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"Die, scum!"

I cursed as the column exploded behind me with my opponent's invective, her snake sword showering me with rubble as it cleaved through the ancient stone. I was rapidly running out of places to hide as I scurried away like a rat to another pillar, the brief reprieve doing little to quell my rising panic as my opponent's sword retracted as she advanced.

A moment of distraction crossed my mind as my opponent's strides caused her sizable breasts to jiggle, the largest pair of tits I had ever seen straining against their owner's skimpy outfit. The stories were true! Ivy Valentine was truly as impressive as the tavern tales made her out to be - cold, haughty beauty radiating from her, and an outfit to match - one that was half aristocrat and half dominatrix. That outfit left little of her voluptuous body to the imagination. If I had more time, I would definitely be admiring those perfectly shaped tits or that oh-so-round ass with the thin strip of fabric wedged between the cheeks and practically into her barely concealed pussy. Her high heels clicked on the floor as she strode towards me, and I stole a glance at her tits through some of the cracks in the stone.

The reason for my interest in her tits, besides the obvious, was that she was playing with them with one hand as she pursued me casually. Originally she had an armored gauntlet on one arm, but she had quickly abandoned that after it was obvious I was no match. Now the domina was stalking me, nipples standing out starkly underneath her outfit, her voice thick with lust and arrogance as she pawed at her own tits. Clearly, the dominatrix outfit wasn't just an act, and she was very clearly getting off on the possibility of butchering me. The whiplike Valentine, which she wielded with a flourish, added to the effect.

"Must you run?" she called out in her haughty English accent. "It makes it that much harder to see you squirm!"

I took mental note of my situation. All I had was my bow and two daggers for weapons. Normally, I would take my chances against a sword wielder in a battle, but the enclosed space of the ancient cathedral coupled with the unique nature of Ivy's weapon meant I couldn't get aim and get a shot off before being skewered. The daggers weren't much use either - even if I could get close to her, her retracted sword would make quick work of me before I could close the last bit of distance.

A moment of self-pity filled my mind. If only I hadn't deserted from my unit to go explore for treasure in the ruins of Ostrheinsburg. No one dared go into the cursed city, which made it a perfect opportunity in my mind - all the treasure must be untouched! So far all I had found were several shards of what appeared to be an ancient sword, the metal bits humming with arcane magic. I had fashioned them into arrowheads as I ventured deeper into the ruins, and soon after I had encountered Ivy.

She had attacked me without warning, calling me a corrupted minion of the cursed sword. I wondered if she was referring to the energy from the shards I had gathered. It was true that I felt that my strength and stamina felt greater after I had found those, but I chalked it up to finally being free from the military life of constant forced marches and fruitless stalemates. I felt fine and was perfectly of sound mind! Regardless, there was no mercy in those cold eyes and I found myself in my current precarious situation, fruitlessly wishing for salvation and finding my wishes just as hopeless as the cathedral I had been hoping to loot.

Steeling myself, I settled on a plan. Running was getting me nowhere. Each time my opponent attacked, I had one less hiding spot. The next time Ivy struck, I would leap out and fire one arrow at her rather than running. Even as I formulated my actions I knew it was hopeless. The bitch could extend and retract her sword in the blink of an eye, and there were no openings. A lucky shot was the best rationalization I had. I strung my bow with one of the shard-tipped arrows. This treasure was what got me into this mess - perhaps it could get me out.

"Suffer, worm!"

Ivy's shout came as the pillar behind me shattered, and I leapt out. It was now or never. Unfortunately, as I stepped out, my heel caught a loose piece of rubble and I stumbled backwards, Ivy's follow-up strike already coming down at me. I closed my eyes and released the bow string, preparing for oblivion.

Instead, what I got was a loud metallic screeching noise. I could scarcely believe it as my arrow fortuitously impacted Ivy's extended blade crashing down, and I could believe it even less as the impact caused Ivy's sword to shatter into its individual components, the whip portion broken. I froze in surprise, shards of Valentine raining down around us. As shocked as I was, Ivy looked even more shocked, the prideful look on her face replaced with surprise as she froze, one hand wrapped around naught but a sword handle as the other hand was pinching down on a fabric-covered teat.

The energy I had felt from the shards seemed to spark at me, and I jumped into motion. Before Ivy could react, I drew another arrow, strung it, and launched it at the dominatrix. Even a half-draw would be sufficient at this distance.

I knew my aim was true even before I fired the shot, and it proved to be the case. With a dull thud, the arrow sliced through the translucent sheer material covering Ivy's midsection and buried itself in her belly. The domina stumbled backwards, wobbling on her high heels as her breasts gently bounced from the impact. Her arms dropped limply to her side, and I swear I could see her stiff nipples become even more prominent. At the very least, something was going on as her cheeks flushed and a wet spot appeared on the white fabric of her outfit's crotch, some stray rivulets of clear fluid flowing down her trembling thighs. I couldn't help but notice those cold eyes glaze over for a moment. Did she just cum? Was the dominatrix secretly a masochist?

"You cur!" she exclaimed as she regained her senses, starting to step forward.

Ivy never completed the step as I drew and fired again, this time with a three quarters draw. Another arrow nestled itself into her belly, and this time I watched as the impact sent her breasts on a series of frenzied gyrations. She stumbled backwards again, heels scrabbling for purchase on tiles now slick with her latest feminine eruption. The slut's swollen, leaking pussy lips were clearly visible now in the soaked fabric of the crotch of her outfit, and her creamy thighs glistened with wetness.

I nocked another arrow and waited, observing, as Ivy stood there trembling through an obvious climax, her eyes unfocused and an extended moan escaping her painted lips. Her breasts heaved as she gasped for breath. Finally, she managed to speak in a quavering voice, two arrows sticking out of her belly.

"Is that all you've got?"

A full draw, then, this time, and the most satisfying result. Again the arrow buried itself inside Ivy's midsection, and this time the impact sent her tits bouncing out of her outfit, and they were just as perfect as I had imagined. The skin was pale and smooth, the hefty orbs topped by painfully erect wine colored nipples. Droplets of milk sprayed through the air as the heavy breasts bounced up and down.

If the bitch's last unwilling orgasm had been obvious, this one was even more intense as Ivy lost all pretense of shame. Her voice echoed around the cathedral in husky ecstasy, pain and pleasure thick in her scream. Eyes rolling back into her head, she dropped to her knees, the motion pulling the crotch of her outfit firmly between the folds of her labia. Around the fabric, she squirted another deposit of womanly pleasure onto the floor, soaking the remnants of her discarded weapon.

I approached the trembling woman, unable to contain myself. I needed to take her, badly.

Ivy looked up at me as I approached, lust clouding her eyes.

"What are you going to do to me?" she breathed.

I freed my erection and drew my dagger, pointing it at her elegant neck, then commanded her to suck. And suck she did, her purple painted lips wrapped around my rod and the full length in with aplomb. I alternated between playing with her stiff nipples, feeling her milk dribbling over my fingers, and grabbing Ivy's silky white hair, mashing the aristocrat's haughty face into my crotch as I fucked her throat. It didn't take long before I groaned and released down her throat, the bitch slurping down my seed as a thin stream came out of the corner of her mouth. I withdrew from her gasping mouth, my lust barely satiated.

Ivy looked up at me.

"Is that all?" she asked, the contempt clear in her voice. Rage burned inside me at the implication. If what the bitch wanted was depravity, I would give her depravity.

Throwing her to the floor, I spread Ivy's legs and mounted her, ripping aside the crotch of her outfit before plunging into her silky folds. She moaned with pleasure, her hips rising up to meet mine as I plunged into her. Her pussy was wet and tight, and I could feel it twitching in ecstasy as I slammed into her. I slapped her and called her names as I took her, making sure to remind her of just how much of a slut she was and how she was a cocktease deserving what was coming to her. She eagerly voiced her assent, her moans and gasps punctuating my pistoning. I groaned as I unloaded my seed into her depths and stood up, a mixture of semen and her juices leaking out of her abused vagina, the lips still swollen in pleasure. Although I felt as if I had taught her a lesson, my lust still felt incomplete.

"That's it, you swine?" Ivy croaked, her voice raspy from the preceding fuck-session and my throat's intrusion earlier. "You think you've tamed me? Conquered me?"

The domina cupped one exposed tit, squeezing it and playing with it until milk ran free. "Like I haven't been raped and knocked up before," she spat, "even the lizards did more than you."

I didn't know what lizards she was talking about, but the energy from the shard sparked up again inside of me. Now I knew what my lust wanted, and Ivy would be no in condition to speak after I was through with her.

Roaring, I flipped her over, shoving her elegant face into the grimy ground and raising her voluptuous ass into the air.

"Ooh, that's a star-" Ivy cooed before I punched her in the back of the head, her skull bouncing off the stone. Dazed, she could only yelp in pleasure as I penetrated her tight asshole, forcing my way into the orifice. Ivy's pussy immediately showed its appreciation, releasing a torrent of girlcum as it twitched in pleasure.

As I fucked Ivy's ass, she gradually regained her senses and began her commentary again. In between her moans, she managed to vocalize "you think that'll finish me?" before I grabbed an arrow out of my quiver and plunged it into her right asscheek, the sharp metal easily cutting through the jiggling flesh.

Ivy screamed in pain at the ass penetration, and I noticed an even larger flood of juices as she creamed herself hard. Another arrow soon found itself embedded in the left globe of Ivy's ass as her cries of pleasure and pain filled the air, and her commentary become nonsensical gibbering as she pushed herself back against my cock, breasts jiggling and scraping the ground as the ex-dominatrix lost herself in her masochism.

I couldn't just leave those gorgeous mammaries unscathed, I thought to myself as I pulled out two more arrows. Ivy had barely found her speaking voice again before I skewered her large tits, her sexy body looking increasingly like a pincushion.

Ivy's eyes rolled back into her head and she gave a wet gurgle as her pussy squirted again and again, orgasms wracking the defeated domina's body. She could only make guttural noises as I fucked her in the ass, alternatively using the arrows embedded in her bodies as handles for leverage. Finally as I neared climax, she managed to start speaking again, her mind totally lost to her destruction.

"Yes! Oh yes!" she gasps in her finely accented English "I'm your bitch! Use my cunt! All my holes are yours! Take my arse! Claim it as yours! Shoot your seed all over me and mark me as your territory! I'm tamed! This bitch in heat is tamed!"

I grabbed her neck and start squeezing, wanting to shut her up for good as I finish. As Ivy felt her fate coming, she managed to choke out one last stream of words, each wanton exclamation punctuated with a fresh spray from her pussy, the pink flesh spasming as it worked in overdrive.

"UGH! YES! Beat me! UNNNGH! Stab me! Chop my head off and fuck my neck! AGH! Shoot my big ass full of arrows and throw me to the wolves! Let them tear me apart! OOOH! Punish my whorish body! You've defeated me, now claim your prize! AIEE! I'm your slut! Kill me like an arrogant bitch like me deserves! I need it! I need to feel your cock fucking my dying corpse! I'm your big titted fucktoooooooy!!! AAAAAH! FINISH MEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Ivy's slutty outburst was interrupted with a crack, as I decided I want to see her face as she expires. Summoning a strength I didn't know I had, I twisted her head around to face me, her neck snapping instantly. Her ass clamped down on my erection immediately, her body going into one last orgasmic convulsion. I unloaded into her tight asshole as her corpse twitched before falling limp, impaled breasts bouncing gently one last time. Ivy's body slid off my cock and the remainder of my load shot over her body, my spunk covering her pale flesh and the remnants of her outfit. A few strands landed on her beautiful face, now frozen for eternity in an orgasmic expression.

As the rush subsided, I felt the shards that had saved me resonating with the shattered pieces of Valentine covering the ground, the same energy pinging between them. I picked up one of the pieces from its resting place in a puddle of its deceased owner's pussy juice, and couldn't help but taste the musky liquid. A jolt of magical energy zipped through me as visions filled my head, the shards I had gathered and the shards of Valentine showing me flickers. First, there were the others - seekers of the cursed swords. A voluptuous female ninja, clad in a red bodysuit that left little to the imagination. A blonde swordmistress, flashes of her creamy thighs visible beneath her Oriental-styled clothing. Two sisters, Greek, the elder with the milk-filled breasts of a mother. All of them, I had heard of in tavern tales, but now I saw them in my mind's eye. There were more, but my attention was drawn to the vision presented to me by Valentine - none other than a replay of the series of recent events from the moment I had shattered Valentine. I admired my handiwork as I turned Ivy from confident dominatrix to whimpering slut to nothing more than a sexy corpse, covered in her conqueror's seed and filled with arrows.

I shook my head from my reverie, a purpose filling me as I gathered the remaining nectar-soaked pieces of Valentine. I strode out of the cathedral, leaving Ivy behind as a feast for the vermin. The shards of the sword I now knew as Soul Edge had showed me the path to walk, and the targets to demonstrate my mastery of along the way.



Chapter 2


The demonic shards, infused with my slain conquest's sexual release, proved to be most useful. The trap I set in the deserted forest had attracted quite delectable prey indeed, I thought to myself as I watched the kunoichi Taki bend down to retrieve the shards of Valentine. No doubt the demonic energy had attracted her here to this clearing, as the shards I gathered had attracted Ivy to me. Taki's shapely breasts gave a light jiggle as she straightened, and I barely resisted the urge to fill those perfect tits full of arrows. Like Ivy, her bosom was large and supple, her nipples clearly outlined by the thin fabric of her bodysuit.

I watched carefully as she examined the shards. Taki squinted at the metal bits, rolling them between her fingers before sniffing them, as if she detected the cloying scent of Ivy's pussy juice on them. As the kunoichi pulled down her mask to taste the shards, my pulse quickened. Would she see the same vision as I had, of her rival's utter destruction? How would she react?

I had expected Taki to recoil in horror, but to my surprise, she reacted in way that made my loins tingle. Her cheeks became flushed and I swear I could see her nipples pop through her top as they stiffened. The female ninja glanced around the clearing furtively before spreading her legs and leaning against a tree for support, one hand reaching to paw at her tits while the other groped at her mound through her bodysuit. She moaned suggestively as she whispered something inaudible to herself, rolling her erect nipple between her fingers while she fingered herself. The outline of Taki's vagina became clear as she explored her inner walls, the sheer fabric of her bodysuit becoming slick with feminine condensation.

I couldn't believe my eyes. The legendary Taki was masturbating shamelessly in front of me! The bitch was just as much of a slut as Ivy was. Of course, she thought that she was alone, and I intended to keep it that way until the right moment. I reached for my bow and waited.

Soon enough, the right moment came, as did Taki. Her ministrations reached a frenzy, pinching and twisting her stiff nubs while her stroking of her pussy brought her to climax. The kunoichi's hips bucked forward, a damp spot appearing on the groin of her bodysuit while her voiced raised a few octaves. Her moans became a shriek as her body quivered, and her shriek became a wet gurgle as my shard-tipped arrow whistled through the air and plunged through her slender throat, pinning her to the tree she had been pleasuring herself against.

My choice of target was clear. Stories told of Taki's shrill battle cries and yells as she cleaved through foes, and for what I had planned for her there would be plenty of shrillness. I couldn't risk being discovered early, however, and thus my disabling shot also had the convenience of silencing the whore.

I abandoned my cover and strode towards her across the clearing. Her lovely eyes widened as she recognized me from the vision she had earlier, and her hands nervelessly moved to try and draw her swords as her lips rasped soundlessly underneath her silken mask. Two well-placed arrow shots later and her arms fell limply to her side, the victim of two cut tendons. Taki tried to kick at me as I approached, but her movements were weak and muddy. I easily pushed away her pathetic attempts and slammed a dagger into one muscular thigh to reinforce how helpless she was before me, the point penetrating the flower on the skimpy bodysuit she wore. Her neck veins bulged from the pain, her body writhing but only a series of frantic gasps and low mewling noises escaping her skewered windpipe.

Of course, there was no reason to delay the inevitable. I just had to know how they felt - her tits, of course. Ivy's had been perfection, a perfect mix of heft, firmness, and pleasing to the touch. But Ivy had flaunted hers, and there was something crass about that. There was satisfaction in breaking the bitch of course, but Taki's breasts were a different beast. It felt as if there was an aura about them, a sense of mystery in their concealment in her bodysuit while their jiggling outline provided pure temptation. And now they were mine to deal with as I pleased.

Where I had been rough with Ivy, my primal lust spurred on by the fallen ice queen, now I took a slower approach with Taki as the hunter and she the prey. I caressed my hands over her orbs, feeling the suppleness of her flesh barely covered by the silken softness of her bodysuit. Holding each breast in one hand, I jiggled them lightly, observing the ripples and absorbing their weighty nature. My thumbs found her swollen nipples and played with them as one would a lover, the nubs stiff with delight, the relatively rougher surface of her areola just barely tangible under her bodysuit. It was almost romantic, in a way, if it weren't for the fact that I was in the process of brutally butchering the bitch.

I decided to emulate her earlier actions, one hand leaving her tits to cop a feel of her nether regions, the outline of the whore's pubic mound easily visible through the soaked fabric of her outfit. I massaged the trembling mound in rhythmic circular motions, palm pressed against the opening to her orifice as it made squelching noises and sucked against my hand. Soon Taki's breaths came in ragged gasps as her hips started moving against my hand, her shapely ass pushing forward from the tree she was pinned to. It only took a few more seconds before the kunoichi gave a strange whimpering noise, her body quivered, and a fresh spurt of wetness dripped onto my hand molesting her, pussy juice seeping through the saturated fabric as she creamed herself.

I leered at Taki and her face burned with shame, but she couldn't stop her mouth from turning into an O shape underneath her mask as I switched to fingering her stiff clit through the soaked fabric. I felt a rush of arousal as I watched Taki's eyes roll back into her head again, her pussy trembling and twitching as it unloaded a fresh torrent of nectar.

Having forced the bitch into multiple climaxes, I couldn't contain myself any longer. Pulling down my pants, I grabbed Taki's tits and used them as leverage to thrust my erection into her clothed pussy, the soaked fabric splitting apart in the face of my onslaught. Her silken folds were warm, wet, and exceedingly tight. All that ninja training, I thought to myself as her cunt tunnel grabbed ahold of my cock, sluthoney spilling out as her vagina contracted around me. As I thrust into her, slamming her over and over again into the tree, I grabbed ahold of the fabric around her wildly jiggling breasts and ripped it in twain.

Finally, Taki's tits were revealed to me. I reveled in the rhythmic motion of the porcelain flesh topped with painfully hard brown nipples. She was such a goddamn cocktease in that suit and now she was getting what she deserved as I raped her into submission. I guess she agreed with me, her body convulsing orgasmically as she climaxed around my invading cock multiple times. Taki's shapely legs flopped around as I pounded into her, her hips rising up to meet my thrusts. Squeaks of pleasure escaped from her lush lips even as the motion of our union caused the gaping wound in her throat to winden around the penetrating shaft. I couldn't contain myself from wanting to mark the bitch as mine while she was still alive, and I pulled my spasming erection out and unloaded on her, spurts of semen landing on her exotic features and heaving breasts.

As I regained my senses, I admired my handiwork. Taki was utterly defeated, the skilled kunoichi now just a conquered slut. I reveled in the sight of the holes torn into her bodysuit to reveal her large heaving breasts and spread pink pussy still twitching with pleasure. What remained of the crotch of her bodysuit was soaked with her own arousal, the stickiness extending down to her thighs. A streamer of cunt nectar still extended from her oozing vagina. My seed rested splattered over her face and exposed tits.

I decided to not let that go to waste. Grabbing one of her elegant arms, I used her hand to start scooping and scraping the sticky white liquid off her tits. She shuddered as I brushed against her nipples, her mind still lost in pleasure. Reaching up, I pulled her mask from her face and used her hand to deposit the creamy white load inside before letting it snap back into its original position. Taki's eyes rolled back into her head again as her gasping mouth got a taste of her rapist's sperm. She made abject moaning sounds as her body trembled, a spray of kunoichi joy juice coming from her twitching pussy as her tongue began licking her mask, seeking out and slurping up the semen. I watched amusedly as she squeezed her thighs together, the proud ninja reveling in her own humiliation.

My desires nearly sated, I decided to finish the hunt as nature intended. I had pondered exactly how to execute my wounded prey, and decided to go through the method that Taki was clearly presenting with her body. Clad in that skimpy bodysuit, there was no way she wasn't privy to the knowledge of what her fabulous tits looked like as she fought. She was definitely presenting her breasts as targets, the bouncing, jiggling, and rippling distracting her opponents even as her barely concealed nipples spoke of the erotic promise for those that succeeded in striking the targets. Well, now I had tamed her, and her targets were exposed and free for me to deal with as I wished.

After cleaning myself up, I took several paces back and drew my bow. I idly wondered how many arrows I could fit into each jiggling mammary, and how they would move when struck. Through her haze of pain and pleasure, Taki's eyes widened as she saw what I had planned. Her lips moved as if to say something, and then her slumped body straightened slightly, back arching. She was actually presenting her tits to the slaughter for me in some sort of depraved offering! The round targets filled my vision, and I let loose.

The first arrow struck her cleanly in the right breast, pinning her to the tree even further. Taki looked down at the shaft penetrating her perfect orb and her body quivered, a fresh torrent of juices splattering onto the ground. So complete was my conquest that Taki was orgasming from having her tits skewered. I launched two more arrows, each one impaling her breast, the meat rippling from the impact. The sound of each arrow was followed shortly afterward by the splash of cunt honey onto ground as Taki writhed against the tree.

Taking careful aim at its bouncing form, I let fly at Taki's yet to be destroyed left breast. My aim was true, and the arrow cleaved through the round target as well as the bitch's heart before coming to a rest in the tree. I watched as Taki gave one last whimper, blood gathering in her mask as another gusher came from her drooling vagina, then her eyes rolled back into her head for the final time as her body slumped forward. The Shadow Huntress of Demons was dead, turned into helpless slain prey.

And now, the spoils of the hunt were mine. I couldn't resist fucking Taki's still warm corpse one last time before I started my handiwork, her slippery pussy just as tight in death as it was in life. After depositing my seed in the dead bitch's uterus, I brought out my inventory of shards and rubbed each one in the liberal amounts of Taki's sex juices spread all over her crotch and thighs. I wasn't sure if they would react differently as to when I did the same with Ivy, but that was an experiment for later. I then removed Taki's swords from their sheaths, admiring the demon-energy infused blades. It was time to get to carving.

The blades made quick work of their deceased mistress, and soon Taki had been reduced to a pile of body parts and severed limbs, her decapitated head resting atop it. I jacked off with her removed vagina as I stoked a fire, the fallopian tubes bouncing around from the rhythmic motion. Even with my ravenous hunger, there was no way I could finish all this meat. I would leave most of it behind for the wild dogs, a fitting end for the bitch. The only question that remained, I thought to myself as I turned the spit, was to see if Taki's tits tasted as good as they looked



Chapter 3


It didn't take long to track down Setsuka. After all, she had become somewhat of a local celebrity in the underground fighting arena that I now found myself in. Whether the rough men or gamblers appreciated her for considerable fighting prowess or for her considerable beauty was unknown to me. All I knew was that the cheers in the crowd were mostly for her (although they did tend to intensify whenever her large breasts threatened to bounce out of her tight low cut top, or whenever her kimono opened up to reveal her creamy thighs or a flash of her white panties).

Who or why they were cheering for didn't matter though - the only thing that mattered was that in this caged arena, two combatants entered, the key was tossed after them, and one combatant left. And I planned on being on the one leaving, but not before I had some fun.

Getting to that point, however, was the hard part. I could feel my power from the shards growing every day, but Setsuka was dangerously fast. She closed distances in the blink of an eye, and I could scarcely defend myself and disengage before she was on the attack again. In a fair fight, my slaughter was inevitable, and Setsuka knew it. She pressed her advantage expertly, and as my defenses grew weaker I could see twin points starting to protrude through her thin purple top, and a kick revealed that her formerly white panties were now well lubricated, her pussy lips visible through the fabric. No wonder she liked fighting (and winning) in this arena so much.

Now though, it was time to test the slutty swordmistress's focus. With her next slash, I abandoned the dagger I had been using and instead countered with Mekki-Maru, the demonic ninja-to I had claimed from Taki. The sword crackled with energy, having drank deeply from not only the blood of its former mistress, but also the sexual fluids she had soaked herself with in her final submission. The clash of our blades forced Setsuka back far more than my previous defenses and she approached more warily on her follow-up attack, brow furrowing in recognition of my new weapon.

"Where did you get that?" she demanded, and I could feel energy building within her. Better end this now, I thought, and reached into my pack to throw out my latest trophy.

Taki's severed head landed on the ground in front of Setsuka, the slain kunoichi's features well preserved by the demonic energy fueling me. Her face was just as I remembered, eyes rolled back and mouth open in eternal orgasm. Setsuka gasped, as did the crowd. No one expected an unknown fighter to come bearing the proof of victory over a legendary warrior. And, as the crowd murmured to themselves, if that expression on Taki's face was what they thought it was, her defeat must have been most shameful indeed.

Their reaction didn't concern me, for I needed my utmost focus to execute my plan and overcome Setsuka's speed. Taki's head had yet to hit the floor before I was lunging forward. Setsuka, spurred from her surprise, dodged to the side but a hair slower than her normal combat quickness. That hair was all my blade needed to lightly scratch her exposed midriff. Given how I had claimed Mekki-Maru, that scratch was all I needed.

Setsuka's face flushed and her eyes grew momentarily unfocused, the demonic energy replaying the conquest of my sword's previous owner in Setsuka's mind. The effect was clear as Setsuka's top grew noticeably tighter in an instant as her erect nipples protruded even more through the thin fabric. The distraction only lasted for a second but it was enough for me to continue my attack. As Setsuka tried to dodge a second time, my own kick connected with her bare belly, this blow a solid one with all the Soul Edge-infused force I could muster.

The swordmistress gave a half-shriek as she was knocked backwards to the other side of the cage, her back smashing into the cold metal bars, the umbrella sheath of her sword falling out of her limp hands as she barely retained her grip on the actual sword. The impact knocked her kimono off her shoulders, opening it up as she slumped to the ground with her legs spread. At the same time, the jolt caused her massive breasts to go on a wild roller coaster ride, one pale tit popping out entirely with the erect pink nipple of the other barely concealed by her now precariously hanging top. The motion of Setsuka's shapely ass hitting the ground knocked her soaked panties out of alignment, revealing her pink pussy twitching in arousal at the sudden turnaround of the battle. The whole crowd could easily see the glistening moisture all over Setsuka's swollen labia and creamy thighs.

Somehow, Setsuka managed to shake off the savage blow and stagger to her feet, clogs quavering as her weight shifted side to side. She dashed forward with sword drawn, a trail of clear droplets shaking free from her shamelessly exposed vagina as she moved with the speed she was famed for. She was fast - but not faster than an arrow.

My first shot impaled her thick thigh, her leg coming out from under her as the Soul-Edge tipped shaft shredded her toned muscles. As she stumbled to the ground, my second shot hit her other thigh, the meat rippling as that leg went out from under her as well. Setsuka hit the ground hard, her large bosom taking the brunt of the impact and causing the rest of her top to come off. Her sword clattered to the ground, well out of her reach, released from nerveless fingers. She screamed and convulsed on the ground for a moment, her hips humping desperately against the ground as her eyelids fluttered.

The crowd watched with rapt attention as Setsuka managed to push herself off the ground with her arms, tits exposed, her penetrated legs kneeling uselessly beneath her. There was a small puddle where her groin had landed, her shameful reaction to her defeat clearly visible for all to see as her kimono fell to the side. She looked up at me, eyes burning in hunger, as I picked up her fallen sword and sheath and strode towards her.

"Please..." she breathed. "Have mercy..."

I held the sword up to her slender throat and asked her if that was what she really wanted. She swallowed and nodded, and I told her she was lying.

With a thwack, I lashed out at her tits with the sheath, leaving a welt on the underside of the jiggling flesh. The crowd roared as the assault caused her breasts to bounce, Setsuka's abject moan and a small squirt of girlcum leaving no question about what she really wanted.

"Please..." she begged. "Everyone's watching..."

I ordered the lying bitch to her hands and knees, and with another thwack delivered a blow to her tantalizing ass, the force causing her flesh to ripple and her tits to jiggle as they hung beneath her. I questioned her - what was everyone watching?

"Ooooh..." she moaned. "Everyone's watching me... everyone's watching me be humiliated."

Her voice caught as ran I the sheath over her legs, catching up the streamers of pussy juice coming down her thighs. Setsuka continued, her voice thick with desire.

"Everyone's watching me be humiliated like the worthless slut that I am. Everyone can see my big tits and how wet my pussy is and how badly I need to be beaten. They all thought their champion was a strong warrior and an ice queen and could never be touched by anyone but all I need is for someone to show me my place... please don't have mercy on me."

Setsuka squeaked as I kicked her in the cunt, pussy juice splashing over my boot, then continued spilling out her erotic monologue.

"I wore this outfit because I wanted them to defeat me and take what they wanted from my willing body. I told myself it was because I wanted to distract them but I just wanted them stab my tits or slash my belly apart or cut apart my legs and rape me on the dirty floor as I cum over and over again."

She paused for a moment to lick her own pussy juice off the ground, reveling in the debasement.

"And then after they used me they would torture me and execute me and I'd just be cumming like a whore... oh god... I can't stop cumming... unh..."

Another series of moans as I pleasured her overheated pussy with her sheath, eliciting more rivulets of honey from the twitching pink organ. It was time to finish this before she lost her mind entirely.

Settling in behind her kneeling form, I took out my cock and let it rest at the entrance to her drooling vagina, spread wide from her arousal. Setsuka let out a hiss as she felt it, and immediately pushed back onto my erection with her lips, letting her silky folds envelop my dick.

"Agh!" she cried out in pleasure, girlcum splashing out from around our coupling. "Fuck me! Fuck this slutty bitch!"

Setsuka cooed as I started slapping her tits that were swinging underneath her.

"Oh yes! Punish me! Punish me like a naughty whore! I need this! Oooh! Give me what I deserve! Let everyone watch as you finish meeeeee!"

Her voice cut off as I couldn't resist her masochistic begging any longer. I took her sword and stabbed it through her jiggling tits, skewering both with one thrust. Setsuka's voice raised an octave as her pussy clamped down on me, the pain-fueled climax the strongest yet. I grunted and filled her with my seed as her pussy juice gushed around me.

Her orgasm only intensified as with my now free hand, I re-drew my own blade. Planting Setsuka's sheath in her asshole, I moved her long blonde hair out of the way and then sliced downwards, decapitating her cleanly with with one stroke. Setsuka's orgasmic screams muffled to gurgles as her air supply cut off, her final death orgasm causing her expression to mirror that of Taki's head which still lay on the ground, slightly wet from a few loose sprays of Setsuka's spasming cunt.

I withdrew from Setsuka's twitching vagina, my seed oozing out of her well-fucked pussy. Her body dropped to the ground, ass up, neck stump down, impaled tits jiggling one last time. As her body jolted from the impact, it triggered the mechanism in the sheath inserted in her asshole, opening up the umbrella as a flag of my conquest of her. I tucked myself in and stood up, raising the blonde bitch's head high in the air. The crowd cheered racuously. They had been entertained by watching their champion fight, but they had enjoyed her annihilation and humiliation even more.

Picking up the key to the arena, I walked out, stopping only to collect Setsuka's sword from her impaled tits, and Taki's head from the arena floor. I left Setsuka there, shamefully displayed for the entire crowd to see. It was only temporary, of course - before I had even cleared the crowd, there was already a mass of humanity rushing into the cage. As I collected my winnings (the real trophy from the fight in my pack), I saw attractive body parts flying through the air amidst of sprays of blood, each person trying to pleasure himself with a piece of Setsuka's corpse.


Loving everything about this! Can't wait for the next chapter!


I need more!



I don't really have a separate story thread, so random aside due to inspiration from this Pixiv set:


The rank and file army of Wolfkrone detested Ivy. Not only was she a well-paid mercenary, she was an aristocrat and acted with all the according arrogance of one. She boasted pridefully of how she would single handedly defeat the cultist forces while ordering around the infantry in that haughty accent of hers, and strutted around in that slutty outfit. To men who hadn't seen a woman in months, enduring Ivy's abuse was almost worth the opportunity for the voluptuous eye candy. Her gigantic tits bouncing around in her skimpy top, and round ass hanging out of her thong became every soldier's private fantasy even as they avoided her, not wanting to be the one stuck washing her horse as she teased them before unloading verbally on them if they even so much as glanced in her direction.

So it came to no one's surprise the complete lack of reinforcements when Ivy rode off past the vanguard into the cultists' elite forces. Let the bitch make good on her boasts, most of the soldiers thought (the rest were fantasizing about the domina's defeat). And it also came to no one's surprise that after some initial success, Ivy soon found herself surrounded and cut off, a rescue operation the last thought on anyone's mind as they watched the bitch get pulled off her horse by the enemy. The entire unit's combat operations came to a halt as soldiers secured whatever vantage points they could to watch Ivy get overrun, her sword lost as hands grabbed and ripped at the now-desperately pleading whore. The threat of Ivy's blade removed, the cultists took vengeance with their fists on Ivy for her slaughter of their comrades, the domina's pale skin bruising as she was knocked around. The soldiers' eyes lit up as Ivy's skimpy top fell apart under the onslaught, her massive breasts bouncing free and exposed to the world, wine-colored nipples firmly erect as Ivy's pleas turned to moans of humiliation. They watched as she was bent over and spanked, her perfect jiggling ass turning red and welt covered before with a pained scream Ivy soaked her panties, her beaten body convulsing in helpless masochistic ecstasy. They ogled as the invaders threw Ivy to the ground and started fucking the formerly arrogant slut, her high-heeled boots wrapping around her rapists' bodies as she submissively begged them to punish her harder, her words mixed with orgasmic moans. They stared eagerly as the last cultist finished taking pleasure from Ivy's helpless body, leaving the not-so-proud bitch squirming pathetically in the dirt, her nearly naked body covered in cultist seed as she lapped up puddles of sperm, Ivy's fingers desperately working her drooling, cum-stuffed pussy and well fucked asshole.

A cheer went up from the Wolfkrone forces as the cultists marked their victory by planting a flag of their conquest, literally. The cultists penetrated Ivy's pussy with a lance, the slut twitching in orgasm one last time as she was impaled from vagina to mouth. They planted the lance on the spot where they had first ridden down Ivy, the now deceased fighter's heavy tits giving one last bounce from the jolt. A mixture of blood, semen, and the whore's own girlcum dripped down the lance as Ivy was left there, arms and legs hanging limply, the cultists' stuffed and mounted trophy to their victory and a warning to any other big titted female warriors hoping for glory.

Within the hour, the Wolfkrone forces engaged on an operation to retake the area, hoping to reclaim Ivy's corpse and use it for their own pleasures before the rats and flies got to it.


This is really nice, extra hot material right here.
Thank you so much!


Not sure I know how to continue the original story, guess I'll just this as a dumping ground for other Soul Calibur related stories. This one involves Taki and a hungry animal.


Taki frowned as she knelt beneath a tree, lips pursed in thought as she picked up scraps of purple fabric off the swampy earth. She had tracked Ivy to this jungle, revenge on the kunoichi's mind. Taki's last encounter with her rival had left the busty ninja bound, ravished, and left for dead on the dusty floor of an abandoned temple, her face covered with Ivy's pussy juice. Luckily for Taki, Ivy hadn't been as precise with her ropework after grinding herself to multiple climaxes with the aid of Taki's beautiful features, and the kunoichi had managed to undo the bonds and escape, vowing to fuck Ivy into submission with her own blade.

But it seemed like someone, or something, had beaten Taki to Ivy. The first sign of this Taki had seen was Ivy's sword Valentine spread haphazardly over the ground, partially extended as if dropped in a struggle. But with what that struggle was, Taki did not know. The prints of Ivy's high-heeled boots had led smoothly to this spot beneath the tree where Valentine lay discarded. Here, those strides had turned into short choppy prints as ostensibly Ivy's legs had been scrabbling for purchase, and then a deeply disturbed muddy spot with deep furrows cut into the ground. Taki assumed there had been a battle on the ground here, but there were no signs of footsteps leading away from the tree. All she could find was the scraps of what appeared to be Ivy's outfit - it was as if the dominatrix had simply disappeared after her defeat.

Taki straightened, her breasts bouncing gently from the motion. Her skimpy bodysuit clung to them like a second skin, the outline of the kunoichi's stiff nipples clearly visible protruding through the thin fabric. Taki had to admit she was somewhat turned on at discovering her rival's demise. She would have to give herself some attention later, perhaps while theorizing just how Ivy had suffered while being brought low.

This thought was interrupted as something black, heavy, and scaly dropped out of the tree and landed atop the voluptuous ninja. Taki staggered, both from the weight of the creature on her slim shoulders and the impact of the blow to her skull. The busty ninja's head swam as she whipped her hair around, trying to shake off the beast as her tabi slid around in the muddy earth.

Taki shrieked as she looked up and saw a serpentine head staring back at her, only catching a glimpse before the snake struck. Ice pumped through Taki's veins as the serpent's teeth bit into her elegant neck, teeth easily slicing through pale skin to deposit the creature's venom into Taki's bloodstream. Quickly gathering her chi, Taki yelled out a battle cry as she emanated energy from the wound, disloding the snake's bite as blue glow healed the wound. Though the ninja technique had stopped the attack, Taki knew she had to win this battle quickly. She could still feel the serpent's venom inside her, the poison clouding her mind and muscles. Worse yet, she could feel scaly coils encircling her as she struggled, the snake's muscular body restricting her movement.

Grunting with exertion, Taki managed to reach to her back and draw her swords. Steeling herself, the kunoichi struck out at the snake, aiming to cleave the thing into pieces before it could strike again and deliver more venom. The snake didn't need to though - the existing venom, combined with the pressure of the serpent's body, had done its job. Taki's slashes were weak and ineffectual, even the most vicious of her strikes only causing glancing scratches to the beast's scales.

These glancing blows though, had an invigorating effect on the serpent. It could feel its prey fighting back - more force was needed. Taki gasped as the snake repositioned itself, its coils sliding around Taki's body in an imitation of rope bondage. The kunoichi whimpered as her sensitive breasts were encircled, the sizable orbs' erogenous nature amplified by the snake's venom. Those whimpers turned to moans as rough scales scraped over Taki's erect nipples, the nubs engorging and hardening from the unwanted contact. Taki found her back arching as she struggled, her chest seeking out the touch of her captor. She alternated between moans and pants and gasps of pleasure as the snake made its way around her fleshy ass and between the kunoichi's legs. The snake's body glistened with wetness as it undulated against Taki's crotch, instinctively attacking the spot making its prey tremble in weakness. Taki's muscular thighs squeezed against the serpent as its scales scraped against her fabric covered clit, the roughness zinging sparks of ecstasy throughout the busty ninja's voluptuous form. Soon Taki's torso was entirely encircled in black scales, the kunoichi whimpering helplessly as her body pressed itself against reptilian flesh.

Taki's panic grew in conjunction with her arousal as she found herself barely able to move, her feet sliding back and forth across the slick ground. She dropped her weapons and desperately tried to pry the snake off of her, but to no avail. The kunoichi's motions grew frantic as she sought release, both from her captivity as well as from her aching tits and pussy. Unable to free herself, Taki could only scream as she felt the serpent suddenly tense up, preparing to end its prey's struggle permanently.

Taki's screams cut off into a strangled moan as the snake began constricting her, its muscular body putting intense pressure on Taki's. Each of Taki's desperate movements to escape was cut short, the pressure on her erect nipples and soaked pussy sending tremors of excitement through the slutty ninja's bound form. With the pressure mounting and her body consumed with desire, Taki realized that she was about to meet her end, the legendary kunoichi tamed by a hungry snake.

The thought had barely left Taki's mind before her eyes were rolling back into her head, a massive orgasm marking the bitch's submission. Taki's knees buckled as she creamed her bodysuit, vagina twitching in pleasure. The scent of Taki's musk filled the jungle air as she cried out in climax, the kunoichi falling to the ground as she was overwhelmed with ecstasy. Her spread legs kicked weakly as she succumbed to pleasure a second time, then a third, then a fourth before Taki's overloaded brain lost count of the number of orgasms ripped from her writhing body.

Finally, as the snake uncoiled itself, Taki became relatively still as she lay on the ground, the only motion the rising and falling of her large chest, as well as the occasional twitch. There was no need for the serpent to inflict more damage on the kunoichi - she lay defeated, climaxed into submission. Now it was time to feast.

Taki barely moved as the snake's jaws enveloped her head, only letting out a weak moan as her vision went dark. Those moans continued as the creature continued consuming her, her big tits rubbing against the insides of the beast's maw. The defeated kunoichi whimpered as the beast eagerly swallowed her, its tongue flicking over her sensitive cunt covered by pussyjuice-soaked fabric. Soon Taki's entire body was inside the serpent's stomach, the outline of her shapely form visible through its distended skin. Unable to move or even scream, digestive fluid eating its way through her skimpy bodystocking and into her flesh, Taki writhed her way through one last orgasm as she asphyxiated. Her expiration was marked by a fresh stream of nectar mixing into the snake's digestive system, the Shadow Huntress of Demons conquered, claimed, and devoured by a mere beast.


Awesome work with the new Taki story. I for one would love to see the Alexandra sisters meet their end in your original story!


Wanted to write a story about Taki being beaten into submission:


Taki knew she had underestimated her opponent when in one fluid motion he dodged her kick and moved to counterattack. The busty kunoichi had assumed the powerfully built man that had leered at and accosted her in the alley was a common strongarm bandit (and a stupid one at that, to attempt to rob someone clearly dressed for battle). So she had planned to beat him sense into him, vaulting from her standing position to a high kick aimed at the head the man was clearly not thinking with.

"Maybe he can enjoy the view," Taki thought to herself, as a tinge of excitement from battle pulsed through her pussy, the petals clearly visible against the thin fabric of her tight red bodysuit.

But to Taki's surprise, the brigand dodged underneath the female ninja's shapely thigh, throwing out his own leg in a sweep. Taki clumsily stumbled over the attack, not quite cleanly avoiding it in her shock that a street thug had almost gotten the upper hand on her. She just had to reset and scope out her opponent, she thought to herself - he moved with unexpected agility for a man of his size, and she didn't want to find out how much power he could put out.

The kunoichi had underestimated him again though. Skilled in street brawling, the rogue's sweep had a been a feint. He exploded out of his low stance with an uppercut. This time, Taki, off-balance and positioned awkwardly against the alley wall, couldn't dodge at all. The sexy ninja shrieked as the man's fist connected with her lovely right tit, the force of the blow causing the skimpy fabric covering it to tear as Taki's large breasts bounced wildly. A thrill of masochistic arousal ran through Taki as she looked down to see her right breast exposed, nipple hardening with delight even as the sensitive flesh around it bruised. Her other breast, though still covered for now, was also clearly enjoying the punishment - the stiff peak of her other nipple easily visible through the kunoichi's bodysuit.

Her head swimming with pain and unwilling arousal, Taki whimpered weakly as she tried to move away from the wall. Her breasts always had been her weak point, and she could feel her opponent's gaze drawn to them. She had to put some distance between her opponent and his targets so she could bring her blades to bear.

But it was too late - like a heavyweight boxer, the bandit had already gotten up close and used his mass and the alley wall to cut off Taki's escape angle. And also like a boxer, his next attacks in his combo were already in motion.

Taki let out another erotically charged shriek as her left tit was hit as well, the flesh jiggling pleasingly from the attack. The kunoichi's desperate cries were cut off as her opponent let loose a thunderous punch into her toned belly. Taki's wails turned into pained gasps as two more punches connected there, each one sending the slut's bruised tits bouncing and pussy pulsing. A small wet spot appeared between Taki's trembling legs, each quavering moan corresponding with a gush of arousal.

The onslaught continued as the rogue returned to targeting Taki's tits. The kunoichi wasn't even trying to escape now, her arms hanging limply at her side as she leaned unsteadily against the wall. Her beautiful brown eyes were hazy and unfocused, each battered breast leading to a sexy moan, gasp, or shriek coming from Taki's luscious lips. The thug launched another three powerful punches into Taki's abused chest, reveling in feeling the contrast between the kunoichi's rock-hard nipples and soft titflesh. He could smell hints of the exotic bitch's musk each time he punished her, her formerly haughty eyes pleading with him for release, her prideful voice thick with arousal. Taki could barely stand - the force of the assaults the only thing keeping her upright as her legs splayed further and further apart.

The bandit couldn't ignore the juicy target this presented any longer. With a ferocious yell, he launched the final attack of his onslaught - a flying knee straight into Taki's drooling pussy.

The thin fabric of her bodysuit, already soaked with her own arousal, did little to protect Taki from the attack. In fact, it split apart from the force, clear droplets spraying into the air as the knee drove into Taki's pretty pink flower. The kunoichi shrieked as pain shot through her, the shriek extending into a quavering wail as that pain was followed by a wave of masochistic ecstasy. Taki knew she was beaten - her voluptuous body had been bruised and battered, failing to mount any sort of defense as her lust at being defeated by a street thug overwhelmed her. Her prized breasts had been exposed, the tenderized flesh claimed by the greedy gaze of the man that had tamed them. And now this last knee to her pussy had made it clear to Taki that the only question remaining was how he would finish her. With this thought in her mind, the kunoichi could feel her aching vagina wetly clamping down on the knee of the man that had broken her and lost it.

Taki's wail raised an octave as the dam broke and she signaled her submission. The slut sobbed in ecstasy and her eyes rolled back into her head as she creamed herself repeatedly, the orgasms making a wet and gooey mess on the bandit's leg as Taki's voluptuous body trembled in pleasure. Rivulets of the bitch's juices ran down her thighs, scoring her bodysuit with proof of her humiliating defeat. Taki hung there, suspended for a moment, until the thug lowered his knee and she crumpled to the ground, body trembling and large breasts heaving as aftershocks of her climaxes rippled through her.

Taki's opponent now wore the smirk on his face as he observed the aftermath of his attack. The legendary Taki was lying helpless on the dirty alley floor, barely conscious after being climaxed into submission. The ninja's heaving tits and erect nipples were still lightly jiggling, drooling vagina visible to all due to the bitch's sluttily spread legs.

"Pathetic girl" he laughed.

His taunt summoned up one last reserve of energy within Taki, but not one of resistance. A fresh surge of desire ran through the kunoichi's shattered body. She needed to be punished for being such an arrogant bitch - for teasing men with her massive tits, stiff nipples, juicy ass, and barely concealed pussy underneath that skimpy bodysuit - when what she most wanted was to be utterly destroyed.

"You've defeated me..." Taki moaned, "please claim your prize..."

Slowly, Taki managed to pick herself up off the ground, tits jiggling gently at the motion. The bitch rose to her feet, moaning weakly, a streamer of girlcum seeping out of her pussy as droplets fell and joined the puddle of arousal she had made on the floor. She stood there, swaying weakly, head rolling, desperately trying to grope her aching nipples still protruding proudly atop her softly bouncing breasts. But her arms would only hang there, nerveless. And so, defeated and humiliated, forced to cum over and over again like the slut she was, Taki could only wait for her opponent to... finish her.

The end came quickly, as the bandit didn't want to wait any longer to claim the spoils of victory. Of course, he didn't want his lovely opponent to regain her senses while he was attending to his business. So, duplicating Taki's initial attack, he let loose with a powerful high kick.

The attack proved to be much more deadly when inflicted on Taki's swaying form. His foot connected with the kunoichi's beautiful face, and with a sickening snap, Taki's head twisted unnaturally from the impact, her lush hair whipping through the air.

Taki's luscious lips let out one last aroused whimper as a final burst of ecstasy coursed through the bitch's body as she expired. Taki's large breasts jiggled excitedly as the slut's final orgasm shook her body, a fresh spray of girlcum splattering to the ground. The defeated kunoichi's quivering body swayed unsteadily for one last moment, and then fell spread eagle backwards with a thud. Taki's exposed tits and pussy rippled lewdly as her corpse twitched in its death throes.

Those death throes had yet to even stop before Taki's conqueror was atop her, taking advantage of the bitch's wet holes while they were still fresh. He left Taki's decapitated corpse lying there in the alley after he was done - her vagina sloppily oozing a mixture of her girlcum and his seed, her tits marked with another blast of his cum, and her head chopped off for him to take as a trophy - her face eternally frozen in pained orgasm.

The vagrants that found Taki didn't care much about her missing head, just the fact that even in death she was still quite fuckable. So there Taki met her humiliating end, a decapitated fucktoy passed around for pleasure and eventually left to rot in the alley she was defeated in. By the time the rats and crows had picked her corpse clean, the only thing left of her besides her skeleton was some broken armor and a tattered red bodysuit - her voluptuous body finding its final resting place in the bellies of vermin.


Awesome set! Really love the extreme depictions and of course the conquests of these girls. Mas por favor.

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