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Another short story I wrote after watching a movie with my girlfriend. No, its not the one you might think of, though I did use the names of the two characters after I realized that the base idea was so similar.

I won't post tags for this one as it would spoil the surprise, so you will have to trust me on this one. If you like it, let me know, and if you don't let me know too (I am afraid gurochan is not the best place for a story like this, gruesome as it is).

Also, if you like it and want to read more, check out my website at www asstr org/~Eficient/

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

Clicking from one picture to the other, he kept searching for that one perfect picture as he masturbated listlessly. He had been close to cumming for the past 10 or 15 minutes, but he wanted to stretch it for as long as he could. Whenever he approached the point of no return, he slowed down for a few minutes, cooling off before he continued once more.

He was in no rush, he kept telling himself as he waited. After refreshing motherless one more time, he picked the pictures that caught his eye and then he refreshed it again.

But it was getting late, and he was pretty tired. Tomorrow he would regret not getting enough sleep, so maybe it was time for one more refresh and then he would finally go to sleep.

Outside the night was dark and cold. It had started raining an hour ago, and it looked like it would go on all night long. He hated rainy mornings, he thought to himself. On rainy days kids would enter the school dripping water and with shoes full of mud, and it would be his job to clean the floors after them.

Maybe the rainy mornings was not what he really hated, but simply his job. Though there were some perks to being a janitor in a school, especially for a man like him.

With that thought in mind, he refreshed the site on more time, but before it had finished loading, he heard someone knocking on his door.

He stopped for a moment, not knowing if he had heard right. It was miserable outside, and he wasn't expecting anyone, especially not so late, but a few seconds later there was another knock on the door, this time more urgent than the first one.

Wondering who was bothering him so late, he pulled his pants back up and he headed towards the door.

Once there, he looked outside through the peephole, and though the front light was off, he could clearly make out a girl, standing under his porch.

“What the fuck…” he muttered to himself as he looked at her.

She must have been 12 or 13 years old at most, and he could clearly see she was soaking wet. Her clothes stuck to her body and her wet hair was plastered against her face. She was wearing some sort of flowery white shirt and a pair of bright pink pants that hugged her legs deliciously.

As he watched her, she turned around, looking anxiously towards the street before she knocked once more, not knowing that he was watching her from the other side.

Now fully awake, he looked at her young body with hunger in his eyes. He wondered for a brief moment what she was doing out there before he started picturing her naked and kneeling in front of him.

Unable to contain himself, he pulled the door open without warning. The girl jumped in fright for a moment, her eyes quickly finding his as he towered over her. Without realizing it, she took a step back as her face filled with equal parts mistrust and relief.

“Can I help you?” he finally asked her, his voice calm and friendly.

“I…. I am sorry, I got lost… and then the rain…” she stammered for a few seconds, looking ashamed.

Unable to hold his gaze, she looked at the floor, breathing deeply as she tried to calm herself.

“That's okay. It's not a pretty night to be out alone, and it's getting cold. Do you want to come in?” he said, moving to one side of the door. “You can get warm by the heater if you want to.”

The girl looked at him once more, looking doubtful. For a second she turned around once more, looking towards the empty street and the falling rain before she looked at him.

The smart thing would have been to get as far away from him as she could, and for one brief moment she hesitated, maybe realizing that getting into a stranger's house would be a mistake. But she was freezing cold, and the idea of going out into the rain again was far from appealing.

Hanging her head in defeat, she finally entered his house.

“Thank you…” she said meekly as she passed by him.

As she passed by him he nodded warmly, trying to look as friendly as he could, but the moment she was past him, he started checking out her ass.

“Are you… alone?” she asked him as she stopped in the hall.

“Yeah, it's just me. It's a big house for one, I know, but it's pretty nice, isn't it?” he said, trying to calm her.

She looked even more doubtful than before, though a moment later she nodded slowly, her eyes fixed on the door as he closed it behind her.

“There is a heater in the living room, you better get close to it before you catch a cold.” he said as he headed towards it.

The girl followed him a moment later, keeping a safe distance from him, but once she saw the heater, she ran past him, desperate to get warm.

“Thank you!” she said as she moved as close to it as she could without burning herself.

The man took a step back, giving her room as he leaned against the couch. With her back towards him, she didn't see him licking his lips or the way he looked at her, his eyes full of lust roaming over her body.

He wondered for a moment who went out in a day like this wearing sandals and no jacket but he dealt with kids all day long, and he was a firm believer that most, if not all, were just stupid.

Unable to believe his luck, he tried to contain his excitement as he watched steam raising from her wet clothes.

“I am Jeff, by the way. What is your name?” he asked innocently.

The girl stopped for a moment, turning halfway around to look at him. She looked surprised to see him, almost as if she had forgotten he was there.

“Ivy…” she said before turning around once more.

“Ivy, I like that name. Say, do you want to call you mom or something? Maybe she can come pick you up…” he asked, almost trembling with excitement.

Holding his breath, he looked at her closely. The moment he had mentioned her mother she had frozen in place and his mind started playing endless possibilities inside his head. Maybe she wasn't really lost. Maybe she had ran away after a fight with her parents. For a brief moment he was lost in his own fantasy world, but when she saw her turning around once more he was brought back to really.

Her pale face had turned a deep shade of red as she looked at his feet, unable to meet his eyes.

“I… I lost my cell phone a few days ago, and my mom never got me a new one… we fought about it, so, yeah… and I can't remember her phone number… she always told me I should try to memorize it, but....” she finally managed to say as she rubbed her arms awkwardly.

Still leaning against the couch, just a few feet behind her, he watched her quietly, unable to believe his luck as he started at her chest. It was rather small, but her nipples stood proudly under her wet shirt and he felt his eyes being drawn towards them.

“Oh, yeah, I have a lousy memory too, can't remember my own phone number.” he said, sounding more relieved than sorry. “Maybe I can drive you home. After you get warm again, that is.”

“Yeah, that... thanks… that would be cool.” she managed to say before she turned towards the heater once more.

Licking his lips hungrily, he stared at her ass for a while. He could see that she was scared of him, and she should. Getting into a stranger's house at this time of the day could be dangerous to a girl like her.

How much did she weigh? She was rather small, he thought. Maybe 30 kilos? Surely no more than 35 kilos. It would be easy for a grown man to overpower her.

Still, he was a nice guy. He would take care of her.

With a smile, he imagined her naked once more. She had nice hips, though she was a bit skinny for his taste. Great ass though, he had to admit that. He could feel his cock getting hard under his pants, until finally he couldn't contain himself any longer.

Walking slowly, he approached her confidently from behind, his hands opening and closing eagerly. As he got closer she looked at him over her shoulder, her eyes widening as she saw his face.

She was truly gorgeous, with her wet auburn hair and her light brown eyes, and the more she panicked the more beautiful she looked to him. Drawn by some unknown force, he kept moving closer to her.

When he finally stopped behind her, he was close enough to smell the childish perfume she was wearing.

“You are trembling.” he told her.

She looked by terrified then, and looking into his eyes she nodded slowly. Swallowing nervously, she tried to move away from him, but he had cornered her against the heater, and she had nowhere to go.

“You are going to catch a cold like that, Ivy.” he said, laying his hand on her shoulder.

The moment he touched her, she froze in place, trembling ever so slightly under his hand.

“You should take those wet clothes off, that way you will get warm faster.” he said, smiling innocently.

A small moan of fear escaped her as she looked fearfully into his eyes. Unable to speak, she shook her head furiously, water flying out of her hair with every shake.

“Now, Ivy, don't be like that. You should listen to me, you know. I know what I am talking about. You don't want to catch a cold, do you?” he asked her again, moving just a little closer.

She was trembling harder now, and as she realized her situation she started weeping. Unable to hold his gaze, she hung her head in defeat before she shook her head from side to side.

Grabbing her by her shoulders, he pulled her away from the heater. The girl, sobbing openly now, kept her face down, but he wanted to see her eyes. Shushing her, he pulled her face up until he could look into her gorgeous eyes once more.

Smiling deeply, he nodded once before releasing her.

Moving back towards the couch again, he waited as she held her arms together.

“Go on…” he said, trembling with excitement.

She looked terrified, and for a moment he feared she would try to run. He saw her looking covertly towards the door, but when she saw him smiling towards her, she quickly looked away. They both knew that there was no way that she would make it.

Hoping against all odds, she looked pleadingly into his eyes on final time, but he simply smiled, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Please…” she whispered.

“Ivy…” he said, sounding impatient.

Finally, she recognized her defeat as she hung her head down. He was about to ask her one more time, but before he had to she started unbuttoning her shirt. Wet as it was, it clung tightly to her skin as she pulled it off before dropping it on the floor.

Under it she was wearing a pale pink bra, though she hardly needed one. The tight wet fabric allowed him to see her small breasts through it, topped with two small, dark brown nipples.

Without looking at him, she unbuttoned her pink pants next, pulling them down to her knees and revealing a pair of panties the same color as he bra. After slipping of her sandals, she pulled her pants off, leaving them on the floor next to the shirt.

He watched her silently for a full minute, enjoying her body as she trembled under his gaze. Her underwear looked nice on her, but it was just a bit childish. He would have preferred something lacy, more revealing, but truth be told it was just what he had imagined.

He had no real plan, not really, but he was drunk on power, and what few doubts he might have had before, were washed away as he watched her young body.

“Ohhhh, you should take that off too, it’s also wet... “ he said, trying to sound sorry and failing miserably.

“No… please…” she whimpered, hiding her face from him.

She looked terrified, but this time he didn't even had to repeat himself.

A moment later she took of her bra, dropping it to the floor next to her clothes as she tried to cover her budding breasts with one arm.

With one trembling hand she started pulling her panties down before she suddenly stopped. After it was gone, she would finally be naked in front of him. She looked up once more, holding his gaze for just a second before she started pulling them down once more.

Once they were gone she stood up, naked in front of him. For a moment she tried to cover herself as best she could with her hands, but one look into his eyes and she dropped her arms at either side of her body as she trembled in fear.

“There… isn't that better?” he asked mockingly as he moved closer to her.

Too terrified to disobey, she nodded quickly as he stopped just in front of her.

“Goosebumps?” he asked as she trembled even harder than before. “You are still cold, Ivy. Let me help you.”

Before she could even move, he started caressing her arms, rubbing them softly as she closed her eyes.

Whimpering in fear, she tried to stay as still as possible as he ran his hands over her skin. They felt rough and cold, but she kept quiet, even as he turned her around once more. He started caressing her back then, moving lower and lower until he finally arrived at her ass.

“You are still cold, Ivy. You are going to catch a cold…” he said mockingly as he stopped just as quickly as he had started.

She heard him move away from her, and then rustling sounds as he started undressing, throwing his clothes carelessly on the floor next to hers.

A moment later she gasped in surprise as she felt his hand on her shoulder. Like before, he turned her around until she was facing him.

He was completely naked and his cock, already hard, pointed towards her chest. His eyes shone with excitement as he looked at her, unable to contain his eagerness any longer.

Taking her hand, he led her to the couch. She followed him submissively, trembling in fear as she imagined what he would do to her. Once they were standing next to the couch he stopped, turning her around until she was facing away from it.

Breathing deeply, he filled his lungs with her scent, a mixture of childish perfume and the musky aroma of her wet body, before he started running his hands over her body.

He started caressing her back once, feeling her smooth skin under his hands as he kissed her neck, savoring the sweet taste of her skin. He was a little scared at first, as he usually was, but with every passing second he became bolder. He started fondling her breasts and her ass before he took one hand between her legs.

Gasping in shock, she closed her legs as hard as she could, trying to keep him away as he caressed her thighs. She could feel his breath, hot and cloying, on her face as she wept softly, too terrified to move.

After a while, he turned her around and he started kissing her, slowly at first, but when he got that first taste of her lips he wanted more and soon he had forced his tongue inside her mouth.

Paralyzed with fear, she stood perfectly still as he moved his hands further up between her legs, until she could feel his hands brushing the outside of her pussy.

He could hear her whimpering weakly as he found her cunt for the first time, and then gasping in shock as he ran his fingers between her lips. She was wet, he found out a moment later as he smiled, not really caring why.

After that, he became much rougher with her. He started pinching her tits and her ass as he rubbed her pussy, finally forcing her legs apart. From time to time he would stop, only for a moment, as he took his wet hand towards his face. He would inhale deeply, filling himself with the perfume of her cunt before he continued once more.

Soon her neck and her breasts was red, and he could see his teeth, printed all over them were he had bitten her.

He felt intoxicated, but after a while he forced himself to stop. Taking a step back, he watched her for a moment. She was standing perfectly straight, her eyes closed and her body tense.

“Ivy, have you ever had sex?” he asked her.

Unable to speak, she shook her head from side to side, feeling humiliated as her breathing became fast and shallow.

“Don't worry then, I will take care of you…” he said, licking his lips once more.

Before she could react, he pushed her backwards, until the back of her legs bumped against the couch. Then he grabbed her by her shoulders once more and he made her sit, pulling her ass towards the edge.

A moment later he kneeled in front of her, pulling her legs up onto his shoulders while he pushed her against the couch with one hand.

"This will feel really good!" he said as he watched her cunt, just inches in front of him.

“Noooo… please, let me go… please… I won't say anything...” she managed to say before he buried his face between her legs.

Almost desperately, he ran his tongue between her cunt lips, savoring her juices for the first time. Despite her pleas for him to stop, she was even wetter than before.

“Nooooo….” she moaned a moment later, her voice a mixture of fear and pleasure.

Before long he was lapping hungrily at her cunt as he rubbed her clit with one free hand. She tried to get away from him, but with every passing second her struggles became weaker and weaker, until he was able to let go of her, and she simply laid on the couch.

Intoxicated, he lost himself in her body, sucking her juices hungrily. Then, wanting to get her ready for his cock, he pushed a finger inside her cunt, and then another, fucking her slowly.

It took him some time to realize that the girl was moving her hips in a slow circle, grinding her cunt against his face as she moaned softly. Unable to believe it, he paused for just a moment.

She was laying on the couch, with her eyes closed and her mouth hanging slightly open. One of her hands was playing with her breasts while the other grabbed the cushions above her head.

She didn't seem to realize that she was being watched, though, and the sight of her young body enjoying his touch drove him even crazier than before. Soon he resumed his work, burying his face between her legs.

Soon her movements became faster and more urgent, and he could feel her cunt grinding against his face as he pushed his fingers as deep as they could go inside her.

From time to time he would stop to catch his breath. He would look up towards her face as he wondered for just a second if what he was seeing was really happening. Then he would smile to himself before he returned to her cunt.

Feeling bolder than before, he started rubbing her asshole with his thumb, pushing harder and harder, until he saw her biting her lips. He could hear her moaning weakly despite her efforts, though.

A moment later he heard a low, rumbling sound coming from her as her body tensed. Her hips rose from the couch, bucking wildly into the air as she finally came. He watched her silently, awed by what he was seeing, until it was finally over.

She collapsed on the couch, her body trembling with exhaustion. Unable to contain himself, he started laughing at the absurdity of the situation, and she suddenly gasped in surprise, her eyes flying open as she remembered where she was.

Her face burned red with humiliation as she tried to cover herself, but he paid her no mind. It was his turn now, he thought, amused by the girl's strange behavior. He stood once more, his cock in one hand while he played with himself.

“Please… no…” she pleaded weakly, her voice barely a whisper.

But he only smiled at her as he moved closer.

“No Ivy, it's too late for that, especially after that little show of yours.” he said laughing. “You want this, even if you won't admit it.”

Before she could say anything else he was rubbing his cock over her cunt, smearing it with her juices until it was shinning.

Licking his lips with hunger, he played with his cock for a few moments as she watched him, her eyes filled with tear, and then without warning he rammed his cock into her young cunt.

An ear splitting scream escaped from her throat as her body tensed from the pain, but that didn't stop him, and he simply forced his cock deeper into her.

Her cunt was tight, maybe too tight at first, he feared for a moment as he struggled to move into her, but after a few seconds she started to loosen up and he could start fucking her.

A loud moan escaped him as he pulled back for the first time. Her cunt, wrapped tightly around his cock, was sending unbelievable sensations down his body. She was crying harder by then, but he didn't care.

Taking his time, he started fucking her, burying his cock as deep as he could before pulling out. With every thrust she would gasp from the pain, her face twisting in delicious agony, making him even hornier than before.

Soon he started sucking her small breast as he fucked her, savoring her flesh as he rolled her nipples between his lips. She was truly delicious, he thought as he ran his hands over her wet hair.

A minute later he was savagely pounding her cunt, driving her tiny body into the couch as she struggled under his weight. But despite her obvious pain, she was still soaking wet, and he could feel her juices dripping down his balls and onto the floor.

Usually, he was able to last for a long time while he fucked, but not with her. He soon had to slow down as he quickly approached his orgasm. He wanted to enjoy her for as long as he could before shooting his cum inside her.

So despite his lust he forced himself to slow down, taking his time as he cooled off a bit, until finally he stopped. Then without warning he pulled out, and she gasped in surprise and pain as his cock finally left her body. Her cunt, once a tight forbidding hole, gaped open obscenely for a few seconds as her juices dripped down between her open legs.

Without giving her time to recover, he grabbed her arm, twisting it painfully as he pulled her up from the couch. She weighed almost nothing to him, and before she could realize what was happening, he had thrown her back into the couch, her face against the cushions.

Grabbing her hips, he pulled her backwards, until her knees were dangling over the edge of the couch. Smiling in satisfaction, he admired the perfect view the position gave him, leaving her crotch perfectly accessible to him.

He stopped for a moment, his soaking wet cock in one hand as he started at her asshole with obvious lust.

A moment later she twisted her head around, looking fearfully into his eyes. She looked terrified, even more than before, and as she watched him he saw a shiver running down her spine.

Without a single word, he slapped her ass hard enough that his own hand stung, leaving a bright red mark on it with the shape of his hand.

Her body jumped from the sudden blow as she buried her face in the cushions before she screamed hoarsely.

Then he moved forwards one more, pressing one hand on her lower back and using his weight to pin her down. He needed her to be still for what he was planning.

“Please… what... are you going to do?” she asked a moment later, her panicked voice muffled by the cushions.

“You will see…” he said a moment later as he readied himself. “You might want to hold on to something”

The girl’s body tensed under his hand, and he saw her hands grabbing the cushions hard enough that her knuckles turned white.

“Don’t move… I don't want to hurt you too much…” he said a moment later, just before he pressed his cock against her asshole.

A second later, when she realized what he was planning, the girl tried to move away from him. She might have, if he hadn't been ready, but he only had to push a little harder, pressing her body into the couch, just as he pressed his cock into her asshole.

Slowly at first, he felt his cock moving past her asshole as she clenched down hard, desperate to keep him away. She could hear her screaming hoarsely as she trembled in agony, and then the tip of his cock was finally inside her.

If her cunt had been tight, her asshole was almost impossible. But he was determined, and soon he was moving again despite the pain he felt. Inch by inch, he forced his way inside her. It was slow work, but as time went on it became easier. From time to time he would pull out, spitting into her asshole before he tried again.

Soon his cock was coming out red with her blood, and her screams became even louder. If not for the cushions, the whole neighborhood would be knocking on his door by then, but it didn't matter.

A few minutes later, he managed to bury his whole cock inside her asshole, until he could feel his balls resting over her still wet cunt.

He stopped for a few moments, savoring the tightness of her asshole as she cried hysterically. The pain must have been incredible, but it would only become worse once he really started fucking her.

Like her cunt before, soon her asshole loosened up just enough for him to move, and he was able to start fucking her.

Lost in his own world, he forgot about her screams of agony, and he simply fucked her, taking his pleasure from her body.

He didn't know how long it lasted, but soon the sensation became too much, and he knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself for much longer. Instead, he picked up his pace, fucking her asshole just as savagely as he had fucked her cunt before, until he felt his orgasm getting closer and closer.

Grunting like a wild pig, he closed his eyes as he held his breath as long as he could, until his lungs were screaming for air. He wanted to stretch that moment for ever, but he simply couldn't. A moment later, he took one last breath and finally allowed himself to cum.

Without warning, his body tensed as every muscle pulled at the same time, as if it were trying to rip itself apart. Unable to breathe, he closed his eyes as the tension kept raising until it reached its peak, and then he was finally able to relax.

Moaning in pleasure, he shot jet after jet of sticky cum deep inside her asshole, filling her bowels as she trembled in agony under him, until a moment later it was finally over.

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, his cock still inside her asshole as she sobbed hysterically, but his mind was completely blank by then.

A minute later, his senses started to return one by one, and he remembered what he had just done. With some effort, he pulled himself up, his now flaccid cock finally leaving the girl’s asshole. It gaped open for a few seconds, dripping his cum down onto the floor as he watched.

Unable to believe what had just happened, he simply stood there, watching her as her crying quieted down.

When she managed to turn her head around to look at him he realized she was a mess. Her face, once slim and delicate, was now puffy and red from crying. There were marks all over her back, and her asshole, now closed, looked red and swollen. He could still see his hand, printed on her ass from when he had slapped her.

Sobbing quietly, she just looked at him, though she seemed to be in shock.

Unknown to him, a slow, burning sensation was spreading through her body, starting from her asshole, and every movement sent fresh waves of agony towards her tortured mind. But the worst by far was the humiliation she felt as he watched her from behind with a smile on his face.

Finally, as the girl looked away once more, he sat on the couch, his sweat covered body pressed against her, and he started caressing her back. His touch was tender, almost loving. The girl looked at him a moment later, unable to believe him as he smiled softly towards her.

“I am thirsty, I will be right back.” he said before he left her there.

A minute later he returned from the kitchen, holding a beer can in on hand. He was sipping slowly from it as he looked around.

The girl had managed to move, and was now sitting on the floor by the couch, hugging her knees to her chest. Her long auburn hair covered her face, but he could hear her sobbing quietly.

Like before, he sat next to her, caressing her head, and thought she found his touch repulsive, she stayed still as he ran his fingers along her hair.

Minutes passed in silence as he sipped from his beer, until he looked at her uncomfortably.

“Sorry, gotta pee… Don't go anywhere.” he said as he rose from the couch once more, leaving the can on the floor next to her.

A minute later he returned once more, and this time the girl was just where he had left her. For a moment he had feared that she would run away, but she still appeared to be in shock.

Sitting next to her once more, he quickly finished his beer as he watched her, wondering what he could do next. Maybe he could get her to give him a blowjob, he thought excitedly, but as he laid the can on the floor she suddenly looked at him.

A second later he froze, as a strange feeling grew inside him, until suddenly he that she didn't look scared anymore. Her eyes were still red from crying, and her face was puffy and red, but she was looking at him calmly.

“What are you going to do with me now?” she asked him with unnerving calmness.

He looked at her for a moment, too stunned to answer her, but she waited patiently for his answer.

“What?” he finally managed to say as he felt the temperature in the room dropping.

The girl looked at him sideways, smiling for the first time as she wiped her face with the back of her hand, and then without paying him any attention, she rose stiffly from the floor. Ignoring him, she walked towards the heater, limping ever so slightly.

He looked at her angrily, feeling somehow offended. How dared she ignore him, he thought as his head started to throb.

Thinking that it was time to teach her another lesson, he got up from the couch, but the moment he was up the room started spinning around him and he had to close his eyes.

After a few seconds he managed to open them once more. The girl was looking at him strangely. Gone was the fearful look she had given him from the start, replaced by a strange confidence that he found unnerving.

Ignoring him, she picked up her still wet pants, and from the front pocket she pulled out a flip phone.

“You said…” he managed to say before a bright bolt of pain ran through his head.

Suddenly afraid of her, he tried to move forwards in an attempt to catch her. But before he even managed to take a single step, his legs folded under him without warning and he fell forwards.

He saw the hard wooden floor rushing quickly towards his face but he was unable to stop his fall. A moment later his head crashed against it and he heard a loud cracking sound. Agony exploded inside his head for a brief moment, and then he knew no more.

When he came back, sometime later, he had a splitting headache, and his back was a constant agony. After taking a deep breath, he finally managed to open his eyes with a groan of pain.

He was in his room, though he had no idea how he had gotten there. Everything in his mind was blurry and at first he didn't remember anything but the sudden pain. Mercifully for him, the only light came from the bathroom door, which was slightly open.

He could hear the sound of rushing water coming from it, which made him realize that he was incredibly thirsty. His mouth felt dry and pasty, and he had an awful taste in it, like a mixture of piss and sweat.

Only then, when he tried to get up, did he realize that he was tied to his own bed.

His arms were pulled high above his head, and thought he couldn't move his head to see, he knew that he was cuffed to the headboard. Likewise, his legs were pulled apart, tied to either side of the bed, and he was naked.

A moment later he started to remember, and despite the cold air around him he started sweating with every new memory. He remembered the girl how he had fucked her, that strange look after she had gotten up, and then how sick he had felt when he tried to go after her. After that he could remember nothing else.

He tried to scream, but there was something stuffed inside his mouth, though he didn't know what, only that it tasted awful. As panic grew inside him, he finally realized that whoever had done that to him, and his mind still refused to accept who had obviously been, had taped his mouth shut, wrapping a piece of duct tape a couple of times around his head so that he couldn't just spit it out.

“Mmmhmmmmmm!” he screamed desperately, but it sounded muffled and weak.

Despite knowing how useless it was, he tried again, desperate to get some help, but with his mouth taped shut he had to breathe through his nose. Soon he ran out of air and he had to stop.

As he tried to recover his breath, he heard the toilet flushing through the open bathroom door, and then the girl appeared on the doorway. She was still naked, thought she seemed unconcerned by her nudity now. She had tied her hair behind her head using a bright pink scrunchie, and she was looking at him with an amused smiled on her face.

Moving closer to him, she turned on the lights, and he had to close his eyes as bright, agonizing pain exploded inside his aching head.

With his eyes still closed, he felt the bed moving under him as she sat next to him. Despite the agonizing pain, he tried to force his eyes to open, wanting to see what she was doing.

Finally, after struggling for more than a minute, he managed to open his eyes again, though his headache became worse than before.

The girl was sitting calmly on the bed, a warm smile on her face as she looked at him struggling weakly with the handcuffs. But she had closed them tightly around his wrists, and the only thing he managed was to cut himself on the steel edge.

“Are you okay, Jeff?” she finally asked him.

It was impossible, he thought as she looked at him. How could she so calm after what he had done to her? His mind refused to accept that she was the same girl he had raped. It must be a nightmare, he told himself over and over, wishing that he could wake up, but she was real enough.

As he started sobbing, she looked at him patiently, adding fire to his already growing panic.

“I wouldn't waste my time with those if I were you. Those cuff are the real deal, police issue.” she told him as tears streamed down his face. “You are not getting out of those unless you want to cut off your arm.”

He screamed desperately into the empty room once more, and like before soon he ran out of air. He stopped, trying to catch his breath as he realized that he was at her mercy. If only he could get her to remove the gag, he thought that he could convince her to release him. He was sure of that.

But as he tried to control his panic, he realized that he was at her mercy, and she was far from stupid. His eyes roamed over her naked body, but unlike before there was no lust in them, just fear.

“Does it bother you that I am naked, Jeff?” he asked him a moment later. “I am sorry, but I used my panties to stuff your mouth, and I don't want to put on my wet pants just jet, so…”

Holding his gaze, she waited patiently, looking calm as he started trembling in fear. He could feel his heart beating wildly inside his chest as he tried to calm himself, but he knew he was defenseless.

Not even in his worst nightmare he had dreamed of something so terrifying as her.

Minutes passed, and still she waited, until he thought he would go mad under her gaze. Only then, she took a deep breath before smiling warmly at him.

“Say, have you done anything like what you just did to me? I mean, before me of course?” he asked him.

He felt his blood, draining from his face as he stood paralyzed. Unable to speak, he shook his head, but he looked at him with a dark smile on her face.

“Are you sure, Jeff?” he asked her a moment later.

He shook his head once more, feeling even more terrified than before, but this time he couldn't hold her gaze any longer. Feeling humiliated, he looked away as he nodded slowly before she even asked him again.

Holding his breath, he waited for her reaction as he felt his chest cramping painfully.

If anything, she looked satisfied, which only made him feel worse.

Without another word she rose swiftly from the bed. After a brief pause she left the room without bothering to look back, leaving him alone once more.

He waited for a few seconds, until he was sure she was gone, and then he started struggling again, pulling desperately from the cuffs. But they were too tight for him to escape, and he only managed to cut his wrist. He could feel himself bleeding slowly as his strength faded away, and soon he ran out of air once more.

Exhausted, he collapsed on the bed, breathing deeply as he screamed in frustration.

A moment later he started sobbing once more, the only sound in the otherwise eerily quiet house. He could barely hear the rain falling outside, but nothing more.

How long that lasted, he could not tell, but the silence was suddenly broken by someone knocking on the door. A brief flash of hope appeared within him as he struggled to hear who it was. Maybe someone had heard him struggling and they were coming to check if everything was okay, he thought for a moment.

Then the door opened, and a moment later it closed once more. Holding his breath, he waited. He wanted to call for help, but what if he was wrong?

He could hear voices coming from the hall, but he couldn't understand what they were saying. Sweat dripped down his body as he trembled nervously.

Finally, after a few minutes he heard footsteps approaching his room, though they stopped just outside.

“Are you ready, Hayley?” he heard Ivy asking.

“Yes…” he heard a moment later.

It was a girls voice, though she sounded frightened and weak. A moment later Ivy entered the room, followed by another girl. She was wearing a baggy pants and a loose sweatshirt with the hood over her head. Her long black hair covered most of her face, and she looked a few years older than Ivy.

Upon entering the room, the older girl looked around fearfully as she hid behind Ivy. She looked terrified to be there, but even so she followed the younger girl without a word.

A moment later they stopped just in front of the bed, and then the new girl finally looked up. Despite the pain and how terrified he was, he recognized those eyes almost instantly.

He started screaming into his gag, shaking his head desperately as he tried to move away from her, but it was useless.

The girl, looking even more scared than before moved behind Ivy once more. She looked into his eyes for just a moment before looking away. Beside her, Ivy waited patiently as the girl started weeping.

“Its… yes, it's him… I… he's the one… that… he… he… he raped me… oh, god… please…” she stammered as she started crying. “I am sorry…”

Ivy nodded slowly, laying her hand on the girl’s shoulder in support while Hayley covered her face with both hands.

It was finally too much, and the man finally broke. He started sobbing hysterically as he realized that he was done. But the two girls simply ignored him before Ivy took the girl’s arm softly, leading her away from him.

“Do you want to watch?” she asked kindly, but the girl shook her head.

Nodding silently, she then took her out, and a moment later he heard Hayley leaving his house.

A minute later Ivy returned, this time alone, and she sat once more on the bed next to him. Like she had done before, she started caressing his chest. It was soft at first, but he was terrified of her. Soon he was whimpering weakly as she watched him intently.

Then without warning she dug her fingernails into his chest before she started dragging them downwards.

Trying not to scream, he pulled desperately from the cuffs, but the pain was too much for him. He could feel her nails cutting deeply into his flesh as they left a bloody trail over his chest, and soon he was screaming hoarsely once more.

As she tortured him, Ivy looked into his eyes, her face a blank mask. Despite his screams, she continued moving lower, stopping just above his pubic hair.

Once it was over, he collapsed on the bed. He could feel his chest burning painfully as he bled slowly.

“You know something, Jeff?” she asked him. “For a moment, I was scared. I didn't expect you to fuck my ass. That... hurt… And when you got up from the couch? I thought I had fucked it up.”

Stopping for a second, she smiled sadly at him before looking up into the ceiling.

“After taking three roofies you should have been out cold. I would have been in a coma by then, but I guess you are a big, tough guy, aren't you?” she continued a moment later.

Then she looked at him once more, and for an instant he thought she looked unsure of herself. But the moment, if it had really happened at all, was gone a second later and her eyes looked cold and determined once more.

“Do you feel tough now, Jeff?” she asked him as he sobbed.

Unable to believe what was happening to him, he shook his head, too terrified of what she might do to him.

Then, without another word she moved backwards, kneeling on the bed between his open legs.

Despite everything, he realized that he was still hard, and as she looked at his cock, she smiled darkly. A moment later she grabbed it and she started pumping it listlessly, her eyes locked into his.

With her free hand she started fondling his balls. Her small hands were cold, but despite the overwhelming terror he felt, his cock got even harder than before.

“You are disgusting, Jeff…” she said a moment later.

Sweating nervously, he laid on the bed as she played with him. He was completely at her mercy, and he knew it. Wanting desperately to please her, he nodded quickly, but it made no difference.

Without warning, she started squeezing his balls as she pulled from them. A high pitched scream escaped his throat as he grunted in agony. Bucking wildly, he flopped on the bed as he pulled from the cuffs, desperate to get away from her.

But tied as he was, she had no trouble holding on to him. After a vicious tug, she squeezed a little harder as he felt his ball swelling so much that he thought they would suddenly explode.

Unable to stand the pain, he closed his eyes, praying for it to be over, and just before he passed out, she finally released him.

Exhausted, he collapsed onto the wet bed, realizing that he had peed himself at some point, though she seemed unconcerned by that. Weeping hysterically, he opened his eyes, only to find her playing with his cock once more, almost tenderly.

The previous agony was gone, replaced by a dull ache that seemed to grow with every passing second.

Unable to believe what she was doing to him, he started screaming at her through his gag, calling her a whore and a cunt, and telling her what he was going to do to her when he got his hands on her.

But despite his false bravado, the girl simply ignored him, playing with his cock until it was as hard as before. Only then did she stop, untying her hair as she licked her lips.

Then she looked into his eyes once more before grabbing his balls.

Flinching away from her touch, he tensed his body, readying himself for the agony that would soon come. But this time she had other plans.

Using her scrunchie, she slipped it over his balls, giving it a couple of loops before he released him.

The pain returned, not as strong as before, but he heard himself grunting as it grew slowly, getting worse and worse as blood pooled inside his balls.

Satisfied with her work, she started pumping his cock once more, going faster and faster. Despite the humiliation and the agony he was in, he felt his arousal growing. He was powerless to stop her, and he knew that soon he would cum despite everything.

But soon he discovered that the scrunchie around his ball clamped mercilessly, holding him just at the edge, without allowing him to cum.

Then, she suddenly stopped, and despite the agony he was in he felt himself grunting in frustration as she climbed on top of him.

As she sat on his chest, he could feel her cunt, still wet, dripping over him as she caressed his chest.

“In a way it's better if we are alone, Jeff. I wanted her to see, but… well, now that we are alone I can do other things with you.” she said, licking her lips hungrily. “After all, you have a few useful attributes, even if you are a pathetic excuse for a man.”

Without another word, she grabbed his cock between her open legs, moving backwards before she started rubbing it over her cunt.

A moment later she slipped his cock inside her, moaning in pleasure as she started rocking her hips in a circle. Slowly, knowing there was no rush, she started fucking herself with his cock.

Like before, despite the overwhelming terror, the agony, and humiliation, he felt his arousal growing, which only made the pain inside his ball grow stronger. If not for the scrunchie tightly wrapped around them, he would have been unable to stop himself from cumming inside her.

As tears streamed down his face, he watched her as she used him for her own pleasure.

She was sitting on top of him, riding his cock as she moaned softly. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open just a bit as she played with her breasts. She looked nothing like the terrified girl he had raped earlier that night, and it was then that he finally realized that everything, from the moment she arrived at his door, had been a trap.

“Jeff… tell me... do you like raping little girls?” she asked him in between moans. “You better don't lie to me!”

And this time he knew he couldn't. Filled with horror, he nodded quickly, too terrified of her to lie.

Above him, she was watching him confidently, her hips moving faster and faster as she fucked herself with his cock.

“Besides Hayley and me, were there others?” she asked him next.

He wanted to deny it, to beg for mercy, but he was too terrified of her, and even if he couldn't admit it to himself, not yet, he knew that in the end it wouldn't make any difference.

Nodding slowly, he closed his eyes as fresh tears streamed down his face.

“You are disgusting....” she said, picking up her pace. “I am sorry for those girls, but I am not sorry for you, you disgusting piece of shit…”

She was moving quickly now, her hips grinding against him in a blur as his cock filled her cunt. A moment later she closed her eyes before she stretched her back, her hands held high above her as she moaned loudly.

Then she looked at him once more, and her eyes were cold and merciless. Without another word, she leaned over him, resting one arm on his chest. Then she pinched his nose shut, using only two fingers.

Panic filled his mind in an instant as he realized he couldn't breathe, but he was helpless to stop her. Bucking desperately under her body, he tried to throw her off, but he only helped her own movements as she kept fucking him.

"Ohhhh.... yeahh..." she moaned above him.

Bound as he was, he had no chance to escape, and that knowledge finally drove him mad. Screaming desperately, he wasted the last of his air in and long pitiful wail.

By then, his lungs were screaming for air, but she kept pinching his nose, suffocating him until the world around him started to fade.

Meanwhile, the pain in his balls had grown in an endless crescendo. To him, unable to see them, they seemed to be the size of melons, and his inability to cum had become a new source of agony.

Then, as he felt himself dying, he started hallucinating. One by one, the girls he had abused over the years appeared above him, taking Ivy’s place. Some he didn't even remember until they flashed in front of him for an instant before disappearing again. By the time the last one faded away, he was completely mad with terror.

Above him, Ivy looked into his eyes once more, her face twisted in pleasure.

“I hope you rot in hell!” she whispered before she finally managed to cum.

Her body tensed above him and he felt her cunt clamping tightly around his cock as her juices dripped over his balls and his chest.

A moment later his vision closed around him, until the only thing he could see was her face, frozen into a grimace of pleasure, and then he was finally dead.

“Okay everyone, get out of the water and head for the showers! Now!” a loud voice screamed by the side of the pool.

At first it seemed that no one had heard him, but the roar of three dozen kids talking at the same time started to fade away, and one by one they started to leave, talking quietly as they left the water.

A few minutes later the pool was empty except for one girl. She was floating lazily on her back, lost in her own world as her long auburn hair floated around her.

“Ivy! I told you to get out!” the coach screamed at her, but the girl simply ignored him.

“Stupid bitch…” he muttered under his breath as he turned around, heading towards the boy’s locker room.

One day he was going to teach her a lesson, he thought to himself angrily. After making sure no one was around, he stopped by the door, looking at her with lust in his eyes. Sure, her breasts were small, but she had a sweet piece of ass. He could almost imagine how tight it would be as he fucked it for the first time.

She had it coming, after all, for being such a bitch. Maybe tomorrow he could catch her after everybody was gone.

Smiling hungry, he finally left, leaving her alone.

A few minutes passed in silence as she floated calmly on the water. It would be her 13th birthday the next day, she thought. She should be happy, but for some reason she felt disappointed and angry. She tried to think of a reason why when she heard the door opening once more.

Turning her head around, she saw two girls entering the pool, and after making sure they were alone, they walked quickly towards one end.

Ivy, after seeing them, swam towards the edge before she climbed out of the water. Looking at the two girls, she picked up a towel from the wall and she wrapped it tightly around her body, covering her bright pink swimsuit.

“Hey Hayley.” she said as she stopped in front of the two girls.

“Ivy, hi. This is Emma. Emma, this is Ivy, she is a friend.” Hayley said as she held the other girl’s hand.

Emma was taller than both of them, probably a senior, though Ivy wasn't sure. She was wearing a long sweater and loose jeans. Her head hung down, and she could see her face was red with shame as she stood nervously.

“You can trust her, Emma… go on, tell her…” Hayley said patiently.

A minute later, after taking a deep breath, Emma finally looked up, finding Ivy’s eyes.

“Hayley told me… that… you helped her last week…” she mumbled, her face turning even redder than before. “I… I need help…”

Looking at the girl with a pained look, Ivy moved closer to them before taking her other hand.

“I can help you, though I wish I didn't have to…” she said with a sad smile. “Tell me. What happened…”

But before she could say another word, Emma started sobbing. She covered her face with her hands as Hayley hugged her from one side. Ivy waited patiently, not sure what to do. She always felt a little uncomfortable in moments like those, though she wasn't sure why.

Caressing Emma’s hair, Hayley tried to get her friend to calm down.

“I am sorry.. it… the coach… he…” Emma managed to say before she started crying once more.

But it was enough for Ivy. There was no need for Emma to suffer again. She knew what had happened.

Looking towards the boy’s locker room, she smiled darkly, knowing all too well what had happened.

As a plan formed in her mind, she told herself that tomorrow would be a good day to do it. She had the afternoon free, after all, and if she was careful she would be back home before her mom even noticed she was late for the party.

The two girls looked at her for a moment, feeling somewhat afraid of how she was smiling, but she didn't even notice them. She had realized what the problem had been all along. She just hadn’t know what she wanted for her birthday present.


Holy fuck please make a sequel to this


Hey man, I am glad you liked it!

I probably won't, not only because it seems like gurochan has no love for avenging lolis, but also because it would be hard to write something knew based on this concept.

Stay tuned and maybe next month I will be posting a new story, though, you might like it!

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