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Hello friends,

I'm new / not new here. Ive been lurking on and off since probably 08 or 09, but a while either way. I've posted a few comments here and there but never with a name attached. Since I'm putting my story out here I guess i should stack a name with it.

This is the second story that I have written and only the first that I have posted. I am by no means a writer, in fact grammar and spelling has been difficult for some reason. So this has been a slow going process.

All that said I am very much looking forward to feedback and suggestions. I have more written, but only this much edited to where I can stomach showing it to others.

One last thing. A real big shout out to JestinPieces, Poguemahone, and any others out there exploring this genre.

Ooo Im so super excited I'm literally giggling and about to pee myself~ Today's the day I turn 18! And let me tell you I've got something pretty big planned. Something that I haven't mentioned to anyone one yet... Its going to be wild.. like, I cant believe I'm actually doing it... its going to be totally life changing! When some girls turn 18 they go and get tattoos, others maybe get plastic surgery, or even go right into porn. Let me say what I'm doing goes above and beyond any of that. But before I get too far into it let me back up and set the scene...


My name is Samantha Perry, just Sam for short. I'm not your average girl next door either. I'm a striking 6'2 flat on my feet. Platinum blond hair going down just past my shoulders. My soft toned skin has a natural tan to it. But that doesn't mean I don't like to sunbathe when I get the chance! My breasts are a perk and healthy DD. All natural of course. Plus perfectly proportioned pink nipples pointing out like little buttons or maybe even cherries when I'm aroused. Some nice hips and a firm full ass fill out my hourglass figure. Oh yeah, then there's my mile long legs too. I started developing this body early in my teens and kind of just fell into modeling. That was when I was 14.

I still went to school for the next year then at 15 I started taking classes online with a tutor so I could make work a priority. It was that year I met another girl on set who took me under her wing and by the time I was 16 I was pretty much living with her in her penthouse appartment in the city. It was a hard sell to my parrents but with my extra income greasing the wheels they eventually came around.

Dawna is her name and she was just 18 at the time. She was a few inches shorter than me. The color of her hair is raven black hair in a bob cut usually. Her skin is pale and she looks just a little bit malnourished with her angular features but still ever so beautiful in a haunting way. So the next two years were a flash... maybe because of all the cameras... ha ha, yeah, get used to my bad jokes~
But they did go by quickly. We wouldn't see each other for weeks at a time while hoping across the globe for shoot after shoot. Then the stars would align and we would get a whole week where we would just keep to ourselves in the house.

We have literally everything we could ever need its crazy. We just have everything ordered and shipped to us. I don't even remember the last time i went shopping, in person that is. So that means when we do get a week together we usually spend it all together. When I was 17 we started to develop a bit of a closer relationship. Still just friends but we had gotten very close with one another if you catch what I'm saying. These last few months its not uncommon for one or both of us to be nude and on more than one occasion we have fooled around after a few drinks.


Now getting back to the present for a bit. I got back home a few days ago so I would have time to prep for my big birthday surprise. Dawna was really upset she couldn't get out of this shoot in Mexico because she really wants to be here with me for my birthday but I am actually kind of relieved because I don't know if I could do this with her here. She would certainty be asking questions

"like whats on this big pallet in the garage?"


"Whats that strange smell?"

Ok ok, So sou have probably been asking yourself just what the hell am I going to do. Well get ready because its going to shock you... I'm going to pour myself a nice big hot bath of bleach and soak until nothing but a skeleton remains, my skeleton, me.Yep, you heard right, all my beautiful features from my head down to my toes stripped away. Nothing but a set of 206 bones. Ill give you a second to take that in...


Ok now. So like I was saying I want to be a skeleton. I've had this desire ever since the onset of puberty when I got into a car accident and had to get some xrays done. In the end everything was fine but after seeing my bones like that I was kind of amazed. I mean I had seen skeletons in textbooks and even in our science lab back in school, but this was me. Like not any of this stuff wrapped around it, just the skeleton. I could... feel it in... my bones.

Ok that was bad ill admit it.

Ever since the xrays I would think about them at least once a day sometimes more. It was comforting to know no mater how my appearance changes from shoot to shoot the real me was always inside. I even look at other girls in the changing rooms and wonder what their skeletons look like... Maybe thats why I took a liking to my emaceated Dawna, why I always trace my fingers across her ribs hidden just under her creamy silken skin.

Now unlike most of the girls in this industry I have long term plans. I have made smart choices with my money and If I wanted to could probably just retire now and live modestly but I'm still young and have plenty of plans left before I'm done. You see I plan to continue modeling as a skeleton.

I've been hinting to my agent that I've been thinking about a change in career... I've been saying that I still want to model but I want to change it up and appeal to a different demographic. My agent knows that I'm turning 18 and thinks she's anticipated what I meant from my subtle cues but she doesn't know just how radical the change is going to be!

What I'm doing isn't entirely without precedent though, just in case you were wondering. There are a few skeleton fetish models out there like; Bleached Bianca, Niki Stiff, Jane Doe, and some notable armatures too. My favorite by far is B0nergirl<3 She and other skeleton girls have a little community on reddit. I have a secret account just to visit it and once I even asked Bonergirl<3 A few questions in a AMA. That's more or less when I made up my mind to go through with it and be a skeleton too.

There's a few ways to go about it too. According to Boner and the other girls who chimed in. There's the cutting method, which is about what you think it is. Perks are its the cheap, simple, and straight forward. So its the way favored by most amateurs. The cons are it can take foreeverrrr and most girls say it takes more than one session and some even need a friend to help. There's even different sub camps within the cutters for how to flay and debone. Skully_skltn hired a local butcher off craigslist to come over to her place and do her “unwrapping” She says the way he opened her up she was able to pull herself right up and out of her meaty carcass. Lifting her bare bone arms first then pulling out her legs. Her face, scalp, neck, and even large portions of her torso were sliced so she could easily peal off those parts which she does with the enthusiasm of a single gleeful child.

The butcher then went to work gutting and removing the meat from her hind quarters and chest. He reaches his big gloved hands into her chest cavity from below and rips the rest of her organs with brutal force. Then he takes her apart and puts her in a pressure cooker while he prepares her meat for market. Which they sold to the highest bidders. I actually put a bid on a cut of brisket but lost it at the last second. When he is done prepping the meat he returns to the cooker and dumps the now clean skeleton out and pieces enough of Skully back together for her to be able to help as well. I get fucking wet every time I picture that~

Anyways thats not how I'm going about doing it. I just wanted to share some more info.

Some of the models in the community started out as other types of porn and fetish models so when they made the switch they had a few options open. Most of theses involve a bathtub full of something corrosive. Some get real creative and let themselves get eaten by a ton of small critters like army ants or starving rats. There's one chick looking to get a flesh eating bacteria. I ended up settling on the corrosive bath approach since I happen to have a nice big hot tub and I love to use it.

A few days ago I ordered a lot of bleach and when I say a lot I mean like a whole pallet of it. I had them dump it in the garage and I've been hauling them two at a time to my bathroom and started the slow process of filling up the tub. A few bottles in I realize the smell might get pretty strong so I turn on the vent and light some sticks of incense before getting back to work making progress two gallons at a time. With the tub now getting full I turn the heat on just a little bit so it would be a nice temperature when I take my dip. While I wait I look at myself in at the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and touched myself all over telling myself this is it, in just a little while the Samantha that everyone knows, the Samantha that has appeared in magazines and walked catwalks is about to dissolve away leaving my true self behind.

I scamper into my bedroom to get my phone and snap a number of pictures to remember what I looked like just before I go past the point of no return. I pose in all of my usual sexy poses for my last photoshoot as a regular model. I look at that smiling girl in the picture then to myself in the mirror I visually trace my frame and make note of all the parts where my bones are noticeable; Skull, collarbones, shoulders, elbows, ribs, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Now imagine what those places will look bare and fill in the parts in between from what Ive seen in photos and xrays...Wont have to imagine for much longer I think to myself.

Now I set up my laptop and web cam and set it to record. I make sure I have a good view looking slightly down into the tub. The liquid within is a slight yellow and despite the incense and the vent running it still smells heavily of bleach. A little steam rises off the surface now letting me know its good and hot.

"Well this is it" I say aloud to the camera

Then, stepping up the few stairs to the tub, I bring my left leg out and carefully dip a toe in then look up to the camrea and smirk

"Its warm alright."

I take a deep breath and step in with my left and then right leg in quick secession then lean back easing more of my body into the hot bleach. The small of my back comes into contact with the side of the tub and from there I slide on in. My legs feel a little sensitive now but its nothing compared to how my pussy feels when it dips below. My labia and clit quickly starts to tingle and start to feel hot. I involuntarily gasp then ham it up a little for the future audience.

"Mmm, this feels pretty nice"

Down and down I go til my breasts are submerged. My nipples feel a distinct tingle on them as well. At last a few inches of my hair come in to contact with the corrosive liquid some drifts down and rests on my redening skin and the rest floats on the surface. I let my arms rest on the top edges of the tub and take a look at myself. My legs look red now like from a nasty sunburn with everything on up looking well on its way to being in the same condition.

"If I got out now my legs would probably be scarred forever... that would put a big damper on my modeling... So might as well stick it out now."

I also notice tiny bubbles streaming up from places mostly on my lower body with more and more cropping up as I continue to watch for a few moments longer. Satisfied with the rate at which I am dissolving I look up to the webcam and blow a kiss before leaning my head back and closing my eyes, letting myself feel the bleach do its work.

"Now that I think about it I'm really glad I shelled out the extra money for the industrial strength formula. Ha, I feel like an alcaselzer... And the feeling on my pussy and nipples is, well, I've never felt anything like it."

And knowing that I wont feel it again, well that just makes me relish every moment that much more. I really want to play with myself but I hold back and wait a little longer. Don't rush things. I clear my mind and breath for what feels like a good minute before opening my eyes again.

"Hmm, i think i almost fell asleep."

The bath is red now from blood and dissolved flesh making it a little cloudy but I can still see well enough to make out my toes at the other end of the tub, or at least what I have of toes now. I scan all the way up my body and see I'm red through and through now. There's still skin, but the upper layer of dermis is almost all gone now. My once perfect DD breasts are now looking a little deflated, yet somewhat larger.

" Wow, this is seriously weird. I feel kind of funny. Like All this isn't really apart of me anymore~"

I decide to start my exploration of my decomposition there and curiously reach down to give them a squeeze.

"They feel different now. They've lost their perky quality and are now a little like memory foam pillows i guess."

I press in from the sides and feel them collide. The cellulose in my tits is becoming more gelatinous and more malleable as I work them about. I feel pressure growing in them accompanied with a growing burning feeling from within. I grip them tighter and tighter getting off on the mix of pain and pleasure when suddenly my nipples rupture and and streams of sizzling fat flows out mixing with the bloody bleach.


I cum like crazy from watching my tits pop like overgrown pimples.

"Yeah, yeah, that's it, keep coming for me"

I continue to squeeze and grab them and more of my breast fat oozes out. They are like empty pastry bags now, almost all empty at least. When I release them from my grip they just sort of float on the surface as they keep slowly bubbling away.

"Mmm, now it looks like I've got some new holes to play with~"

I move my fingers along the blown out holes made from my nipples popping. I can easily fit a finger into each hole and with a little work a second one too. The sensation is totally odd, feeling my breasts from the inside. Before long my fingers are touching my ribs, my true self. Eager to become more intimate with myself I push another finger into each nipple hole and then another. This is feeling ever better but I can still top it off but pushing my thumbs into so that I'm fisting my tits! These new and temporary holes can only withstand so much trauma in such a short time before they start to rip and tear. My left tit just has a few fissures but the right rips right along the side going back towards my armpit.

"Well that was fun while it lasted"

I withdraw my hands and grab hold of my destroyed breasts, whats left of them at least and I give a harsh tug, which happens to be more than enough force to pull them off my chest. My ribs now partially exposed!

"Ooo, was that hot or what? I fee so exposed now!"

I rake my fingers across my chest to expose more of the bone. Bits of muscle fall away in strands and chunks. My breastplate now clearly visible along with a few of my ribs. At some point during the process I had lost a few fingernails and the tips of my fingers were getting really raw. I can feel my mind going into overdrive, getting high from my sexual exploration.

" I think I'm getting really horny now, I bet my pussy is soaking wet "

Almost with out thinking my hands shoot down to my crotch and I start to rub my pussy. My left hand focuses on my clit and with my right I plunge two fingers into my depths. My cunt is on fire and I can feel the bleach now coating the inside of my vagina even getting into my cervix. My outer labia is falling off now from the hard finger fucking. My clitoral hood is long gone too... And as it turns out so was my clit... I had rubbed it out literally!

"Ah that felt good too, but Im still just getting started. How about now I open up to you a little more, In fact I think I'm getting ready to really spill my guts out to you"

My fingers are starting to look rather skeletal now as I drag them up to my stomach and start to brush off the broken bundles of muscle fiber exposing more tissue to peal away like its it was some sort of game. Before long my abdominal muscles are threadbare and hardly able to contain its contents any longer. The bleach soaks in and makes its way into me flowing over my organs, past my intestines, and pooling down around my uterus. Needless to say I was starting to feel warm... but not fuzzy inside.

"Oh man, im feeling full now. And so warm. I, I think that if i try..."

The tears into my body are large enough now that I can work my hands inside of me. I feel around for a moment remarking how odd it was to be full of these colorful fleshy sacks and tubes.

"Ew gross, whats all this doing in here"

I grab two handfuls of intestines and pull back out ripping what was left of my torso open and my insides are free to spread out across the tub.

My intestines spool out along with my liver, kidneys, and other organs. I help them on their way and scoop out everything still hanging out in there. Eventually I feel a tugging sensation at my anus and esophagus. My ass, having been exposed to the corrosive bleach for some time now was raw and weak, so after a few tugs I feel my ass tear loose and drift out with the last of my digestive tract save for my esophagus. My lungs are saturated with bleach and my breathing becomes labored. I cough up blood and chunks of lung.

"Well, lets take a look at me now that I'm about half way done"

I stand up and slowly turn about showing off my new look to the camera. My head and shoulders still look pristine. Though, the ends of my hair are burned and wiry. Everything else looks grotesque to say the least. Bleach splashes out of my abdominal cavity and drains out of my ass down my emaciated legs. My rib cage is mostly bare now. My pelvis is viable in a few places. My hands and feet are practically bare. I reach over to the side of the tub and turn on the jets before returning to my spot in the tub.

"looking good, looking good. Ok, I'm ready to get this kicked into high gear, these jets are really going to tear me up then we'll get another look at me"

The jets quickly work up to full speed and I feel muscle ripped from bone. What was left of my lungs are pulverized, my heart is punctured and now desperately pumps bleach into what remains of my blood vestals. I move about the tub letting the jets hit me from all angles tearing and shredding my remaining muscle tissue. I have to check the intake vent every few seconds or so to remove all the chunks of me that are getting stuck in it as it tries to fuel the jets.

"Ok now lets have another look. You ready?"

I stand up once more and the difference is striking. Only a little muscle remains around my pelvis and thighs legs arms and my neck and head. . My lungs are gone but a little bit of heart tissue still struggling to beat is trapped with in my rib-cage. I reach I with a bony hand and release it of its unending duty. I also pull off a few bits of remaining trachea and esophagus. My new look is almost complete.

"Alright, Ive been saving the best for last. But i think I'm going to handle this a little differently. I guess you could say I'm eager to wrap things up or unwrap maybe I should say."

I kneel down in front of the camera as I grab hold of my neck with my now skeletal fingers, taking moment to get used to my new grip. After taking one last look at myself on the screen I start ripping and pulling and by seeing my double in the laptop screen I can tell my efforts are slowly rewarded with a viable tear running up to my chin and ear. I grab on to these new tears and yank some more gaining very little for the first couple of tries and then with a satisfying rip most of my face comes flying off in one large piece. It felt kind of like a really intense waxing. With both hands I hold up my face and look at it closely. This had been my face for the past 18 years, all its lovely features now distorted as I have it stretched before me, All the make up still applied just perfectly. Its all there but my left ear, cheek, eyebrow and part of my forehead. I lick around my mouth and feel the freshly exposed flesh and lack of lips before lowing my face to see myself again. I look at my self in the recording and giggle.

Surprise! Its me!

Despite the lack of skin my face still isn't all that skeletal yet.

"Sure I look a little messy now but once I clean the rest muscle tissue and such off of my skull I'll be all done. Wait hold on I want to try this"

I put my face back for a few seconds, pressing the feature back in place, I'm still able to show slight displays of emotion though the skin mask. Having had my fun I pull my face off again and drop it into the tub.

"Now to Finnish up."

This time working on my scalp, I dig my fingers in and pull but progress is slow going so I opt to pull from my hair instead and this proves to be a better tactic. I feel my scalp separating from my skull along with what was left of the back of my neck. I run my hands all over my new face and find that from the eyebrow down from what I described before was still there. I give my cheek a good pinch and pull it right off with the remanding skin on my skull.

"Nearly done now, just need to get the last bits of muscle off. I'm going to do a quick dip and that should do it!"

I return to the jets and let them blast me clean once again. This time putting my face right up against them. Having no eyelids any more means that as soon as I duck my head in my eyes are attacked with an intense burning sensation that I haven't felt since first entering the tub. My eyes dont last long and are destroyed in under a minute. At the same time the jet has been shooting into my nose hole an ripping up my sinuses too. At last my brain starts to get worked on by the substance that now had all of my meat and flesh dissolved into it. I feel it seeping in mixing with cerebral fluids and making short work of the blood brain barrier. Through the folds and ridges of grey matter it goes making it go soft as it too at last liquefies.

Now here's where you might be thinking that I should just fall over dead, right? But just like any other cleansing and calming bath ive had before when I feel like im good and clean I slowly reach up and open the drain then stand back up and turn towards the camera. Nothing but a skeleton standing there.

I wave to the camera and blow a kiss before ending the recording.

For the record I can still see fine. Same for the rest of my senses. They are all there. Dost ask me how, I could care less.

The tub is slow to drain and a few times I have to stick a bony finger in to unclog the drain of fleshy bits. I rinse the tub of all the tiny pieces of the old me left behind then I pour some more bleach in to make sure I don't clog the drain. After running some more water to confirm I was in the clear I finally go to look at myself in the mirror on the door. My jaw drops in disbelief there I was the real me at last. I take time to get to know my new body just like I did with my old one just an hour ago.

I use a blow drier to get any bleach off me. Wouldn't want to ruin any fabrics now would I?. Next I go to the bedroom and that's when I heard the front door opening

“Guess what? The shoot got canceled!! I'm going to unpack a little and change into something comfy real quick!”


Always happy to see more non-lethal works. You say you're not a writer, but don't sell yourself short: that was a great first effort. The premise is original as well as interesting, and the whole thing is well-written. On the technical front there are some minor spelling and grammar issues here and there, but nothing that detracts from the story too much.

I'm certainly looking forward to reading more of your work. I don't suppose I could convince you to post your unpublished story as well?


Yeah what JIP said. That was really, really excellent. I like the fact that you don't even attempt to explain why girls turning themselves into skeletons without any negative consequences is a thing. Trying to explain something like that is basically impossible and gets in the way of why we're all here: really hot guro content.

I'd love to see more from you!


Thanks! I'm glad that both of you enjoyed it.

Currently I've got one or two more chapters written and unedited for this story. Ive also got a bit of another story that can tie in with this one.

The other story I started first is a lot different from this one. It actually started out as an rp and then the other person and I had a difference of opinion. So its written from a couple of perspectives. The kinks are a bit different too. Rough fucking, gaping, prolapsing, and scat, lots of scat, and bestiality. I recently started breaking it down into chapters and will one day post what I edit into.

There's a third story I have started that involves nipple fucking and eye fucking so far but I'm not sure what direction to go with it now. I need to fill out some more areas and then I'll try to get that up and see if anyone can inspire another chapter in that one.

I do enjoy some attempts to rationalize and justify a characters ability to survive the un-survivable with either science or magic, but yeah I kind of liked the idea of leaving that out for the same reasons you mentioned.


I'd like to see your take on eye fucking. Maybe something where it just sort of grows back, same way the lady in the Oglaf comic "Pinkeye" assumed it would? Or maybe there's a particular class of people who can cause otherwise impossible regeneration by ejaculating into a wound, and they might as well have fun with it.

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