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((Alright so I've been playing For Honor and I think a bit of guro is deserved. So each part I'll focus on one or two female characters to kill and fuck, I would love feedback aswell as recommendations for the next part.))

Part 1: Raider (Female obviously)

((On a side note I've decided I'm going to make the Raider topless.))

The battle or more importantly The Neverending War raged on all over the land, Vigdis was a warrior of little repute and while she was fierce in battle she was not always careful of her surroundings.

It was a simple ambush on the Knights, Vigdis followed two of her allies (Who's names are of little import) down the the dark underpass, she held a torch which well illuminated the area and her fairly large and firm breasts "Where are we going?" Spoke the man on the left in front of Vigdis "Shh..." Whispered the other man before continuing "Right now we are under a fort that was supposedly hidden..." The left man nodded slowly before the right continued "This should take us into a storeroom where we can sneak past the guards and open the gate..." Vigdis looked about the area silently as they walked through the tunnel, after awhile of them conversing in hushed tones the came across an old metal ladder covered in rust, dim light shone through the grating above "Seems this hasn't been in use awhile..." Said the man on the right before placing a hand on the ladder, the left man stopped him "Uh...what if guards are up there..." A somewhat nervous look crossed the rights face "Good point let's send her." He gestured to Vigdis who groaned and pushed him away from the ladder and handed him the torch "Coward." She said as she headed up the ladder her firm tits jiggling very lightly with each step up, her allies were gifted with the sight of her cunt and tight asshole up her leather trappings. She reached the rusty grates and peeked through seeing a ceiling and nothing else, she heard footsteps and quickly moved down the ladder freezing halfway to halt her sounds "Douse the torch..." She whispered to her allies, soon she was shrouded in shadow staring up at the grating, the culprit was a man it seemed as he stood over the grating "Fucking cold in that damn tower..." He muttered to himself slowly taking his cock out, Vigdis was about to wonder what he was doing before she got her answer, piss rained down through the grating onto her as she immediately looked away allowing it to run down her body, she wasn't completely angered by this for it was cold and his urine was warm, the warm liquid trickled between her breasts, this feeling made her need to piss but she held it as she licked her lips nervously. Soon enough the shower ended and the man put away his cock before walking away /Bastard using this as his personal pissing hole.../ without a word to her allies she headed back up slowly lifting the grate and looking around, there seemed to be many boxes that were cracked and dusty /Seems they ration well, how many storerooms are there?/ she climbed out and put the grate back in place "Stay here. I'll be back..." She said quietly to them before standing and looking about carefully hoping to find a weapon, all she could find was a dusty beam of wood which was good enough. She headed to the door and pushed it barely open before peeking outside, it was a dark and snowy courtyard barely being patrolled /Perfect.../ she thought carefully stepping out and crouching low soon spotting a Lord, he wore armor akin to the Wardens she had battled except he had a longsword at his hip and no helmet showing his short and dark hair, he strutted into the keep as she looked to her left opposite of the keep spotting the main gate, the stairs leading up were sadly guarded by two soldiers and there was no possibility of taking them out quickly, she turned her gaze forward and noted that the second staircase was interior and connected to the keep. With little choice she decided to head for the keep and more specifically the servants entrance. Once she reached the door she sidled up next to it and knocked, sure enough it creak open and a timid servant girl stepped out past Vigdis who used the beam and smashed the girls skull in, she moved into the door looking about at the room, there was a wooden table with a candle and a book on it, she took a few steps forward before feeling a sharp pain in the back followed by a steel blade exiting between her breasts, she let out a choked sound of surprise as she looked down at the blade which seemed familiar and very lordly "I thought I smelled a bitch nearby..." Said a voice as a hand reached around and grabbed her left breast squeezing hard, she weakly tried to look behind herself but the sword being thrust deeper disabled her and forcing her to drop her weapon, her vision seemed to darken as she felt piss run down her legs out of fear or loss of function "I want to hear you die..." He thrusted the sword again and this time she let out a pathetic moan as her tongue lolled out, her tits spurted a small amount of milk some getting on his hand, he guided her weakening body to the table and removing the blade before bending her over "I'm going to fuck you like a useless whore...." Were the last words she heard before passing away with a few involuntary twitches. He lifted her cloth and prodded her soaked cunt with his thumb grinning and taking out his cock before pressing it against her recently loosened asshole, he slid inside her fat ass roughly causing it to jiggle as he groaned a little, he paused a moment before thrusting into a pace his balls smacking against her pissed soaked cunny as he violated his enemies asshole, his cock started to throb as he picked up the pace causing the table to creak and her body to jiggle more and more, soon he groaned loudly and thrusted deep dumping a load of cum in her cock sleeve of an asshole giving her one last bit of warmth, he pulled out watching some of his cum dribble from her used hole. He left her there, the battle resolution is not important for she would never see life again...


Nice work! If I had my way Peacekeeper and/or Nobushi would be next, those spammy cunts deserve it.


Part 2: Nobushi

((Sadly no topless this time. Feedback and recommendations still welcome :) ))

The Nobushi was the nameless defender of an old pathway that was used as means of escape should the castle ever be breached it was a thankless and boring job but she did it anyway, it happened early in the morning when she decided to get some water leaving her weapon leaning against an old archway that had once been painted red but had long since faded, she headed into the nearby thicket knowing full well how to reach the river. Once she had arrived she dipped her leather pouch into the cool water allowing it to fill up before lifting her mask and taking a sip /This feels already uneventful.../ she thought heaving a small sigh and rising back up pulling her mask back into place. Upon her return she quickly hid behind a tree, the cause: what looked to be a very large Viking man with a massive battle axe was running a hand along the faded archway, she looked to her weapon with a certain longing when suddenly the man spoke "I hear you...might as well come on out." He dragged his axe through the dirt taking a few steps through the archway, deciding on the best tactic she hoped negotiation was a possible approach as she stepped out and spoke "This place is off-limit. Please leave." He chuckled looking her over "I bet if I wasn't next to this weapon you wouldn't be so kind." He said grinning as she looked past him at the weapon getting his attention "Try it girl." He lifted his axe and tapped her weapon with the handle /He's quite perceptive for a brute./ without another word she sprinted at him and delivered a flying kick to his stomach, he flinched a little in surprise but it seemed like her attack meant nothing as he smacked her in the chest with the handle of his axe causing her to fall to the ground, she barely managed to scramble away from an axe to the chest as she got on her feet backing away, he grinned and moved forward swinging his axe at her which she narrowly avoided before running past him and grabbing her weapon, he turned towards her and raised his weapon to strike before she jabbed him in the chest with the poisoned tip "Agh bitch!" He roared beating the new wound with his left hand and attempting another swing and she jabbed him in the side, he beat his wound again tried a feint strike which she fell for attempting to attack him once more he grabbed her weapon and backhanded her knocking her mask and hat off dropping her to the ground "I might have let you live...." He said as she spit out some blood "But now I'm just going to kill you." She slowly stood as he snapped her weapon in two and tossing the pieces aside, in her last ditch effort she stopped to grab a rock but he punched her in the stomach before burying the axe in the top of her head "" She stuttered as her eyes rolled back, hot urine sprayed from between her legs ruining her pants and creating a small puddle between her feet, her tongue popped out as he yanked the blade out of her brains, she flopped forward and spasmed a little before letting out her last breath. He dropped his axe deciding on violating her body, He tore her coat off before flipping her onto her back and tearing her shirt open exposing her small pale tits which he used his left hand to fondle her plushy right breast, her nipples were slightly damp with milk likely caused with her death. He pulled down her pants taking a good look at her soaked Japanese cunt, already hard at this point he flipped her over and propped her rear up before lifting his cloth and rubbing his cock against her wet and now loose cunt, he grabbed her hips and slid inside her causing her hand to twitch a little, he grinned and started thrusting at a good pace groaning loudly for it had been awhile since he last fucked something, the area filled with the sounds of wet squelches and smacks as he pumped her useless pussy, he groaned louder throbbing inside her picking up the pace before slowing and hilting inside her cunt shooting a rather large load into her womb, he yanked out and kicked her over as his seed spurted from her wet slit. Whatever the Vikings were up to they succeeded and the nameless Nobushi failed.


I love the post-death stuff and For Honor works so well for guro. If I had a suggestion, maybe add some line breaks to break up the text to make it easier to read.


Part 3: Valkyrie

((I shall attempt line breaks, I'm not a very good writer but with criticism I could get better :) on a side note involving this story she will not be topless, I feel it wouldn't fit the character. Any votes on the next victim?))

Galessa was a respectable Valkyrie among her clan, She was trusted with an important task to find an old path that one of the Raiders stumbled upon but never investigated.

She walked down a path in the forest carrying her buckler with her spear sheathed inside it /Who finds an old passage and leaves it alone.../ She shook her head before crouching on the path causing her cloth pants to tighten nicely across her fat ass.

She prodded at the ground to see if the tracks were still there /Clumsy of could be tracked by a blind bog witch.../ his tracks were heavy and big but one could hardly blame a warrior of his caliber to care about being tracked.

After several hours of walking she came across a red and very faded archway making her stop dead in her tracks. Dangling from the archway was a naked dead body of a woman, she quickly spotted a mask on her face /A Nobushi?/

She approached the body and noted the dried cum that had dribbled from her cunt /That would explain why he didn't investigate. He was busy./ she looked the disgraced warrior over one more time before walking past.

As she kept on and the sun started to sink beneath the trees making the shadows grow longer she started to grow a little uneasy as she looked all around her feeling watched /It's nothing...just an animal.../ she thought as she turned a corner.

Around this corner stood a stone wall. It was old naturally, the door looked new however sporting a shiny new handle and the wood looked fresh as if it was made just the other day.

She approached the door and ran a hand along it /Why a new door...unless.../ before she could finish her thought she heard a twig snap behind her. She wheeled around drawing her spear to find the threat: A deer who stared back at her before running off /Damn animals!/ she thought putting her spear away.

She turned back to the door and pushed on it listening for the soft creak of the wood under pressure before a small metallic clank /Locked./ she stepped back and looked up at the wall thinking of a strategy to get in.

After a few minutes she decided to head back, perhaps she could bring a few Vikings and some climbing ropes. With that she headed down the path back towards the archway.

When she turned the corner to the archway she halted at the sight of a young man standing before the hanging Nobushi and he looked to be praying in front of her in his own tongue.

She took a few steps forth and stopped when he spoke "Was it worth it? Savage..." He turned and looked to Galessa and she noticed his eyes were shining with tears.

Galessa looked him over spotting him to be a Orochi "This was not my doing..." She said feeling the smallest hint of remorse resisting the urge to draw her weapon.

He drew his sword burning with hatred "Liar!" He roared walking past the body "You killed my sister. And by my will. Die." He kept walking as she drew her own weapon.

"I am not your enemy here young warrior." She pleaded not wanting to kill him but he didn't listen as he broke into a run and swung at her, she raised her shield and blocked his strike before shoving him back "Don't make me hurt you." She stabbed her spear into the ground and took a defensive posture, this was most likely her worst decision.

"Shut up savage!" He retorted swinging again only to be blocked and shield bashed to the ground. As he scrambled to stand she took off her helmet to give him a face to talk to. She, in his opinion was beautiful. From her long blond braids to her blue icy eyes.

"Please. I didn't kill your sister. Just walk away." She tossed her helmet aside and blocked yet another clumsy rage fueled strike before using his momentum to throw him to the ground.

While he lay on the ground he grabbed a smoke pellet from a pouch on his belt as Galessa spoke again "Your sister wouldn't want you to die..." He slowly stood "You are right." He said pausing to allow her to lower her guard "She would want vengeance." And with that he tossed the smoke pellet at her.

The smoke shrouded the area in eerie silence for a moment before fading away. Her shield clattered to the ground as her eyes weakly looked down at his blade in her throat. She tried to speak only producing a pathetic choking sound as she reached up and grabbed the blade, urine ran down her legs soiling her pants as gravity started to take over causing her to slide off the blade falling backwards onto the ground.

She looked up at him with a look of fear on her face as she coughed up some blood, she spasmed as her eyes slowly rolled back sighing her last breath.

He looked down at his kill and the puddle of piss between her legs gaining a hard on and deciding in this moment he would gain true revenge for his sister. He knelt next to her and tore her leather chest guard off of her exposing her surprisingly large breasts, the armor must have squished them a little. He wiped away the lines of milk from her perfect tits.

He set her on her knees holding her by the hair. He pressed his cock against the exit hole in the back of her neck, he thrusted into her neck groaning as his cock went all the way through exiting her throat hole and pushing some excess blood out and watching it dribble between her breasts.

He grabbed her head and started thrusting quickly making her breasts jiggle and sexual sounds filled the air as it did once before, he used one hand and propped her mouth open with his thumb and her tongue dangled out jiggling along with his thrusts, his cock started throbbing in her still warm throat.

He grabbed her head carefully and pulled back a little aiming up as he thrusted again his cock popping out of her mouth this time her nice warm tongue pleasuring his cock gently. Soon he couldn't take it as he started to cum, the first shot hit the ground, the second landed on her tits, the last few spurts of cum dribbled down her chin onto her breasts and between them. He pulled out slowly wiping his cock off inside her throat and exiting the hole with a wet pop.

He looked at her face and the cum around her mouth before pushing her to the ground and walking away. What were the Samurai hiding on the other side of the door. Galessa would never find out.


WOW! Brilliant work! Expecting more!!


I really love your work and want to see more! Here are some suggestions in my opinion. First of all, I have noticed your stories are all about “meeting——battle——necro”, so I'm thinking maybe some aftermath stuffs will be great, too. For example, after a big war, there are many corpses left in the battle field and the winner can enjoy them——even can have some cannibal stuffs. And don't forget there can be execution of losers——even group execution, considering it may be a big war. Winners behead, hang, torture the losers——even take their heads home as trophies, just like game storymode. And the details of execution will be really fascinating.

Secondly, speaking of details, I think it will be better if you tell more details about your characters before you kill them. For example, a female warrior, you can tell her story first——how strong she is, how proud she is, how beautiful she is and how sexy she is. She is such a honored stunner but after the battle——bang——she becomes nothing but a hot, lifeless meat bag and winners can do everything on her. I find this contrast is really amazing. Besides, I think you can tell more details when you kill your characters——especially when you hang or behead them, like muscle and limbs twitching, changing of their expression, smell of their body or so.(I find eyes rolling up, bare feet and tongue really hot, btw) And don't forget the exhibition part, winners may exhibit losers' severed heads and nude bodies as warning sign to others.

Anyway, thank you for giving us such brilliant work! They are really good! I am a Forhonor fan too and I hope my suggestions can help you a little. Expecting more!(Especially peacekeeper and female warden, btw lol)


do peacekeeper


Bump. Is the author still writing? Please do more!


Love your work! Make PeaceKeeper or female Warden the next plz!


I could write some stuff with the For Honor heroes, if people like. Should I make a new thread?


Please do


Looking forward to it!


You will? Plz do :D


Any update?


hahaha. i was thinking of doing the same thing. the more the merrier i say.


bump. need more


Oh how i have wanted some for honr and this is just what the doctor ordered


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Do you do lesbian necro?

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