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It's the log of a scene, so part of the writing will reflect that.

"Alright, it's pretty easy. Just be yourself and think back to your first live concert, okay? That's literally it for this scene." The instructor spoke with a reassuring tone, before returning to his seat, while around the girls, the statist stood ready, some carrying planks, other tools and some of them musical instruments to create the illusion of back-stage crew and between the girls and the camera, an tv-journalist stood ready with a camera man, who was obvious a parody of a real news station, having a "SNN" logo on the side of the camera.

"Alright. Everybody ready? Light, camera aaaand action!" The 4 words the girls had heard so many times before immediately leading to a flurry of activity around them, and the parody news crew walking up to them for a mock interview. "And next up, is the rising stars, 'Milky Pop'." The 'journalist' commented to the camera before turning to the girls and holding the mic before them. "So you're pretty famous, but just in case, could you introduce yourself to any of our viewers back home hadn't heard of you yet?"
For all intent and purpose, then it seemed like any other music video, except that all of their men was waiting for their cue to drop the pretense.

Although it seemed they had gone through the motions countless times before, they still seemed to get somewhat nervous before their interviews. What would the public think of them? What if they say something wrong? Those thoughts would fly through their heads as they worried about the publics perception of them, because in reality their role as idols relies on the public entirely. The group would talk amongst themselves for a bit in order to calm down as the rest of the crew got into their positions, and at the instructor's directions Mai would give a nod with a smile as she sat up straight. The rest of them would slowly follow suit, lining up and posing all pretty for the camera.

At those 4 words they lost that nervous feeling and immediately showed off a confident, cute, and welcoming look that their fans had grown to love. With the mic pointed towards them, the group began to introduce themselves. "Hello~!", Mai would say excitedly as she waved to the camera, "My name is Mai, and I'm second year student~". From there, the mic would go down the group. Josui would give a quick wave as the mic went by her, "My name is Josui, and I'm a second year student as well~". Tamaki would give a quick salute as she spoke, "Heya! I'm Tamaki and I'm a first year student!". Kagari would give a warm smile, "I'm Kagari and I'm a second year student". And finally, Yugiri would wave as she ended the introductions, "Hello, I'm Yugiri and I'm a third year student. And together we are Milky Pop!". And with that the girls would give their signature waves and poses for the camera as they did with any other interview they did.

Each of the girl had a camera trained on her, and in post production, then the girls introduction would have a text over layer with their age, height and most importantly their 3 sizes, to in the final result that would be released, present them as meats, whose body mattered more than what they were saying and the camera work underscored that, some of them simple wandering down over their idol outfit exposed bodies.
"Such confidence, and you looked so nervous too, before you stood in front of the camera. So how do you feel? Are you ready to give the fans the show they want?"
The question from the interviewer causing the backstage crew to discreetly change their movement pattern behind the girls, so that they would end up closer to them some of them holding tools in their hands and even the shortest of them, towering over the tallest of the milky pop girls. The kind of men who did heavy lifting for a living. And all of them now waiting for their soon to arrive cue, for the girls to answer the question, before they would show the shinobi teams what they fans have always really wanted, every since it had become more normal to have idols in general [] to provide everything [] a fan would want. The fact that Milky Pop in truth where shinobi mattered little. Their fate would had been the same, had they simple been normal idols.

The idols were used to the sort of thing their producers liked to focus on, so seeing the cameras almost blatantly move from their face to their rather exposed bodies didn't shock them much at all. In fact, Mai, Kagari, and Tamaki would openly stick out their chests and squeeze their breasts "involuntarily" as they spoke; something they knew the fans loved. Of course, if they could see what was actually being shown they would have held themselves back.

As the crew began to close in on them, the girls wouldn't seem to notice anything changing. They had been trained to focus on the camera and looking behind them would seem rude to both the interviewer and the fans who watched it later, so even if they did feel like something is off they wouldn't bother looking. That being said, they would all nod as they listened to his question. Tamaki, being more energetic, was the first to respond. "I feel really good~", she'd say, "I really want to give the fans the best show ever!". Mai would look over as Tamaki spoke and quickly follow up behind her. "I think we all feel really happy to be able to do another show for our fans. We love you all~", she'd say as she made a heart shape with her hands at the camera.

"Good answer, that's why I'm also one of your biggest fan, so I think I can speak on behalf for a lot of them, when I show you what we think of you~" And with that the interviewer putted away his microphone, before suddenly and with no warning reached for Mai's head, aiming to use the element of surprise to pull her her by her hair forward and downward. To force her down on her knees in front of him, before he then unzipped his pants, revealing an erection that already was fully hardened from sheer anticipation. One that Mai wasn't even giving moments to look at, before the whole length was slammed into her left eye, crushing her eyeball, crashing through the back of her eye socket and into her brain. The interviewer in a single thrust impaling her skull, his balls resting on her face, his cock wrecking through her brain and his hands on the back of her head, preventing her from pulling off, while several camera filmed Mai's final humiliating moment.

At the same time, the men behind the girls quickly moved to immobilize the others so they couldn't save each other. Josui recieved a powerful front kick aimed below the base of her spine, with enough force to snap her pelvic in two if it connected. Kagari had a heavy two-handed maul, normally used to hammer circus tent peg down into the ground, being swung toward her left knee, to at the very least shatter it, if not tearing straight through, ripping apart flesh. Tamaki was choked from behind, two large strong hands wrapping around her neck and lifting her up into the air, leaving her dangling with her feet off the ground and her throat steadily being crushed. Yugiri had the man standing behind her, holding two box-cutter, one in each hand and in a reverse grip, reaching down over her body and then hook the blades into the underside of her breasts. One knife in each of them, the metal digging deep into her udders. Like hooks used to pull her back and keep her firmly pinned to her chair.

And all around the girl, the rest of the crew dropped all pretense, dropping their pants and started to jerk off to the sight. "Finally!" "Fuck. I've been waiting months for this." "Goddamn yes. Crush the bimbos brain. Not like she needs it!" "Fucking A. Worth skipping my day off for."

Initially Mai thought nothing about the interviewer coming closer. In fact, she would even move herself closer to him and face her chest towards one of the cameras in anticipation of a more one on one interview. When his hand reached behind hers she thought it was strange, but there was still no big reaction from her. It wasn't until he had pulled out his dick that she would start to recoil, but by then it was too late. Before she could manage to let out any sort of meaningful sound, his cock would crush her eyeball and force itself deep into her skull. Immediately she lost effectively all control of herself. Her body would begin to spasm in short bursts as her brain was turned into a fuck toy, a sure sign that even if she were still alive she would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life.

As Mai's eye was penetrated the girls would try to jump up and scream, but the crew were just in time to stop them from doing anything. Josui had started to get up right as one of the crew kicked her with enough force to throw her down to the ground. She'd let out a cry as she fell onto the hard floor, her legs scrambling to get her up to little success. Kagari wasn't as swift as Josui though, and the hammer that was used against her made a perfect blow. Her knee was instantly shattered to dust, and the excess force was enough to flatten and tear the flesh. She'd let out a howling cry of pain as she fell towards her right side, her hands trying to hold at her now disabled left leg. Tamaki wasn't swift as well, and before she could even react to Mai's demise she was already being choked. Her relatively small size made it easy for the crew member to lift her up, and since she was rather weak her attempts at clawing at his hands would prove useless. Yugiri would attempt to get up but quickly was pinned to her chair by the piercing blades that penetrated her breasts. She would take in a deep breath as she tried to contain herself since any move proved painful as the blades moved inside of her soft flesh. Being the least incapacitated of all of them, she was the only one fit to speak. "Wh-What are you doing! Security!", she'd say between hard breaths, trying not to make the blades cut any deeper.

The cock within the group's leader was pulled out, only to be slammed in again, this time at a slightly different angle, to reach and destroy part of her brain that the first penetration had missed. Over and over again, the destructive length was hammered into her skull, the tip occasionally hitting the back of it, pulped brain matter and blood soon mixing with precum and with brain matter occasional being pulled out of her eye socket to spill onto her breasts when ever the cock was pulled back. One camera focusing on her face so that for the final film, a text overlay would have her name and the exact date and time of the day of her death, the moment it was clear all life had left her.

Meanwhile, Josui's attempt to flee was stopped first by a foot stomping down on her back, keeping her pinned flat on her stomach to the ground, one camera focusing on how it squashed her breast against hte floor, followed by a microphone stand being picked up, folded together and then pushed with so much force toward her back entrance that it tore her panties, entered her anal fuckhole, stretched out her sphincter muscle and yet still continued to be pushed further in, soon tearing apart her intestine and entering her guts, before being pulled back and then pushed in again, crushing her organs in her lower body from the inside.

Kagari at the same time received a kick that turned her to lay on her left side, her abuse continuing, only because the producer and instructor didn't wanted more than one girl to die at a time, so that the viewers could enjoy each one fully, the hammer being swung down toward Kagari again and this time hitting left breast, crushing and flattening it between the hammer and the ground, flesh tearing and ripping off her chest.

Tamaki continued to be choked, her abuser at no point letting up. In fact, he figured that she likely would die before he could get off, if he didn't let her breath and normally he would had, but more than anything, then he was a professional and he had been hired to snuff, not rape the bitch, which is why the one hand till around her throat continued to squeeze, while his now free hand first pulled off Tamaki's panties and then pulled out his own cock, before he then choked her with both hands again and slammed her down on his cock. To die a cockteases humiliating death as her fans have wanted.

"Helping you putting on the show, the fans wants~" The man keeping his blades inside her hissed, while he twisted and turned the blade within Yugiri's tits, tearing open the wounds, letting the fat and blood of her udders spill down over her stomach and all around her, she could see that he was speaking the truth. The statist who had been hired to act like the crowd for a concert scene standing around the set and all of them jerking off and only the contract stating they couldn't film, preventing them from pulling out their own smartphone to film Milky Pop's last show.

With his continued fucking of her eye socket, it was now clear that there was no coming back for Mai. Her head was now filled with nothing but slush, a mixture of crushed brain matter, cum, and blood that would quickly leak out of her eye once he was done with her. There was only a couple smaller spasms before her body would become completely limp, the only thing keeping her up being his hands holding her head up as he fucked it.

As for Josui, the stomp on her back was enough to stop her in her tracks. Although she wasn't sure, she felt like he had almost certainly broken a few of her bones as moving became extremely painful. As she lay on the floor she noticed the camera focusing on her breasts which was enough to set her off. "What are you filming idiot! Help m- AAH!". Her face would contort as the mic stand was recklessly pushed against her ass so hard that it simply tore through. Her body would be filled with resistance once more, but all her movement did was help that sharp mic stand tear apart her insides. It wasn't long before she was bleeding quite heavily, but at least she was now nice and loose enough to take in the full stand with some more force.

As Kagari was kicked towards her crushed knee she'd let out another cry, tears streaming from her face as she sobbed uncontrollably. She'd look up through her tears at her abuser, noting the raised hammer above her. "N-Nooo!", she'd say between heavy gasps and tears, her hand weakly coming up in order to block the incoming blow. Her hand would do nothing of course, and simply increased the damage she took. Her hand was pushed against her breast, which was then hit so hard that it lay nearly flat with the floor. Her crying and gasping would increase further as the blow tore apart her breast completely, leaving the flesh hanging by a few heavily bruised strands. Her hand was completely crushed as well, and effectively glued to her mangled breast as it was too painful to move.

Tamaki could do little to help her situation and couldn't even make any sounds besides the constant choking sound as she deperately attempted to get some air. She couldn't even protest as her panties were ripped apart since his grip was too tight. Her face would soon start to turn blue, her vision beginning to fade as the lack of air was catching up to her. She wouldn't be dead when she passed out, but it didn't seem like he was one to let go once she did.

Yugiri would bite her tongue as she continued to try to hold herself back. "This isn't what they want!", she'd protest. Clearly the fans would want them to continue doing their shows, right. It was then that she'd notice the crowd. None of them seemed to care for their well being. None of them were jumping to help them. None of them were calling the police. All of them were just simply watching, cheering, and even touching themselves openly as they were tortured. The sight itself filled her with utter disgust. Is this what they spent years working as idols for?

If she had asked loudly, then the answer she would had gotten was yes. That's what she had spent years working for. This is what all idols and celebrity spent years working for. To become famous, propped up, idolized and seen as untouchable, simple to make the fall so much deeper to the fans enjoyment. Several of them who now crowded around Mai's body and unloaded over it, coating her corpse in their cum. Every single statist had been giving one girl that they may use as a cum dumpster after she had been snuffed and one of them even sticking his cock into her destroyed eyesocket and pissed, using her skull as an urinal.

Josui during that, had the microphone stand push further into her body, crushed organs being torn and pushed aside, so the long pole could go deeper, soon hammering against her stomach sack and with the stand occasionally pulled out all the way, so the cameras could film it's blood coated length, leaving no doubt of just how deep it had entered her before being pushed in again, impaling her and used like a handle to keep her front pushed down against the ground and her lower body lifted up into the airand to add insult to injury, the man destroying her, amused himself by occasionally freeing up one hand to harshly slap her behind, slowing her death, though even if he hadn't, then she still wouldn't be next.

That role was giving to Kagari, who once more was kicked in her stomach, so that she now laid flat on her back, her one remaining unharmed breast clearly jutting out from her chest and more importantly, leaving her staring upward to see the lifted hammer, cameras focusing on her expression as the maul was swung down toward her face and completely crush her skull. The maul heavy enough to leave a dent on the ground where the back of her head used to rest, most of it splattering around, the skull splintering and the only part of her head that remained undamaged was from her lower jaw and down, her tongue left lolling and exposed with the upper half of her skull destroyed.

The question now for the instructor was who would be next, eyes darting from Josui to Tamaki who seemed to be the likely candidate. There was no thrusting, no lifting her up and then yanking her down. Only a constant downward push until Tamaki was hilted on the wombs deep cock, with only her struggle massaging the length within her and one camera focusing on the fingers that continued to push deeper, ready to literally crush her windpipe, as soon as she passed out.

"Yes it is, and you made them want it. Dressing like cockteasing whores. Always sticking out your fat cow udders. Giving them flirty looks during concert and staying out of their reach. Fucking blueballing rapebaits the lot of you. You knew this was the only thing all of your teasing could led too." The mans hardness reflecting in his action, the box cutter pulled out and then stabbed into her breasts over and over again, their size turned into a curse, so large that they prevented the blade from going deep enough to puncture her lungs or stab her heart. "And if you didn't knew, then all of you must be dumb bimbo, that the world is better off without."

It was surprising that Josui was still lucid, but adrenaline was helping greatly with that. By now, the stand had effectively cut and torn her intestines to shreds, and it would take only slightly more pressure before it would cut open her stomach and push towards her heart and lungs. She couldn't do much at this stage but her body was still desperate to get to safety. Without any words she would move her hands, almost as if trying to crawl away but she would find quickly that even if she could move at any decent speed they weren't going to let her go, and even if they did she was mere minutes from dying of blood loss.

Kagari was still a complete mess, sobbing and moaning uncontrollably as her eyes stayed fixed on that hammer. She would stop for but a second when she was kicked onto her back before screaming even more as the hammer was slowly lifted above her. "N-n-n-oo, s-st-", before she could let out her stuttering cries for help it was over. The hammer was swift and completely snuffed out any form of life that her body once had in less than a second. What once help her thoughts, hopes, and dreams was now stray litter on the dirty stage floor.

Tamaki wouldn't see any of this though, or even really hear it. Her senses were on the edge of being cut off, her body only concentrating on things she needs to survive. To her, Kagari's death was but a dull thump as if someone had dropped a book carelessly. That being said, she still felt the immense pain that his cock inflicted on her. The size alone was enough to tear her apart, and the fact that he just kept forcing himself deeper and deeper with no end in sight didn't bode well for her. Luckily for her though, the lack of oxygen would kick in well before he tore her womb and her body would fall limp as she passed out.

Yugiri would try to move out of the way, but her breasts were unfortunately large targets and he found every blow he intended to inflict. By the time he was done, her breasts were completely covered in stab wounds, some joining together to make big holes that exposed the inner fat an flesh easily for the cameras. "But we didn't do that! The manager made us dress like this! A-And they liked our music, not our bodies!". She knew that last part was most likely not true, but it was something she had hoped was true since she joined the group.

"Really? Seems to me your fans are satisfied enough with just your bodies~" Both knives was stabbed deep into Yuguri's breasts and then used as handle to turn her to face what remained of Kagari, to have her see how those who didn't stood in circle around her and jerked off, making a game out of trying to hit the undamaged breast, was standing in line to push their cock into her exposed throat, to cum after one or two thrust, before passing her to the next one, with the amount of semen eventually reaching a point where it would spill out of her from the other end, after filling her body completely.

The group who had picked Tamaki meanwhile cheered and looked on in excitement when her body first went limp and the fingers then closing crushingly tight, pushing so deep in, that there was no doubt that even if she was giving cpr, then no air could go through her windpipe. Only then was she pulled off and thrown toward the waiting men and with one of the camera focusing and her torn open cunt to specifically show that no cum was spilling out. That she hadn't been worth keeping alive long enough to be used as a living cumdumpster.

Josui was at that moment having her shinobi training turned against her, all of her conditioning forcing her to stay conscious, to feel how the pole worked it's way up through her body, ripping apart her stomach sack and even worse, experienced hands then guiding it up through her esophagus, moving up between her lungs, intentionally avoiding them to keep her alive for just slightly longer, to make sure that the camera still had time to linger on Tamaki's corpse for a few seconds more.

"and you will be next." Yugiri's abuser repositioned himself to stand infront of her and then slitted her throat, the wound thin enough to ensure that not all of the air she breathed down escaped, some of the oxygen entering her lungs, though it was mixed with blood and following that, the man pulled out his full erect cock and moved it toward the throat wound.

Yugiri would close her eyes in disgust as she witnessed the copious amounts of cum that Kagari was being pumped with. Each of her fans, or at least what she once saw as fans, were lining up like animals just waiting to get off on her corpse. She was lucky compared to her, still mostly alive and relatively unharmed besides her breast wounds. She thought for a while that maybe although really hurt, she might come out of this alive. That thought was cut short however when the blade that was used to cut open her breasts was pushed against her throat. The flesh was cut apart so easily, but it wasn't a gaping wound like the ones on her breast. She would still be able to gasp for air, but it was clear that a lot of blood was running from her veins straight into her throat. Her hand would try to grasp at her neck to close the wound, her eyes wide open now and locked on his cock as she tried to protect herself as best she could.

Josui meanwhile was focused entirely on her own survival; although it seemed sort of pointless at this point. She could feel the metal stand pushing her organs apart, and easily cutting those that were left in the way. She was effectively paralyzed as the stand made it through her body; the stiff metal acting as a rigid spine as it pushed into her esophagus.

While the last two alive were experiencing their final moments, Tamaki would unceremoniously be thrown onto the floor for her fans to ravage. The cock had left her gaping wide as her body gave a final spasm before falling completely limp. She would now unknowing to her join Mai and Kagari in being defiled after death by those who had signed up. A fate which was easily more enjoyable than their singing performances. If only she could see the crowd's cheers and happiness as they were snuffed out one by one; maybe then she would have taken her fate in stride.

The men posed Tamaki's corpse so that she was upside down, her shoulder and back of her head resting on the ground, her body propped up with her lower body sticking up into the air, and her legs folded down, so that her ankles was at the side of her head and one man even pushing up her eyelids so her empty eyes could stare off toward nothing and then they look turn filling her already stretched out cunt, the sheer number of men swiftly filling her womb and vaginal, until it spilled out, down over her stomach, toward her chest and some of it dripping down over her unblinking eyes.

Yuguri's attempt to avoid that fate, was stopped by the knifes being stabbed through her palms, the bones in her hand preventing the knife from just cutting straight out of her hand again when he then moved them out of the way, so that the cock could be pushed into the wound and down into her throat and slammed in repeatedly, the thin wound gaping like the ones on her breasts were, flesh starting to tear toward the side of her neck, when ever the man pushed deep enough to have his crotch slam against the idol-shinobi's face and push back her head and amount the audience, people were taking bets on what would kill her. Choking on the blood flooding her lungs, from the cock blocking off the air way, or the wound tearing so far, that her head would end up only connected to the rest of her body by her spine.

It was clear now, why Josui's abuser had been so careful to not due too much damage to her insides. Because someone had to be the last one, someone had to be the one forced to watch the rest of her team snuffed out one after another and the part of the microphone stand that was sticking out of her was used to turn her, the metal pushing against the side of her lungs, at one point going so close to her heart, that her abuser could feel the vibration through the pole, as he forced her to see the each of the other girls. The fate she soon would share and the fate that would befall many other idols after her, because she, like other shinobis before her, had been too weak to do the one thing they had dedicated their life to, and stop a youma's corruption of society.

Yugiri would try to let out some form of protest, but she found it nearly impossible to speak due to the slit in her throat. Instead, she would look down as her abuser's cock pushed against the thin cut, spreading and stretching it out until his cock could slide down her throat. Her body would squirm and convulse as she tried to gasp for air, only to find out that the only thing she could manage to breathe was her own blood. Her eyes were now wide open and her thoughts were rushing as she entered survival mode. It felt like she was drowning, but since she wasn't in water she still had the instinct to breathe which only made her breathe more blood in a fatal cycle. It didn't help that him pushing his cock into her wound was slowly splitting her neck apart, the skin around her neck slowly tearing and exposing more of her neck muscle which was subsequently torn by his thrusting.

Josui, who had not really paid much attention to those around her due to her own attacker, was now face to face with the rest of her team. Her heart sunk immediately as she saw them all either snuffed on the floor, or currently being snuffed. "M-Mai?", she would call out as she looked over towards her body. Her body was covered in cum as she lay on the floor, her head facing away from Josui which prevented her from knowing that she wasn't just passed out. She then looked over to Kagari and Tamaki who were both clearly dead and to Yugiri who was clearly being throat-fucked in a way that would most certainly conclude in her death. Josui's struggle would end there, her morale completely destroyed as she witnessed the fate of the idol group.

"Fuck..would be better if I got this out of the way. Not like anybody cared for what's in the head of a dumb bimbo idol anyway!" A palm was placed on Yugiri's forehead which then pushed backward and downward hard, ripping the wound open, the head tearing from the rest of her body, only attached by the spine and yet still left the shinobi alive for a few seconds with the last trace amount of blood and oxygen while her abuser as the only one actually came, when he pushed his whole length down into her next stump and the men who had taken bets, exchanging money before converging on Yugiri.

That was the cue for Josui to be finished off, her long hair gripped so her head would be pulled back and the microphone stand then pushed all the way through her body, the thin pole working it's way up through her throat, sharp edge of a bolt ripping her tongue, one of her tooth being knocked out, before it then exited out of her mouth, leaving her fully impaled, to die like a pig being prepared for roasting, slowly. Her head had been pulled back, only to prevent it from stabbing into her brain and give her too swift an end. She would not be allowed to expire until after Yugiri.

Yugiri's eyes closed for a split second as she tried to endure the force pushing against her head. Ultimately she'd lose though and her head would snap back and open the wound entirely. With her spine still intact, she could still feel the imense amount of pain throughout her body, but that wouldn't last too long. The sharp pain around her neck would soon dull as her body would send a rush of warmth through her. Eventually all she could feel was his slimey cum dripping numbly down her throat as her eyes closed for good.

Josui meanwhile had no chance to react to her last friend's death before the mic stand was forced all the way through her. She'd let out painful groans as the metal stand effortless cut her tongue and knocked out one of her front teeth; something that would have been one of the worst things to lose if she was still the idol she thought she was merely minutes ago. Fully impaled, all she could do was wait for her death. She would silently sob on the floor, her body convulsing slightly as tears streamed down her face. She knew that any second now was going to be her last and that her fans would not only allow it, but they would cheer for her death. It was the only reason they were here in the first place after all.

Something only made more clear by how Yugiri's head was finally pulled off her head by her fans, that then formed two lines, one for those who wanted to fuck the next stump attached to her body, the others who wanted to fuck the one attached to her head, with the tip of their cock going out of her mouth. The skull of Josui's friend turned into an onahole to please men.

Something she would be spared though, the pole effectively meaning that there was no hole for a cock, unless a new one was made, instead she ended up being the only one defiled while still alive, men standing around her and unloaded either their piss, cum or both over the back of her head and completely soaked her hair, the vile mixture dripping down over her face. A face that had a camera focused on it, the catch the exact moment she would die, a pole out of her mouth and her face completely slimed by the layer of piss and cum.
"You should be fucking thankful cunt. You know how much time I wasted following your whores? I thought this would had happened years ago to worthless bitches like you." One of the last degrading words she would hear, revealing that the only reasons their fans had been loyal for so long, was because they knew that it was always merely a question of when, not if, before Milky Pop would become a pile of snuffed out cum-coated fuckmeats.

The tears that streamed down Josui's face were quickly covered by the piss and cum that her fans had unloaded onto her. She closed her eyes as the torrent of fluids coated the back of her head and body, sobbing quietly as she started to lose consciousness. The blood loss from the mic stand puncturing her organs was getting to be too much to handle, especially with the added stress of seeing her friends dead and being pre-emptively used as a snuffed cumdump. Her squirming and sobbing would slowly start to die down as she began to pass, her body giving a final gasp for air before letting out a long sigh as she passed away for good. For those final few seconds all she could think about was what if she had decided not to become an idol and flaunt her body. Maybe then she would at least be alive.

The end

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