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A man picks up a stranded hitchhiker, and soon finds out that she wants much more from him than just a lift.

The Hitchhiker

 The hitchhiker stood on the edge of the road, facing away from his slowly approaching car, with the thumb of one hand cocked out.

 He was quite surprised at this, as the road he was driving on was quite some distance off the main highways. They were so far out, in fact, that the road wasn't even paved. The packed shale, which was relatively smooth, gave way in places to bare and rough dirt, which was often rutted from the rains of the previous winter and spring. Really, the "road" barely qualified as one; trees and shrubs grew to within a few feet of its edge, and grass creeped right up to the sides, sometimes even springing up in between the wheel tracks themselves.

 That someone should be trying to hitch a ride out here, of all places, was unusual. Even more unusual, he noted, as his eyebrows raised up and his mouth dropped opened slightly in surprise, was the fact that the hitchhiker was a woman. Hell, she young enough that she was scarcely more than a girl.

 And, most surprising of all, she was utterly gorgeous.

 She was wearing only a pair of ragged, cut off jean shorts, with a white, short, and rather tight tank top, and a pair of small white tennis shoes. The outfit showcased her body well, which was all to the good, as far as he was concerned, because her body was fantastically proportioned. Her limbs were clean, long, and strong, with hints of toned muscle beneath smooth, tanned skin. Her waist, narrow and slim, was the perfect counterpoint to the flare of her hips and her full bottom, the lower portion of which was only barely covered by her snug shorts.

 Her long hair, which was a lovely shade of medium brown, fell in easy waves to her mid back. Even her hands were pretty, with one curled into a light fist and held out, her thumb stuck up in the classic hitchhiker's position. The other was scratching ruefully at the back of her head, as she gazed down the road in the direction opposite of the one he was coming from, as if she were questioning all the choices that she had made leading to her being stuck out here, without transportation, alone in the middle of nowhere.

 She must have been distracted, perhaps even humming to herself as she stood there, because she didn't seem to hear him slowly approaching until he was only a few dozen yards away. Finally though, the low rumbling of his engine, or maybe the crunch of his tires on the shale of the road, or perhaps both, alerted her to his presence, and she turned around to face him. Her face, which was just as attractive as her body, lit up in a bright smile as she saw his car. She gave a happy little bounce in place, which caused her chest, which was nearly as generous as her bottom was, to bounce delightfully as well, as she began waving to him.

 She was so excited by his appearance, it seemed, that she couldn't even wait for him to come to a stop at her side. She sprang towards him, her lovely form falling into an eager, bouncy jog, as he began applying the brake, slowing his car down even further.

 He couldn't help but stare at her, as she moved to him, while his car came to a halt. Her body, the perfect blend of strength, beauty, and youth, was the sort of thing that one expected to see on the cover of a fitness magazine, not out here on a practically deserted rural road.

 "Hi!" she said, enthusiastically, as she bounced to a stop next to his open passenger window. She immediately leaned down to it, so she could look him in the face, giving him an unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome, view directly down her tank top. It like she might not be wearing a bra.

 "Uh.." he replied, chuckling slightly in disbelief as he tried to keep his gaze on her lovely hazel eyes, and not on the even more lovely curvature of her hanging breasts. "Hello. What the heck are you doing way out here?"

 "Ah, well, you know.." she said, chuckling a little herself as she shrugged her shoulders, which caused the view down her tank top to become even more delightful and distracting. "I'm just passing through, and I need a ride."

 She waved one hand in the direction of where she had been standing, drawing his eyes off her chest and towards the edge of the road. A couple dozen feet off the shoulder was another vehicle, parked in a tiny clear spot, which was nearly hidden by the shade of the surrounding trees and bushes.

 "Did your car break down?" he asked.

 "It's not mine, but something like that." she replied, grinning ruefully. "I'm certainly not getting any farther in it, that's for sure."

 "Well, I'm on my way out." he said, nodding. "I can give you a lift, if you're going my direction."

 "That'd be great!" the girl exclaimed, clapping her hands together and bouncing on her toes happily. "Thank you so much!"

 "Do you want to grab anything out of the car before we go?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow up questioningly. "There isn't too much traffic through here, so it'll probably be safe to leave it, but you never know.."

 "No, that's alright." she replied, shaking her head dismissively. "I didn't leave anything of value in there."

 "Well, hop in then."

 He marveled at her legs, long and strong, as she opened the passenger door and climbed into his car. Her smooth, toned calves and thighs, along with the rest of her body, looked like they belonged on some sandy beach somewhere, probably playing volleyball, rather than here in his car.

 "Wow, I thought I was going to be stuck out here for days!" she said, as she pulled the door closed. "Thanks again!"

 "You're.. you're very welcome." he managed, shaking his head in wonder at his new passenger. She leaned back in her seat and gave a large sigh of relief, her chest heaving delightfully, while smiling at him, obviously pleased at having been rescued.

 "I'm Tom, by the way." he said.

 "Carrie." the girl responded easily, as she took and shook his proffered hand.

 "So, you're not local?" Tom asked, as he put the car back into gear and started it moving down the road once again, while glancing back at her as often as he could manage without driving off the road.

 "Nah, just passing through." Carrie repeated. "Why, do you live around here?"

 "Yeah, a few miles back up the road." he answered, nodding. "I'm going into town for my weekly grocery shopping trip."

 "Neat. I didn't think that anyone would live all the way out here." she said, then laughed. "I was waiting for a ride for so long that I thought I might have to set up camp. Maybe even stay the winter, hah!"

 He smiled lightly at her bad joke. Her exaggeration was particularly egregious, considering that it was still only early summer.

 "Say, I don't suppose you have anything to drink, do you?" she asked, a moment later. "I really was standing there nearly all morning, and I ran out of water hours ago."

 "Something to eat would be great, too." she added, looking at him hopefully.

 "Sorry." he said, shrugging his shoulders apologetically. "Nothing to eat, that's why I'm going shopping. But there should be a water bottle in the back seat somewhere, I think."

 "Wow, back there?" she asked, as she turned around in her seat and looked behind her. "Are you sure?"

 "Um, pretty sure." Tom said, as he glanced over his shoulder and looked into the back seat for himself. "You, uh.. You might have to dig through the mess a little.."

 Mess was an understatement. His back seat was full to the brim with junk. He, like many single people who didn't usually have to give anyone else rides, simply let the normal vehicular detritus pile up and accumulate in his backseat, never sparing it a second thought or glance.

 Carrie reached around her seat and began sifting gingerly through the nearest bit of mess.

 "You might have to dig fairly deep.." Tom said, flushing slightly with embarrassment. "It'll probably be pretty close to the bottom.

 "Jeez.. If I'm not back in a week, send help, I guess.." she joked, grinning over at him with wry amusement.

 Then, she climbed up into her seat, turned around completely, and leaned over her seat back and started rooting through the junk. Her shapely rump was put on display by this action, sticking up as her hips rested on the top edge of the seat back, and Tom was barely able to keep his attention properly on the road and off her lovely bottom.

 Indeed, his divided attention was the reason why he rolled across several deep ruts in the the road, rather than avoiding them as he usually did, which caused the car to shudder and jounce roughly. Carrie squawked, then laughed, as the bouncing car dislodged her from her perch on the seat back. She slid sideways into the space between the two seats, her narrow waist fitting easily in the small gap, and one of her firm thighs came to rest directly on Tom's right arm.

 "Dang, warn me next time.." Carrie said, still giggling in surprise, as she squirmed and levered herself up and out of the space between the seats, her bottom and legs flexing attractively as she did so.

 "S-sorry!" Tom managed, as he wrestled the car back on track, even as he secretly delighted in the feel of her leg pushing against his arm.

 "That's okay. I need to go back a bit more anyway." she said, as she balanced on her hips again, this time partially on Tom's seat back as well as her own, before using her legs to thrust herself further into the rear seat.

 She scrabbled through the junk for nearly a minute, her body balanced precariously on the seat backs, slowly sliding further and further back, as she searched for the water bottle. Her bare legs, which were working and flexing continuously in an effort to keep her position and balance, flailed around in the front of the vehicle. Tom hardly noticed this, however, as his attention was mostly on the feel of first Carrie's jean clad hip, and then of her bare upper thigh as she kept sliding back. Her flesh pressed heavily on the right side of his head and neck, though he sure didn't mind the weight.

 Tom was having quite a bit of trouble keeping enough of his focus on the road, to prevent crashing the car, despite the slow speed he was traveling, rather than on the sensation of his passenger's smooth, warm thigh against the skin of his cheek. He had a very strong urge to turn his head and simply start licking and nibbling her leg. Hell, she even smelled improbably good, like vanilla, which he found almost impossible to believe, since she had apparently been standing in the sun for hours before he had come along.

 Of course, the desire to put his mouth on her wasn't the only effect she was having on him. He felt himself growing rapidly erect, his cock beginning to press against the inside of his trousers painfully. He only hoped that she wouldn't notice the obvious bulge it was making after she was done searching..

 Finally, she found the water bottle. To his disappointment, she then pushed herself off of him and out of the back seat. She flopped back into the passenger seat, facing forward once again, and grinned at him, shaking her hair out of her face as she hefted the full liter bottle in triumph.

 "It took a bit, but I found it!" she exclaimed, seemingly oblivious to the toll her close proximity had taken on him during her search. "I'm glad you had this. I'm sooo thirsty."

 "You're.. very welcome." Tom managed, as he watched her twist the cap off the bottle and begin drinking.

 She even drank beautifully. Her slim, graceful throat worked slowly up and down with each gulp of water, and was all the more visible as she leaned her head back. Her full lips pursed against the mouth of the bottle as she drank. After several moments of drinking, she casually dashed the back of one arm across her moist lips, licked them clean, then recapped the now half empty bottle.

 "Oh, my goodness.." Carrie sighed, her satisfaction evident in her tone and in the relaxed smile that settled on her face. "I needed that so bad. Thanks a bunch."

 "No problem." Tom said, finally tearing his eyes off the girl, so he could pay full attention to the road again.

 "Now, if only you had something to snack on.." Carrie mused, as she settled the water bottle between her legs.

 "Sorry." Tom repeated, with another shrug of his shoulders. "I usually keep a box of crackers in the back seat with the water bottle, but they went stale a few months back, so I tossed them out. I keep forgetting to replace them."

 "Really? Darn.." Carrie replied, looking disappointed. "You don't have anything else at all?"

 "Nothing that I can think of."

 "Poo." she said, unhappily, as she peered around the inside of the car, as if she might discover something edible he had forgotten. "Oh, well. I guess I'll survive. Thanks anyway."

 They rode in a comfortable silence for a few moments, before a loud growling sound, audible even over the noise of the engine, filled the inside of the car.

 "Dang, I guess you weren't joking.." Tom said, with one eyebrow raised in surprise, as he glanced over at his passenger's midriff.

 "Nope." Carrie replied, her mouth turned down in a little pout, as she rubbed her hands over her bare, and obviously empty, stomach. "I'm so hungry that I could eat ANYTHING right now."

 "If I had anything, I'd give it to you." Tom said, sincerely, as he glanced at her one last time before returning his full attention to the road.

 "Hey." she said, several moments later, her tone suddenly hopeful. "Hey, what about that? Can I eat that?"

 "Eat what?" Tom asked, without taking his eyes off the rather sharp and dangerous curve he was currently negotiating.

 "That!" Carrie said, her tone eager, as her stomach growled once again. "I'll bet it would be pretty filling!"

 "What are you talking about?" Tom said, confused, when he was finally able to safely take his eyes off the road. "I told you, there isn't anything to eat.. in.. my.."

 He trailed off as he looked at his passenger, who was looking, in turn, rather intently right back at him.

 Or rather, at his groin.

 "That." she repeated, pointing for emphasis, as she gazed hungrily at the embarrassingly large bulge, the inevitable product of her attractiveness and nearness, that his erection was stubbornly making inside his pants.

 He only stared at her incredulously for a few moments, his mouth hanging open, before a bump in the road make him look up, curse, and haul on the wheel hard to put the car back on course.

 "You.." he began, his tone disbelieving, after he had steered the car straight again. "You.. want to suck my dick?"

 "What?" she asked, blinking in evident confusion. "No, no.. I just want to.."

 "Well, okay.." she admitted, interrupting herself and blushing in embarrassment, as if he had caught her out. "I suppose that I wouldn't mind sucking on it a bit, too, but mostly I just want to eat it."

 Tom was silent for a moment.

 "So, can I?" she prompted, licking her lips hopefully as she kept her eyes locked on his groin, while her hands fidgeted restlessly around the water bottle.

 "You want.." Tom said, very slowly, as if he couldn't quite believe what he was having to ask. "You want to eat my dick? Actually eat it?"

 "Yeah. Why, is that strange?"

 Tom made a sputtering noise, his surprise at her frankness robbing him of any coherency for a moment, before he managed to speak once again.

 "Yes, it's strange!" he exclaimed, his eyes flicking from the road, to her face, and then down at his own crotch in rapid succession. "Why on earth would you want to eat my dick?!"

 "Well, I don't think it's all that strange.." Carrie muttered, pouting a little. "And as for why, I already told you: I'm hungry."

 "But.. but penises aren't food!"

 "Well, why not?" Carrie asked, frowning rather prettily at him. "Meat's food, right? And cocks are made of meat, right? So, cocks can be food."

 "I.. I.." Tom sputtered weakly. "I can't believe I'm hearing this."

 "It only makes sense."

 "It.. It does not!"

 "Soo.. You're not going to let me eat it, then?" Carrie asked, after a few moments of awkward silence.

 "Of course not!" Tom replied, shaking his head in disbelief.

 "Aw, poo." Carrie said, sighing in disappointment as she flopped back into her seat and folded her arms dejectedly across her chest. "It looks like a nice, big one, too. I bet it would've been pretty tasty."

 Tom didn't respond, simply because he had no idea how to. The idea that a girl, especially one so amazingly pretty, would be disappointed in him for not allowing her to eat his cock, apparently right off him, was not something he had ever expected to have to mentally process. It was throwing his mind for a loop.

 "Hey.." Carrie said quietly, a few minutes later.

 "Yeah..?" Tom responded, warily.

 "Look, I didn't think it was a big deal. I'm sorry if I weirded you out." she said, gazing at him earnestly.

 "I suppose that's.. alright." Tom said, hesitantly.

 "So, would you mind if I could at least see it?" Carrie asked. "Even if you don't want to let me eat it, I'm still a little curious about it.."

 Tom shifted uncomfortably in his seat. While his mind was unsure and confused over the events of the past few minutes, his penis still seemed as resolute as ever. It pressed rigidly, even painfully, against the inside of his pants, despite the topic of the previous conversation. Releasing it would be a relief.

 "I guess that would be.. okay." he said, with a little concerned frown on his face, his tone reserved.

 "But, no eating." he warned, scarcely believing that he even felt the need to actually say it aloud, as he began to fumble, one handed, with his belt, button, and zipper.

 "Here, let me do that." Carrie said, as she reached over. "You concentrate on driving, okay?"

 There wasn't much chance of that, Tom thought to himself, as he felt the girl carefully undo his belt and unzip his pants. His erection sprang immediately free, unencumbered by either boxers or briefs.

 "No undies, huh?" Carrie asked, smirking a little, as she lazily regarded the large bit of man meat before her through half lidded, approving eyes.

 "Always felt like a waste of time to me, I guess. Sorry."

 "Oh, I'm not criticizing. I'm not a big fan of undergarments, myself." Carrie replied, as she lightly touched the hot flesh of Tom's cock with her fingertips. "Wow, it's rather large, isn't it?"

 There probably wasn't anything else she could have said that would have better repaired the rift that had been created between driver and passenger over the past few minutes, and Tom swelled with pride at the praise.

 "I guess it's a bit bigger than average, yeah." he agreed, with a bit of feigned modesty.

 "Bigger than average? Are you kidding?" Carrie said, giggling a little in disbelief. "This thing's a monster!"

 "Heh, thanks." Tom replied, grinning a bit foolishly while keeping his eyes only mostly on the road, as Carrie began running her fingertips lightly up and down his cock.

 "I bet it would fill my tummy right up."

 "Hey!" Tom exclaimed, looking startled.

 "I'm just saying!" Carrie placated, reassuringly. "I know you don't want me to, but I'm so hungry that I can't help thinking about it just a bit, anyway."

 "It.. It's just.." Tom said, shaking his head as he shuddered a little. "Gah! Even thinking about it is.. just wrong!"

 "Well, if you say so." Carrie replied, her tone noncommittal. "Do you mind if I take a look at your balls, too?"

 "I suppose.." Tom allowed. "But, no.."

 "But, no eating." Carrie finished for him. "Yes, yes. Got it, sheesh."

 Being quite gentle, she slipped her slim hand down past his throbbing erection, under the fabric of his pants, and carefully gathered up his testicles in the cradle of her fingers.

 "Dang, these are huge, too." Carrie murmured to herself, as she pulled Tom's balls slowly into view. "No wonder you don't wear any underwear."

 "They do feel pretty good when they're hanging free." Tom agreed, smiling again.

 "I'll bet.." Carrie replied, as she gently rolled the massive orbs around in her hand, while resuming her soft, teasing strokes on his cock with her other.

 She seemed entranced by the male organs in her grasp, soon bending across the console and laying her head down on Tom's thigh, so she could see them closer as she fondled and examined them. Her breath tickled against his hot flesh, and Tom was having an increasingly difficult time keeping the car on the road.

 "Look, I know you're a little uncomfortable with the idea of me eating your dick.." Carrie began, as she licked her lips once again.

 "A little uncomfortable" was a massive understatement, Tom thought, but the sensation of her hands on his manhood felt nice enough that he was willing to let the remark slide for the moment.

 "But I really am quite hungry, and you look just so.. so.." she continued, looking up at him from her position with her head on his lap. He noticed that she was drooling a little.

 "Delicious." she finished, after swallowing down a mouthful of saliva and wiping her chin clean.

 "Umm.." was all Tom was able to muster up in response.

 "So, maybe you'll let me try to convince you.." Carrie said, as she brought her head closer to his cock, her moist lips parting slightly as she pressed a gentle kiss onto the end of his member.

 The girl's tongue fluttered lightly against his sensitive flesh, soft, warm, and eager, as she drew her lips, still kissing, slowly down the underside of his long shaft. Once at the bottom, she cupped his smooth balls in her hand, and began planting soft kisses all over the taut skin covering the large orbs of his male flesh.

 "I can be.." Carrie murmured, as she kissed and licked her way back up the length of his shaft.

 "Very.." she continued, speaking softly against the head of his cock, her lips teasing him even as her breath tickled him.

 "Persuasive." she finished, as she enveloped his tip completely, bathing it in ecstasy with the warm, pliant insides of her mouth.

 "I.. I.." Tom stammered, gazing down at her in stunned shock. "You can't.."

 "Don't you worry about what's going on down here." Carrie said, smiling lasciviously up at him from his lap. "Your manhood's perfectly safe with me, for now. You just pay attention to the road."

 Tom shuddered, partly in response to the implications of her words, "..for now.", and partly in reaction to the sensations she began inflicting on him with her very, very talented mouth. Then he looked up, realized he was about to crash into a rather large tree, and jerked the car back onto the road.

 Over the next few minutes, the only thing that saved him from running off the road completely, and potentially crashing his car and killing the both of them, was the slow speed he had already been observing to drive safely on the old, worn out dirt road. He would look down, unable to help himself, and lock eyes with the girl sucking his dick. Then he would nearly crash the car yet again. That would force his full attention back to driving for a few moments, only to be almost immediately distracted once again by the sweet suckling, lingering licks, and naughty nibbling of the girl who had her head in his lap.

 It might not have been quite so distracting if her desire for his cock hadn't been so obviously genuine. She WANTED his cock in her mouth. She seemed quite eager for it, in fact, if the nearly continuous noises of delight, the moans of enjoyment as she kissed and sucked on him were any indication. Indeed, it seemed that his own pleasure at being in her mouth was nearly matched, and perhaps even exceeded, by the pleasure she was taking in having him there, as if the taste and flavor of his meat was something she desperately wanted and needed.

 Almost as if she was hungry for him. As if his flesh was, in fact, a ready meal she was merely being allowed to taste, but not to eat.

 Not yet, at least.

 One particularly close shave, which resulted in a series of rather hard shakes and bounces as he rolled the car tires over several large, dead branches at the side of the road after he over-corrected, and then over-corrected again, caused the wonderful sensations at his crotch to cease.

 "Perhaps you should find a place to pull off the road." Carrie said, her lips quirking into a sardonic smile as he glanced down at her. "Or you might wind up killing us before I can finish this."

 "Th-that's probably a good idea." Tom responded, his heart racing from both the near miss mere seconds before, as well as the amazing feeling of the girl's mouth immediately returning to his cock.

 He managed to find, less than a minute later, a small clear spot a dozen or so feet off the shoulder of the road, which was just large enough for his car to slip into. Thankfully, the lush foliage of the surrounding trees and brush was dense enough to keep the sun off the vehicle. It was only pleasantly warm there, in the shade under the trees, rather than uncomfortably hot, as it would have been in the direct sunlight.

 "Mmm, perfect." Carrie commented, as she paused in her oral ministrations just long enough to pop her head up and take a quick look around when he parked the car. "Say, why don't you lean your seat back some?"

 "It'll give me easier access to that nice, thick piece of meat you've got poking up there." she reasoned, her eager smile turning a bit impish as she bit her lower lip and gazed lustily at his bared, throbbing manhood.

 "O-okay.." Tom agreed, a bit breathlessly.

 He managed, despite the detritus in the rear seat, to get his seat back nearly horizontal. He then lay back upon it and thrust his hips up a little, so he could scoot his pants off his hips and down his legs. His massive cock and balls, now completely freed from confinement, stood out proudly from his exposed groin, much to the obvious delight of his passenger.

 "Mmm-hmm.." she purred, as she wrapped her hands, and it actually took both of them to encircle his girth completely, around the thick shaft of his cock and began pumping them slowly up and down its length.

 "So.." she whispered around his cock head, as she began kissing it once again. "Have I persuaded you to let me have a little nibble off of this ridiculously large dick of yours yet?"

 "N-no.." Tom replied, faintly, as she sucked the head of his member back into the warm depths of her mouth.

 "Aww.. Don't be like that.." Carrie murmured a few moments later, as she slid her lips down the underside of his shaft and began nuzzling his testicles, gently sucking and licking at them. "Come on, let me eat these big, juicy balls of yours.."

 "Nng.. No.." Tom repeated, trying to firm his tone of voice, and failing spectacularly, when Carrie began running the tip of one of her index fingers in little circles around the opening of his urethra.

 The gorgeous girl then sucked one of his balls into her mouth, suckling it and rolling it gently around on her tongue, while also sliding her teasing fingertip downwards, moving it directly underneath the head of his penis, to begin rubbing him there, stimulating his frenulum. Her other hand continued pumping steadily along his shaft, even though her fingers couldn't quite meet around it.

 "Please..?" Carrie begged, as she gazed up at him with her big, beautiful hazel eyes.

 "Nnn.." was all Tom could manage, as he felt himself being drawn into their depths.

 "Please?" she insisted, practically pleading. "I'm sooo hungry, I can hardly stand it. I want it so badly.."

 "Ahh!" Tom cried, his cock throbbing along its entire length as the girl continued to softly stroke it. "Oh.. Oh, god.."

 "If you'll let me have this.." Carrie continued, giving his cock a squeeze for emphasis. "..then I'll make you come first, before I eat it. I promise."

 Tom understood, on an intellectual level, that he was in trouble. Or, to be more specific, that his manhood was in trouble. Unfortunately for him, intellect was rapidly being supplanted by instinct. His desire to keep his cock and balls, which were so dear to him, was swiftly being eroded by the incessant, relentless pleasure that his hungry passenger was inflicting upon them. The pleading girl was also appealing directly to some of the oldest, most ancient and deep seated urges that his male body possessed. She wanted his manhood inside of her, wanted it desperately, and a growing part of him was beginning to want to give it to her, wholly and completely, no matter the consequences.

 "Please.." Carrie repeated, as she looked up at him with her bottom lip quivering slightly. "I need it.."

 Tom, who felt his resistance to the idea of the beautiful girl having her way with his flesh begin to crumble, began to tremble in his seat, shaking almost violently.

 "I.. I.." he stuttered, his eyes locked on hers. "C-can we make l.. love first?"

 Carrie sucked in an excited breath at his words.

 "You'll let me?" she asked, happiness making her voice thick. "Really?"

 "I.. Y.. ye.." Tom stammered, still not quite able to let the word that would doom his manhood pass across his lips.

 "Yes!" he finally said, nearly shouting the word. "Yes! But, p-please, you're so.. so beautiful. Can we at least make love first?"

 "Oh.." Carrie replied, blushing slightly. "Oh, well, I don't know.."

 "Please!" Tom said, almost crying with need. "Please, it'll be my last time. Just one last time before.. before you.."

 "Well, it is tempting.." the girl said, her voice a little uncertain. "But I just don't think it would work, though.."

 "But, but.." Tom begged, looking at her, at her absolutely gorgeous body, helplessly.

 "You're just far too big for me." Carrie continued ruefully, as she gave his massive cock a little conciliatory pat. "I don't even want to think about what would happen to my poor little pussy if I let a monster like this near it. Sorry."

 "But.." Tom protested, looking crestfallen. "Please?"

 "I'm sorry, but no." Carrie replied, firmly, even as she licked her lips in hungry anticipation. "The only way your big, meaty cock is getting inside of me is by sliding down my throat, after I bite it off and swallow it."

 At her words, Tom's will broke completely.

 "There, there." Carrie said, trying to reassure him. "I did promise to make you come, so there is that, at least. Don't worry, it's going to be a good one!"

 "O-okay." was Tom's weak response, his voice quavery and unsteady.

 Carrie was as good as her word, and she immediately set to upon his flesh with a will, obviously eager to bring him to orgasm as quickly as she could.

 "After all, the sooner you come, the sooner I can eat!" she commented, smiling cheekily, while she took a quick break to try and get her breath back, after attempting to deep-throat his cock all the way to the base.

 "Say, do you think I should eat your dick in little bites, or try to swallow it all at once?" she asked, a minute later, as she felt the throbbing pulse of an approaching orgasm beginning to build in Tom's trembling flesh.

 "I.. Uh.. Whu.. Whichever you w-want?" was all Tom could manage, shuddering at the thought, even as he also began shuddering in impending pleasure.

 "Whole it is then, I think, if I can manage it." Carrie decided, eyeing the cock in her hands appraisingly. "I want this big thing in my poor, empty belly as soon as possible!"

 The belly in question gurgled loudly again, groaning out its appreciation of the idea, and Carrie stopped talking and started forcing Tom's thick cock as far down her throat as she could. She managed, a moment later, to touch her lips to the base of Tom's shaft for the first time, and hummed to herself, pleased at her accomplishment.

 Perhaps it was her humming, or perhaps it was the way she continued to work her tongue up and down as much of the underside of the massive dick as she could, or maybe it was even the sensations of the girl's throat swallowing around the end of his member, but Tom's orgasm chose just that moment to peak and reach its climax. His seed, which had been pooling inside him in eager anticipation of just this moment, erupted up and out of his shaft, pulsing directly into Carrie's working throat, and immediately passing through it down into her hungry stomach. His pleasure, which thrummed throughout him in time with his ejaculation, was so great that his entire body went rigid, and his extremities, his hands, feet, and head, all began twitching uncontrollably, and even his eyes rolled back up into his head as he squeezed their lids tightly shut.

 Carrie, who had apparently decided that she'd been denied what she'd so wanted for long enough, didn't even wait until Tom's massive orgasm was half way through before she brought her teeth together around the base of his huge cock. With steadily increasing pressure, her incisors closed on the flesh of his penis. For a moment or two, they only squeezed and crushed his meat between their sharp edges, incidentally stopping his ejaculation mid-pulse. Then, as the hungry girl began sawing her strong teeth back and forth, they actually started cutting into him.

 Tom, who was still engulfed in the incapacitating throes of his enormous, final orgasm, was helpless to stop Carrie as she ground her way relentlessly through the base of his cock. He felt it, even as the pressure of his bottled up ejaculation eased, when her sharp teeth finally snipped through the last threads of his flesh. She sat up, pulling away from his much reduced groin, and immediately began swallowing hard around the mouth and throat full of former male meat that was now blocking her breathing completely.

 She tilted her head back and just swallowed repeatedly, with her eyes closed, as quickly as she could. After thirty seconds had passed, the girl's clenched fists began fidgeting. At the forty five second mark, with no progress visible from the outside, the fidgeting became trembling, and her legs and hips started to twitch underneath her. It was only after well over a minute had passed, and the girl had actually started to turn a little blue, that the large cylinder of erect cock meat finally began visibly sliding down the throat of her slim neck. After a few more seconds, the raw, crudely severed base apparently moved deep enough that the girl was finally able to exhale, expelling her held breath, and then gulp in a desperately needed lungful of fresh air.

 She kept gasping at the air, even as she continued swallowing, for nearly a minute, before she took up her water bottle, uncapped it, and swigged down a large gulp. This apparently eased whatever remaining difficulties she was having, because a moment later she was able to swallow for a final time. The massive male member passed fully from her esophagus, and came to rest in her stomach. Letting out a shaky, relieved sigh, Carrie opened her eyes once again, looked down at her belly, and smiled.

 "Wow.." she croaked, her voice thick and throaty. "That was pretty close. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to do it for a few moments, there. It hurt quite a bit more going down than I thought it would, too.."

 "Still, it was definitely worth it." she continued, patting her taut, bare midriff as she turned towards the man whose penis was even now starting to digest inside of her. "It went a long way towards filling up my tummy."

 Tom didn't seem to be in any state to appreciate her accomplishment, and probably hadn't even heard anything she had said. He was curled up, facing away from her, with his hands cradled over the almost non-existent stump that was all that was left of his male member. He was making a very odd noise, as well, a sort of chattering stutter, as if he couldn't get his throat and larynx to quite cooperate.

 "C-c-c-ca.. c-ca.. c-ca-c.." was all that he could manage.

 "Hey, turn back over this way." Carrie said, poking her benefactor in the ribs even as she rubbed at her obviously sore throat. "Let's see what we've got left."

 Tom either couldn't, or wouldn't, cooperate with her, and she had to poke, pull, and prod him forcefully back into his original recumbent and exposed position.

 "Hmm.." Carrie mused thoughtfully, after she had batted Tom's weak, trembling hands away from his groin. "Looks like I got pretty much the whole thing. That's good."

 "So, I guess all that's left are these.." she continued, as she hefted the large orbs of Tom's testicles, that were held within his scrotum, in her soft hands. "I think I'll do them one at a time.. My poor throat probably isn't up to both at once."

 "C-carrie, w-wait.." Tom finally managed to sputter, as he stared up at her through eyes streaming tears. "Don't.. Not my.. my balls.."

 "Yep, those too." Carrie said, matter-of-factly. "Between them and your cock, I think my tummy will finally stop grumbling. Now, hold still, please. This will only take a moment or two."

 Ignoring his feeble, squirming protests, Carrie lowered her mouth down to Tom's groin once again. She licked her lips, then enveloped one of the man's balls, which were cupped firmly within the fingers of her hands, with her mouth.

 Since she was no longer concerned with giving her lunch partner pleasure, she was able to focus solely on her own needs: namely, satisfying her remaining hunger with his remaining male flesh. She bit down on the thin skin of his scrotum and quickly tore a hole through it large enough for his testicles to pass, one at a time, into her waiting mouth. She sucked out the first soft orb of tender meat, nipped it free of its connecting cord, ignoring the agonized yelp of Tom's voice and twitching jerk of his body that accompanied this action, and gulped it down whole.

 The gonad was big enough that it still strained her throat painfully, though it wasn't quite as large in diameter as the previous portion of her meal had been. She was therefor able to dispose of it without too much difficulty. Then, pausing only for another brief gulp of water, she repeated her actions on Tom's remaining testicle, sucking it out, biting it off, and sending it down to join its companions in the abyssal, acidic depths of her stomach.

 "Whew, thank you. Thank you so much." Carrie sighed, as she leaned back up and relaxed happily into the passenger seat. "I know you might not think it, but I really appreciate you letting me eat a bit of you. I hadn't been sure that I would be able to go on, I was so famished."

 Tom didn't reply. He had curled up once again, cradling his ruined groin, keening quietly in pain.

 "I'm plenty full now, though." Carrie continued, as she glanced idly around, looking out the car windows. "So, thanks."

 Tom only whimpered.

 "Um, do you suppose we could keep going, now? I'd kinda like to get out of this forest at some point.. It feels like I've been here forever." Carrie asked, a few moments later. "You'll be able to drive fine now, right? I mean, you don't have anything left to distract you anymore. Silver lining, hey?"

 "Um, Tom..?" Carrie inquired, poking at the prone, and apparently only semi-conscious man, after a few more moments had passed.

 "Hmm.." she hummed, frowning in evident disappointment with him at his continued lack of response. "Well, poo. I guess it's back to hitchhiking."

 She swigged the last of her water, then got out of the car. She glanced up at the sun, high in the sky, sighed, and then moved out from beneath the cooling shade of the trees to stand in the hot sun, along the side of the road.

 She looked up and down both directions of the very empty, completely deserted, old rutted rural road and sighed again, then stuck her thumb out. Hopefully someone would be along soon. And, considering how hot it was getting, hopefully they'd also have something to drink.

 And, she thought, as she rubbed her belly, which was already beginning to grumble and growl a little noisily up at her again, maybe they'd have something for her to eat, as well.

 She was pretty hungry, after all.

Author's Note:

 This one is basically just an extended version of "Fae", a short story I wrote a few months ago. I like the premise, however, so felt like doing another, similar story. Getting to see how the girl convinces the guy she just met to let her eat his manhood was pretty fun, too. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


I love your art, I cried from laughter. My dreams will be well tonight.


I enjoyed this so much

Coercion penectomy stories are my fav. Where someone wasn't entirely willing but is mentally overwhelmed or pushed into consenting.


Wow! This was really hot.

The enticement & teasing elements were hugely appealing to me.

I could do without the whining/sniveling moments as they aren't to my preference - I'm ludicrously big on consenting participants.

But, DAMN. Very nicely done. I greatly approve.




I liked the build up and his reluctance, then his desire getting the better of him. I wish you hadn't glossed over the actual penectomy so quickly, though.

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