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The Challenge

m/f, snuff, drowning, necrophilia

As a gentle ocean breeze blew past him, Jad paused to inhale deeply. The air was warm, salty and slightly fragrant with the spice of some plant that grew on the island. It was a good day to be alive.

Of course, brushes with death always made you appreciate life more, he reflected. Only a few hours ago he and his fellow crew members had been locked in deadly combat with a Rolan merchant vessel. For merchants, they had been surprisingly ferocious once boarded and a good number of his comrades had died at their hands. He was lucky to have made it out with only a light slash across his upper arm. He rolled his shoulder, flexing the muscle beneath the bandage. Already healing up nicely, thanks to the poultice their ship’s doctor had applied.

They weren’t pirates. Although, admittedly, their lives were very similar to that of pirates. They were privateers--mercenaries of sorts, hired by the Davit crown. They sailed the open seas, terrorizing the ships of any nations that Davit was at war with. Which, at the moment, included the Rolans.

The risks were high but the rewards were great. The merchant vessel, the Seaspray, had been on a return voyage, loaded down with all manner of valuables. Jad’s personal share of the booty was sure to buy him plenty of nice things, once they made port at a major city. His ship, the Wave’s Malice, was currently anchored in the bay of a small, uninhabited island that had become a sort of headquarters for their operations.

A tug at the rope in his hand reminded him of another, much more exciting, prize from the raid. Most of the fighting men on the the Seaspray had been slain during the battle. Those who were not were summarily executed after their capture. Wave’s Malice had no room for prisoners. The few women aboard, only four in total, had been turned over to Jad and his friend Seth. It had cost them a fair portion of their share of the loot, but these women were going to do things that money couldn’t buy.

The women had been disarmed, of course, and posed little threat. Nevertheless, they had been bound, their their wrists tied together with rope. They also each had a length of rope tied around one ankle, with an iron weight attached at the other end. The weights were iron cubes with a thick ring on one side, which served as a handle and a tying point for rope. They were damned heavy. The women might have been able to lift them themselves but certainly wouldn't have been able to get far. He and Seth each wore leather bracers that magically enhanced their strength, making it only slightly tiring to lift and haul these weights around. There were several feet of rope between the weights and their ankle attachments, so they worked reasonably well as leashes with which to control the prisoners. They had brought the women ashore in the ship’s jolly boat and were making their way to a secluded seaside cavern.

The two women whose leads Jad held walked in front of him, toward their destination. Even though their tugging had been the result of him pausing to enjoy the breeze, he brandished his sword at them when they turned to him.

“Get walking,” he growled. The blonde one actually squeaked a little at this display. There wasn’t much hope for her.

They continued on in silence. Jad’s two prisoners slowed as they approached the cave, peering in cautiously. Once they saw that there was light coming from within, they resumed their grim journey, stepping carefully around the uneven surface of the cave’s entrance.

They were soon completely inside. It wasn’t a large cave. Other than the short tunnel leading in, the only other feature was a rough stone ledge that, after a short drop, lead to a small pond of calm, clear water. Everburning Torches had been arrayed along the walls of the cave, both above the water and below, giving the pool an eerie yellow glow.

Jad carefully rested the prisoners’ weights near the edge. Seth and two women with him arrived just behind them. He rested his weights on the floor in a similar manner.

“W-what are we going to do here?” the nervous blonde asked, looking down at the water below. She had been a stowaway on the merchant ship. The lover of one of the sailors, with whom she had hoped to travel and start a new life at the ship’s destination. Or so Jad had heard. She had explained all of this to the men who had come upon her in the cargo hold as she begged for mercy. She wore a dingy dress and apron that made him guess that she had been a maid or some other sort of house-servant before her ill-fated journey. The outfit did little to accentuate her body, which was slight and petite. She was young, although certainly in her adulthood, and her face was clear and smooth with youth.

The other women glared at the blonde with varying levels of contempt. It wasn’t clear whether they were scorning her due to her stowaway status or due to her cowardice. Maybe both. Who knew? Either way, they seemed to be just as interested to know the answer. Jad cleared his throat and began.

“I know that we must seem like mean, nasty pirates,” he began, eyeing the blonde, who quailed at his attention. “But we’re here to offer you a chance to make it out of this alive. Which is more than can be said for any of the men aboard the ship.”

“Just get to the point,” one of the other women asked him. The patches on her uniform marked her as the ship’s boatswain--rare for a woman to attain such a position, but not unheard of. Her black hair was cut short, in a style common for military women. Her dark skin and exotic eyes marked her as one of the people of the Southern Seas, who were renowned as expert sailors and traders. She had put up a perfunctory fight during the battle but had quickly surrendered when she saw her crew members doing so. Since then, she had accepted her capture with quiet cooperation. But now it seemed that there was some moxie in her. This one had some promise.

Jad smiled.

“My companion here,” he gestured to Seth, who had seated himself on the stone floor and was rummaging through his backpack for something. “Has a Potion of Water Breathing.”

At this, Seth produced a small glass flask filled with a blueish fluid. He uncorked it and downed its contents.

“I’m sure you can imagine what that does,” Jad continued. “He’s got an anchor, like yours, and he’s going to take a dip in the pool here.”

He paused in his explanation as Seth produced just such a weight. But before tying it to his ankle, he removed his pants, revealing a full erection.

The blonde startled at this but the others seemed less surprised.

He continued to disrobe, until all that remained were his magic bracers. He then carefully affixed the anchor to his ankle. He stood, holding the weight in one hand and a dagger in the other. He wordlessly walked to the stone ledge and, with a perverted grin to the women, hopped in.

“Oh, don’t worry, the water’s actually quite warm,” Jad assured them as they stared down into the pool.

“So, what’s the game?” a different woman asked. She seemed more bemused than scared. Maybe it was a defense mechanism for her, or maybe it was because she felt that she was about to have an advantage in the events to come. Based on her attire, she was clearly some sort of prostitute, perhaps a designated courtesan for the ship’s crew. Her low-cut dress revealed an impressive amount of white cleavage, boosted by a tight corset beneath it. Waves of jet black hair fell past her shoulders, contrasting sharply with the pale skin of her chest.

“As you couldn’t help but notice, my friend has been out to sea for quite some time and is in dire need of comfort,” Jad explained.

“Oh, that will be no problem at all,” she tittered. “Just hand me one of those potions and I’ll get him taken care of in no time at all!”

Jad smiled mischievously.

“I’m afraid that’s the only potion we have.”

They stared back at him in shock.

“I will send you down to him, one at a time,” he continued. “The first to get him off will be spared her life. He has a dagger down there with him, you saw, so he’ll be able to cut loose the rope that holds you, once you finish. That also means no funny business--believe me, there are more painful ways to die than drowning.”

The women collectively shivered at that last word. Even the whore seemed to have grown serious.

“Y-you must be joking, right?” she blonde stammered. “This-this can’t be real. I-I’ll do anything--whatever you want--just don’t send me down there, please, I can’t die, he said everything would be all right, he said that I would be fine, you can’t do this--” her pleas soon devolved into unintelligible blubbering. The other women all stepped away from her, their scowls deepening.

“Wait, who said that you would be okay?” Jad asked her, trying to sound genuinely curious.

“The man, the man who found me in the hold,” she sputtered out.

“Agon?” Jad asked, innocently.

“Yes, Agon, the man with the beard, Agon. He told me that I would be safe, I just had to let him tie me up, he told me…”

“Well, if Agon gave his word that you would be fine, I guess I have to honor that.” Jad was never that great of an actor but the frantic young woman seemed to believe him wholeheartedly.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, I don’t know what to say!”

“Here, let me get your hands free,” Jad said, moving toward her. She held out her wrists and he sliced off the ropes that had bound her. She was still crying, although they seemed to now be tears of relief as she heaped praise on him.

“Now, just let me get the one on your ankle too,” he said, kneeling before her. In one smooth motion, he lifted her anchor and shoved both her and the weight into the water below.


Seth waited patiently in the pool, idly stroking himself. Breathing water was such an odd sensation, no matter how many times he did it. He adjusted his grip on the dagger in his left hand as he wondered who would be first.

It was the blonde. He had expected as much. She had probably started to freak out and Jad had wanted to get rid of her as quickly as possible. Bubbles from her splash into the pool rose around her as she rapidly sunk to the bottom. Yea, she had definitely been thrown in--jumpers rarely made such a mess. She was still fully clothed too, although her dress had been lifted up by her entry, exposing her skinny legs and modest white panties.

She struggled to break the surface, swimming ineptly against the pull of the anchor at her foot. It rocked slightly and even rose up about an inch at one point but ultimately succeeded in preventing her escape. Seth chuckled audibly at her futile attempts, his laughter garbled strangely by the water.

As the bubbles around them dispersed, she seemed to become more aware of her surroundings. She turned and saw Seth, only a few feet from her and at about the same depth. She resumed her efforts to swim away. When she paused to look back at him, Seth hefted his dagger and pointed it downward, at the rope that held her in place. He then gestured to his erection. Jad had at least managed to explain the basics of the game to them, right?

She wavered in indecision, considering him and the surface of the water, mere feet beyond her grasp. She finally swam over to him and, very cautiously, reached out to grab his dick.

Her hand was warm but her grasp was very soft. She closed her eyes and turned her head away as she tugged at it inexpertly. She tried to go faster but her hand kept slipping off. She clearly had little experience at this.

Her grip tightened as she began frantically jerking. Not much left for this one.
She finally let go as she let out her final breath and made one last impossible attempt to swim to the surface. Her movements slowed and then finally subsided completely. Her body floated gently, only rocking slightly by the waves she had created in her final struggle.

A shame, Seth though as he swam over to inspect her. A fine young woman. Just unfortunately inexperienced. Her blonde hair had fallen across her face, which had relaxed into a neutral expression. Her blue eyes stared blankly ahead. Seth brought forth his dagger and cut a slit in the top of her dress. He was very careful--any blood drawn would quickly cloud up the pool, spoiling the fun to come. When he had cut down enough, he held the handle of the dagger in his teeth and tore open the top of the dress, exposing her naked breasts. They were petite, as he had expected. He fondled what he could of one. Her nipples were bright pink and were quite hard. He soon tired of this. Dead girls were Jad’s thing anyway. He swam down and picked up her anchor weight and relocated it to the edge of the pool. Out of the way. He re-positioned himself near the middle and then waved his dagger in front of one of the Everburning Torches--his signal to Jad that he was ready for the next one.


“That was unnecessary.” This was the first time that this woman has spoken since being captured, an event that she accepted with a stolid kind of pride. She was the captain of the merchant ship’s wife. Well, the captain’s widow, now. She was middle-aged. A little stocky but solidly built. Her skin was lightly tanned from exposure to the sun, which also brought out freckles on her face and neck. She wore a blue dress that was finely crafted but not ostentatious. Modest but not prudish. She wore her long auburn hair in a single thick braid that she rested across her chest.

Jad shrugged his shoulders.

“Had to get her in there somehow. At least I got her hands free. Speaking of which, allow me--”

He hefted his sword and the three remaining women reluctantly held their wrists forward as he cut them loose.

“Not like you’re going anywhere anyway,” he said after the final cut, gesturing to the weights at their feet. He stepped away from them and leaned his back against the stone wall.

“So, who’s next?” the courtesan asked, massaging her wrists where they had been bound.

Jad eyed them keenly.

“You know, I hadn’t yet decided.”

“Well, what happens to us if you send in the whore next and she finishes him off?” the Southerner asked. The courtesan gave her a sidelong glance but didn’t protest the insult.

“Well, once he’s finished there’s really no use for the rest of you…” Jad trailed off. The whore laughed triumphantly at this.

The Southerner made to lunge at her but Jad halted her with a shout. With their attention, he addressed them.

“To make this interesting for us all, I promise the whore will go in last,” he explained magnanimously.

The Southerner seemed relieved. The courtesan seemed unperturbed.

“I suppose it’s all the same to me,” she smiled. “This flat-chested tomboy couldn’t get a man off even if he was returning to shore from a seven-year tour.”

The Southerner stared at her hatefully but made no move to attack her. Instead, she began to take off her clothes, shucking off her officer’s jacket, follower by her baggy white sailor’s shirt. Her breasts were bigger than they had seemed underneath her layers of clothing but were still on the small side. Her coconut-brown skin looked soft on the outside, but toned muscles rippled beneath it.

The whore eyed her with curiosity but didn’t say anything.

She undid her cloth belt and dropped both her underwear and pantaloons in one motion. Her calves and thighs were just as toned as her upper body. Her black pubic hair was neatly trimmed but still rather bushy. She stepped out of one leg of her pants, although the rope and weight prevented her from getting the other leg out. They lay on the floor at her ankle. She stood confidently, wearing only her sturdy black leather boots.

She then began to masturbate.

“Oh my,” the whore commented. “Getting turned on by all this?”

“No,” the Southerner spat back. “But I do need to work up some juice first.”

She continued to rub herself.

“You may fuck for a living but the boys always told me that you’re like humping an inanimate object. I’ve got the energy to get this done,” she boasted, “and I bet I can hold my breath longer than you too.”

The whore glared at her but did not reply.

Interesting indeed! But what about the other…

“You know,” Jad said to the widow, “they seem to have written you off as not being a threat.”

“I have lived a comfortable life,” she explained haughtily. “I may not have their… experience. But I am not completely ignorant in these matters.”

She sighed and began to disrobe as well. She hiked up her dress and petticoat, trying to lift the whole array over her head. The Southerner actually stopped playing with herself and helped the widow get it all off.

“Thank you, Callissa,” she said. She carefully set the dress to the side, folding it neatly and trying to minimize its contact with the damp rock floor. She now stood naked, save for her lacy white panties her simple shoes, the cloth of which matched the blue of her dress.

Her breasts were full and sagged slightly with age. Her freckles extended down past her chest, lightly dotting the tops of her breasts. Her hips were wide and her thighs were thick. She had a slight paunch to her stomach but was in surprisingly good shape for a woman her age.

“Going to ‘lube up’ too, Elowyn?” the whore joked. She had not shed a single piece of clothing.

“No,” the widow calmly explained. “I’m sure I lack the flexibility to work things that way, underwater. But I do think that the dress would get in the way.”

They all stood in silence for a moment. The Southerner, Callissa, resumed her masturbation.

They then heard the bubbling of air coming to the surface. The blonde had released her final breath. But had Seth finished? Jad doubted it. He peered into the water. He was doing something to her, but it was difficult to make out, due to the refraction and the underwater lighting. He kept an eye on the pool and, moments later, saw the glimmering of his companion’s dagger in the underwater torchlight, signaling for him to send down the next woman.

The three stood expectantly, awaiting his decision.

Jad raised a hand and pointed at the widow, Elowyn.

“You,” he said. “I’m curious to see how well you do.”

She sighed and calmly stepped up to the edge.

“You don’t have to push me in,” she said politely. “But I could use a hand with the weight.”

“But of course, my dear lady,” Jad said with a smile as he stepped up beside her, easily lifting the weight with one hand.

The other two women looked at her with a sort of grim respect.

He counted down from three and tossed the weight in as she jumped.


Ah, the captain’s wife, Seth thought as she entered the pool with a much more controlled splash. He was somewhat surprised to see her naked but was certainly not about to complain. Her ample breasts had likely sagged unattractively on land but, in the water, they floated weightlessly on her chest.

She wasted no time and quickly swam toward him, grabbing his dick with an outstretched hand. She used this to pull herself closer, right up to his crotch. She held him by the waist with one hand while she stroked him with the other.

This one was a lot better. Her grip was firm. Her strokes rhythmic. He looked down and saw a look of determination on her face, although she did not make eye contact with him.

She was doing a pretty good job but he wanted to get a good feel of her large breasts. He reached down with his free hand and grabbed her braided hair, tugging lightly upwards. She looked up at him in confusion but followed his bidding and moved up, one arm now wrapped around his middle back for support while the other continued to stroke.

He released her hair, reached down and grabbed her left breast. She startled at this, missing a beat in her stroking, but quickly recovered. He squeezed it, soft and pillowy. It was pleasantly warm to the touch and, grabbing a little more tightly, he could feel her racing heartbeat.

He continued to fondle idly while she stroked him until he felt her moving back down. He reluctantly released her breast. Whatever she was about to do had better feel nicer than squeezing her tits. At least, for her sake, it had better feel nicer.

She slowed her stroking as she brought her mouth to the tip of his penis. Despite her initial confidence, she licked its head quite timidly. She slowly worked the tip into her mouth, continuing to jerk him off as she did. It wasn’t so much a real blowjob as it was just sucking on the head as she stroked. He was unimpressed.

Time passed and her movements became more frantic. She was running out of time. She started taking more and more of him in her mouth, although it was still far from being a satisfying blowjob. As she slowly eased his dick down her throat, she suddenly convulsed and let out a burst of air. She had barely taken two inches of him but had gagged! He chuckled at her lack of skill as she clutched at her throat. Her eyes grew wide as she looked up at him in panic. The muscles in her face soon relaxed as her eyes lost focus. She floated serenely in front of him. He reached out and grabbed her by a tit and pulled her toward him. Holding his dagger in his mouth, he grabbed both breasts at once and squeezed them together, hard.

She would have been better off without the blowjob, he thought to himself.

Oh well.

He swam down and moved her anchor weight to the side, next to the blonde’s. The two knocked against one another gently as they drifted in the water.

Back to his central position, Seth signaled for the next woman.


“She’s not going to make it,” the whore commented.

“Shut the fuck up, Meredith,” the Southerner, Callissa, said. “We both know that. You just don’t have to say it.”

She resumed her masturbation. The three stood in silence.

“So, do you and your friend take turns with this, or what?” Meredith asked.
Jad chuckled to himself.

“I suppose you could say that. He gets you now. I get you later.”

It took a moment for this to sink in but when it did, they both sneered at him with open contempt. Like he cared what they thought. At least one, maybe even both, would soon be dead anyway.

“That’s sick,” Callissa muttered. Jad just shrugged.

They soon heard the abrupt bubbling of another last breath. The two women bowed their heads in respect.

“I guess that means it’s my turn,” Callissa sighed.

“Give him a minute,” Jad said, holding up a hand. “He’ll signal when he’s ready.”

They waited and soon saw the flashing signal from below. Jad approached to help her with her weight but, to his surprise, she bend down and, with both arms, lifted it herself. She strained at the effort but he was impressed, nonetheless. She took a deep breath and lept into the pool.


Oooh, the Southerner, Seth thought. He was hoping that he would have a chance to enjoy her exotic body. She was naked, like the last one. She was well toned and her surprisingly pink nipples stood out against her dark skin.

She swam purposefully toward him but, to his surprise, she did not make a move to grab ahold of his dick. She instead twisted around, her ass pointed toward his crotch, and wrapped her legs around his waist. It was a little awkward at first, but he soon realized the position she was trying to achieve: a sort of underwater doggie style. He helped to move her into place, although she needed no help guiding him into her pussy. He was surprised at how easily he went in, since water makes for a poor lubricant. She must have been naturally wet. What a kinky one!

Her grip on him soon tightened as she bent her legs backwards, the heels of her boots pressing against his buttocks and lower back. Her thighs also clenched against his. His entire lower body was held firmly by her legs.

And then she began to fuck. With nothing to push against with her arms, her legs had to do the entirety of the work, flexing to pull him into her and then flexing in the opposite direction to pull him out again. It was astounding to watch, the muscles beneath her brown skin taut with exertion.

There wasn’t much else for him to do but grab her hips. He felt that it was somehow cheating a little but he began to help her, pulling her body against his own. He spread the cheeks of her ass and watched his dick slide in and out of her, the delicate pink of her inner lips a stark contrast to her darker skin.

Without realizing it, he had started to move his own hips, humping in time with her movements. He gripped desperately at the flesh of her thighs as he pounded against her. He was getting close to the point of no return.

Abruptly, he slowed his movements and finally stopped. Her grip on him had relaxed, he realized. He looked down at her and saw her arms floating weightlessly at her side. She had died and he had completely missed it.

He let go. She floated gently upwards and his penis slipped out of her. He grabbed her by her close-cropped black hair and stared into her glazed-over eyes.

So close. So very close.

He was actually starting to lose his erection a little. He had really been into it with this one. Oh well.

He moved her over to the other side of the pool. Two on his left. One on his right. Room for one more?

He signalled for the last contestant.


After Callissa entered the pool, the last woman, Meredith, began removing her clothing.

“Oh, a little shy around your friends, are you?” Jad teased.

“Well, to be honest, I had hoped to convince you to let me free, after everyone else had gone,” she said with resignation, emphasizing the innuendo in the word ‘convince’. She paused as she lifted her dress over her head. She seemed a lot more experienced at this and needed no assistance. She wore no panties and her pubic hair was completely shaven.

“But, after you last comment, I’m guessing that that’s not going to happen.”

“Nope,” Jad said with a smile as she began unlacing her corset. Her sizable, pale breasts spilled out as she slipped off this final garment. She now only wore a simple pair of leather thong sandals.

She sighed again and looked him in the eye, her face in a stern expression.

“You’re going to drown us all, aren’t you?” she accused. “There will be no winner. Tell, me, why should I even try at all?”

Jad shrugged. He sensed that she was pretty good at seeing past deception so he decided to just be honest with her.

“Well, if it were up to me, you’d all drown,” he admitted, bringing forth a scowl from the woman.

“But it ain’t up to me,” he gestured to the pool. “He’s got the final decision. He knows that I’ve already got plenty of…” he searched for a word, “playthings for myself. If you really impress him, I won’t be surprised if he cuts you free.”

She seemed to accept this. They both stood in silence, staring into the pool below. The Southerner seemed to have her legs wrapped around him and was fucking like mad, although the details were difficult to make out.

Inevitably, a violent stream of bubbles rose to the surface. Seth took his time disentangling himself from her but soon moved her body to the side of the pool and signaled for the final challenger.

“I could use a hand with the weight,” she said primly. He obliged her. After a count of three, she and the weight splashed in.


Seth had high expectations for this one. To his understanding, she was a sort of on-board prostitute--a designated pleasure woman for the merchant vessel’s crew. He wondered is she might have any nasty diseases but he pushed this from his mind as she swam toward him.

Her breasts were quite impressive. Not as large as the widow’s but they seemed smoother and more taut with youth. Her waves of inky black hair fanned out behind her as she moved forward.

She started up right away, grabbing his dick and stroking it dexterously. Her grip was strong and she twisted her wrist as she moved her hand up and down. She brought her other arm around, to hold herself in place. She gripped his ass firmly but soon brought that hand down and began to fondle his balls. Definitely an expert.

Once she had established a steady rhythm, she began to use her mouth, bobbing her head in time with the stroking of her hand. Her long hair rippled behind her as she moved.

It felt amazing. But not as good as the Southerner’s tight pussy, he thought to himself, glancing at her body, floating listlessly at the edge of the pool. Not as deep.

He looked down and, through the mess of wavy black hair, watched her suck. She had pressed her hand against her lips, giving the feeling of deep penetration while only having to take the first inch or so of his dick into her mouth. In this way, she managed to work almost the full length of his dick.

She had managed to hold out for a fair amount of time, so far. To her credit, her movements had remained strong and consistent, without a sign of distress or desperation. But she couldn’t hold out for much longer.

He felt himself nearing climax and hefted his dagger in preparation. She might actually do it. But he wanted more. He wanted it deeper.

He grabbed a handful of her dark tresses, near the base, and held her head as she bobbed back and forth. When he felt the oncoming rush of orgasm, he slammed her head down on his crotch, pushing his penis all the way in. He closed his eyes and let out a water-garbled cry of release as he shot his load into the back of her throat.
He felt a strange tickling at the tip of his dick. At first, he thought that she was trying to bite him but as her grip on his balls slackened, he saw a small stream of bubbles spill from the sides of her mouth. He pulled her head off and the rest of the air was released, rising to the surface. Her dark eyes stared past him and her tongue lolled from the side of her slack jaw. Strands of cum began to diffuse from her open mouth into the surrounding water.

He sighed and relaxed his body, enjoying the simple sensation of floating in the calm, warm waters. He would have liked to see what else she could do with her body but it would have been a pain in the ass to convince the captain to let her back aboard. One less thing to worry about, he supposed.

He surveyed his surroundings. Four women, floating gently, like strands of kelp, in the clear waters of the cave pool. He had sailed far and wide in his time and had seen a number of impressive sunsets, remarkable cities and extraordinary creatures. But there was no sight in the world more beautiful than this.

He broke from his reverie with a troubling thought. The potion only worked for an hour and it was likely that he was approaching that. Not wanting to push it too far, he grabbed his anchor weight and climbed up the side of the pool. The footholds weren’t great, but it worked.

His head broke the surface and he shook the water from his face.

“No winner this time, eh?” Jad asked him. He was seated against the rock wall, cleaning his fingernails with a dagger.

“Just me,” Seth grinned in reply. “I finished the same time she did,” he explained, tossing his dagger aside and then hefting his weight up onto the rock shelf. He then pulled himself out and began to untie the rope at his ankle.

“Ahh, much better,” he sighed, rubbing his foot where the rope had been attached. It was a pain, but necessary to keep him at the proper level in the water. “So, you want ‘em in or out this time?”

Jad considered this.

“Out. If you don’t mind.”

“No problem,” Seth replied, slipping back into the water. It was much easier to navigate down there without the weight. One by one, he untied the women from their anchors and swam to the surface, holding them over his shoulder. Kneeling at the ledge, Jad waited to lift them out. Once the women were out, Seth gathered up the anchors and rope and hauled them out as well. With any luck, they would be needing them again before too long.

Out of the pool, Seth shook the water from his body as best he could and began to dress himself. Once finished, he hefted his backpack and made his way to the cave’s mouth.

“All yours, man,” he said with a backwards wave as he walked away.


With Seth gone, Jad disrobed, resting his clothing neatly in a corner of the cave that seemed relatively dry. He then arranged the women in a line, side by side, their backs resting on the rock floor. He was very careful with them because any scrapes or bruises could potentially ruin their beautiful skin. He made a rough mattress against one of the cave walls, from their accumulated clothing.

Now, where to start?

He considered this and decided to begin with the whore. Meredith, they had called her. He laid her on the lumpy pile of clothing and straddled her chest. As he put his weight on her, a thin stream of water, mixed with cum, trickled from the side of her mouth.

He brushed wet strands of hair away from face. So beautiful. He recalled how cocky she had acted at first. And then how nervous she had become at the end. Nothing to be nervous about now.

He leaned down and grabbed her breasts. They were soft and still warm. Large but not too big--the perfect size for his hands. He caressed then as he began to get hard.

He stroked himself with one hand while he continued to knead her breasts, squeezing gently. He ran his palm across their surface, flicking the erect nipples as he came to them.

It was a little awkward but he sidled up closer to her face and pressed his dick between her breasts. He had to use both hands to press them together but they were big enough to encircle his penis. He humped against her chest until his back grew tired from the position.

Time for someone else, he though.

He carefully returned her, Meredith, to where she had been before. He then tenderly lifted the Southerner in his arms and laid her on the makeshift bed. Her name was Callissa, if he wasn’t mistaken.

She was beautiful in a very different way. No hair blocked his view of her face, since she kept it so short. Practical. She had been so energetic. So strong. There was no energy left in her now.

He scrutinized her body. Toned and athletic. He ran a hand over her brown skin, which was surprisingly smooth, despite her rough profession. There was very little fat beneath her skin.

He turned her over, onto her stomach and leaned his back against the rock wall. Grabbing her shoulders, he moved her head up to his crotch. He rested her cheek on his thigh and lightly brought her lips to the side of his penis. He reached down, pulled out her tongue and pressed that against his erection as well. He gently moved her head up and down, licking and kissing his shaft.

He stretched forward and grabbed one of her arms. Her fingers were thin and delicate. Her nails were unpainted and cut short. The temperature in cave was fairly warm, but this extremity of hers had begun to cool as the water on her skin evaporated. He rubbed her hand in his to bring warmth back to it. Holding her hand in his own, he brought it to his erection and grasped it firmly. Under his power, she stroked him while she continued to lick and kiss him. He pushed her head lower, to his balls, and she licked and kissed those too.

When he grew tired of this, he moved her arm back to her side and grabbed her head with both hands. Carefully avoiding her teeth, he brought her mouth down to his penis. He slowly inserted the head and then worked his way further and further down her throat. He had to adjust the angle of her head but he eventually managed to push in the whole thing, her lips pressed against his pubic hair, her tongue resting against the base of his balls.

With soft, slow strokes she pleasured him with her mouth. It was a relaxing position and he was certain that he could soon finish this way. But he wanted to give everyone a try.

He withdrew from her mouth, knelt to pick her up, and returned her to her place in the line.

His next selection was the captain’s widow. Elowyn. Her name had only been mentioned once, but he had taken note of it. He liked to know their names. It made them more special.

She had faced her fate with a sort of resigned stoicism. He knelt beside her and traced lines in her face, following the paths of wrinkles at her eyes and mouth. She had had a longer life than the others. He hoped she had been grateful for that.

She was a little stockier than the others but, thanks to the bracers, Jad had little difficulty in positioning her the way he wanted on the mattress of clothing: on her knees with her face flat against the floor and her ass pointing up in the air.

Arranged thusly, he paused and dug in his backpack, producing a Potion of Endure Elements. Its intended effect of resisting the discomforts of extreme temperatures was useful, at times. But, at the moment, he used it for its other notable property: a highly effective lubricant.

He drizzled a small amount of the fluid on his penis and poured more on her welcoming vagina. He took up his position behind her and slid himself in.

She wasn’t particularly tight but that was okay. Unlike Callissa, she had plenty of meat on her bones, so to speak, and Jad held her well-cushioned hips tightly as he pounded into her. The slaps of their meeting flesh echoed through the cave.

He fondled her ass cheeks and looked down to watch as his dick buried itself into her, again and again. He spread the cheeks wide, flaring out her anus. She seemed clean so he pulled out of her vagina and, in a single thrust, penetrated her ass.

This was, unsurprisingly, a lot tighter. He slowed his excited pace to a more leisurely one. There was, after all, still one course left to this meal.

There was one last thing to do with sweet Elowyn, though. He reached down and grabbed the thick braid of her auburn hair. Water it had soaked up fell out as he squeezed it. Pulling back on it, he managed to lift her upper body off of the ground. By leaning to one side, he could see her generous breasts hanging down and swinging back and forth as he pounded her ass. It was almost too much to handle…

But he managed to control himself and his humping soon slowed to a stop. He carefully relaxed his hold on her hair, setting her back down. Reluctantly, he withdrew from her and carried her back to the line of women.

Finally. The blonde one. The stowaway. He hadn’t caught her name, he realized with disappointment. She had been acting up and had to go in a little abruptly. She was still special nonetheless.

He noticed that Seth had torn open the top of her dress and he frowned at this, jealous that he hadn’t been the one to first expose her supple, petite breasts. He gently lifted her from the ground. She was heavier than he had expected, due to the added weight of her wet dress. He considered removing it but he actually liked the way it looked on her. It gave her some personality. It was a simple garment and, in a way, it seemed to enhance her youthfulness.

He rested her on the pile of clothing, bunching up a wad of someone’s dress to prop up her head. He spread her legs widely and hiked up her dress, revealing her girlish, thin calves and thighs. She wore white panties--simple and unornamented, like her dress. These would get in the way. His lust was making him impatient and so, instead of pulling them off, he gripped and tore apart the fabric, tossing the ruined cloth to the side. He quickly took up his position between her legs and, leaning forward, entered her.

He had hoped that she might be a virgin but he hadn’t expected too much in this regard. She was young, but was certainly an adult. Pretty young women like her didn’t stay virgins for long. He penetrated her without the distinctive barrier of a hymen. No big deal. She was still very tight, regardless.

Most men spoke of the missionary position as the most basic and boring of sexual positions. But, to Jad, it was the most enticing. He greedily attacked her breasts with his tongue as he started to hump. He licked the skin all around her chest, tasting mostly salty ocean water but also an unmistakable flavor of clean flesh. He flicked her nipples with his tongue and continued on up to her neck. He buried his face in her matted, still-wet hair as he licked and then nibbled at her earlobe.

He sat up on his elbows and stared deeply into her eyes. Bright blue and unfocused, they perfectly reflected her current restive state. She had been so scared, so nervous. He gently kissed her soft, full lips--pink before, but now a light shade of purple. There was nothing to be afraid of now. No worries of any kind.

He was ready to finish.

He quickly pulled out and climbed on top of her chest. With only two strokes, he blew his load across her unflinching face. It had been a while and so he continued to jerk as more strands of cum flew at her. When he was finally finished, he looked down to survey his handiwork. One streak of cum had crossed her lips, covering their purple with pearly white. Others had settled in her hair, barely distinguishable from her light blonde locks. But the largest glob had landed directly in her left eye. Its blue tint was still distinguishable, even through the small pool of semen.

Jad repositioned himself on his side, embracing her closely. He rested his head on her chest and nuzzled against it, catching his breath. He could hear the beat of his heart in his ears and, for a moment, it almost seemed like it could have been hers.

He peered up at the mouth of the cave. He would have to return to the ship with Seth once it grew dark but there was plenty of daylight left. Plenty of time for another couple of rounds with these nice ladies.

But he was in no rush to start up again. He closed his eyes and held the nameless blonde woman tightly, all his worries forgotten. For now, he too was at peace.


And there we have it. I hope that things weren’t too repetitive. I was torn between having 3 or 4 women but I think it worked out fine. This is my longest story to date--just over 7.6k words So that’s cool. As always, I deeply appreciate any comments, suggestions or other feedback--even if it’s just a “i liked it” or whatever.

I do have a question for you all though. Is there another place you go to for these kinds of dark erotic stories? I will continue to post my work on Gurochan but the website has been down a lot recently and I was hoping to discover another platform that might be more stable. I know that you can post written works on DeviantArt but does anyone actually go there for the literature? I feel like it’s more of a site for images. And I am familiar with Literotica as a place for erotic fiction, but I don’t think they approve of snuff/necro/etc. Advice?


Literotica does approve necrophilia stories you just have to tag your stories like you did here. Also you can try sties like,, or even if you want other places to put your stories on.


Brilliant work, as always, VV! Love your D&D Content and the southerner was a personal favorite in this work.
Regarding your question on erotic literature, Literotica is, unfortunately, your best bet. If you're simply looking for another place to host your stories, Tumblr (Provided it's not seen by the more vapid side of the userbase) and Deviantart are also good choices. You could also use the Guro Subreddit. You'd get my upvotes if you did. :)


did you find a site to post your stories other then gurochan?


"I do have a question for you all though. Is there another place you go to for these kinds of dark erotic stories? I will continue to post my work on Gurochan but the website has been down a lot recently and I was hoping to discover another platform that might be more stable. I know that you can post written works on DeviantArt but does anyone actually go there for the literature?"

There's a Reddit for TwistedFiction, and BDSM Library has a snuff tag


Drowning and Necro 2 of my favorite fetishes combined



are you still writing stuff like this? I hope so




Are you still writing here or anywhere else?

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