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by Regis

I’ve got no idea how I got into what turned out to be this crazy, extraordinary, exciting lifestyle, but hey, it wasn’t always like this. The truth is, I’m quite a good girl, really. I’m not a call girl, a prostitute or anything, I only fuck friends, and only do it at parties, where everyone’s doing it, and everyone sees everything you do, like nothing ever happens in private, the way prostitutes do it.

I expect becoming a party girl had something to do with how much fun I have riding a a big stiff cock, and the high, even hypersensitiveness of my clit, the way guys loved to plunge their raging erections into me, front and back, sometimes both at the same time, or drive a big dick down my throat, and of course maybe also it has something to do with the wild crowd I run with. Who knows?

Life is all about hooking up. Right? All my friends know I am pretty much a party girl, especially the guys who are my friends, with their constant hard-ons, drilling me at every opportunity, but I’ve got to say I still believe I’m a good girl, because actually everyone in our crowd does it, and always do it together, we never sneak off in private, like a prostitute or anything. I think I already said that.

I never did do drugs, since a girl can easily get hooked, and I never got into anything more addictive than grass and maybe sometimes I had a chance to sniff the occasional row of snow. Ya, coke. That’s what people do. Its not that bad, you know, once you get it into your system.

It has definite advantages, because it works quickly, and it makes it easier to take some of the shit the guys who are my friends are into. We’re always doing unbelievable sex. And just for fun, they always like to do weird things to a girl’s sex organ, or give us a tail by poking one attached to a post up our bum, stupid shit like that. Guys being guys.

Right after I graduated with a bachelor degree in philosophy, I found my niche when I got this amazing job as an Esthetician. I was always good at doing my own makeup, so it was a natural fit to do makeup for brides and society women. The job was at this terrific beauty salon, where most of the girls were just out of high school, but even though young, they were really cool. In my department we did the faces of rich bitches, after some of the others did their hair.

We also had a side business of doing body waxing, which pulls cunt hair out by the roots, and had a private studio with just one chair in it where we could do some hot cosmetic work on ladies’ cunts, if they asked for it. When it was quiet we sometimes practiced by doing each others’ cunts, and we figured out how got some great ‘hot pussy’ looks by using the right makeup.

One day one of the younger girls brought to work a box of some mind-blowing sex-enhancing tools. They were not for us to sell to customers; these were for us. She had been invited to go home with an older Japanese woman, who wanted to watch her get fucked by her dog. The woman had been the concubine of a Japanese Geisha Master.

Her lover had invented these amazing little clit clips that slid under our clit hood to grip our clit. They would stimulate it, and could bring us to orgasm. There were two kinds, active and passive. Both kinds were like little short lengths of tube, and sat around the clit.

The active ones had these ornate little chains that hung on either side, and when a cock pulled them while the girl wearing it was being fucked, she went over the fucking moon in orgasm. Just any small movement also triggered both types, and as the clit rose, so did its stimulation.

She could also just use her fingers to pull the little chains with the same effect. These ones came off when a girl didn’t want to wear it. The other kind, the passive type, were much more interesting. They had sharp little teeth, and were clamped on to stay on our clit, permanently. They fit under the clitoral hood, were wrapped around the clit, gripping it, and got squeezed on with pliers, so that the teeth gripped us. It was to stay on forever. That’s the one I chose.

The tiny teeth clamped right into my meat, and it hurt like hell being put on, but that soon passed. I soon got used to wearing it, and depended on its steady stimulation. My new clit clamp amplified any move I made. By just slightly shifting my hips it slid just a tiny bit, which was enough to make my clit rise, slide more, and bring me to constant orgasm.

I love it. Now with just a tiny movement of my hips I start to cum. When I walk I cum. When I’m being fucked, I have a massive orgasm. Life is just a bowl of perpetual orgasms, with me cuming all the time. It’s a real blast. I guess now you could call me a New York Geisha Girl.

One time a beautiful lady said she had a really hot party she was going to and asked if I could do some work on her cunt, like to make her look super sexy. I said sure, we do that kind of work all the time, and took her into the private workstation where she could get naked. I had her masturbate before I started, to get her cunt active.

I put some moisturizing cream on the inside of her cuntlips, and used stuff we have that makes skin tighten on the outside, so when it dried it pulled her inner cunt lips wide open. The masturbation she had done for me to get ready for makeup was getting her really horny, and her gorgeous big-lipped cunt opened beautifully for me.

Then I put makeup on her cuntlips and clit, like we always did, to just make them stand out a bit more than usual, and she loved it. I got her to flip over, and made her rectum red as well. She loved that. It’s amazing what a simple little change can make a woman feel much more sexy.

When we went back into the main studio, she and a couple of her friends who came in all the time invited a bunch of us who said we weren’t shy to come to a party with their stockbrokers, guys who were all single and lived together in this great place, and when we said yes, that’s how and when our lives changed, forever.

These stockbrokers are amazing guys, and we had this great party, which you could call a mass orgy. They live together high up in a big older apartment building near the river. They all work in the same building, most for the same firm, and they are now my boyfriends. My girlfriends are the ones I worked with at the beauty salon.

These guys are really good at fucking, and told us they need some girls to live at their place, girls like us who love to party. We all gave up our places, moved in, and one by one quit the salon, because we didn’t need to make money any more, since these guys took real good care of us with a great allowance that was better than what we made at the beauty salon.

We’re just like one big happy fuck family, with eager cocks and lots of hot semen flowing regularly, whenever the guys are home. We’re all at the age that everything is about sex. No kidding, we’re in heat all the time, and the guys give us more sex than we could ever wish for. We make a point of always looking sexy, and it pays off in all kinds of ways.

The guys give us a Brazilian wax job every couple of weeks or so, and then rip the wax off so quickly, and it hurts like hell at first, but then it settles down, and we never need to shave. Like I mean it really hurts pulling out our newly growing pubic hair fuzz like that, but its totally under control. We keep out cunts as clean as a baby’s.

The guys never do it to themselves, they just shave themselves bare every couple of days so I figure they know how painful waxing can be. I can’t tell you how much I want to kick them in the balls when they do it, but as you know, that’s nothing a girl should do, it would end her career as a party girl.. I’m a good girl, and always was, even my daddy told me that.

These guys are doing really well at selling stocks, and they really love girls. They like the look of us, and are always putting clips on our cuntlips to hold them open, or to dangle little weights or tiny bells from them, that ring while we walk or are getting fucked, or will use rubber cement to glue our cuntlips wide open.

It’s just that these guys really like to see a girl’s cunt, the most compelling thing about her, they say, and they like it to always look like its feeling horny. They even call us cunt, like they don’t know our name, and we let them do stuff to us because they always want to see our sex organ ready and open for business, and its fair because they do the same kind of shit to all of us.

They’ll even put a big hard rubber ring up inside our fuck hole to hold it wide open so they can see right up inside us, right to our cervix. They pull it out when they’re ready to fuck, but then put it back in right after they’ve ejaculated inside us. When they use that ring inside our cunts I always think its a pretty humiliating thing to do, but you know it’s also cute, from one perspective, sort of a male way of seeing things.

They even let us help them sell stocks, sort of. They rent us to some of their better clients, because the guys who buy their stocks are willing to pay for a quality fuck from a woman they know, but are too proud to use a call girl or hire a prostitute. That’s where we come in. We don’t get paid, so its not as if we’re whoring or anything.

The guys get five hundred bucks for lending us to a client, get a hotel room, and set up lots of secret cameras. Then one of us will take their client there, get naked, and tell them we like to do it with the lights on so we can see them. We fuck them on top of the bed, where the cameras can see everything.

I know that fucking guys, even just one, when everyone can see is different, and not the same as doing it in private, like being a whore or anything. Only whores will go into a room with a guy and close the door, fucking him in the dark. That’s really perverse, and dirty. I think I told you, I don’t do that kind of shit, I’m a good girl.

My stock broker friends make lots of money from streaming the session live to their private pay site on the Internet, and then tell their clients they’ll have to place all their orders through them, buy and sell, or they’ll release the videos they made on Youtube. Their clients don’t’ like it much, but they all buy and sell their stocks through these guys. They have a good thing going, and we get to have fun getting their clients to show how horny they are, on video.

Sometimes our boyfriends will get us super high and then pierce our lips, ears, nose, nipples, navel and cuntlips just for the fun of putting big brass rings into us, and sometimes even harness us like we were nothing but fucking horses. The parties we have are always hot, fun, and we all do what the guys need us to do, but as you can imagine, sometimes they get a bit crude, if you want to look at it that way.

Every now and again the guys get us a bit high on snow, and we play a game called ‘time of month’ or ‘kill the bunny’ where all of the girls line up at the bar, leaning forward, panties off, and the guys all take turns porking us from behind, shooting their semen into us, just to see which of us girls are most ripe for breeding. It’s really a hoot.

The game lasts a week, like they ride us bareback as soon as they get home from work, with no protection to make sure we all get a good injection of their semen. We crash during the day, and then resume the game at night, ordering in pizza or Chinese or whatever, and get balled by maybe 20 guys a night. At the end of the week we all take the ‘kill the bunny’ test, to find out which of us girls got ourselves pregnant.

Its a real rush, because we never know how many of us will find ourselves knocked up. Any girls who are pregnant have to bring in two new girls, to keep the group going and growing, and so on. The girls who get seriously seeded have to fuck off, so we never have swell-bellies hanging around. They always need to have lots of hot party girls in the group just to keep things interesting for them.

If we have to leave because we’re knocked up, we have no choice but to come back months later when we’re fully ripe, to earn our way back. We take part in an amazingly fun week-long ‘sprog-dropping’ party, where those of us knocked up get induced into popping our pups. Like for real swingers like me, that’s the way a fucking pregnancy is supposed to come to an end, right?

When a swell-belly’s water breaks, she gets up on the bar, wearing only her heels and perfume. A guy gets up with her and gets his prick up her ass, holding on to her tits. He butt-fucks us while we do a filthy dance, and we have to keep it up until we drop our pup. It usually takes quite a while, so when a guy cums up our ass, he gets off the bar and another guy takes his place tail-gunning us.

This makes it so a cunt is being butt-fucked while her sprog comes out, and dangles by its umbilical chord. It always looks fucking amazing, her pup outside her, swinging by the thick cord to its belly. None of this lying down with a doctor, nurses or midwifes helping. We have to do it ourselves while standing up and dancing, and hosting a rutting penis up our ass.

One of the guys, or maybe the bar tender, cuts the cord, triple bags the sprog and it gets dropped right down the trash chute, end of story. The girl that drops it now gets to rejoin our group, and so it goes. Life goes on, but the sprog’s done, so she’s free to be a party girl again.

Anyway, we were 4 or 5 nights into one of these exciting ‘time of month’ games where we were all getting team-fucked when a couple of the guys came in and said the game was off, because they’d just found something way more exciting. They’d met these really rich dudes who they found were throwing a terrific party, and needed girls like us who liked to party, and who weren’t prudes, but who were just looking for a good time, satisfying the lust of their clits.

The guys told us these new guys they’d met were really rich, and they needed girls who weren’t afraid to show their goods, weren’t afraid of some fun rope games, were well built broads with a great set of tits, and they were going to pay 4 grand to any girls they liked who wanted to participate, just for one night, and would pay it in advance.

They told us those new guys had bought some really cool sex toys, and wanted to use them for real with willing ladies. I love using fun sex toys, almost as much as I like fucking. The new guys had stipulated they needed only voluptuous girls like us, no skinny cunts or fatties. We’d be perfect.

I’ve got a really cool figure with big firm tits, a sexy rounded tummy, which I think I got from the 3 party pregnancies I had, but guys love it, and I have a gorgeous cunt, which looks outrageous when I’m feeling hot. I’m not a mother or anything, the pups I popped all went down the trash chute, so I’m free to be a full-time sex party girl again.

Ever since I got my stimulating clit clip put on, I feel hot all the time. Like I’m almost always having a fucking orgasm. Just walking stimulates me, and when my clit starts to swell, the damned clip just works better and better, and a rush of orgasms start, and they just keep on coming. I think if every girl had one, there’d be no more war, because the guys would be fucking us continually, if we had our way.

But what I was saying about these new guys, they had free booze, as much grass as we could smoke and rows of top quality snow for everybody. Our guys told us all the girls who took part in their party would get fully paid in cash as soon as we got there.

All we’d have to do was get ourselves naked, look super sexy, show our amazing cunts, play some of their simple bondage games, use their new sex toys, and get ourselves seriously fucked by lots of guys. That’s what the guys told us these new guys needed from some great cunts. It sounded terrific to me, and I was in. I’m a true party girl.

So were most of the others. We all bundled into two cars and the guys took us to this party. It was in a posh high-end district in a penthouse suite that took the whole top floor. The suite was really cool, overlooking Central Park, and with the most incredible bar I’d ever seen, with everything a girl could need to put on a serious high.

We parked our clothes at the door, keeping on only our heels and jewelry. We also wore perfume, including some up our cunt, because the last thing a guy wants is to fuck a stinking pussy. The guys who brought us didn’t come in, but that was no problem; we had more than 50 horny guys there to take good care of us.

They gave us each four $1,000 bills, which we put in our purses right away, and left them with our clothes in a sitting room near the elevator. We couldn’t keep it with us, because we were all stark naked, unless we put it in our shoes, which might come off in the heat of action. One eighteen-year-old girl put the bills under her soles on open-toed 6 inch mules, which I thought was foolish, because she wanted to keep the money close. She was a stupid cunt.

The guys at the party checked us out with their hands on our breasts and fingers in our cunts to make sure we weren’t too shy for what they needed. We all passed. One of the guys put his finger on my clit clip, without knowing it, and stimulated a micro-erection of my active little love bud. This was going to be a great night.

The place was fantastic. Ceilings were all 16 feet high, and the windows went right to the floor. I saw a row of big hooks anchored in the ceiling, and wondered what they could be for. The windows were one-way glass, which looked black from the outside, but with an amazing view of mid-Manhattan and Central Park from inside. I recognized two of the guys as Broadway stars, and there were also famous guys, actors I’d seen on TV.

This was a party for the wealthy and famous, and I was feeling really lucky to be part of it. Nine of us had bought in, and that meant they put out $36 grand for us. This alone told me these really had to be rich guys. They started by taking us into the laundry room, which was huge, but everything in the penthouse is bigger than I’d ever seen.

They had a big tub we had to squat over after they stuck a hose with a special nozzle up our assholes, to flush us out. The said these were going to be clean games, and they didn’t need us dirtying things with bits of our shit, and they didn’t want to deal with the stink. That made good sense to me, and after we had all been flushed deeply with warm water 3 times, the water came squirting out of our puckered assholes clean enough to drink.

Hey, I’m kidding. That’s just a figure of speech. I commented to one of the guys that we now had the cleanest guts in New York, and he grinned, telling me that having clean intestines was exactly the purpose of the total gut flushing. They’d used a lot of water, and I think it must have gone all the way up to our stomachs.

As soon as we were all cleaned inside, they treated us to three long rows of snow. It was amazingly good shit, and it really brightened us up. They told us right up front that some of us were snorting cornstarch with just a tinkle of coke in it, as an experiment, but didn’t say what the experiment was all about. They said they just wanted to see what difference it made. Whatever. It was sort of fun, trying to guess if we were getting the real thing or just some fake shit.

When the coke rows were all inhaled, they asked us to cross our arms behind our backs, with each hand grasping the opposite elbow. They took some cotton rope, which is soft for the skin, but doesn’t stretch, and tied our arms tightly together like that, right across our backs. That was an interesting kind of bondage, because we couldn’t use our arms or hands, and had to keep our feet apart to keep our balance, which kept our naked cunts fully exposed.

We were then moved into the main party room, and told to stand against the windows, facing them, lean forward and press our big breasts against the glass. They reminded us nobody could see in the way we could see out. Then we had to spread out legs so the guys could come up behind us and fuck us doggy style, but standing up.

The guys surprised me by being really aggressive and rough with their cocks, ramming into us without caring or anything about us, all if them copulating hard but without cuming, just driving their rigid dicks into us fast and furious, the heads slamming against our cervix. We were not really having sex, we were just being fucked, like a row of sexual animals. I personally thought it was totally cool.

Next they gathered our hair to the back, and gave each of us a long single braid. They tied a short length of the cotton rope to the braid so that it dangled down our backs. All of us girls looked really sexy with our hair done the same way, and we were also starting to look the same.

Then they went right over the top, and I got mad as hell, but couldn’t do shit with my arms tied behind my back. They shaved the sides of our heads clean, clearing off most of the sides of my fucking head! Then they used permanent ink to stamp on our heads PIG on the front and SOW on the clean shaved sides.

I think they put SOW and PIG on my head, but the truth is I couldn’t see it, I could just see what they’d done to the other cunts. I never gave them any permission to do that to me, and they didn’t ask me before they did it. This bullshit was totally uncalled for, and I was starting to get really pissed off with these guys and their fucking party.

I had to admit they had done this right, because there was nothing any of us naked bound cunts could do about it to protest. I mean, we could have kicked them in the nuts or something, but party girls ended their fucking career if they ever did anything like that. Only guys got to play rough with us. They could kick us in the cunt if they wanted to, and some of my male friends, the stockbrokers, did that to us when they wanted to. That’s the way it works.

One of the guys had a bag of strange looking restraints, made of two four-inch long metal rods clamped together on either end, with little rings at the ends, and the rings had little chains attached to them. He pried the rods as far apart as he could, grabbed and pulled my tongue out as far as he could, and then put this clamp over it, holding it out so I couldn’t speak, and it hurt like hell.

The next thing he did was to take off my earrings, and put a pair of thicker and larger brass rings in my ears. Then he pulled the chains from the ends of the tongue clamp back and attached them to the new rings in my ears, pulling my ear lobes forward hard while pulling the clamp painfully back in my mouth. I hated that fucking tongue clamp.

While they worked on the second girl, two other guys put a big ass anchor into me. It’s a common sex toy, just an inch-thick chrome tube with a ball on one end and a sharp bend in it. The ball was pushed into my asshole, and thrust right in until the bend touched my rectum, and the bend was turned so that the rest of the pipe went up my back.

There was a ring on the other end of the pipe, and the rope dangling from my braid was tied through the ring and pulled and tied so tight that my back was severely bent around my bound arms. My face was now aimed straight up at the ceiling, and my big tits pointed forward, stressed like the heads of torpedoes.

The other girls were being prepared in the same way. This was really abusive. They had a tall stepladder, and used it to go up and attach big pulleys to hooks solidly set in the ceiling. With my head bent back so severely, it was easy to watch them, although I couldn’t see anything forward of me, until I notice there were mirrors all over the ceiling as well as the walls. When I noticed those, I realized I could actually see just about everything.

Long thick ropes were put on the pulleys and hung down out of sight. I was made to move under a pair of ropes at one end of the long row hanging from their pulleys. The guys holding me each tied a rope around my breasts, and pulled them way too tight, making my big tits bulge obscenely.

The mirrors on the ceiling meant that even bound as we were with our heads pulled back, we could see everything that was happening in the large room. I couldn’t talk with the clamp on my tongue, but there was nothing to keep me from screaming my lungs out.

That wasn’t the worst of it. They started pulling on the ropes, taking up the slack, and then they actually lifted me right up off the floor so that even with my heels on I couldn’t touch it. I was hanging by my fucking big tits! You have to get yourself tit-hung to know how much that hurts.

Next they jammed a big rubber ring cunt stretcher, bigger than anything my friends had used on me, into my cunt, forcing the birth canal shaft to stand wide open so that everyone could actually see right up inside it. I kicked my legs like mad, doing an obscene air dance in my spike heels. That caused more action on my clit clamp, and got me even more horny, if that’s possible. It was fucking awesome.

One by one the other girls were hauled up, until all nine of us swung like naked sows in a long row, kicking, swinging and slowly turning back and forth by our bound tortured tits, with several of us actually pissing from the pain. The guys were all gathered around for a great look at tit-hanging cunts, bound into a contorted look.

All I could think of was that I was really earning the money they’d paid me. Thank God it was a lot of cash, with no paper trail, so I wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it. Then I panicked, realizing that they could easily go through our purses and take back the money we’d been paid.

This whole thing was a setup, and the guys who were our friends who brought us here were likely in on it, and would get some of our money for having sucked us in. When I got out of here, I was going to make them all sorry they ever did this horrible thing to us.

Now something I thought was worst of all happened. The guys brought these 40 pound weights out, released the rope from one of out tits, and tied it to a weight, so that one tit was taking all our weight, and the other was being pulled severely down by a big fucking weight.

I hated these assholes. Even my friends at the sprog-dropping parties had never treated me this badly when I’d been ass-fucked while three different times I’d popped my pups out. The weight on one tit pulled me so that my torso twisted. With one tit being pulled up and the other down, I was being bent severely.

In this new position I could see horizontally, because of the skew in my body. There was nothing I wanted to see. My neck was in almost as much pain as my tits because of the pull on my braid to my asshole anchor. The other eight cunts were in bad shape too, and all of us were drooling from the tight steel rod clamps on our tongues.

When all the girls got a weight tied to one of her big tits, things got a whole lot more serious, worse than anything I’d ever heard of, even in New York, where everything was possible. All the men were fully dressed, but they were a whole lot more interested. They got their cocks out and started pumping on them, fucking their fists at the sight of us, like they knew exactly what was going to happen to us.

A big muscular guy wearing only some work boots came in, carrying a small hunting knife. His big cock curved stiffly up, his penis bouncing and his balls swinging with every step. I was the first in line, and he came straight toward me. I could see when he got close how sharp that fucking knife was. I was so scared I would have shit, except my gut, like with all the girls, had been flushed clean.

I could see these guys had planned this whole thing as a bitch butchering party, and they were going to kill and gut us all like a row of hanging pigs! Even in the Big Apple that wasn’t such a common thing to happen, and there was no way we could have guessed that was what we were getting ourselves into when our guys brought us to the exclusive penthouse.

As I swung by my tit I could see the row of my girlfriends, all swinging by a tit like me, with a big weight pulling down on the other tit, forcing their torsos to twist, wearing that outrageous tongue clamp, asshole anchor with their braid pulling their heads back, and wearing those insulting stamps on their heads, PIG and SOW. Just like me. They really did look like a row of naked pigs hanging in the slaughterhouse. This was fucking unbelievable.

Suddenly, seeing the guys who were watching us and were all energetically jacking off, my clit slid inside its clamp, and this started to stimulate me toward orgasm. This was outrageous. I was being sexually stimulated by the intense desperation of my situation.

The more I realized how desperate my situation was, the more my clit rose, sliding inside the fucking clit clip, which made me more and more horny. The truth was this was so fucking hot I was getting off on it. My clit was on fire. I couldn’t believe it. I started to orgasm, and the knot of sexual excitement in my belly just kept on growing.

The naked dude grabbed my neck to stop me from the slow swinging, and with everyone watching closely, stuck the tip of his knife into my lower belly. Not deep, but right through my fucking bacon! The blade was very sharp, and I didn’t feel much pain, just a warm burning feeling. Slowly he moved the blade upward moving it toward my navel. This should have hurt a lot more, I realized, and now knew I’d sniffed rows of real honest shit.

The son of a bitch was ripping me like a dangling pig. Without thinking about it, I began squealing like a stuck pig, which was exactly what I was right now. In the mirrors I could see a few of the guys starting to dribble semen, and then spurt their cum in the air, ejaculating like a row of shameless studs.

A few more guys started to shoot when the blade slicing open my belly moved past my navel, and I could feel a loop of my guts start to slither out. This was so obscene I couldn’t stand it. I started to buck, without meaning to, like a cunt in heat, getting herself an air fuck. I couldn’t believe how much this disgusting gutting was turning me on.

The blade stopped moving when it reached my sternum. The guy wielding it dropped it to the floor, and used both hands to pull out my tripe, eviscerating me alive. It was so bizarre I started to giggle, which is quite a trick with your tongue stretched so far forward. That didn’t work that well, so I went back to squealing like a stuck pig, which it turns out is exactly what I by this time was.

The dude reached down and picked up the knife again, and I couldn’t believe it when he cut my tripe free, so it made a heap on the floor. Now the guys could see my vital organs inside me. I was otherwise hollowed out, like I was ready for roasting like a pig or something stupid.

Now the naked asshole reached in with his bare hand and with the knife, and he cut off my uterus, ovaries and all. With all the guys watching, he sliced it, like he was doing a pregnancy test. He peeled my detached gonad open, and sure as fuck, there was a tiny sprog in me, just starting to form. Well, not in me anymore.

I was fucking pregnant! Or at least I had been. This little sprog would never be born, because I was being killed, and for no good reason, except for the entertainment of these asshole party guys. All of them were jacking off like mad watching it happen. This was the kind of shit that got them off.

They weren’t the only ones getting their rocks off. My clit felt like it was now standing firm like a rigid little cock, and to top it off I was in the midst of a gigantic orgasm. All of this with my fucking guts and uterus pulled out! Now I was really starting to feel like a butchered sow. Thank God for the high quality cocaine they gave us, or some of us.

To tell the truth, I couldn’t imagine a girl being brought to a party like this one, being bound and strung up like this by her tits, even if she was having a tremendous orgasm, as I was, and getting herself gutted alive with everyone who was watching jacking off, without having lots of great coke running through her system.

Some of the girls who would follow me didn’t have, they’d just snorted cornstarch. Take it from me, getting myself bound, strung up by my tits with a big weight hanging from one of them, and then getting myself gutted like that at a New York sex party would be totally intolerable, for sure.

I saw the nude dude was starting to get his rocks off. He had his knife in one fist, my split open uterus in the other, and he made bulging muscles with his arms as if he was some kind of fucking champion. I could see his prick pulsing, and as he threw his head back and thrust his groin forward it was obvious he was going to start ejaculating.

He threw my uterus in the air, and I realized he was going to try to catch it on his cum-spouting cock! His big balls were swinging right in front of me, and having nothing to lose, I swung my foot in the most powerful kick I could muster, considering I was bound terribly by these assholes, and was now completely gutted.

It was more than enough. My uterus came down on the top of his spurting erection and bounced off, and then the toe of my shoe met his big balls. It slid off, toward his asshole, and the top of my foot crushed the bastard’s tough semen-generating testicles into his groin, pushing them back up were they had originated.

The look of pain and then unbounded rage on his face would have burned a hole right through the wall. With a single stride toward me his knife swung up through the gaping rip in my belly, and it plunged directly and deeply into the meat of my pounding heart. The pounding stopped.

This can’t happen to me, everybody knows I’m a good girl!


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