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so since im a filthy boy i decided to finally do a thing ive been wanting to do for a while
shoutout to the author of waifu wars for introducing me to gurochan btw u rock my dude. nice dick
ive had the idea for geocide high for a very long time, started off as a rp with someone i dont talk to anymore but i think it has more potential than a dead rp idea so here
ive got a lot of weird kinks so ill probably throw more than a few in here after a while, but nevertheless, i hope u can enjoy it. feel free to suggest kinks u wanna see in it, as well as character archetypes who u wanna see dead



Chapter 1: Exposition Hell

The sun beat down on the back of my leather jacket as I stood at the entrance of the school. Other students rushed past me; most of them bright-faced, eager freshmen, a few were grim-looking upperclassmen. It didn't matter who I was, though. Here I was, at the school of my dreams.

Summer's End High School.

Now, to the normal person, this high school was just your typical boarding school. Preppy, snobby students, and preppy, snobby teachers. However, I knew the truth to this school.

The rules of Summer's End were much more... Different, from your normal boarding school. See, these days, the population has been growing far more than communities can handle. So, in response, the government oversaw the creation of Summer's End High School. It's designed to give students an opportunity to help resolve this population problem.

In Summer's End, killing other students is completely legal. In fact, it was encouraged. At first, the freshmen would gasp in horror, and do their best to escape the school. But, the 20 foot high fences would keep them from running, and if they tried to climb, the upper 10 feet were highly electrically charged. If they managed to get past that, they'd need to get over the inwards overhang of barbed-wire. If they got over that? Landmines, all around the outside perimeter, were their last obstacle. In the 10 years this high school has stood, not one student managed to escape.

One might ask, but Daniel, why do you want to go to this hellhole? The answer is simple. All my life, I've had severe anger issues, which have manifested in a sort of fetish for killing my male peers. I did everything to ensure I'd get into this school, this... This Genocide High. Nothing could take it from me now.

I continued walking along the path that led to the school's entrance, and made my way to the male's dormitory building, carrying my luggage behind me. I made my way to my room, room 667 (of course it'd be one number off), and took a look at the inside. To my surprise, someone was already in there. A tall, brown haired, blue eyed boy sat on the bed, doing something on his phone, with his hand in his pants. He looked up at me, and blushed, immediately pulling his hand out of his trousers, and looking away. I chuckled, and made my way into the room.

After a moment of silence, my roommate spoke up. "S-sorry about that... It's just that- this cute girl accidentally touched my dick on the way here, and I haven't been able to think straight since..."

"It's nothing." I said, waving my hand. "To be honest, I've been pretty wound up recently too. But for... Different reasons."

"Well, since we're gonna be roommates, might as well clue me into it." He said, leaning back.

"Between you and me, I've got a huge fetish for killing dudes, and you know the point of this school, right?"

"Dude, trust me, you're not the only one. Killing people is soooo hot, it's why I started going here in the first place."

"I just transferred in, can't wait to spill my first blood." I said, licking my lips and gazing at the ceiling.

"Well, maybe we could have our first kill of the year together...?" He proposed, his eyes seeming to twinkle in excitement. He was pretty cute, honestly.

I thought for a second before speaking again. "Sounds good to me. What's your name, cutie?"

He blushed again, "J-jacob. Jacob Halfpine."

"Daniel Dier. Nice to meet ya, Jacob." I said, reaching out my hand to him for him to shake.

"Nice to meet you too, Dan. Can I call you Dan?" He asked, shaking my hand, not realizing that was the same hand he was jacking off with earlier.

"Only if I get to call you tonight~" I said, giving him a flirty smile.

"Oh damn, that was smooth!" He said, giggling.

Oh yes, I'm definitely going to kill him first.


sorry this ones a lil short. we'll start the murder death rape boy fest in the next part
also i might not be totally frequent with the updates i apologize, im a busy boy and i dont always have time 2 write


seems fun, hope the school provides lots of toys and implements, and is well set up for its purpose

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