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Some young women learn the proper way to tenderize male meat.

Properly Tenderized Meat

1 - Balls..

 "What is the most important part of preparing any piece of meat?" the formidable looking woman at the front of the room asked, looking intently at her attentive audience.

 A few seconds passed, during which all of the new culinary students, who were garbed in clean chef's whites just as their instructor was, looked around at each other. They must have found the question, or perhaps the questioner herself, a bit intimidating, as no one seemed keen on being the first to speak up. But, perhaps that wasn't so surprising, given the woman's world renowned reputation as a master chef.

 Finally, one of the freshmen girls at the back of the crowd raised a tentative hand.

 "Yes? Miss Linde, you have an answer?"

 "Umm, is it choosing the right spices to accompany the.. the dish, Ms. Gray?" the girl responded, hesitantly.

 "Hmm, that's a good guess, dear, but incorrect." the woman replied, smiling a little to take the sting out of her words. "While choosing appropriate seasonings to accompany a meat dish is, of course, very important, it isn't the MOST important thing."

 "Does any one else care to try?" Ms. Gray continued, arching an eyebrow up daringly at her class.

 "Is.. is it picking out the right sides to go with the meat?" another girl asked, after raising her own hand.

 "Another important thing to consider, but no, not that either." Ms. Gray replied.

 "Marinading?" piped up a different freshman girl.


 "Presentation?" asked yet another, rather tall girl, who was stroking her chin and frowning in thought.

 "Close, very close, Miss Copper!" Miss Gray stated, bouncing on her feet a little as her class all looked around at each other again, their expressions pensive. "Anyone else? No? Well, those were all good guesses, but the correct answer is actually.."

 "..Tenderization!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together smartly. "Now, can anyone tell me why?"

 There was another moment of silence before the first girl raised her hand and spoke again.

 "Umm.. because it probably doesn't matter how delicious a meal tastes, or how good it looks on a plate, if the diner can barely cut through it and has to chew each bite for ten minutes before they can swallow it?" Miss Linde replied, with a smile and a little laugh.

 "Precisely! Any hack cook can serve up something that tastes decent but has the consistency of an old leather boot." Ms. Gray stated. "But, when a customer eats a meal that both tastes delicious, AND melts in their mouth? Well, they will remember it, I assure you, and they will reward your efforts with continued patronage and the kind of excellent word-of-mouth advertising that simply no amount of money can buy!"

 "So, with that in mind, how about I demonstrate the proper way to tenderize the meat you'll most often be called on to prepare? I think you'll find the process not only highly instructive, but also fairly enjoyable." Ms. Gray continued. "Miss Linde, if you would select a piece of meat from our stock for us, please?"

 The woman gestured towards the wall on one side of the room they were in, along which was well over a dozen healthy young men, all of whom were nude, bound, and gagged. They were leashed to hooks on the walls by slim steel chains, which connected to sturdy leather collars that were fitted snugly around their necks.

 "Am I looking for anything in particular, Ma'am?" Miss Linde asked, as she began pacing along the line of restrained men. She was idly running her fingertips along the erect lengths of their cocks, or hefting the contents of their hanging scrotums as she walked by, examining each in turn. Seeing what quality of flesh they had to offer the class.

 "Oh, just something substantial, I suppose. It will be easier for everyone to see clearly that way." Ms. Gray responded, with a dismissive wave of her hand.

 "Well, I think I've found our meat, then." Miss Linde said, as she came to a stop before a particularly well endowed young man. She ran both of her hands over his manhood for a few moments, looking down at his flesh avidly as she squeezed and weighed it in her hands appraisingly, ignoring the low, muffled noises that emanated out of the wide eyed and gagged male.

 "Yes, he looks adequate." Ms. Gray said, dryly. "Lead him over here and we can get started."

 Miss Linde unhooked the man's leash from the wall, and, ignoring the way he trembled and shivered in apparent apprehension, pulled him firmly towards the front of the class and her teacher.

 "Very good." Ms. Gray said, as she accepted the end of the leash from her student. "Now, we'll begin with his testicles."

 "His testicles?" interjected the tall girl, Miss Copper, with her eyebrows raised in surprise. "I thought that balls were naturally fairly tender anyway? Do they really need extra attention?"

 "Yes, it is true that many consider the natural consistency of a man's testicles to be tender enough already. They feel that no additional preparation is needed before cooking them." Ms. Gray answered, nodding to the girl. "I, however, feel that paying a little extra attention to a male's testicles can turn a decent dining experience into a divine one. You WILL be able to tell the difference, I promise you."

 "Are there any other questions before I begin? No?" Ms. Gray asked, looking around at her students questioningly. "Alright then, the first thing one must do is secure the man. They can get fairly squirmy during the process, so it's best to at least leash him down, bent over a prep table if possible."

 Ms. Gray demonstrated this by tugging firmly down on the man's leash, forcing him to bend over a sturdy steel table, then securing the chain to a hook obviously placed there for just such a purpose. Then, she tapped his legs apart with small slaps to the insides of his thighs. This left his well muscled rump turned up into the air, allowing his large cock and balls to hang freely between his spread legs.

 "Now, if you're preparing an unwilling male, you'll probably want to secure his legs as well." Ms. Gray instructed, as she stood back upright. "However, since this fellow is a volunteer, I think we can count on him to be a little more cooperative with us."

 "Won't you?" she inquired of the man, as she patted his trembling bottom fondly. His only answer was a muffled sort of whimper.

 "He's a volunteer?" asked Miss Copper, surprised.

 "Oh, yes indeed. They all are; we use only volunteer males here." Ms. Gray replied, with a small chuckle and another absent wave of the hand toward the line of men along the wall. "Not for any humanitarian reasons, mind you. I don't hold with any of that "men's rights" nonsense that seems so common nowadays. It's simply much easier to prepare a nice meal if you're not having to fight your main ingredient every step of the way. It's a lot less hassle for everyone involved."

 "If he's a volunteer, then why's he trembling so much?" asked Miss Linde, as she eyed the bent over and bound male curiously. "Or even tied up at all? Surely, if he volunteered, he actually wants it, right?"

 "Well, it's a bit funny.." Ms. Gray replied, looking both amused and pensive, tapping her chin with the finger of one hand, even as she continued stroking the man's quivering rump with the other. "Even the volunteers often become reluctant towards the end, once it comes down to it. It's like they don't really believe that their turn to cook will actually come, or something equally as silly. So, we keep all of them securely bound, just in case."

 "If he's afraid of it, then why did he volunteer?" another girl asked, sounding perplexed.

 "Honestly, dear, I gave up trying to figure out the male mind years ago; they're all so flighty and impulsive. I just appreciate that some of them seem to be a little more accepting of their place in our world than the others." Ms. Gray responded, smiling and shrugging. "Now, enough of that. Let me show you the proper method to tenderized testicles. It's quite simply, actually."

 Ms. Gray then bent over slightly and cupped the man's pendulous, hanging ball-sack with her fingers. She slid her slim digits up and completely around the top of his scrotum, and then squeezed his balls firmly down into the bottom of their sack, making them bulge beneath the now taut skin. Then, after a quick glance around at her closely watching students, she slapped them smartly with her free hand.

 The male, who had been squirming and making worried mumbling noises through his gag, squeaked in surprise at the blow. His squeak of shock was repeated, louder still, when Ms. Gray fetched him yet another blow to his most sensitive and vulnerable flesh. The smacking sound of her open fingers and palm impacting against his testicles was drowned out by his noisy, and completely impotent, protests.

 "Simply give them a firm, steady spanking." Ms. Gray instructed, while ignoring the man's cries completely, as she continued on with her lesson and her slaps. "They're actually fairly resilient, so don't be afraid of giving them a thorough working over. It will take at least ten minutes."

 "Although, bear in mind that you CAN do more damage than is called for by the recipe you're preparing, if you are overly enthusiastic during the process." she temporized, after another dozen or so spanks. "We usually don't want to actually crush or flatten them, merely render them a bit easier to cut up and chew after they've been cooked and served."

 "So, who wants to give it a try first?" Ms. Gray asked, after giving the gonads trapped within her grasp one last sound strike, before releasing them and standing up straight again.

 She smirked, quite amused, when every girl present shot her hand up into the air immediately.

 "More firmly, Miss Linde." Ms. Gray instructed a moment later, as she watched the girl give the testicles she was holding a pair of feeble pats. "You're trying to tenderize them, not congratulate them on a job well done!"

 "Less firmly, Miss Copper. MUCH less firmly." Ms. Gray said a few minutes later, rolling her eyes in exasperation as the large girl landed several heavy, open-handed blows against the already much abused pair of gonads she was strangling in the strong grip of her other hand. "You're going to beat them to a pulp, at the rate you're going. While there ARE recipes that call for that, the one we're going to be using today is not one of them!"

 A little more than a quarter of an hour later, after every girl had taken her turn (Miss Copper had gone twice, even), Ms. Gray looked over the results of their efforts.

 "Very well done, all of you." she said, praising her students while squeezing the now thoroughly tenderized testicles between the fingers and thumb of one hand. "These look just about perfect."

 The orbs in question appeared quite worse for the wear; red and swollen, they were obviously quite tender to the touch. The male they belonged to, who had been sobbing openly as the last few girls had had their way with his helpless balls, shook and quivered with each twist and tug on his abused organs as Ms. Gray inspected them.

 "Now, as we've finished here, we can move on to.." she began, before one of her students politely interrupted her.

 "Excuse me, Ms. Gray, but isn't it, well, a bit inefficient to have to spend ten or fifteen minutes tenderizing each set of testicles that comes through our kitchens?" the girl, one who hadn't spoken up before now, asked.

 "Indeed, you're quite right, which reminds me of something I'd very nearly forgotten to show you." Ms. Gray replied, snapping her fingers and shaking her head ruefully. "Thank you very much, dear."

 "As Miss Singh observed, if you're working in a restaurant's kitchens, you're not going to have enough time to tenderize every bit of meat you cook by hand. So, that is why we have.." she said, before stepping over to an odd device mounted on a small rolling table and waving her hands towards it with a flourish and a grin. "..these!"

 "What is it?" asked Miss Linde, eyeing the thing curiously.

 "An auto tenderizer, made specifically for testicles." Ms. Gray replied. "Allow me to show you how it works."

 She wheeled the machine over to the line of bound men along the wall. Picking one of them at random, it seemed, she lined it up before him, ignoring the look of nervous apprehension he gave to her as she did this.

 "Now, we're going to need to bind this fellow up a little more securely for this demonstration.." Ms. Gray said, and she led several volunteer girls through the process of hanging the nervous male in a harness from hooks set in the ceiling and binding his legs properly.

 "So, now that the testicles to be tenderized are freely accessible to the machine, we position it directly in front of and below them." she said, as she aligned the tenderizer directly between the man's legs, which were now bound up high and spread wide, out of the way, leaving his hanging manhood dangling vulnerably.

 "Then, we lock the wheels in place, and simply turn the tenderizer on!" she finished, as she pressed a pedal on the cart which seemed to freeze its wheels, then flipped a switch at the base of the device, which immediately whirred into motion.

 The purpose and function of the odd machine became immediately clear to everyone there as they watched it come to life. A belt driven wheel, mounted on an extending arm and powered by a small electric motor, spun up to speed. Attached to the outside surface of the wheel was what looked like four or five heavy, wide strips of dark fabric or leather, which centrifugal force immediately pulled out taut as the wheel began spinning. The pieces of heavy material, now moving quite rapidly, would, each in turn, rotate upwards into the hanging testicles above them, giving them a firm slap.

 "Oh, that's neat.." Miss Singh sighed, as she watched the male's scrotum begin bouncing and bobbling from the force of the rapidly repeating blows.

 "Yes, it's quite the little time saver." Ms. Gray replied, smiling happily. "In larger restaurants, it isn't uncommon to have a dozen or more of these little beauties going all at once. Especially during the lunch and dinner rushes.."

 All the women present watched the device for a few moments more, appreciating its simple efficiency, and ignored the steadily increasing sounds of muffled wailing and pleading coming from the male whose testicles were now at the nonexistent mercies of the machine.

 "Well, let's leave him here for the moment." Ms. Gray eventually said. "We can come back in a few minutes and see if anyone can feel a difference between testicles tenderized by hand or by machine."

 "Miss Linde, Miss Copper, if you would bring our other male, and his properly prepared testicles, along with us, I'll show you what we'll be doing next." Ms. Gray instructed, as she led the way out of the livestock prep room and into the kitchen proper.

2 - ..and Cock

 "Now that our male's testicles have been seen to, I'm sure you'll all be able to guess what we need to do next, correct?" Ms. Gray asked, as she, her group of students, and their meat came to a stop by one of the prep tables in the kitchen.

 "Now we tenderize his penis." Miss Singh stated, while slowly licking her lips in apparent culinary appreciation as she stared down at the organ in question.

 The rather large phallus protruding from the male was even easier to notice than it normally would be, given how oddly he was holding himself. His testicles were obviously still paining him greatly, and, in an effort to spare them any further jostling, he was standing with his legs spread wide and knees bowed outwards. He had been hunched over forward as well, as if attempting to use the hands that were bound behind his back to cradle his abused organs, but several pokes in the back and firm instructions by the girls shepherding him forward had made him force himself upright once again. All of this added together meant that his manhood, already quite prominent, was on even better display than usual.

 "Yes, we tenderize his penis." Ms. Gray agreed, smiling.

 "And to do that, we use..?" she asked of her class, raising an eyebrow at them.

 "Hands, again?" Miss Copper said, her tone sounding a little hopeful. "Spank it a bunch, just like with his testicles?"

 "Well, one could do that.." Ms. Gray allowed, while waving her own hand back and forth in a so-so motion. "But it would take far longer to do that with a penis than with testicles, and there is a better, simpler way."

 "Just.. just use a normal meat tenderizing hammer?" Miss Linde ventured, after a few moments of perplexed silence from the class.

 "Exactly!" Ms. Gray stated, beaming at the girl. "There's no need to make it any more complicated than it has to be! Just use a regular meat mallet. Virtually every kitchen, home or professional, will have one or two laying around somewhere."

 "Now, depending on what exactly the recipe you're preparing calls for, use either this one.." she continued, as she pulled a small wooden mallet, one with a smooth, wavy set of concentric circles on one face, and a grid of small, pointed pyramid shapes set in a waffle pattern on the other, out of a drawer near her hip.

 "..for light tenderizing. Or, use THIS one.." she said, while pulling a second mallet, a heavier, shiny steel one, with a similar set of contrasting textures on its own opposing faces, out of the drawer a second later. "..for a more thorough, heavy tenderization."

 "So, which one are we going to use today?" Miss Linde asked, glancing back and forth between the implements in her teacher's hands, and the cock which one of them was about to be used on. "Wood or metal?"

 "For a penis that size?" Ms. Gray asked, rhetorically. "We'll want to use the metal one, of course. Now, push him over to the prep table here, and I'll demonstrate. Then, each of you can try it out in turn."

 The male whimpered as he was pushed and prodded into position before the prep table. He grimaced in pain as his swollen, tender balls brushed up against the cool steel edge of the table top, even as a wooden cutting board was slid underneath his jutting erection by Ms. Gray. When the master chef laid the head of her steel mallet, pointy face down, atop his rigid shaft, he moaned and squirmed nervously, apparently filled with dread anticipation of what was about to be done to the flesh of his cock.

 "We might want to bind him a little more securely to the table." Ms. Gray observed, frowning at him slightly. "It looks like he might get a bit wiggly on us."

 At Ms. Gray's direction, a heavy strap was run around the male's rump, tightened, and fastened to the table, pulling him firmly against it and pushing his erection out as far as it could go across the cutting board. This had the side effect of squeezing his already sore testicles between the flesh of his legs and the unforgiving edge of the table, but no one present, save him, seemed too terribly worried about that fact.

 "Now, penises are quite a bit tougher than testicles, so don't feel like you have to hold back as much." Ms. Gray said, as she raised the small metal mallet in her hand up. "They need to the pounded fairly thoroughly to be suitable for easy consumption."

 Then, without another word, and as all the girls of her class looked on with obvious interest, Ms. Gray brought her hammer down firmly, right on the tip of the phallus. The man's cock-head was squashed quite thoroughly by the blow, and a heavy, meaty thunk resounded throughout the room as the metal points of the meat mallet's rough face nearly met with the solid wood of the cutting board beneath it. Only a thin layer of crushed male flesh separated the hammer and the hard spot.

 Despite the squeal of pain the male expelled at this newest outrage perpetrated on his manhood, Ms. Gray's words were proved quite correct. As her heavy hammer bounced up off his cock-head, the abused flesh rebounded immediately, and, save for a few reddened indentations on top, looked none the worse for wear.

 Ms. Gray used the momentum of the hammer's bounce to assist her own efforts in swinging once again, and soon settled into a steady rhythm of heavy strikes. She pounded her way up the shaft of male meat, then back down, each rebounding bounce of the mallet off the helpless cock lying before her only serving to aid in the power of her next blow.

 The man, for his part, settled into a similar rhythm of staccato yelps and cries, often accompanied by groans of pain, as the flesh of his penis was hammered relentlessly by the renowned chef. It was well that he had been strapped to the table, because his hips and bottom squirmed and writhed constantly in a futile attempt to drag his cock away from the abuse it was being forced to endure.

 After a minute or two, Ms. Gray halted her work, then stepped aside and offered the tenderizing mallet to Miss Linde.

 "Harder, girl. You're not going to break him that easily." She criticized, as she watched the hesitant girl make much softer blows on the cock meat than her own had been.

 "Oh, for goodness sake.." she complained a few minutes later, over the sound of extremely enthusiastic hammering and the loudest male squeals yet, when it was Miss Copper's turn. "I know I said that penises are tough, but if you keep up like that you're going to pound him completely flat, and probably crack the cutting board, too!"

 "Sorry.." replied the girl, who shrugged sheepishly. "It's just.. I sorta WANT to see what it'd look like completely flat.."

 "Well, you'll have to wait until next lesson, when you'll all be preparing your own, independent recipes." Ms. Gray said, placatingly. "The one we'll be preparing today is fairly simple, and calls for WHOLE meat ingredients, not whatever little bits of pulped flesh would be left if I let you continue on like you have been."

 "There are recipes that call for a completely flattened cock?" Miss Copper asked, her eyebrows raising in surprise, even as her tone of voice turned hopeful. "Which ones?"

 "Well, there's always the classic: Penis Cordon Bleu." Ms. Gray replied, smiling to herself. "It's quite delicious; one of my favorites, actually. You take a penis, pound it out flat and thin, then top it with cheeses, butter, and a mix of finely minced testicles and seasonings. Fold up the edges, then roll the whole thing up lengthwise and fry it for twenty minutes or so in more butter, turning every so often to get an even brown on the outside, then serve! It has a lot of calories, but every single one of them is worth it, in my opinion. It's quite the decadent little treat."

 "Whoa.." Miss Copper replied, her features set in an expression of eager enthusiasm at the images her teacher's words had painted in her mind's eye. "That sounds great! I totally want to do that one!"

 "That's perfectly fine, but we have to make it through this lesson first, and we need a well tenderized, but more-or-less INTACT, set of male organs to do it." Ms. Gray said. "Now, why don't you give the mallet to Miss Singh, so she can take her turn using it on the meat?"

 After another few minutes of tenderizing, Ms. Gray called a halt to the process (probably just in time, as Miss Copper was eyeing the mallet as if she wanted another go with it), and informed her students that now that the meat was properly tenderized, it was time to actually cook it.

 The male, who by now could barely walk under his own power, was unstrapped, and he, along with his swollen, well-tenderized testicles and his rather lumpy, probably over-tenderized (but still stubbornly erect) penis, was half led and half dragged to another area of the kitchen, for the final stage of his manhood's preparation. He was unbound and strapped to an X shaped frame, which bulged out a bit in the center, by several of the girls. The center bulge pushed his hips out, immobilizing him more effectively while also exposing and presenting his organs perfectly, giving easy, convenient working access for the women who were about to make a meal out of it.

 "So, we're going to keep this fairly simple." Ms. Gray said, once the male was locked in place. "Breaded, deep fried cock and balls, along with potato fries, on lettuce, with lemon slices and cocktail sauce on the side."

 "Bits and Chips!" Miss Singh exclaimed, smiling excitedly.

 "Exactly." Ms. Gray replied, nodding and smiling in return. "Simple, classic, and delicious."

 "Now, I've already sifted together the dry batter ingredients and seasonings, so all we have to do is mix in some water and dip in the meat, then transfer it to the fryer, which is already heated to temperature. The potatoes we'll start in another fryer a few minutes before that."

 "Are we going to remove the meat before we cook it, or do it up attached?" Miss Linde asked, while eyeing the restrained male and dangling his manhood curiously.

 "Well, it's much easier to prepare if you remove the meat from the male first, but cooking up and serving everything while it's still attached makes for a much more impressive presentation, don't you think? We'll be doing it that way. It's just more fun!"

 "Is there anything else special that we'll be doing to flavor the meat?" asked Miss Copper, who was unconsciously licking her lips and swallowing reflexively, her mouth apparently watering in anticipation.

 "Yes, several large injections of marinade into the head and shaft of the penis, as well as into each testicle." Ms. Gray replied. "It's my own special recipe. I created it just for Bits and Chips. It took a lot of trial and error to perfect, but it was well worth the effort: it really makes the flavor of the meat pop!"

 In no time at all the culinary students had everything prepared. Miss Linde, along with several other girls, mixed up the batter, while Miss Singh and a few more girls cleaned and cut up the potatoes. Miss Copper had the honor of injecting the meat with Ms. Gray's special marinade. As she gradually emptied the rather large syringe into various parts of the violently trembling male's manhood, she and the rest of her class were treated, despite the gag, to some of the loudest, most agonized sounding wails of protest yet, which, like all the previous such noises, were almost completely ignored. Almost, because the bursts of sound that accompanied the skewering and filling of each of the man's testicles with marinade were so loud that several of the girls winced, then glared at the him in obvious annoyance.

 Finally, all was ready, and the X frame was wheeled over to the deep fryer. Miss Linde, who was bearing the prepared batter, raised the bowl it was in up to the man's much abused cock and balls. His manhood, which had been beaten, bruised, half crushed, impaled and filled with marinade, was then immersed in the thick, viscous white liquid. The man moaned as Miss Linde swished the contents of the bowl around, trying to ensure an even coating over his flesh, before she lowered it away from him.

 When it was revealed once more, his manhood no longer looked like just a scuffed up, swollen, and poorly used set cock and balls. No indeed, for now his penis and testicles looked exactly how any other bit of meat destined for the fryer would look: coated in dripping batter and obviously ready to be cooked.

 Surprisingly, the noise of protest the man made as his battered cock and balls were lowered into the heated oil, which immediately began roiling vigorously around the breaded meat, was much lower in volume than many of his previous such exclamations.

 At first, anyway.

 After a few moments, however, the heat seemed to begin sinking into his flesh. Perhaps the coating of batter slowed it down a little in the beginning, but apparently not by much, and not for long. Soon, he was wailing as if he were on fire, which the girls later supposed that he had been, in a manner of speaking, and was writhing and thrashing wildly against his bonds, rattling the X frame around on its rollers. So strenuous were his efforts that he nearly pulled himself out of the fryer, but, fortunately, Miss Copper and Miss Singh were able to steady his frame, and it, with their added support, was fully able to contain his fruitless struggles, which soon died away.

 After his initial outburst, the man's only remaining, feeble protests against the atrocities being committed against his flesh were a constant, full body trembling, and a soft, keening moan of disbelieving, agonized pain, which Ms. Gray and the girls were easily able to ignore. They clustered around the fryer, watching the meat cook, and made exited comments about its progress as its coat of breading slowly turned a perfect golden brown.

 Unfortunately, since there were so many girls in the class, each ended up getting only a small slice of penis or a mere half of a testicle to sample, despite the initially impressive size of the manhood they had spent the lesson preparing. The little bits of meat were delicious and very tender, though, and there was plenty of potato fries to go around, at least. Ms. Gray had been absolutely right, too, in that the male's still attached, deep-fried manhood, set atop a layer of chips, which were in turn atop a bed of lettuce, surrounded by small dishes of cocktail sauce and stacks of lemon slices, made for an absolutely wonderful presentation. Several of the girls took pictures to show to their friends who hadn't taken the class with them.

 After the short meal, and the happy chatter and talk that followed it, Ms. Gray thanked all of her new students for their attendance and their attentiveness that day. She was also quite appreciative of the helpfulness they showed when they all briefly pitched in to quickly clean up the mess that had been made of the kitchen. Each of the girls was obviously pleased with the class, and several, including Miss Linde, Miss Copper, and Miss Singh, all made comments about how much they were looking forward to their second lesson with Miss Gray. Individually picking out and tenderizing yet another male's manhood, and this time getting to choose which recipe they each used to prepare and cook their selected cocks and balls with the next day, all sounded like tremendous fun to them.

 They could hardly wait.

3 - Epilogue (Something Forgotten)

 You know, I feel like I'm forgetting something.." Ms. Gray said, musingly, as her students packed up to leave. "I just can't think what, though.."

 The girls all looked around at each other, frowning, for a few moments, before Miss Singh's eyes suddenly widened in realization.

 "Oh! Didn't we have a set of testicles being prepped by an auto-tenderizer?" she asked, looking over to her teacher in surprise. "Did we ever turn it off?"

 "Ohh.." chorused many of the girls, and not a few palmed their foreheads in amused chagrin at their own forgetfulness.

 "Yes, that's it exactly!" Ms. Gray responded, snapping her fingers and looking rueful again. "I.. Oh, dear.. It has been rather a long time since I set that up, hasn't it? Over an hour, by now, I think.."

 "Closer to two, actually.." interjected Miss Linde.

 "Yes, yes. Far too long." Ms. Gray agreed. "Well, we'd better go and have a look."

 Ms. Gray and her students all gathered up and trooped back into the livestock prep room. The sight that greeted them caused the master chef to sigh and shake her head.

 The auto-tenderizer was still going strong, and the steady slapping sounds of each bit of heavy fabric impacting against male flesh still echoed throughout the room. The quality of the sounds had changed at bit, though. When they had left, each slap had sounded firm and solid. Now, though?

 Now they all sounded a bit.. squishy.

 The male, whose scrotum was still being battered by the merciless machine, was no longer making any noises of protest. It actually looked like he might not even be capable of making any noise, or doing anything else for that matter, at all. He was twitching and shivering in his harness quite violently, and his eyes had rolled back up into his head, which was hanging bonelessly backwards. He still seemed to be conscious though, because his mouth was wide open in a silent scream, and spittle drooled and sprayed out in time with his hitching chest and ragged breathing. His cock, which had been quite firmly erect when they last saw him, was now limp and lifeless, the poor little thing bouncing pathetically along in time with the scrotum below it.

 "Dear, dear.." Ms. Gray sighed, as she flipped the switch to turn the machine off. "What a waste.."

 "Are they too tenderized?" asked Miss Linde, who, like the rest of the group, seemed to be disregarding the hanging male in favor of examining his hanging scrotum.

 "Too tenderized? Dear, they're completely pulped." Ms. Gray said, snorting in amusement, as she reached out and gingerly squeezed the contents of the man's ball-sack. "Yes, beaten to bits. The auto-tenderizer isn't meant to be used on the same man for more then ten minutes or so. Fifteen, at the very most."

 The man's twitching had tapered off as the machine abusing his flesh had spun down, but he now jerked and squirmed anew, in reaction to the woman's light touch. And no wonder: his ball-sack was so darkly blue and purple that it nearly looked black, and it was swollen to four or five times its normal size. A tinny sort of whistling began emanating from the back of the man's throat as Ms. Gray began pressing her fingers into the badly damaged bit of his manhood, squeezing and manipulating its contents in an absent sort of way as she looked over her shoulder to her class.

 "Why don't you all have a feel?" she added, casually, as she let go and stepped back, out of their way.

 The girls all clustered around, and took turns hefting what was left of the male's testicles, poking and prodding the shattered contents of his scrotum curiously. Some, like Miss Linde, were something approaching gentle as they did this, only lightly cupping and massaging the battered ball-sack, while other were decidedly not. Miss Copper, in particular, seemed to take much interest in sinking her fingers deep into the bloated pouch of skin, pushing the sad shreds of meat that used to be the man's balls around roughly between her pinched fingers, while ignoring his feeble, barely conscious squirming and agonized, wheezy groaning.

 "Are they still good for cooking, like this?" the tall girl asked, after finally allowing the still darkening scrotum to fall from her firm grasp.

 "Well, if you use them right away, there ARE recipes that can call for completely mashed testicles." Ms. Gray replied, thoughtfully. "But it has to be right away, though. Testicles that have sustained this much damage don't last long."

 "What do you mean?" asked Miss Singh.

 "Well, they spoil." Ms. Gray explained.

 "Oh, they don't start rotting. At least, not right away." she expanded, in response to the curious looks of her students. "They just lose much of their flavor, and become rather bland and textureless when they do finally get cooked. They're really best, testicles, whether pulped like this or not, when completely fresh."

 "So these are no good, anymore?" Miss Linde asked, frowning.

 "Nope." Ms. Gray said, simply. "By tomorrow morning, they'll be virtually inedible. If we cooked them right now, they might still be acceptable, but even so.."

 "What are we going to do with them, then?" Miss Singh asked.

 "Hmm? Oh, throw them away, I suppose.." Ms. Gray replied, absently, as she checked the time. "I hate to waste the food, but really, they aren't going to be any good for anything, now. They're just garbage."

 With that, Ms. Gray took the bruised, swollen scrotum in hand, pulled out a small paring knife from somewhere in her apron, and with a practiced little flick of her wrist, sliced the sack free of the hanging man. The male, at this latest, final abuse to his poor gonads, grunted and jerked once, hard, then shivered and seemed to go completely unconscious.

 "What about his penis?" Miss Copper asked, while giving the organ in question a gimlet stare.

 "It appears to be salvageable." Ms. Gray said, as she gave the flaccid little male sausage a few curious pokes with the tip of her knife. "We'll find a use for it next lesson, I'm sure."

 "Well, I suppose that we'll just leave everything here as it is, girls, for tomorrow." Ms. Gray announced, as she began to move towards the exit, obviously dismissing the hanging male and what little remained of his manhood from her mind. "I'll see you then. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do on a recipe of your own choosing!"

 Her students, chattering excitedly to each other about their lesson and about what they might make the next day, made to follow her. Their teacher paused for a moment by the door, and they all watched her drop the sad bit of flesh that had been a man's balls, only an hour or two before, into the trash receptacle there.

 It hit the bottom of the trash can with a small plopping sound, then just lay there, where it now belonged, with all the rest of the garbage. It was a bit of a waste, as Ms. Gray had said. But, honestly, as many of the girls thought to themselves, as they glanced back over their shoulders to the line of young men still bound along the wall, it really wasn't like there was any kind of shortage.

 There was always going to be more men, and their tasty manhoods, to cook.


Author's Note:

 A set of two mental images that occurred to me recently; a group of girls taking turns spanking a man's balls, and a similar group of girls all taking turns to pound on a guy's cock with a meat mallet, were the seeds that grew into this story. The auto-tenderizer I created after seeing a drawing of a similar automated spanking device, one for the bottoms of naughty girls, in a KamiTora drawing (racingstripes.jpg). I thought it was an excellent idea, and appropriated it, modified a bit for the male anatomy, for this story.

 This story flowed out of me pretty smoothly, which I'm grateful for, as it's been a few months since I've written, or at least finished, anything substantial. I hope you enjoy it.


Nice!! The dialogue really emphasizes the casualness, and the descriptions are amazing. The images are very vivid in the way you write the response of the "victims" and Ms. Gray. Perhaps you should write something about whole male preparation and cooking? ;D


I'm glad you enjoyed it. This one was particularly fun to write.

My fantasies usual center on genital abuse and cooking, rather than whole cannibalism(at least, for male victims). That said, I certainly wouldn't rule out doing a whole male roast story, but it probably wouldn't be the sole focus of the tale.


Have to agree there, great story. As a frequent seeker of this sort of stuff, I can't begin to say how often I am disappointed at lack of length and detail, or better yet just going straight for cutting them off and being done with it. I hope you'll write some more, maybe give the prompt thread a skim too.

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