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Serena and I were enjoying our moment at the beach.

“It’s so great that we’ve managed to get the beach to ourselves.” She said to me.

“Yeah…” I muttered. I was a little too shy to look at her directly. Even as her body was submerged with the water, her gorgeous face with her shimmering blue eyes were too much for me to handle without tackling her for a hug. She swam over to me.

“You know, seeing as we’re alone and all that…” She gave me a seductive look. I blushed.

“Wait, what?” I asked her. Before anything else happened, Serena held her gut in pain. “H-hey! Are you alright?” Serena began to sink. I panicked and grabbed her, swimming as fast as I can to the shore. I knew we should have waited an hour before eating.

Eventually we got to the shore. I was carrying her in my arms and placed her on my towel. I got her mouth to open as I tried my best to attempt CPR. At least, I tried to. I placed my hands on her chest and pumped it up and down while breathing into her mouth. There was no one else to help me with the CPR, so I was stuck on my own. Up, down, up, down. I tried my hardest, but I wasn’t able to fully know CPR. By about five minutes, I froze in despair as I fully convinced myself that I couldn’t revive her. I looked at my hands as they hovered over her chest…

I had one hand hover over her breast. I squeezed it… It felt warm. I could feel her nipple poking my hand as I kept squeezing. I looked at her open mouth and moved for it, kissing her and giving her my tongue. I gently moaned as I got on top of her to feel her remaining warmth plus the warmth of her still-wet body. My legs moved around as my knee touched something: her crotch. I got up and looked at her in her white one-piece bikini. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. I looked to her crotch. I had to see it. I got to the crotch part and slid it away, revealing to me her vagina.

There were a few folds to it and bristles of blond pubic hair. Her vagina was wet from the water, as was her bikini. I took off my briefs and raised her legs. I slid my penis into her and thrust. I panted as I pressed in and out, looking as Serena’s breasts jiggled. Her body was very warm. I moved in and kissed her, swishing my tongue around with hers. I moved her arms and placed them on my back as if she was embracing me. This, along with kissing her was causing me to orgasm. But I didn’t want to cum inside her. I pulled out and jacked off, spraying it over her body. I looked at her. Her arms laid out, her legs parted, her beautiful swimsuit now stained in cum, and that face, that peaceful, unmoving face. I decided to wash her body.

I picked up her body and carried it. One of my hands was right on her cute little butt and my fingers were just shy of touching her vagina. I entered the water again and soaked her body in it. The cum washed right off. I left her afloat for a bit and my eyes stared right into her pussy. My dick hardened again. Her body floated a bit and I also saw her nice, firm legs. I swam up to her crotch and licked it. It tasted salty, though that could be because of the water. The pubic hair tickled my nose a bit. I pulled her body close to me and in the process, I managed to slip the top portion of her swimsuit off to expose her breasts. I shoved my head in between them as I slid my dick into her vagina once again.

I thrust it up and down while moaning. The bobbing caused her hair to undo itself, making her hair look longer and straighter. I clutched onto her and with one final gasp I came inside her. I let go of her body and shoved my penis out of her. I let her float as my semen seeped out of her. She looked so peaceful… So beautiful… I’m going to miss her.

Or so I thought. As I began to swim away, I was held by someone.

“You are the best!” It was Serena.

“Wh-what? But… I thought you were-”

“No. I was just unconscious… I only woke up after you put me in the water…” Serena said.

“Why didn’t you let me know?” I asked.

“Because when am I ever going to have you screw me?” She turned me around and shoved me into her breasts. I held her and smiled. What I thought was a failure turned into a success.

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