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I'm active again, with my site remodeled and renamed, and several new stories.

As usual, constructive criticism is welcome alongside praising feedback, as I'm always eager to improve my writing. - - Snuff, Nude Child, Necro Sex(Mg), Piss. - Snuff, Nude Teen. - Snuff, Necro Sex(MF), Piss. - Sex(Mg), Snuff, Nude Child, Piss. - Sex(fg), Snuff, Nude Child, Nude Teen, Piss.


Good to hear. I think your style is good (it means something because noncons not my kink). I remeber reading your works before.
Found also "Fairy Meat", "Troll Girl's Punishment" and "Eventful Afternoon" on my drive.


Loved all of these! Particularly the last. So cruel and heartless. Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback!

Here's the latest stories, btw. - Forced Masturbation, Snuff, Piss. - Snuff, Necro Sex(MF), Piss

 No.12694 - Shooting, Necro Sex(MFF, MFF), Debreast(partial), Piss

New story is out.

 No.12723 - Stabbing, Decapitation, Disembowelment, Throat Slash, Mutilation(genitals and breasts), Sex(mf), Necro Sex(mf), Piss


Love it! More please!


I would love to see more cunt destruction and maybe even removal, but your stories are amazing.


Here's another one. (Go easy, it's my first time doing a hanging scenario.) - Sex(FFF), Hanging, Piss


nice love it do more hanging


Some consensual and casual. I like it^^

 No.12772 - Nude Teen, Nude Child, Shooting(Arrows), Decapitation, Supernatural, Burning, Piss. - Rape(MF), Asphyxiation, Dismemberment, Decapitation, Supernatural.


Latest story;

And, yes, I am aware that the other links no longer work. I remodeled the site, and will repost them in the morning.

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