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The thing that awoke Victoria first were the distant screams. Pained, horrific screams that were utterly impossible to ignore. Cold sweat doused her forehead, and her chest rose and fell as she recovered from some terrifying nightmare that, at the moment, she couldn’t seem to recall. She swallowed, her smooth throat bulging ever so slightly. She looked around, attempting to take in her surroundings, but all she could note was the close blackness and her positioning. Nothing was making sense. Where was she? What was happening? Who was screaming? Why was she… why was she entirely naked? She could feel her limbs all stretched apart like the Vitruvian Man, held up by tight restraints that seemed to be a part of the wall she was pressed against. As she slowly regained more confidence, the prospect of struggling became more and more relevant in her mind. She blinked twice rapidly then lurched forward, as if hoping to break one of the restrains. Nothing, of course, but her somewhat hefty body jiggling.

“It’s… no use…” she heard a voice say above her. It was quiet and raspy, hushed and extremely stressed. She had heard the voice before, but something about it was so different she just couldn’t tell. It sounded dry, as if she had been awake much, much longer than Victoria had been. She looked up. Directly above her was another girl in the exact same position as her, yet Victoria couldn’t see her face. Just a rather plump, delectable pussy that preceded a taut anus pulled open by her stretched cheeks. Beyond that, Tori could see only breasts, firm and round with quite a bit of weight, not too dissimilar to her own.

“Who are you?” Victoria asked quietly.

“Shannon. There’s no use trying to escape…”

Shannon? Her sister? None of this was making sense: being bound up naked underneath her own sister, the sound of distant screaming. What was happening? What was going to happen?

In the distance, Victoria suddenly heard a low buzzing, followed by the loudest screams she had yet to hear. Her eyebrows pushed together, forming creases on her forehead, in fear and confusion. The confusion followed when the screams died out suddenly. The distant buzz clicked off. Now there was nothing. No sound but the soft, heavy breaths of her and her sister. What could she do now? It was obviously no time for small talk with her sister, and as time progressed worry welled up more and more inside her.

And the anxiety welled for quite some time. In fact, though she didn’t have a legitimate way to measure it, she knew somehow she hung there for hours after the screaming stopped. The only comfort Tori had was knowing her sister was right above her, and something about the soft sound of breath filling the mysterious chamber brought a warm satisfaction to her heart where joy currently lacked.

The hours passed slow as molasses, and Victoria was rather quickly left to wonder what was to come of her. Would she simply starve to death with her sister and never get discovered again? Fear radiated through her, and the sudden realization that she may never again see the outside world hit her like a truck. Suddenly she yearned for fresh air, and claustrophobia set in when she realized the stuffy, muggy air of this small compartment could be the last she’d ever breathe again.

“Shannon…” she said, quietly at first. She got no response. Her sister must have fallen into a sleep. “Shannon,” she said once more, louder.

“What?” The response was quiet and clearly stressed, though the energetic anxiety that still plagued Victoria was entirely absent.

“I have to get out of here. We have to get out of here.”

“It’s no use…”

“Stop talking like that! There has to be a way… There has to be!” Victoria’s relentless badgering now got to Shannon, and though their situation was dire and she knew good and well the likelihood she and her sister wouldn’t be reunited after this encounter, she raised her tone.

“I’ve already tried Tori… There is no way.”

“Well I’m not sitting around waiting to die.” The word hit Shannon’s ear with a harsh resonance. Could Victoria be so sure this was it for them? Sure, the thought had crossed her mind far too many times to even count at this point, but was Tori so sure it was a given? They knew nothing now, how could she know for sure this was where they’d die?

Then, as if on cue, a sharp clicking sound sounded out just above Shannon’s head. It sounded like it was embedded deep in the wall.

“What was that?” Victoria asked quickly, her tone sharp and fearfully eager.

“I don’t know,” Shannon responded, a harshness rising in her voice. Her sister was quite a deal younger than her, and it pulsated more than ever now.

Then, with the single click as a source, a slick metallic sound arose as something jutted out from the wall. Tori craned her neck to see what it was, but her freedom to move was limited strictly. It sounded distinctly like a blade, and suddenly true worry swelled inside of her. Whatever was coming for them was coming now, and the inevitability of death stared both her and her sister down. Suddenly the petty arguments meant nothing, and all Victoria wanted was to see her sister’s face again.

“What is it Shannon?” Victoria asked again, the stress clearly staining her voice.

Then a buzzing sound. Not too dissimilar from the distant one all those hours ago. But something about this was more personal, the harsh buzzing sound felt like less of an ambient sound and more of an attack. An attack on Shannon and Victoria.


But there was no reply. All Shannon could do in the moment was look up in complete and utter horror. Fear had never pulsated through her body as much as it did now, but despite that, her attempts to escape were minimal. She simply remained, head turned upwards and body clenching as her heart beat faster than ever.

Then the buzzing started getting closer to Victoria, as if trickling down the wall where it would eventually greet her. She had her head turned upwards too, as if to see Shannon or whatever ghastly thing was above her. Stress and anxiety were tensing up, and as her sister’s reply took longer, Victoria began to get more and more worried.

“Shannon?” She asked again, this time incredibly quietly. She wanted to reach out and touch her sister, to hold her hand one last time.

Then, just beyond where Shannon’s head was meant to be, a stream of blood spurted out and a horrible crunching, cracking sound echoed through the chamber as the buzzing got louder. Tori’s brown eyes burst with fear as now blood and brains shot in all directions, splattering on the wall behind Shannon and splashing against her breasts. Victoria started struggling, yanking hopelessly against her restrictions, her head pulled back and eyes and mouth hanging open. Then, as Shannon’s legs began twitching profusely, urine sprayed from her pussy and splashed violently on Victoria’s face. Her eyes stung as they were penetrated by her own sisters piss, and the foul, sour taste filled her mouth immediately. She yanked her head down without hesitation, allowing the piss to fly out of her mouth and splash on the floor in front of her after dribbling down her breasts and the rest of her body. Urine continued to splash on her head, greasing her hair and filling the room with a horribly vile stench. Finally the piss subsided, slowly turning more to a light dribble. Once more Tori looked up and noticed the stream of blood had become significantly stronger, now opting for more of a reckless spray that caused brains and bone debris to splatter and shoot in all directions. Victoria watched in breathless terror. Words couldn’t describe the impossible mix of fear, anxiety, loss, guilt, and extreme sadness that was coursing through her. Slowly, the source of the sound came into view, the slim structure rising past where her line of sight stopped. It was a buzzsaw, and it was splitting through her sister.

Victoria noticed her sister’s rather stubby, plump legs: twitching, clenching, and wobbling more than anything she had ever seen in her life. Below that were her sister’s feet, which were extended outwards, toes curling in as pain raped her whole body. Her palms were now pressed flat against the wall behind her, fingers clawing against the hard concrete. Then, in a mere few seconds, life left Shannon’s body entirely. In her final moments, her whole body twitched and heaved without rhyme or reason and without rest. Then, in a moment of pure release, her body seemed to open: palms out, feet pulled upwards, legs stretched out. More piss dribbled out of her pussy and onto Victoria’s face, but having been somewhat desensitized now and going through raw, powerful emotions, she couldn’t bring herself to pull away. Instead she opted for letting her sister’s urine splash in her face, filling her open mouth and eyes with salty pee. She blinked it out without second thought. Then, in perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of Tori’s short life, Shannon’s body fell lifeless, slumping in the restraints. Victoria’s heart stopped. The endless life that once flowed through her sister’s very existence was now gone, extinguished. Yet blood still flowed, splashing and staining Shannon’s admittedly small tits with a crimson red.

Victoria closed her eyes. Finally she understood her sister’s plea. There really was no escape. The restraints were too tight and solid, and even if she could break free where would she go? She had no earthly clue what remained outside that door. She awaited death now, patiently, despite some extreme anxiety that she buried deep inside. As she waited, she thought of her sister. Shannon. She was always so beautiful, and despite her and Victoria being extremely similar visually, Shannon was always the more attractive of the two. She was taller than Victoria with less density on her bones. She had a perfectly rounded face with thin lips and wavy, silky hair that stopped at her shoulder. Her nose was button and cute, and on it rested the brim of glasses that suited her facial structure perfectly. Victoria wondered if she still had them on.

Then, as always, the comparisons started. Even if they were pointless now, something about Victoria meant she just couldn’t help it. Her hair wasn’t short and silky, it was incredibly long, falling in ungraceful and disheveled curls to the small of her back. It was brown-borderline-blonde, and, when tucked behind her ears, only accentuated her rather chubby face. She had a similar nose to Shannon, though hers didn’t come equipped with glasses. Her eyebrows were thin and poorly trimmed, though they sat above what was arguably Victoria’s best feature: her eyes. Her big, green eyes always twinkled and glowed, and were shaped beautifully, kissed at the corners with luscious, long eyelashes. But besides that, Tori was almost always self conscious of her appearance. She always believed her lips were too skinny and her body too fat. Truthfully her body was decently chubby, but it was always bordering on skinny. Her rolls were absolutely defined and in no way non-existent, and, while a gunt was present, it was only fitting to her body and never actually hung over her pussy. Shannon always thought Victoria judged herself too harshly, and could always find the beauty in her sister.

But she was the only one.

The only one that wouldn’t use her for her ugly-attractive hybrid that resulted in, as her ex-boyfriend put it, her being “rapeable.”

And now she was gone. Forever. There was no doubt Victoria’s beloved sister was truly dead, even if blood still squirted from her corpse with reckless abandon.

Yet, intermittent between thoughts, Victoria realized the buzzing had stopped. Fearfully, she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head up. Between her nose, not even inches away, sat the blade end of a massive buzzsaw, embedded deep into the wall. It was soaked red and dripped blood. Her sister’s blood. Something wasn’t adding up to Victoria here. Why would it stop there? Was this a brutal method of torture? Consistent waiting beneath her own sister’s lifeless body? Fear and loss now built up in her, and after a moment of her chin quivering, tears burst from her eyes. Her breaths grew shallow and quick, and her chest heaved with each sob. Blood was now trickling down her forehead and nose in somewhat of a precise line. She struggled, throwing her wrists helplessly against the metal restraints as she wailed loudly. She wanted out. She needed out.

Then another buzzing sound.

But this wasn’t the one right above her head. This one was more distant.

In fact, this buzzing was somewhere to her right. She looked up to the source of the sound, and another saw protruded from the wall, this one horizontal and at level with her sister’s waist. In an instant the blade shot down the wall, infinitesimally quicker than the one that was still dripping blood. It flew straight through Shannon’s midsection, and a moment passed after it hit the end of its track. Then, with a sickening slapping sound that echoed loudly, Shannon’s legs gave in and flopped down. Just her legs, feet still pressed against the wall by the restraints. Victoria screamed in absolute horror as bloodied stumps landed on her shoulders, split clean down the middle, dissecting Shannon’s pussy and anus into two. Split intestines fumbled out of either half and fell into a bloody pile on the floor. Victoria’s older sister was split in half twice, leaving her body in four parts. Tori squirmed and screamed consistently as more guts and entrails splattered onto her from the top half of her sister which was dangling above. This went on for quite some time, and Victoria’s body was slowly getting drenched by her sister’s blood.

Then a click, and immediately the four quarters of Shannon crumpled to the ground, no longer suspended as her restraints opened. Slowly the screaming subsided, making way to a gaping gaze on Shannon’s corpse. It was a clean cut down the middle, splitting her whole head in half. The perfectly halved sides of her brain slowly seeped out of her open skull into the haphazard mess of organs and guts. Strangely enough, though her entire body was lax and would wiggle with any movement, her face still held the look of terror and extreme pain that it did before her death. Her mouth was pulled to either side and her eyes rolled up, drool and blood pouring from her mouth. Victoria could see every entrail in her sister’s body oozing out of the gaping wounds that split Shannon into four.

Immediately vomit gurgled out of Tori’s open mouth, splashing on the floor and her sister’s corpse. In the moment, her face flush with terror, she could feel herself observing every graphic detail of Shannon’s lifeless body. Every organ, every bone sticking out, the shape of everything inside her, the way it all fell out of what seemed like an empty case, the way her face was distorted in horrific pain (the last thing she would ever feel), the way her brains crept out of the dark hole that was her skull, the specific shape of the pool of blood around her, every vein, every misplaced hair, every claw mark. She even noticed that Shannon had her glasses on.

The guilt, disgust, and depression that ran through her veins was rather quickly replaced with immediate, utter dread as above her head she heard a small click. Her heart raced faster now than ever, and the blood left her face, leaving her pale and frozen in indescribable fear. Her body shook violently, chest rising and falling quickly with each shallow breath.

Then the buzzing.

And without hesitation pain raced through her body, preceded by a sharp burning in the top of her head. Unlike Shannon, Victoria let out a screech. An ear piercing screech, that seemed to beg for life and freedom. But that would never come. She could feel the blade enter into her skull; it tore through flesh and bone. Blood splattered everywhere, and, every muscle in her body clenched, her eyes rolled back in an ultimate pain. She gritted her teeth, causing the scream to come out slightly muffled now. As if accentuated by the inevitability of death, her youth seemed to pop in the way she struggled. Her small body heaved forward and churned, causing her sagging, ovular, and youthful breasts to jiggle tremendously. Blood trickled endlessly down her face and now past her neck and collarbones to eventually trail off at her stomach.

In an instant, all the struggling and clenching was multiplied as the blade began slicing into her soft, pink brain. Chunks of it went flying immediately, and now her neck bulged with veins and tendons. The pain was incredibly intense, and she could find no way to properly deal with it.

Any movement of the head was impossible, as the blade that was currently splitting it in two kept it from moving side to side. Any other action was equally as impossible, but due only to restraints and lack of proper thinking. Vision started fading and slowly things became more and more numb, but the pain was still ruthlessly present.

Then, suddenly, as the buzzsaw reached to about halfway down her rather large forehead, it sputtered and slowed. With a quick twitch it stopped, and large pillars of smoke trickled out, soon turning to billowing plumes ejecting from either side of the blade. Victoria’s jaw quivered and her eyes rolled around in her head. She wasn’t quite dead yet, and if the loss of brain power alone wouldn’t kill her then the pain definitely would. She breathed more steadily now, not having the capacity to fully comprehend fear. Senses were slowly fading now, the only one still sticking with her being that of touch, meaning she still felt every bit of pressure and every ounce of pain. Then a sudden burning across her midsection that made way to entire numbness below the waist. With her vision only half working, she groggily glanced down with her eyes. Below her waist there was nothing but dripping entrails. Then a click.

Victoria was on the ground on her stomach in between either half of Shannon. She blinked her eyes slowly, unable to comprehend the depth of the situation immediately. Slowly she stretched either arm out in front of her and began clawing at the ground. With all her best efforts she tried moving her legs, but all she felt was immense pain. She lifted her head and looked back. There was another pair of legs between Shannon’s, but these ones were still connected in the middle. Without thought a tear dribbled down Victoria’s dirty, blood soaked face. Then she went back to her escape.

Then a blinding light as a door creaked open, which was quickly gone as a man walked in the room. His steps were heavy and determined, but other than that and his hulking stature, there was nothing else Victoria could know about him. He knelt down next to her, his hand caressing Shannon’s entrails.

“H-e--y-... d-do’n-’t--...” Victoria mumbled, words slurred like they never have been before. She could grasp the concept of urgency, but couldn’t portray it. The man’s head turned, almost snapping with the velocity.

“Not again,” he whispered, so quietly Victoria couldn’t hear. He made his way to where her legs would have been and observed her organs spilling out. He picked up her small intestine, letting it slip and slide and fall in his hands. Tori dry-heaved. Though her vision and hearing capabilities were fading quickly, she could still feel everything-- and that included her inners. She tried vomiting, but nothing could come out. “Shame…” he said, this time louder, “I had plans for you and your sister.”

“N-,noo,n..” she let out, eyebrows turning upwards in anxiety and depression. Then, quickly, he made his way to her split head and picked what was left of her up by the hair. The tug pained her, but it came nowhere near the worst pain she was currently experiencing. Her bottom lip, thin yet full, quivered. Her eyes drooped but he stared directly into them. There was a dark joy in his stare. He liked seeing her in extreme pain. Almost more than he would have if she were dead. He set her down, gaping wound first, so her organs that had been dangling below her now created a platform for her. He placed her so her face would be facing him, close enough that she was almost touching. Her whine turned into a scream once more as she felt his hand push against one side of her brain and pushed slightly. Deep cracking sounds emerged as he pulled the top of her head apart, still managing to keep her alive so she could feel it all.

Then Tori felt something long resting in the crevice in her head. Long, hard, and moist. Then it pulled out, but only slightly. The end of it bulged to a bulbous size and throbbed. It wasn’t until he thrust forward and she felt warm balls slap against her nose did she know what it was-- a cock. A large, meaty cock that was skullfucking her. Slowly, at first, but without warning, suddenly hard and relentlessly. Victoria screamed a blood-raising shriek, closing her nails in on the man’s thighs and trying to hold tight. She felt it thrust and throb and fuck and pound deep inside her head. Somehow, despite her brain being split almost fully in two, she was still alive.

The time he was pounding her brain felt like an eternity, but ended as he sprayed the gaping crack in her head with his salty sperm. Victoria shivered ruthlessly as her brain became drenched with the warm, gooey jizz. He pulled his cock out, leaving the cum to fill every open hole and dribbling out of Victoria’s head. Her whole body twitched and she cried quietly, mouth agape as she had no earthly idea of even what to do with it any more. Cum poured from her ears and nose, and she quivered in ultimate discomfort. She wasn’t yet dead, but she was bordering it, and unfortunately for her, he knew exactly what he could do to her while still keeping her alive.

He pushed her nose with one finger and immediately she toppled over. She quivered and twitched violently, causing splashes and ripples in the literal pool of blood. Cum dripped out of her skull, ears, nose, and mouth, mixing with with the red. She breathed more gently now, though they were deep and heavy. But she didn’t have much time to rest, as in no time at all she was hoisted in the air by her hair once more.

She was now truly exhausted, more exhausted than she ever had been in the entirety of her young life. Blood and semen dribbled slowly down her nose. Struggling was now out of the picture entirely, even when he started pressing his cock into the right half of her somewhat grey brain.

The only thing that really changed for Victoria as he pushed his dick deep into her brain was the twitches, which occurred more frequently and more violently, but aside from the crippling pain surrounded by a haze of numbness that raped her brain, she felt nothing new. Yet she did realize finally how impossibly massive his cock was, as no matter how deep he had gotten he seemed to continue to push. Until, after some breaking, cracking, and snapping, his head began to protrude from the small hole in Victoria’s ear. He continued to push, throwing his head back as his cock ever so slowly pushed out of the hole, dripping blood and brain matter.

Without struggle he slid through her head and out the other side, throbbing the whole way. After entirely too long of non-stop pushing, his balls were finally pressed against the soft mush that was Tori’s brain. He let out a satisfied grunt then let go of Victoria. But she didn’t fall. Instead she remained in the air, held up by his strong dick, which pierced rather sloppily through her head. Pain and numbness were the only two things Victoria knew now. All sight and scent and taste were gone, but the void was filled with the extreme pain she was surviving. All energy was drained from her body, and all she could do now was witness the true horror that was to come.

And suddenly, as the man hoisted something else in the air, Victoria felt something cold and meaty press against the right side of her face. She could feel lips-- not the lips that would be on someone’s face, but meaty all the same. Despite the claminess of the flesh, a warm liquid poured slowly from the lips, which had been wrapping and squeezing around the man’s cock. The lips were a part of something bigger, and with them came two limbs that seemed to move freely.

Then the realization set in. The horrid, dreadful realization. The lips that were pressed against Victoria’s ear, penetrated by the cock that protruded from it, was her own vagina. Tears began flowing from her eyes as instinctually vomit spewed from her lips. She didn’t heave, but the barf had a velocity nonetheless. Piss dribbled in a slow line down her right cheek, dropping off below the jaw, mixing with the tears, blood, and semen.

But he wasn’t done. His cock was so incredibly massive, that even despite penetrating half of Victoria’s skull and the entire bottom half of her body, there still was room for more. Amid the mess of organs and guts that dangled and hung from the still bloodied wound that split Victoria in half was the head of his penis, with just enough shaft to still use. Then, to fully satiate his dark desires, he skull fucked half of Shannon’s head.

Once his head cleared through her brain matter and, like Victoria, slowly peaked out the ear, he stood for a moment, admiring the glory of the feat he just accomplished. Then, slowly at first, he began pushing the mess of body parts off his dick, sandwiching them together and supporting them by placing his hands on the back of Shannon and Victoria’s heads. Then he pulled them back in and continued the pattern of pushing and pulling, picking up the pace almost immediately. No sound or movement came from Tori but a quiet sputtering that resembled a choke.

The man raped the dead-sisters-kebab continuously for what felt like hours to Victoria, stopping only at the very height of his excitement, at which time he removed all the pieces of flesh and pleasured himself. As the moment of climax hit, he set up Shannon’s dead body so Victoria was sandwiched between either half of her body, her sister’s exposed brain pressing against her ears. Then, a rain of hot, white cum splattered down on the bodies, Tori responding with quiet whimpers and a twitching eye, but the gaping hole in her brain that was being filled with the man’s sperm left her completely immobilized.

Once the onslaught of cum stopped drenching her sweet young face, she once again felt a familiar tug on her hair, but this time it wasn’t to pull her into the air, rather it was to set her upright. Her heart raced involuntarily, but her face was flat and lifeless. She cherished her last moments of life as she felt the man’s hands press firmly against either half of her brain and begin to push.

He struggled lightly in the beginning, but as he adjusted his footing and pulled apart stronger, he found himself conducting the situation with ease.

A deep, frightening crack-- bone shattering. Then a rip. And his arms, beaded with sweat, were pulled to their full capacity at either side in the moment after a grand, dramatic gesture. Victoria’s body swayed gently upright, her head now split perfectly in two. It was a messy split, nowhere as nice as Shannon’s, so despite her nose being cleaved down the middle, her tongue still remained intact, bulging above the other flesh of the left side of her head. Death was not quick for poor, young Tori, and she still stubbornly held on for her life, even if all she wanted in the moment was death. The split stopped just above her collarbone, and once more the man wedged his hands into the crevice and began pulling apart.

It was with this rip that at long last Victoria finally took her last breath. Though the man tried to split her down the middle, he only managed to take of her left tit and shoulder. Her body still remained upright, and despite the entire top left portion of her body being ripped off, she still took breaths. These breaths, of course, were her final breaths. And as they grew shaky, so too did the feeling in Victoria’s body, which faded to nothingness slowly and painfully.

Tori’s dead body collapsed face-first, blood and sperm shooting in all directions. The man held up the left side of her body, playing with her ovular tit and peering into her dead eye. Then, just to watch her collapse again, he dropped the fourth of her corpse.

He looked at the carnage, admiring the work he’d done. Then he left, leaving the many chunks of flesh that used to make up the two young sisters to rest and decay.


Holy shit, this is intense stuff. Where's the part 1?



nvm found it lol

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