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I'm going to start writing stories, mostly involving debreasting and twat torture, and posting them here. I'll label each with their individual tags.


I looking forward to read all your interesting texts


Slicing slicer, I like your alias ... Please, could we find these tags: female celebrities, vulva, vagina, genitals tortured and removed, debreastings, of course in fiction and fantasy...


It could end up happening. My first story will be Halo themed, however.



We still going to hear some of your stories ? Keen on more pussy destruction or complete removal.


Once I find a day off I don't have writers block.


Any idea of who will it be in the first story ? One of the female Spartans from Halo ?


I'm sort of playing around with the idea that the Sangelli hold public executions, or invade a few homes and ruin the cunts of several humans. Maybe it will take place in a school, or a strip club.


That is a nice start, I hope you do use the female Spartans later in your story. Looking forward to it.

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