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Get away...she had to get away!! It was ridiculous, Toph, the greatest earthbender in the world, degraded to digging through the underground like some panicky badger-mole, naked as her nameday as her dirty hands and feet plowed through the earth, her blind eyes frantically rolling while her scattered mind was unable to process the overload of sensitive vibrations crashing in on her from every direction.

Still she couldn't understand how it possibly could have come to this, how could she have been defeated and raped by that assassin?? She never lost a battle, especially not against another earthbender! She was the greatest in the world. And...yet that was precisely what had happened, her penetrated leg and throbbing, bleeding pussy vivid proof of her shame.

At least she had managed to get away now though, used her last ounce of strength to push him off and escape under the earth, escape to reunite with her friends and live to fight another day. Skilled as that assassin may be, surely he wouldn't be able to follow her here at least. The earth was her home, her sanctuary, he couldn't possibly invad...

Toph never saw the sudden plunge coming. One moment she had been burrowing downwards into the core of the island to get away as far as possible, the next she...suddenly was falling? The earth around her parting, robbing her of her footing as she helplessly fell through midair, completely blind with no earth to guide her vision, arms and legs pedaling through empty space for any form of handle.

For just a moment she feared she may be falling foever, fall straight through the island and into the water beneath to be left to drown with her inability to swim, probably paddling like some helpless newborn. Yet thankfully that wasn't the case as she soon felt the impact of earth again, the drop little more than a few meters. The ground beneath her was soft and muddy, not ideal for bending, yet so endlessly better than the blind drop just now. Crawling about on all fours she pressed her hands into the earth, trying to see.

Where...was she? Why had the earth parted so suddenly...where was he? the gods, she could see him, standing on the edge of some form of crater she found herself in.

He never said a word, just watching. So she spoke for him, her tone a few pitches too high for her liking, too squeaky, betraying her age and fear. "I'm warning you, the Avatar won't tolerate this!! You better let me go this instant or..." Or what? *Or what??* What threat could possibly intimidate him enough to leave her be??

Before Toph could ever even hope to find an answer however, she could suddenly feel him raising his hands into two fist, slamming them together. And the earth started moving, rolling towards her from opposing sides, two gigantic earth walls. No!! What was happening here?? Was he trying to crush her?? No way, no way!! She was the strongest earthbender in the world, she would never get beat in a contest of pure strength!!

Pushing herself up on trembling legs, Toph's black mane long since having dropped out of her usual bun, hanging past her head in wild, unkempt tufts, she rose her hands towards the approaching earth walls. She would never lose a contest of strength!! Or so she tried to convince herself. Until she actually felt them coming about to reach her.

Suddenly she felt so meek, so weak, powerless to stop the earth. Was this how Aang must have felt like when he had jumped out of the way of that boulder she had rolled down at him during their training?? If so, had...had she perhaps been too harsh on him, should she have been a gentler, more forgiving teacher...had she failed in her duties of guiding him properly...??

Before Toph could ponder any further, she already felt the earth connecting with her palms as she tried to stem the tide, standing broadlegged, her toes digging into the earth for balance. "RRROOOOAAAHHH!!!" She loudly roared her determination, putting everything she had into her protective block, trying to halt the earth. She was the greatest....the greatest earthbender!! A contest...of pure...strength...she'd never...lose!!

And she was winning!! She could feel it clearly through the vibrations, she was stopping the earth!! Stopping its advance!! Staying alive!!

But...but for how long would she be able to keep this up?? Her arms...were already starting to crack ominiously in a desperate effort to hold back the earth. She...could feel the exertion...the strain on her body...feel herself pushed back. NO!! SHE HAD TO PUT MORE EFFORT IN, SHE WAS THE GREATEST!!

Groaning in fierce determination as she to prevent her body from folding ever so slowly, a deep burp reached her ears, a putrid wave of exertion spraying from her between her contracting asshole, splattering between her legs. More power, she needed more power!! Another groan as she felt her eyes rolling backwards in exhaustion, sweat running down her body, down her forehead and chest and armpits. More power!! Still the putrid brown gushed forth, soon joined by a smelly fountain of yellow liquid squirting from between her quivering pussy lips, Toph starting to feel her control over her bodily functions vanishing as she instead put every last fiber into preventing the impending earth walls from crushing her.

Still her palms pushed against the earth, her sheer strength mingling with her earthbending as best as she could manage while that hostile assassin still commanded the earth to shut close. Yet...yet...she could feel herself being pushed, slowly but steadily, her arms starting to crack more and more audibly.

No, more powe...

The sudden noise of breaking bones was lost entirely under the endless agony as both her arms bent the wrong way, shattering at the elbows, quickly being shattered by the earth walls as her defense crumbled, nothing to stop the earth from rolling her over anymore. Ominous, deadly pressure engulfed her, her chest constricting in gargling suffocation, an overload of terror kicking her brain into overdrive. She could...see...earthwalls...descending, closing in. Had she been able to slow her approach with her hands before, suddenly...those walls were moving so impossibly quickly again now that her arms were torn apart and bleeding, nothing to stop the attack anymore. "AAEEEUUUHHH!!" a loud panicky howl exploded from her throat, Toph's milky pale eyes rolling askew and bulging like fish-eyes at the bottomless pits of dread getting a hold of her.

It all happened in an instant, too quickly for Toph Beifong to truly process the ridiculousness of being defeated in what she prided herself most, her sheer strength and sturdiness and unbreakable will. The rock walls reached her broadlegged stance first, rolling over her dirty bare feet, curling toes and ankles, crushing and breaking her legs. Her shriek rose an octave higher. "IIIAAAEEEEEEEHHHIIIII!!!" The rock walls reached her waist, pulverizing her hip and shoulders and flat chest. "SSSAAAAAAAVVVEEEE MEEEEE--" Abruptly her mindless mewl cut off as the earth walls reached her head, her skull exploding like a tomato being rolled over by truck, blind eyeballs popping, teeth shattering and nose squashing, brain frying instantly and every confident thought of grandeur with it.

The earth walls shut close with a rumbling roar. The following silence was almost peaceful, the assassin turning away, having lost his interest the moment his opponent was defeated, looking to find that annoying waterbender next on his list. It wasn't until he was out of sight that the rock walls slowly crumbled into hundred tiny pieces again, little more than the splatter of red crimson and powdery pulver of finely ground bone mass remaining of the Blind Bandit.


Love how you included her pooping... poop and guro is great!


so good


Intend to snuff the other avatar girls?


Glad you guys liked it. ^^ But no, I didn't really plan on writing any other avatar related stuff, this was more of a quick, spur of the moment thing a friend on discord requested. I didn't even proof-read this either, hence the annoying amount of small typos.

That said though, if you had any ideas or suggestions, I could try to come up with another story.


More dark gore with head destruction, bowel release, even farting would be great


Young Katara being blood bent into being a fuck toy with some foot action and then beheaded?

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