as instructed and Lewis started to apply pressure on her breasts, checking each rib and ocassionally stopping to twist one of Michelle's nipples.
"Looks like you're fine, you didn't say anything and I didn't feel anything wrong" said Lewis while twisting on her right nipple. Michelle tried to remain silent and her face was contorted in pain.
"I think you need to eat something, take a shower and relieve yourself, however, you won't be able to exit this basement with that belly. Let me open this door" and Lewis went to unlock a door Mochelle hadn't seen before. It was a small bathroom with a toilet and a sink, which surprisingly had running water. Michelle walked towards it and closed the door, only to hear Lewis "No-pe, you will do it with the door open". Michelle obeyed her order and opened that door, sitting on the toilet and relieving herself, however her belly was still swollen. She needed her body to process and digest all the cum she had inside her and it would take almost two days without excersice to do it. Also she couldn't bathe with just cold water, as the cum would not go away, so she just hoped her digestion worked faster.

When she finished relieving herself she flushed the toilet, however the seat was covered in cum from her sitting on it, so just before she exited the bathroom, she heard Lewis " clean that seat". Her stomach revulsed at that thought of having to lick a toilet seat and with care she bent to start licking it. Her mouth was so overwhelmed with the cum tasted she had that she didn't tasted anything really and she finished cleaning it.

She exited the bathroom a bit more happy and Lewis locked the door again while saying "You know, I think you really want to go outside or be with your parents but you won't be able to do it as you need to bring your belly back to its normal size, so I have a litte game for you"
Lewis walked towards Michelle who was able to stand on her feet by now and told her "We will have something called 'predicament bondage'. You see, that thing it where you choose how you want to be punished. For example, I could fix a rope over one of the pipes on the ceiling, take a dildo arm out of the machine and insert it into your pussy. However, if you do not want it inside your pussy, you need to stand on your tip toes, as if you were wearing heels. I know you do a lot of cosplay and you're somewhat accustomed to wearing heels, so lets try it"

Lewis' setup was simple and he simplified it even more. He took one of the arms from the machine and placed the metallic end on a creak he found on the ground, he called Michelle over and inserted the dildo end on her vagina. All she could do was stand on her tiptoes on let the whole lenght of the dildo enter her. She coudln't move backwards or sideways, as the dildo never leaved her vagina, only entered less.

Michelle's face of pain was a nice delight to Lewis and he set a timer of 12 hours for her to endure her predicament.

For the first two hours, Michelle stood on her tiptoes, only allowing the dildo to enter 3 cm into her vagina, however her tiredness from the machine and having to clean all the cum left her exausted, so at the start of the third hour she planted her whole feet onto the ground, making a big scream of pain as the dildo pounded her cervix and she immediatly wanted to stand on her toes, only to fail from exaustion and be pounded again from the dildo. Her face was full of pain and sorrow, her tears mixing with the drying cum she had on her face.

On the fifth hour Michelle regained a bit of her feet strenght and pushed herself up again, standing on her toes and giving her vagina a rest.

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