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A quick story I just had to write down. Comments and critique welcome. Enjoy!

John smiled as a young, beautiful redhead entered his butcher shop.

”Hi,” she said shyly.

”Hello sweetie, what’s your name?”

”I’m Nora, I’m here for my processing. My number was drawn during the lottery this morning,” she answered, quite calm about it all.

”Nice to meet you Nora, I’m John and I’ll be your butcher this afternoon,” John said. “Listen, the shop closes in five minutes, why don’t you go wait in the back? And while you’re there, please remove your clothes. Just saves a bit of time, you know?”

”Of course, sir,” the girl said. She gave the butcher a sweet little smile before heading towards the back door, admiring the displays of various cuts of meat on her way.

The last minutes of opening time went by uneventfully, only one customer came by to purchase some cuts to have for dinner later that evening. John used the time to look over the information he had been sent about Nora. He learned that she was thirteen years old, had average grades and came from a normal, lower middle class household. She was quite athletic, swimming being her favourite pastime. John turned the opening sign in the shop window around so that it read ‘closed’ from the outside, and locked the door. He was looking forward to the afternoon’s events.

When John entered the back of the shop, Nora had obediently removed her clothing and underwear, though she was covering her breasts with her right arm.

“How nice of you to remove your clothing, Nora. Now please stand up straight and let your arms fall to the side.”

The girl did as she was told, but blushed quite heavily. After all, she was not used to being naked in front of men. In fact she had not been nude in front of anyone since she was a toddler. John was able to get a good look at her, starting his inspection of the sweet little teen. She was truly a beauty, her naturally ginger hair falling to just below her shoulders. She had a beautiful face a cute button nose and gorgeous bright green eyes. Her breasts were small but definitely developing, and very pert. Her areolae were a very light shade of pink and quite swollen, crowned by tiny, slightly darker nipples. Her tummy was flat, but not muscular, and it lead nicely down to her hips, quite wide compared to her slender frame. Her ass was deliciously pert and shapely, and her legs athletic but still smooth and soft. After eyeing her out for a bit, John began to feel her up. He could feel that she was athletic, her arms, tummy and legs were slightly thicker than average at her age, though she still appeared very feminine. He felt her small tits, incredibly soft but still delightfully pert. Finally he moved down to her pussy, crowned by a small patch of soft, pubic hair. Her outer lips were nicely plump and smooth, while her inner lips poked out between them, a wonderful shade of light pink. Her pussy was a grade A, no doubt about that. Her outer lips were turning slightly red, and Nora was clearly becoming aroused. John turned the girl around and spread her ass to reveal her little rosebud. It was impeccable; pink and spotlessly clean.

“Are you a virgin, Nora?” John asked.

“Umm… yes,” Nora answered, a bit embarrassed.

“Excellent,” John said. Virgin pussy filets always sold at a higher price, and one this beautiful would certainly bring in a nice sum of money. “Let’s move to the showers,” he instructed next.

John led the girl through a doorway into a room with a line of wall-mounted showerheads. One of them was outfitted with a handheld one, which he was going to use now. Usually he would let the meats shower themselves, but today he wanted to give himself the pleasure of personally rubbing his hands all over the wonderful teen he was going to butcher. After letting the water run until it was warm enough, he sprayed the girl all over with it. He began by shampooing her sweet auburn hair. It wasn’t strictly necessary, but John liked the intimacy it brought. After rinsing her hair with water, he generously coated his hands with soap and moved to her body.

“I wonder how I’m going to butcher you, Nora,” He said while coating her neck and shoulders. “There are so many ways! How about I hang you by the neck?” he said while pretending to choke her. This clearly provoked a reaction from the girl, who let out a soft moan after he released his hold. John let his hands move lower down, massaging the girl’s breasts.

“These nipples will make fantastic treats,” he said. He moved his hands down further, and while moving a finger in a line between her ribcage and her lower abdomen he whispered in her ear;

“Maybe I’ll slit you open right here, letting you guts fall out, and then cut you up piece by piece?” Nora was breathing heavily, the reality of the situation mixing with the pleasure of being touched by a man for the first time. She had never been this horny. John’s hands moved to her back, and gradually he worked his way down to her ass. He massaged it for a while, before sliding a finger between her cheeks.

“Maybe I’ll impale you on a spit, and roast you over a fire,” he said just as he thrust a finger into her asshole. It didn’t go far in but it caught Nora off guard. She moaned again, louder than before.

“Or maybe I’ll slide a metal pole up your pussy, roasting you from the inside,” John said while caressing her vaginal opening and letting a finger tease her clit. Nora moaned even louder and more intensely, she wasn’t far from cumming now. John continued to stimulate her pussy and ass, while letting one hand caress her neck, breasts and inner thighs. It wasn’t long before an orgasm overwhelmed little Nora, sending waves of electrifying pleasure all over her body. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had, and it nearly knocked her out. John had to help her stand for a moment, which of course he didn’t mind as the easiest way to do just that was to grope her crotch. In the afterglow of Nora’s hefty orgasm John rinsed her off, and dried her off with a towel. After a couple of minutes of silence, Nora asked:

“So, which one is it going to be?”

“What do you mean,” John answered.

“You know, how are you going to process me?” Nora said, her lips forming a sweet, nervous smile.

“I haven’t decided yet,” John said. “Tell you what, it’ll be a surprise!” Nora’s stomach filled with butterflies, and the tingling in her pussy started again. In a matter of seconds she could feel her every heartbeat pulsating right down to her clit. She hadn’t thought it was possible to reach this level of excitement and horniness this fast.

John found a blindfold and tied it in front of Nora’s eyes. He led her into the next room, in which there was a frame in one end. After preparing the rope, he swiftly tied her to the frame, upside down and spread eagle. He found a remote controlled vibrating egg, and taped it to her clitoral hood. He prepared all the tools he needed, before stepping back to admire the girl. Hadn’t it been for hygiene regulations he would have fucked the girl hard, right then and there. Nora was sweating and panting, from a mixture of horniness, excitement and fear. She had no idea what was coming next. Suddenly, the thing John had attached to her pussy began vibrating intensely. He had turned it straight up to full power. Nora yelped in surprise, the sensation lying just on the border between pain and pleasure. Loud moans soon escaped her sweet lips. John teased her, letting his hands run all over her body. He probed her ass and pussy, but didn’t penetrate her to keep her filet truly virgin. Nora loved it, enjoying every second. She could feel her orgasm coming closer and closer. Somehow, she knew that once it hit her something would happen, and that this orgasm was probably going to be her last. It added to her excitement, and her pulse was reaching extreme levels. Adrenaline pumped through her veins, amplifying every touch, every smell and every sensation.

Suddenly Nora couldn’t hold it back any longer. Her whole body convulsed, her pussy and ass contracted and pulsed with pleasure, and she let out a cry of ecstasy that filled the room. Without any warning, Nora’s cry was cut short by John’s knife slicing deep into her vocal cords. Blood poured out, and the girl’s cries turned into coughs and sputters. The pain was intense, but her body had not by any means finished it’s orgasm. Her arms and legs twitched violently against their restraints, her orgasmic contractions mixing with death cramps. Nora’s vaginal muscles convulsed continuously, sending immense levels of pleasure to her dying brain. The girl’s vision was getting blurry, and she was getting increasingly lightheaded. After a short minute her contractions died down, and with them so did she. Suddenly she became still, the only remaining signs of life being the faint twitching of her hands and cute little toes. As the last cramps faded and the bloodstream from her neck slowed to a trickle, John knew it was time to get to work.

John started with removing her head, and immediately carved out Nora’s tongue. It would fetch a high price in the shop the next day. After her head was gone he cut off her hands to let the blood drain from her arms. Next, he split her tummy open from neck to pussy, her organs spilling out into the containers he had placed below. After cutting out all the organs he rinsed her body, and then carved up the different pieces of meat. Since the girl had such a nice behind and pussy, he decided to keep her rump and filet as one cut. He carved all the meat from her legs and arms, putting them in chilled containers. He kept her ribs as one cut, though he removed her cute little breasts. The nipples were delicious treats when deep-fried or roasted, and the breast fat would bring wonderful flavour to any soup or broth. After moving all the cuts to the chilled storeroom, John could finally go home for the day; after all he just couldn’t wait to look at the recordings he had made of the death of little Nora.

The next day there was a line outside John’s store even before it opened. Word had spread around town about the little beauty who had been drawn in the lottery, and now everyone literally wanted a piece of her. John ended up having to auction off all the cuts, some of them fetching outrageous prices. It truly reminded him of why he loved his job.


Aww, cute!


Awesome story. I loved it.

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