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This is a series of snuff stories I am writing for a commission. Though they are not my best work (I consider that to be my Undertale series also posted here), they are generally enjoyable enough that I figured it would be worth sharing them here, since I have been permitted to.

It is worth mentioning some details were not decided by me, including the appearance and race of the main character.

While I will post just the first story for now there is at least one more forthcoming that is in the same world focused on the same character, though with descriptions of far more victims.

Goblin Purging

(cons, futa, popping, all the way through, watersports, drowning, bisexual, scalie)

 Above the goblin kingdoms, the Nightfury soared. It had been a long ranging from his home, and many hours since he had last landed to eat or to rest. His red eyes reflected the glint of the setting sun as he scanned the forest below, seeing goblin villages interspersed widely amongst the trees. Small green goblins moved in them, indistinct from this height.

 Thinking he might spend the night in one such village, the Nightfury shed some height, swooping down to fly low above the treetops and look for a good place to make a landing.

 There were few options. Most places were protected by trees or filled up with thatch roofs and narrow streets, goblin populations overflowing every clearing of the forest. The creatures were prolific breeders, with a variety of strange sexual quirks and behaviors that made them interesting to deal with.

 Finally spotting a town square that was large enough to land in, the Nightfury flapped his wings hard, buffeting against the hair as he pulled up. This left him dead in the air a few feet above the ground, and he dropped easily onto his feet, folding his wings behind his shoulders as goblins passed all around.

 The small green creatures were mostly humanoid, with exaggerated proportions and long, pointed ears. They all had many piercings all over their bodies, each one having studs or rings in different places. Aside from that, they wore little, most going about naked. The Nightfury was nude as well, so this was a benefit of coming to goblin lands.

 Standing nearly twice as tall as the little green people stopping in the street to observe him, the sleek black drake settled his weight onto his back paws, his thick rear end blocking a significant part of the square's foot traffic. The tips of long ears brushed against his hips, cock, and ass as goblins passed by or checked him out. It was difficult to tell the male goblins from the females, especially since fully a third of their population were hermaphrodites, making it so checking for a cock wasn't a clear indication. The breasts were the only sure way to tell, but even then, especially feminine male goblins might have small soft mounds with large, puffy nipples.

 As several nearby goblins gave his soft cock admiring glances, the Nightfury cast his gaze about, looking for a goblin tavern or some other place he might find food and rest. Companionship was a given - you couldn't stay with goblins without going to sleep each night thoroughly milked of seed.

 Spotting a place that looked like it could fit someone of his height, the Nightfury began to sway his way through the crowd, thick cock swinging between his legs and brushing against goblin faces. His wide ass left an empty path behind him, which one goblin was hurriedly trying to follow.

 "Sir," she piped. "Sir, please stop! Sir, we need your help!"

 Finally realizing she was talking to him, the Nightfury paused in front of the door to the inn, glancing back at the diminutive creature. She was a futanari, large breasts heaving as she caught her breath from chasing his long strides with her short legs.

 "Sir," she repeated, breathless. Her eyes seemed glued to his cock, but her tone implied she had something more important to talk about. "Please, help us. I'm from the next village over, and there's a crisis. You're the only traveler whose come by these parts in days, and we can't deal with it ourselves!"

 Considering the goblin dickgirl's plea, the drake sighed, then turned to crouch down in front of the little woman.

 "What is it you need?", he asked, his voice as soft, dark, and smooth as his scales. Red eyes watched the goblin's face curiously, and she began to blush, especially as his gaze fell to her breasts and his cock began to harden. Gasps echoed all around the square as his shaft grew slowly to full length, 20 inches long, pressing the goblin woman back a few steps as it extended to meet her. She took a few steps back on trembling legs, her own cock hardening rapidly. Then, she came, not even having touched herself. The small warm load splattered over the Nightfury's cockhead, making him grunt in pleasure.

 "O-oh, sorry sir!", the goblin gasped, quickly going to her knees and beginning to lick his cockhead with her extremely long tongue, cleaning her cum from his skin. This drew further noises of pleasure, and soon she was lapping precum from his piss-slit, all of her own seed quickly swallowed. Her long tongue slipped into his urethra, delving deep inside to taste him and reaching almost to the base, then coming back into her mouth coated in precum.

 "Focus, little goblin," the drake growled in amusement, though he did not tell her to stop. "What trouble do you want me to solve for you? It sounds urgent."

 "Oh, yes - slurp - it is, sir!", she panted, barely able to pull herself away from gulping down his salty precum long enough to talk. "Oh, god, this thing would split me in half for real. It's perfect..."

 Another tremor went through her, and she began to jerk off her soft cock, eyelids fluttering as she pleaded with him. "We need you to go to the next village over. They've gotten themselves trapped in a pheromone frenzy... it's something that happens to us sometimes, when we all fuck nonstop for weeks on end. Usually it passes eventually, but for them it just keeps going around the village, spreading over and over so that the people can't stop fucking."

 The Nightfury thought about this as the goblin woman felt the need to wet her throat after her speech, diving back onto his cockhead to drink greedily of his precum. "I take it if any of you tried to help, you'd get caught in the frenzy?", he concluded, after a moment's consideration.

 She nodded, eyes half-closed as she french kissed his piss-slit, not even able to fit his whole cockhead into her mouth. She swallowed, then pulled herself away long enough to say, "You can't save them at this point, their bodies are permanently frenzied and producing the pheromone. Just kill them... in whatever way you want to." She shuddered as she said those last words, then came again, moaning as her cum shot up and covered her own breasts. She began to scoop it off with her fingers, adding, "Don't feel bad about it. They can't feel anything but pleasure in the frenzy. They'll probably enjoy it more than I would! Oh, er, I mean, um... more than they should."

 The goblin blushed, everything but the piercing in her nose going a dark green as she realized what she'd accidentally admitted to.

 Smirking down at her, the Nightfury stepped forward, gently pushing her onto the ground so she laid looking up at him from the dirt of the square, blushing and breathing hard. His foot settled onto her balls, weight slowly shifting forward as he knelt down, crushing down on her green, smooth sack. She whimpered, writhing, biting her lip as her cock twitched - but she didn't try to move away. Gasping softly, she gazed up at him as he ground his foot back and forth against her sack, her dark green nipples hard with arousal.

 "I'll go deal with them," he murmured down at her. "Then, I'll be back to give you the same."

 She came again with a sudden hyperventilation, seeming to focus on his cock hanging before her like she was coming out of a dream, her shaft not even able to harden fully before it began drool out thick seed. Beneath her balls, her pussy was soaked, squirting piss and juices against her own sack. As she laid there in the dirt, a puddle formed beneath her ass, the spectators beginning to mutter. The Nightfury left her there, her balls half-crushed and her mind filled with the knowledge that her most depraved fantasy might soon come true.

 He could tell its direction of the frenzied village by the scent, now that he knew to try and notice it. It was an even stronger concentration of the smell of sex and goblins than otherwise came from a village. It also had no goblin merchants coming from its direction, no travelers moving along the short road between it and the town he'd come from. Luckily for him, it wasn't far - by the time he reached it, the sun had barely set, and he was able to make it the rest of the way down the road by following the firelight from the town's homes.

 As he started into the town, he quickly noticed it wasn't as populous as the one he'd landed in. Even when its members hadn't been so sex-crazed as to ignore everything but fucking, this town had been small. Since then, it had shrunk further as the few who hadn't been caught up in the pheromone frenzy had evacuated.

 Walking through the empty outskirts, he felt his stomach rumble with hunger from the long day's flight. Without much concern, he wondered if he should have gotten something to eat before going off on this errand, then dismissed the concern. He could get everything he needed in this town, for free, then return to the other in the morning to claim his reward.

 At that moment, the Nightfury spotted his first goblin. The little thing was bent across a bench, gleefully fucking herself with a splintery broom. She didn't seem to mind the shards of wood sticking in her soft pussy flesh, and in fact started to fuck herself harder, seeming to deliberately try and fill herself with more.

 Casually walking up behind the pheromone crazed slut, the drake pushed against her asshole with his cock. It was already wet and gaping, and he slid in the first few inches without much forcing, despite his massive girth. Immediately, the goblin moaned happily, looking back over her shoulder as she noticed him for the first time.

 "I'm going to kill you," the Nightfury told her, by way of introduction. He reached forward to stroke her sweaty cheek, red eyes meeting her brown ones. "With my cock."

 Her eyes glanced down at him, mouth popping open in shock at his size. Then, she slowly began to grin, wriggling her hips and fucking herself harder with her broom. "Yes, please!", she giggled, long dyed hair running down her back as she tossed her head, settling into position with her ass up for him to rut. She was a regular female, he saw then. No cock, just a light, short black fuzz covering the front of her crotch.

 Not wasting any time with foreplay, the Nightfury began to push his hips forward, eliciting soft moans and happy sighs from the quickly filling goblin. She took the first foot easily enough, her belly pushing out as her insides were shoved forward by the thick, massive intruder pressed up along the inside of her spine. Then he began to encounter some resistance, and the girl began to gasp as he pushed with all his weight. Her hands fell from the broom, and he immediately reached out with a paw, snapping it off inside her.

 She squealed in glee and pleasure, eyes rolling up as she went practically limp. The shock of the break had stung her pussy, the force required to leverage it down against the inside of her belly with enough tension to snap it almost having been enough to make her pop. A trickle of blood oozed down out over her clit, but she only seemed to want more.

 While the girl got ahold of herself, the drake took a firmer grip of her full ass, claws digging into her skin. She hissed out a breath, looking back at him, eyelids half-closed seductively. One hand rose to her mouth, her fingers tracing her black-painted lips.

 "Make it pop out here," she purred. "I wanna taste it when you cum."

 Immediately, the Nightfury drove forward, tearing through soft insides with his cockhead as the girl groaned. She started to tremble from the damage done to her, but she chanted to him in happiness. "More, more, more, more!"

 He gave her what she wanted, and he felt the contact of her heart as he shoved past it, a rapidly throbbing little spot against his cock, beating so fast it almost felt like it was vibrating. Her breathing grew shallow as the shaft inside her began to restrict her ability to breathe, and her attempt at her last words died on her lips as she let out a wet noise from her throat. Pushing became easier, and as the drake finally got his hips snugged against hers, he saw his own cock protruding from the goblin's lips, and felt her tongue circling around the underside of his cockhead.

 With the goblin girl's body wrapped around his cock, the Nightfury began to thrust, letting the girl take short, desperate breaths as she tried to cling onto life long enough to really enjoy being snuffed. Her ass and pussy squeezed him, milking him for that last taste of cum with all of her dying strength.

 Her heart was just a weak flutter against the underside of his cock when he felt himself finally begin to cum. Closing her lips as she felt the loads travel up from her ass, the goblin managed to contain the cum in her mouth, letting it flow back down her throat to soak into her organs and fill up her belly. She began to swell, her already round tummy growing huge, then finally bursting open at the same moment as her lips, blood and cum and bits of organ spewing out onto the street and the bench. Her pussy tightened about the handle of the broom still inside her, juices trickling down her thighs as she came, a dopey smile of pure pleasure on her face as her eyes faded and went dull.

 Pulling out of her corpse, the Nightfury sighed in faint satisfaction, though he knew his job was far from done.

 The next street over, he followed the sound of pleasured grunting to find a pair of goblins already going at it inside of a house. A male and a hermaphrodite, the sheets were already sticky with cum and juices, as apparently they'd been fucking here for hours.

 This time approaching head on, the male noticed him first, smiling and showing off his cute, feminine body for him. "Hi," he said what seemed identical to a girl's voice to the dragon. "Wanna help us have fun?"

 By way of answer, the Nightfury took the futa's head in his hands, prodding his bloody, sticky cock against her lips. Her eyes opened, and she looked down his length in a daze, not seeming to understand what it was. Then, she seemed to get it, and closed her eyes again, opening her mouth wide for him.

 Pushing his cockhead into her mouth, he felt the familiar sensation of a tongue cleaning him off. Without warning, he began to piss into her mouth, and in her haze of pleasure she didn't even seem to care, breath catching as she breathed in the urine, belly expanding slightly as it pumped her belly full. She began to choke on it, drowning in pee, and as she did her poor overworked cock tried to stiffen up again and cum. A dribble of white came out, but she looked happy, slumping against the semen-soaked sheets as she gargled out her last breath, piss leaking from her lips.

 The male looked down at her, then up at the dragon. He bit his lip, pulling his cock from her gaping asshole. It was soft, seemingly unable to get hard anymore, but he played with it as he asked, "Me next?"

 Picking up the little femboy, the drake lifted him up and began to push him into his mouth, feet first as he bit off both the goblin's legs. He was starving, and ate quickly as the little goblin trembled, his little soft cock having a final dry orgasm as he understood his fate. His torso up to the bellybutton quickly went down the dragon's throat next, then everything including his relaxed green face.

 Sighing in satisfaction at having finally filled his belly, the Nightfury left the house with the futa's corpse on the bed, hunting for his next happy victim.


 The next morning, a lone figure slowly walked down the road away from that town, not a single goblin left alive inside. It was safe to reclaim, now, the pheromone frenzy ended by brutal means. They were the only means that could have done the job.

 Or at least, they had been the most fun.

 As the Nightfury approached the larger town, he saw a single green figure waiting for him in the trees just outside the town border. He recognized her immediately - it was the futa who had initially asked for his help. He'd never gotten her name, but that was because he knew what he was going to do to her. There was no point in naming a toy you were going to break.

 Turning off the road to approach her, he found her hiding behind a tree, playing with a nipple and softly panting as she turned large brown eyes up to look at him. Her cock was stiff, her naked back pressed against a tree, pussy juices running down her legs.

 "I did what you asked," the dragon said softly. She trembled, smelling the blood on him, seeing the dried streaks of it radiating away from his crotch.

 "Do me," she whined, a desperate plea. "Just like the others. Harder. I want it for real. Not cuz I'm frenzied." Her cock was twitching madly, precum trickling down its length.

 Reaching down, the drake gripped the goblin's throat, and she began to shiver violently in excitement, moaning, "I want it- I want it because I'm a slut for pain! So hurt me... Hurt me bad and snuff me!"

 Tossing her to the forest floor, the Nightfury heard the breath go out of her in a rush. She laid there, not resisting, just touching herself as she watched him come closer, gasping for air all the while. His foot raised up high, and she watched with anticipation, then let out a muted cry of pain as it slammed down upon her balls, breaking them.

 Her cock, already hard, throbbed against her belly, cum oozing out of it like a broken faucet. It began to dribble down her smooth green side, down into the forest floor, not stopping even after the drake lifted his foot from her soft, deformed balls. She jerked it with desperate fingers, but it didn't seem to do anything, just continuing to leak its small flow of thick seed.

 Hard from the sight of this painslut's debasement, the drake knelt down over her face, squeezing her head between his thighs as he thrust his cock between her massive, slutty breasts. Her own cum lubricated his pumping as his cock slid across the entire length of her body, pushing her broken soft shaft and balls out of the way as he raped her chest. Her nipples were hard against his palms, her moans estatic as she fingered her pussy, cumming often as her own semen was spread across her body.

 When the dragon came, it was with a roar of pleasure that shook leaves from the trees and made his victim convulse with joy. Hot semen began to pump across her body in thick ropes before he pulled back and rammed his cumming cock down her throat, tearing it in his roughness, her neck and chest bulging as she let out a muffled cry. Her belly began to bloat from the huge load filling her tiny stomach. She seemed to understand then, accepting that this was the final act of her life. To be a cumdump and pop for a stranger's pleasure.

 Urine leaked out of her pussy in a stream along with the cum from her cock, and her body went limp, her taut abdominal muscles relaxing. Immediately, her belly tore along the middle, popping open and letting out a torrent of hot goopy seed and blood. It washed across her erect cock like waves hitting a rock, her own pitiful dribble and final piss consumed by the volume of hot seed.

 Pulling out of her throat slowly, the drake was surprised to find the goblin still alive, smiling blissfully with closed eyes. Her hands were at her broken belly and destroyed balls, feeling her ruined body for the last time. Her eyes opened, gazing up at him.

 "Finish it," she asked, her voice soft and sweet.

 He considered, then reached down, gripping her skull in two strong hands. He twisted, and there was a snap. Her eyes went wide, lips parting in a final silent moan, and her body went limp.

 Ten minutes later, the drake flew back into the sky, having claimed his reward.


Second chapter, including more victims and more graphic and inventive deaths.

Seven Slaves

=(cons, futa, scalie, ageplay/cub, bisexual, popping, watersports, ball torture, gutting)

 In the barren Hinterlands, beside a meandering river that stretched across the great dry plain, a circle of caravan wagons converged. Short scrub grass clung to the soil of the land, the shadows of great mountain peaks casting long across the earth as the sun slipped down the sky to hide behind them.

 Flying towards those mountains, a lone Nightfury passed above the caravans. Moving through the smoke and air rising from below, his attention snagged as he caught the scents billowing up from the small market that had been set up on the flat banks. Food and drink. Flesh and sweat. Blood and cum.

 A slave market.

 Swooping down, the Nightfury slowly spiraled towards the caravan's central market, seeing the auction stages set up within the several acres of enclosed land. He landed in front of one, joining a sparse crowd of bidders. He was nude, a generally unacceptable state in any human establishment, but in such a place as this it was fairly unremarkable. There was a great amount of flesh for sale, and competition was high among the slaves for who would be bought first, so all were naked to display everything they had to offer. Every one of those for sale here had willingly put their lives up for auction, the only legal form of slavery in these parts.

 Once purchased, a slave became property, their life given over to their new master's discretion. The cost of their sale would go to their families, and from then on they were legally bound to serve their master obediently in all things.

 Moving among the different stages, he ignored those auctions that sold humans or orcs, seeking out instead the ones lined with members of the lesser races.

 He didn't have to walk far, as the lesser races were always more plentiful at such markets. After passing only a few podiums, he soon found one with a pleasing selection of both kobolds and goblins for sale. The last buyer was walking off with a slave under each arm, his new toys giggling with pleasure as he whispered into their ears.

 Approaching, the Nightfury spared a glance for the auctionmaster, a plump human woman with a sultry smile. She glanced up and down his body, checking him out before nodding her permission for him to inspect her charges.

 There were a full dozen for sale here, mostly female, with some herms among the goblins and a single male kobold at the end. Of course, it was hard to tell with kobolds, the small, soft scaly creatures being generally flat in the chest. All of them down the line were blunt-nosed, short muzzles filled with sharp teeth and tiny hands ending in retractable claws. Their bodies were pleasingly pear-shaped, with soft bellies and rougher scales covering their back, a small line of soft spikes running down their spines. They had a tendency to be very shy and quiet, though they seemed to crave the company of warm-blooded races. Once one had bonded to you, they were your companion for life, and would come to you for all their emotional and sexual needs.

 The goblins were altogether different, promiscuous in every sense and obviously mammalian, with exposed breasts and genitals of obscene size for their small frames. Their green skin was smooth, often studded with piercings, and their long tongues could reach down to the point that giving themselves oral wouldn't even require bending at the waist. They gazed at the drake eagerly, noting his huge cock with excitement, the herms starting to grow hard. They had extremely feminine features, with wide hips and high cheekbones that made them all look, by human standards, quite pretty; even the males were considered attractively feminine.

 Looking across the line, the Nightfury addressed all the slaves at once, his dark, smooth voice making several shiver as they heard it.

 "I seek good, willing slaves to service me and be snuffed. I will buy only those of you who are eager for such a fate. Any who are not, step back now."

 Some shuffling of feet occurred, and many of the goblins exchanged glances and grins, all of them staying firmly put save one. The kobolds were more unsure, with five stepping back, lowering their gazes.

 However, just as the Nightfury was about to announce his purchase of all the willing slaves, one kobold stepped forward in a sudden motion. His red eyes swiveled towards her, taking in the way she was trembling, her gaze still lowered, hands clasping one another tightly against her belly.

 All his soon to be slaves watched as he approached her, coming so close that his soft cock nearly brushed her flat chest. Her trembling increased, legs seeming nearly about to give out as she forced herself to hold her ground instead of stepping back and giving up this chance.

 "You will be first," the dragon whispered to her. "And all the others will watch you. Is this what you want, little kobold? You can still step away..."

 He trailed off as the scale-covered female shuddered at his words, eyes squeezing shut as she began to pee from sheer nervous anticipation. Her hot urine steamed in the cool dry air, running in rivulets down the soft smooth scales of her legs, puddling at her feet. She had no nipples to show her arousal, but her clit was large enough that he could see it poking from between her legs as he looked down, a small engorged nub of pink flesh, glistening wet with her juices and piss.

 "Clean that up," he ordered the trembling kobold, turning to the slavemaster. He tossed her a large ruby to cover the cost of all the slaves, plus a little more as a tip to compensate for the mess he was about to make. The slavemaster's eyes bugged out as she recognized what she'd caught, the flawlessly cut gemstone quickly disappearing into her curvaceous bosom. No matter what he did now, she was unlikely to complain.

 That was all to the good, as it was very clear that this particular kobold couldn't wait for privacy. She panted and slurped at her own puddle of piss, her broad forked tongue sliding across the tarp of the auction stage. Her ass was up in the air, thick tail raised to show everyone her tight asshole and spread slit, pussy lips parted with arousal and clit a throbbing little piece of flesh sticking out above her dribbling piss hole.

 Stepping behind her, the drake began to rub his soft cock slowly against her holes. She let out a whine, grinding her hips back against him as her hard clit flicked against his shaft. As he began to harden, the slaves he'd bought all started to show signs of arousal, seeing the huge member that soon could be the last thing they'd ever feel. It was fully 20 inches long once it had grown fully erect, the cockhead bobbing against the kobold's throat as the dragon ground against her clit, shaft pressed up against her belly and chest.

 She reached up a trembling hand, feeling its girth, knowing it would go almost completely through her as soon as it was in. A squirt of juices covered the dragon's crotch as she came, her clit throbbing against his shaft. She collapsed into her own piss, arms giving out, her leg still in the air as she stuck out her tongue and lapped frantically at the puddle of her own piss that she laid in, trying to fulfill her order while she still had time.

 Ignoring her pathetic, desperate licking, the Nightfury pulled back, moving away a step so he could line up his cock with the kobold's quivering pussy. Pushing forward into her tight hole, he felt her clamp down, wet moans of pleasure coming from her lips as she tried to cry out while swallowing her urine.

 Thrusting forward slowly, he filled the little lizard with his cock, feeling her stretch to accommodate him for the first several inches. She stopped licking, her body shaking uncontrollably, kept up by only his cock as her cunt clung to it with all its strength. Stretched almost to the point of tearing, it had bottomed out almost immediately against her cervix. With not even half of it inside her, she was as full as she could safely take.

 Of course, safety was the last thing on either of their minds.

 Taking hold of her wide hips, the drake slammed his cock forward, forcing his way into her womb and filling it with his cockhead. The kobold cried out in pain, cumming again as she felt the agonizing violation, her belly showing a bump where his cockhead was pressing outward. The other slaves cooed admiringly, one of the herms openly stroking herself, the male kobold watching with wide eyes and a hard cock poking from his sheath.

 Letting his slave enjoy her orgasm before continuing, the Nightfury extended his claws into the kobold's soft rear, sinking them in as he settled his feet firmly against the stage. She whimpered at the pain of eight claws puncturing her skin, knowing it would only a small taste of agony compared to her final snuffing. Despite just cumming twice, she wanted more, as much as she could get with her minutes of remaining life. Slowly, she began to push back against him, helping the drake to break her body for good.

 Smirking at her final effort, the dragon pushed slowly forward, exerting his strength and weight to push his cockhead against her womb. He felt a resistance, only a couple more inches sinking in. Then, suddenly, a tearing, and with a moan from his slave and a sensation of hot pleasure, he was balls deep inside her, the upper half of his cock throbbing among her organs while the lower half enjoyed the squeezing sensation of her pussy. Blood dribbled out of her, dripping from her clit and mixing with her piss.

 "H-hard," she gasped, eyes closed. Her cheek was still in the puddle, mouth full of the taste of her urine. "Please, master... snuff me hard." Moving her body weakly, she made his cock slide back and forth inside her, damaging her most vital places in a way that made her breath catch.

 Firmly taking the reins, the Nightfury began to pound the kobold's entire body, fucking her completely as he tore through her with wild, hard thrusts. Her body pressed against the stage, weak mewls of pleasure all that escaped her muzzle as she let out another small stream of urine. The heat of her insides clung to the Nightfury's cock, her broken body starting to tremble less violently as her life faded.

 The kobold let out a final sigh, reaching back to her clit and extending her claws. With a sharp pinch, she came just as the drake's cock slammed into her heart, agony coursing out from her sensitive nub and filling her with the shocking heat of orgasm as she faded away.

 Finishing into the kobold's corpse, the drake watched her soft belly swell with his cum, pumping it out into her tiny body until it almost popped. As his seed leaked from her mouth, he pulled out, shooting the last thick ropes of semen onto her tail and asshole, her bloated stomach squishing against the stage as he took away the support of his cock.

 Turning to the rest of his slaves, he was unsurprised to see the herm cleaning her own cum off her breasts with her fingers, licking them clean one by one. The male kobold came as the dragon looked at him, falling to his knees and spurting his seed onto the tarp of the auction stage, flat chest panting from arousal. He hadn't touched himself, only watched, frozen in amazement. The others were all shifting, sliding sticky thighs together or trying to hide throbbing cocks.

 Jerking his head, the Nightfury gave them all an order, beginning to walk. "Follow. We will shelter in the mountains, then I will leave alone in the morning."

 The implication was clear - by next sunrise, all of his slaves would meet the same fate as the first.


 Following his memories of past travels, the Nightfury lead his short-lived harem to a cavern at the base of the mountains. There, a crevice in the granite lead into a shallow, wide cave. Twigs and wood he had ordered picked up on the way were piled in the center of the clean stone floor, and the dragon bent to ignite them with his breath, starting a fire that burned to fill the space with a pleasant heat. With that done, the space was cozy, and more than accommodated all six of his surviving slaves.

 Taking stock, he flicked his gaze between them, each slave looking hopeful as his eyes full upon them. There were only two kobolds remaining, a male and another female. The four goblins were split, two futa, two female. As he looked, the drake realized that one of those females was quite short. After focusing for a while on the little goblin, realized that she must be barely pubescent. Her breasts were laughably small by goblin standards, her eyes seeming large in her skull, proportions slightly skewed towards the childish. She bit her lip at his close examination, spreading her legs temptingly for him to view her tiny slit. It was clear to him then that her family must have considered her old enough for such service, and so he dismissed any concerns about her, turning his thoughts to other matters.

 Missing her look of disappointment as he turned away, the Nightfury beckoned to a futa goblin, the one who had cum during the kobold's snuffing at the caravan.

 Running up to him with a perky smile, all the eyes in the cavern were on the two of them as the dragon slowly drew her close. She pressed up against him eagerly, full lips planting a kiss at the base of his sternum as her breasts brushed against his soft cock. Her brown eyes looked up at him, shining with excitement, full of the knowledge she was about to experience the last, best orgasms of her life.

 Settling onto one knee, the Nightfury turned the goblin around, pulling her back against his chest and tilting her head up towards his. Her front was towards the spectating slaves, who had a perfect view as both her cock and his began to harden, starting from the moment that the drake gave her a deep, burning kiss. Her tongue was expert in exploring his mouth, touching his sharp teeth and tasting him. In exchange, he breathed warmth and desire into her, her chest rising with a breath that made her moan. It was a small bit of magic, some of the little the dragon knew.

 The effect of it was immediate - her nipples became as hard as dark green pebbles upon her breasts, her already hard cock swelling up to an almost painful rigidity. She whined into his mouth, shaft twitching. Between her legs, his own massive cock was pressed up between her legs, the goblin straddling it like a rider upon a pony. He felt the rush of wetness against the top of his shaft, immediately followed by the goblin beginning to grind against him, her precum bubbling out of her cock in little spurts.

 Without breaking the kiss, the drake reached down to the goblin's body, running his hands over her. She moaned and sighed, her clit a hard point against the top of his shaft, reaching up to pull hard on her own nipples.

 The Nightfury's wandering fingers stroked around her shaft, not quite touching it, tracing a circle around the base as his other hand lightly squeezed her neck. She opened her eyes halfway, pleading with her gaze as she looked up at him, unwilling to break the kiss even to ask for release. His red eyes considered her, hungry.

 Reaching down to her heavy sack, he cradled it, playing with the goblin herm's balls as he lightly choked her. Her cock was throbbing wildly, twitching up and down as if in the throes of orgasm, her heart pounding so rapidly in her chest that the drake could feel it.

 He held the full globes in his hand, weighing them, squeezing them... then crushed them. He felt them break inside his grip, the firm structures of the testicle squishing and tearing inside, fragmenting apart. He could have ripped them off, but left them dangling, purple and swollen.

 Immediately, the goblin began to cum, letting out loud, muffled cries into his mouth as she climaxed from the ruination of her balls. Her frantically twitching cock began to spurt, shooting cum so far that it landed on some of the watching slaves, who gasped. The young female goblin had been hit in the crotch, and used the cum to masturbate, panting as she watched the show and shoved the seed into her pussy.

 Finally, after spraying the entire contents of her ruined balls out in her tremendous final cumshot, the futa goblin's cock began to drool a pink mixture of precum and blood. The area of the dragon's cock she'd been sitting on was completely soaked with her pussy juice, her cock hanging down against his, seeming to be permanently hard.

 Some of the goblin's seed had fallen short, landing on the tip of the drake's outstretched cock. Without removing his lips from the goblin's mouth, he beckoned a slave at random to come clean off his cockhead. The male kobold came scurrying up, the androgynous creature marked only by his pink, spike shaped member, which was fully extended and painting his scales with viscous precum. The kobold fell to his knees and began to lick at the dragon's cock, careful of its teeth as it cleaned him.

 Returning his attention to the futa, the Nightfury finally released her balls from his grip, eliciting a whimper. The magic he was feeding into her would break if he stopped the kiss now, which would likely make her pass out. So, he closed his eyes, feeling the kobold's tongue on his cock as he reached to the base of the futa's shaft. He encircled the rigid member with his fingers, and the goblin trembled at the touch. Extending his claws, he ripped suddenly upward, the sharp edges of his hand-talons slicing into her cock at the base and lopping it off.

 She jerked, eyes opening wide as she felt the most sensitive piece of her body cut away. Then, she melted against him, expression going slack. Her pussy convulsed, climaxing powerfully, though unable to show anything for it. Her stump bled down onto her broken balls, her male genitalia completely mutilated. She seemed to revel in that, reaching one green hand down to touch her ruined parts, caressing them.

 The dragon knew when, and how, to end a show. The watching slaves were all filling the cavern with the scent of their collective arousal, mingling with the blood and cum of the goblin. The wet sound of the young goblin's fingers in her pussy echoed against the walls, her moans spurring him on.

 Talons still extended, the drake slowly dragged his fingertips up the goblin's belly, opening long cuts that went up her stomach. Her guts began to spill out the vertical wounds, draping down onto her hand and cock, warm and soft as they fell onto his own shaft. She groaned, almost breaking the kiss to look down at herself one last time. Instead, she gave him a final burst of passion, tongue caressing against his own as he continued to take her apart. Her breasts came next, sloppily lopped off one by one. Then, with an almost tender caress, he cut her throat and let her slowly bleed out down her own mutilated chest, the streams of red splattering onto her guts and tits in a pile of gore upon the floor.

 Feeling her heart go still, the dragon finally took his lips from hers, dumping her corpse to the floor like the used up toy it was. The kobold male had been sucking his cockhead throughout the entire show, given a front row seat to the mutilation. It appeared he'd greatly enjoyed it, as the kobold's spike shaped shaft was throbbing, still untouched. The slutty male was fingering his asshole instead, his little digits lubricated with the cum of the dead goblin as he played with his prostate.

 Gripping the little creature's scaly, short-muzzled head in his hands, the Nightfury stood up straight, his hips rising above the kobold's eye level while his cockhead remained in the slave's mouth.

 Pulling the kobold towards him in the same moment he thrust his hips forward, the drake managed to slam his entire length down the little creature's throat. It tore through the kobold, making him shudder at the immense damage done to his insides. His fingers slid out of his asshole, pushed out by the dragon's cockhead as it came out the other side of his body. The sudden and complete impalement, along with the crushing pressure of the thick cock against his prostate, made the little male moan and start to spurt. His thick reptilian seed drooled out like jelly being pumped from his cock, heavy globs of it coating his shaft and scales as he was used as a living cocksleeve.

 Still holding onto the kobold's head, the Nightfury began to rapidly pump his cock through the dying male's body, cockhead popping out of his asshole every second, slick with blood and precum. The other slaves were hovering close by, each eager for their turn and for a good view of the male kobold's snuffing. The only one no longer watching was the young goblin, who had fallen asleep after cumming to the death of the herm, her pussy stuffed with the dead goblin's seed.

 Gazing down into his slave's eyes, the dragon's red gaze saw the pleasure in the kobold's expression, noted how even in his dying throes he was taking care not to let his sharp teeth scratch against the dragon's cock. This one had been subservient all the way through, barely even taking a moment for his own pleasure.

 Feeling a growing excitement and bloodlust, the dragon wrenched the kobold's head sideways, snapping the creature's neck with his cock still buried in its throat. The little male spasmed, then went limp, body slumping and bladder letting go onto the stone floor.

 Pulling out of the kobold's sticky insides with a loud wet noise, he added its corpse to the pile, turning then to the adult female goblin. She was already bent over for him, rapidly rubbing her clit as she moaned, looking back with her other hand braced against the cave wall. Grunting in satisfaction, he stepped up behind her, then rammed himself inside her soaked pussy, thrusting hard and smashing his cockhead through her cervix, nearly fucking her inside out as she quivered in masochistic joy. Her womb seemed to cling to his cockhead, cervix snug around the tip, allowing him only a few inches of back and forth thrust.

 As his pleasure begin to peak, the dragon felt a second sensation. Behind him, the kobold female had taken a position beneath his tail, forked tongue slowly licking against his asshole. It a delicious sensation, especially after the bliss of quickly ruining the male kobold's body with his cock. He began to cum, and the goblin woman's womb started to swell. She moaned in happiness, fingers busy at her clit and breast.

 "Watch me go!" she cried to the other slaves, pussy clenching down as her womb began to tear. "Ohhh, god, it's so hot in my guts already..." Her voice began to falter as she started to pant, belly swelling, her eyes watching it grow with glee. "Mmm I can... feel the pressure... building. This is it... Watch me... I'm gonna... pouaahhhhhhhHHHHHHH!"

 Her voice rose into an unintelligible cry of ecstasy, body shuddering in a massive orgasm. Her stomach, which had swollen to the size of a late term pregnancy of triplets, finally popped. A wash of white gouted from the tear, pouring down onto the second herm goblin, who had laid down on the floor beneath the dragon's latest victim so she could play with herself while getting a good view. The dragon's cum splattered heavily onto her tits, completely coating them in a thick sheen of seed. She opened her mouth, closing her eyes to swallow as much as she could of the more than a gallon of semen that splattered down onto her body from the corpse of her fellow slave.

 The popped goblin's guts slid out next, a warm mass of organs that slopped down and landed in a wet pile on the herm goblin's cock. The herm moaned, a bubble of cum forming between her lips as she smeared the hot seed over her body, cock twitching in the viscera. She came into the steaming mass of offal, back arching, dark green nipples hard beneath a coating of cum.

 The Nightfury pulled out of the popped goblin, tossing her corpse into the quickly growing pile, then stepped forward. The kobold woman who had been suckling at his ass tried to follow him, her lips forced to part with his pucker as he moved. She looked up at him shyly, flat chest thrust forward as if to entice him with breasts her species did not have, a puddle of juices on the cavern floor between her legs.

 "Please, master," she asked meekly. "Please snuff me... I don't want to cum until you touch me. My body aches for your agony..."

 She began to shiver, legs quivering as he turned back towards her. His gore-covered cock needed cleaning, so he shoved it in her face, and she began to tend to it as if she'd been his slave for years. Long strokes of her forked tongue up his softening shaft did quick work, and soon she was stuffed with gobbets of goblin and kobold flesh that had clung to him as he'd destroyed the bodies of the other slaves with his cock.

 As soon as his cock was spotless, he pressed the tip of his cock against the kobold's lips. She looked up at him with yellow eyes, eager to please.

 "Don't spill a drop," he warned quietly. "Or I will kill you before you cum." When the kobold gave him a slow blink of assent, he grunted, and began to piss. The hot stream of urine flowed straight into her mouth, her lips sealed around the tip of his cock to keep any from escaping. She seemed to relish being used as his toilet, her hands lightly holding his hips, piss flowing straight down her throat into her belly as she enjoyed the feeling of its warmth filling up her cold-blooded body.

 Finishing up, he let the kobold slurp the last drops of piss from his cock. It quickly began to grow erect again, and she continued her tongue worship, gazing up at him hopefully with half-lidded eyes.

 He looked back down at her, red eyes thoughtful, reflecting the flickering light of the fire. Finally, as his cock reached full hardness, he knelt down before her. His shaft was long enough that the bottom of the head still pressed against her lips, and she kissed it, hugging herself against his cock and soaking in his warmth.

 Sliding a hand between the kobold's legs, he began to slowly finger her, talons retracted as he found her g-spot and caressed it with slow, deliberate care. She gazed at him, panting softly against his cock, feeling a slow buildup of pleasure and heat that would soon reach a climax.

 The dragon pulled away, and she whined softly, trembling with need, beginning to ask what she'd done wrong. "Master...?"

 He pushed her down onto the ground, lying her flat against the stone and fingering her again. This time, as she began to tremble once more, he fully extended his talons, slipping two fingers inside and stabbing the razor sharp points against her g-spot. At the same moment, he slid a claw across her clit, cleanly shaving it off, the large sensitive nub falling away as the stump leaked blood.

 The kobold's reaction was immediate, the breath rushing out of her and leaving her gasping silently, convulsing in quiet agony and climaxing so hard that her eyes rolled back in her head.

 During her lapse into unconsciousness, the Nightfury glanced back at the last remaining futa goblin. She was upright now, leaning up against the wall and smiling at him, body still covered in cum and gore. The young goblin continue to sleep soundly, soft snores coming from her corner of the cavern.

 The kobold shuddered and took in a huge breath, eyes snapping open as she begged, "More, more, my master. Take me apart... destroy me. Treat me as the lesser creature that I am and torture my flesh, snuff me with all the agony I can feel. I don't even deserve the magnificence of your cock. Your claws will satisfy this worthless slave, please..."

 She trailed off, panting with excitement as he lowered a talon to her bleeding pussy. Hooking it into her, he leaned down across her prone form, speaking soft words into her ear.

 "You beg sweetly, little slave. Die knowing that you have pleased your master with your service."

 The kobold began to cum from his words even before he started to rip his way up her body, soft sounds of happiness and pleasure mewling from between her lips as she stared down at her torso, watching it get torn open from pubis to sternum. He pulled apart her belly, exposing the glistening intestines inside for all to see. She cooed at the sight, reaching in and feeling around in her own guts, squeezing her own womb from the inside and shivering at the sensation.

 Her exploration was cut off as the dragon hooked two fingers beneath her sternum, bracing her down against the stone with his other hand. She had just enough time to gasp before he yanked upward with all his strength, snapping her sternum and breaking her ribcage in two. The kobold's weak limbs tensed with the agony, her jaw open in a soundless cry of masochistic pleasure. After that, it was a simple matter to spread the two halves apart, exposing all of her anatomy to the warm air of the cavern.

 "Thank you, master," the kobold cooed drowsily, looking down at herself and stroking her own pumping heart. "I feel like... such a good slave." Blood was pooling around her, but she was holding on to life, seeming to derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing her most hidden parts exposed, her entire body debased and made open for her master.

 Turning back to the goblin futa, the dragon beckoned sharply, and she swayed slowly over, a sultry smile on her lips. Standing, he murmured a few words in her ear, making her smile widen as he moved behind her. Taking firm hold of her pierced cock with her elegant green fingers, the goblin futa moaned softly as she felt the dragon's cockhead come to rest against her asshole. He'd promised her a magnificent snuffing, but only if she could first obey his order. So, she pointed her cock down at the eviscerated kobold, and did as she'd been told.

 A stream of steaming piss splattered down into the kobold's insides, making the scaled creature jerk and moan as the warm urine soaked into her, her clever little hands stroking at her pussy lips as she pushed herself towards a final orgasm. The goblin giggled, her gore-coated cock softening slightly as she let out all the piss she had. It coated the kobold's body, and the submissive creature whimpered in a final pathetic rush of pleasure, a little spurt of juices coating her fingers as she rubbed at her bloody slit. Happy to have provided a final service as a urinal for her master and fellow slave, she let herself slip away, unable to imagine a better way to have been snuffed.

 Before her corpse had even begun to cool, the Nightfury was beginning to thrust forward into the eager goblin's ass. She was stroking her shaft madly, knowing she only had so much time left to do so before she would be unable to feel her cock ever again. The offal of her fellow slave squished between her fingers as she jerked off with their guts, panting happily as she felt the dragon's huge cock rip into her. The pain of it was distant compared to the heat and sensation of it being buried in her deepest parts, places no other cock could ever or would ever reach. It destroyed her, and she loved the feeling of giving up everything for the pleasure of that destruction.

 The drake felt her asshole squeeze around him only a few thrusts after he had torn through her fragile guts, her prostate throbbing against the underside of his cock as she pumped ropes of cum onto the corpse of the female kobold, moaning in slutty bliss as her seed shot from her twitching cock.

 "One more," she begged. "One more, then you can do it, master! It won't take long, I promise, just fuck me up, hurt me bad and I'll cum again!" She was already jerking her soft cock frantically, impaled on his shaft with her feet lifted off the ground, bouncing up and down on it with the tip reaching almost to her heart. She didn't care - all she wanted was to cum as she was destroyed, to cum as much as possible.

 The dragon didn't consider her request for long, giving her only one final boon for her obedience. Reaching one hand down to her pussy, he extended all his talons, then sunk them deep into the futa's flesh. She screamed, making the sleeping goblin stir, her pussy turning into something resembling chopped meat as the Nightfury raked his claws up towards her balls. One sliced through a testicle, another nicking her clit, and together the complete overload of agony that coursed through her from that was enough. Her half-hard cock twitched to full erection and pumped a thick, lazy stream of cum onto the ground, making a puddle.

 "DO IT!" she screamed, still riding her masochistic climax. "DO IT DO IT DO I-"

 The dragon's hands moved quickly, one shoving her forward and gripping her by the spine, just behind her navel. The other slashed, and the goblin's bottom half separated from her top, her torso going one way as her hips and legs stayed on the dragon's cock. He snapped her spine, completing the separation as he ripped apart the remaining connective tissue, dropping her upper half to the ground.

 The goblin groaned, using her arms to position her what was left of her, looking down in amazement at where her body ended below the navel, guts dangling out below. Propping herself against the kobold's cum and piss covered corpse, she looked up at the dragon, seeing her own cock and ruined cunt from below for the first and last time in her life. He used her detached bottom like a toy, sliding her ass along his huge cock, most of its length protruding out of the ragged bottom half of her abdomen. Her cock was still hard, bouncing and leaking cum, her split testicle dangling from the rent scrotum, blood trickling down her thighs.

 Sighing happily, the goblin contented herself with playing with her hard nipples, taking a surprising amount of pleasure in pinching and tugging them now that they were all she had left. The dragon began to grunt, red eyes closed as he enjoyed her mutilated body, his huge, smooth balls tensing as he approached orgasm.

 Looking down at her cum-covered body, the goblin had a faint idea, her mind starting to grow fuzzy as she bled out from the massive wound. "Ma~ster," she cooed, playing with her semen soaked breasts. "Cum here, please... I'm about to go..." She giggled in pleasure. "I'd really like to get a second coat as I die."

 Going to one knee, the Nightfury fulfilled the goblin's dying request, groaning in pleasure at the feeling of her asshole and her persistent sluttiness, even after being torn in half. She moaned happily as she was coated in dragon seed, abusing her nipples with all her remaining strength as she was plastered in thick, warm cum. It made her feel like such a slut that she experienced a sudden surge of pleasure, a quiet gasp leaving her lips before she licked them, swallowing the cum her tongue gathered.

 "Mm," she sighed, still twisting her hard nipples, fingers slick with cum. "Never came from just my breasts before..."

 With those final words, she went as limp as her lower half, a semen-plastered half corpse with a full smile upon its lips.

 Sighing in pleasure, the drake slipped the remains of the goblin futa off his cock, leaving them below her upper half. Then, he raised his eyes, and saw the goblin girl looking at him, awake and kneeling upright.

 The young girl's eyes flicked between all the corpses in the room, taking each one of them in. She had seen the goblin herm get mutilated, climaxed from it, and even still had the woman's cum inside her. It had been over an hour since then, and she had napped through the other four snuffings.

 Her eyes fell on the male kobold, his head twisted all the way around on his neck, with sticky gobs of his own cum covering his sheath and cock. An excited blush formed on her cheeks, her hand reaching to her neck, but she moved on.

 Seeing the popped female goblin, she whimpered, arching her back and spreading her legs so she could run a hand down her belly to her slit.

 The female kobold's completely open corpse elicited a moan, and she focused on that for a while, rubbing her slit and seeming to love the sight of the piss and cum upon the corpse.

 Finally, she looked at the other futa, her two halves resting beside the fire, one covered in cum and the other covered in blood. Thighs trembling, she climaxed while staring at it, little green fingers flicking her clit hard as she focused on the smile on the last woman's face.

 She rode her climax for a long time, fingers rubbing harshly against her slit, barely seeming to take a breath as she reconstructed all she'd missed during her nap. Finally, she collapsed back against the stone wall, panting, closing her eyes and lifting her sticky fingers to idly wipe them against her budding breasts.

 When she opened her eyes to look again, the Nightfury was before her, cock hanging heavy between his legs. She was smeared with her own juices and the cum of a dead futa, her dyed hair sweaty and her pierced navel rising and falling as she took deep, slow breaths. She met his red eyes, and pouted.

 "You had all the fun without me, Master!" she complained. She stood up, gathering all of her two feet of height and poking him peevishly in the chest. "I wanted to help snuff the pretty lizard people! Now you're probably gonna split me apart with your cock, and I won't even get to kill anybody."

 Harrumphing, the young goblin idly reached towards his shaft, running her little hands over it, playing with it more than trying to please him. "If you even can, still..."

 The dragon blinked slightly, looking down at the especially diminutive goblin. She could hardly have weighed 60 pounds with her slender build, atypical of her race, and had so far not developed into the more womanly curves one could expect of a mature goblin female. At a guess, inexpert due to her being not one of his own species, he might put her at 14.

 "You came along only because you wanted to help?", he asked, tilting her chin up with a finger to force her to face him. "Not to be snuffed?"

 Shuffling uncomfortably, the girl murmured, "I mean, getting snuffed is alright and all... but seeing everyone get all masochistic when you mentioned it, that was what really turned me on. I guess I just wanna hurt people like that. When they want it that bad, something about it makes it so exciting to kill them."

 Her eyes avoided his, then she smiled slightly, glancing at him. "I guess you'd understand. I couldn't pass up the chance to see, to help. It would have been worth dying, just to do it once."

 The dragon considered her for a few long moments, and she fidgeted under his gaze, starting to nervously stroke his cock. Finally, she let go, clasping his wrist and putting his hand around her throat.

 "Well, go on! Do it! It's okay." She blushed, but met his eyes steadily, green irises glinting with reflected firelight. "I'm kinda curious how much fun it'll be."

 The Nightfury squeezed, and she squeaked, raising suddenly trembling hands to his wrist, then forcing them back down to his cock, her expression slightly pained as she tried to jerk him off. He shook his head, then released her.

 Slumping back against the wall and panting, she reached up to her throat, rubbing it. "S-sorry..."

 The dragon sat down by the fire, tending to it for a moment. Then, he politely beckoned to her. She came over, and after another moment hesitantly settled down beside him, avoiding his gaze in shame.

 "I free you," he murmured. Though his eyes were gazing into the flames, he saw her perk up in his peripheral vision. He smirked, then glanced over, red eyes glinting. "However... if you are interested, I would be willing to let you travel with and learn from me, for a time."

 She looked back at him, big eyes wide with surprise, then grinned. "You mean like, some sort of snuff apprentice? That sounds like so much fun! Yeah, I'd love it!" Her eyes flicked down towards his cock. "I'd still get to play with that though, right? Like, non-fatally? Cause... I kinda wanna, a little. Sometimes." Her face darkened with a blush, and she looked down. "If that's okay."

 Laughing softly, the dragon pulled his new apprentice close, pushing her down against the ground and playfully pinning her. She squirmed, indignant.

 "What is your name, little goblin?", the Nightfury asked.

 She blinked up at him, going still. "Sadie."

 He snorted in amusement, but said nothing. Instead, he spoke seriously. "You will be my partner, apprentice, and servant. Until you feel ready to go off on your own, I will protect and guide you. Do you accept, Sadie?"

 The young girl nodded eagerly, looking thrilled. "Yes, I accept!"

 He released her, but laid down upon the dry stone beside her, folding his wings and closing his eyes as he settled in for some rest. "Then we will depart tomorrow," he murmured.

 Hearing her move, he was unsurprised when the tiny goblin pressed up against his body, picking up one of his arms and draping it across her nearly flat chest like a blanket. "Hey, what's your name, though?" she asked, voice curious.

 A long moment passed, and he laid still, breathing slowly and smelling the blood and cum and gore that had been spilled in the cavern. The girl fidgeted beneath him, and before she could ask again, he answered simply, "Hunter."

 There was a pause, then she snorted in amusement. However, she followed his example, and said no more of it. Settling in, she hugged his arm to his chest, sharing in his warmth as she closed her eyes. Together, they drifted off to sleep beside the fire, surrounded by the happy corpses of snuffed slaves



===(cons, watersports, popping, beating, gutting, de-dicking, gender change, bi, cub, breeding, scalie)

In the narrow passes between high mountains, a chill wind howls across stone and lichen. Gravel stirs from granite ledges, echoing ominously as it rattles down sheer cliffs. A young goblin looks up at the noise, the piercings in her pointed green ears jingling as she shifts uneasily.

 Reaching up to fiddle with her ear piercings, Sadie's eyes darted towards the lithe, black dragon stretched out along the length of their wagon. Hunter's wings were outspread to soak up the small amount of sun shining down at high noon, their tips touching either sideboard of the wagon. This left her only the few feet of the wagonbed above his head to herself, his body stretched out in a nap across the rest as the wooden wheels rattled along. Her mentor's continued lack of concern calmed her somewhat to the possibility of rocks falling down upon them, and she returned her attention to the small fairy clutched in her slender green fingers.

 The little creature was passive, its pastel skin soft against her own as it regarded her. Barely a handspan and a half tall, it reclined in her palm as if it were a luxurious sofa, exposing elegantly delicate limbs and a miniscule bust. Three more fairies watched her, lined up along the soft flesh of her thigh in a seated row. Exchanging silent chatter, they occasionally glanced towards a fairy corpse that lay beside her on the wagonbed. Strangely, they were seemingly untroubled by it.

 "They don't seem very willing," Sadie said to the dragon, sounding faintly disappointed. "Actually, they barely seem to care what I do to them. That's not very exciting... Why'd you tell me to practice on these?"

 Black nostrils flared as Hunter snorted in annoyance, rousing from his half-doze. Red eyes opened to slits, and he glanced over at her, taking in the corpse of her first victim and the fairy still held in her palm. He grunted.

 "You have to tell them they'll like it." His eyes closed again as he resettled back against the bundled cloth he'd made into a makeshift bed. The slow progress through the mountains was irritating him slightly, as normally he would fly over these peaks in a single day. With his new apprentice to think of, that wasn't possible. "Fairies will believe anything. They're not very bright, but they're good at listening, and once you tell them something it becomes true to them. Very easy to train. Make good pets... or toys."

 Sadie regarded the pastel little creature with a skeptical gaze. It looked back, the little black orbs of its eyes obscured briefly by a slow blink. It didn't attempt to be seductive, or to flee... in fact, it barely seemed motivated to move. Fairies were cold-blooded creatures, despite their mammalian features, and in these frigid mountains they mostly were attracted to anything warm. Beyond that, food, and occasionally mating, they rarely bothered doing anything, it seemed.

 Pondering for a moment on what to tell the her toy to believe, Sadie began to feel a faint pressure from her bladder. Only a brief hesitation passed through her before she decided what to do.

 "Piss tastes delicious," she said slowly, focusing on speaking simply and clearly for the fairy. "You want to do nothing more than drink it. If you died drinking it, you'd die happy. Being full of piss would feel so good, it'd make you cum over and over."

 The little fairy's eyes widened slowly as it took this all in, tiny pointed ears perked as it listened attentively, nodding slightly with each statement. Sadie smiled, starting to believe the words of her mentor just as the fairy now believed her own words. She lowered the fairy down between her legs, its companions watching interestedly from her thigh as she pressed its face to the small hole above her slit.

 "Piss comes out here," she informed it.

 As simple as that, it was sucking greedily at her urethra, trembling and whimpering in need. She felt a blush of arousal run through her at its willingness, her pussy growing wet against the fairy's body as she tried to relax her bladder. The alien sensation of the small tongue inside her pisshole made her shiver, and with that, she let go.

 Pee began to pour out of her and into the fairy's mouth, the creature gripping the folds of her labia tightly with tiny fingers to keep the initial blast of urine from pushing it away. Keeping its lips locked against her pisshole, it didn't miss a drop, opening its throat so it could accept the full flow straight into its stomach. It was so tiny that she barely felt half done before its belly began to swell, the internal pressure stretching it tight so it pushed up against her pussy, a round, firm little bulge. The fairy seemed to be cumming as it filled, a tiny trickle of squirt running down the goblin's fingers as she held it.

 She felt something give inside the fairy, and suddenly it shuddered violently in her grip, though it didn't part its lips from her urethra. It seemed its stomach had ruptured inside it, overstretched from the amount it had contained. The skin of its belly was now the only thing keeping the comparatively huge volume of piss from gushing out of its small body. Urine filled up its insides, pumping out of its torn stomach to swirl through her abdominal cavity, making her tummy taut and plump as it pressed up against the goblin's wet slit. Even as its vitals were soaked in pee, the fairy quivered happily, lost in the taste of piss and the orgasmic feeling of it warming her body from the inside.

 Its friends gasped in high pitched voices as the little fairy female finally popped, its belly bursting like an overfilled waterskin. The sharp release of pressure gouted pee and fairy guts up into the goblin girl's pussy, and she moaned at the sudden sensation of warmth, piss and blood trickling down her thighs.

 The last drops of urine dribbling down her leg, Sadie lifted the broken fairy up in a trembling hand, showing it to its friends as it spent its final moments lapping piss from its hands. It didn't seem to care about the fatal wound that had opened its belly, still shuddering weakly with orgasm as it licked urine off its fingers. They all regarded her, watching until she went still, her tiny pastel-colored nipples hard with arousal even as she died.

 Breathing shallowly with excitement, Sadie tossed the corpse over the side of the wagon, leaving it in the dirt. She pointed urgently at one of the three remaining fairies. "You want to suck my clit until I cum." She pointed to the other two, speaking in a clipped command. "Piss soaked fairy guts taste delicious and you want to lick up all of it from my thighs and insides."

 The fairies immediately went to work, flitting down on gossamer wings and crowding around her crotch, little mouths and tongues flicking over her sensitive parts as she trembled. A smile on her lips, Sadie stood up shakily, earning another slit-eyed glance from Hunter.

"Enjoying yourself now, are you?" he asked, tone faintly amused. "Try to make those final three last... it's a long ride through these mountains, and we're not likely to find any other entertainment along the way."

Ahead of them, the horses pulling the wagon whickered quietly, reins jingling as they clopped along the stone path. They needed no direction, as there was nowhere for them to make a wrong turn. Some of Sadie's excitement faded as she considered how boring her apprenticeship to the dragon had been thus far. For the first snuff-massacre, she had gotten to see only the first kill, then the aftermath of the other five willing victims. That had been the sexiest experience of her life, but still, she had missed so much of it. Since then, they'd rented this wagon and headed into the mountains, following the dragon's direction. They hadn't seen a soul since then, and these fairies were the most interesting thing she'd found to occupy herself with in the three days they'd been traveling.

As their tiny mouths tended to her messy pussy, she scooped up the other dead fairy and tossed it over the side as well. Sighing, she stood upright on the wagonbed, swaying with its slight bounces across the stone pass as she looked forward. It was all the same bleak gray, for as far as she could see. Occasional patches of lichen spotted the walls, though they were not much more colorful. The wind blew hard and cold in sudden gusts. If not for a small bit of the dragon's magic keeping her warm, she'd be freezing, naked as she was.

Sadie's mind began to wander, trying to think of interesting things to do with her fairies for the rest of the trip. The erotic thoughts helped her along, and a pleasant tingle moved through her as the one at her clit began to bring her close to orgasm. The other two were cleaning her up diligently, one having shoved its full upper half inside her.

Biting her lip, her gaze unfocused as the climax ran through her. One green hand came up to play with a pierced dark green nipple, pinching and tugging as her legs trembled. The wave of pleasure surged through her, heart pounding as it filled her up. It was good one, and the fairy seemed to know how to make it last, easing off slowly as she came down.

Sliding slowly onto her knees, Sadie sighed in satisfaction. In the moment of ecstasy, she had recalled standing on the auction block, a slave to be sold. Hunter had ruined a fellow slave, broken her with his magnificent cock right there, seconds after buying her. Sadie remembered how the slave had loved it, even though she'd pissed herself in fear beforehand. Her fairy's own death by urine had been what reminded her of it, dredging the memory up from a few days past, though it was she was sure she would never forget. Thinking of that kobold girl's willingness, her excitement when faced with death and the excitement of the others watching her meet it... it had made her want nothing more than to learn how to snuff like Hunter did.

Coming back to herself as the tremors of afterglow faded, she found the fairy that had tended to her clit had now cuddled into her meager cleavage, napping. She stroked it lightly along the spine as its two friends finished up with cleaning her, the tickling feeling of their tongues a pleasant sensation.

Raising her gaze again to the pass before her, Sadie suddenly froze, breath catching.

Hunter didn't move, but noticed her sudden stillness. "What is it?", he asked quietly

"There's creatures ahead of us. Blocking the pass, a band of short things. Kobolds, I think," she whispered. "More are coming from somewhere... they keep stepping out from cracks in the wall." She swallowed, putting a protective hand over the fairies as the other two flitted up to join their friend in the safety of her cleavage. "They don't look friendly."

"Stay calm," Hunter said. "I promised to protect you as well as guide you; we'll be safe. None have bows, correct?"

"None yet," she affirmed, feeling a bit calmer. Of course she was safe, with the black dragon beside her. It occurred to her then that the only reason anyone might dare attack them was that they hadn't seen the Nightfury, with him laid out flat at the bottom of the wagon for his nap. She grinned in anticipation of the moment they realized their mistake.

Still lying on the wagonbed, Hunter seemed utterly relaxed. The sun was still shining down through the mountains and warming his wings, though it was almost about to slip behind a peak and leave them in shade. He saw no reason to stir himself until it was gone, and so waited, listening as the kobolds shouted out to their approaching wagon.

"Halt, traveler!" A leader stepped forward from the mob, her small, sleek body unadorned save for a large headdress with a golden coil. "I am the Priestess Vilme, master of this pass. These are my congregation, the people of these two mountains." She raised her hands, indicating the mountains to either side of the pass, their twin peaks dominating the sky. "We demand holy tithe of any who make use of our pass. Give over a fifth of your goods and coin, and we will let you go forward."

Eyeing the rubies and gold making up the Priestess's headdress, Sadie figured that they didn't really need the money. "I have no goods or coin, Priestess," she called back cheerily, and truthfully enough. As a slave she'd given up everything, albeit willingly, and now Hunter handled all their money. Though, she wasn't sure where he kept it.

The Priestess waved a hand. "Then we must take your wagon, you poor soul. Unhitch your horses - we will leave you one, and even give you a saddle, as you seem unfit to ride bareback. Hurry now, or there will be trouble." She appeared almost apologetic, but it was clear she wasn't going to back down just because Sadie seemed poor. At least the males in the group weren't eyeing her with any particular malice, though they did seem interested in her breasts in a curious way, as they were something that their females lacked.

Grinning widely at the little kobold, Sadie casually stroked her fairies, who peeked out over the side of her palm to inspect the score of scaly bandits. "If you do not move, I also promise there will be trouble - and that I will enjoy it when it comes."

The Priestess bared her sharp teeth, the soft scales of her muzzle pulling back to expose the pointed rows. Placing an offended hand on her slender chest, she lifted a palm, pushing it towards Sadie in a sharp gesture. "I will not ask again, interloper. Dismount your wagon so we may inspect and claim it, by the will of the sacred Dragon!"

It was then that the sun slipped behind the eastern peak, leaving them all in the gloomy cold of a mountain's shadow. With it's last rays glinting off the Priestess's headdress, Sadie realized that the coiling golden pattern on it was that of a dragon, the head looking out above Vilme's brow. She understood in that moment the object of the kobold's religion, and knew with it how this would play out before she even heard her mentor stir.

With the disappearance of warmth, Hunter sighed, knowing his resting was done for the day. Holding back grunts of stiffness from lying on the lumpy cloth atop the hard wagonbed, he rose up slowly his lying posture, wings still spread wide. It was impressive, with the way his black scales glittered in the gloom, his sleek body seeming full of sinuous power. Gasps rose from the kobolds as he came into view, Priestess Vilme's hands dropping to her sides in shock and awe. As he turned about to face them, his deeply red eyes taking them all in, they all began to drop down onto their knees.

"Both of you are taking my will for granted," he growled softly. "You will cease, and listen. There will be no fighting, no taking of wagons." He pointed firmly towards the wood he stood upon, then to Sadie. "This wagon is my own, and this girl is my apprentice. She has my sacred protection, and you incur my holy wrath by threatening her."

Sadie looked up at him, almost as awed as the prostrate kobolds. He seemed so commanding sometimes, though his body was lithe and alluring. His red eyes flicked to her, and she blushed in admonishment, realizing he had reprimanded her alongside the Priestess.

"Please, oh magnificent god!" The Priestess crawled forward, throwing herself to the ground before the wagon, utterly debased. "Accept our apologies, we did not mean to anger you! Our service, our lives are yours for this misconduct. Tell us how we can please you, sacred Dragon, master of we lowly half-drakes." She looked up, smiling with tears in her eyes, seeming overjoyed to see the dragon despite her words. "We have not had your like here for generations. Our mountains, wealth, homes, and hearts, all are open to you. Nothing is beyond your reach when you are among my people, for you are a magnificent king among us."

Hunter slowly smirked, looking down at the score of submissive kobolds. To Sadie, he spoke under his breath, "Looks like our trip through these mountains will be a little more interesting..."

Aloud, he spoke with a tone of seductive command, making every kobold look to him and shiver. "Hear me then, my subjects... I wish comfort and care, servants to tend my needs." At this, he ran a hand down his shaft, huge even when not erect. Several kobolds panted in desire, the Priestess seeming overjoyed.

"I will service you myself, grand Dragon!" Vilme called, the excitement in her voice plain for all to hear. "You will have as many additional concubines as you wish, I-"

Cutting across her with a laugh, the Nightfury dropped to the ground, feet thumping against stone before he slowly strode to the little Priestess. Sadie scrambled down after him, trailing after Hunter like a prophet keeping close to her god.

Grabbing up Vilma, Hunter raised her up to his eye level, holding her by the throat as she looked at him in confusion. Red eyes bore into her, and he leered at her with a possessive stare, murmuring just loud enough for all the kobolds to hear.

"Most of all, I desire willing sacrifices."

Vilma's eyes widened, a blush creeping over her scales as she struggled for breath. She raised shaky hands to Hunter's wrist, then ran her little fingers down to where he gripped her throat. Meeting his eyes, she held him against her as she started to run out of breath, a smile growing on her lips as she showed her god her willingness. Moisture trickled down her legs as her slit grew wetter with each fading breath.

Before she could expire, Hunter dropped her to the ground, where she gasped and writhed on the stone. One clawed hand shot between her legs, and she came after a moment's touch, catching her breath slowly after a body-wracking orgasm. Her headdress lay in the dirt beside her, her muzzle parted as she breathed deeply. All the kobolds looked on, eagerly awaiting her pronouncement.

"It will be done," she rasped, in a voice full of lust and worship.


Less than an hour later, Hunter lounged upon a stone throne deep within the mountains, three young servant kobolds moving their mouths along his hard cock while he awaited the first sacrifices give their lives up for his pleasure.

Standing to one side of his throne was Priestess Vilma, her headdress once again in place and one hand idly rubbing her aching throat. On the other side was a certain Priest Temond, whom he'd assumed was also a Priestess until he'd been gently corrected. Temond wore the same headdress as Vilma, and spoke with a soft, unassuming voice. Given how similar male and female kobolds were when not aroused, Hunter didn't feel too bad about the mistake.

Apparently, Temond was the religious leader of the second mountain. He sensed a bit of competitiveness between the two holy kobolds, and occasionally a spark of sexual tension as well. It amused him, and he knew he wouldn't want either to give themselves up too soon.

On the arm of the throne, Sadie perched, legs spread and her new fairy pets busily humping and rubbing her slit. She was giving orders to the kobolds on his cock, telling them how best to service his 20 inch shaft as it throbbed against their mouths. He'd convinced them she was his apostle, and that her word was as good as his own on what he'd enjoy. In the few days they'd been together she'd learned much about how to please him, and was making good use of that knowledge now.

"Don't be so timid, you cute little lizards," she chided. "Bite him. One of you, at least, use your teeth! Don't worry, it'll be fine. It won't hurt him, he likes it. One of you others, take him deep into your throat. Don't worry if you can't breathe, dying while blowing him would just make him happier!" Her eyes glinted with happiness as she ordered the submissive kobolds about, glad for the entertainment.

The kobold servants glanced up to Hunter. All seemed to be quite young for kobolds, the oldest perhaps the same age as Sadie herself. He nodded his agreement to her commands.

Slowly, the three of them repositioned, with a little green-scaled female starting to open her jaw around his cockhead, eyes closing and body shuddering as she sucked and shoved it deeper into her mouth and throat. A slightly larger kobold girl with cyan scales started to nip at the underside of his shaft, biting down. He grunted his pleasure, and she seemed encouraged, starting to bite harder, using all of her sharp teeth to try and sink into the tough skin of his cock - without success. The final servant, a very young, light pink male, knelt with his face pushed into the Nightfury's balls. He lapping at them with a short flat tongue while his cock drooled a puddle on the floor, letting out occasional whimpers of happiness.

Overall, it was a quite pleasing arrangement after Sadie's corrections. He rewarded her with a hand on her thigh, gently stroking the sensitive inner skin. She smiled down at him, pleased with herself and enjoying the touch.

At that moment, the doors to his new private chamber swung open, and four kobolds entered to present themselves to him. He looked them over with interest as the room was resealed by guards outside, pleased with his potential sacrifices. All four were clearly eager, looking at him with hopeful, even seductive gazes. Their bodies were each pear-shaped, thick, smoothly curved thighs with wide hips coming up to meet soft, shapely bellies. Scales glittered as they caught the light, narrow chests heaving with excited breaths. Their short muzzles were parted, sharp teeth wet, the inside of their maws as wet and inviting as any pussy.

Directing his gaze between their legs, the dragon saw three of the sacrifices were female, large clits hard and poking out of their soaking slits. The last was male, and rather well endowed for a kobold, nearly 7 inches from tip to sheath. The spike-shaped shaft dripped a river of precum, twitching and ready for his final orgasm.

Looking over them, Hunter felt his cock throb in arousal, making the little kobold choking on his dick jerk suddenly as his shaft swelled inside her.

With so much on his plate, Hunter was content to let himself warm up a bit before getting into the meat. Lightly squeezing Sadie's thigh, he wrapped his other hand around the back of the head of the kobold girl deepthroating his cock. The little one looked up at him, her green eyes a slightly darker shade than the color of her scales. Despite stretching her throat to the limit, she had barely managed to take half of him. Now serving mostly as a cockwarmer, she was keeping still as she adjusted to the massive thing shoved down through her mouth into her upper chest. He looked away from her, meeting Sadie's eyes as she watched the little kobold with faint envy.

"Would you care to know something curious about kobolds, apprentice?", the dragon asked. He glanced towards the male kobold, beckoning him forward with a black claw. Sadie turned her gaze slowly towards the endowed male, smirking slightly as the excited kobold gave a spurt of precum at being called forward.

"They can change their gender at will," he explained casually, "Though going one way is quite different than going another, and they can only do it twice. There's no difference besides the genitals, you see, and the sheath and vagina are very similar... To go from female to male is very pleasurable, often leaving a kobold cumming repeatedly as their new cock grows from the bud of their clit."

The female kobolds squirmed, one reaching down to flick her clit with a claw as Sadie and Hunter's gazes fell on them. "I-I could do it for you, great Dragon," one stuttered. "I would be happy to demonstrate, i-if-"

"Quiet yourself," the Nightfury murmured darkly, cool voice carrying a weighted promise of death. The girl trembled, smiling shakily as she nodded. "The other way of change," the dragon continued, "Is far more painful. Male to female requires that the cock be literally ripped off, revealing the new clit beneath. Voluntary hormonal changes loosen the connection of the shaft to the base, but it won't fall off without a little help."

At this point, the trembling male spoke, his voice a flutter of nervous excitement. "I've initiated the process, great Dragon..." Even as his words came out, he seemed to grow more feminine, the timbre of his voice changing, his bearing shifting. All in a moment, his cock seemed out of place on his body, his attitude and look shifting from that of a male kobold to that of a female.

Growling in pleasure, Hunter smiled. "Good. Sadie... go and remove his cock. Help him enjoy his final moments as a man. Afterward, be sure to bring me his shaft."

Slipping off the side of the throne, her fairies flitting about her, Sadie swayed slowly over to the shivering kobold male. A seductive smile spread across her face, and she reached down as she came close, wrapping skilled green fingers around his still-hard shaft.

"You know," she whispered, leaning close as she started to stroke him off. "Once your cock is off, my master is going to ruin you. He'll make you a little scaly bitch... pump you so full with that big cock that you split in half down the belly." One of her fingertips stroked down over the kobold's navelless stomach, and the male let out a moan in a voice that sounded as girly as her own. His hips twitched, cock pulsing in her grip as a spurt of precum oozed over her fingers.

"Or maybe he'll make me do it... I'll probably make a bigger mess of you, but at least it'll be fun for us both." Her lips brushed the kobold's throat as she pulled away slightly, lowering both hands to its cock and adjusting her grip to pump it two handed. Standing in front of him with their hips separated with just enough room for her to jack him off with his cock pointed up at their faces, she smiled. "First we'll have to take this pretty dick off, though. Almost a shame..."

Caressing the length, she played her fingertips along the underside of the shaft, making the kobold tremble and press against her, his hands clutching her shoulders. Claws dug into her skin, and he looked up at her, eyes full of lust. "Please..." he breathed, voice trembling. "I want it all so much. Take my cock... take..."

His eyelids fluttered closed, muzzle parting in pleasure as his shaft throbbed. A low whine of ecstasy came from his mouth, and Sadie cooed to him, one had cupping the bottom of his shaft while the other milked out his seed. His last male orgasm sprayed up onto her budding green breasts, thick seed sticking to her skin in warm ropes. She smiled at him, leaning close to kiss the tip of his muzzle. Then, tightening her grip at the base of his still-spurting cock, she stepped back and yanked on his malehood, bracing his chest with a flattened palm.

With a small dribble of blood and a wet ripping sound, the cock tore cleanly away from the kobold's crotch, a final cumshot oozing from the pointed tip as Sadie held the detached member in her hand. The newly female kobold fell to her knees and cried out in agonized joy. Where her member had been attached, there was now only the large nub of a clit, hard and twitching as cum dribbled from the urethral hole below. An area of raw scaleless flesh showed around it where the cock's base had once covered, though it was bleeding only slightly. The sheath that her now-detached cock had emerged from was already wet with arousal, having become a fully functional pussy, some of the raw flesh around it shining with feminine juices.

On a whim, Sadie drew her foot back and kicked the girl's new pussy, hitting the clit directly as her toe swung up. The kobold screamed, spasming violently as they fell back onto the floor, a rictus grin of needle-sharp teeth on their face as they had their first orgasm as a female. Piss sprayed from their urethra, coating Sadie's feet as she hefted the severed cock, smiling at the spectacle of the kobold writhing in masochistic climax.

Turning, she casually skipped over to the throne, ignoring the aroused, envious stares of the other three kobold females. Kneeling next to the throne like a knight offering up their blade in fealty, she presented the still-hard cock to her master. Hunter took it with a soft chuckle, though she didn't miss the pleasure and lust in his eyes. His hand had been tight on the skull of the kobold deepthroating his cock throughout the entire short show. Only now was the young green kobold stirring, having passed out when the Nightfury had shoved his cockhead into her belly.

She returned to her task soon enough, breathing shallowly through her nose while Hunter inspected the base of the cock. "A clean removal. Excellent work, apprentice... Rise, and come closer."

Fairies landing among her hair, Sadie stood, keeping an attentive posture before the Nightfury. Inside, she glowed at the compliment, almost as reverent of the dragon as these kobolds... though for far different reasons. She watched with curiosity as the drake breathed out against the severed base of the cock, a puff of flame washing against bloody flesh. It seemed to glow, though not quite as if it were burning. Then, he turned it around and pressed the base of the severed cock against Sadie's crotch, placing it where her own cock would be if she had been born with one.

As she opened her mouth to ask what he was doing, Sadie's eyes opened wide, feeling a sudden, new sensation. There was a burning, light and tickling against her, though it quickly intensified into a sudden flash of searing pain. With the pain came new feelings, things she had never before experienced. As Hunter withdrew his hand, fingers trailing along the cock's shaft, she could FEEL it. The cock twitched, and she felt that too, knew it was in response to her own arousal.

Stumbling back, she lowered her hand to the hard member, moaning as she felt her own pleasurable touch. "Y-you gave me a cock!" she cried, overwhelmed. "You can DO that?"

"It's a small bit of magic - only temporary," he said calmly. "Leave our freshly made girl to clean up her mess now... I'm satisfied with how you treated her, and have plans for that one." Behind Sadie, the kobold the cock had come from whimpered, then she heard the sound of slurps as she started to lap up her own piss.

"Instead, I want you to pick one of these lovely ladies..." At this, the Nightfury waved a hand towards the three female sacrifices. They straightened up at the attention, one guiltily whipping a hand away from her slit as her eyes flicked away from the kobold cleaning the floor. Hunter's teeth showed, though his expression was more hungry than charming. "And snuff them, however you please... but do try to impress me."

Sadie nodded at once, unable to take a hand away from her new cock, fingers running across it. It felt so good, so strange. The way it throbbed, how hard it was... for some reason, it seemed to draw her attention away from anything else. It filled her with an urgent need she'd never felt, a male sort of arousal that drove her to take what she wanted. Stroking herself, she wondered if this was how futa goblins always felt, and how they managed to contain themselves from pumping every hole they saw.

Turning to the three female sacrifices, she strode over and grabbed the one that had been playing with herself, mouth crushing against the kobold's muzzle as she pressed it back against a wall. The kobold's tongue moved against her lips as it gave way to her needs, its soft scaled hands slipping under her own fingers to take her cock in its grip. "Please, holy apostle... the god is watching. Do not be gentle. I do not want it to be the slightest bit gentle..."

The kobold squeezed Sadie's cock as she spoke, and a surge of pleasure made the goblin girl moan, knees going weak and nipples hardening against the smooth chest of the sacrificial female. She turned and flung the other woman to the ground, her two companions stepping away, watching eagerly from the wall as they played with themselves.

Gasping as she fell on her shoulder, the kobold moaned at the pain, rolling onto her back and spreading herself for the goblin. Sadie grabbed her by the hips, her fairies falling from her hair to lightly tumble through the air as she slammed her new cock into the slut. It radiated pleasure at being in the tight hole, and she knew then for the first time how good it felt for others when they fucked her. Her own slit was soaked, but she left it, preferring the new experience of pounding the trembling kobold's crotch.

It was an effort to remind herself to snuff the scaly slut, but her hands naturally sought out the kobold's throat as soon as she thought of it, slowly wringing it in a tighter and tighter grip. As Sadie grew rougher, the kobold girl seemed to shudder and moan even more, though she couldn't make a sound past the goblin's squeezing hands. She eased up for just a moment, wanting to hear the sweet, masochistic moans.

"Ass..." the kobold whimpered. "It hurts... don't stop... hurt me... my ass hurts so much..."

Looking down, Sadie realized that in her haste, she had plunged her cock into the wrong hole. The kobold's neglected pussy was above the asshole she'd slipped into instead, and she saw that her rough pounding had begun to break the tight virgin hole, agonizingly tearing and stretching. The wetness she had mistaken for pussy juice was instead hot blood, leaking out around her cock. Above where her shaft disappeared into the kobold, its slit was spread and soaked with arousal, her clit throbbing madly.

Retightening her grip, she cut off the kobold's words with a choked sound. The kobold woman arched her back, taking more of Sadie's cock, her hole stretching and tearing further as the spike-shaped cock plunged deeper inside. Hips drawing back, the goblin girl started to hammer at the sacrificial slut, hips pounding hard enough to make her green ass jiggle in obscene waves. She heard a grunt of appreciation from Hunter at the sight, and caught even the Priest staring in fascination.

Something clattered across the stones towards the rutting pair of them, and she paused in her near-rape of the half conscious kobold, looking towards it. It was a knife - sheathed, but unclasped and slid slightly from the protective leather, handle within easy reach.

Not questioning its origin, she took it with her left hand and raised it high, flicking off the sheath with a quick wrist movement. The kobold saw it and pointed to her own throat, breathless blue face trying to mouth the words "I'm cumming".

Sadie didn't need to hear them. The ruined asshole of the kobold squeezed around her cock, and Sadie cried out in raw ecstasy and bloodlust. She sawed across the kobold's slender neck, her other hand gripping the shoulder and shoving the body down onto her shaft. The slut squirted against Sadie's belly as she was sacrificed, her final orgasm making her neglected pussy quiver, clit throbbing as the goblin's knife slid through her throat. Even as the head detached from the body, her limbs continued to tremble, each half of the kobold orgasming separately her face became a mask of pleasure and joy.

Pulling out of the ruined asshole, Sadie picked up the head and slammed her shaft into the still moving mouth, pressing the stump of a neck against the kobold's pussy as she used its body as a brace to facefuck the severed head. A tongue weakly tended to her, eyes looking worshipfully upward as the light in them faded. She came with loud, animalistic groan, her whole body jerking as her hips twitched. The only cum that shot out was that which had been inside the cock when it was severed - she had been given no balls. But if she had, she knew she would have filled up the dead kobold's mouth completely. Her shaft pulsed seeming without end, a constant mindwiping wave of pleasure surging through her from the cock.

When she finally pulled away, the cock stayed inside the mouth of the kobold's severed head, leaving her once again fully female. She felt a sense of loss leaving it behind, but it was manageable - she knew she could have one again, as long as she could find a willing donor.

Turning, she was just in time to see the Nightfury pulling the young green kobold deep onto his cock. She was too small to even fit more than three quarters of the shaft, and the other cyan-scaled kobold she had directed was still biting the base, sharp teeth leaving no marks as she savaged at it. The little pink boy was barely visible, though he'd completely coated the balls in his saliva, making them shine.

Staring at Sadie's victim, Hunter began to cum into the little cockwarmer kobold deepthroating his cock. The green girl gurgled, limbs twitching, and Sadie circled around to get a better view as her belly began to swell. The Nightfury's cock pulsated down its length, in time with the biting of the cyan girl's teeth, and with each movement of the shaft the impaled girl quivered. Her stomach bloated out, slowly at first, then with sudden rapid growth, swelling beyond the size of pregnancy until she burst. The Priests watched this with pride and arousal, each of them openly touching themselves on either side of the throne.

As the wave of cum from the overstuffed girl washed across the floor, the pink male kobold cried out in delight and began to lap at it, taking handfuls to smear over his body. Ignoring this, the remaining female moved through the gouting cum, gently embracing the snuffed and broken body of her kin and sliding it slowly off the Nightfury's softening cock. The cyan kobold murmured a prayer to the popped corpse, then began to scoop the cum and guts from its belly, trembling with arousal and holy fervor as she masturbated with the gory mess coating her hands.

All this was ignored by the Nightfury, Hunter having eyes only for his apprentice. A smile curved the corner of his mouth as she nonchalantly swayed back over to him, moving past the two kobolds at his feet to slide into his lap, bloody green hand squeezing the dragon's huge cockhead.

"Did I do well, Master?" she purred, milking out a few sticky dollops of leftover cum. "You seemed to cum hard... that girl popped awfully quick." Licking the blood and seed from her fingertips, she started to stroke the half-hard cock, pressing her breasts against the dragon's chest as she leaned close to him.

"There's still survivors," the dragon murmured. His cock twitched in her grip, and she giggled in excitement. "Let's take care of that... later, I'll reward you for that little show."

Sadie shivered, a smile on her lips as she slipped down to lavish the Nightfury's cock with her tongue, popping the head into her mouth and sucking it. She bit and tugged on the half-hard cockhead, making him growl in pleasure as her teeth pressed into the flesh. Behind her, the young kobolds worshiped the Dragon's cum, offering it up to the ex-male in sacrament. Hunter watched as the cyan kobold used her tongue to push a mouthful of his own warm cum into the new female's slit. Both the young kobold and the ex-male worked it deeper, pushing it into her fresh womb, murmuring about how they should breed everyone they could with the god's divine seed.

Sadie choked and slid away as the cock in her throat pulsed quickly to full erection, smiling as she glanced back at the show Hunter had been watching.

"Maybe we'll let a few live?" she asked sweetly, looking back up at him. "For breeding purposes?"

"A few," he growled, before finally tearing his eyes away from his cum being poured into that fertile slit.

Feeling a renewed surge of bloodlust and breed-lust both, he stood from his throne at last, approaching the remaining two sacrifices. The two females looked up at him, one brown, the other dark grey. Both seemed fully submissive, not even having dared to touch themselves, though from the juices coating their thighs they had clearly enjoyed the show thus far. Neither seemed able to utter a peep as they gazed in awed arousal up at him, the brown one finally letting out a squeak as his throbbing cock pressed against her face.

"You will be bred," the dragon told her simply. She nodded, eyelids fluttering as she felt the warmth of his throbbing shaft on her muzzle.

He turned to the other. "You will be ruined, to please me and make me ready to deliver my seed."

The grey kobold trembled, but opened herself to him, offering her body up with spread arms. "Y-yes, great dragon." She swallowed, seeming to ready herself, then let out words in a rush. "Please, master... Make it painful. I want the agony. I'm not here for religion, I don't care about that, I just... want to feel someone hurt me till I die." She panted following her admission, looking up at him. "Please."

His fist took her in the belly, and she gasped, letting out a soft moan as she slumped against his arm. "Hold her up," he commanded the brown. "Against the wall."

Moving with alacrity, the brown kobold did as ordered and took the trembling grey by the shoulder, holding her against the stone side of the room. Sadie stepped up from behind Hunter, grinning as she took hold of the other shoulder. The grey looked up at him, her belly already bruising, eyes lit with masochistic joy.

Several powerful blows connected to the kobold's body, a sequence of impacts that made her shake and cry out as her tiny body was pummeled by the large, strong dragon. Her soft belly was a repeat hit, with the cracking of ribs signifying a slam of knuckles into her chest. One connected with her jaw, snapping her head to the side to loll against Sadie's hands as she briefly blacked out. Hunter paused until she was conscious once more, then welcomed her back with a knee to the cunt that snapped her pelvis in two places.

Screaming and straining for more, the grey kobold let out a rush of blood, piss, and juices from her crotch as she came from the overwhelming agony. Even as she climaxed, the dragon pummeled her face twice more, leaving one eye swollen shut and all her sharp teeth knocked onto the ground. Her head swam from a concussion, but the pain and pleasure didn't let up for a moment.

Hunter pulled away then, turning from the grey kobold for a moment. The brown one watched her fellow sacrifice with wide, almost envious eyes, thighs trembling at the brutality of her god. Sadie had extended her long tongue down to lick at her own hard nipple, her fairies once again working together to slurp at her holes.

"M-more," the grey kobold gasped, broken torso shuddering. She could feel herself bleeding inside, the broken bones all through her. It made her wish her hands were free to play with herself. But more than she wanted even that, she wanted him to keep hurting her.

The knife slammed home into her asshole as Hunter returned. A ragged groan burst from her bloody lips, and she writhed, feeling how her hole had been sliced, the cold sharp metal point buried deep in her ass. The dragon had retrieved the blade from the decapitated sacrifice, intending to finish the grey kobold with all the agony she could ever have dreamt of.

He dragged the blade towards him, point up towards the kobold's heart as he tore through the flesh of her perineum. With a gout of blood, the knife cut into her soaking pussy. He pulled it back and plunged a few times, letting the kobold cry out and rock her shattered hips against the thrusts of his knife, meeting them as eagerly as those of a lover. Then, he pulled it up, slicing through her clit in a mind-shattering moment of pain.

The grey kobold's muzzle opened wide as she screamed her agony, sobbing breaths making her broken ribs ache as she came back to herself. By that time, the knife had already cut to the bottom of her belly, slowly splitting her apart. The line it had sliced through her was a constant throbbing trauma, growing by the instant as the dragon cut upward. As he sawed, her intestines slid slowly out of her abdomen to hang wet and warm against her thighs. She trembled at the sensation, watching her own evisceration and feeling her excitement grow as her life reached its final climax.

Her gasps of agony grew wet as the blade sawed up through her chest, and she finally felt herself cum from the pure pain of her brutal death, scaled skin slick with sweat and blood. Her organs plopped from her body as the cut was completed, slipping down between her legs through the slit as if pushed out by her quivering orgasm.

Her eyelids closed, and the two holding her up finally let go.

Hunter took the corpse by the neck and flung it away, immediately taking the brown kobold by the hips and lifting her. She squeaked, but spread herself, scaly slit soaked from watching the snuff show. His own shaft was rock hard, precum coating the thick tip as it throbbed and twitched. The little kobold began to tremble, and he contained himself, almost having gone by instinct and speared her through.

Instead, he knelt, pressing the girl down into the bed of offal that had fallen from the fellow sacrifice. She squirmed in it, gasping at the warmth and blood. He looked up to Sadie. "Pleasure me, apprentice, while I breed this little sacrifice."

Immediately she knelt down beside him, long tongue slipping into his asshole and seeking out his prostate. He groaned softly at the pleasure, then slowly pressed forward, cockhead slipping against the kobold's tiny slit. The brown let out a whimper of excitement, reaching down to pull her soft scales apart, exposing the pinkness within.

"Breed me," she breathed, looking up worshipfully at the dragon. "Oh, god, breed me. I've never been so horny in my li-"

The kobold cut off with a choked cry of pleasure, Hunter gripping her thighs as he plunged violently into her pussy. Barely a foot fit inside before he felt he had to stop, but he pumped his hips rapidly, nearly turning the little thing inside out as he raped her tight, fertile hole. Sadie's tongue on his prostate and the fresh snuff of such a willing kobold had him ready to pop in seconds.

Roaring with orgasm, he pumped his load into her womb while she quaked, her little voice squeaking, 'All of it, all of it!" She began to swell, hands rubbing at her belly while his cock pulsed, half-inside her. He panted, the hot wash of ecstasy consuming him for a moment before he pulled away just as the kobold was about to pop. Thick cum gouted from the reddened, stretched slit, and the kobold came with a shaking moan. She didn't seem to realize how close she'd come to death herself - or, perhaps she did, and that was the true source of her arousal.

Without a hole to ravage, Hunter felt his orgasm trail off halfway through, leaving him still hard and wanting more. He turned with a snarl to seek out the cyan kobold, only to stop short, finding her waiting just a few feet behind him.

Her hands were clasped behind her back, sky blue eyes regarding him as she stood on the tips of her toes. The front of her body was covered in guts and cum, and it looked beautiful on her. In a sweet voice, she spoke.

"If you wish, great Dragon, take my body for you to consecrate your cock with. Please, run me through... then, you can take my parents, or my brother, if you still need more." She smiled at him with all the innocence of a choir girl putting up her offering, young and eager to please her god.

Not needing another word of invitation, he lifted up the girl beneath the shoulders, pulling her to his chest and reaching down to line up his cock. She looked at him with sky-blue eyes, gasping as she felt his cum-slick cock press against her tiny pussy.

"You'll be my first, great Dragon," she whispered, sharing a quiet happiness with him. "And my last."

He pulled her down onto his shaft, and she sighed in pleasure, pussy splitting in a gout of blood. The tearing sound of his cock slamming through her virgin womb and into her guts could be heard by all in the room. Slumped and fingering herself upon the throne, Sadie let out a moan of orgasm as she heard it. Her fairies lapped at her juices excitedly, one halfway lost up her asshole.

Blue belly bulging, the kobold girl shivered, little hands gripping Hunter's shoulders. "O-oh... it feels... better than I ever expected," she panted. He cupped her small, scaly ass, gripping her as he pushed her further and further onto his tremendous cock. She was barely two and a half feet tall, a juvenile of an already short species, and soon his cockhead was nestled between her lungs. Her eyes were wide, but she was still smiling, breath growing short as he shoved up into her throat. She parted her lips for him, her entire body quaking as the tip of his shaft protruded from her mouth, having torn all the way through her body. Blood dripped out of her pussy, and she licked more of it from the skin of his cockhead, tasting her own death.

With a sudden move, he pulled back to leave half his length outside her, then slammed back to pop his cock out her mouth again. She let out a weak, muffled cry, and came. Her entire body seemed to quake around him, organs and all, as she experienced a long, powerful moment of ecstasy. As it finished, he raised his hands, casually snapping her neck.

Both priests rushed forward from their places beside his throne, suddenly pleading with him.

"Please, great Dragon, accept me as sacrifice as well. You saw my willingness when we first met, choke me again, I beg!" Priestess Vilme spoke, a light hand touching his chest, another stroking the spine of her dead daughter, impaled on his cock.

"No, instead I should be your sacrifice!" The Priest cried, hastily pulling his snuffed child off the dragon, trying to guide Hunter's paw to rip off his spike-shaped cock. "I have initiated the change, great dragon. My days siring children are over - make me female and breed me, I want nothing more than to have your seed filling my new womb!" He saw then that the Priest had cum at some point during his watching, possibly without even touching himself.

The Nightfury glanced to Sadie, who was contentedly smiling from the throne, playing with the last young kobold. The pink, cum-coated little boy was letting her finger his butt, seeming in awe at the sensation as she shoved globs of seed into him.

Smirking, Hunter glanced between the two parents, who had apparently offered up their devoted children as disposable servants without even telling him. "You will be snuffed," he spoke to Temond. He looked to Vilme. "You will be bred. In this way, you have decided each other's fates. So is my holy word."

Both of them bowed their heads, murmuring, "So is the word of the Dragon." Neither seemed particularly disappointed, though Temond still fingered his cock, as if he itched to have it off and be female in his final moments.

"Sadie," the Nightfury said, stroking his blood-slick cock. "Bring me that boy. Then, I wish for you to care for Priest Temond. Make him die a happy woman."

Stepping over the sleeping body of the first kobold Sadie had de-dicked, he accepted the pink child kobold as she handed him up. Then, he turned to the boy's mother. "On the throne, Vilme. I want your son to give you a special kiss goodbye."

Gazing at her son in loving pride and twisted lust, Vilme spread herself on the large stone throne, the seat seeming like a small bed to the little kobold woman as she leaned back. Placing the little pink boy down, he pressed its face into its mother's pussy. "Lick," he commanded. "Until you die."

The kobold boy glanced back at him, tiny spike cock shooting a spurt of precum. Then, he started to lap at his mother's slit, pink round butt lifted in the air. The Nightfury rocked his stiff shaft against the boy's pucker, hearing the sounds of Sadie taking care of Temond behind him.

Slowly, he eased into the small child, spreading the pink hole apart with his cockhead. The little kobold moaned into his mother's slit, and Vilme stroked the boy's muzzle, breathing hard as she watched her god fuck her son. Hunter slipped his cockhead into the boy with a 'pop', the hole well lubricated with his own cum by Sadie's earlier fingering. A whimper came from the pink muzzle, the boy's pink little spike throbbing as the intruding cock crushed against his prostate.

Pushing forward, the Nightfury soon encountered resistance. The boy trembled in pain, but pushed back against him to try and get more inside, his hole already starting to tear. He was pleasuring his mother for all he was worth, and Vilme already seemed close to cumming, her anticipation at a peak from watching the long orgy of death that the grand Dragon had dealt out.

Taking a moment to adjust his grip on the pink hips of the boy, Hunter shoved his cock forward with all his strength, giving no warning as he plunged through the pink kobold. Meat slid over his shaft as a wet rip sounded, the boy's body giving way to the momentum of his cockhead as it pounded through his entire tiny pink torso in a single thrust. Suddenly impaled, the boy quaked uncontrollably, cum spurting from his wildly twitching cock, then piss shooting out as he was snuffed in an instant.

His dying spasms set the dragon to cumming once again, and he roared the finish, letting loose all that was in his sleek black balls as his cock throbbed and ached. The little boy swelled slowly, cum oozing from his cock as his broken body leaked it from every orifice. It pumped through his mouth into his mother's slit, filling her up with fertile seed. Vilme came with him, gasping and clutching the arms of the throne, eyelids fluttering in pleasure as she watched her son die to the Dragon's orgasm, feeling the hot seed in her womb that would grow to replace him. The pink little kobold burst in a spray of wet, sticky cum, and Hunter's orgasm finished off onto his mother's breasts, coating her inside and out in his hot virile seed.

A similarly orgasmic sound came from behind, and soon Sadie slipped up behind the Nightfury, wrapping an arm around his leg and hugging him as she looked over the mess he'd made of the little kobold boy and his mother. Vilme was drifting off, and Hunter glanced around in satisfaction across the mess of the room, filled with dead and bred kobolds.

"I learned a lot today," Sadie admitted, patting her fairies as they settled in for their own nap in her cleavage. In her other hand, she hefted Temond's severed cock, coated liberally in blood. "Didn't think I would, but... this has been really educational."

Hunter snorted. "I meant no lesson by this. I didn't even know kobold's lived in these mountains. This was just an opportunity for good fun. Still..." He sounded curious, looking down at his apprentice. "What have you learned about the art of snuffing?"

Running a hand down her mentor's cock, she pushed the pink corpse off it, kneeling to lick him clean. "I learned that it doesn't matter how long it takes, you've gotta take care of every last willing victim. And sometimes, that's a lot of work. But it's also a lot of fun!" She grinned, then took him deep into her throat, cleaning off the blood and seed with a swirling tongue.

Sighing, he let her tend to him, placing an affectionate hand on the back of her head.

"Well, lessons aside..." The Nightfury looked around, thinking of how many more kobolds lived in these mountains, how many days it would take to tend to each willing one. He thought of gold, and servants to care for him and Sadie, and all the rare delights he could have as a god among his subjects. A smile spread slowly on his face, and he murmured to his goblin in a tone of pleasure.

"I think we might stay here for a while..."



===(cons, snuff, beastiality, bisexual, hermaphrodite, furry, dragon, popping, watersports, de-dicking/castration, impregnation)

Amongst the crags of the Dragon mountain range, to either side of the straightest and safest pass through those treacherous peaks, two mountains stood in a stony embrace. Both reached equally far above the valleys below, so close to the sky that one could have seen clear across the neighboring nations from their highest points.

If it were an especially clear night, an sharp-eyed climber would have be able to pick out the circles and lines of light that showed the merchant caravans crossing the eastern Hinterlands, bearing slaves and other goods. The dry land in the shadows of the mountains was uninhabited, yet stood at a crossroads between several nations of different species. Trade bustled through at a constant rate, impromptu markets springing up wherever a wagon line might make rest.

In the other direction, to the west, rainclouds came to a halt as they blew out their rage against the unyielding mountains. Here, there was a lush greenness that stood at utter contrast to the dreary Hinterlands, a wet wilderness called Gam'ju. A more dangerous place than any mountain, the jungles were filled with deadly and strange creatures seen nowhere else in the world, the homeland of the orc tribes that stalked unseen among the verdant wilds.

Finally, there was the mountains themselves, and the depths below those two twin peaks from atop which so much could be seen. In the warm depths deep inside those mated spires, there lived the scaled people endemic to all mountain ranges across the known world. Policing the pass between Gam'ju and the Hinterlands, a civilization of kobolds taxed the trade that flowed between their mountains. Worshiping the magnificent creatures that were eponymous to the cragged range in which they dwelt, they claimed a fifth of all goods and slaves moving through their lands as a holy tithe, piling up their riches in hopes of attracting a true dragon to dominate and lead them. For hundreds of years, the throne and altar of their god had stood empty, a series of married priests ruling in his stead.

Now, at long last, their hopes had prayers had finally been answered. Their god had come to claim his due, spreading blood and seed from and among his overjoyed followers.

Hunter stood proud in the huge cavern that held his offerings, overseeing the latest delivery of goods taken from a passing band of human merchants. The loaded carts approached the center of the the tremendous cave, adding their wealth to heaps of gold and jewels, the bundles of fine cloth and rare spices, all of the riches piled higher than buildings. In the flickering flames that lit the chamber, the dragon's dark scales seemed to shift and glimmer, the form of his body half-melding into the shifting shadows with each movement of the dancing fire. Only his red eyes were constant, intent upon the wagons as they were brought in, the wide pupils like that of a cat.

To his sides and slightly behind him, two diminutive females stood, attending him in his rule.

One was green and curvaceous, young enough that her bare chest was still busy filling out, with long pointed ears twitching with boredom. Sadie was a goblin, a mostly humanoid species of mammal with a prodigious appetite for breeding and other base comforts. Piercings glittered all over her body, metal decorating her dark nipples, small nose, and smooth navel. While her glazed expression blankly took in the tremendous treasure room, she fiddled with these idly, occasionally reaching up to stroke one of two tiny fairies sleeping in her short dyed hair like living ornaments.

Hunter's other attendant was tan-scaled, a kobold of particular beauty and elegance. Her pear-shaped body had wide hips and a flat chest, naked as the other two were, with a small roundness to her belly that bespoke an egg soon to come. The Priestess Vilme had been the first to welcome Hunter into his place as god, worshiping the dragon by offering her own body and life up to him. While he had yet to take the latter, the egg inside her his own, much to the Priestess's pride. Equally satisfying had been seeing each of her previous children taken for the dragon's pleasure before he had bred with her, her former husband and fellow Priest meeting his own pleasurable end by Sadie's hand. All had offered up their lives with total willingness and eager excitement, each enjoying the experience of being sacrificed to Hunter's destructive lusts. They had not been the first to do so, nor the last.

"The slave shipments have been picking up recently, great Dragon," Vilme said, timidly breaking the silence of his watching in order to share the news. "We have some of every race in our pens, though we ourselves do not use slaves. I know you have expressed a desire for more variety in your... sacrifices."

Speaking the last word in a breathy purr, Vilme's eyes closed as she once again remembered the day her family had been snuffed. Sadie snickered at the Priestess's obvious lust, glancing up at Hunter to see if he was smirking. As his apprentice, Sadie had a better understanding of the true personality behind the persona of god-king that Hunter had adopted for these kobolds. He was powerful, and greatly enjoyed the pleasures that being an object of worship allowed him... but she knew he didn't take this whole godhood thing seriously. He would use these kobolds for what they were worth, and move on. In the meantime though, she was having a lot of fun being his 'apostle'. Being here had let her quickly get lots of hands-on experience in learning how to snuff willing sluts, coming closer to her master's skill with every kobold corpse she left cold and grinning.

When Hunter barely seemed to hear Vilme's words, Sadie frowned, following his focused red gaze. Several more wagons were trundling into the chamber from wide side corridors, lead in after being taken from merchants in the pass. Riches and slaves filled them, yet the dragon seemed to be oddly intent on the beasts pulling the carts instead of their cargo. Each one was lead by a giant salamander, imported from the nearby jungles. The tremendous black beasts were as tall as a kobold at the shoulder, wide with stocky legs. Judging by the loads they pulled, they were at least as strong as an ox, their long bodies blunt at both ends with sleek heads and short stubby tails. Studying them, Sadie realized that the huge amphibians looked almost like animal versions of Hunter himself, with the same streamlined shape and dark coloration.

It also didn't slip past her notice that one of the salamanders was clearly excited by something in front of it. A long, tapering pink cock extended from the beast's sheath, fully three feet long, as wide at the base as one of Sadie's own generous thighs. Smirking, she looked back up at Hunter, coming up a little closer behind him and reaching toward his thick rear end. Slipping a finger into his hole to catch his attention, she gazed up at him as he looked downward, flashing a cheeky grin.

"You should go for it," she encouraged, giving his prostate a teasing stroke before pulling her finger out and popping it into her mouth, skipping backward. Grunting, the dragon put on a face of regal annoyance, though she didn't miss the brief twitch of his lips into a smile.

"Vilme," Hunter spoke, drawing the Priestess out of her daydreams. The small kobold straightened, a faint flush on her scales as she gazed up at her god. Unconsciously, one of her hands went to her rounded belly, touching the bulge of his egg inside her.

"Unhitch one of those salamanders, then bring it to me." the dragon commanded, not even deigning to look at his worshipful attendant. A wry smile on his lips, he flicked his gaze towards Sadie for a brief moment. "I think I'd like to ride one."

In short order, Vilme had one of the largest beasts brought over, one of the kobold wagon drivers leading it to Hunter while the large beast curiously sniffed at the air. Seeing the brown female guiding the animal, Sadie felt a sudden spark of recognition, her memory helped along by the prominent egg-belly that the kobold displayed as she reached up to offer the reins the dragon. It was one of the very first living sacrifices that the kobolds had offered up to Hunter when he'd first arrived, one of only two females allowed to survive long enough to bear his eggs. Who she was was further evidenced by the way she blushed and squirmed in the presence of her god, clearly happy to see him again after that beautiful, bloody day.

Barely sparing the little brown kobold a glance, Hunter took the reins, approaching the huge animal with a slow, steady step. It sniffed at him, grunting deep in its chest at the sight of a creature so much like itself. It was darkly scaled and sleek, much as Hunter was, though it had yellow eyes in place of his vivid red. Of course, there were further, more obvious differences as well. Along with not being bipedal, it was also much broader than he, powerfully built where he was shaped with dangerous, almost feminine curves. Still, the resemblance between the two was evident to any that looked, and it seemed to confuse the beast slightly.

"Sadie," the dragon spoke softly, drawing the goblin's attention. "You should watch and listen closely. Considering your size and sex, you'll often be in the position of receiving from your partners before you snuff them. You should know how to properly control them." His eyes glittered as he stroked along the salamander's underside, fingers running slowly down its belly to its sheath. Wide bestial eyes regarded him with uncertainty, the creature's cock starting to slip from its hidden pocket, hardening into the Nightfury's hand.

Smiling, Hunter gripped the animal tightly by the shaft, making it let out a bellow of surprised pain and pleasure. It tried to shy away, but he had its reins in hand, controlling it with a jerk against its broad, shovel-shaped head. Making a faint whining noise, the salamander weakly continued trying to pull back, even as its cock started to throb in the Nightfury's grip.

The beast's attention was wholly upon him now, and it understood him to be both a threat and a potential mate. All its instincts were in chaotic conflict, leaving it malleable to the dragon's demands. With a simple press upward of his shoulder, he managed to guide it into a roll, the salamander slumping onto its side and then flipping onto its back. With its belly exposed it seemed much more submissive towards its new master, tail curled up and paws held close to its body.

Mounting it like this, Hunter kept a good hold on the beast's reins, entrancing its eyes with his burning gaze. His curvaceous ass pressed back against the huge spike of the salamander's cock, the two foot long shaft's tapered point reaching so high it almost poked him in the shoulder blades. Seeming to enjoy the sensation, the salamander let out a soft croaking sound, blinking its large yellow eyes as its head tilted back slightly.

Slowly raising up his hips, the dragon felt his pulse began to rise. His own massive cock extended as he teased and rubbed his dark asshole against the underside of the salamander's pink shaft, sliding it upward until he felt the tip press slightly into him. The salamander tried to thrust forward and impale him fully, breeding instincts driving it forward, but Hunter bared his teeth and yanked the reins in reprimand, digging his footclaws into the salamander's belly. It stopped, but he felt it trembling in fright and need. A hot droplet of precum slowly oozed out to coat the dragon's twitching hole, and he took the opportunity to sit slowly down onto the salamander's huge, lovely dick.

It was an effort not to lose control of himself as he felt himself be filled. Inch after inch of throbbing meat pushed inside, making his own cock twitch in sympathy. Knowing how good it must feel for the salamander, he made himself stay dominant, straightbacked and composed while he stretched his asshole on the huge spike of cock. Not un-used to such experiences, his body accommodated it without much effort, and soon Hunter was keeping the beast placated with pleasure as he started to ride up and down, his own cock sliding along the salamander's soft belly scales.

Nearby, the Sadie and the two kobolds all watched the amazing mating with great interest, the scent of feminine arousal quickly filling the air around them. At the moment Hunter took the huge cock down to the base for the first time, the brown kobold let out a quavering moan, falling down to her knees. Vilme ignored her, slumping up against a wall to start playing with herself, her eyes dreamily focused upon her god.

While tempted to do the same, the goblin girl was briefly distracted from the beautiful sight by noticing what was happening to the little brown kobold. Her face was contorted in pained ecstasy, muzzle open and panting as she pushed, hands over her stomach. Amazed, Sadie realized the little slut was laying her egg, getting off on it while watching her mate and god-king get fucked by her own pack animal. It was so deliciously depraved as to put a smile on her dark green lips, the slender young goblin casually sauntering towards the straining scaled female.

Putting two hands on the kobold's shoulders, Sadie got the woman's attention, the panting face turning up towards her as another moan of effort spilled out of her brown muzzle.

"Keep going," Sadie murmured soothingly, standing behind the woman and slowly rubbing her shoulders. She watched as the egg bulge start to move downward, slowly pushed towards the kobold's soaking slit. A hard, huge clit poked from the scales between the kobold's legs, twitching with each contraction. Her thin chest heaved with each deep, desperate breath she took. Both girls watched as Hunter started to violently fuck the salamander, making it jerk and whine pathetically as its cock was used for the dragon's pleasure, every inch of the huge pink shaft disappearing over and over between the Nightfury's supple black asscheeks.

The kobold girl groaned loudly, her egg beginning to crown. Her panting quickened, body shuddering as she started to put all of her effort into this final squeeze.

With a sadistic smirk, Sadie lifted a pedicured foot, pressing the top of her toes firmly up against the egg that was trying to come out, blocking it. For several seconds the kobold continued to strain and squirt, her juices soaking the goblin's foot. Eventually, she realized what was going on as she tried to reach down and pull her egg from her own pussy, finding Sadie's toes in her way instead. The goblin giggled, taking the kobold's face in her hands.

"You wanna lay it?" Sadie asked softly, making the desperate creature look up at her. The brown kobold whimpered her affirmation. Unable to stop trying to lay, her body continued to contract powerfully, pussy muscles clenching so hard they almost crushed the delicate shell. Despite it all, her egg wouldn't come out, unable to push past Sadie's small, shapely foot. Still, she seemed to enjoy the denial just as much as she was tortured by it, a flush of arousal on her scales and her clit twitching even more than before.

Bending the little kobold backward so her spine arched, Sadie snugged the scaly brown muzzle up against her pussy, balancing on the kobold's face with one foot on the ground and the other still hooked up against her crotch. "Make me cum, and maybe I'll let you," Sadie said with a happy sigh, already feeling the broad flat tongue of the slut desperately trying to get her off.

Hunter's prostate was throbbing against the thickest part of the salamander's smooth shaft, riding slowly after a bout of taking the shaft as violently as he could, trying to keep the beast from cumming too quick. It croaked at him, trying to wriggle its hips and thrust into him to get that final release, riding the edge of climax. Both of them panting, Hunter bent forward, resting one hand against the salamander's throat as he held the reins taut. Trying to intimidate the beast into stillness, he gradually extended his claws, sharp pointed talons pressing threateningly against the desperate creature's throat.

Looking at him wide-eyed, the salamander froze. Its cock pulsated inside Hunter to the rapid beat of its heart. The dragon's own cock leaked copiously onto the beast's belly, fully hard and twitching. Then, the salamander jerked. One claw pricked its skin, a drop of bright blood leaking out.

Immediately, the sensation set the salamander to cumming, a deep bellow of ecstasy emanating from its chest as its hips rutted upward like a bucking bull. Hunter snarled in frustration, feeling the hot cum start to pump into him, loving it but wanting more, not ready for the beast to finish. Even as he rocked his hips back against the salamander, his bloody lust drove him to slash his talons in a slice across the animal's throat, tearing it out in a single swipe. Blood sprayed out onto him, the huge heart of the creature pumping its own life out even as its spike shaped shaft poured thick seed into the dragon's belly.

Its cries of pleasure going silent, the salamander continued to writhe, orgasming even harder as it died. The Nightfury kept hold with legs wrapped tightly around the beast, one hand gripping the reins as the death throes of hips pounding up against his ass and shaft slamming hard into his body almost, almost brought him to climax.

Belly slightly rounded with the salamander's seed, Hunter growled darkly, dropping the reins as he dismounted the creature's corpse. His gaping asshole spilled steaming hot seed down his thigh in a splatter, his twitching cock pointing towards the shuddering brown kobold as he approached where she and Sadie watched.

Recognizing the snuff-lust in her master's eyes, Sadie grinned excitedly, rocking her hips rapidly against the brown kobold's muzzle. Though she hadn't cum yet, she acquiesced to the insistent push of the egg against her foot, taking her toes away and finally letting the large ovoid pop free from the kobold's clenching pussy. Totally lost in the denial of her body and the task of eating out the sadistic goblin, the surprised kobold jerked, her egg-gaped pussy squirting as she climaxed from the large object slipping out of her. Her body was severely weakened from the torturous effort, piss spraying out as she went limp against Sadie's thighs, oblivious to her death approaching as she gasped for breath after the strenuous ordeal.

Ignoring the warm urine-soaked egg on the ground, Hunter grabbed the exhausted kobold by the throat, her eyes barely widening as she saw the magnificent dragon. Taking in his throbbing cock with a contented glance, she smiled, unable to resist. Not wanting to.

The thick cockhead slammed into her tight asshole, tearing it wide despite the juices that had dripped onto it from her pussy. Rampaging up through her guts, the cock tore through her body like paper, only a soft gurgle leaving her lips as she weakly spasmed once. With his cockhead nestled among her warm insides, his body primed from fucking the salamander to death, Hunter came almost instantly. Dark, smooth balls pulled up against his shaft as they contracted, his entire body going rigid with pleasure. While bestial cum leaked down his thighs, his own seed pumped up into the cumdump kobold's belly, making it rapidly swell, stretching and pressing against his own body. The kobold quivered in happiness and agonized pleasure, finally perishing with a pop, her stomach tearing open in a spray of guts and cum.

Even as the kobold twitched from her final orgasm, brown belly gaping messily, Sadie pressed into the action. Fingers shlicking inside her slit, she pulled her Master's cock towards her, dumping the used up breeding slut onto the ground beside her egg. Licking the shaft clean with her extremely long tongue, she looked up at Hunter with dark blue eyes, her budding breasts heaving as the arousal of watching him snuff quickly propelled her towards climax. Along with the taste of his cum and another slut's blood on his skin, she barely had time to sink the softening shaft deep into her throat before she quivered in orgasm, moans muffled by the thick meat stuffed inside her mouth. Her tongue extended from her lips as her throat flexed around him, the long pink shape wrapping around his balls, lovingly lavishing across them until they were shiny and clean.

Casually pissing into his slut of an apprentice, Hunter felt himself begin to calm. With the slow release of urine down Sadie's throat also came remembrance lesson he'd meant to teach her, though he'd somewhat botched it at the end. He hadn't accounted for the salamander being so sensitive to pain, and that had cost him his pleasure at the end. Lucky there had been that kobold around to pop, else he might've ended up breaking Vilme in his need. He was saving her for something special, and wasn't ready to give her the snuffing she so desperately wanted.

His thoughts wandered off on that tangent as he continued to use his little goblin urinal, until the emptying of his bladder finally prompted her to pull away. Licking her lips as her tongue slithered back into her mouth, she cocked her head up at him, expression sly.

"So..." Glancing coyly to the side, Sadie idly cupped his balls in her hand as she spoke, almost shy. "Remember back when we first got here and you got those first sacrifices and knocked up that brown kobold? The one you just popped?"

Mildly surprised, Hunter glanced at the corpse, seeming to notice the egg beside it for the first time. A faint smile crossed his lips, and he nodded slowly.

"I hadn't realized it was her... but yes. I remember that all quite vividly. What of it?"

"Welllll... seeing her again made me think. You kinda promised me a reward, for doing such a good job snuffing that one I did with my kobold-cock?" Her tone raised up in a question, as if not sure if he really would remember. But the great drake nodded, seeming almost amused by her hesitance. So, she went on.

"I'd been considering and, well... given how often I've been coming to you since then with kobold dicks that I want to use for a quick fuck, wouldn't it be simpler if you just gave me one? Like, permanently?" She bit her lip, looking up at her master with a hopeful expression. "So much of how you snuff is based around your cock, if I'm gonna learn from you I should have one too, don't you think? Is that possible?"

Seeming thoughtful, Hunter stepped back from his apprentice a few steps, taking a moment to ponder. His eyes glanced toward where Vilme was directing some lesser kobolds to clean up the mess he'd made with the salamander and brown female, the Priestess masturbating even as she gave commands. After a moment's silence, he looked back towards Sadie, and she shivered with the sudden weight of the red eyes upon her.

"It is possible..." The dragon affirmed, speaking slowly in his thought. "Though I hadn't before considered giving you one permanently, it does make sense. However, melding the flesh to you as such would require a cock from one of your own species. The kobold cocks detach after a short while because they aren't compatible with you, though it also has some to do with the amount of magic used to prime it. If I had a goblin cock to give you, and used plenty of magic, it could become yours for the rest of your life." He paused, smiling back at her suddenly huge hopeful grin. Then, he raised a finger, blood-slick talon gleaming darkly at the tip. "However. For such a large reward, you must prove yourself further to me."

Sadie jumped up, eyes wide as she bounced in excitement. "Anything, oh anything master! Tell me what to do. Do you wanna hurt me? I'd trade an arm for a cock anyday, even without being a masochist. Ooh, or should I bring you a personal sacrifice? I've got sisters back in the villages that would love to get popped by your dick! My moms probably wouldn't mind either. Just ask, I'll send for them to come and-"

Cutting her off with a palm pressed over her mouth, Hunter chuckled softly, red eyes gleaming with humour. "No, my eager little ward. Tempting as some of those offers are, nothing so drastic as that is required." He nodded towards the huge salamander being dragged away, blood smearing the stones beneath its body. "All I ask is another show... a demonstration that you understand the lesson I just taught you. If you want a cock, you must claim it. Rule its owner and control them until their end. Then, you may have it."

Still exuberant, Sadie nodded, her grin suddenly turning salacious as she stroked a hand over her smooth green belly. "It's good timing, too... I just started ovulating for the very first time yesterday. Even if you weren't gonna give me a dick, I'd've gone and celebrated by finding a big green cock to knock me up."

Giving the young goblin an affectionate touch, Hunter smiled in approval at her plan, guiding her across the treasure cavern to the cave complex where his slaves were penned. Behind them, Vilme tended to a few last commands regarding the care of the snuffed kobold's egg, then quickly ran to rejoin them.

Moving among the hall-like caves of the slave quarters, Sadie perused her master's stock, each one of the chained chattel having been taken as tithe from flesh merchants making use of the kobold's pass. Some few glared back at her, though most of them seemed more bored than anything. Kobolds didn't make use of slaves in the typical fashion, usually opting to resell them in the nearby markets instead of working them. So they were kept in reserve, variously locked behind bars, chained to walls, manacled, or sometimes simply collared. The restraints seemed more a matter of convenience than anything, as none of them tried to escape. After all, each one had willingly sold themselves into this fate.

Hunter watched the goblin curiously as they walked by member after member of her own race, futa and male goblins left behind them completely unacknowledged, ignored by his apprentice as if they weren't even there. She seemed to be looking for something in particular, and not seeing it.

Once they reached the final few cages, Sadie began to perk up. These were larger than the others, as the previous slaves had all been members of the lesser races. Here there were a few humans and elves, but Sadie continued on past them as she had the kobolds and goblins. There weren't as many of these, as the so called 'higher races' were far less predisposed to giving up their free will and going into slavery. Still, there were a fair amount, and the goblin girl looked into each cage with hope, though Hunter hadn't an inkling what she hoped to find at this point.

Finally, Sadie's eyes widened as she saw what she wanted, briefly glancing up at Hunter with a huge grin before dashing down the hall and stopping in front of a large barred off sub-cave.

Inside, three orcs shifted at the attention, one standing up from her cot where she had been resting. They looked down at the eagerly grinning goblin, each one fully six feet tall, their leaf-green skin covering athletic bodies. Their builds were much the same, modestly curved with moderately sized breasts. All of them sported impressive manhoods, smooth balls and uncircumcised shafts hanging soft from hairless crotches, the skin of their genitals a slightly darker shade than that of the rest of their bodies. On their handsome faces they wore puzzled expressions, clearly not having expected any visitors - especially not a naked goblin girl, a dangerous dragon god, and a pregnant Priestess.

"Perfect!" Sadie exclaimed, gushing excitedly over the three slave orcs, eagerly gesturing for Vilme to take them out from their cage. "Oh my god, look at those dicks, mmmmmnff... No offense master, but there's just something about a good green cock. I can hardly wait!"

The little slut was practically salivating as her chosen victims approached, eyes glued onto their swaying shafts. Dragging her gaze away, Hunter put a clawed hand on her shoulder, turning Sadie towards him. His red eyes were curious, not seeming to understand the goblin's motives.

"The cock has to be from your own species, if you recall..." The dragon glanced at the trio of orcs, who seemed to be enjoying the opportunity to stretch their legs and check out Sadie's ass. One was already hard, a foot of green shaft proudly erect and bobbing in the air. "I understand why you'd want to choose these, but it'd be a waste of time and magic. Besides - can an orc even interbreed with a goblin?"

Sadie rolled her eyes at her master, dismissing his concerns with an insolent wave of her hand. "It'll work fine on both counts. Orcs are closely related to goblins, practically a subspecies. They're just bigger, as well as exclusively hermaphroditic. Goblins are smaller and can be male and female too. Aside from that, there's basically no difference. There's also plenty of precedent for goblins getting knocked up from fucking them, so the cock thing should work."

Finishing her biology lesson, Sadie turned from her slightly bemused master, giving the three orcs an eager smile. "Now, if you please... I'm looking for whichever of you would be willing to give me your cock, get snuffed, and knock me up. Not necessarily in that order. Any volunteers?"

The orcs exchanged glances, seeming surprised by the offer. Still, two of them stepped closer without any discussion, the third leaning back against the cage to watch curiously.

"Excellent," Sadie purred, striding up to her two new pets. Tall as they were, she was at the perfect height to inspect their shafts, cupping their balls in her hands as the two orcs stood hip to hip before her. The one that had been soft began to harden, its cock stretching out in front of it parallel to that of her companion. Its length quickly surpassed the other, eventually topping out at a foot and a half of thick green dick throbbing beside Sadie's face.

Giving the shorter cock a consolation kiss, she wrapped a hand around the better-endowed orc, pulling her forward. "Looks like you're the lucky winner, big girl," she giggled, beginning to stroke the thick shaft as she smiled upward toward her victim. The orc's lips were parted, large canines showing as she panted in pleasure and excitement. Still, Sadie winked over at the other orc. "Don't worry though, I'll be taking you home later."

With that, the sadistic goblin wrapped her small hand around the orc's loaded balls, squeezing tightly as she yanked downward. The orcs legs buckled immediately, Sadie taking the handsome slut down onto her knees, making the two of them about the same height. Letting out a howl of pure ecstasy, the orc shuddered as she slammed down onto the ground, cock twitching madly even after Sadie let go.

Surprised, Sadie frowned slightly, looking at the orc as the futa's breasts heaved with heavy, pleasured breaths. Even for a masochist, such a reaction had been extreme. The painslut had nearly cum from a little ball torture, her eyes glazed as she looked at her goblin mistress.

"Well... you're certainly eager," Sadie murmured, stepping closer to the orc so the herm's long shaft pressed between her thighs. Reaching outward, she gave one of the nipples an experimental twist. The cock trapped against her thighs started to twitch, and she felt precum leaking from it as the orc shivered and grunted in ecstasy. "Did they drug you or something? This is almost too easy..."

The orc shook her head, struggling to keep control of herself. Her eyes were on Sadie's face, expression filled with lust and intense arousal. "I am Bannok-bride, little cousin," she grunted, breathless. "One of the wives of the god of war. Sometimes, an orc is born feeling all pain as pleasure. We notice them as children, and train them to be great warriors. I am such a one. In combat, I feel each blade as my husband's caress, and never hold back for fear of death, for I lust for my painful demise. Often our battlefields are soaked with as much seed as they are blood..." The orc swallowed, pushing her chest forward for more torture. "To be hurt by such a small one as you is even more intoxicating. Please... let me feel your blade. Hurt me, my mistress."

Absorbing the new knowledge with a slow, surprised blink, Sadie glanced back at her watching master, the dragon seeming similarly interested. Smirking wryly, the goblin commented, "Well... I guess we're all learning lots of new things today." With that, she reached out a hand for a dagger, Vilme obligingly pressing one into her fingers. Sliding her slit slowly down the orc's cock until they were chest to chest, Sadie kissed the tall green beauty, her small tongue twining with the orc's. Her dagger slid up into one leaf-green breast, and she felt her orc's nipple harden as her flesh was stabbed, tasted the moan that spilled from her victim's lips.

Smiling, she pushed the orc down flat onto the cavern floor, blood running down her belly from the cut on the bottom of the orc's breast. Already the cock between her thighs was throbbing non-stop, and her own slit was soaked as it pressed against the hot green skin of the shaft. Suddenly needy, she gripped the cock by the base, guiding it up and into her. It was huge, but not as big as Hunter, so she was able to take it without too much pain, sliding inch after inch into her increasingly stuffed pussy. Huffing with the effort and ache of pushing herself onto the cock, she eventually got most of it inside, though it bulged out her belly from how much it pressed up against her womb.

Starting to slowly bounce on the beautiful dick, Sadie felt the pleasure start to fill her, warm washes of ecstasy making her tremble each time the shaft dragged out or pushed into her. "Cum fast, baby," she panted, picking up the pace, not even minding how her insides twinged with pain each time she slammed her hips down. "Knock me up... fucking put a baby in me, then I'm taking that cock." Her dagger flashed out, her nails digging into one of the orc's breasts as she used it like a handle. Savagely stabbing the blade into the orc's other tit, she sliced the fatty meat apart, watching the orc's expression of pure pleasure as her body was mutilated. Inside Sadie, the huge dick seemed to swell with each cut, responding to the agony. The goblin reveled in the sensation, some part of her physiology recognizing this dick as the same species as her, flooding her body with hormones that enhanced her arousal and sensitivity, making her ready to receive its seed.

Finally, the orc cried out, "Now, mistress! Take it!" Arching her long spine, the warrior futa pushed her hips upward, her balls pulling up as began to orgasm. Sadie didn't hesitate, tugging her blood-soaked blade from the orc's chest and slashing it downward, starting to slice the base of the twitching cock inside her. The orc screamed happily, a warm gout of cum pumping through her shaft with a powerful throb, pouring into the goblin girl's waiting womb. Her shaft throbbed as it was severed, balls unloading everything they had, until Sadie's belly was bulging and her grip on the dagger was slick from cum spurting down from her pussy. With a final ragged cry, she sliced through the flesh connecting the orc's shaft and balls to her body, falling back and dropping her knife. The hard cock was still inside her, separated from its owner. Her pussy clenched around it, cumming from the final twitches of the castrated dick. Sadie's mind went blank as she quivered in climax, her thoughts wholly focused on the potent seed bloating her fertile womb.

After a moment, the panting goblin pulled herself together, sitting up to regard her victim. The orc warrior was spasming, her slit squirting nonstop as the continual agony of her wounds kept her cumming. Smiling, Sadie looked down at the cock she held in her clenched cunt, reaching down and pulling it out with a grunt. Cum poured from her gaping hole, warm and thick. It'd do its job, she thought happily, already looking forward to her first pregnancy.

Still, there were more immediate pleasures to enjoy. Standing on shaky legs, Sadie approached her master, trying and failing to saunter smoothly up to him before casually holding up the severed cock. "Would you please put this on me, great Dragon?" she cooed sweetly, batting her eyelashes as she pushed her hips forward, offering up her smooth pubic mound.

Snorting, Hunter turned the detached manhood in his hands, inspecting it. "Hmn... good idea to take the balls too. You'll be able to cum, now." Turning the raw flesh of the bottom part towards himself and lifting it up to his mouth, the dragon puffed a small, bright flame against the severed flesh. The place where it had been cut away began to glow like burning embers, though no smoke or scent of cooked meat came from it, magic filling the raw flesh. Three more times he puffed, though each flame was slightly smaller than the one before, until the base of the severed cock was practically shining with a brilliant light.

Without further ceremony, he flipped the cock around and pressed its base against Sadie's body, firmly pressing both the balls and shaft into their proper place. Slowly, the light that had infused the ragged flesh at the base of the severed genitals started to fade, magic making the whole assembly start to meld with the goblin, becoming a permanent part of her. Holding it firmly until the process was finished, he watched as his apprentice shook and shuddered, a smile on her face as the sensations of the cock began to fill her.

Seconds later, Sadie stepped away, sporting her massive new cock and smiling with the thrill of magic and triumph. Fully erect, her cockhead bobbed just beneath her chin, the foot and a half of length seeming almost comically oversized on her diminutive body. One hand gripped it, stroking slowly while the other played with her balls. She shivered, unsure if she enjoyed the feeling she got when she squeezed her new sack. "Wow... these things are weird... but worth it. Thank you, master."

Used to how to use a shaft after taking so many kobold cocks during her short stay in the mountain, Sadie immediately turned back to the masochistic orc, taking up her dagger from where she'd dropped it. Kneeling between the athletic green thighs, she immediately plunged her blade one-handed into the orc's tight belly, sheathing it inside her slut. The convulsions it sent the orc into almost made the warrior faint, and Sadie felt the reward of hot piss dribbling onto her cock as she pushed it inside the orc's soaking slit. The orc's pussy was tight, clenching constantly around her, but it seemed able to take a dick its own size without too much effort. Urine continued to splatter and coat Sadie's belly and crotch as she began to thrust into the nearly mindbroken orc, a grin of delight covering her face while her victim came constantly from being fucked by her own huge cock.

It didn't take long for pleasure to start to build in the newly endowed goblin, her sadism spiking as her second climax approached. She grabbed the knife and slashed at the orc's body, severing a breast while the warrior begged for more, strong legs wrapped around her tiny waist while the once-proud, once-futa lost herself to the bliss of destruction. Sadie's dagger plunged again into the toned, flexing abs of the slave, slicing them apart and exposing the glistening guts within. Burying her hands in them, she felt the throbbing of the orc's fading life, her gleaming gaze locked onto that handsome female face as it contorted in pure pain lust.

Cumming, Sadie slammed her hips hard against the orc's slit, shoving her blade up inside their chest cavity and finding the fluttering heart. Eyes going wide, the orc shuddered, her clenching pussy feeling the warmth of cum pouring inside. Sadie relished the sensation, never having known until now how satisfying it was to pump load after load of her own virile seed into a hot, ready hole.

Finally, the orc slumped, thoroughly and blissfully snuffed. Sadie felt her climax lessen, the ropes of cum trailing off and stopping as her cock ceased throbbing and began to soften.

Sighing in contentment, the little goblin waited, having one last thing she wanted to do. It took a minute, but as her erection shrunk the pressures of her body made themselves known. Her bladder began to feel tight and full, and with herself still buried balls deep inside the dead orc, she let herself release.

At first, the piss blasted from her cock and pussy both, making a further mess of her thighs and somewhat soaking her huge new balls. It wasn't unpleasant, but with a little effort she found she could focus the flow to let it only go through her cock, happily filling up the tight orc pussy with her urine.

Once she was done, she pulled herself out, cock making an obscenely wet sound as seed and piss began to pour out of the stretched slit. With cum warm inside her womb and piss covering her lower half, the young goblin happily skipped over to her master, grabbing his hips in a hug and giving his cock a grateful kiss.

"Thank you, master." she said sincerely. "This is the best gift I've ever gotten." Her eyes sparkled with joy as she began to stroke him, getting him hard so she could thank him properly. She spared a glance for her remaining orc, curtly gesturing for the futa to come closer. The sheepish green woman had covered her own face in her cum, having gotten off to watching her companion get snuffed. "Clean me up," Sadie ordered, indicating her piss-covered skin and creampied cunt.

As the orc went to work, the goblin wrapped her lips around Hunter's cock. The dragon placed a hand against the back of her head, sighing in pleasure as let his shaft harden, extending down her throat. He was impressed with his apprentice's work today, and planned to show her just how much he appreciated her attentiveness to his lessons.

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