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Young lives are being plucked out of existence in Sugarplum hill. "Bubblegum and sodapop, cherries last and poppycock." School kids parrot this phrase with bright eyes as they promise to protect each other. But candy is just their problem.

Nia doesn't even look like a tween yet. 3ft 5 and still carrying a baby layer of plush. She has the skills of someone much older. A tiny hand holds firmly onto a long, girthy shaft. Her hot breath puffs out over the head before her lips take to it. She's standing as she performs, her incredible shortness a perfect mismatch with her partners incredible height. He ducks to keep his head from hitting the ceiling, she stands on her tiptoes to get more level with his cock and he groans. They are in the dark-wood candy decorated depths of Harvy's Candies, underground candy shop. And Nia is blowing Harvey. There's a moan, and then an audible swallow... And another swallow, and another, before the young girl releases his saliva drenched rod and looks up at the overall clad adult.

Her pristine white outfit brims with cleanly brightness against the dark hardwood of his store. The golden buttons in 2 columns of 3 down her blouse give her a look a touch of secretarial submission, but the pastel blue mini-skirt brims with playful youth and begs for a peak beneath. Her sapphire eyes look up at him and her snow-pale little hands cup into a bowl. She looks like a beggar, and her face relentlessly showcases that she not only knows this but is drowning in embarrassment. The man obliges her pitiful plea, reaching long arms to a wooden shelf and the beaker that lies atop, his fingers hunt and finally find a little candy gem, a pearl of pure sugar, a caramel treat, the girl takes it with overwhelming joy. She looks at it first, taking in the shape and it's golden glow in the dim-lit store. She brings it ever so slowly to her lips, almost solemn in her movements though filled up with a pleasure so deep she could cry. Her well learned tongue takes in the caramel ball and flips it back and forth, coating her cheeks and the roof of her mouth with sweet sticky sugar. It's very very soon before she can't handle the wait any more and swallows the thing whole, a visible bulb traveling her throat as she voraciously pushes it into her stomach.

"I want... Today, I want..." Nia stammers. She doesn't quite manage to look at the eldery dark figure towering over her. "Today... I *need* some more."
"Nia... I don't give more than one a day. You know that." Bellows out the candy chefs voice as he zips up and turns to organizing shelves.
As Nia imagines she might not get another delicious firecracker of sugary flavor today, she feels a deeply rooted fear clawing at her back.
"Today I NEED it though" She says with panic in her eyes and her first bit of direct eye contact since the two met so many months ago. "Today is special! Today, my..." She looks away again, drawing her panicked gaze to the floor.
"How is your mother, dear." Nia focuses in on a nail in the floorboards, drawing her attention hard towards anything besides that question. She feels electric claws of fear grip into her back, making her body tingle with discomfort and threaten to buckle. She trembles. "Doesn't she worry about you? She must want to see you more since she can't get out of bed, and yet you're here more often. Did the operation go okay?" Nia's vision goes black though her eyes are wide open, all she can sense is the claws on her back. Her breathing gets harder and heavier, and turns into a wheeze that involves her whole chest. The pace of hard breaths is quickening and quickening until she's saved from the dark place by the shining bulb of a lollipop.

Her sapphire blue eyes are captured suddenly by a matching crystalline sugar treat, held between two fingers by the candy maker himself. She grabs his hand right away and closes her mouth around the marbley bright treat. She clasps him tight as she can, pulling the stick from his hand before apologizing with her mouth full, pop slid between her tongue and gums.

"I'm shorry I'm shorry" she slurs out. "I ate it without pershimmon, and I grabbed you, and I'm shorry. Lemmy shuck on you again, I'll make it feel sho good." She says, lolli-stick jostling around between her lips with each word. "I promish I can do it." She's nuzzling her cheek against his chubby member now, but the man is not satisfied with this approach.

"I have another idea now. That's not what you're going to do. Instead, let me have more control of your body. If you let me touch you and use you in more ways, I won't hold it against you that you took another candy."

"O-oh? I don't know." Said the girl, backing up. "You mean like hugging or hitting or something? You never touched me much before... I feel..."

"Well the alternative, the other case, is... You repay me for that lollipop, and you won't be allowed to have any candies tomorrow as repayment."

Nia swallows hard, lolipop and papery little stick flowing down into her throat, another bomb of sugar. "No please! I'll do it! You can touch me and use me as much as you want!" She stretches her hands out to each side in a wide motion, showing off her minuscule body and very new curves. "I'll be like a teddy bear! You can always use me for hugs and for patting! Just please let me have some tomorrow!"

[To be continued because I need sleep.]


an interesting begining.... curious to see where this goes.


[Thanks for saying something nice. Really made me feel like I should come back to finish it. I'm going on a long flight soon so please say things! I want to see things before I take off, and when I land.]

Harvey sank down into the tensely stretched out young girl. His posture, towered over her, and his ruthless lustful gaze emanated intimidation. He was like a hawk, his intimidating wingspan curling around her completely. Her arms came back to her body, instinctively protecting her chest and blending in with her school jacket so that she becomes a small white ball quivering unbalanced atop her thin, knock-kneed legs. She collapses.

"Wait!" She exclaims, but the spidery thin man doesn't let up in the slightest. She's yolked up into his lap, her back against his chest, and relentlessly prodded at and groped. Experimental hands pinch at her small, plush breasts and clutch at her doughy thighs. "Stop!" She exclaims as his hands rush to straddle her soft, slender neck and ride the curve of her thighs up to her young pubic mound. The man plays outside her panties, and the girl fills up red, blushing and drowning in her own sense of helplessness. "I can't, I can't be... I can't be doing this. Mom says--"
"Your mother isn't around anymore, is she?" Cuts in the man, having taken acute notice of her panicked eyes and distraught, distracted needs. The tears well up in her eyes immediately, defeated, she falls backward into the mans sinful embrace, both her hands holding tightly onto his wrist as he works her untouched sex. His other hand is free to rip open her top, breaking a golden button from it and freeing the others from their bins. Her small breasts are cupped by a frilly pink bra that he without hesitation presses his hand inside. She's somewhere else, images of mom flood her mind. Memories of warmth, playfulness, and love fill her up all hooked with the weighty idea that they will never happen again. And with that weight comes the craving, the craving to feel light and floaty.

"I need more for this." She cries out. "I need more." She scrambles and struggles and slips from the mans grip. Images of mom that she wants to wash away confuse and blind her as they cloud her mental vision. She crawls, dizzied by deep confusion and painful sadness. It gives the man a view of her bright panties glowing beneath her pastel skirt. He appreciates the view and stands, following her slowly. In her blind search she stumbles into his kitchen, unable to focus and moving, by scent, to his oven. She opens it to find bright blue and bright white sheets of syrupy, delicious sugar. Her mouth is agape, she looks at it and without thinking grabs one of the still hot pans. She flinches hard, yelping out, but manages to bring the thing clanging to the floor infront of her. Shaking with excitement she holds her composure just enough to grab the second pan next, placing it down and letting it fall atop the first. She's looking at the two giant pans of nearly pure sugar like a explorer crossing crates of golden treasure. She looks behind herself to Harvey, who enjoys the apologetic, cautious look splayed across his face for a few seconds before giving her an confirmation hand wave. A couple more tears fall down her cheeks and she returns her gaze to the glossy, smooth surface reflecting her crying face, bright red and quivering, shaking with anticipation, need, sugar lust covering up her dread.

A finger touches the crystaline blue liquid. It's hot, too hot, painful and steaming, as she slowly pulls her finger away, her hand shakes to deal with the pain. The unfinished candy sticks to her finger connecting it to the tray below in a long, unbreaking string. It's heavy, slow, and moves like slime. She pulls her finger above her head and drops a long noodle of blue into her mouth. It's too long to contain and so it falls over her chest and chin as well. It's hot. It hurts. It hurts alot but it's sugar and she can taste it and she wants to taste more. Her clothes grow wet where the blue slime touches and her skin reddens in long snaking lines beneath every stringy drip of the bright candy. But the burns don't stop her from taking another stringy fingerful to her mouth and licking the heated sugar from her lips. She takes another, and another... Soon she bends down over the two candy trays, scooping her first hot handful of many up into her mouth, lips lips kissing her palm to suckle more of the vibrant electric blue treat away. It's growing easier now as the candy begins to cool. Syrupy strings of it make her chest sticky.

The man walks behind her. His hand slips under her skirt to caress the small of her back, the girl is drowning all her negative emotions in candy and lets his relatively comfortable touch send tingling waves of pleasure up her spine. He slides and brings her panties down over her plush rear. His weighty cock flops forward from behind his zipper to kiss her pinkish entrance. She's distracted from gorging herself for a moment by his touch. He pushes inside her, stretching her tiny entrance to meet his girth. The pain for her grows greater and greater, and she drops little salty tears into the candy and they sit atop the sugary surface like tiny pearls. She continues to eat, the candy starting to feel more like clay than syrup, letting her glob it up in ever bigger handfulls into her mouth. The man starts to thrust as the candy continues to harden. Swallowing becomes harder as big syrupy globs become clay in her throat.

Nia grows exhausted as Harvey grows more and more predatory, sliding more of his cock into the tiny girl as she suckles down her treat with sloppy, wet moans. Soon he's slamming into her back side and making her sugar stickied hair bounce with each mean little thrust. She has to keep her elbows down on the floor but scoops a little extra blue into her mouth on random occasions, her mind clouded over into a feeding frenzy that grows worse every time she pushes away thoughts of mom. But she's ignoring a more present problem to do that, syrupy slime crystalizes more and more in her stomach and in her throat. A sugary veil over her throat becomes hard and makes her neck difficult to turn, makes it difficult to swallow. She tries regardless to scoop another mind numbing handful into her mouth, it becomes crystal as it slides down over her tongue, cracking into bits with the movement of her mouth, but obstructing her breathing and sending powdery crystaline bits into her lungs as she tries to. It's not enough to stop her. She takes another handful in, swallowing 3 times, 4 times, 5 times to try and clear her throat. The man can hear her making loud, frogish noises and does nothing except for pet her sugar dusted hair and keep fucking her as she grows too tired to scoop anything more into her choking gullet. It doesn't stop her from trying, as she lifts an elbow off the ground to try and scoop some more bright blue into her lips, the man thrusts hard forward and she faceplants into the goop, nose mouth and left cheek grabbed onto by an unshakable blue claw. She tries to pull up but she's to weak, a fresh breath has not graced her lungs for 3 or 4 minutes now. For what distance she can manage to lift her frail body off the tray, the smothering candy stretches to meet her easily. She's dizzied and falls into the tray infront of her with a thick splat noise. "Mom?" She means to say, but nothing comes out, just a bubble of stale air popping from the surface of the sugary gel. Warm thoughts of mom take over her broken body, and in reflex her tongue comes out to lap at the very thing that's choking her. 'I'm sorry' She thinks to herself. 'I couldn't be good, or respectful... I wanna see my mom again.' She can't quite see anything as her eyes start to cross.

Harvey feels her sugar energized quivering body fall forward and weaken but continue to shiver as her sugar rush peaks. His mean slams rattle her curvy body as he grows closer and closer to release. Without warning, the girl fades out and her body takes over in trying to free her from her candy trap, she flinches suddenly and hard, her entire body, her back curling and uncurling and trying to toss her head back. The man is broken by this, he finally cums, filling her small body up and spurting white from her ruined sex. Her body finds the energy to produce a couple more hard twitches and sudden pulls, tight walls of her vaginal tensing and untensing all the same and milking his cock dry. Finally, she's limp, all forms of will exhausted, all that's left are a couple of extra breaths her body is desperate to take. She breathes in and large chunks of the tray are funneled into her lungs one breath at a time. Harvey finally relaxes, noticing the tangled mess of hair, tears, and candy that the girl has made of herself up above. Sugar coated palms and candy blue lips, blue tinted cheeks-- not because of candy... Her bright sapphire eyes turned up and looking at nothing. He takes her by the hair and pulls her away from the tray, candy sluggishly following her mouth and leaving a trail that points toward her mouth before breaking off. It's much to late, though, her head flops to the side and bright blue ooze flows out from the back of her throat and out to her lips, and her body shuts down one function at a time, a warm, candy coated corpse with no family to come searching for her.


[I had to rush it a little bit to dash for my flight, tell me how you liked it.]


I have to say, death by candy suffocation is pretty creative

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