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Sarah awoke. The first thing she noticed was her incapability to move. As her eyes adjusted and the fog cleared, she looked around groggily. She couldn’t see more than, say, ten feet ahead of her before darkness overtook the fluorescent, flickering light above her. As her hearing cleared, she heard a… distant buzzing? She couldn’t quite tell if it was distant or if she hadn’t fully recovered from what happened.

What had happened? The last thing she remembered before passing out was a masked man and her…

And her sister. Quickly she turned her head to the right. Nothing. Then the left. And, just as she thought, there was her sister. Shoulder-length orange hair, facial structure similar to Sarah’s. Chloe and Sarah were attractive girls, large breasts and asses, nice bodies (despite Sarah being significantly skinnier in the stomach area.) But something was wrong here. In Sarah’s foggy vision, she didn’t quite comprehend what was happening, but as she focused she noticed Chloe’s naked chest. No, naked body. Entirely naked. Sarah was naked too, she now noticed. Her long, brown hair was draping on her nude shoulders. Blood. There was blood dripping down her shoulders. There were oversized, rusty nails digging into the soft flesh of Sarah’s shoulders-- Chloe’s too. As she noticed the metal ripping into her skin she began feeling a sharp, sore pain. Not just in her shoulders, but her hands and shins too. She was pinned up against the wall, entirely naked, hands placed on either side of her head and legs spread slightly. In the moment she was confused, especially when her sense of sound started coming into play. She heard crying-- sobbing. Her sisters sobbing. Deep, pained gasps and hollow breaths. In a haze, Sarah looked over at Chloe, her hair orange and beautiful. Sure enough, tears flowed down her face. Chloe moved her head to look at Sarah, pressing her face against the wall. Her face was red and eyes puffy. Above the sound of Chloe’s tears was something else, Sarah realized. A sort of… buzzing sound. Sarah’s face turned to a look of confusion as Chloe mouthed something to her.

Then, a searing pain in Sarah’s right leg. A blinding, horrible pain that seemed to be slicing through the flesh. Sarah let out a pained scream before looking down. Drool dribbled from the side of her mouth, where the skin was pulled tight in her screams. A spinning, circular buzzsaw was humming loudly and ripping through the fat on Sarah’s calves. Tears welled in her eyes, and she glanced over to Chloe, examining her from the hips down. There was certainly a height difference between the two of them, as Chloe’s legs had been sawn off just above the knee. Blood stained the wall where her legs used to be, dripping down the cement. Her legs were still stuck to the wall, only dropping off to the side slightly where they were unsupported by any form of nail. Sarah could see the bone, not protruding from the flat red flesh, rather melding into it, sticking out to the eyes as one thick white circle. The buzzsaw created a rather clean cut, not messy in the slightest.

But painful as anything she had ever known. Sarah struggled relentlessly in indescribable pain as the blade hacked through her flesh and blood. Her hands clenched into fists and she tugged forward slightly. With some strength, her right hand tore slightly, loosening the grip the nail previously had. Blood trickled down her wrist, but that was the least of her worries. In fact, Sarah didn’t even notice the loosening of the nail. The saw had now cut clean through her leg, and immediately her thigh flew up. Instinctually she had pulled her leg up, but only now did she have the freedom to move any section of it. Despite the incredible pain, Sarah finally breathed. They were quick and shallow breaths, and now that there was some release, she felt a warm liquid drip down the inside of her leg, dropping off below the knee, where her leg had been severed. This liquid was of course Sarah pissing herself. A shiver was sent up her spine, and only now did she realize the tears that had been dribbling down either one of her cheeks.

In no time the blade had reached her other leg, and once more the pain returned. Sarah threw her head back, and her waist was pushed forward in utter pain. Drips of her piss went flying as her leg flew forward. She twisted and turned, and as she tried to pull away, the flesh of her wrist was torn and ripped slightly. The blade sawed through the bone now, and shards went flying in every directing, melding with the sickening amount of blood that was raining down. In no time her left leg was severed clean from her body and Sarah was left gasping, hands balled in tight fists, her nails digging into her palms.

The saw moved past her leg and stopped, a single click as it pulled back slightly into a hole. The room was quiet now, almost silent save the sobbing of Sarah and Chloe. Sarah turned to Chloe, who had been facing away to save herself the sight of her sister suffering.

“Where… are… we?” Sarah asked slowly, in a hushed, pained tone.

“I don’t know…” the fear radiated in Chloe’s voice.

Suddenly another buzzing sound began in the distance, just beyond Chloe.

“What is that?” Sarah said, bordering on a shout. Her heart pumped faster. Chloe swung her head to the other side and immediately screamed.

“NO! NO! NO!”

“Chloe! What is it?!” But Chloe was too frightened to talk. All she did was flip her head back the other way and close her eyes as tight as possible. Sarah watched in horror and anticipation.

Then Chloe started truly screaming. Howling. Bellowing. She couldn’t keep her face closed anymore, and now she twisted and turned. The pain wasn’t just pain anymore-- it was fear. For her life. As soon as the blood-raising screams started, a spray of red mist shot from behind Chloe’s head, where Sarah couldn’t see. Then, slowly (but surely) Sarah caught on. She noted the position of her hands-- next to her head. That meant…

Sure enough, in due time Sarah watched, her mouth gaping in terror, Chloe’s severed hand fly forwards-- into the darkness-- with a frightening velocity. Sarah shook her head, mouth hanging open. She looked at her hands and started to struggle, then realizing how loose her right arm was. With all of her might, Sarah pulled her arm down, struggling and crying. A horrific snapping and tearing sound could be heard as she tore through the flesh and tendons in her wrist. Eventually though, to Sarah’s relief, she was able to pull free.

Despite the incomparable pain and hole that drove messily through Sarah’s wrist, she felt a twinge of hope. That despite missing both her legs she may yet get out of this. All she had left were her two shoulders and her other hand and she was home free.

Immediately, Sarah’s brief hope escapade diminished, and the worry rose in her heart again. Her sister. God, she couldn’t save her sister. She looked over at Chloe, who’s entire torso was pulling away from the wall as much as possible, her slighlty pointed but overall round breasts raised to the sky. Her head was pulling away from her hand as much as possible, her orange hair pressed between her shoulder and her head. The buzzing sound got closer and closer to Sarah. Chloe looked up, her dark brown eyes meeting Sarah’s piercing green.

“I love you…” Sarah whispered, a painful dread sinking in her stomach.

“I love you t--” but her sentence was cut short by another pained scream. This time Sarah watched, stunned, scared, heartbroken. Thick red blood squirted out from behind her sisters head, and Sarah had no choice but to watch her sister’s puffy, red, and tear-stricken face contort and twist into a horrified scream. Sarah could feel the hair on her arms raise watching her sister’s beautiful face twist into the face of someone in an indescribable pain. No longer did Chloe have the strength to keep her neck pulled as far away from her body as it had been. Her head moved to the typical upright position, and immediately the spinning blade wedged itself further into the flesh of Chloe’s thick neck. Chloe’s eyes popped open and she was left gasping for air, the screams becoming thinner. Sarah could now see the blade-- could see the spinning mechanism drive deep into her sister’s throat. It worked with a furious violence. Blood continually sprayed in all directions, drencing the right side of Sarah with her sister’s thick blood. The blade moved slowly horizontally to ensure maximum pain.

It was then that Sarah decided to take action to protect herself. Though her heart broke watching her sister suffer and bleed and die a slow, horrible, painful death, she had to survive. She began tugging her right shoulder forward, using her free hand and leg stump as leverage, both pressed flat against the wall. Had Sarah been taller, like her sister was, she wouldn’t have had the extra push. Yet, luckily for her, her leg being missing just below the knee meant she could bend her bloodied stump and push it against the wall.

Sarah’s face scrunched as her tendons, buried deep in the flesh of her meaty shoulder, began to rip. She could hear it: a horrible scritching, stretching, tearing sound. Blood began to ooze profusely out of the wound, but with some pushing she noticed she was halfway free. She glanced over at her sister, and only now did she realize the screaming had stopped. Her heart sank and stomach dropped, and she had to keep her throat from closing up when she looked at Chloe.

Her sister’s eyes had drooped almost entirely shut, only halfway open. Her mouth was ever-so-slightly ajar, drool and blood dribbling out of either corner of her lips. There was no doubt now that Chloe was in fact dead, and the buzzsaw now only had very thin flesh left to slice through. Sarah watched in pain and fear, admiring her sisters face one last time. There was no doubt she was beautiful: soft, pink lips, pale skin, blushed and perfectly plump cheeks. Even now, with her ginger hair tangled and messy, blood dripping down her chin, and black tears kissing her cheeks, there was a sexual elegance to her. Something that, despite being incredibly attractive herself, Sarah was always jealous of.

Then the spinning buzzsaw found its way to the end of Chloe’s neck, and with all the dread in the world, Sarah watched her sister’s lifeless head topple off her shoulders. At first, Chloe’s head spun slightly as it bounced on the large, bloodied blade that just took her life, but eventually it rolled off, inevitably falling on the dark floor. Sarah couldn’t see Chloe’s head anymore, but she could hear the thunk it made, and a chill was sent up her spine once more.

All those years of jealousy, all those years of comparing breast sizes, all those years of fighting over boys-- they were all over now. And Sarah didn’t even know where she was. Her eyebrows furrowed and her eyes grew more red as more tears found their way there. Her mouth was in the shape of an upside-down U, and her chin quivered as she tried to prevent tears. Now wasn’t the time for mourning. That would come later, when Sarah would undoubtedly escape this nightmarish hell trap.
She pushed her left shoulder forward with all of her might. A slight tear. She didn’t have the leverage she did before. Fear pulsed through her entire body now, and the fight for her life seemed to be getting closer and closer. Sure enough, she once again felt the now too familiar spray of her sister’s blood. The blade had reached Chloe’s hand now, obviously. Sarah struggled more, fighting and pushing and pulling as hard as she possibly could. Sweat started beading at the crinkles in her forehead, brought upon by stress and strain. Her whole face grew a bright red as she struggled for her life. It was only when Chloe’s hand had been completely lopped off that Sarah was halfway off.

“I still have time…” she said, as if reassurance was what would help, “I still have time.”

She glanced up at the blade to see its positioning. It was through with Chloe-- Sarah was next. Luckily for Sarah, however, the blade was moving slow enough that she did indeed still have time to free herself entirely. Yet, just as Sarah got her hopes up, the spinning buzzsaw increased in velocity.

“Fuck!” Sarah screamed, now furiously trying to wrench her shoulder free of the nail, “Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!”

But as soon as the blade reached where her hand would have been, it slowed down again. It was programmed for this, Sarah thought to herself, someone had to program that. It was clear the effort to kill Chloe and Sarah was high, but Sarah refused to let that happen. She continued her pushing, and the steady stream of blood that was dripping from the nail reached her armpit, tickling her ever so slightly. Sarah bit her lip in pain and fear as she noticed the current positioning of the blade-- it had moved past where her hand would have been and was now B-Lining for her neck. She grinded her teeth, pressing her ear to her shoulder to give her more time. It wasn’t working-- nothing was working.

The blade was mere centimeters from Sarah’s neck now, and had she kept it where it was it would already be slicing through her flesh. She bit down, digging her rather large teeth into the meat of her fluffy pink lips. Fear filled her eyes as the edge of the spinning buzzsaw grazed against her skin, sending small droplets of blood flying.

Sarah yanked her shoulder forward at the very last moment. Her body swung to the left, suspended only by her wrist. She dangled, her face contorted in immense pain as the thick, rusty nail rubbed against the bloodied wound. She panted, breaths heavy as she processed how close she just was to death. Her eyes studied the buzzsaw, working with diligence where her neck would have been. Had she not yanked one last time she’d be dead this very moment.
Despite the incredible pain in her bloodied wrist, Sarah took a moment to breathe, half-recovering from the horrors she witnessed. She gulped, throat bulging ever so slightly. Her eyes closed for a brief moment as if Sarah was trying to center herself.
Yet she still had to break free. Her eyes opened, noting dutifully the position of the blade. It was close to her hand, yet still far enough to give her freedom to escape. She thought of where her head would be now if she hadn’t freed herself-- right next to her sister’s… Quickly she shook the thought out of her head.
She twisted her right wrist, pressing it against the wall and pushing, attempting to swing. Instead she just dangled slightly more. It was impossible to get any leverage from this point. She couldn’t push, she couldn’t pull, she couldn’t swing. Her heart rate picked up as her anxiety swelled. At this point she wasn’t even close to getting her wrist free. It was then that she noted the position of the buzzsaw… and the nail. If the saw just kept going it would cut her entirely free. Sarah sighed, her voice shaky and shallow. She seemed to begin mourning for her hands selfless sacrifice, cherishing the final moments she’d ever have with a functioning hand again.

Then the blade hit.

Sarah clenched her jaw, her teeth pressing into her lips as the buzzsaw split into her bone. Shards of debris started flying, hitting Sarah’s face and leaving tiny cuts. She turned her face away, tears now dripping down her rounded cheeks. Blood sprayed in all directions, leaving a light red mist that drifted down slowly, kissing Sarah’s dark brown hair with individual specks of bloody dew. She gritted her teeth now, the pain searing in her wrist. She could feel her hand being separated from her body. The pain was unnamable, and she sobbed relentlessly. Her body, suspended now only by half a wrist, was twisting and churning, bumping heavily against the wall as the horrific pain radiated through her body.

The buzzsaw had succeeded in splicing through a hefty chunk of the flesh in Sarah’s arm. In fact, the blade itself didn’t have to worry about cleaving through the second bone in her wrist, as a deep, cracking sound echoed through the apparently empty chamber. Sarah winced intensely as she felt her bone snap. Her jaw grew much more tense. Now she was only supported by the rather weak meat-- and she could feel each individual rip as it tore away under the pressure. The blade wasn’t completely through yet she was mere seconds away from dropping. She gritted her teeth in her last moment held aloft.

As the last bit of flesh connecting two stumps tore, Sarah tumbled downwards, smacking against the floor with a violent thunk. Her head smacked slightly against the concrete and immediately a pool of dark blood formed around her, staining her supple breasts and firm stomach. She groaned and sobbed, rolling around in the ever-growing puddle. She clutched her stub arm, placing it between her round tits and pushing tightly against it, curling her legs in and writhing around in absolute pain. Blood poured steadily out of the open wounds, and she was now practically soaked in it from head to toe. Her face was dripping with the dark red ooze, and her hair clumped together in tight strands, glued together by her own blood from the roots to the tips. She writhed and groaned, the blood loss immense, then flattened out. Her wrists lay at either side, and what was left of her legs spread open. Thick blood seeped seamlessly from the open wounds, rivers of the stuff flowing from the wide gashes. Her jaw quivered and she closed her eyes, breathing shaky breaths as she set her mind and tried to calm herself. She flipped painfully onto her stomach and propped her chin on the floor, looking straight ahead. Sure enough, far, far beyond her but straight in her line of vision was a small sliver of bright light. It was small enough to miss, but Sarah’s dedication was impossible to break at this point. She gritted her teeth and reached her right arm out. The fingers scraped against the concrete, a splotch of blood stained where the gaping hole in her wrist was. With all of her effort, Sarah pulled, clawing herself forward. Her bare skin scraped on the rough surface, and her clawing got her essentially an inch closer to freedom. The dark red stump where her hand used to be now dragged behind her, along with both of her legs. The only force driving her forward was the meek strength she had in her wounded right arm. At this rate she’d bleed out before she could reach the horizontal sliver of light.

Her head shook, tears flowing more steadily now than they had been. She escaped death, yet she stared it in the face now. She gasped and sputtered constantly. Her head now grew light, blood escaping her body almost entirely. In desperation she dropped her head, a ripple flowing through the blood puddle beneath her after a decent sized splash. Blood trickled onto her drooping tongue, a sourly salty taste filling her mouth.

Then an ear piercing screech. Sarah glanced up, her face washed with a bright light and eyes blinded. The sliver of light now burst open. Only now did Sarah realize how adapted she was to the dark. The light gleamed violently in her eyes, and beyond the open door she could see nothing but a silhouette. A strong, towering silhouette.

“H-Help…” Sarah muttered, her voice weak and quiet with a tired raspy quality.

The door slammed shut. The room was once again engulfed in darkness Fear echoed through Sarah. Immediately she recognized the threat in this man, and with all of her strength she pulled away, cowering from the figure.

“Stay down,” he said, firmly. Anger resonated in his voice, and he repeated himself-- louder, meaner-- when Sarah tried pulling herself away again. She couldn’t see him, but she heard each heavy footstep clearly. Shivers began taking control of her body, and twitches were sent through the tendons of her neck. She shook her head violently, but his foot landed right next to her. She closed her eyes, waiting for a blade or a bullet or something. But nothing came. Just words.

“So you escaped.” He spoke quietly, but there was clear frustration in his tone. “After all of my efforts you escaped. It’s too bad your sister couldn’t share the same fate.” A twinge of guilt and pain in Sarah. “Too bad for you. I… I prefer it this way.

“You know I’ll still take exactly what I want. Whether you’re alive… or dead…”

Sarah then felt strong fingers coaxing through her brown hair, scraping painfully against her scalp. She winced and struggled, but his grip was too strong. In no time, the man had her hoisted in the air, what was left of her body dangling painfully below her. He brought her face to his, her eyes to his. She peered into his dark eyes, and suddenly the world faded away. Now nothing existed but pain and… and those eyes. Those brooding, evil, nasty eyes. They were filled with hatred and anger, a cesspool of violence and dread. Despite the rest of his face being blocked from her vision, she could hear and sense him licking his lips. Then, with a dedicated and violent throw, he tossed Sarah to the ground, her head making a horrific cracking sound on the pavement. The world pulsed now, foggy and blurry, and the pain for a second was numb. She blinked heavily and adjusted her eyes to clear the grog.

The man was gone. No, not gone. Just… just away from her. Where was he? Then, on cue: “I want you to see this.” His voice resonated with darkness, a horrible sincerity that left Sarah understanding there was nothing good about what she was going to witness. She felt his fingers in her hair once more. No longer was he a man. He was an entity. Some higher being that could manipulate darkness and move in it with ease. Some thing that could take whatever it wanted.

Sarah struggled as much as she could, which, granted, wasn’t much. Her bare back tore on the rough, cold concrete, and a clear trail of blood followed wherever she went. Suddenly he dropped Sarah again, her head once more smashing against the hard ground. She rolled around in pain, her hands grasping her head. A stream of blood poured into her hair.

“Sit still,” he said, his voice firm and cruel. He nudged her stomach violently with his heel, and immediately, her breath taken, she lay still. Her face was pulled up in fear and dread, tears dripping down her face leaving a faint black trail as whatever was left of her makeup was removed.

“Look,” he said, rather quietly now. His hushed tone was deeply unsettling, and Sarah cringed at whatever lay ahead. She refused, clenching her jaw shut and turning her head away, but without hesitation she felt a solid hand across her face. A stinging sensation kissed her cheek and she could vaguely sense the man kneeling next to her. He was holding something. Something slightly large and heavy, yet he didn’t hold it in his hands. It dangled slightly.

“Look,” he said again, his annunciation now more clear and crisp. On cue, the shadow that was blocking whatever he was holding seemed to shift and Sarah saw clearly. In his hand was Chloe’s head, still plagued by that empty look Sarah saw not too long ago. Immediately her jaw started quivering again. Clear snot dribbled down her perked upper lip and inadvertently her head tilted to one side. Something inside her was begging Chloe to come to somehow. Begging her to move and prove everything was okay. But her face remained immovable, blood dripping slowly where her neck used to taper into her shoulder. Sarah sobbed uncontrollably now. The man chuckled a dark, deep chuckle, oozing with hatred and unadulterated evil. Chloe’s head suddenly dropped, rolling gently and eventually settling on the side, her cheek pressing up and shifting her soft pink lips. Her hair fell over her face in certain areas, getting caught against the blood and drool staining her face. He bent over, picking up her hands-- which lay on either side of her bodiless head, fingers unfurled gently-- and examining them thoroughly. His fingers traced the stubs, running over the bone and flesh and blood. The skin was soft and supple, and her fingers wobbled slightly with every movement.

Sarah stared deep into her sister’s dead eyes. A numb, tingling sort of pain washed over her, a deep, painful mourning resonating inside of her. She couldn’t even bring herself to sob anymore. Instead she merely gazed longingly into Chloe’s eyes, admiring the glimmering sheen on her green irises, exposed only by the small sliver of light that rested gently on her face. The man walked around Sarah, body engulfed entirely in shadow. In either hand dangled Chloe’s, but Sarah’s focus was screwed to her sisters dead face. She barely noticed when the towering man balled up one of Chloe’s hands and pushed in harshly into Sarah’s rather loose pussy. For a brief moment her eyes closed in slight pain, but she soon resolved to idly accepting it, her stumped legs even pulling apart slightly to ease her struggling. In due time Chloe’s other hand joined the former in posture, but not in destination. The man pushed the bodiless fist in between Sarah’s firm, round asscheeks, pressing harshly against her bare anus. For a brief instant her nose flared in discomfort, but in no time her sisters fist was crammed inside her pert, tight asshole. Sarah now had Chloe’s hands shoved into her pussy and ass, bloody stumps sticking out behind her and dripping. Yet the deepest pains Sarah felt were in her legs, hand, and heart-- she didn’t even notice the rather sticky semen on her sister’s hands.

Without hesitation though, her focus was deterred from her own sister’s decapitated head to more of a relentless fear as once more the man’s fingers ran through her silky brown hair, clenching it tight and hoisting her into the air. She struggled and kicked and cried some more, still to no avail. The man had a strength she’d never seen before, as he hadn’t even seemed to break a sweat through this whole process.

“Now comes the fun part,” he said, though his voice didn’t reflect much joy; more brutality. With one hand keeping Sarah suspended, he bent over and grabbed Chloe’s decapitated head by the scruff of her hair. He had much more ease lifting her up, and there was a disturbing glee that filled him whenever his eyes crossed her lifeless head. With one hand he brought Chloe to about crotch level, incredibly close to the body. In the darkness Sarah couldn’t see much, just the man working on something furiously, all his focus trained on Chloe’s head. After about thirty seconds he twisted slightly, bringing his lower body almost entirely into light. It was this moment Sarah’s heart dropped and a violent sickness stirred in her stomach. Immediately, Sarah puked: rancid yellow-ish green spewing out of her lips.

What Sarah hadn’t realized until the point was that it wasn’t just her and Chloe that had been naked up to this point. Her eyes stared in fear, pain, sadness, dread, and disgust at her sister’s head wrenched stub first onto the man’s cock. To say it was surprising would be an understatement. There was no doubt his manhood was large (and strong). Bloody stump pressed to his body, Chloe’s head still didn’t engulf his entire cock. In fact, half of his shaft and his large round head still stuck straight out of Chloe’s mouth.

“You’re turn,” he said to Sarah. The vomit was the only reaction Sarah was allowed to have, as without hesitation her gaping mouth was soon filled with his meaty cock. On the initial movement Sarah choked, his head pressing against the back of her throat. Her throat bulged violently as his dick began penetrating her tight throat hole, veins popping out haphazardly in various locations around her neck. Her face grew incredibly red and tears and drools began dribbling. Between Sarah and Chloe’s mouth was still a good chunk of flesh, and Sarah’s eyebrows were knit upwards as she stared her sister in the face. Both of their mouths were pulled open, fitting perfectly around his cock with slightly painful pull. He pulled Sarah’s head slowly, his dick penetrating her throat slowly. Her neck bulged, her already defined throat pushing out as his cock entered. He now had both hands on her head. One supported the back while simultaneous pushing it closer to him, the other underneath her chin, holding her up and pinching her soft cheeks. Slowly Sarah’s face came closer to Chloe’s, her eyes rolling every now and then as she choked on his thick penis.

At long last he stopped pushing abruptly. Sarah was now lacking air almost entirely: the little oxygen she was getting through her nose was nowhere near enough. She seemed to be ready to accept death despite asphyxiation being her most feared form of death. Yet the experiences she witnessed today surpassed anything she could’ve ever imagined. She closed her eyes now, ready. Then, immediately, he pushed once more. This push was the most powerful one, sending his cock straight down Sarah’s throat, stopping precisely where the collarbones met the neck. Sarah’s eyes darted open as her lips pressed against her sisters. They were cold, clammy. Especially compared to Sarah’s soft, pink, and still rather lively lips. Once more Sarah vomited, but this time it was stifled by the cock that filled her entire throat. Puke sprayed from either side of her mouth, splattering on Chloe’s face and dribbling down her chin.

He pulled Sarah off of his cock, a layer of saliva and slime drenching his truly massive dick. The moment she caught her breath he shoved her back on. She slid on easier now that it was lubricated by her own spit. For about an hour this pattern continued, speeding up significantly almost immediately.

After the relentless torture that was Sarah deepthroating his enormous cock ending with quickly kissing her sister’s dead head, his body began quivering. He pulled Sarah off his cock, slime dripping from her lips and tears falling steadily. She collapsed to the ground on her back, still enhanced on her sister’s head, which he now used as a once living fleshlight. His eye twitched and suddenly he yanked Chloe’s head off of his cock, tossing it to Sarah. It fumbled for moments, ending up finally in Sarah’s hands, face to face. Her head still reeked of vomit and death, and it was heavier than she had imagined. Was that what her head would feel like?

As Sarah looked down, her eyes wide in fear as she continued to stare at her sister’s distorted head, a mysterious fluid sprayed down on her from above. A single strand splashed off of her hair, recoiling and falling to fall on Chloe’s face. It was white. White and sticky. Instinctively Sarah looked up, only to receive a face-full of hot, slimy semen. It landed in her eyes and she flinched back, mouth open (which inevitably was filled with his salty cum). Jizz rained down on Sarah and Chloe, covering them entirely. After several strands of cum it slowly trickled down, becoming mostly drops that would dribble off of his head.

Sarah sat in utter shock. Her sister’s decapitated head was in her arms, the meaty stump leaving a dark red blood print on her arm. One arm was missing, left behind with her legs below the knees and the rest of her sister. She had her sister’s balled up fists shoved inside either of her holes. Blood was splattered absolutely everywhere. There was almost no rhyme or reason. Both of their faces were riddled with sweat, spit, drool, tears, vomit, and semen. Sarah’s life was over. Even if she could escape from this there was no recovering.

There was no escape.

After finishing over Sarah and Chloe, showering them with his hot, sticky cum, he wiped his hands and walked away briefly. Sarah heard the sound of a lightswitch. But no light. Only…

A distant buzzing.

Panic rose in Sarah, a mix of post traumatic stress and legitimate fear. The man walked over to her now. The job was done. He didn’t need her anymore. Sarah simply gave in now, a quick realization that nothing she did could stop what was coming. She closed her eyes, waiting for his fingers to wrap into her hair once more. But this time she felt his hand grasp what was left of her leg. He pulled on her, dragging her along and stopping just at the wall, where he once again picked her up. Now entirely given up, Sarah’s unsupported leg flopped down, stopping when both her legs reached almost 90 degrees. The man pulled her up, his long arm stretching far above his head, which already sat relatively high off the ground. With a fully stretched arm, he was able to look Sarah in the face despite her dangling from his hand. Yet coming face to face didn’t seem to be in his agenda, as immediately he pressed Sarah against the wall, her soft cheek mushing against the concrete. Her eyes, having previously been lolling around wherever the whim fancied, now focused straight ahead, trained on what doom was soon to face her. After a couple of seconds pressed firmly against the wall, the already active buzzsaw before her started moving. It inched closer, and only now did Sarah realize how little time she had left. Suddenly her senses picked up, noting her missing hand still screwed to the wall straight ahead of her, noticing the blood stains where her sister lost both her hands and her head, even noting the singular strands of orange hair leftover from before Chloe’s ultimate demise. Tears flowed steadily now, and one last time Sarah groped with the fact that her sister was dead. Maybe she’d be meeting her again soon. The hyper-aware state she was in opened the door to an endless room of anxieties. Discomfort swelled through her body. For the first time she really felt her sister’s discarded hands shoved deep inside of her. She felt the man’s hand pressing firmly on the back of her head, somehow keeping her pinned entirely. Any bit of struggle would be oppressed beyond belief. Sarah breathed heavily, facing death in the face and craving air for the last time. The blade was close now. Incredibly close. The sound grew louder and louder and the ever-spinning buzzsaw seemed to grow in size as it approached Sarah’s soft, pink neck. Was this what her sister felt and death crept? Just before the final blow? One last time her jaw quivered, and a single tear dripped down, following the curve of her eyebrow and dropping down to the blood soaked concrete below.

The blade ripped through the flesh of her neck.

Without hesitation, Sarah’s shrill screams rang like a bell, echoing through the otherwise empty chamber. As the blade dug through the meat, cutting its way into her once-used throat, a heavy splatter of blood splashed against the wall in front of her, arcing slightly as the heavy stroke of blood slowly turned to mere droplets. Sarah’s eyes rolled back, red and filled to the brim with tears as a truly horrendous, previously unknown pain radiated through her body. She could feel her own flesh being spliced, and air soon came in short supply as her throat became exposed, the open hole squashing with the turn of her neck. The blade covered her throat hole perfectly, and as oxygen pittered out, so too did her horrible screeches. Despite no sound coming out, Sarah’s face still pulsated and churned, conjuring up horrified and deeply pained expressions as sputtering and choking sounds quietly spat out gutturally. The blade was making quick work, and in no time a stream of dark blood-- slightly bubbled and frothy-- drooled from her gaping mouth, rolling down her face and staining her nose and forehead a light red. Soon the sound of crunching, cracking, and breaking bone could be heard as the spinning death machine tore relentlessly through Sarah’s spine. It was almost done now, and the man removed his hand from supporting the neck, leaving her head to dangle suddenly. All that kept it connected to her body was a small sliver of flesh, which stretched with the weight of her decently heavy head. Suddenly, before the blade could finish, the skin tore and Sarah’s head toppled recklessly to the floor below. The small amount of blood that kept Sarah alive trickled out of open veins, spurting in a misty haze every few seconds. Her face adjusted and cringed, slowlier and slowlier reacting to the fact that her life was ending before her very eyes. And, just like that, Sarah finally died, joining Chloe.

Her body fell in suit when his hand released her knee. It flopped and bent and twisted in ways it hadn’t before: no pain or resistance held it back anymore. The man clapped twice succinctly and lights flickered on overhead, revealing the carnage. Blood absolutely drenched the room and slowly the reek of death began wafting up. He surveyed both dead bodies, then the heads, which had been covered in his cum. Pieces of Sarah and Chloe riddled the room, and, as a child leaves his room after playing with his toys, the man exited the chamber, his needs fulfilled entirely by two sisters who now lay headless.


Awesomly good style!


nothing better than a cock-up the neck -out mouth into other mouth double blowjob.


will u ever write more stories? love the darkness and decaps


Will you do more stories? Love the darkness of this one, and gorey descriptioms you do

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