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Ebony smiled as she looked up at the two girls before her, and then back to the request list she had been given.

She had killed in the past, of course, but those were people willing to die to become dinner for others. These two, as she noted by their bindings, struggling, and glares they gave her, were far from willing, and yet the request was that both would be butchered, cooked, and served as a feast.

The eldritch servant puffed out her cheeks in annoyance before folding the paper several times into a square and putting it into her mouth; swallowing it in the process.

She looked back up to the two, one a green zombie, stitches in places to hold limbs in place, and a light-brown skinned girl with a long purple ponytail. Rottytops and Shantae, they were called.

Ebony considered her options. She had to prepare some kind of meal with the two of them, since that was the request of her patrons, but her rule of not killing the unwilling clung to her mind and prevented her from acting.

A nyotaimori style did come to mind, but the request said cooked and neither of them appeared willing to die. Amputating the limbs was an option, but the human couldn't get new limbs like the zombie likely could. She did not know of any magic that allowed for regeneration or revival in this world, so the simple solution was out.

Had the two been brought in dead, strangled or throats slit or something like that, there would be no problem. Having them slain now would make her just as responsible for their deaths as her patrons.

And then, an idea came to her and she smiled up at the two of them. "If the two of you want to get out of this alive, I will need for you to work with me. Will you?" She asked.

Both gave her a kind of annoyed glare; thinking she was joking.

This prompted her to frown and look at them similarly. "I am many things, primarily a cook, but none of them are a murderer. Unless you two want to die, I won't kill either of you, but I do have to make you both part of the meal I prepare for the orcs that brought you in. So, what will it be: work with me and leave alive, or I cut off your limbs and cook those, and then leave the both of you to the orcs outside?" She asked.

The two girls looked at one another, and muffled their words through their gags... which Ebony then removed to hear their words.

Both of them were unsure of her intentions, but, if she could manage it, they did want to leave alive.

"It won't be painless, and I'll be leaving with you, but it will be better than you being eaten, yes?" She asked, to which they agreed. "Great! Think of it like stew... only you'll be the pot it's served from." She warned before getting started.

Preparations for the feast were in the works, and Ebony was excited to have the two girls working with her.

Cleaning, cooking, stuffing, cutting, tenderizing, basting, flavoring... not necessarily in that order, but those and more were in the works as she cooked and instructed Rottytops and Shantae.

The first step was to flush out their systems with water; both from the front and the back through the use of water. Drinking lots of water only to vomit it back up and taking in water enemas until no waste or bile spilled out; just clean water.

When that was done, next came the cutting of their flesh and stuffing them. Ebony gave them the choice of lining for their insides, Shantae chose garlic and Rottytops chose coriander; mixed with flour and rolled into something like pizza dough.

Ebony cut them open from below the base of their necks down to their navels, carefully pushed aside their organs, and laid out the dough as a barrier between their organs and the stuffing she would be adding.

The dough was pressed against the roof of their chest and belly cavities like an inner layer of skin, and then around their sides. Ebony maneuvered and manipulated the dough around their ribs as well, offering protection to their upper organs, such as hearts and lungs, as well. They did not dry out their organs, but the feeling of compression and fullness was not missed on either the zombie or the half-genie.

Next came the stuffing, to which Ebony took care of herself. To be sure, she was very creative in this method given that her serving trays were very much alive.

It was past noon the next day when the feast was prepared and the orcs were called into their dining tent. Although they were understandably grumpy and irritated that their choice meals had been kept from them for so long, Ebony did provide appetizers throughout the night and morning for them to snack on; as well as the promise that this would be a meal unlike any they would ever be treated to again.

However, she also informed that she would be leaving afterwords to find a ship in the nearby town.

She was a traveling cook after all, going from place to place, even world to world, to battle the unbeatable foe that was hunger and seek out new recipes for herself and to modify. Plus, she had a problem with the orcs wanting her to just get meals out as soon as possible and not caring about the flare and decor of what she presented.

She was committed to cooking, but she also liked the presentation aspect of it; which was part of the reason she was so excited for the cooperation of the two girls.

Sadly, she was sure her patrons would not like the feast planned, but she knew the food would be enjoyed... assuming they ate it.


The band of orcs, six in total but only part of a larger warband sent to scout out the land, gathered around the table where laid a large, white sheet over two figures with just their hands hands visible and tied to top of a two-prong spear.

Ebony climbed onto the other end of the table and stood next to the hidden figures as she addressed the orcs. "I've been with you six for about a month now, twenty-five days and nights exactly, and I'll be leaving after this meal to continue my travels. This is just as much a feast for the eyes as it will be for your stomachs, so make sure you all eat what is put on your plates and in your bowls."

There were groans and grumbles, creatures such as orcs preferring meat to anything else. Originally, there were ten orcs in their band, one of which was the leader, but...

Ebony only smiled and tilted her head. "I know, I know, but I do accept volunteers for substitutes. I'll just need to gut, clean, stuff, and marinate whichever one of you it is for half an hour. I bet none of you knew lean meat could be so tender, did you?" She asked with a causal smile and a sweet tone.

The sounds of discontent ceased, but the expressions were still of annoyance.

The three-foot chef before them was more than she seemed, and the orcs knew to eat whatever was put on their plate lest they be added to the menu one dinner that came by.

The orc captain who led the gang had been very rude to her, demanding meat and quicker than she had prepared it, but he had not provoked her to action until he threw his plate on the ground and stomped it with his boot. One knife had found home in his knee, the second in his belly, and the third, after she had climbed the other two, was plunged into his throat.
Ebony had gutted him on the spot, ignoring the attacks by the other orcs as they tried to kill her and clinging to her newest menu item as they tried to pull her off.

For a small creature, she was unnaturally strong, and was finished turning the orc into a stuffed roast in only two hours; complete with an apple in its mouth.
The first orc that tried to run had its legs from below the knees cut off to service as a warning to the others. They had found out that day how serious she took her war on hunger, and how easily her patrons could be converted into meals for the rest.

If there was one thing she did not tolerate, it was the waste and disrespect of the food she prepared.

"I'll leave the menu closed for tonight, I think you'll all like what has been prepared." Ebony said with a smile and a tilt of her head. "For now, enjoy and bon appite." She said and moved away from the cloth.

With that, she walked away, back to the other end of the table, and stood before drawing two of her knives.

-Ting. Ting. Ting-

When she stopped, the orcs reached across the table, each grabbing part of the sheet, and pulled it apart to reveal their 'meal' tied and posed with their back to one another, chests arched forward with their busoms on display, on their knees with the legs alternating, and garnishings of cubed meats and cheeses around them.

The two girls were dressed the same: golden bracelets around their ankles and wrists, rope necklaces somewhat tightly wound around their necks, a length of rope around above and below their breasts that held large leaves to hide their nudity to form makeshift bras, short skirts that barely hid between their thighs, and garnishings of small fruit and vegetables leaves along their bodies held in place by toothpicks spines of rosemary.

Other than those, there were stitches on their oily, stuffed torsos that gave them a chubby look. The stitches ran down their fronts, between their breasts and toward their navels; looking as though an antopsy was preformed on them but seemingly unhindered or disturbed by this.

Shantae turned her head and looked to the left three, Rottytop did the same only to the right three, and both smiled as they both rose in unison, bringing their hands up to the top of the spear and cutting the ropes around their wrists, lifting their right legs in the process. Hands grasped the wrists of the other as the raised their legs, exposing their tightly stuffed vaginas and anuses to their diners and captors, and removed the blades from the spear, taking one each, and stepped toward their respective three as their raised feet met the wood of the table.

Ebony, sitting at the end of the table, watched to make sure the only blood spilled would be by her hands.


Shantae's Dance, Rottytops' Dance, and epilogue will come later.

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