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Last week I finally had a little time to write and I managed to finish a short story that I had in my mind for a while. Its a concept that others had tried before, though I think this one is somewhat different and you might like it.

I am also working in another story, much more brutal than this one, that might be finished by the end of the week. I will post it here too if people are interested in a girl being burned alive as revenge by the police.

Also, if you like it and want to read more, check out my website at www asstr org/~Eficient/

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

It was getting late, and I knew that soon it would be too dark to keep going. Above me, the trees closed on one and other, blocking what little light came from the darkening sky. They were beeches and oaks, their barks so dark that they looked almost black.

Far off to my right I could see a little patch of clouds, already orange from the setting sun, but that was all they light there was.

I knew I should have brought a flashlight, or even my cell phone, but I had left both of them back home. Besides the clothes I was wearing, I had nothing. I haven't told anyone where I was going either. It wasn't as if someone would care, but still, I knew I should have.

But the letter had been pretty clear. Emily had sent it to me, just before she disappeared. There wasn't much on it, except the instruction for getting to where I was then, some warnings about bringing my cell phone or telling anyone, and at the very end, a short line, where she told me to thrust her, that she would soon be free, and that I could too, if I wanted.

Emily and I had been friend since kindergarten. Our families lived together, and I don't remember a day in my life where I didn’t see her. We were very close, and as we became teenagers that bond only grew stronger than before.

We shared everything with each other, every laugh and every tear. Or at least we did, until one night. I was at a party with her about six weeks before she disappeared, even though we weren’t invited. She said nobody would care so I had followed her into that house, even though I knew I shouldn’t.

We were the youngest girls there by far, and as we moved deeper into the house I could feel every eye following us. They knew were weren't supposed to be there, but nobody said anything.

Then a man, maybe twice our age appeared in front of me. He was smiling warmly as he held a couple of drinks in his hands. I remember he tried to say something over the music, but it was too loud and even though he was screaming I couldn't understand a word of what he said.

I don't know why, but even then I nodded enthusiastically, and a second later he handed me the drinks. He started laughing and then he left us alone once more.

We were not supposed to be drinking. We were too young, we didn't know him either, but none of that mattered to us.

I thought it would be cool to try it, and though I was a little scared, I finished my drink in just a few minutes. Whatever it was, the liquid burned my throat as I swallowed it. A few minutes later, as we danced together in the living room, the place started to spin and I lost track of Emily. The last time I saw her she was climbing the stairs, maybe looking for the bathroom.

Now alone, I walked around the house, bumping into people as I couldn't walk straight anymore. Everybody was laughing, offering me more drinks though this time I knew better and I said no.

And then I found him. He was the same guy that gave us the drinks. He whispered something into my ear, but like before I couldn't understand a word. But somehow that didn't seem to matter, and I nodded eagerly, laughing as he took my hand.

Then he led me away from the noise and the heat of the house. A moment later we were outside, and I felt the cold night air flowing over my body. It felt nice, and the dizziness started to fade, if only a little.

I never told anyone what happened after that. Not even Emily. I tried to act as if nothing happened, but I don't think she believed me.

The next day I asked her where she had been, but just like me, she simply lied. She told me she returned a few minutes later and when she didn't find me she started dancing once more, that a few hours later someone offered her a ride to her home, and that was it.

It was painfully obvious that it wasn't true, but I didn't say anything. I was laying too, so I had no right to force her, though maybe I should have.

A week later she disappeared without a trace, and then I got her letter, the one that had led me to that place. It had been written in an piece of old, yellowing paper, but it was her handprint, I was sure of that.

And even thought I wasn't sure of what she meant, I followed the instructions.

Once there, the letter said, I was supposed to find a pair of panties laying next to the trial. I had reread the letter many times, thinking that I would never find one, but just before I lost my nerve, I did.

There, laying just next to the trail I was following, were a pair of white panties. They were stained with mud, so much of it that they were the color of the trail, but they were there

I approached gingerly, walking carefully as I looked around me, but I was still alone. Once there, I finally saw it, a smaller trail, shooting off to the side. I would have missed it completely if I hadn't been looking for it, even in good light, but as it was it was almost invisible.

After looking around one more time, I took a deep breath and I turned into the new trial, leaving the panties behind.

It was hard to follow as the bushes at either side would suddenly close all around me, as if it didn't get much use, but soon it started to widen and I started to move faster.

I found other panties, just laying around. Some were old, some were new. A few were obviously kids underwear. Deeper and deeper, I moved into the forest as everything around me turned to black, and then without warning I heard a twig breaking behind me.

I stopped suddenly, unable to breathe and frozen in place. It was then that I realized that I could suddenly see again. Moving slowly, I turned around and that is when I finally found him.

He was standing by a tree, right next to the trail I had just passed a second ago. He had an old lantern in one hand, the light casting shadows all around him. A moment later he smiled warmly as I swallowed nervously.

“I am sorry, Miss Eva. I assure you it wasn't my intention to scared you.” he said a second later.

Still frozen in place, I watched him carefully. He was wearing a bright green jacket made of wool, a dark brown waistcoat, white trousers and a white shirt. He had an old tricorn hat above his head, the kind they wore in pirate movies, and brown leather boots on his feet.

Everything looked old and worn, but not broken.

And then I realized that he knew my name. Gasping in shock I took a step back. I wanted to run, as far away as I could, but as I felt my heart beating wildly inside my chest, I forced myself to stay still.

“I assure you I mean you no harm, miss Eva.” he said, trying to calm me.

Despite everything I nodded once before I lowered my hands to my sides.

“Who are you?” I finally managed to ask, though my voice was barely a whisper.

“Ahh, yes, I am sorry. Allow me to introduce myself.” he said, taking a step away from the tree. “People call me many things, but my name is Franz, Franz Schmidt. It's a pleasure to meet you at last. And as I said, I mean you no harm. I am here to help you.”

I nodded slowly, feeling that he was telling the truth. Meanwhile he stood still as I watched him. I was trembling hard, but a moment later I relaxed if only a little.

“I got a letter…” I said weakly as I took it out from my pocket.

“Yes, I know. Emily sent it to you, not long ago. I was waiting for you.” he said, still smiling.

Then cleared his throat, covering his mouth with his left hand before he moved it behind his back. Raising the lantern high above his head, he started walking towards me.

I was frozen in place, unable to move as he got closer and closer, until suddenly he stopped, just a few feet in front of me.

He was much taller than what I had though, and even without the hat he must have been more than two feet taller than me, if not more. His skin was pale like mine, and it shone under the lamp’s flickering light, just like his black hair.

“It is getting dark. May I walk with you to my cabin?” he said, holding out his arm.

I looked at it for a moment as I trembled in place. I was terrified, but not of him. For some reason I trusted what he had said. He wasn't going to harm me.

A moment later I took his arm, and he lead me even deeper into the forest. We walked silently, following a trail that often disappeared and that other times slit into multiple paths. He never hesitated, though, and a few minutes later we arrived to a small log cabin, buried under the forest canopy.

Then I stopped in front of it while he continued walking. The place looked very old. Moss covered the base of the cabin, while a few bushes leaned against it from one side. The few windows it had were closed with wooden shutters, though I could see a faint light coming from the inside.

The thatched roof looked almost knew and behind it I could see a chimney, made out of stone. Thin, grey smoke was coming out of it as I shivered from the cold.

Then I realized that he was waiting for me.

Standing by the door, he slowly opened the door, and he motioned for me to enter.

“After you, Miss Eva.” he said waiting patiently.

I hesitated at first, but when I looked behind me I knew I had no choice. It was pitch black by then, and the air was bitterly cold. I would have no chance to find my way and with no jacket it I would be in trouble.

The warm cabin beckoned me, and as I swallowed nervously I finally walked inside.

The inside was wonderfully warm, and I felt my body relaxing almost instantly. Moving carefully, I walked deeper into it until I stopped, right on the middle of the only room. With only a few lit candles spread around the place, it was dark at first, but slowly my eyes got used to the gloom and I could see well enough.

There wasn't much inside. The fireplace was in the middle of a wall, with a big pile of firewood next to it. To one side, pushed against a corner, there was a simple wooden bed, and on the other side of the fireplace there was a table and a single chair. A couple of old bookshelves sat next to it, full of boxes and bags, and a few books.

And then my eyes were drawn to the opposite wall, where he had hung many rolls of ropes, of all sizes and thickness.

A second later I heard the door closing, and I turned around.

He looked at me, still smiling as before. Then he hung the lantern from a hook on the wall and he took off hat and his jacket. After hanging then from the door, he straightened his waistcoat and his hair until he seemed satisfied.

“I would ask for your coat, but you don't have one. Even so, please, make yourself comfortable. There isn't much, as you can see, but anything you ask, I can provide.” he said, smiling warmly as he gestured around the room.

I nodded weakly, my legs trembling harder than before as he walked around me. A moment later he offered me the chair, but I shook my head, so he sat facing me.

I felt silly standing alone in the middle of the room, but didn't want to sit.

“Emily… she came here…” I said, and he nodded.

“Yes, I remember her. It was a week ago. Lovely girl, it was sad to see her go.” he said, shaking his head. “She was terribly scared at first, though.”

I waited for a minute, just looking at him when I saw it. A pile of paper, just like the one she had used on her letter, was sitting on one of the selves.

“Eva, tell me. You followed the letter to me, why?” he asked me a moment later.

I swallowed nervously, suddenly afraid once more. He knew why. I was sure he had read the letter before, maybe even helped her write it. It was her handprint, but that meant nothing. Still, I couldn't tell the truth.

“I wanted to know what happened to Emily…” I said, hoping that my voice wouldn't break.

“Eva, you already know that. That is why you came here…” he said a second later. “She is gone, and you want to go to…”

“No!” I said too suddenly, thought it was a lie and we both knew it.

“You know what happened to her. What will happen to you, but only if you want to. I wasn't lying when I told you I meant you no harm.” he said, nodding slowly. “You are safe with me.”

Unable to speak, I shook my head as tears streamed down my face. I didn't want to cry, not in front of him, but I couldn't stop myself.

“Shhhh, it's okay, there is nothing to be ashamed of.” he said, getting up in one swift motion.

Before I could realize what he was doing, he was standing next to me, his arms open wide, drawing me in before he hugged me tightly.

“Shhhh, it's okay to be scared. Most of you are, I understand.” he said, his hand running through my hair.

“Emily was scared too, but she was also tired and lost. I think she never told you why, but I also think that you know why.” he said as I nodded against his chest. “I simply helped her.”

I knew what it meant, and that scared me even more. I hugged him even harder than before, burying my face into his chest as I felt his warmth. He smelled of smoke and pine resin, and as I took a deep breath I filled my lungs with it.

We stood like that for a while, just hugging each other until I finally released him. I was still sobbing but I felt better, and as he took a few steps back he smiled once more.

“It's okay to be afraid, Eva. I know you too are tired and lost, that you want it to be over. But you are too scared to make it end. I can help you, if you want, but I can't force you.” he said, his voice soothing and calm.

I nodded again, still unable to speak. There was a knot in my throat that I couldn’t push away.

“You knew what happened to Emily. But you came here anyway, knowing that the same fate awaited you, if you want to.” he said a moment later.

I nodded once more as I looked at the floor in front of him.

“I am scared…” I managed to say before my voice broke once more.

“I know, Eva. I know.” he said, his voice soft and calm. “But you don't have to, not anymore if you don't want to. I can help, if you want me too.”

Closing my eyes, I stood perfectly still. I don't know how long I was like that, but a moment later I was back at the party, just after he had found me. Once outside he took my hand and he dragged me towards the far end of the backyard. There was a small shed full of tools there. The inside was dark and it smelled of gasoline, but I could see well enough to move.

Once inside he started kissing me and I kissed him back, feeling an urgency that I hadn't felt before. Soon I could feel his hands, roaming all over my body as he became bolder. It wasn't long before I felt his hands moving under my skirt, and then he started touching my panties, right over my pussy.

I gasped in shock as I held onto his arm. It felt good, better that I could have imagined, but soon he pushed my panties to one side and I felt his fingers running along my pussy.

It was then that I realized what I was doing. The dizziness disappeared in an instant as my body flooded with adrenaline.

I told him to stop, but he didn't listen. I tried to push him away, but he was stronger than me. Desperate, I started to scream but a second later his hand clamped painfully around my neck, silencing me.

He told me to be quiet, that he knew I wanted it. I shook my head, but it didn't matter. He simply laughed as he continued touch me, his hand still around my neck. I was trembling hard by then, but it only seemed to arouse him more.

Then he started kissing me once more, forcing his tongue into my mouth, and when it was over he squeezed my neck even harder than before.

He told me he would release my neck, but only if I promised that I wouldn't scream again. I nodded eagerly as my panic grew inside me, and then he finally released me.

I could see his hand, still inches from my neck as he waited to see what I would do, but when stayed silent he smiled darkly.

A moment later he told me to lay on my back and he simply pushed my panties to one side before he raped me. Too terrified to move, I held my breath as I felt his cock, pushing its way slowly into me for the first time. I was in agony, and tears streamed down my face as I bit my lips, desperate not to scream.

He then fucked me for a while, moaning in pleasure above me as he used me for his pleasure. I could see his face, twisted in lust, just inches in front of me. At some point he also ripped my shirt off, leaving my breasts free. He started squeezing them, harder and harder until they too started to hurt.

But the worst was yet to come. Despite everything, I felt my body responding. I became wet and a warm feeling started to grow inside me. I felt disgusted with myself, thinking that there was something wrong with me, but I couldn't stop it.

And then he came, without warning. I felt his cum, splashing inside me as he grunted wildly. I gasped in shock as I realized what it meant, but it was too late to do anything. Once it was over he got up, leaving me on the dirt floor with his cum dribbling out of my body.

I thought it was finally over, but eve that small mercy escaped me. A moment later I heard laughter and I saw them. His friends were coming towards me, laughing as they looked at me. The four of them formed a circle around me as I tried to cover myself, but it was useless. Then another tow arrived, smiling darkly as they saw me.

I remember saying no, but they didn't listen. I tried to fight them off, but it was useless, there were too many. One of them grabbed my hands, pulling them high above me while another two grabbed my legs. Then another one took his turn with my body.

I screamed then, until my voice became hoarse and broken, but they didn't seem to care. At some point they tied my hands using some cheap nylon rope they found there. I could feel it cutting into my skin as I struggled under their weight, and the pain only added to my torment.

And as they raped me I remember thinking how I had fantasized my first time would be. Despite all the other fantasies Emily and I had, we both wanted our first time to be different. We knew we had to wait for someone we liked, for it to be something special and tender.

When I realized it would never happen something broke inside me. I felt cheated out of something that had been supposed to be mine, and now it wasn't.

But even as they took turns raping me, I could feel my body becoming even more aroused than before. That warm feeling became a burning sensation, so bright that it soon became the only thing I could think of.

Then one of them noticed that I was wet, and when he told the rest they started laughing once more. They called me a whore and a slut, that I was obviously enjoying it despite my tears, but I didn't care.

Unable to fight, I had surrendered to them, and once they knew it they took advantage of that. Once they had all taken their turn with me, I was made to kneel on the floor, and they forced their cocks, still dirty from raping me, into my mouth. I was forced to blow them, once after the other, as I felt their cum dripping out of my sore pussy.

And as I gagged on their cocks, I remembered thinking about the night we had used a cucumber from Emily's fridge to practice oral sex. We had been playing back then, laughing as we tried to take the obviously too thick vegetable into our mouths.

They didn't care if I gagged of if I could breathe or not, and some even taken pleasure in seeing me struggle.

Then I opened my eyes once more and I realized I was back at the cabin. The smell of gasoline was gone, along with the taste of their cocks. He was sitting in the chair once more, his smile warm and patient.

“They raped me… I didn’t want… but they were too strong… I was scared.” I said, my voice a whisper.

“I know.” he said before he got up once more. “You are cold.”

I realized that my whole body was covered in goose bumps, but it wasn't from the cold.

Not knowing that, he walked towards the fireplace. He picked up a big log from the pile next to it and he placed it on top of the fire. A moment later it erupted in flames, and even from the distance I could feel the heat coming off from it.

He stood there for a moment, arranging the fire with and old iron poker.

“I… I liked it… in the end, I mean…” I finally managed to say.

After leaving the poker next to the fire, he turned around once more, facing me as he had before.

“I know.” he said. “And you feel guilty, but there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

I nodded firmly this time, feeling as a big weight was taken off from me, and then I smiled, maybe for the first time since that night.

“Are you ready, Eva?” he asked me a moment later.

I nodded once more, fearing my voice would crack.

“Good. Take off your clothes please, unless you prefer to keep them on?” he asked me a moment later.

For a second I hesitated, but my doubts were gone a second later. Without saying a word, I started undressing, kicking of my shoes before I took shirt and my jeans off. I dropped them on the floor, next to my shoes, and then I unclipped my bra from behind.

My breasts were small, even for my age, and I was a bit ashamed of them. I hesitated for a second, covering them with one hand before I dropped it to one side.

In front of me, he simply watched, his eyes on mine as he smiled.

Standing only in my white cotton panties, with that silly bunny printed on the front, I then waited. I was afraid to continue, and I was soon trembling softly under his gaze.

I had always been a little ashamed of my body. I thought was too thin and lanky, and that that my pale white skin looked either waxy and dead, or a burning red if I had been under the sun for long.

I wasn't attractive, and I never would be, not like Emily had been, but as he watched me he smiled warmly once more.

“Oh, you are gorgeous, Eva. You should never be ashamed of your body.” he said a second later.

Unable to answer I simply shook my head before I looked at the floor in front of my feet.

“How will…” I asked him a moment later.

He looked at me for a few seconds before he moved closer to me. Like before, he started moving around me in a slow circle, his eyes roaming my body.

“That depends on what you want, Eva.” he said as he stopped behind me.

Then I felt his hands, caressing my back. They were calloused and hard, but even then it was the softest touch I had felt before.

I shivered under his touch, trying desperately to stay still. Then I closed my eyes, remembering that night and how they had used me.

“I… I want to feel what… what they did…” I managed to say before I stopped.

I could feel my face burning in humiliation as my body erupted in goose bumps once more. But like before he didn't laugh and he didn’t judge me, instead he moved again, stopping in front of me.

Moving his hand under my chin, he pulled my head up, until he could look into my eyes, and then he cocked his head to one side.

“I understand.” he told me, as I felt my body relaxing under his smile.

“Show me how you sucked their cocks, Eva.” he said a second later, his voice now firm and commanding.

Nodding slowly, I closed my eyes, and after taking a deep breath I kneeled in front of him.

After unbuckling his belt, I undid his pants, which were closed by a couple of buttons and then I took his cock out. It was already getting hard, and under my hand it felt hot and dry. It was bigger than theirs too, much bigger, but I didn't say anything.

Instead I pumped it a few times, marveling at the silky smooth skin under my hand, and how it kept getting harder and harder.

Then I swallowed once more and I took it into my mouth, swallowing the head first. Like the rest of him, it tasted of smoke with just a faint trace of sweat under it, though it was far from unpleasant.

Soon I was sucking him, trying to remember all I had learned when I practiced with Emily. Above me he started moaning as he ran his hands through my hair, caressing my head tenderly.

And just like before, I felt my body responding almost instantly. I felt my pussy becoming wetter and something inside me started to glow a dull red.

“Were you tied, when you sucked their cocks.” he asked a moment later. “Do you want me to?”

I nodded slowly, his cock still in my mouth as I remembered how the rope had felt while I struggled with it.

After telling me to wait, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and he left me on the floor. I felt a little silly, kneeling almost naked in the center of the room, the taste of his cock still in my mouth.

Meanwhile, he went towards the wall were all the rope was hanging. After looking around for a few moments, he selected one, and using a knife he pulled from his back pocket he cut a short length of it.

Rope in hand, he returned to me, stopping behind me before he kneeled on the floor.

“Give me your left hand, please.” he said as he started tying me. “And now the other, thank you.”

Working slowly, he wrapped the rope a few times around each wrist before he joined them together. The rope felt strong and unyielding over my wrists, but when I pulled from it didn't cut me, and I didn't feel the pressure I felt that night.

Once he was satisfied, he returned to his previous position and without another word I took him into my mouth once more.

It was harder to blow him without using my hands. I had less control, and I had to suck harder to keep his cock inside my mouth. Sensing this he soon grabbed my head before he started guiding me, and I was grateful for the help.

“They were rougher with you…” he said a minute later as I rested for a second.

“Yes…” I managed to say as I liked my lips. Saliva was already dripping down my chin and onto my chest, but I didn't care.

Unable to say it out loud, I looked into his eyes, pleading him silently, and like before he seemed to understand me perfectly.

“Of course.” he said a second later, smiling as he looked into my eyes.

Once more, I opened my mouth and he guided his cock into it. Slowly, he started pushing it deeper and deeper, but unlike before, this time I could feel his fingers, digging painfully into my scalp, holding me in place.

As his cock got deeper into my mouth I started gagging, and I instantly tried to pull away, but this time he didn't let me.

No matter how much I struggled, he kept me in place as he moved his cock deeper and deeper. Soon it was pushed against the back of my throat and I couldn't stop myself in time. I started retching, and without warning saliva exploded from my mouth, shooting around his cock and out of my nose.

Without loosening his grip on my head, he pulled his cock out and I coughed desperately, trying to clear my throat. After a few deep breaths I looked at him once more, and without another word he shoved his cock into my mouth.

He moved quicker then, moving in just a few seconds to the point where I had failed, and then he held me there for a moment as I tried to get used to the sensation. I felt I was choking on it and I couldn’t breathe.

A moment later he started fucking my mouth, moving in and out of it quickly. I gagged and retched, but I didn't puke. Loud, gurgling noises filled the cabin as I struggled under his guidance. With every thrust he moved a little faster until the room became a blur and the only thing I could see was his waistcoat, moving in and out in front of me.

Inside me, that red dull glow started to burn brighter and brighter, until I could feel the heat coming from in. Just like them, he didn't seem to care if I could breathe or not, and despite the abuse, or maybe because of it, my body responded just how it had done on that night.

My pussy was soaking wet, and I could feel my juices soaking into my panties. Like before I was covered in goose bumps, and my nipples were rock hard, poking in front of my breasts.

Above me I could hear him moaning in pleasure as he savagely fucked my mouth. I wanted to please him, more than anything else, but my lungs were burning for air by then, and I knew it was a matter of time before I lost my concentration.

A few seconds later I did. His cock moved just a little deeper than before and I felt my body twisting inside me in revolt. Before I could do anything I started puking, and with nowhere to go I felt my vomit shooting around his cock and into my nose, just like before.

The vile liquid burned me from within, and a second later he released me. I felt back, landing on my ass as I coughed violently. Above me he simply watched, his smile gone. He looked worriedly at me, with a looked that filled me with sadness.

I knew he wanted to help me, but I didn't want him to, and it broke his heart to know that.

It took me a full minute to recover, and even then every breath was an agony. My throat felt sore and my mouth dry and pasty.

Then I looked up at him and I saw my vomit, staining his white pants.

“I am sorry…” I managed to say, my voice a dry croak.

“It's not a problem, Eva. It will wash away in no time.” he said, smiling tenderly once more.

“I am sorry it hurt.” he said a moment later.

He seemed to want to come closer, maybe to help me, but I didn't want him to. I might not have been able to say it to him, not even then, but I had liked it. The pain, the helplessness, the desperation I felt as I struggled to breathe.

I nodded slowly, still feeling somehow sad.

“Turn around, lay on your face.” he said a moment later.

Gone was the smile and his soothing voice. It was a command, not a request, and I obeyed instantly.

With my hands tied behind me it was hard, but I managed to roll to one side, and using my head as support I was soon laying on the floor. The wood was cold and rough under my breast, and it quickly became uncomfortable. The bed was not far, and I knew it would be far more pleasant there, but I didn't say anything.

Then I felt him walking around me until he stopped next to me.

I started trembling again, waiting for him to move, but he didn't. He simply waited, teasing me as I became more and more nervous.

“Please…” I finally moaned, knowing what he wanted to hear.

Only then did he move again, kneeling next to me. I felt his hands on my back once more, his fingers running softly over my skin as he moved them lover and lower, until he had hooked his fingers under the elastic of my panties.

Without having to be told I lifted my hips, allowing him to removed them. He pulled them off in one swift move. I could hear him sniffing them deeply next to me, and I felt my face burning in humiliation as I realized how wet they were.

Then I remembered the forest and the panties lining the path. Soon mine would be there together with Emily’s, just one more among many, but I didn't really mind.

Without another word he moved once more, standing above me with his feet at either side of my body. Then he kneeled, laying his weight on top of me.

Trying to calm myself, I closed my eyes, but images from that night came back to me, and it only became worse. Then I felt his cock, pushing against my ass cheeks and I gasped in shock.

Almost without realizing what I was doing, I pulled my legs apart, giving him a better access to my pussy. Above me, he grunted in satisfaction, and a moment later I felt his cock rubbing against my pussy.

Without warning, he pushed himself into me and his cock slipped easily. I felt no pain and no discomfort. Instead there was only pleasure as his cock stretched me even wider than theirs ever had.

I moaned in pleasure as he moved slowly, giving me time to get ready, and only then did he start fucking me.

Like before, he was tender and careful at first, but soon his movements grew faster and faster. I could feel his cock burying itself deep into my pussy, until his hips were slamming loudly against my ass.

Every trust forced me against the cold wooden floor, pushing me forwards. Soon my hips and my breasts started to hurt, and the pain kept increasing with every second.

Biting my lips I tried to relax, but the pain was becoming too much. Soon there was nothing left of that tenderness, and he was fucking me raw, just like they had done before.

Then he grabbed my ponytail and he pulled with all his strength from it, forcing my head up and back. It gave him more leverage to fuck me, but it also put a tremendous pressure on my neck and my throat.

Using it as a leash, he held me in place as I struggled to breathe. Soon my breathing became short and ragged, and my lungs started screaming for air.

And like before, that dull glow inside of me became a blinding source of light that would soon consume me if I let it. But I didn’t let it, I wanted the moment to last for as long as possible, so instead I tensed my body, pulling every muscle as I tried to resist.

I didn't care about the pain or the cold. I just wanted to hold, and as I struggled with the rope binding my wrists I started praying so that I could last long enough.

Luckily for me, a few minutes later I felt him tensing above me. His pace quickened once more as he rammed his cock desperately into me and then he froze, trembling slowly. A second later I felt him cumming, his seed shooting into my pussy like theirs before.

“Eva…” he moaned a moment later.

Then he collapsed on top of me, his weight crushing me against the floor. It made it hard to breath, and my already tortured breasts were squished under me, but I didn't say anything.

It was strangely comforting to feel his weight on top of me, and as I closed my eyes, I could feel his cock, slowly moving out of my pussy as it shrunk.

A few minutes later he started moving around. I felt his hands, caressing my hair like he had before. Then he finally pulled out, leaving me sore and stretched. His seed slowly dripped out of my abused pussy and onto the floor, forming a small pool.

And then all of a sudden I felt cold. I rolled onto the side before I pulled my knees up into my chest, hoping it would help but it made little difference.

My pussy hurt, too, and I wanted to touch it, to feel how it was, but with my hands tied behind me I couldn't.

When I turned my head around I saw him standing next to me. He was pulling his cock, still wet with my juices, into his pants. Then he straightened his shirt and his waistcoat, before he ran his hands through his long black hair.

“You didn’t cum, Eva.” he said a moment later. “You didn’t want to?”

Still on the floor, I shook my head. How could I explain to him what I didn't understand myself? I wanted to cum, but not then. I hadn't that night, or ever since, really. I wasn’t ready for that.

“Ahh, yes. Of course.” he said a moment later, his smile returning. “I think it's time. Will you wait for me there?”

Closing my eyes, I nodded slowly, feeling the cold from the floor seeping even deeper into my body, just like it had on that night. This was it, I told myself as I started trembling.

Then he kneeled next to me, and after caressing my face he kissed my lips. It was just a peck, but I felt my face turning red with shame. No one had kissed me before, not like that.

“This will just take a minute.” he said as he left me on the floor.

Like before he went to the wall, and after looking around for a minute he picked up another length of rope. It was thicker than the first one, and much longer. Then he tested it, twisting it a few times around his hands before he pulled it taut.

Once he was satisfied, he unrolled a few yards of it and then he cut it before he returned to his table.

He started working slowly and methodically, first wrapping another, thinner, rope around the two ends to stop it from unraveling, and then he finally started on the noose.

But I couldn't look, so I turned my head around, looking instead at the fireplace. It was close, but I could hardly feel the heat coming off from it. It didn't matter, though.

Closing my eyes, I tried to calm myself and soon my mind started to drift away.

It was Emily, a few months before the party, that introduced me to it.

Since we grew together, we had both discovered our sexualities at the same time, though I was somewhat afraid of mine at first and she always seemed to be ahead of me.

She got her first period half a year before mine, and her breast were always bigger. She was the first to discover porn, too, but she soon shared that with me.

I was afraid of it, and at first I didn't understand much of it, but I was slowly drawn into it as I discovered more and more about sex. From there I had a whole new world to explore, and like any teenager, I dove right into it.

I remember telling her excitedly about a few pictures I had found online, but she had laughed softly before showing me more. There were so many new things to discover than sometimes it was a little frightening. And Emily seemed to always have something new to show me.

It was with her that I discovered about anal sex, something that had never occurred to me.

A minute ago, I had not known it existed, but it didn't matter. It was strange, and different, and most important, exiting. As soon as I heard about it, it became all I could think of.

By then I knew about masturbation. When I had the house to myself, I would sometimes get naked in front of the computer and I would start touching myself, slowly pushing one or two fingers inside me as I watched porn. I was clumsy back then, and the first few times had hurt a little, but soon that was over and there was only pleasure and eagerness to discover more.

Soon we started sharing all our fantasies, and the more I discovered the more I wanted to see. It's strange to think about it now, but one night, as we chatted in her room long after her parents had gone to sleep, she told me she had discovered something new.

A second later she looked away, her face turning bright red, as if she was ashamed or maybe afraid to show it to me. I waited patiently as she took a deep breath, and then she finally smiled at me, telling me I had to watch it.

A moment later she showed me a video on her iPad, of a girl being choked by a man. They were both naked, and it was obvious that he had been fucking her as his cock shone with her juices.

He had his hands, clamped around her slender neck just under her jaws, as he squeezed tightly. Her face turned red, and then blue as she opened her mouth like a fish, gasping for air. She wasn't fighting him though. She was smiling, her eyes locked onto the camera.

Then he released her and she collapsed on the floor, coughing wildly as she tried to recover her breath. A moment later she asked him to do it again as she started touching herself, and he did. The video lasted for only a few minutes, and by the end, when she managed to cum, the girl’s eyes were blood red.

She was still smiling though, and as he lowered her to the floor, I couldn't stop thinking how dreamy and peaceful her face looked.

When the video ended Emily looked at me, suddenly embarrassed. Maybe she thought I would laugh at her, that I would be horrified, but I wasn't. I was excited, and I wanted to see more. It was obvious that it wasn't the only video she had seen, as she showed me a few more after that one.

We spent the next half hour, just watching them in silence. In them, the girls were always smiling as they were choked, and if they were not being fucked, they would be touching themselves.

There was something incredibly erotic about it, but I didn't know what it was. Then she hesitated once more before she asked me if I wanted to see something a little different.

When the video started I saw a girl, naked except for a pair of white sock. She looked young, maybe our age, and she was being dragged by a man along a forest. He had tied a rope around her hands, and he was using it as a leash, forcing the girl to follow him. He was dressed all in black, and hanging on his back he had an old duffle bag.

Then they arrived to a big tree, its branches hanging low above the ground.

Without speaking to her, he dropped the bag on the floor. Then he undid the rope around her hands and he tied them again, this time behind her back. The girl simply stood there, just staring at the tree.

When he was done, he went to the bag, from where he took out a brown cloth sack. He returned to the girl, and before she could realize what he was doing he slipped it over her head, cinching it loosely around her neck.

The girl started to panic almost instantly. She tried to struggle out of his grip, but she was too small for him, and he simply slapped her a few times until she stood still once more.

Then he returned to the bag and he pulled out a length of thick rope. In just a few minutes, he had tied a noose. I watched, fascinated, as he threw it over a branch above her head. Then he slipped it over the girls head before he closed it, being careful to leave the knot on the left side of her head.

Whispering next to me, Emily told me that it was to allow blood to flow into her brain, otherwise she would pass out too quickly.

I nodded silently as the man grabbed the other end of the rope. He walked towards the trunk of the tree, and once there he told the girl to stand on tiptoes. She shook her head, but the man simply pulled hard from the rope, forcing the girl up. Her toes sunk deep into the mud as she whimpered, but the man didn't seem to care.

He then tied the rope to the trunk, forcing the girl to remain that way, and once he was satisfied he returned to her.

Unable to keep her balance, the girl seemed to be dancing under the rope. The man, now smiling, simply watched her for a while. Then he grabbed the rope that connected to the trunk and he slowly leaned his weight into it, lifting the girl into the air as she screamed in panic.

But soon the noose closed, and her screams turned into a dry gurgle of terror.

On the screen, I saw him playing with her for a few minutes, lifting her high into before he lowered her once more. He never gave her enough time to recover her breath though, and by the end of the video the girls breathing was ragged and broken.

I stood still on Emily's bed, watching the now blank screen before I realized that I was rubbing my pussy over my pajama. I gasped in shock, still terrified of that last taboo. We might talk about sex, or even watch videos together, but we never masturbated together.

But Emily wasn't paying me any attention. It was only when I looked at her that she looked back, and then I couldn't stop my smile, even as my face burned in shame.

I was excited, and as I closed my eyes, I imagined myself in the girls place. I could feel the rope, digging painfully into my neck as I choked, powerless to save myself.

She had other videos like that, but none struck me so hard as that one. Soon being hung became another one of the fantasies we shared, even though I would never be able to explain why the idea exited me.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, I would start wondering what it would feel to hang, to feel my neck being crushed by the rope. It didn't matter if I was at school, or having dinner with my parents. I knew that I would sometimes zone out, as I daydreamed about it, but I couldn't stop myself and they never seemed to notice anything wrong.

It was Emily, as always, the one that decided we should try it, at least being choked which I thought was much safer. One night, as she stayed at my house, we decided to give it a try after my parent went to sleep.

I remember climbing on top of her as she trembled ever so slightly, and then I started to choke her.

I went slowly at first, afraid I would hurt her, but she kept telling me to go harder, until her face started to turn red, and then blue. Her mouth hung open as she struggled to breath, and I waited nervously for her to stop me, but she never did. Her hands, pulled tight into fists, laid on the bed next to her, and her eyes were half closed, giving her that dreamy look most girls had when they were choked.

Then I saw her eyes turning white and into her head and I panicked. I released her neck and before I could realize what I was doing I slapped her face hard.

She gasped and then she started coughing desperately, trying to catch her breath. I was terrified but when she managed to breathe again she was smiling.

I was supposed to go second, but I didn't dare. Emily looked a little disappointed, but she didn't pressure me, even though I think she wanted to.

That night, as they finished raping me, hanging was the only thing I could think off. It came to my mind after they had gone and it soon became all I could think off. But I was too scared to do it alone, and since I never told Emily, I thought I had lost my one and only chance. At least until I got the letter.

A moment later I realized that he was looking at me. He had finished working at some point, but I hadn't noticed and I didn't know how long I had made him wait. By how cold I was, I had been laying on the floor for a while, though.

He was standing next to me, a length of coiled rope in one hand, and on the other, the noose, hanging by his side. It was as perfect as I had ever imagined it. And I knew that this one was for me.

I started trembling even harder than before as I stared at it. The rope looked thick and solid. It looked old too, like those brown hemp ropes you see in western movies. My mind drifted away from a seconds as I wondered if it would chafe my skin and I almost laughed at the idea.

Like before, he kneeled next to me, laying the noose on the floor. Then he started caressing my hair.

“Have you fantasized about it?” he asked me a moment later. “Have you touched yourself as you imagined the noose, digging into your neck?”

I nodded slowly, afraid my voice would crack. I didn't want him to think I was having second thoughts, because I didn't. I was sure this was what I wanted.

“Are you afraid, Eva?” he asked me a moment later.

There was no point in denying it, as it was pretty obvious that I was.

“Yes…” I managed to whisper.

“Don't be. It's almost over.” he said. “Let me help you up.”

With his help I managed to roll over, and then he pulled me up onto my feet. My legs felt weak and rubbery, and if he hadn't been holding me I would have surely fell to the floor.

“Oh, you are cold. I am sorry!” he said, looking worried.

I wanted to tell him that I didn't mind the cold. It was strangely comforting, even, just as it had been in that night, but I didn't.

I saw him stroking a couple of logs into the fire, until it was roaring once more. I could feel the heat washing over my skin, making me tremble even harder as the cold slowly faded away.

Then he returned to me, and after picking up the noose he looked at me.

I nodded once more, determined to finally finish what started that night, and without another word he started working.

Grabbing the only chair he had, he dragged it to the center of the room, right under one of the roof beams, and the he climbed on top. He passed the noose through it, and after adjusting the height he climbed down. The other end of the rope, he tied it to the fireplace.

He looked at me for a second, his face twisting in concentration before he made some adjustments, drawing the noose just a little higher as I watched him.

Once it was done, he returned to me. He stood behind me, his hands on my shoulders as I tried to stop trembling.

“I made it just for you. It should be the perfect height.” he said.

I nodded silently, just watching the noose as it moved slowly from one side to the other, just how I would in a few minutes. My mouth was dry and pasty, but I managed to swallow nervously once more.

“I thought you would do it… outside, in the forest…” I managed to ask him.

After taking a deep breath he started caressing my back. His hands were hard but warm, and I savored the sensation for as long as I could.

“I could, if you wanted to. But the cold only makes it more painful. I don't want you to suffer.” he said.

A moment later I nodded, and he moved in front of me.

“Shall we?” he said, giving me his hand as if he was inviting me to a dance.

Afraid my voice would crack I nodded silently, and he took my arm, guiding me to the chair. I walked slowly, even thought it was just a few feet away. I tried to calm myself, but it was impossible. I could feel the terror, slowly building up inside me, but it wasn't alone.

That slow, burning sensation was still there, getting brighter and brighter the closer I got to the chair. And this time I didn't nothing to stop it.

With his help, I managed to climb onto the chair, though I felt it wobbling under my feet. Then I managed to stand up, and the noose appeared in front of me. As he had said, it was the perfect height, ending just under my chin.

“Stand on the tip of your toes for a second, please.” he asked me.

I did as he said, leaning my body against his so that I wouldn't fall, and he slipped the noose carefully around my neck.

That morning, before leaving my home, I had tied my hair in a ponytail just for this moment. I didn't want it to be in the way, and as he pushed it to one side, I heard him grunting in satisfaction.

Working with great care, he then moved the rope to the left side of my neck, placing the knot behind my ear, just like Emily had said it should be done all that time ago.

The rope felt rough and prickly on my skin, and when he pulled it closed I gave a short gasp as the pressure around my neck increased.

“You can lower your feet now, the rope is long enough.” he said, still holding me.

Slowly, almost afraid I would hang, I lowered myself, but as before it was true. The rope ended just as my heels touched the chair, leaving the rope taut above my head but allowing me to breath with no problem.

Once I was ready, he released me, holding his hands close to me in case I fell. He stayed like that for a few seconds, until he was sure I would be fine, and then he took a few steps back as he admired his work.

I was terrified by then, but also incredibly aroused. My pussy was dripping wet, and I could feel my juices sliding down my legs.

A moment later I saw his eyes, moving towards my crotch as he smiled once more. I felt my face burning in shame but I guess it was silly to be ashamed after all he had done to me.

“What happens now?” I managed to ask him, the rope digging into my neck as I talked.

“Now you have to jump, Eva. I told you I can't force you. This you have to do yourself.” he said, sounding a little sad.

“I am afraid…” I whimpered.

“I know. You all are, but after this you won't, not ever again.” he said a moment later. “I promise.”

I knew I would choke myself if I nodded so instead I blinked a few times as tears streamed down my face. I was afraid, but not of jumping. I was afraid of not being able to do it, of coming all this way, after all I had suffered, and having to return to my life.

He must have known that, because a moment later he approached me once more.

As I closed my eyes, I felt his hand on my belly, his fingers running tenderly over my skin as he traced the swell of my pubis.

“You are pregnant…” he said.

I was, though I hadn't told anyone, just as I hadn't told anyone I had been raped. I couldn't, no matter how many times I had tried with my parents, or even with Emily. But with him it was different.

“Yes…” I whimpered as I started sobbing.

It could be from any of them, and I had no way of knowing. It didn't matter though, they had all raped me, so what difference would it make?

Strangely enough it was one of the things that had kept me from doing it. She, as I was sure it would be a girl, had nothing to do with it. It seemed unfair to end her life before it even started, but maybe I would be a mercy. I didn't want her to suffer as I had.

“Shhhh… it's okay.” he said, trying to sooth me.

But a moment later he pulled his hand away from me, and he left me alone on the chair..

“Push me, please…” I asked him a moment later, my voice dry and hoarse.

“I can't Eva, you won't be free if I do it.” He said, sounding sadder than before. “I am sorry, but I know you can do it. It's just a step, and then it's over.”

As tears streamed down my face, I managed to look down. He was right, my feet were just at the edge of the chair. I just had to take one short step into the air and it would be over.

But suddenly the floor seemed to be much further away than before, and I gasped in fear, wobbling under the rope.

I closed my eyes, remembering their faces as they raped me, the cold air in the shed, and how I had laid there for a while until I managed to get up. I had been both terrified and humiliated, because despite the pain and abuse, I couldn't deny how my body had responded.

I remembered my parents indifference when I approached them a few days later. I had wanted to tell them, but they said they were busy, that they had no time for me and that I had to be quick.

That night I cried myself to sleep. Being ignored by them when I really needed them had hurt, maybe even more than the rape.

When I opened my eyes I took a deep breath and I looked at him. I was tired, and I didn’t want to be tired, not anymore.

Lifting one foot, I moved it forwards, feeling the air in front of me for a few seconds. And then, before I could freeze, I pushed the chair back.

I fell just a few inches as the rope stretched, and then the noose pulled tight around my neck, crushing my throat and forcing my head to one side. Behind me, I heard the chair crashing into the floor, but I hardly noticed it.

It hurt, much more than that I had imagined, and the pressure around my neck kept raising and raising as the noose pulled just a little tighter. As I grew desperate, I started kicking my legs around, looking for something to step on, but the chair was too far and the floor was impossible to reach.

Standing in front of me, he simply watched me. All off a sudden he looked sad and helpless as he watched me struggle, but despite that he stood still.

As my panic grew, I thought that if only I had my hands free, I would be able to pull myself up. I needed one last breath. Just one.

Then he moved again, stopping right next to me as he grabbed my legs in one hand. He held them tightly, forcing me to remain still as he started caressing my back as he had before.

“You have to relax, Eva. Otherwise it will be worse.” he said, holding me in place.

But I was desperate and I didn’t listen to him. Instead I grabbed his shoulder with both hands, trying to push myself up, but he simply moved brushed them away.

“Please, Eva… just relax. You have to accept it.” he said urgently.

There were a few seconds of doubt then, when I thought I had made a mistake. Suddenly I wanted to live, for him to cut me down, but I had no way to tell him that, and even then I didn't know if he would.

And then, something happened. I don't know what it was, but I did as he said and I stopped struggling. It wasn't easy, but soon I relaxed my legs and they dangled under me. My feet stretched towards the floor, still searching for it, but that was it.

“Yes… come one, you can do it…” he said before he released me.

I wanted him to stay with me, but he didn't.

Alone once more, I blinked away the tears that clouded my vision and I relaxed under the rope.

As soon as I did the panic disappeared, and the burning sensation I had felt inside me started to expand much faster than before, filling my body until I felt every nerve burning from within. My body started tingling, and I felt my nipples growing so hard that they started to hurt just as my pussy started dripping once more.

I was getting close, but I didn't know if I would last long enough. For the first time since that night, I wanted to cum. I needed it, for that feeling of frustration to finally disappear, before I was gone.

I started grinding my legs together, hoping to drive it faster, but it wasn't enough, and the movement only pulled the noose tighter.

But he seemed to realize what I was doing, and a moment later he returned to my side and he started fingering me with one hand as he pulled from my nipples with the other.

My lungs were burning for air by then, and my head was starting to hurt by the lack of blood, but that only added to the maddening sensation of his fingers playing with my pussy.

I started praying for him to go faster and faster, and he did. Driving me forwards expertly until I felt myself falling again, thought this time it was only inside my mind.

A dry gurgling noise escaped from my mouth as I tensed my whole body and then I was ready.

All of a sudden the cabin seemed to disappear and I managed to cum for the first time since that night. All the pain, the frustration and the humiliation just disappeared in a split second. There was only me and the noose, crushing my throat as I hung.

It was all that I had fantasized and more, and my only regret was not being able to experience it again.

I don't know how long my orgasm lasted, but it didn't matter. It was the most powerful feeling I had ever felt, and as he had said, I finally felt free. Soon it would be over, and there would be no more doubts, no more pain and no more humiliation.

Then it was over, and the cabin slowly returned. I could smell the smoke, coming from the fireplace, and the sound of a log falling to the side. Then I felt his hand, still inside me, moving slowly as he eased me into the world once more.

I managed to open my eyes just as he left me once more, this time for the last time.

He moved in front of me, stopping just a few feet away as I watched him. My vision started to blur and close around me, but it didn't matter. I knew it wouldn't be long.

My face felt hot and feverish, and I could feel my tongue sticking out of my mouth. I wanted to swallow, but I couldn't as the rope had crushed my throat beyond repair. But it didn't matter either.

Then I started crying once more, tough this time it was in joy. I was grateful for all he had done for me, and it was only then that I realized I had never thanked him, and that it was too late.

But somehow I was sure he knew, and as he smiled one last time I realized that he did.

My eyes closed then, for the last time, and the room started to disappear once more. The smell of fire faded away along with the sound of the crackling embers. Then I felt my body going numb and cold, before it was finally gone.

And then I was free.

She looked beautiful up there. Not everyone would think so, but to him she was the most beautiful sight of all.

After taking a deep breath, he grunted in satisfaction. I had been hard to see her go, it always was, but it was his job, and he was glad to be part of their lives, even if it was right at the end.

Pulling the chair close to her, he climbed on top of it, and after grabbing her body firmly, he cut the rope loose.

She was light, especially for him, so he had no trouble taking her to his bed. After laying her on it, he light his lantern and then he picked her up once more. Moving confidently through the dark forest, he followed a small path that took him into a little clearing.

He hung the lantern on a broken branch and then he moved to the center, where a hole had been dug before.

It was small, but deep, enough for a girl her size. After laying her gently on the ground, he jumped into it and he then lowered her to the bottom. He left her there, curled up as if she were sleeping. He left her hands tied and the noose still around her neck, though.

He liked to think of it as mementos of his time with her, and if there was an afterlife, maybe it would allow her to remember him.

With that done, he climbed out and he carefully filled the hole, until it was level with the surface and she was gone forever.

Then he looked into the sky, smiling warmly. It was cold outside, so it was a good time to start working.

Moving a few feet to one side he started digging a new hole, even a little smaller than the one he had made for Eva. Tomorrow he would finish it, just in time for her next guest.

It was hard work, but it made him happy. It wasn't long before he started humming to himself as he dug deeper and deeper.

After all, the hangman’s work is never done.


This is some beautiful writing here. You portrayed ambiguousity of while situation rather well and would definitely read more of your work.


Thanks Orion, I am glad you liked it!


Very nice, the grammar mistakes leave something to be desired though.


Thanks, I am glad you liked it. Sorry about those mistakes. I have never found a proofreader and no matter how many times I go over a story before posting it, some always slip by...

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