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Ben hadn't noticed that his babysitter sneaked out until long after she was gone, Initially the young boy was mad that he had been left alone but soon the boy realized what an opportunity it was. First thing he did was put on the 'showtime' channel that had all the R rated movies him mom didn't let him watch. They were rife with action, violence and the occasional flashing of boobies. The young boy was still too little to be really turned on by them...but they sure were fun to look at for! Once he had his fill he went to the kitchen and ate an entire carton of ice cream before stealing a dozen cookies. A few hours later he came back, snacking some more before heading to bed at nearly 11pm, hours past his bed time. He plopped down in his bed, his little belly swollen with sweets. He kicked off his sneakers, showing of his heavily grayed days old socks before laying down. For a while he was unable to fall asleep but after lifting his shirt and popping the button on his shorts he was able to doze off. Leaving his shorts open and underwear exposed, drool spilling down the side of his face as he slept

Though he wouldn't sleep soundly for long, before long the young boy began to toss and turn in his sleep. His mind doing its best too keep him from waking as a deep pain began to shoot through his guts. His stomach churning a bubbling against the massive intake of sweets. Before long he woke with groan and wicked tummy ache. He rubbed his swollen belly as it churned and bubbled beneath his fingers. Ben groaned again, feeling a wave of nausea strike him. Drool smeared all over the right side of his face, but yet more saliva began to spill into his mouth. Then came the terrible sensation that young Ben knew all to well. That awful tickle in the back of his throat. The muscles loosening and opening up. Getting ready to expel the contents of his stomach.

"Ohhh nooo" He whined, quickly hopping out of his bed, his filthy socks slapping the hard wood floor. He shuffled quickly out of his room and headed down the hall. He was going to spew, he knew it was coming, that tickle in his throat let him know it was already too late for him to have any hope of not barfing. Not even halfway down the hall and his stomach lurched, he instinctively threw his hand up to cover his mouth as he gagged

"Bleephhff" A disgusting gurgling came out of his throat as he upchucked a creamy slime of bile and half digested ice cream. It sprayed out between his fingers and splattered onto the floor. Ben tried to push on, but he was already throwing up. He hoped he could make it to the bathroom with only a small mess to clean up, but unfortunately he was not so lucky.

He made a shuffling four steps before a gurgling belch sent a violent spray of barf shooting out from his lips, this a much more chunky colorful chum of partially digested candy and sweets. He tried to keep it from spilling out of his mouth with his hand but only succeeded in vomiting all over himself, puke dripping down his arm to his elbow and splattering the front of his shirt. The wretch sour taste kept him from keeping his mouth clenched and the burning sensation in his throat was too much to bare. He gave in, pulling his puke covered hand away from his face he leaned over just a bit and began to projectile vomit right onto the floor

Puke sprayed out of his throat for what seemed like ages, the foul taste of bile washing over his tongue as the muscles in his stomach continue to contract. The chunky spray of colorful spew splattered to the floor just in front of his feet. A pile of white mush with colorful chunks and bits of half dejected cake and candy began to grow as he barfed. Before long the pile of vomit overtook his toes, his own bile seeping into his socks before burying his toes in vomit. His throat burned terribly, all the way up to his nose.

Tears streamed down the young boys face as he begged for his body to stop, as far as the boy knew, throwing up was the worst thing that he could suffer through. Finally, after what seemed like hours to the small boy, vomit stopped coming up out of his throat. He coughed, sputtered and spat, groaning as the pain in his tummy as well as the nausea had not subsided. The foul taste of vomit clung to his tongue, making his stomach churn, no matter how many time he spat the taste wouldn't leave. Suddenly he hiccuped, and up came more vomit. Just enough to fill his little mouth and spill over his bottom lip, dripping down his chin.

With a harsh gag he spat the mouthful of vomit onto the floor and stood there for a moment, panting. Trying to catch his breath as the sour stench of vomit assaulted his nose. With a pathetic little whimper he lifted his foot from his own pile of vomit, giving it a shake to cast as much barf off of his toes before doing the same with the other and carefully stepping out of his pile of vomit. He continued down the hall towards the bathroom, now more slowly, his stomach still churning and uneasy. Once he made it he pushed the door open, casting his eyes back at the mess he made in the hall a feeling of shame coming over him.

Though the feeling was overtaken by another, his stomach lurched once more and with another gurgling burp vomit fired into his mouth. He clamped his lips shut, his cheeks puffing out as his mouth filled with vomit. He turned, but froze up as his stomach muscles clenched again, shooting more vomit up into his mouth. His cheek puffed out further, vomit dribbling from his lips as his mouth barely contained it. He dropped to his knees and threw open the toilet lid, even as a third surge of vomit spilled into his mouth. With nowhere else to go, barf fired out of his nose, burning with a foul stench the whole way out. Ben gagged and opened his mouth a moment too late, vomit spilling from his nose and mouth. He belched loudly, his vomit trickling and splattering into the toilet water, his body punishing him for eating a nearly toxic amount of sweets. The young boy hugged the toilet, his stomach still tying itself in knots. As much as he wanted it to be, this was hardly over.

(Icky right? More to come!)


wheres the scat?


Maybe there won't be any, maybe there will. Have patience.


I'm not really into vomit, cute setting/style though. Looking forward to the scat :P


I noticed that someone named raypottyboi posted "the sneaker" here recently http://nyou(dot)animegirldesp(dot)org . Is this actually you or just some random posting your story without giving you credit.

Also sorry for being off topic, didn't want to bump your older posts and don't really know where else to find you.


No its all me, I just shortened my name. Feel free to comment on any of my stories. I love feedback, and check often to read and comment!


Oh yeah, On nyou3. You know, I was trying to post all my stories there but their UI is really bad and I couldn't get it to format properly, so I gave up. I honestly thought it didn't post at all!


I formatted the story properly and I guess I'll copy all my stories over little by little. This was a nice surprise.

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