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Nora and Lily are half sisters, they have the same dad but different mothers. Their father is a piece of shit and doesn't take care of them. They met eachother at school and found out later that they are half sisters, since that moment they have been best friends. back than Nora was 12 years old and Lily was 11. During a sleepover they were watching Hannibal and that moment they both found out they love gore and cannibalism, in the heat of the moment they started to touch eachother and made eachother orgasm. Now they are 15 and 14, they still watch a lot of porn and horror together while they get eachother off.

Nora has brown hair with blue streaks, blue eyes, C cup tits and a nice perky ass, shes also 5'6 tall and she dresses alternative . She is sitting in her bed, laptop next to her and watches a girl getting covered in cum during a bukkake, she's all naked and has 3 fingers in her pussy and the other hand is working her clit, her juices are flowing over her hands and on her bed. After a few minutes she has a orgasm and squirts all over her bed, she takes her 3 fingers out of her pussy and sucks them clean in her mouth. Her phone rings, she grabs her phone and sees that it is Lily "Hey! Whats up whore?"

"Fuck you, i was wondering if you want to come with me to that new BDSM club. Yes i know we are not legal yet but i'm sure that if we suck a few dicks we will get in"

"I just fucked my self and i'm covered in squirt, should i shower first or want to lick me clean?"

"You better come here covered in your own dirt or i will fucking cut you"

"Yeah love you too"

"Love you"

Nora than proceeds to grab her Michael Kors bag and puts her drawing book, mechanical pencil and canon camera in it. "Hmmmm what should i grab aswell" she gets over to her closet and opens it, she removes the clothes from the bottom part and takes off a lid, she made a secret compartment under her closet to hide her knifes and sex toys, she grabs her butterfly knife, buttplug and a remote controlled bullet vibrator. She closes the secret compartment and puts on some cotton black panties, thigh highs, black booty shorts and a croptop no bra. She checks her phone for messages and puts on some music, she puts her earbuds in and before she walks out of her room she sticks the buttplug in her mouth and pushes it up her ass, she than puts her shoes on and walks over to the back alley of the new BDSM club.

After a while Lily arrives, she is also alternative and has brown hair but she has green streaks in it and matching green eyes. She's wearing a black skirt that just covers everything, no panties, and a band shirt from a local band. Shes also 5'6 tall.

"Hey whore, i'm glad seeing you"

"hey babe" they start to make out as a way to greet eachother.

Lily than stops the kiss "So are you ready to get fucked and abused by older guys?"

"fuck yes, i see you didnt brought your bag, i did and i have some toys with me. 1 of them is in my ass and the other is in my bag and you HAVE to get it in before we try to get in, ok?" She than grabs the bullet out of her bag and reaches under her sisters skirt and shoves it right into her wet pussy "Just as i expected, you never wear panties you slut"

Lily lets out a moan as the bullet gets shoved in "ofcourse not, how can i otherwise get guys looking under my skirt" she kisses her sister and than almost falls down as Nora turned the bullet on "OOOH! fuck you!" Nora than lowers the vibration level and the both walk to the door while holding hands. The door gets watched by a big white guy about mid 20s

"Hey there big guy, can we get in? We want to have a lot of fun"

"Get away, this is not place for little girls"

Lily than lifts up her skirt showing her wet pussy and Nora pulled her pants down showing the buttplug in her ass. "If you let us in we will let your be the first that gets to play with us".

He than holds the door open and lets the girls in and follows them to the bathroom, there they take off his pants and start to work his dick together, both licking his dick and making sure their tongues touch. "Do you like this?"

"OH yeah so much!"

"GREAT!" the girls continue and start to take turns deepthroating him. It doesnt take long and he fills up Lily's mouth, she than kisses her sister and gives her half of it "Sharing is caring"

The guy gets back outside and the girls move in further, the than get into the huge room filled up with toys, machines, literally everyting you expect to find in a BDSM club. They dont stay unnoticed and they get brought up stairs to the owner by a security guard. The owner is a young good looking guy, he is in his early 20s and athletic build, he has brown hair aswell, blue eyes and is 6'5 tall. He is wearing black designer jeans and a white blouse, grey sweater combo. His office is nice looking, he has a dark oak desk, huge bookshelf and a big salon table with 2 brown couches on each side 1. The floor is made out of vinyl for easy cleaning. "What are you 2 teens doing here in my club?"

The girls look at the man in front of them, the know they screwed up. Nora than starts to speak "Well, we 2 are both big sluts and we wanted to get man handled here."

The man laughs "You 2 are cute, tell me what your fetishes are"

Nora starts again "Well sir, we are sisters and best friends, we like to play with both genders and we also love to play with eachother as you might have seen. We are also very very very much in to gore and cannibalism, that is our biggest kink and well maybe we would find someone like minded or a girl that wants to get eaten, that wasen't our main thought but we both have it in mind"

"Well than, let me first introduce my self i'm Marvin and i like almost everyting, the most depraved kinks and desires get me turned on and 1 of them is cannibalism and gore. Would you both like to eat with me, i still have a 20 year old girl in the freezer in the basement. She died in 1 of my other clubs after some bloodplay went horribly wrong, i always cover up the tracks and get rid of the dead."

Both girls were smiling after hearing the proposal and said at the same time "YES, YES WE WOULD LOVE TO!!!! and i'm Lily, and i'm Nora"

"Well Lily and Nora, than it's all set."

I will continue in a next post if you people want to see more, please give me tips and critique. I want to better myself.


Interesting premise Please continue.


Great start! As long as it stays consensual, maur please...

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