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When I was still Karl Luck, I began a series of short stories about a woman, Melissa Coss, who comes home to find her wife cheating on her with a high school girl. In her rage, she kills both. Over the course of the following months, she starts to feel the urge to kill again.

I am happy to announce that the Melissa Coss Series has been rebooted, and I will keep you updated.

Most Likely Tags: Snuff, Teen, Pedo, Lesbian Sex, and Piss. - Chapter 1


Do they get stabbed in the pussy?



Some will, and there is a pussy stabbing in the first chapter.


This was pretty cool. Very similar in a lot of ways to my Julie's Night Out Story. I wish Angela's face didn't get ruined, and maybe she got stabbed a bunch of times instead, but I like your style. Looking forward to see what Ms. Cross gets up to next.


>>12756 - This is my original run, and the one called Family Slaughter might give you an idea of her next victims (be warned, they're of much poorer quality than the reboot).

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