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Being as someone who's somewhat a fan of Vs battles and the such, and given that Mr. Anon's Waifu Wars was such a fantastic idea, I've decided to grab it myself and create... uh... FUCK! (Them Up).

Ayyyy, that's clever.

While I can't promise consistency and I can't promise promptness, I'd like to finally try my hand at writing some sexualized murder, and I'd like at least a few people to see it!

This'll work on approximately the same rules as the original Waifu Wars. I'll take votes on the combatants of a fight, who wins, and by what means, and then I'll write it to you freaks' specifications.

I should probably note that, unlike the original, I've seen fit to give the fighters clothes and such, at least at the start of the fight. Gets rid of the need to bullshit your way into two cute naked ladies beatin' up on each other.

And in case it particularly bothers you, I should also note I may fudge the results of a vote to my own opinions. Sorry.

Without further ado, allow me to indroduce the competitors in the first battle!

In the White corner, we have Asajj Ventress, who is looking quite perpetually angsty today!

And in the Black corner, allow me to present Samus Aran, who is getting REALLY annoyed by all the people masturbating to her online! Don't worry, Samus, if you live, they'll probably be masturbating to the other girl!

Enter your votes, and I should get to writing as soon as a consensus is reached. In the meantime, feel free to suggest future combatants/matchups. Love you guys! Keep being horrible people for me, OK?


sounds p neat. i vote samus wins


sounds p neat. i vote samus wins


sounds p neat. i vote samus wins


i just realized i posted that 3 times. shitty internet, pls kill me


This is fine! I shall forgive you!

Also vote noted.


As the writter of Waifu Wars I approve -tries to do the whole thumbs up with the sparkling tooth thing but fails- well Anyway my vote goes to Samus I would love to see her die. I await the battle


Oh and my I suggest Linkle Vs Saber? Both are sexy blonde lady versions of heros who use a legendary sword which is sealed in a stone. I am ashamed that I didn't do it to be honest?


Well, now I feel like a bit of an ass. I hastily created this thread, but it's possible I won't be able to actually write much for about 2 weeks, as my now girlfriend is staying with me for that period, and while she's kinky, I'm not sure she wants me to spend my spare time with her writing sexualized murder for strangers. I'll keep up with votes and try to write when I can, but I'm afraid it might be difficult.

Currently the votes are 1 for Samus and 1 against. Keep 'em comin' folks, because if it's a tie, I might have to kill both of them!



> I might have to kill both of them

You heard him, people. Everybody pair up before voting.


i vote asajj ventress wins! Make sure samus' death is slow and painful


Hmm, I'll vote for Samus to win.


You bastards, I see what you're doing.


I have no idea what you're talking about. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Is this still a thing? I was kinda excited. It would be a shame if it just died


I vote for Samus to win, even though in a battle, I think Ventress would be more likely to. Sure the armor might hold up to a couple glancing blows, like that of Darth Vader, but a well trained Sith, who deflects laser blasts all the time won't be too out of her element vs. a power beam.

Maybe the Morph Ball Bombs and Power Bombs will have an effect, but I wouldn't count on it with force lightning and force push to keep Samus from getting close as a morph ball, and punishing her if she does. Missiles might be less useful.

I just like Samus as a character better than Ventress, so, call it personal bias.




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